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Christmas can be spent in a funny way! Top 40 funny pictures for 2022

2 weeks ago

Christmas is a cause for joy for all and a celebration of hope. We are preparing for this holiday, but in order for its charm to remain intact, it is good to have fun with some funny pictures.

The first Christmas was celebrated in 350 when Pope Julius I proclaimed December 25 as the official date of the birth of Jesus Christ. The traditional colors of Christmas are green, red and gold. Greenery has always been a symbol of life and rebirth, red symbolizes the blood of Christ, and gold light, wealth and royalty.

The first Christmas decorations were apples. These fruits have been following people in important religious situations since the Old Testament, because Adam and Eve also fell from evil because of an apple tree.

Evidence related to the decoration of fir trees has been documented in several parts of the world. Although it is quite clear that the modern Christmas tree has its origins in the Renaissance period of modern Germany, there are several theories and speculations about the origin of this custom. He is sometimes associated with the Protestant leader Martin Luther, who is said to have been so fascinated by the way he saw the light of the stars through the branches of fir trees outside that he cut one, placed it in the house and placed candles in it. . In Georgia, Christmas trees were called Chichilaki and were made of walnut and elm branches, arranged in a pyramid that could be up to three meters high.

It is said that on Christmas Eve the animals talk and tell about the birth of Jesus in the manger. This is the reason why on Christmas Eve people do not go to the stable or other places where there are animals, because legend has it that whoever hears the non-speakers speaks, it hardens.

1.First picture with first Iphone as gift for Christmas

2.Pandemic Christmas tree

3.Keeping the tree safe from cats

4.Family mood

5.Relax reminder on Christmas

6.Special 2022 feature

7.Every picture tells a story

8.Creating memories

9.Wise granddad for Christmas

10.Foot skeletons

11.Xmas decorations

12.Christmas mood

13.Christmas hair

14.Months ago

15.Perfect combination



18.Card picture


20.Christmas card

21.Winner of best Christmas card

22.Look what Santa bought me

23.Dear Santa

24.Merry Christmas

25.Christmas list

26.Math teacher


28.High risk area

29.Christmas card

30.Christmas present

31.Merry Christmas

32.Jessica and David

33.Exit 2022

34.Christmas card 2022

35.Tell the age of the tree

36.Great combination

37.More Santa

38.Christmas cat tree


40.Not so funny


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Is life not going as planned? Is life boring, gray and dreary? You need interesting and worthy goals. What goals should you achieve in your life in order to make it more eventful, vibrant, happy, successful and exciting? Yearly goals can be life changing very soon. All change begins with small, positive steps towards a goal.

We love to start a new life from a new week or new year, but the emotional impulse quickly fades away. We forget our set goals, preferring apathy, laziness, and inaction. But by throwing out goals, we betray all our dreams for another life. Which we dreamed and wanted.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with worthy goals, or they are very difficult and unattainable. You will not need to move mountains, but only take small steps forward.

Anyways there are people who just can't resist this battle, especially with diets and healthy lifestyle. Bemorepanda collected a top of 40 funny memes about how people fail with their diets in the new year.

1.I have to start my new diet


3.Well, I tried

4.One does not simply keep the resolutions

5.The whole new year

6.Eat more

7.3 hours of diet

8.When friends help you

9.How is your diet

10.Before going on my 3 days diet

11.Expectations vs reality

12.Look the same

13.Baby Yoda

14.Six pack

15.Changing life

16.No time for that

17.Brace yourselves

18.Trying to start new year

19.Five miles today

20.I don't make new year's resolutions

21.I really want to get in sahpe

22.How i feel after workout

23.Interesting stuff

24.Resolution holding up?

25.New Years resolution was to get a hot body

26.Still fat

27.All right, then

28.Hate everything more

29.Visiting mom

30.Dam I look so bad

31.What exactly

32.Salad keeps making jokes

33.New year resolution

34.Do nothing

35.Implies imperfection

36.Listening to new year's resolution

37.People be like

38.New year resolution be like

39.What about your new year resolution?

40.Don't break your new year's resolution

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Christmas in America has long been no longer a religious holiday, but more of a family holiday, when everyone gathers at home. Considering that the United States is a mixture-country of emigrants, it is only natural that all traditions are mixed.


The most wonderful feature of American Christmas is that it has a "free-spirit", meaning there are no strict rules and each family invents traditions according to their taste. Breaking with traditions, in fact, is a new trend. In recent years, more and more families are abandoning homemade food and making reservations for an evening at a restaurant with live music, or going to the movies. Hollywood and independent movie studios are preparing special Christmas movies for the whole family.


However, it is a tradition that has survived for generations, namely "the apple pie", ie the apple pie. It is quite possible that the baking survived because it is delicious and brings back pleasant memories.


Traditionally, it is baked at home, but the shops offer a wonderful collection of baked goods of all kinds and if you don't want to spend a whole day in the kitchen, there are a lot of alternatives available: with apples, cherries, peaches or apricots. Sweets are generally the fault of the holidays.

Everyone has a favorite "sin." For us, it is dark chocolate, the higher the percentage of cocoa, the better: 80% -90% is perfect.


And just like delicious chocolate, we have funny Christmas memes for you. Bemorepanda loves Christmas and winter holidays!


Christmas Tree and Cats


Congratulations on Christmas

Dashing Through The Snow


Do You Know What I Got For Christmas


Don’t Blame The Holidays


I Destroyed Your Gifts


On Christmas


Lack Of Christmas Spirit Disturbing


I Juanna Wish You A Merry Christmas


I Noticed You Said Merry Christmas


It’ph Chriphtmaph


I’ve Seen Your Facebook Statuses


Merry Christmas Everyone


Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal


Oh Chrismas Weave


Santa Claus Was Real


Single Bells


Works 1 Day A Year


You Want A Pony For Christmas


Christmas Is Cancelled


Christmas Is Almost Here


Merry Christmas


It’s Advent


It’s The Most Terrible Time Of The Year


Santa I Want My Gift


Merry Christmas


Naughty Or Nice


Remember Always Smile


Santa Gave Me Some Coal


So Excited


The Worst Part About Christmas


Christmas Is Too Mainstream


We Love Holidays


What Do You Mean


Wreck The Tree


Brace yourself

Brace yourself Merry christmas Meme



Diabeetus Merry christmas Meme

Have a Merry Christmas

Have a Merry christmas Meme

I Find Your Lack Of Cheer Disturbing

I feel lack of cheer Merry christmas Meme


Merry Christmas Just Kidding

Just kidding Merry christmas Meme


Hoe Hoe Hoe

Merry kiss my ass Merry christmas Meme


My Girlfriend Just Broke Up With Me

My girlfriend just broke up with me Merry christmas Meme


One Does Not Simply

One does not simply Merry christmas Meme


Merry Christmas

Sexy thing Merry christmas Meme


One Does Not Simply Play Christmas Songs

Play christmas songs in november Merry christmas Meme


Wow Such Festive

Such festive Merry christmas Meme


Texted All My Friends

Texted my friends Merry christmas Meme


Know What Happened

What happened to santa Merry christmas Meme


When You Think Of Really Funny Christmas Memes

When you think of christmas memes Merry christmas Meme


Why Is Santa’s Sack So Big

Why santa's sack Merry christmas Meme


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Christmas has been celebrated since antiquity to mark the birth of Jesus, becoming over the years a quintessential family holiday.Christmas is the great day of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, being celebrated by all Christians on December 25 of each year.


The Christmas holiday is marked by customs such as carols, Christmas tree decorations and Santa's gifts, long awaited by children around the world.


On Christmas Eve the carols start and last until late at night. The carolers announce the Nativity of the Savior and receive, according to tradition, apples, nuts and pretzels.


In addition to the mystical message, many customs practiced on this day are related to the cult of fertility and the good of households. The oldest member of the family must throw wheat and corn in front of the carolers.But this year Christmas may be different due to Coronavirus. But to cheer you up, Bemorepanda prepared some cool memes.


1.Brace yourselves


2.Covid is outside


3.Died laughtig


4.Coming in town


5.Look like 2020


6.Santa ain't coming


7.Stealing Christmas


8.Christmas cancelled


9.Around COVID-19


10.Christmas shopping


11.Just wait


12.Done shopping


13.Picked both


14.Christmas 2020


15.Bad news


16.Elves make it all




18.Santa died of Covid


19.Looking forward Hallmark's holiday


20.That's sad


21.Closing the doors


22.Merry Christmas


23.Too soon


24.Let's see


25.Time traveler be like


26.Oh quarentree


27.My plans for 2020


28.Ordering pizza


29.Due to coronavirus


30.No more gifts



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The search for the "virtual Christmas party" was almost 3 times higher in August 2020 than in December 2019 says a lot about how quickly the world has changed recently.


They will not be the new normal, but at least for this year, virtual Christmas parties will fill a gaping hole in family and work festivities.


And seriously; congratulations for looking to bring festive joy online this year. We hope this list of 10 fantastic and free virtual Christmas party ideas will help you!


4 reasons why a virtual Christmas party this year will not disappoint

10 idei gratuite de petrecere de Crăciun virtual pentru un Crăciun online

Sure, a whole Christmas behind closed doors would have been inconceivable last year, but that doesn't mean it will be worse. A global pandemic may be to blame for changing tradition, but it is our responsibility to take it the right way.


If you have a positive attitude and the right enthusiasm for organizing a virtual Christmas party, here are 4 reasons why you should:

Familie care se bucură împreună de o petrecere virtuală de Crăciun

1. Great for remote connection - Chances are that at least one of the party guests may not have been able to attend a live party anyway. Virtual Christmas parties keep family and work ties strong, no matter how far away the guests are.


2. So many ideas - The possibilities for a virtual Christmas party are practically endless. You can tailor any of the ideas below to suit your guests and keep the festive joy flowing everywhere.


3. Super flexible - No need to travel anywhere means you can party with family, friends and colleagues on the same day! If it's too much and you don't rely on transportation, you can change the data when a hat falls off.


4. Great practice for the future - The job in the future will have a much higher demand for a virtual Christmas party than one in the office. More and more workers are moving away, which means that if you plan to host a Christmas party every year, this will be a great chance to see what works for your team.


10 free virtual Christmas party ideas for colleagues and families


Here we are then; 10 free virtual Christmas party ideas suitable for a family, a friend or a remote Christmas office!



Idea # 1 - Christmas Ice Breakers

Terminați versurile ca un spărgător de gheață virtual pentru o petrecere virtuală de Crăciun.

Finish the lyrics like a virtual icebreaker for a virtual Christmas party.


What better time of year can it be to break the ice? This is especially true when it comes to a virtual Christmas party, where newcomers may be a little overwhelmed by what is happening.


Fluent conversation may be hard to find before the alcohol starts flowing. So, break the opening of some festive icebreakers you might have your party in a leaflet.


Here are some ice-breaking ideas for a virtual Christmas party:


Share a funny Christmas memory - Give everyone 5 minutes to think and write something hilarious that happened to them during the past holidays. If it's embarrassing, you can easily do it anonymously!


Alternative Christmas Lyrics - Give the first part of a Christmas carols lyrics and make everyone come up with a better ending. Again, the handcuffs of anxiety are disabled if you make anonymous answers!


What image or GIF best describes your Christmas so far? - Provide some images and GIFs and ask your audience to vote on which one best describes their hectic holiday season.

If you are looking for more, we have 10 great virtual icebreakers here! Best for remote parties at work, but any of these ideas can be tailored to any virtual Christmas party with family and friends.


Idea # 2 - Christmas Karaoke

Sesiune de karaoke de Crăciun pentru vârstnici.

Christmas karaoke session for the elderly.

We must not lose Any drunk, sung with spirit this year. Online karaoke is perfectly possible nowadays and anyone from the 12th egg could claim it.


It is also very easy to make ...


Just create a camera on Video Sync, a free, unrecorded service that lets you accurately sync your videos so that every attendee of your virtual Christmas party can watch them at the same time.


Once your room is open and you have your companions, you can queue up a bunch of karaoke hits on YouTube and each person can close their holiday heart.


Idea # 3 - Virtual Secret Santa

Moș Crăciun pe laptop de Crăciun.

Santa Claus on Christmas laptop.

Okay, so it's not technically free, but it can definitely be cheap!


The virtual Santa Claus secret works the same as always - only online. Take the name out of a hat and give each name to a person attending your virtual Christmas party (you can do all this online).


Delivery services intensify their game naturally during Christmas. You should be able to get almost anything delivered to anyone's home.


Some tips ...


  • Give it a theme, such as "something purple" or "something personalized with the face of the person you received."
  • Put a strict budget on gifts. Usually, there is a lot of hilarity that results from a $ 5 gift.


Idea # 4 - Christmas Quiz (2 free templates!)


You've probably noticed this already, but tests on Zoom have really taken off in 2020. Now, these are a base of virtual offices, virtual pubs and soon, virtual Christmas parties.


The technology has met more than the social requirements it has brought this year. Now you can take super fun and online interactive tests and host them live and free.


Super fun, interactive and free is our bag from AhaSlides. In fact, I left and I did a family Christmas Test with 40 questions, it is 100% online, free to download right here!


Alternatively, if you are looking for a Christmas party idea for remote employees, we offer coverage there too! Below is our Christmas Test with 40 questions - also completely free to download and edit:


Note that there is no crossover between these two tests. You could easily combine both in a mega test!


To start using each test immediately:


  • Click on 'sign up'.
  • Create a free AhaSlides account in less than 3 minutes when prompted.
  • Choose "Family Christmas Test" or "Work Christmas Test" from the "My Presentations" dashboard.
  • Start adjusting your questions to suit your audience!
  • Check out our full article on how to adjust one or both tests to suit your guests!


Idea # 5 - Origami Christmas Tree + Other Crafts



There's nothing you don't like about making an adorable paper Christmas tree: no fuss, no mess, and no money to spend.


Simply tell everyone to grab an A4 sheet of paper (colored paper or origami if they have one) and follow the instructions in the video below:


Once you have a virtual forest of multicolored firs, you can make other cute Christmas crafts and show them all together. Here are some ideas:


Hex Star (Easy)

Present (Medium)

Santa Claus (Environment)

Ren (Provocative)

Again, you can use Video Sync to make sure everyone at your virtual Christmas party is following in the footsteps of these videos at the same pace.


Idea # 6 - Make a Christmas present (action)

Realizarea unei prezentări cu AhaSlides pentru o petrecere virtuală de Crăciun

Make a presentation with AhaSlides for a virtual Christmas party

Are you having questions from the beginning of the lock? Try mixing it up to get guests to make their own presentation about something unique and festive.


Before the day of your virtual Christmas party, either assign them at random or allow everyone to choose a Christmas theme. Give them a set number of slides to work with and the promise of bonus points for creativity and hilarity.


When it's party time, each person presents an interesting / cheerful / wacky presentation. Optionally, get everyone to vote for their favorite and give prizes to the best!


Some Christmas gift ideas (action)


  • The worst Christmas movie of all time.
  • Some beautiful Christmas traditions from around the world.
  • Why Santa must start complying with the law on animal protection.
  • Candy canes also become curved?
  • Why Christmas should be renamed the Feast of Tears in the Frozen Sky
  • In our opinion, the crazier the subject, the better.


Any of your guests can make a truly captivating presentation for free using AhaSlides. Alternatively, I can easily do it on Google Slides and incorporate it into AhaSlides to use live surveys, tests and question and answer features in their creative presentations!


Idea # 8 - Learn more about Christmas cards *

Creați o felicitare de Crăciun online și faceți-o o competiție.

Create an online Christmas card and make it a competition.

Speaking of creative ideas for virtual Christmas parties, he can get some serious laughs.


Before the party, invite your guests to try to make the best / funniest Christmas card they can. It can be as elaborate or simple as they like and can include almost anything.


Pretty much no graphic design skills are required for this, as there are some great free tools:


Canva - A tool that gives you a bunch of templates, backgrounds, Christmas icons and Christmas fonts to create a Christmas card in minutes.

Photo Scissors - A tool that helps you cut faces from super photos and easily download them for use in Canva.


As you can tell, I made the image above in about 3 minutes using both tools. We are sure that you and the party guests can do a better job in an equally fast time!


Convince your guests to present their creations created during your virtual Christmas party. If you want to increase the heat, you can promise prizes for the most voted answers.


Idea # 8 - Recreation from wrapping paper

Vot pentru cea mai bună creație de filme de hârtie de ambalat într-o petrecere virtuală de Crăciun folosind AhaSlides.

Vote for the best creation of wrapping paper movies in a virtual Christmas party using AhaSlides.

Have you ever seen a child have more fun with wrapping paper or a card box than with the gift inside? Well, that baby could be you in Wrapping Paper Recreations!


In it, each player receives or chooses a well-known movie. Then, they have to recreate a famous scene from that movie using mounds of used wrapping paper from open gifts.


Recreations can be 2D works of art or 3D sculptures, but they must use nothing but wrapping paper and traditional wrapping tools (scissors, glue and tape).


Make it competitive and offer a prize for the most voted recreation!


Idea # 9 - Christmas Cookies

Vot pentru cel mai bun cookie emoji într-o petrecere virtuală de Crăciun folosind AhaSlides.

Vote for the best emoji cookie in a virtual Christmas party using AhaSlides.

Laptops in boys' kitchens; it's time to make something very simple Christmas Cakes together!


The Christmas cookie-off is a big compromise for the fact that we all eat socially spaced meals this year. It is a virtual Christmas party activity that challenges cooking or mastery skills alike.


Most simple cookie recipes require only ingredients and equipment already in the average home. They need about 10 minutes to cook and are a great social way to stay connected during the party.


This special recipe amplifies the fun with a simple emojis-shaped glaze design. You can make everyone recreate their favorite emojis and have a poll for which ending is the best!


Idea # 10 - Online Christmas Games

Jucați jocuri de salon de Crăciun precum Fictionary în timpul unei petreceri virtuale de Crăciun pe AhaSlides.

Play Christmas lounge games like Fictionary during a virtual Christmas party on AhaSlides.

Because Victorian Britain has given the world so many aspects of Christmas that we know today, it is fair to honor the Victorian-style ballroom era (with a modern twist).


The board games have enjoyed a huge revival in recent years. Why? Well, many of them are easy to adapt to the limits of almost any online setting, including a virtual Christmas party.


Here are some that are great for family, friends or colleagues ...


Fictionary - Read a strange word and make each guest understand what it means. Show all the answers and then ask everyone to vote for which answer was most likely to be correct and which answer is the funniest. Give 1 point to the highest voter in each category and another point to anyone who actually received the correct answer. (See the GIF above to learn how to do this for free on AhaSlides).


Charades - Maybe the salon game is charades. You know how it works, so it should come as no surprise that it works just as well during a virtual Christmas party!


Pictionary - This old classic now has a modern twist. 2 drawing allows you to take pictionary online and even eliminate the pain of trying to think of drawing pictures. Simply download the game, invite everyone to your room and draw as well as possible the concepts of obscure and obscure images.


Please note that Drawful 2 is a paid game. Of course, you can only make regular pictionary on paper if you don't want to make $ 5.99.


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