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Is 2022 a leap year? What is a leap year: history, calculations and superstitions

11 months ago

For centuries, mankind has created a history that has been passed down from generation to generation. The myths or the reality about the leap years that have survived so far make everyone think about this inexplicable fact.


What is a leap year?



The term "jump" in Latin has a numerical meaning - 2/6. It is scientifically the fourth year above the standard number of days (366).


The historical period of a leap year



During the reign of Y. Caesar, there was an additional day repeated in the Roman calendar, with a number (February 24).


The Romans counted the days, the years, according to the Julian calendar.


In the Julian calendar, every fourth year was considered a leap year, and the last two days of February were below the same number.


After the death of the Roman ruler, the priests deliberately began to appoint the third year - a leap year. There was a change in the annual time and people, for this reason, lived up to twelve leap years.


Due to the decree of the new emperor of Rome - Augustus Octavian, everything fell into place. It took sixteen years to get the "jump time" right.


Sixteen centuries later, the Orthodox Church introduced new changes to the calendar.


The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Gregory XIII, proposed to calculate the calendar according to the new rules. He proposed introducing an additional day in February with a different date (February 29). At the general assembly, before the coming Easter, the idea of ​​the head of the Catholic Church was successfully accepted. The Roman calendar had a new chronology. In honor of the leader of the Catholic Church, she began to be called a "Gregorian."


The modern concept of a leap year


It is known that a year consists of 365 days. The next fourth year is considered a leap year. It's a longer day.


In a leap year, February is not twenty-eight days, but twenty-nine, but this phenomenon happens every four years.


Assumptions and superstitions for the leap year



Our Slavic ancestors believed that the leap year was a mystical, superstitious year. Probably the reason lies in the distant history of Saint Kasyan.


Saint Kasian served in the Galilean monastery and was its founder. He became famous for his writing career after writing twenty-four essays on "Interview," based on a moral, Christian attitude toward the faith.


The main flaw in Saint Kasyan's life was that his date of birth fell on the last day of February and even at the end of the year.


According to the Slavic faith, the last day of the year was considered the end of a severe winter. For this reason, the holy monk gained a bad reputation.


The superstitious Slavs considered the last day of a leap year to be the most difficult. They believed in evil spirits. Hence the fear of people before a leap year.


The signs of a leap year have been associated with Saint Kasyan:


  • If Kasyan approached people, the disease would attack them.
  • Kasyan was next to the animals - their deaths were inevitable.
  • Where Kasyan's gaze falls, there will be trouble and devastation.
  • The unsuccessful year is approaching Kasyanov - unsuccessful.


According to legend, in a leap year, there are many things you should not do, for example:


  • Play weddings
  • Plan a pregnancy, have children
  • Create new projects
  • Go into the woods for mushrooms
  • Haircut
  • Divorce file
  • Borrow money
  • Plant new seeds
  • Make interior renovations
  • Buying real estate


The approach of a leap year in modern society is controversial. One part of society believes in its negative actions, the other does not.


Negative side of a leap year:


  • Natural disasters
  • Military conflicts
  • Frequent accident



The positive side of a leap year


People born in a leap year are creative and talented people. Endowed with a brilliant charisma, strong character, love of life (Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Gauguin).


Today, a leap year is perceived as a year of disasters, wars, catastrophes. After all, the worst events took place during this period.


People are prone to believe something and most often evil. A leap year is perceived as a time of loss, disappointment, sadness. Is that right? Just ask yourself.


Leap year: where did the extra day come from?



Do you think that the Earth will make a complete revolution in exactly 365 days? No, it's not like that - the Earth makes a complete circle around the Sun a little longer, that is, 365 days and 6 hours.


In other words, an extra quarter is added each year. For 4 years, such quarters come out 24 hours. So, it turned out that a year that is a multiple of 4 (2008, 2012, 2016, the calendar of leap years is based on this principle) is different from the rest.


The leap year is intended to eliminate this surplus and to bring the balance into chronology. If it weren't for the leap year, then in a few centuries the new year would have been postponed to the beginning of March, and that's pretty serious!


Differences from leap year


The differences between a leap year and other years, from a material point of view, are limited only by the number of days. In addition, people need to work harder for a day. Sometimes, however, it turns out and rests once again, but this happens quite rarely.


Astrologically, there are a lot of problems around the Earth around the Sun in a leap year:


  • everyday problems;
  • man-made disasters;
  • natural cataclysms;
  • relatively high mortality.


However, one can argue with the latter - there are no comments from ritual service workers about the increase in mortality. Only a few older people die.


Year leap: Greetings from Antiquity



For the first time, the ancient Romans were concerned about the inconsistency of the calendar with the actual course of time. In this country, it was forbidden to transfer significant data in another season. People were guided by the movement of the Sun in the sky.


Gaius Julius Caesar solved the problem quickly and radically - from the time of his reign, people began to live according to the Julian calendar, which just added a day in February every 4 years. They gradually started moving to the new calendar, not everyone accepted it, but time took its toll.


Over time, the pagan calendar migrated to Christian culture. But in some regions this year he is associated with Kasyan Visokos, one of the saints, the patron saint of monasticism.


He is believed to have been drinking without restraint for three years, and at the age of four he gets angry and takes revenge in public for the fact that his birthday is celebrated only once every 4 years.


However, there is a discrepancy here - a Christian saint, by definition, cannot be a drunk, plus there is no record in the church that Visokos would like.


Signs and beliefs associated with a leap year



Now the leap year is relatively simple, and earlier some people were afraid to leave home on February 29 in a leap year. For example, there was a sign that if you get a good frost on that day, and the frosts can be severe at the end of February, then a person will certainly catch a cold and die.


The same goes for animals. Popular belief says that any mistake in caring for pets on this day can cost animals their lives. For example, malnutrition or overeating.


Starting a new business in a leap year, according to popular belief, cannot be very successful.


Surely everything will be ruined: even if a man builds a house, he even opens a business. In addition, all major cases should be postponed until at least February 29 - this time is considered the most unfortunate since the beginning of the year.


To calm Visokos a little, you need to do the following:


  • under the bells, throw a glass of vodka from the window (another alcohol is suitable, but it must be strong);
  • drink without glasses that shake when it is exactly midnight;
  • If you still have glasses, then you should put the glasses on the table before taking a sip.


According to popular belief, Visokos' anger will diminish slightly before the completion of the next journey around the Sun.


Another interesting sign is associated with the collection of gifts from nature. Picking mushrooms and berries is usually difficult on February 29, but things found on the street, such as money, can cause problems if they enter the house.


And if the dog barks at the same time (a dog day on February 29 itself is a bad sign), then trouble is guaranteed. You have to ignore it while saying, "Hold me out."


Prohibitions of the leap year



Because this year is so unlucky, people have come with a lot of bans, noticing that you can remove the troubles from home. By the way, nature "participates" in these prohibitions as well.


For example, according to ancient memories, in leap years, usually a poor apple crop.


So what not to do in a leap year:


  • You can't sing carols for baptism. This ritual in itself is relatively associated with evil spirits and once every four years it is especially "attentive" to humans. You better not litter. So, no matter how many sweets people offer, it is better to avoid carols.
  • It is not recommended to sell homemade products. It is believed that happiness and wealth leave home with them.
  • You can't show the first erupted tooth to a baby to anyone, except maybe your closest relatives. If the ban is violated, the child will have crooked teeth.
  • You can't start a big business, including getting married. Everything will break down, as I mentioned above.
  • You can't buy "coffin stuff". It sounds weird, but for some people in their old age it is the norm to buy things for their own funeral. Doing so in a leap year will hasten death.
  • Women are strictly forbidden to dye their hair. This can lead to the lady becoming bald.
  • It is forbidden to change jobs or places of residence. In a new place, a person will simply not take root, you will have to start from scratch (this point is sometimes impractical because there are different circumstances in life).
  • Having children joins this forbidden group, but not everyone takes this restriction seriously.


Everything may sound archaic, but the fact remains - people often complain to astrologers and psychics about the misfortunes that began even after violating such prohibitions.


Conclusion - until the Earth makes a complete revolution around the Sun in a leap year, some activities should be abandoned.


The reason for the bad reputation of a leap year



We must recognize that if we did not have leap years, there would be a regular change of seasons. Therefore, they help to synchronize the Gregorian and astrological calendars and do not allow the seasons to change in other months.


But why a leap year is considered bad, you have to figure it out. In Slavic culture, there has long been a negative attitude towards such years. An additional day in February was considered the cause of disasters and landslides.


Perhaps the reason for such antipathy was that this time, on February 29, according to Slavic beliefs, Kashchey-Chernobog was subdued, commanding dark forces, sowing evil, death, disease, and madness.


Old Russians often associated a day of jumping with Cassian, who was born on February 29th. Based on the legends, where he was assigned the role of guardian of the gates of Hell, the traitorous cherub, the adoptive one of the demons, etc., one can understand why this character was very feared and strongly cursed. The Russians were convinced that Cassian had a negative impact throughout the year. There was a pestilence of cattle and poultry, crops were destroyed in the fields, and famine began.


On February 29, people once again tried not to go out into the yard, to keep cattle and birds closed.


It is difficult to answer unequivocally why a leap year is considered bad. Some scientists claim that natural and man-made disasters are becoming more common during this period. Many personalities are also in a hurry to cancel their individual problems for more than a year.


The following tragic events are historical facts:


  • the collapse of the Byzantine Empire and the city of Constantinople falls in the leap year 1204;
  • the bloody Spanish Inquisition began in 1232;
  • the plague of the inhabitants of medieval Europe from the plague, in which 1/3 of the population died in 1400;
  • the terrible events of the Night of St. Bartholomew in 1572;
  • the terrible tsunami in Japan in 1896 and the earthquake in China in 1556;
  • In 1908, everyone became aware of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, etc.



List of leap years in the 21st century



To plan important events in your life, such as marriage, birth, change of profession, place of residence, etc., information about leap years in this century will be helpful.


Leap years, list of the twentieth century: 1904, 1908, 1912, 1916, 1920, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 , 1992, 1996.


Leap years in our century: 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, 2048, 2052, 2056, 2060, 2064, 2068, 2072, 2076, 2080, 2084, 2088, 2092, 2096, 2100.



Let's summarize


A positive attitude and self-confidence form a strong basis for important achievements in a person's life, and small superstitions should not become an obstacle to achieving goals.


Is it the leap year or 2022? 2022 will be an ordinary year. From year to year, the approach of the new year arouses enthusiasm among superstitious people.


Interest is based on the popular signs and superstitions associated with the addition to the additional February 29th. One day, February 29, is added to the calendar every four years.


If you believe in your own strengths you will be able to do whatever you want in any year! We at Bemorepanda advise you not to be guided by superstitions!


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New Year's superstitions are respected by many people, who believe that in this way they will do well in the New Year. Superstitions and end-of-year habits include dancing outdoors for health and luck and filling wallets with money for a prosperous year.


True or not, how many of us pass by a superstition indifferently? Whether we know about it from childhood or from the popular tradition, or we hear about a new one, we are still with increased attention and wide-eyed, interested in taking at least a little into account of it.


People all over the world strongly believe in some superstitions related to leaving one year and entering the new year. The basic idea that guides us all on New Year's Eve and on the first day of the new year is that just as the events of that night between the years and the next day happen, so it will go for you in the new year.


Studies show that many people do various things, some of which are more bizarre, to make sure that they have invited luck into their lives and that they have banished bad luck and the problems of the past year.


For example there is a superstition that the New Year must catch you with new clothes so that in the next 365 days you will receive as many gifts as possible. Red is the color of joy and love, so the custom is that if you dress in red for the New Year you will have a lucky and loving new year.


Below are the most famous international superstitions that you can take into account for New Year's Eve and the first day of the new year. Or not! You choose, we just present them to you.

Next let’s see together with Bemorepanda what superstitions exist on New Year night.


New Year's superstitions 2022


1.Don’t cry

On the night between the years and on January 1, don’t cry. Tradition says that those who cry on the first day of the year will have a year of sad events.


2.No bad words

Whoever is polite and mannered with the New Year will always be like that, so it is said that on New Year's Eve both contradictory discussions and licentious or brutal language, as well as stories about ghosts or the dead, should be avoided. Apart from the fact that they are not pleasant at all, they also attract bad luck.


3.Born on January 1st

Children born on January 1 are said to be lucky for life.


4.Do not borrow money

In several countries, people do not borrow money, jewelry or other valuables on the first day of the year and do not pay debts or taxes, do not carry garbage and do not offer gifts, all of which are signs of poverty in the year which is just beginning. Some go even further with superstition, and if they have to get something out of the house, they call someone else for it.


5.Keep your doors open

Americans are accustomed to leaving all the doors and windows open at the turn of the year so that the old year can leave immediately and make way for the new one. At midnight the doors must be opened for the old year to come out and give way to the new one which brings health, happiness and good luck. Another New Year's tradition says that it is good to leave a lamp or a candle lit on New Year's Eve to enjoy a bright and fulfilling new year.


6.Full glasses and plates

It is also said that for a prosperous year it is good to have glasses and plates full on the table at midnight, and for each member of the family to have money in the pocket. Empty glasses, plates and pockets are the signs of a poor year, superstitious people believe.


7.Working on 1st January

Although few agree with the idea, it is said that those who work on the first day of the year are more likely to advance in their careers in the next period. But, paradoxically, starting a large-scale project on that day is pure bad luck.


8.Pay all your debts

If you don't want to be in debt all year, try to pay off your debts by midnight.


9.Black beans

In the southern United States, it is believed that a sign of good luck for the whole year is if you eat black beans on the first day of January. It is also said that the one who cooks beans will be twice as lucky.


10.Kissing is mandatory

Under mistletoe or not, kissing is mandatory on New Year's Eve, if you want to have affection in the coming year. Otherwise, you will have a year with little sentimental satisfaction. The midnight kiss marks not only the feelings that bind us to those people, but also how our relationships with the people in question will evolve during the year that is just beginning. In other words, it is desirable that at the turn of the year, the loved one be by your side.



Dancing at midnight outdoors, especially around a tree, brings health and the fulfillment of all desires.


12.Never sweep on New Year’s Eve

 A householder should never sweep on New Year's Eve, because it drives away prosperity. 

Also in the evening of December 31, do not wash clothes and do not cut with scissors so as not to destroy luck. Tradition also says that you do not have to throw anything out of the house on the first day of the new year because you are throwing your luck.


13.Wear something red

As the years go by, the elders say, it is good for everyone to wear a new coat and something red or some other cheerful color that attracts positive energies.


14.Let in the right persons

It is said that the first person to enter your house after midnight will influence what happens in the new year. For a woman, it would be ideal for a tall, brunette man to enter (blondes and redheads are said to be unlucky, and women too), and if this guest brings a twig of mistletoe, bread and salt, they are all the chances of the new year being the best of your life so far.


15.Make a wish

On the night between the years it is good to make a wish because it has all the chances to be fulfilled.


16.Eat fish

As the fish swims through the water, you will swim through all the troubles of the next year, without affecting you. But beware, superstitious people say that it must be the first food you eat in the new year!


17.Eat goose meat

This way you will float over problems and you will advance towards your goal, as the "winged fat" does on the shine of the water! Some even say that it is good to avoid chicken meat, because this bird squeaks and so luck spreads


18.Stay with your loved ones

It's important not to be alone, but if you can't do otherwise, call your loved ones at midnight. You will be close to those you met at midnight all year, you will talk all year with the one you talked to in the first moments of the year!


19.Getting married

It is good for girls who want to get married in the New Year to see a man at the bedroom window at the turn of the year.


20.Be happy

The night when the years change foretells the future. If you are happy, you will be like this all year long! In the same way, sadness or quarrel will be perpetuated: you do not want such a thing. It's not good to be quiet around you either: on this wonderful night even the non-speakers start talking, and the one who hears them talking is said to die. So don't avoid fireworks, firecrackers, the sound of clashing glasses and fun!


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When you know the answer to something no one else in the room does, it makes you feel like a genius. So, if you're a fan of the little things, want your next night to be memorable, or just love learning new things that no one else knows about, you've come to the right place. You never know when you'll need to pull those facts, which is part of the fun. So, we invite you to play with us and check out our list of random facts.


Is there any useless information? Never. All those little random, interesting, funny, scary facts, or did you know that the facts you store in your brain exist for a reason and are sure to come in handy someday...even if it's just for you to could beat your best dude or surprise a bored toddler on a family field trip. Just in case you don't have enough information cluttering your brain, here are some more fun, interesting, or just plain fun tidbits to keep on hand.


Interesting and funny facts about animals


1. The fur of polar bears is actually clean, and their skin is black.


2. Baby flamingos are born grey, not pink.


3. A woodpecker's tongue actually wraps around its brain completely, protecting it from damage when it hits a tree.


4. The shrimp's heart is in its head.


5. Elephants suck their trunks for convenience.


6. Anteaters have no teeth.


7. Nine-banded armadillos always have quadrupeds, and they are always identical.


8. Wombat poop is cube shaped.


9. A flock of flamingos is called brightness.



10. Hippos and horses are actually distant relatives.


11. All clown fish are born male.


12. In the UK, the Queen legally owns all unmarked swans.


13. In order not to disperse, sea otters hold hands during sleep.


14. Goats have an accent.


15. Dolphins give each other names.


16. Gorillas can catch a cold, although you can probably still go to the zoo with a runny nose.


17. Forget bald eagles. The turkey was once almost called the national bird.



18. A group of owls is called a parliament.


19. There are 32 muscles in a cat's ear.


20. Snails can regenerate their eyes.


21. Want to know if your pet turtle is a boy or a girl? Listen carefully! Female turtles hiss and male turtles grunt.


22. A starfish can turn its stomach inside out.


23. French poodles are actually from Germany.



24. Seahorses mate for life and are often seen telling each other stories.


25. A group of porcupines is called a thorn.


26. Andrew Jackson's parrot had to be removed from his funeral because he wouldn't stop swearing. Polly wants to rinse her mouth.


27. Sloths can hold their breath for up to 40 minutes.


Interesting and funny historical facts


28. Henry VIII knighted all four of his Grooms of the Chair - the men in charge of wiping his ass for him.


29. Jeanette Rankin was elected to Congress four years before women could vote.


30. Women could not apply for a bank loan until 1974.


31. Before the invention of modern artificial teeth, dentures were usually made from the teeth of dead soldiers.


32. In ancient Egypt, servants were smeared with honey so that flies would fly to them instead of the pharaoh.


33. It was once considered blasphemous to use a fork.


34. Abe Lincoln was a champion wrestler. He was also a licensed bartender. Maybe they should call him Abe of all trades.


35. George Washington owned a whiskey distillery.



36. More than two percent of the American population died during the civil war.


37. Joseph Stalin removed people from photographs after their death or dismissal from office.


38. Since 1945, all British tanks have been equipped with everything necessary for making tea.


39. Pope Gregory IV once declared war on cats because he thought Satan was using black cats. His statement led to the mass extermination of cats.


40. The absence of cats led to an invasion of rats, which led to the spread of the plague.


50. John Adams was the first president to live in the White House.


51. Go to sleep! Chernobyl, the Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the Challenger explosion are all linked to lack of sleep.


Interesting and funny travel facts


52. The average person living in Sweden eats about 22 pounds of chocolate a year.


53. Although the Wright brothers are known as a couple, they actually flew together only once. They promised their father that they would always fly separately.


54. In Montana, there are three times more cows than people.


55. Parts of the Great Wall of China were made from sticky rice.


56. Ninety percent of the world's population lives above the equator.


57. There are more saunas in Finland than cars.


58. Sixty percent of the world's lakes (three million in total) are located in Canada.


59. Virginia is the only state that has the same staff flower and staff tree - Dogwood.



60. Think before the season. In Egypt, it is considered incredibly rude to salt the food you have been served.


61. Ninety percent of the territory of Libya is desert.


62. The height of the Eiffel Tower can vary up to six inches, depending on the temperature.


63. Do you spend too much on drinks when you eat out? A small town in Italy has a fountain that serves free wine.


64. Pilots and their co-pilots should eat differently before the flight so that both of them do not get sick with food poisoning.


65. About 600 Parisians work on the Eiffel Tower every day.


66. Do you want to go to Rome? Which one of? Six of the seven continents have a city called Rome. (You really fell, Antarctica.)


67. When you visit Key West, you are actually closer to Havana than Miami.


Interesting and fun facts about music


68. Mary, known as "Mary Had the Lamb", was a real person and the song is based on real events.


69. Happy Birthday was the first song ever played on Mars. Mars Rover Curiosity played this song to itself on its first anniversary on the planet.


70. When you listen to music, your heart is in sync with the beat.


71. President Nixon was an accomplished musician. He played five instruments, including the accordion.


72. Is the song stuck in your head? This is called an earworm.


73. None of The Beatles could read music.


74. However, George Harrison was reportedly able to play 26 instruments.



75. Barry Manilow didn't actually write I Write Songs.


76. Metallica is the only band to play on all seven continents.


77. Most department stores tend to play music slower to slow down shoppers and make them shop longer. The reverse is true for restaurants.


78. Monaco's orchestra is bigger than its army.


79. A concert promoter once sold a thousand tickets to a Spice Girls concert in Hawaii that were never booked. Maybe that's where the idea for Fyre Fest came from.


80. Leo Fender, inventor of the Stratocaster and Telecaster, couldn't play the guitar.



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New Year- new life. Who among us has not written some resolutions for the 2022 New Year? "This year I promise" "I will change my life for the better." Sounds familiar, right? But all "dreamers" are divided into two types: those who only dream, and those who turn promises into goals and make dreams come true. So how do you get into the second category and really start a new life over the new year? Let's figure it out together.


We've compiled a list of the most popular New Year's resolutions, so to change ourselves on this momentous night. And they also looked ahead and thought: what prevents us from fulfilling them? 


Set realistic goals for yourself. Perhaps a flight into space will remain a dream for you. Assess how realistic this goal is for you. Although ... Perhaps there are no impossible tasks - for some it is only necessary to put in more effort.


Don't set yourself too many goals and objectives. The quieter you go, the further you'll get. You should not rush to drastically change your personal life and career at the same time. Focus on one global goal, and then tackle another.


Weigh the pros and cons. If you decide to change jobs, do not cut from the shoulder, do not quit on January 1. First, decide what you want from your new job, and keep in mind that you still need to pay the mortgage. If you want to lose weight, do not go on a hunger strike and do not go to the gym.


Top 30 New Year Resolutions ideas in 2022


  • Help in animal shelters, hospitals, orphanages - not only with finances.
  • Tell your loved ones more often that you love them. It's always nice, even if they know it.
  • Do a crazy thing. Jumping with a parachute, going around the world - everything that has always been feared.
  • Hand over the license / Buy a car. In fact, having your own car is not what absolutely everyone wants. But this point will definitely not suit you if you prefer to know all the taxi drivers and minibus drivers in the city by sight. Or you don't want to fight with your personal driver.
  • Be more attentive to your health. Even if you are an incorrigible workaholic, health should be more important.
  • Less worry about what others think of you. You cannot control what others do and think, so you should not focus on this.
  • Engage in self-development and enroll in courses. Find what you like and go ahead, master a new business! It's never too late to learn.
  • Buy a subscription to the fitness center. And not only buy, but actually go there. Or do fitness at home - whatever you like best.


Decide on an action plan and resources needed. Break your goal down into small tasks and make a list - you can even print it out and hang it on the wall for clarity. Certain goals require certain resources to achieve. It takes money to go on vacation. And making money is another sub-goal.


Try to do something of your plan every day. Often we are frightened by the magnitude of our own goal, and we subconsciously postpone it for later. This very "later" will never come, if nothing is done for this. It is impossible to read War and Peace in a day, but if you read one chapter or EVEN a page a day, then you yourself will not notice how you turn over the last page. Is it difficult to learn a foreign language? Get in the habit of learning one new word a day.



  • Spend more time with your family. In the daily hustle and bustle, we often forget to devote time to those closest to us. And it's worth seeing each other not only on holidays.
  • Spend more time with your friends. Friends will always support you in difficult times, so find time for them, and not just for your favorite work.
  • Take pictures more often. Photos are precious memories. And with Photo Manager, you can easily sort your photos by album without wasting a lot of time.
  • Be less nervous about trifles and learn not to take everything to heart. Some things and events are completely impossible to control, so you shouldn't worry about them, especially in the new year.
  • Travel more. Stop being jealous of travel bloggers, it's high time to become one of them!
  • Move to another city / house. Sometimes we just need a change of scenery. And with the move, more opportunities open up: new acquaintances, a new job.
  • Learn a foreign language. The second most popular promise. There are a lot of reasons to learn: you can watch TV shows in the original, travel calmly, and it is also useful for the functioning of the brain.


Set realistic deadlines. You can hardly learn to play a musical instrument in one hour. Decide how much time you need to fulfill your dream. Take with a small margin and margin of error for unforeseen situations. Perhaps you can even divide the path to success into several stages and reach each stage gradually.


Defeat your laziness. Often we leave something out of fatigue and laziness. This is especially true for losing weight, playing sports or learning foreign languages. You need to make a schedule and make it a rule to follow it. After all, it is worth skipping one workout or postponing the study of grammar until tomorrow - and there is a high probability that you will never return to the gym, and the textbook will be covered with dust.



  • Learn to play a musical instrument. You don't know you have talent until you try.
  • Learn to save money. Start calculating expenses. Don't waste your money on useless things. And spend the saved money on something really necessary.
  • Learn not to be late. This will help avoid reprimands from superiors and disgruntled looks from friends.
  • Protect the environment. Give up plastic, use a bike, participate in volunteer activities ...
  • Limit your intake of junk food. We all not only love burgers and pizza, but we are well aware of the consequences to which they lead. If you do not completely abandon fast food, then at least reduce its amount.
  • Save up for what you have dreamed of for so long. Let it not even be an apartment or a car, but something less ambitious - but with your own money!
  • Less surfing on the Internet / phone / social. Networks. While we spend time in front of a monitor screen or with a phone in hand, life passes by.
  • Finally, make some renovation. To fix what has been broken long ago. Create comfort at home. Throw away what is not needed for a long time. Buy new cushions, fix a dripping bathroom faucet, change your boring wallpaper. New Year is a time for change!


Conquer your fear. Many tasks seem overwhelming. But if you don't give up and don't stop at difficulties, everything is possible. Denied a casting or interview? Prepare better and try again.


Find outside support. Sometimes we need the support of family, friends, loved ones. Try to win them over to your side - together everything works out easier. Or find a community of like-minded people on the Internet: participate in marathons, "challenges" and relay races. But this does not mean at all that if you have not found support, you need to say goodbye to your dream! Move towards your goal no matter what.


Start a new life not tomorrow, but today. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that this promise will carry over to the next year. Take action! The diet does not start on Monday, but right now.



  • Read more books. Do not try to chase lists of books that "must be read before N years." Read what you like.
  • Get organized. Making a to-do list and completing it is much easier than you think!
  • Have a pet. Dog? Cat? Do not forget about fish - the most unpretentious pets.
  • Do not live in debt / Do not take loans. Situations, of course, are different, but it is much more pleasant not to resort to financial assistance from a bank or friends.
  • Tidy up sleep patterns. Get up earlier, go to bed earlier and, most importantly, get enough sleep.



  • Fall in love / Marry / Get married. Finding your soulmate is the cherished dream of many.
  • Overcome your main fear. Public performance? Fear of heights? Begin to gradually learn to deal with your fears.
  • Eat homemade food, not convenience foods. Learn to cook. Homemade food is much tastier and healthier than store-bought salads.
  • Finally finding time for your hobby. Really for a hobby. Embroidery, skiing, numismatics. And no, lying on the couch is not a hobby.
  • Change image / Change appearance. Change your T-shirt to a formal suit, jeans to a dress, dye your hair or change your haircut. All in your hands.



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In 1945, nuclear weapons were created in the USA. The scientists who worked on it believed that they were creating a means of protection against Nazi Germany. However, the American imperialists saw in him, first of all, a means of intimidation and the conquest of world domination.


The United States not only immediately used the newly created atomic bombs to bombard Japanese cities, but also began to increase its reserves, counting with its help to defeat the USSR. Russia began to accumulate nuclear weapons in response.


Incidents when the nuclear war almost started


As a result, the world soon found itself in a dangerous situation in which the conflict between the Soviet Union and the United States could have turned into a nuclear war that would have killed millions of people in a matter of hours, and even countries that did not directly participate in the war would have suffered a global cooling and radioactive fallout.


There is an opinion that it was the presence of nuclear weapons that prevented the third world war. Indeed, it is foolish to start such a war, knowing that the enemy can inflict colossal, completely unacceptable damage on your country. But how real is the danger of nuclear war really, can we be sure that common sense will prevent politicians and the military from starting it? Alas, as history shows, the world has already been on the brink of nuclear war more than once, and we are very lucky that it has not yet happened.


Dropshot Plan

Back in 1945, American militarists began to make plans for an attack on the USSR. They understood that they had no chance of defeating the Soviet army in a conventional war, so the main stake was placed on the use of nuclear weapons. The Americans, one by one, adopted plans for a war against the USSR, in each of which the number of atomic bombs that they were going to use was increasing. The first plan, developed at the end of 1945, envisaged 20 targets for atomic bombing on the territory of the USSR, but by the 50th their number had grown to several hundred.


Although in 1949 the USSR also created nuclear weapons, for a long time the United States significantly surpassed the country in the number of atomic bombs, as well as in their delivery capabilities. This gave rise to the confidence among the Americans that the USSR would in no way be able to harm them in return. Having accumulated a sufficient number of atomic bombs, the Americans developed the Dropshot plan, in which a specific date for the attack on the USSR was scheduled - January 1, 1957.


As part of this plan, it was supposed to use over 300 atomic bombs, as well as 250 thousand tons of conventional bombs. The bombings were supposed to destroy 85% of the industrial potential of the USSR and kill 45 million people. However, the Soviet leadership found out about the plan and took emergency measures to disrupt it. In the 1956 September, there was a system of systems to have a bomber in the worship, who was inhabited by the time of the time. Frightened by a retaliatory strike, the American leadership did not dare to put the Dropshot plan into action.


Caribbean Crisis

In 1962, relations between the USSR and the USA were still very tense. The Americans continued to surround the USSR with their bases with nuclear weapons, in particular, they deployed nuclear missiles in Turkey, not far from the borders of the USSR. In response, the USSR decided to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba. But when the Americans found out about this, they raised an incredible hysteria. Part of the US military believed that the United States should immediately attack Cuba. Congress made the same recommendation to President Kennedy. The United States began preparations for the invasion of the island, and the American Navy announced a naval blockade of Cuba.


In response, the USSR stated that the blockade was illegal, and Soviet ships would not comply with it. The Soviet troops stationed in Cuba had not only medium-range missiles, but also tactical nuclear weapons, which would definitely be used in the event of a US invasion. The scenario of the beginning of the third world war became quite real, on both sides there were enough supporters of "decisive" actions.



On October 27, Soviet air defenses shot down an American aircraft over Cuba. Only at the very last moment Khrushchev and Kennedy were able to agree and prevent the war. The USSR removed the missiles from Cuba, and the USA from Turkey, while promising not to attack Cuba.


The risk management of the nuclear war is not a risk, and several incidents occurred during the Caribbean crisis on October 27-28, each of which led to a nuclear war.


Incident report B-59

At the time of the Caribbean crisis, several Soviet submarines were directed to Cuba. The American fleet, the full command of the sea blockade, the war against the country and the provocation. Just on October 27, the Kyby pod B-59 was shot down by American snipers and then dropped by a deep-seated bomb. However, the B-59 was equipped with nuclear torpedoes, and the American commander ordered them to be used. Nuclear power was only used in the first place, except for the captain of the pod, the senior commander of the group of the pod Arkhipov.


The incident U-2

And this day there was another incident. The American spy plane U-2 was supposed to intercept the test in the air near Novaya Zemlya and return to the territory of the United States. However, the pilot got lost and the plane crashed in the airspace of the USSR near Chykotkoy. It was not enough to direct two Soviet destroyers, and the Americans directed two U-2s of their own. Moreover, in connection with the crisis, the American anti-missile missile is not equipped with nuclear weapons. Only a few were destroyed, they crashed, and the U-2 pilot was able to turn around and return to the ground.


The incident in Okinawa

On October 28, a major war took place on the American base in Okinawa, and almost everything was destroyed. There have been calculations with nuclear missiles, and today the base has a multi-command command of nuclear missiles that are deployed in the USSR and China. The commander was Captain William Bassett, and the war ended only thanks to his good health. For this reason, Basset is not ready, because it is a pre-order, it is a pre-order, and it has to be prepared in the higher level.


In fact, the commanding officer expressed the view that this order could not be given directly or indirectly because of the opponents posted. I'm sorry, Bassett's request for a confirmation order is very expensive. Some of them have already fired or coded a nuclear missile. However, he ordered the captain to carry out the order, and he had to direct the automaton from the commander's calculation, to collect the nuclear missile.



The basset command just shoots it if it tries to do it. After this, the captain directly called the central administration and requested to transfer the order to bring it to a higher level of leadership, or to correct the order. In some time base, the encrypted code is sent to the command line. The United States claimed that the missile was ordered to be fired earlier this year, and information about the incident was withheld from the public until 2015.


Solar flare

The next incident occurred in 1967. On May 23, the U.S. base in Greenland was intercepted by the robotic radar system. The American military decided that the USSR had specially sent nuclear weapons to the United States. This was announced, strategic bombers were preparing to take off. However, someone is going to ask for a summary of solar activity. It turns out that at this time, the Sun produces a flash, cuts and destroys the radar.


Computer network

At 3:00 a.m. on November 9, 1979, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was the adviser to the president of the United States on national security, received a phone call. The representative of NORAD reported that the USSR fired 2,200 nuclear missiles at America. It was announced, how to prepare for the dry MBR, airborne missiles and a special plane for the president. No steel test satellites and systems for early warning, anti-missile, anti-missile, and police. The causes of anxiety can be eliminated and fixed.


It turned out that one of the computers connected to the NORAD network was successfully installed with a program that simulated a mass rocket launch. The incident was widely reported in the press, and Brezhnev even wrote a letter to the President of the United States, Carter, about it. Also, for the following two systems, NORAD removed several false predation or missile attacks on the side of the USSR.


Glare on the clouds

In 1983 the newest missile system of the USSR "Oko", designed for the fixation of missile missiles on the territory of the United States. At that time, the president of the USA, Reagan, who called the so-called USSR imperial evil, shut down the program "Star Wars" and broadcast it live, so that there was no direct order to bomb the USSR. Relations between the USSR and the USA were very tense. In these languages, September 26, 1983. and the Soviet command post system pre-emptive or anti-missile defense system siren.


 The system consists of several MBRs with the territory of the United States. Colonel Petrov, who is in the command post, has to decide whether to pass on the information to the authorities or not. Thinking about it, he came to conclusion, that the United States has a de facto nuclear solution, it is massive, a dry rocket, it was a mistake. The exact result was that the MBR system received light from the Sun and the clouds. A in 2006 Petrov received a special award for the preparation of the nuclear war.


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Human nature is about moving, we always strive to improve our lives. Even those who have already achieved many of their goals, from time to time ask themselves the question - how else can you change your life? And people who value stability will never give up, for example, from a salary increase, a pleasant acquaintance, or some other change in life for the better.


Why is it necessary - to change your life? Is it bad when it flows as usual, measuredly and smoothly? Having achieved favorable conditions - a stable job, own apartment, a beautiful family - people often fold their hands and begin to think that there is nowhere to improve their lives even more, and there is no need. What is the bottom line? After a while, work begins to bore, a period of misunderstanding ensues in the family, and the apartment, it turns out, that it could have been larger and more comfortable. A person simply becomes bored, because in order to get joy out of life and be successful, it is important to develop and not stand still.


Therefore, no matter how successful life may seem, there are always ways to improve it. We will suggest several different areas in which you can make progress - take your pick and decide what you could do today! Bemorepanda prepared for you 100 New Year resolution ideas that you should try in 2022 to make this your best year.



How to change your life in 2022


To improve your life, first decide what you would like to change. Someone may say - everything is fine with me, there is no need for me to change anything. But don't such people, deep down, want progress? After all, changing life is not necessarily a rejection of already existing benefits, it is also the emergence of something new. Career growth or the birth of a long-awaited child are also changes, and, moreover, pleasant ones.

Are you determined to change your life for the better? Then let's figure out which way to move. First, define your goals and aspirations. Someone for a long time already firmly knows what he wants and achieves. But even for such purposeful individuals, it will not be superfluous to take a closer look at themselves - just to make sure that they are moving in the right direction.


1. Ask yourself questions.

What is my life now and how much do I like it? How do I want to see it? What do I love to do and what can I do from now on? What concessions am I willing to make for this, and what I won't? This will set the stage for future changes and let the brain know that its owner is serious.


2. Understand yourself.

Take two sheets of paper, on one write down your merits, on the second - your demerits. Now on the first, opposite each item, write what you would like to improve and develop - for example, not only read Spanish or another language, but also speak fluently with native speakers. And on the second - what can be done to mitigate or eliminate these shortcomings. You will immediately see the future work front.


3. Build an action plan for the coming year, guided by these two lists.

Focus on one of each of the items each month. A new habit is established in 21 days - so every month you can develop and consolidate one useful one and find a replacement for one harmful one. Think about how to combine these points: for example, in April you can start going out for morning jogging, but for this you have to learn to get up early and, accordingly, not sit up in the evening. And before that, you can learn to devote to social networks not two hours a day, but one, but in the free time, make entries in a diary, cook, do your hobbies or household chores.


4. Take responsibility for your life.

Tell yourself: from now on, my life changes by my strength. Even for those who find guilt in their failures in the strictness of their parents and unhappy childhood, it is important to realize that changes in life are the work of their own hands. Give up the thought of waiting for help from outside and looking for someone to blame. This is a change in the way of thinking that unties your hands and makes you much freer.


5. Learn to look at life with optimism.

In everything that happens, highlight the positive side. Have you been sold a substandard product? You now have experience communicating with the store manager, and besides, you know how important it is to pick up a check. Benefit from whatever you come across.


6. Be prepared for not the most favorable outcome.

This does not contradict the previous point: in the same case, with a purchase, you can hope that everything will be fine with it, or you can take into account an unpleasant option and reserve the opportunity to return the money. An optimist is not someone who looks at life through rose-colored glasses, but someone who sees both sides of the issue, consciously choosing the positive one.


7. Replace apology with gratitude.

This is not the case if you stepped on someone's foot, but in many cases it is useful to replace self-deprecation and attempts to see your guilt with respect for yourself and at the same time understanding for others. Instead of "I'm sorry to bother you with my problems" - "thanks for your concern." Instead of "I'm sorry I woke up" - "thanks for your attention, I remember that you sleep at a time like this, but it was an exceptional case."


8. And at the same time, train yourself to be considerate of people.

No amount of gratitude will save those who regularly wake up with phone calls or overload with their problems from conflict.


9. Start keeping time.

Spend the day writing down each of your activities - right down to brushing your teeth - and the time it takes. You can discover the most curious facts: a frighteningly difficult task, which takes half a day to persuade, in fact takes only twenty minutes, and innocent surfing the Internet takes two hours, flying by like five minutes. Adjust your time, use it wisely.



10. If the results of the previous point showed that time really goes wrong, master time management.

How exactly can this technique be applied? Here are some ways to get your life in order with it.


11. Develop a sense of timing.

Timed one minute, close your eyes and try to determine when it will pass. When you feel that the right moment has come, open your eyes and compare your result with a stopwatch. You will most likely see that time, as we perceive it, is different from the actual course. We think that only an hour has passed, but in reality - "oh, how late it is!"

Practice this exercise more often - in a queue, in an elevator, and it is especially convenient - when you are waiting for a subway train and see a stopwatch. Gradually increase the interval from a minute to two, five, ten. It will be useful to learn to guess what time it is now. All this will help you become the master of your time.


12. Get rid of tasks that you perform unreasonably long, to the detriment of other activities.

If you can find a faster replacement, try it. Or delegate the task altogether.

Do you really need to prepare a three course meal every day? Maybe you can get by with simpler recipes or get help from your family? Are you sure you need to go to the store across the whole city - maybe it would be more rational to make a purchase near your home or order delivery?

The time spent should always be compensated for - if not money, then pleasure, well-being or benefit in the future. Where you can reduce the amount of time, do it.


13. Determine what extraneous factors "eat up" time.

Maybe chatting with a neighbor or an employee who came up for a minute and spoke for half an hour? Or workshops? Highlight what happens more often than once a week, and talk to the "culprits", explain that you can give them no more than a certain interval - five to ten minutes.


14. Try to make good use of every minute of your time.

Do squats while the burgers are fried, solve Sudoku, or memorize English words while waiting for the lift.


The next few tips are not directly related to time management, but undoubtedly have to do with time and improving the quality of life.


15. Allocate 7-8 hours of sleep.

This is the same necessary procedure for the body as an inspection for a car or cleaning the registry for a computer - it will help you work faster and better and protect you from more serious and expensive repairs.


16. Go to bed at the same time.

This will make it easier for the body to get used to and tune in.


17. If in the morning you feel overwhelmed, try not to increase the duration of sleep, but rather reduce it by half an hour.

This is due to the change in fast and slow sleep phases: by going from one to the other, you can make it easier to get up.


18. If you decide to rest and take a nap during the day, allocate no more than fifteen minutes for this.

A longer sleep will bring a feeling of fatigue instead of a feeling of rest.

Fifteen minutes is not so little, if during this period you change your life and do it from day to day. Here are some examples.


19. Make it a habit to do something for your home every day.

Wipe dust or floors, arrange things in places or vacuum, and weekly general cleaning will be reduced by an hour and a half. Here, the same as in sports: short-term, but regular exercises are more effective than long-term loads once every 2 months. First we feed our home - then it feeds us.


20. Go in for sports.

What can you do in 15 minutes? For example, stand in a plank, do a few push-ups or pull-ups, or perform a set of medical gymnastics.



21. Dance.

If you think you don't know how, just move to your favorite music. The body will figure out what it lacks in order to relax tense places.


22. Think.

Brainstorm a problem.


23. Read.

Fifteen minutes isn't enough to focus on a serious book, but enough for a short story or Wikipedia article.


24. Meditate.

Relax your mind and body, listen to sensations - clamps, persistent thoughts.


25. Draw.

Do not be afraid that you will not get a masterpiece - do it for your pleasure.


26. Call friends or family you rarely see.


27. Make a blog entry or diary.

Often people do not do what they would like, because they believe that there is no time for this. A task that seems like a big one is daunting. But try to do it in small portions, and in a week you will see the first results.


28. Develop critical thinking.

Check the incoming information.


29. Listen first to the advice that has been asked for.

Unsolicited recommendations can be useful and come from a knowledgeable person, but they can also impose an unnecessary program. Be careful.


30. And do not give advice, if they were not asked.

And if you decide to offer something, ask the person if he is ready to listen. If someone's decision seems strange and wrong, find out the situation before giving out your opinion.




31. Avoid generalizations, talk only about the present moment.

Instead of "you are constantly throwing things around" - "you took this book and did not put it on the shelf, and I could not find it for a long time." This will help avoid many conflicts.


32. And do not let yourself be drawn into generalized expressions.

If someone speaks in the manner of “you’re late all the time,” do not engage in a reciprocal conflict. Answer what you can agree with: "Yes, I really do not always calculate my time." The interlocutor will have no resources left to maintain the conflict. You will receive information for thought: maybe it is really worth thinking over your schedule more carefully?


33. Catch the inner voice that gets in the way of making decisions.

To the one who says: "nothing will come of it anyway", "there is not enough money for this", "there are many other things to do."

This is not a voice of reason that resists sitting on social networks or the tenth unnecessary purchase. We are talking about that internal censor, because of which many important and successful projects did not take place and who seek to deprive themselves of self-confidence.


34. When the mechanism “nothing will come of it anyway” turns on - find the counterarguments!

No time? But you can always allocate at least an hour. What will others say? Perhaps they will say: "How good it turned out!" Fight, not fold your arms.


35. Put yourself in the shoes of the inner critic.

Imagine that you are interfering with another in making and executing a decision. Think about what intentions are driving this, what makes you do this? This will help you both find counterarguments and understand yourself.


36. If some quality of another person causes irritation, this is a signal to look at yourself.

Often, we are annoyed by other people by what we do not like about ourselves, but are afraid to admit.


37. Avoid value judgments about people as much as possible - this will allow you to focus more on your development, and not on criticism of others.


38. Study psychology.

Knowing people and their motives will change life for the better, and understanding how to better behave in a given situation - even more so.


39. Don't be attached to money.

They are needed in order not to think about them. Feel free to spend what you earn, use your finances for your own pleasure.


40. And if you already like to spend all your salary in a week - try to change your habits and make savings.



41. Defeat procrastination.

This quality interferes with a wide variety of people in different fields of activity. Start doing here and now, without postponing the mythical “later”.


42. Give up conflicts.

Do not enter into an argument for the sake of an argument, avoid conflicting personalities.


43. Stop “kicking” yourself as a careless subordinate.

Start working with yourself as a polite and professional business partner who does not let you down.


44. Master the Pareto rule: 20% of the effort brings 80% of the result.

Do the important first, which will solve most of the issues, and then the details. Here are some examples of how this rule can be applied in real life.


45. Identify a circle of closest friends.

There may be many pleasant acquaintances, but only a few should be counted on seriously. Get close to those who matter, and don't build exorbitant expectations from random friends.


46. ​​Choose the minimum required clothing that suits most situations.

Provide your basic wardrobe: A few durable, quality versatile pieces to match with.


47. Find your work niche in which you will develop, and delve in this direction.

Don't be overwhelmed: one main occupation should generate the largest share of your income. If you find something more profitable, focus on this new activity.


48. A small number of mentors provide the bulk of the knowledge.

One omniscient guru - good, two - very good, three - see how not to get confused in their advice. Find someone to support, but don't wait for everyone's advice at once. Listen to different people, trust trusted ones.

But suppose both procrastination and conflict have long been defeated. You have glanced through all the previous points, which are already a passed stage or something completely unknown. What advice can you give to those who are successful, happy and still strive for more?


49. Conquer Everest.

Or, for starters, at least Hoverlu. Reaching the top is literally the best way to fill your life with new colors.


50. Jump with a parachute.



51. Hitchhike on vacation.


52. Buy a bike.

Drive it to work, on weekend trips. You will get not only an active lifestyle, but also new acquaintances with the same people.


53. Try scuba diving.


54. Go to an unfamiliar country without money in your wallet.

Find a part-time job there to earn a living, meet the locals and find out how they live, try your hand. Not everyone decides on this, but they return from such trips with completely different people.


55. Create your own project in which you can share knowledge and skills in those areas where you have accumulated solid experience.

Think: what do you like to do in your free time, what do you feel like a professional in? It is not necessarily something that is currently generating money or practical benefits. If you find people who are interested in the same thing and need valuable advice, you can monetize your "useless" hobby in the future.


56. Have a baby.

This is the most effective way to make changes in your life for years to come.


And what can you think of less extreme, but also important?


57. Introduce family traditions: dinner together or weekend hikes.


58. Visit relatives who have not been seen for a long time.


59. Love sports.

It will help develop discipline, resistance to stress, willpower - there are never many of these qualities. Among all the variety of its types, there is sure to be something that you will like. Here are some options.


60. Go to the pool.

This is not only swimming, but also diving, and if you like to work in a team, then synchronized swimming or water polo. There is less risk of injury in the water, and at the same time, all muscle groups receive a suitable load.



61. Those who love team sports are probably already playing football or basketball.

But they are also worth trying for those who consider themselves an introvert. Such a change can reveal unknown facets of personality and show what kind of teamwork it is.


62. And for those who do not think of themselves outside the team, it will be useful to play several games of table tennis or badminton, where you have to rely only on your own strength.


63. Try yourself in martial arts.

Each of them has its own philosophy, from which you can learn something important. And besides, such skills can come in handy outside the gym.


64. Learn to play chess.

And if you already know how - there is no limit to perfection! Find a partner with whom you can exercise regularly, or start writing your tasks.


65. Hang a horizontal bar in the doorway of your room.

Do pull-ups every time you go out or in. This also applies to girls - such exercises will not make the shoulders masculine, but will strengthen both muscles and self-confidence.


66. Walk more - to and from work, at least part of the way. Use the stairs instead of the elevator.


67. Go on a hike.

Travel agencies offer many options - hiking in your home country and foreign landscapes, mountain, water and even bike tours. This is a kind of vacation that you should try at least once in your life. Even one such vacation changes life for the better - it is an opportunity to spend time in an active and cheerful company, see breathtakingly beautiful places and test your strength. Here, too, there is plenty to choose from.


68. Rafting - on kayaks or catamarans, on a mountain stream or a calm river.

It will leave pleasant impressions for those who love water, and will deliver incomparable pleasure from rowing. And on such a trip, you don't have to carry a heavy backpack.


69. Hiking - on plains or mountains, in any case invigorates and strengthens.

A heavy backpack is nothing compared to the light temperament of seasoned tourists, unforgettable places and adventures, and satisfaction at the end of the journey.


70. Winter outings.

Those who have tried summer outdoor activities may be interested in seeing familiar places in winter: frozen waterfalls and rivers, or caves where temperatures are constant all year round. Not to mention such a traditional winter entertainment as skiing. If you haven't tried it, discover it.



What to do at home?

You have returned from rafting or from the mountains, full of determination to continue changing your usual way. Where to apply it?



71. Rearrange your room.

This will become a kind of breath of fresh air for the brain - such shakes and the need to change the usual course of action are useful for it.


72. Try new cuisine: Italian (and this is not only pizza), Georgian, Brazilian ...


73. Love mornings and Mondays.

It sounds like a mockery, but in fact, you shouldn't be aggressive with a new beginning and a clean slate.


74. Every evening, make a plan for the next day.


75. Get a pet.


Here we will dwell in more detail.


76. Getting a dog will be useful for those who are not against daily walks and an active lifestyle.

And for those who are against it, it is especially useful. The need to get out of the house and pay attention to an active animal will change your life for the better - even if it doesn't seem like that at first. And the friendliness and devotion of the beast will show that all this is not in vain.


77. Cats are turned on by those who want to find an affectionate friend, but are ready for the friend to be self-willed and self-confident.

And if you take an animal from a shelter, then pride in a good deed will be added to the pleasant impressions.


78. For those for whom both a cat and a dog are too large-scale acquisition, you can get rats.

It is in the plural that these animals are especially cheerful and playful in groups (of course, same-sex ones, although you can also change the usual way of life by starting a rat nursery). Decorative rat pups differ from their wild relatives - they are sociable and not at all vicious. Communication with them will bring you a lot of pleasant minutes. And their tails are not bald at all.


79. Have an aquarium at home.

It will be an excellent decoration for a room, not to mention the opportunity to admire living creatures, which, moreover, do not need to be bathed.


80. Take pictures.

At least on the phone. At least for myself. This will help you see what a multifaceted world around you is. You will begin to notice different unique moments in life.



81. Master something new, adjacent to the main activity.

Something you haven't dealt with yet, but want to try. If you are sewing, try embroidery as well. If you are programming, become familiar with software testing - if only just to get an idea. This will expand horizons and knowledge, and can also be a bonus for employers.


82. And a similar method with a significant difference: try to learn what you are not sure about.

What you think is not for you. Consider yourself a humanities student - understand the basics of mathematics or physics. If you think you can't sing, take some vocal lessons. To change your lifestyle, change yourself.


83. Travel more often.

It can be either the opposite mainland or another area of ​​the city. Or a nearby town where you can go for the weekend.


84. Explore your city: its history, architecture.

You will get to know familiar places from an unknown side and begin to appreciate the places in which you live.


85. Read more.

Make it a rule to read one book a week. Or in two weeks if the schedule does not allow.


86. Take out the trash.

Give it to those who need it or recycle it.


87. Clean your computer.

Work will become faster and more efficient.


88. Cross out the things that you cannot complete in any way.

Refuse or complete, but do not pull with you - make life easier.


89. Find a side job.

Anything that will please and inspire. This will open up new horizons.


90. Make a new acquaintance.



91. Volunteer.

Philanthropy will help you find an individual meaning in life and will give you confidence that you are not living in vain.

What exactly can you apply yourself to?


92. Help an animal shelter.

You can take the animal for overexposure, find a new family for it, buy medicine or food, or help with actions - in any large city there is a problem of homeless animals, and working hands are always needed there. If you cannot be indifferent to our smaller brothers, but do not have time - help with finances, this is also always relevant.


93. Cooperate with the orphanage.

Children always need toys, new clothes, hygiene products, and even more - attention and care. Volunteers often arrange trips to show children deprived of parental love that the world is not indifferent to them. They also arrange programs for teenagers, helping them to adapt in society. You can be a mentor to someone who is just starting to live - it will be invaluable to his life, and he will certainly be grateful.


94. Work with people with disabilities.

There are programs that offer them help - everyday or simple communication, which these people often lack.


95. Just transfer money from time to time to trusted charities.

On bank cards, you can enable the function to do this automatically, and change for the better every month.

And a few more simple tips.


96. Correct the handwriting.


97. Master calligraphy, if the handwriting is already beautiful.


98. Visit the dentist: it is a health benefit and a step towards courage.


99. Have a dream. Even if it is impossible.


100. Get off the internet! You will not change your life until you take action.





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