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Tips for a Merry Christmas 2022 with your pet! Your guide for the safety of your little friend during Winter Holidays

1 year ago

On Christmas we celebrate and have fun with family and friends, but this period can be a source of stress for pets. There is a possibility that your four-legged friend will get sick because he is eating something he shouldn't or for other reasons.

So Bemorepanda gives you a small guide to help your non-speaking friend get through the holidays safely and happily.

Stress. During the Christmas period, many pets can suffer from the stress caused by this period. Many things, such as the arrival of friends and family to visit, loud noises, fireworks and excited children running around can trigger stress. Cats are the most sensitive, because any change in their daily routine can trigger stress. One tip to help them is to give them a quiet and safe refuge. You can put their bowls of food and water in a quiet bedroom. You can also consider using pheromone products or herbal medicines that will help you relax and calm down.

The decorations. Christmas is not Christmas without a big Christmas tree covered with lights and globes. The decorations help us make the house have a festive aura, but for dogs and cats they can be something new to play with or worse, something new to eat.

Ball-loving dogs may not be able to resist the temptation to play with the shiny glass globes. Cats may not be able to see the sound of a bell. For the safety of pets, monitor their activity and keep these objects as far away from them as possible.

These ornaments can cause gastrointestinal problems (the object may become blocked or cause cuts). Also, depending on the materials used to make them, some ornaments can be toxic when ingested.

Tinsel and ribbons. Cats really like to play with strings on which various toys are hung, and the tinsel, being shiny, is even more attractive. Although tinnitus is not poisonous, if it is eaten it can cause intestinal damage and surgery may be needed to remove it. The same goes for ribbons. If portions of the ribbon are food, they can in the worst case cause death of the animal by asphyxiation or, if they reach the intestine, they can cause injuries. And in the case of globes, you have to be careful. Hanging on the branches of the tree, the cat will find them as the perfect toys. If you accidentally break a globe, it can be cut into shards.

In order for these things not to happen, it would be good to get your four-legged child used to the decorations and the Christmas tree, or to install it in a room where he does not have access.

Plants. Some festive plants are poisonous. Poinsettia, for example, can cause hypersalivation, lethargy, vomiting and depression. There are other plants, such as mistletoe that can cause vomiting and diarrhea. The fir tree, although not considered toxic, can become dangerous if the needles are ingested or not collected after they have fallen. They can cause cushioning or intestinal damage. So it's a good idea to make sure those falls are collected regularly.

House lily (Amaryllis) is a very popular plant during the winter season. Flowers and leaves are toxic to animals, and the flower bulb is even more toxic. If your pet has ingested flowers or leaves, it will suffer from vomiting, excessive salivation and diarrhea. If the animal has managed to eat from the bulb, especially in large quantities, it can cause weakness, tremor, seizures and changes in blood pressure.

Christmas lights. If your furry likes to play with cables, then it is important to keep it away from the lights in the Christmas tree when they are on. If you nibble them while they are on, they will transmit a fairly large shock that will be fatal. My advice is not to leave the lights on when you sleep or when you are away from home.

Electric shock can be fatal to your pet. Electric shock can cause fluid to build up in the lungs, called non-cardiogenic pulmonary edema. This condition can cause respiratory problems and can be fatal.

Lighted candles. They must be kept on a stand, at a height that curious quadrupeds cannot reach.

A burn in the mouth can cause significant pain, and can lead to food refusal in the case of pets. If you notice that your pet is reluctant when it comes to food, salivates excessively or shows signs of sore mouth (for example, does not want to play with his toys), seek medical attention immediately.

The food. Christmas is for us the period when we forget about diets and pamper ourselves with delicious dishes. Christmas dishes are not only tempting for us, but also for them, especially if they are left at their fingertips. It would be best to store them carefully and not give them away (not even a little).

Walnuts. These nuts, especially macadamia nuts, can be toxic and cause muscle weakness, hypothermia and tremor in dogs. For cats this food is forbidden.

The bones. Whether you are cooking chicken, turkey, pork or beef, avoid giving your companion bones. These, once cooked, are quite brittle and can cause many injuries both in the pharynx and in the lining of the stomach and intestines, and if not intervened quickly can be fatal.

Alcohol. Many of us enjoy one or two glasses of alcohol. But don't forget the unattended glass if you have a dog around. Pets have a very low tolerance to alcohol, which causes serious liver damage.

Onions and related vegetables (garlic and leeks) should be kept away from them, as they can cause weakness, depression and lethargy.

Grapes, raisins and sultanas. These fruits are very dangerous for both dogs and cats. If eaten within 24 to 72 hours of ingestion may cause kidney failure.

Chocolate is dangerous because it contains an ingredient called theobromine. If your quadruped eats chocolate, it causes vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, changes in heart rate and, in severe cases, seizures. If you want to treat your fur with something sweet, you can get special chocolate for him from the pet shop.

Gifts. At Christmas you can treat your companion with a multitude of gifts, but you have to make sure that they do not hurt him. For example, if you want to take a collar from your cat, it must be of the "quick release" type, so that if your cat is caught with the collar in a tight place, it can be released. The same goes for dogs.

Christmas Tree. The most common species of natural Christmas trees are fir, pine and forest pine. In general, these trees are not very toxic, but the more the pet eats, the higher the level of toxicity.

Christmas tree-specific oils can cause irritation to the mouth and stomach, causing excessive salivation or even vomiting. The needles of these trees are not easily digestible and can cause gastrointestinal irritation, vomiting, obstruction or puncture.

Make sure your pets do not have access to the water of the Christmas tree (if you have it in a pot). Dogs and cats can get sick from preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers or other agents such as aspirin, which can often be found in water to keep the tree in good condition. It is best to keep the water for the tree in a covered pot.

Natural Christmas trees are not the only problem. Artificial firs may contain toxic and indigestible materials that can cause intestinal obstruction.

The good thing about artificial firs is that the materials they are made of are stinging and usually not pleasant to chew. Most of the time the animals will not consume large amounts of these materials.\

Take care of you and your loved ones on this holiday!

Merry Christmas 2022! HO-HO-HO

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Many pet owners know how important the companion of our beloved animals can be, especially the joy they bring when you arrive home.

And now, as most of the population around the world is on lockdown, many pet owners have started to share funny pictures of how they currently cope with sharing “their territory” between them.

Bemorepanda has collected a compilation of top cute and adorable pictures that show how much joy and affection pets can bring during self-isolation.

















A dog wearing a protective mask is seen with its owner inside an autorickshaw in Chennai, India, March 30, 2020. / P. Ravikumar


A man wearing a protective mask walks his dog in Bari, Italy March 31, 2020. / Alessandro Garofalo


A man relaxes with his dog on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, March 26, 2020. / Ricardo Moraes


A dog looks out the window as a boy studies at home via video conference in Rome, Italy, March 30, 2020. / Alberto Lingria


A dog wears a mask on a street in Shanghai, China March 22, 2020. Aly Song



Home veterinarian Wendy Jane McCulloch examines 8-year-old cat Ivy at the closed Botanica Inc. office as she makes client home visits, in Manhattan, New York City, March 31, 2020. / Caitlin Ochs


A man wearing a face mask and his dog look out of a window in Prague, Czech Republic, March 24, 2020. / David W Cerny


A cat lies in a window near a theatre in Oberammergau, Germany, March 19, 2020. Bavaria's Passion Play, staged every decade since the 1630s when villagers thanked God for the end of the plague, has been postponed for two years due to the spread of the coronavirus. / Andreas Gebert


A dog looks through an apartment window in Washington, March 17, 2020. / Carlos Barria



Lea, 19, plays with her cat as she studies at home during the coronavirus lockdown in Moorsel, Belgium March 31, 2020. / Francois Lenoir

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When you plan to adopt a dog or cat from stray animal shelters, you need to think, "Do I save this dog, or does he save me?" Many times people consider that it offers them a home, a family, it gives them love. It is a very healthy and correct thinking. But, many times, these animals come to save us by the simple fact that they love us unconditionally.

Pets are not toys or "goods" meant to entertain us when we are alone, and their adoption means a lot of responsibility. If you want an animal and you are ready to give it all its attention and love, you are free to do so.

If you decide to adopt a puppy or cat, you can confidently turn to associations or public services for the management of stray dogs and cats. You should know that there puppies and cats are dewormed, spayed, vaccinated and treated, in case they were sick when they were taken off the street.

Bemorepanda collected some cute photos with adopted buddies.

1.A dog that was once adopted but returned back for being too large, was secondly adopted successfully

2.Adopted cat that seems to be the boss

3.Going to the new home

4.From sad to happy

5.New best friends

6.She found her home by breaking in the house

7.Adopting a military dog

8.Such a happy bunny

9.Blueberry is so happy

10.After adopting the small one, the copy of him came to their home

11.Adopting an old lady

12.Happy in the new home

13.First cuddle

14.Before and after adoption

15.New best friend

16.Small buddy adopted

17.Meet Van Gogh

18.Cute dog adopted

19.Funny new friend

20.”Our dog adopted a brother”

21.Adorable kitty

22.Giving so much love

23.Loving the new bed

24.Beautiful senior lady

25.She got a new loving home

26.A dog with a huge smile


28.Adopted two special needs cats

29.Living the best life

30.Adopted a deaf kitten

31.This moment was the one that convinced the man to adopt the kitty

32.Eyes full of love

33.She is Garce!

34.Smiling and loving life

35.Cute little boy

36.She is Mornigstar

37.Haribo is very cleaver

38.Adoption day

39.Baby Flora

40.Two days after adoption

41.Love beyond measure

42.Meet Sally

43.Smile buddy

44.So much love

45.So much grace

46.The best boy


48.Instantly falling in love

49.He is Venus


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How are you sooo big!?

3 years ago

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Feel free to roam the site while you wait.

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Sometimes we can meet a kitten with thumbs on its paws or a dog with different eye colors, but sometimes the genes decide to play a cruel joke, and animals are born with 26 fingers, a double set of ears and a tail on the forehead. No, it is not dangerous for their lives, it just makes them very different from others. Bemorepanda loves each tiny creature!


Frankie was born with four ears and a deformity of the eye, but this did not stop him from becoming an affectionate and loving purr

1нг 16


Ren is a cat with polydactyly who has awarded him six toes on each paw

2кен 8


"My sister found this adorable guy with extra toes."

3кег 3


A cat named Yoda was born with more than a set of ears



A unicorn puppy named Narwhal was born with an extra ponytail on his forehead

6нег 2


A cat with too many toes and curled ears

7енг 7


We're the same blood!

4кен 6


And again a cat with a genetic abnormality called polydactyly

8енг 3


A cat that has thumbs on its feet. Awesome feature!

9егш 3


"Today I met this cat with two tails."

10нег 6


No, this cat was not stung by a wasp, he was just born with such a nose. According to veterinarians, this is a benign fatty mass called lipoma.



"My dog ​​has a perfect line exactly in the middle of the muzzle and different eye colors."

13нег 0


And this cat has double fangs

14нкг 3


"I took a cat from a shelter, but he had a forked paw"

16ен 0


This kitten has 7 fingers!

17нег 6


"Today a kitten with polydactyly was brought to our clinic."



"My cat has ears in different directions. Always."

19енш 2


Due to its unique coloring, this cat always looks surprised

5f7b20ae621a4 PBy1JVm  700 0


"My kitten has a total of 26 fingers. Can you boast that many?"

5f7b20e1eb291 7ovxcler4e811  700

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Losing weight is hard, and this applies to both people and animals. It is much easier to gain weight by uncontrollably eating high-calorie snacks and brushing off the thought that someday you will have to lose all the pounds you have eaten. And if a person himself can decide that he needs to lose weight, pets cannot do that. That is why it is so important to be attentive to your pet, and when he reminds you more of a barrel with legs than a dog or a cat, it urgently needs to be put on a diet and put in order, as the people from our article did.


From an overweight dog on the verge of falling asleep due to health problems to a smiling slender boy



“When we adopted my cat, he weighed 10 kg. Today he is a healthy 5 kg cat who no longer suffers from diabetes. "



“We saved our dog and put him on a diet. Now she's sterilized and slender. "



Kai lost 45 kg in one year and is now a cheerful dog again



"The diet we put Phoebe on worked great!"



A pot-bellied cat named Bruno before and after losing weight



“Epic Weight Loss Buddy! Previously, he weighed about 20 kg, and now 13 " 



“I got Belle about two months ago (she was like the picture on the left) and immediately put her on a diet. Here are the results she has achieved "




In total, this once massive boy lost about 10 kg



This cat was so big that he could hardly fit in the photo, but he was put on a diet and he has already achieved great success.



“I rescued Sookie from a puppy farm where she was kept just to breed puppies. At that time she weighed 33 kg, but after a few months of proper care, her weight dropped to 21 "



“Despite the fact that we loved our chubby girl, we knew that she would be happier and healthier when she lost weight. After we put her on a diet and established a feeding schedule, she is no longer a fat woman! "



“Eli has lost a whole cat in weight! From 10 kg to 6 "



"From 95 grams to 80 grams. Alexander achieved his goal!"



In 2019, Barsik weighed a staggering 18 kg. But he was put on a diet and in 2020 he weighed down to 13



This is Molly, who was taken into the care of a caring girl to get her in shape. Unfortunately, the dog died at the age of 6. Please don't overfeed your pets, it kills!


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