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Top 100 New Year 2022 memes that are too funny to ignore this winter

1 year ago

For thousands of years, people have linked their hopes for change to the night between the years, to a better future as the years go by.

Not coincidentally, this holiday is particularly rich in customs, traditions and superstitions, some funny, some downright absurd, but all come to complete the festive atmosphere and good mood.

New Year's Eve holds the record for most seniority. The Babylonians celebrated it 6,000 years ago, in the first nine months after the solstice. The festival lasted 11 days, with various activities taking place every day. Then people, as now, set goals for the new year. A common resolution among the Babylonians was the return of borrowed agricultural equipment. On this occasion the king went through a ritual of repentance and was stripped of power to spend three days in isolation and in prayer. When he returned to the world, restoration ceremonies were organized to provide him with the support of nature. Let's see now what interesting traditions we can find through the various cultures…

1.Heads will roll

2.I can’t believe is New Year 2022

3.Have a happy New Year

Traditions and customs, as well as New Year's superstitions, have been passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation. The most common of these are presented by, which appreciates that if we were to respect them all, we would not have time to spend years between friends and family.

Thus, tradition says that if you do not have money in your pocket for the New Year, you will have bad luck all year round. In addition, it is not good to have debts at the end of the year, because you will have debts next year.

4.Christmas just ended

5.New Year resolutions

6.Happy New Year

7.Choose to live your best life now

It is also said that if you hold your boyfriend by the hand, he will do well in love all year round. At midnight, don't forget to kiss your boyfriend. If you hold a glass in your hand, a happy year will follow. It is not good to cry on the first day of the new year, because it will be a sad year. And don't forget the midnight wish, which is said to be fulfilled.

On the night of the year, it's good to make a lot of noise to ward off evil spirits. As for the outfit, you have to wear something red and new clothes from January 1st.

As for luck, you do it with your own hand, if you don't throw anything out of the house on the first day of the new year. It is also said that it is good for someone to come into the house on the first day of the New Year.

8.Brace yourselves

9.Spending New Years

10.Drunk as hell

11.Be awesome

12.Happy New year everybody!

13.Same old me

14.Drink less and go to the gym

15.The happiness of upcoming

16.When you hear new year celebration

17.Happy new year?

18.Order a pizza for delivery

19.Can’t wait to go

20.Everyone excited to go

21.December 31

22.Now that Christmas is over

23.Watching TV

24.During New Year

25.Listening to everyone’s resolutions

26.Severance packages

27.Partying for 6 monts

28.Every year is reconfirmed

29.Happy new year

30.I won't see you

31.Baby yoda wishes you a Happy New Year

32.Good luck with your new year

33.Me on new years eve

34.Going to need to work

35.My friends tonight

36.What year is it

37.New Year’s resolution?

38.New Year New Meme

39.When someone says

40.What I’m actually doing

41.Let’s ring in the Tiger Year

42.Going to gym in January

43.Paying bills in december 2022

44.New Yaer, New Me, bullshit

45.Good luck with your resolutions

46.Thinking about New Year

47.A grumpy New Year

48.I can’t drink more

49.Christmas over


51.So many things i wanted


53.My friends be like

54.No hangsovers

55.Drunk as hell


57.My New Year’s

58.Before I get drunk

59.What’s your plan?

60.Eve countdown

61.Me tonight

62.Spending New Year

63.Can’t wait to go

64.Sleep happen

65.Come back

66.Exclude me

67.I wish some people’s New Year

68.I’m getting too old

69.Work on New Year’s eve

70.Order a pizza



73.I can smell beer

74.Same person

75.Purr less

76.Gym after January

77.The cats

78.Drop a ball at midnight

79.Alone at home New Yaer

80.Right before the clock strikes

81.The same feeling

82.Looking at memes for New Year

83.2020 was like

84.Prepare yourself


86.Back in 2004

87.Me on New Year

88.Frozen pizza

89.New Year speech

90.This year is a disaster

91.Lord of Rings

92.New Year be like

93.Have a Christmas

94.Are you ready

95.The problem

96.Same year

97.Worst year ever

98.This gonna be my year

99.Remembering 2020

100.Party mode at 00:00

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Hola comon estas
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2021 was a memastic year :D
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Funniest memes ever!

Every year we mark with great pomp a series of winter holidays. Winter is a season full of charm and love, it's time for cozy movies and decor with lights in the house. Bemorepanda has prepared for winter, with a funny collection of memes, which you will surely love.

1.Lack of Christmas spirit


2.Naughty Christmas


3.Facebook statuses


4.Christmas cookies


5.Animatronic baby


6.No rocks


7.Rock around








11.Brace yourselves


12.Covid is outside


13.Died laughing


14.Coming in town


15.Look like 2020


16.Santa ain't coming


17.Stealing Christmas


18.Christmas cancelled


19.Around COVID-19


20.Christmas shopping


21.Just wait


22.Done shopping


23.Picked both


24.Christmas 2020


25.Bad news


26.Elves make it all




28.Santa died of Covid


29.Looking forward Hallmark's holiday


30.That's sad


31.Closing the doors


32.Merry Christmas


33.Too soon


34.Let's see


35.Time traveler be like


36.Oh quarentree


37.My plans for 2020


38.Ordering pizza


39.Due to coronavirus


40.No more gifts

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The name of April comes, from an etymological point of view, from the Latin verb "aperire" (to open) and means "the opening" of flowers and leaves that takes place in the second month of spring.


In another version, it is assumed that the name of April was based on the Greek name of the goddess Aphrodite, "Aphros" or the Etruscan, Apru, mainly since April was dedicated in ancient Rome to the goddess of beauty, whose festival (Festum Veneris et Fortunae Virilis) takes place on the first day of this month.


April was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty in ancient Rome. Many nations' folk tradition celebrates the warm days of April because they are favorable for the beginning of the new agricultural year.


Funniest April Memes 


In 2022, April is about war, sadness, and unstable situation in the world. That’s why we want to cheer you up with some memes.


1. Modern problems


2. True again


3. Smart facts


The flowers of April are the daisy and the blood of the mighty, which symbolize the tears of the Virgin Mary and the pleasure of supreme happiness, delicacy, parting, or gratitude for the pleasant time spent together.


The trees of April are walnut, maple and mountain ash, symbols of royalty and prophecy, balance, hope, practicality, success and abundance.


April's gemstones are diamond and sapphire, which symbolize innocence, love, peace, faithfulness, peace, and serenity.


Legend has it that whoever wore diamonds had charm and attracted the love of others. In ancient Greece, diamonds ensured invincibility, being worn on the shields of warriors. In the Middle Ages, the diamond became famous as a precious amulet that could detect poison seeping into drink or food. In the Western Middle Ages, diamonds were the adornment of men, symbolizing courage and masculinity.


In England, lovers used diamond rings to write romantic messages on glass. In India, members of various castes were allowed to wear diamonds of a certain color, and only kings allowed themselves to be adorned with diamonds of any color. Diamonds stimulated intuition and were considered the traditional gift for the sixtieth anniversary of marriage.


4. May flowers


5. Waiting for april


6. We had a deal


7. Alien invasion for april


In Roman antiquity, there was a custom that the months of the year were named in honor of the deities, April being dedicated to the goddess of beauty, Venus. The poet Ovid, in his work Castle, dedicated to the holidays, customs, and ceremonies of the past year, wrote: they are yours".


Also, each month of the year was characterized by a particular flower, April being recognized by the excellent Margaret, the symbol of simplicity, freshness, and purity, a genuine compliment to beauty.


An old legend tells us about a lovely princess named Margareta. The girl, with particular sensitivity and charm, was promised as a wife to the Emperor of Flowers from birth. Time passed, and the girl became more and more beautiful every day. At 16, Margaret falls in love with a very handsome and brave prince. The two plan to run away together to get married and get rid of their promise. The Emperor of Flowers, learning of their love, challenges the prince to a duel. The two fight with swords and clubs for three days and three nights, and finally, the prince is killed. Frightened and grieved, Margaret flees to the mountains, but the Emperor of Flowers, following in her footsteps, finds her. Seeing that she has no escape, Margaret prays, crying, that it is better to die than to marry the one who killed her lover. Her prayer is heard, and Margaret dies, and her tears become a string of pearls. Grieved and aware of his mistake, the Emperor of Flowers turns Margaret into a white flower, which has since remained the symbol of the power of destiny but also of love.


April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 30 days. The day has 13 hours, and the night has 11 hours. It begins on the same day of the week as July in all years and as January in leap years.


This year, on the last Sunday in April, Orthodox Christians and Greek Catholics celebrate Easter. The week before Easter is called Passion Week or Holy Week is marked by a series of religious services which commemorate the Passion and Crucifixion of the Savior. The week following Easter is called Illuminated Week. Passion Week and Holy Week are the most necessary and holy periods in the life of Christians.



8. April again


9. Sad joke


10. Better than March


11. Brotherhood


12. I’ve seen this before


13. Bingo


14.Disaster calendar


15. Dislike


16. Funny


17. Netflix adaptation


18. April Oscar


19. They want money


20. Nobody cares


21. Just like any other day


23. I need answers


24. Meanwhile 2022


25. The end


26. Finally


27. Chilling


28. Then I came to work


29. It was solid


30. Time to repeat


31. Coke tastes


32. Broken


33. Good morning


34. Happy New Year


35. Mainstream


36. LOL


37. Stop wasting time


38. New Year 2022


39. So funny 


40. God willing


41. Just a trailer


42. Positive cat


43. Panic


44. Come over here


45. New you


46. Where is my sauce


47. All scared?


48. Eastern Europe


49. Just kidding


50. Plans for this year



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Is life not going as planned? Is life boring, gray and dreary? You need interesting and worthy goals. What goals should you achieve in your life in order to make it more eventful, vibrant, happy, successful and exciting? Yearly goals can be life changing very soon. All change begins with small, positive steps towards a goal.

We love to start a new life from a new week or new year, but the emotional impulse quickly fades away. We forget our set goals, preferring apathy, laziness, and inaction. But by throwing out goals, we betray all our dreams for another life. Which we dreamed and wanted.

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with worthy goals, or they are very difficult and unattainable. You will not need to move mountains, but only take small steps forward.

Anyways there are people who just can't resist this battle, especially with diets and healthy lifestyle. Bemorepanda collected a top of 40 funny memes about how people fail with their diets in the new year.

1.I have to start my new diet


3.Well, I tried

4.One does not simply keep the resolutions

5.The whole new year

6.Eat more

7.3 hours of diet

8.When friends help you

9.How is your diet

10.Before going on my 3 days diet

11.Expectations vs reality

12.Look the same

13.Baby Yoda

14.Six pack

15.Changing life

16.No time for that

17.Brace yourselves

18.Trying to start new year

19.Five miles today

20.I don't make new year's resolutions

21.I really want to get in sahpe

22.How i feel after workout

23.Interesting stuff

24.Resolution holding up?

25.New Years resolution was to get a hot body

26.Still fat

27.All right, then

28.Hate everything more

29.Visiting mom

30.Dam I look so bad

31.What exactly

32.Salad keeps making jokes

33.New year resolution

34.Do nothing

35.Implies imperfection

36.Listening to new year's resolution

37.People be like

38.New year resolution be like

39.What about your new year resolution?

40.Don't break your new year's resolution

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In 2022, the fear of coronavirus was replaced by the fear of war and, more recently, of nuclear war.

The fear in the name of which websites, televisions are closed and the exclusion of personalities from public life is demanded and only, because they ask questions, because they want to understand what is happening.

Like the Fear of Coronavirus, the Fear of War is about to create a new history in 2022. And memes certainly prove this.

Experts and studies show that laughter is good for our health, but it also has bad effects on us. A good sense of humor cannot cure all ailments, but there are data on the positive things that laughter can bring. And in 2022 we need to laugh.

1.Sad moment

2.Me in the pub

3.Good plan

Humor is observed in all cultures and at all ages, but it is only in the last decades that experimental psychology has labeled it as an essential human behavior, fundamental for the best possible mental health.

Along with gratitude, hope, and spirituality, a sense of humor belongs to the set of strengths that help us establish connections with the world and give meaning to life. Appreciating and practicing humor correlates with other strengths, such as the wisdom and curiosity to learn, and fun activities result in improved mood and optimism.

Understanding and creating humor requires a succession of mental operations. Cognitive psychology talks about humor in three stages; that is, in order to understand a joke, you must be able to mentally represent the configuration of the joke, detect an inconsistency in its multiple interpretations, and resolve the inconsistency by inhibiting literal, non-funny interpretations and appreciating the funny meaning.

The knowledge that each of us has is organized in mental memory structures called schemas. When we see or think about something, the relevant scheme is activated, so our body of knowledge on this particular topic immediately comes to mind.

One study found that people who use humor in positive ways also have positive perspectives on the past, and those who use humor against them have negative perspectives on the past. This type of study helps to understand how we think and interpret social interactions. Such research also suggests that attempts to use humor in a positive way can improve the emotional tone of the details in our thoughts and therefore our moods. Clinical psychologists use humor as a treatment to enhance the subjective well-being of patients, for example.

Studying humor allows scientists to investigate the theoretical processes involved in memory, reasoning, temporal perspective, wisdom, intuition, and subjective well-being. For example, another study of young adults found that those who valued and sought out humor and those around them tended to focus on the positive aspects of their present life, as well as on the positive events of their past and future.




7.Something great

While it is likely that people will not always agree on what is funny and what is not, there is more consensus than ever among psychologists that humor is relevant to the science of behavior and that having humor and looking for the side Life's fun helps you to have better mental health.

It is said that laughter is the best medicine and this is not far from the truth. Scientific evidence shows that laughter strengthens the immune system, improves mood, reduces pain and protects against the harmful effects of stress. The ability to laugh frequently and easily is a great resource for overcoming problems, improving relationships with others, and supporting physical and emotional health. In addition, laughter burns calories. It is not a substitute for going to the gym, but a study found that a person who laughs 10-15 minutes a day can burn about 40 calories.

Memes are a whole trend that visually conveys this or that thought, packed in humor, satire, irony or sarcasm. Memes are a kind of art that combines a good visual frame, a picture, a series of pictures, a short video or GIF with a caption. A meme (a combination of a picture and an inscription) is designed to enhance the effect of the meaning conveyed by the words attached to the image.

And the most durable are the most successful. Some memes, still frames from films, where the characters have interesting or unusual expressions of facial expressions, live for several years already and do not slow down their popularity, but have already become classics of their genre.

Tommy Lee Jones, Nicolas Cage, Jackie Chan, Leonardo DiCaprio are some examples of prototypes of famous memes.

In 2022 memes are mostly about the stupidity of Putin, the war in Ukraine, the Russian people being blind in front of this war. It seems that this is not the right time to joke, but people can not live without a smile on their face, especially when there are maybe only some days to live on this planet due to nuclear war threatens. No matter what will be tommorow, people need to stay positive and think about a better future. There is always hope and place for a better tommorow. 


9.You are here

10.Doing great





15.Last night

16.Is it here?

17.Doing my part


19.Failed test


21.I am 21

22.My Pc


24.Exam tommorow

25.Netflix be like

26.Harry Putin


28.Perfect watch

29.Lost happiness

30.Seems about right


32.Now it seems the perfect meme

33.Ukrainians and memes

34.More table


36.Morning alarm


38.Send them

39.Wake up

40.So crazy


42.Purest love

43.Dumb man



46.People who know


48.Same thing


50.Pasta be like

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The New Year is slowly approaching, and with the arrival of the holiday season, many are beginning to reflect on life decisions from the previous year. New Year's resolutions are the perfect opportunity for everyone to start making important or less important changes in their personal or social life. Here are some tips for you: this year, complete your list of resolutions with easy goals, right for you.


Try some of these simple changes in your lifestyle every day and not only will you have a healthier body and mind - but you will feel fantastic and so excited that you will make 2021 your best year.The transition to a new year is the ideal opportunity to look to the future with more optimism, to motivate ourselves to fulfill our ideals and to change the strategies in which we act both in professional and personal life. Maybe the American phrase "New year, new me".


We may want to become better, more determined at work, more socially active, more involved in various activities, but after a certain period of time, our true inner structure will come out again.


We will inevitably get tired of running after that form we dreamed of, and we will cap ourselves by thanking ourselves or resigning ourselves to the fact that we have no chance of succeeding. That's why there are a lot of memes. Bemorepanda collected them all.


1.A new resolution


2.Start working


3.That's a obligation


4.New thing


5.Be awesome


6.Not going to happen


7.About this year resolution


8.Won't break


9.Brace yourselves


10.Expectation vs reality


11.Lose weight


12.So you have it?


13.About resolutions


14.Each day


15.Get a cooler


16.Years to change




18.Gym goers


19.This face


20.That stick


21.Reviewing this year


22.Just to stop this


23.Working hard


24.Hate everything


25.Happy New Year


26.What if I told you




28.Maybe reaching


29.No one wants


30.Good luck


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