"Harry Potter" actors reunite for a special edition, "Return to Hogwarts", 20 years after the release of the first movie

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Harry Potter has grown up and is now a man by nature. And it has become so famous that it can no longer be ignored. Twenty years after the screening of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," the first of seven books by J.K. Rowling, the franchise has created an ecosystem with its own internal timeline and distinct characters. It has become a fictional empire similar in scope to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. The great American writer Stephen King declared himself, in an interview, a fan of the series.

The world of Harry Potter books and movies now functions exactly like that parallel universe that opens to the sorcerer's apprentices beyond the pillar in front of the magic platform 9 and ¾ at King's Cross Station. If you don't break your head, you may feel that you have passed the exam and been admitted to the prestigious Hogwarts, the school for wizards that exists in the other realm of magic and fantasy, beyond the seemingly dull existence of ordinary people.

For us, the remaining locks in the world where the station platforms are made up only of the multitude of integers and real numbers, 

As a layman, you risk entering a minefield without prior training: it's not at all easy to watch a movie in the series after you have passed a certain age or the hype of the premiere. After all, we're locked up. But because we never stop being children, it never hurts to look beyond.

Because we need good stories now more than ever. It inspires us, fills us with emotion, gives us hope and gives us the energy and strength to continue dreaming. In a reality where space seems to be shrinking, stories manage to take us further and further. Sometimes you find the best relaxation on the armchair in the living room and the best journey begins with the action of the hand to the remote control.

The actors from the original cast of the "Harry Potter" movie series will reunite on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the screening of the first movie to share their "magical journey". A special HBO Max edition entitled "Return to Hogwarts" will be released on January 1, 2022, the streaming platform announced.

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson will join American director Chris Columbus to discuss and explore these movies in depth.

The special edition will invite fans "on a magical first-person journey into one of the most beloved movie franchises of all time," according to HBO Max. The program was announced exactly 20 years after the release of the first movie in the United States, "Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone", on November 16, 2001.

A 52-second trailer features footage from several of the movies in this famous series and promises that the "legendary cast" will return "where the magic began".

The three actors will be joined by other stars, including Helena Bonham Carter, Robbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Jason Isaacs, Gary Oldman, Imelda Staunton and Tom Felton.

In promoting the trailer, Felton, who played the negative character Draco Malfoy, warned fans to write down their release date. "Does that look like the start of the school year?" He wrote on Twitter.

Matt Lewis, known for his portrayal of the unfortunate Neville Longbottom in this series, wrote on social media: "On New Year's Day ... we're bringing the band back together."

Executive producer Casey Patterson said: "It's magic in the air here with this incredible cast, as they all return home to the Hogwarts set, where they started 20 years ago. The excitement is palpable as they prepare to take fans on a very special and personal journey about creating these incredible movies. "

Radcliffe recently testified in a BBC documentary, which also marks the 20th anniversary of the first movie in the series, that he is glad that many people watch the "Harry Potter" series when they are "hangovers and have a bad opinion about themselves".

"One of my favorite things I could never have imagined for the Harry Potter movies, but which has been told to me by many friends, is that they are great when people are hungover and have a bad opinion. "They look at a few movies and it gives them a sense of warmth and comfort. I think it's so beautiful. That's the real-world effect that a movie can have on a person's life. I think it's great." Daniel Radcliffe was quoted as saying by Agerpres.

In this BBC documentary included in the "Movies With Ali Plumb" show, Radcliffe also pays tribute to the creator of the literary series behind the movie, author JK Rowling, who expanded the Potter universe with the "Fantastic Beasts" movie series. starring Eddie Redmayne.

A huge cake in the shape of Hogwarts Castle was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of the first movie in the Harry Potter series - "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". (VO) The edible version of the wizarding school is almost 2 meters wide, one and a half meters high and weighs 100 kg. The confectioner specializing in sculpture ... in cakes needed 320 hours of work to build it. After being admired by fans, it was donated to a charity.

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With the approach of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese Embassy in Romania will present the 3 major competition areas and 13 important places of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing.

Beijing, the capital of China, will host the 2022 Winter Olympics, following a vote by members of the Beijing International Olympic Committee to become the first city to host the Summer (2008) and Winter (2022) Olympic Games in turn. The Chinese metropolis received 44 votes from CIO members at the 128th Session of the International Forum, compared to 40 received by Almaty. The vote was first conducted electronically and then on paper, after it was discovered that the electronic system did not work, Reuters reports.

Despite reservations about the Chinese capital's candidacy, the evidence will be split between the metropolitan area and the mountain resorts of Zhangjiakou and Yanqing, which will have exclusively artificial snow.

Four of the initial six candidates, including Stockholm and Oslo, withdrew in time due to a lack of local support and financial concerns, the source said.

1. Beijing competition area and main locations

The Beijing competition area will have 28 competition and non-competition venues, including 17 existing venues, 6 newly built venues, 3 temporary venues and 2 waiting venues. The Beijing competition area will host the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and 4 major events (curling, ice hockey, skating, skiing), 7 sub-events (curling, ice hockey, short track skating, figure skating, speed skating , snowboarding, freestyle skiing) and 37 small events. 

National Sports Hall

As one of the venues for the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, the National Stadium hosted gymnastics, trampoline and other events. After the transformation, it will host the men's and women's ice hockey competitions of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and the ice hockey competitions of the Paralympic Winter Games. In addition to ice hockey, the stadium can also host figure skating, short track skating and other post-competition events. It also has multifunctional conversion capability for summer sports.

National Speed Skating Stadium

The National Speed Skating Stadium, also known as the "Ice Ribbon", is the only newly built ice rink for this competition and, together with the "Bird Cube" and "Water Cube", is the construction complex. representative of the "Double Olympic" city. The "Ice Ribbon" is the first speed skating rink in Olympic winter history to use carbon dioxide as a refrigerant. It will host speed skating events and produce 14 gold medals, being the only place with the highest number. of gold medals at the Winter Olympics.

Beijing National Stadium

The National Stadium, also known as the "Bird's Cube", is located in the south of the central area of Beijing Olympic Park, being the main stadium of the Beijing Olympic Games since 2008. The stadium covers an area of 20 square meters. , 4 hectares, with a construction area of 258,000 square meters and can accommodate 91,000 spectators.The National Stadium is planned to be the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

National Aquatic Center

For the first time in 2019, the National Aquatic Center of the Double Olympic Stadium has created four standard Olympic winter curling tracks by water-ice conversion. The "water-ice conversion" allows the National Aquatic Center to move freely from the "aquatic function" to the "ice function", with the ability to carry out water sports, ice sports and various large-scale activities at the same time. normally open to the public.

Shougang Ski Jump

The Shougang Ski Jump will host snowboarding and freestyle skiing during the Beijing Winter Olympics. The design concept is derived from the traditional flight form of Chinese Dunhuang murals, which look like a "crystal shoe" when viewed from the side. In the future, the final runway area may also host large outdoor activities. , such as press conferences, concerts, etc.

Capital Gymnasium

Completed in 1968, it was China's first indoor artificial ice rink and hosted the 2008 Beijing Olympic Volleyball Competition. During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it will host speed skating and figure skating competitions. short, generating 14 gold medals. This is the first completed project to renovate and expand the competition for the Beijing Winter Olympics: the aim is to "fix the old by keeping the old", continuing the classic; the pavilion focuses on creating the most beautiful layer of ice to create a better game viewing experience.


Wukesong Sports Center

Wukesong Sports Center can convert ice hockey and basketball game modes within 6 hours, being the first place in China to host two professional sports events, basketball and hockey. The Wukesong Ice Sports Center, which is designed and built to very low energy standards, will be used as a training ground for ice hockey during the Beijing Winter Olympics. Its specially designed and colored exterior curtain wall system gave the location the name of "Ice Flower".

2. Yanqing competition area and main locations

Yanqing is located in the northwest of Beijing, 74 kilometers away from the center of Beijing. There are 5 competition and non-competition venues in the Yanqing competition area and there will be 3 major events (alpine skiing, snowmobiles, sledding) and 4 sub-events (alpine skiing, snowmobiles, snowmobiles with steel frame and sledge) and 21 of small events.

 National Alpine Skiing Center

Alpine skiing is known as the "jewel in the crown of the Winter Olympics". The Alpine National Ski Center has 7 ski runs. The ski trails have large slopes and an extremely difficult construction. Alpine skiing and snow bobsleigh events are usually held on these slopes. At the same time, the National Alpine Ski Center also includes support facilities such as the mountain top starting area, the middle platform, the piste finishing area, the assembly area and the cable car. Up to 8,000 people can watch the match in this area at the same time.

National Snowmobile and Sleigh Center

The National Snow Bobsleigh Center is the venue for snow bobsleigh events and competitions for the steel-framed snowmobile project. The venue has 16 bends with different angles and slopes. Following the completion of the track's ice formation in October 2020, the track became the training ground for the national team, becoming the first national team training competition for the Beijing Winter Olympics.

3. Zhangjiakou competition area and main places

Zhangjiakou City is located in the northwest of Hebei Province, 180 kilometers away from Beijing. Zhangjiakou Competition Area is located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. There are 10 competition and non-competition venues, 2 major events (skiing, biathlon), 6 sub-events (snowboarding, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, Nordic biathlon, biathlon) and 51 small events.

National Ski Jumping Center

The National Ski Jumping Center will host ski jumping competitions at the Beijing Winter Olympics and Nordic Biathlon competitions. The National Ski Jumping Center is the first jumping center in China to meet international standards. The ski area is also the competition site with the highest amount of engineering and the greatest technical difficulty in the construction of the Winter Olympic venues in the Zhangjiakou competition area. The section of the jump platform is an S-shaped curve to match the traditional Chinese decor "Ruyi" which means the concept of "auspicious", being called "Xue Ruyi", "auspicious snow".

National Cross Country Ski Center

The National Cross-Country Skiing Center will host the cross-country skiing and Nordic Biathlon competitions of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Cross-country skiing is a marathon in the winter event, with long track lines and long competition time for athletes, which is a typical endurance competition.

Yunding Ski Park

Yunding Ski Park (Yunding means cloud top) includes six pistes, including U-shaped running skills, sloping obstacle skills, snow skills, aerial skills, obstacle course and parallel parallel slalom, with a total of 20 medals. gold. Yunding Ski Park is not only a training ground for the national freestyle and snowboarding team, but also offers a high quality place for public ice and snow sports.

National Biathlon Center

The National Biathlon Center is located on the northeast side of Taizicheng District, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. The route of the shooting range, the place of start and finish and the technical building are arranged successively. The National Biathlon Center will host biathlon competitions at the Beijing Winter Olympics and biathlon competitions for the Paralympic Winter Games.

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The simplicity of the advice is fascinating. We give and receive advice. We offer them easily and we receive them with difficulty.

Why do people rush to give advice? When we advise, we tell the other person what we think would be good to do, what we assume would work in a certain situation, therefore we position ourselves superior to the interlocutor, we behave as if we knew "better". And this provides emotional satisfaction.

We advise because we imagine that what has been valid for us may just as well fit another. But this is not always the case. But we forget or do not think too much about the validity of what we say in the advice, the fact that we are different people and the same recipe has different effects for each of us. In the illusion of undifferentiation we behave as if they were one and the same person.

At the same time, it is amazing how useful these tips are. That’s why Bemorepanda chose to give you some tips, to be more concrete - 100 tips, so you can find the best one for you in 2022.

If you are young, read them! - because they will save you a lot of trouble. If you are older, read them! - because you will be amazed at how many of them are true and you have followed them (maybe without realizing it)…

  • Do not announce that you are no longer coming to the meeting via SMS or Whatsapp. Call (instead of texting).
  • Don't give up until you try.
  • If the performance of an artist on / off the street stops you, you owe him a dollar / euro.
  • Always use "us" when referring to your home team.
  • When a secret is entrusted to you, keep it a secret.
  • Just because you can, that doesn't mean you have to.
  • Don't put yourself above others.
  • You only have one chance to notice a new haircut.
  • If you stay more than one night, unpack.
  • Never park in front of a bar.

Whether requested or not, advice can be either annoying or helpful; it can destroy relationships or have a positive effect. It can provide new ideas and information and help the other person to identify options, make decisions, progress, and take control of a situation.

To make sure that your advice is well received, consider the following recommendations:

Listen carefully. Even if you are insightful or have experienced a similar situation, you must first listen carefully to what the other person has to say. Listen and find out as much as possible about his situation. If you need clarification, ask for it. Being a good active listener will not only help you to give good advice, but also increase your chances of the other person following your advice. Why? Because if you listened and checked to see if you understood correctly, you will give pertinent advice. But if you do not feel able to have a knowledge of a situation to give advice, say it openly.

  • Wait for the chair in front of you to lean towards you. Prepare properly.
  • Keep a picture of your first pet, your first car, and your first boyfriend / girlfriend.
  • Keep your heroes in place.
  • A tan is earned, not bought.
  • Never lie to your doctor.
  • Don't say you got burned or bruised. Believe me, they know.
  • The best way to show your appreciation is to wear what you have received. Even if only once.
  • Take a break from your cell phone, internet, and TV at least once a year.
  • Don't get tired of bread, no matter how good it is.
  • A handshake or a hug beats any autograph.

  • Don't stay in the door. Either you come in or you go out.
  • If you join the choir, it won't sell you cheap.
  • If you want to know what makes you unique, pose for a cartoon.
  • Never cut your hair on the day of a special event.
  • Always be very careful about what exists between you and the Earth. Always buy good shoes, tires and sheets.
  • If you can, never have lunch at your office.
  • Have lunch with these newly hired kids.

If you have listened carefully and feel that you can be helpful, make sure that the other person really wants advice from you. Maybe she just wants to download and listen to her. Be a useful listener and wait for a signal before reacting. Find out if the other person wants advice - what is his goal? The most important thing is to ask, "What would you like to see happen?" So that you can tailor your advice to the other person's goal or outcome. He asks, "Do you want ideas to improve your situation?" or, "Could I suggest something to you?" or: Would you like me to give you my opinion / advice?

Give a short and to the point advice. Adjust your advice according to the purpose or outcome of the other person. Even if, apparently, there is a correct answer to that problem, think about how the situation might evolve and, together with your interlocutor, evaluate the pros and cons for each scenario. Help him reach his own conclusion and decision. After talking for a few minutes, give the other person another word: "What do you think about this?"

  • When you're with new friends, don't just talk about old friends.
  • You can't choose your own nickname.
  • When you travel, keep your intelligence with you. It doesn't matter where you are.
  • It's never too late to apologize.
  • Don't take a picture of the drink. It's under everyone's dignity.
  • If you have priority, USE IT!
  • When you marry someone, remember that you are marrying the whole family.
  • When you're on a dock, don't push anyone.
  • Under no circumstances should you ask a woman if she is pregnant (unless you are a doctor).
  • It is not enough to be proud of your offspring; you have to prove that you have it.

  • Don't make a fuss.
  • When giving a thank-you note, it is best to be short and kind.
  • It's good to know when to ignore the camera.
  • Don't be ruth.
  • Invest in large, durable luggage.
  • Make time for your mother on your birthday. It's a special day for her too.
  • When opening gifts, no one likes a good fortune teller.
  • Sympathy can also mean a simple handkerchief wiping away teary eyes.
  • Praise the others.
  • Take responsibility.

  • Recognize when you're wrong.
  • If you can, exercise every day.
  • Don't stare like a fool.
  • Assume all weapons are loaded.
  • Address all those who carry a firearm professionally and politely.
  • Confront those who are harassing you. You only have to do this once.
  • If you've made up your mind, stop talking.
  • If you offer to help, don't leave until you're done.
  • Look people in the eye (especially when you thank them).
  • Thanks to the driver who took you to a destination.
  • Never answer the phone at dinner.

Avoid making value judgments. Think about the last time you gave someone advice. Did you express your concern and understanding or were you frustrated, angry and worried about the situation? When you experience such feelings, it may seem like you're giving good advice, but you probably pass it off as negative or critical. Use positive language. Instead of starting your advice with: "Why don't you have ...?" or "I should have ...", accept that what was done to him is well done and focus on what could be done next. Try an expression like, "What if ...?" or "Maybe it's good to consider ...".

Realize when you have to give up. Even if the other person asks for your advice, it does not necessarily mean that they will follow him. His feelings and emotions about the situation may differ from yours, so you can never know for sure what the right advice is for someone else. Don't be surprised if someone rejects your good advice and decides to follow their own (potentially destructive) action plan.

  • Forgive yourself for your mistakes.
  • At least know a good joke.
  • Don't boo. Even the referee is someone's son.
  • Know how to cook a delicious dish.
  • Learn to drive manually, not just automatically.
  • Be calm with younger children. Reputation is built over a lifetime.
  • Dance with your mother (for sons) / father (for daughters).
  • Don't lose your temper. Especially at work.
  • Always thank the host.
  • If you don't understand, ask before it's too late.
  • Always know the size of your friend's clothes.
  • There is nothing wrong with a simple T-shirt.
  • Be a good listener. Don't rush to talk.
  • Keep your word.

  • In high school and college, always stay ahead. You will stand out immediately and in time it will be beneficial for you.
  • You carry your mother's nets. She carried you for 9 months.
  • You carry your friend's nets. She will carry each of your children for 9 months.
  • Be patient with airport security. They're just doing their job. And for your benefit.
  • Don't be the narrator in a movie.
  • Smile at strangers.
  • The opposite sex likes people who wash.
  • You are what you do. Not what you say.
  • Learn to change the tire.
  • An hour with grandparents is a good time. Ask them for advice when you need it.
  • Don't mess with and don't throw trash on the floor.

  • If you have a sister, go get to know her boyfriend. Your opinion is important.
  • You will not always be the strongest or the fastest. But you can be the strongest.
  • Never call anyone before or after 9:00 - 21:00.
  • Buy orange properties at Monopoly.
  • Make minor things matter.
  • (For girls): She always wears a bra at work.
  • There is a very fine difference between being upset and annoying. Find out.
  • Being old doesn't depend on when you go to bed.
  • You're never too old to miss your mother.
  • Ladies, if you make the decision to wear high heels on your first date, then commit to keeping your shoes on until you get home and not mention every three minutes how much your feet hurt from those high heels.

  • Always know the words of the national anthem (at least the first 2-3 stanzas).
  • Your dance moves may not be one of the best, but I guarantee you that it's much more fun to dance the way you can than to sit on a chair.
  • Set goals / objectives.
  • Be good. Everyone has a hard fight to fight.
  • If you have to fight, hit first and hit hard.
  • Just as you need material nourishment, so you need spiritual nourishment. If you can increase the share in favor of the latter, do it!
  • Remember: in life, everything pays off in one way or another

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In a year full of surprises, the Grammy Awards 2022 announced a series of nominations in which the favorite of the year is a jazz pianist. This is Jon Batiste, best known to the public for his role as music director on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

If in the past years the list of Grammy nominations, the most prestigious music gala in the world, was dominated by pop, rock or hip-hop artists, this year is a motley mix of musical genres, veteran artists like ABBA, controversial stars like Lil Nas X or one of the most award-winning artists of the last year, Olivia Rodrigo.

Unusual Grammy 2022 nominations are due to the song, artist and album selection procedure. The famous "secret committee" of music industry specialists was replaced by a popular vote of members of The Recording Academy, about 12,000 music industry professionals representing all genres and types of specialists involved, from singers, composers, lyricists, producers. , instrumentalists, mixers and sound engineers.

Jon Batiste is nominated both for the album "We Are" and for the soundtrack of the animation "Soul" released by Disney. The album peaked at number 86 on the Billboard 200 chart of best-selling albums in the United States, indicating that it sold no more than a few hundred copies.

The nominations were announced in a live broadcast featuring Jon Batiste, Billie Eilish, Finneas, H.E.R., BTS, Måneskin, Tayla Parx, Carly Pearce, Nate Bargatze and Tammy Hurt, the director of the Grammy Awards Steering Committee.

In addition to Batiste, the list of nominations is led by Justin Bieber, Doja Cat and H.E.R. with 8 nominations each while Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo have 7 nominations each. Behind them are Lil Nas X and Brandi Carlile with 5 nominations each while Bruno Mars and his project "Silk Sonic" which he co-created with Anderson. Paak received 4 nominations.

Jay-Z wrote history by becoming the most nominated artist in the history of the Grammy Awards. This year he received 3 nominations, totaling 82 nominations over his career, with one more than Paul McCartney having 81 nominations.

Also in the surprise category are Barack Obama, nominated for the audio version of the book "A Promised Land" and ABBA who received a mention for the song "I Still Have Faith in You" which marked the return of the Swedish band after 40 years.

The number of nominees in the main categories, nicknamed by music critics "The Big Four" - "Song of the year", "Artist of the Year", "Record of the Year" and "Album of the Year" - has been expanded from 8 to 10. The selection process has undergone many changes in the last year, especially after the scandal of the last edition in which The Weeknd, the most successful artist of the pandemic year 2020, was omitted from all the main categories.

Thus, in the case of the album Justin Bieber - "Justice", nominated for "album of the year'' and 7 other categories, has a list of 200 composers, producers and sound engineers who worked in the process. At the other end is Billie Eilish with the song "Happier Than Ever" which has only 5 people who created the whole album, all the songs being composed by her and her brother, Finneas.

Of the more than 22,000 Grammy-winning pieces of music in the race, some essential materials are missing, which were among the most broadcast on the radio and the most listened to on streaming platforms. Specifically, missing two of the hits of the year created by Dua Lipa, Elton John, Taylor Swift (has a nomination for the album "Evermore" but the songs were ignored), Bad Bunny (has a single nomination with the album "El ultimo tour del world ”) or Coldplay.

Below you will find the nominations for the main categories, on the Grammy.com site you will find the complete list.

Record Of The Year

“I Still Have Faith In You” — ABBA

“Freedom” — Jon Batiste

“I Get A Kick Out Of You” — Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

“Peaches” — Justin Bieber Featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon

“Right On Time” — Brandi Carlile

“Kiss Me More” — Doja Cat Featuring SZA

“Happier Than Ever” — Billie Eilish

“Montero” (Call Me By Your Name) — Lil Nas X

“drivers license” — Olivia Rodrigo

“Leave The Door Open” — Silk Sonic

Album Of The Year

We Are — Jon Batiste

Love For Sale — Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) — Justin Bieber

Planet Her (Deluxe) — Doja Cat

Happier Than Ever — Billie Eilish

Back Of My Mind — H.E.R.

Montero — Lil Nas X

Sour — Olivia Rodrigo

Evermore — Taylor Swift

Donda — Kanye West

Song of the year 

Bad Habits – Ed Sheeran

A Beautiful Noise – Alicia Keys and Brandi Carlile

Drivers License – Olivia Rodrigo

Fight For You – H.E.R.

Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish

Kiss Me More – Doja Cat ft Sza

Montero (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X

Peaches – Justin Bieber ft Daniel Caesar & Giveon

Leave The Door Open – Silk Sonic

Right On Time – Brandi Carlile

Best New Artist

Arooj Aftab

Jimmie Allen

Baby Keem


Glass Animals

Japanese Breakfast

The Kid Laroy

Arlo Parks

Olivia Rodrigo


Best Pop Vocal Album

Justice (Triple Chucks Deluxe) — Justin Bieber

Planet Her (Deluxe) — Doja Cat

Happier Than Ever — Billie Eilish

Positions — Ariana Grande

Sour — Olivia Rodrigo

Best Dance/Electronic Recording

“Hero” — Afrojack & David Guetta

“Loom” — Ólafur Arnalds Featuring Bonobo

“Before” — James Blake

“Heartbreak” — Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

“You Can Do It” — Caribou

“Alive” — Rüfüs Du Sol

“The Business” — Tiësto

Best Alternative Music Album

Shore — Fleet Foxes

If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power — Halsey

Jubilee — Japanese Breakfast

Collapsed In Sunbeams — Arlo Parks

Daddy’s Home — St. Vincent

Best R&B Performance

“Lost You” — Snoh Aalegra

“Peaches” — Justin Bieber Featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon

“Damage” — H.E.R.

“Leave The Door Open” — Silk Sonic

“Pick Up Your Feelings” — Jazmine Sullivan

Best R&B Song

“Damage” — H.E.R.

“Good Days” — SZA

“Heartbreak Anniversary” — Giveon

“Leave The Door Open” — Silk Sonic

“Pick Up Your Feelings” — Jazmine Sullivan

Best Rap Performance

“Family Ties” — Baby Keem Featuring Kendrick Lamar

“Up” — Cardi B

“M Y . L I F E” — J. Cole Featuring 21 Savage & Morray

“Way 2 Sexy” — Drake Featuring Future & Young Thug

“Thot S***” — Megan Thee Stallion

Best Rap Album

The Off Season — J. Cole

Certified Lover Boy — Drake

King’s Disease II — Nas

Call Me If You Get Lost — Tyler, The Creator

Donda — Kanye West

Best Spoken Word Album (Includes Poetry, Audio Books & Storytelling)

Aftermath — LeVar Burton

Carry On: Reflections For A New Generation From John Lewis — Don Cheadle

Catching Dreams: Live At Fort Knox Chicago — J. Ivy

8:46 — Dave Chappelle & Amir Sulaiman

A Promised Land — Barack Obama

Best Opera Recording

“Bartók: Bluebeard’s Castle” — Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra

“Glass: Akhnaten” — The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; The Metropolitan Opera Chorus

“Janáček: Cunning Little Vixen” — London Symphony Orchestra; London Symphony Chorus & LSO Discovery Voices

“Little: Soldier Songs” — The Opera Philadelphia Orchestra

“Poulenc: Dialogues Des Carmélites” — The Metropolitan Opera Orchestra; The Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Best Music Video

“Shot In The Dark” — AC/DC

“Freedom” — Jon Batiste

“I Get A Kick Out Of You” — Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga

“Peaches” — Justin Bieber Featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon

“Happier Than Ever” — Billie Eilish

“Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” — Lil Nas X

“Good 4 U” — Olivia Rodrigo

Best Music Film

Inside — Bo Burnham

David Byrne’s American Utopia — David Byrne

Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter To Los Angeles — Billie Eilish

Music, Money, Madness…Jimi Hendrix In Maui — Jimi Hendrix

Summer Of Soul — Various Artists

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Every year, the Golden Globe Awards ceremony gathers millions of people in front of the television, being broadcast in over 167 countries. It ranks third in the top of the most watched festivals in the world, after the Oscars and the Grammy Awards. However, few people know where and especially when all the madness surrounding this trophy started.

The story of the Golden Globe Awards began in 1943, when several American writers founded the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). With it, they thought that the best actors of the moment deserve to be recognized on the open stage, so they created an international festival.

The first trophy in the history of the Golden Globe for Best Picture was won in 1944 by The Song of Bernadette, and Paul Lukas (Watch on the Rhine) and Jennifer Jones (The Song of Bernadette) ) were rewarded for best performances in the lead role.

Since then, the Golden Globe Awards have been presented annually, at the end of January, for movies and TV series shot a year ago.

In 1963, the concept of "Miss Golden Globe" was introduced, and in the first year, two winners were named: Eva Six and Donna Douglas. Starting in 2007, a new category was introduced - "Best Animated movie".

On January 7, 2008, it was announced that due to the screenwriters' strike of 2007-2008, the 65th edition of the Golden Globes will not be broadcast live. The decision was made after screenwriters threatened to boycott the ceremony. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has been forced to adopt a new mode of transmission. The entire awards ceremony took place in a press conference that lasted only 31 minutes, being the shortest award ceremony in history. The winners would later receive their trophy. It was the first time in the history of the Golden Globes that the awards were presented at a press conference.

The Golden Globes, which reward movie and television achievements, will be awarded in early 2022. The gala will no longer be broadcast on NBC. The Golden Globes will take place early next year, on January 9, 2022.

After a series of revelations about the lack of diversity in the trophy forum, NBC announced in May this year that it will not broadcast the 2022 gala.

The road to next year's Oscars begins with the 2022 Golden Globe and nominations have just been announced. After a controversial 2021 gala on the final gala, the full list of possible winners has been revealed by Snoop Dogg.

After a slightly poorer 2020 in terms of high-budget movie releases, 2021 has been loaded with major productions. Some of them are to be awarded the Golden Globe on January 9, 2022. Among the most important feature movies are Dune, Coda, Belfast, King Richard and The Power of the Dog.

Unlike the Oscars, the Golden Globe distinguishes between comedies or musicals and dramas, and the latter category seems a bit more important. For this reason, it is important to note that the nominations for best drama are Dune, Coda, Belfast, King Richard or The Power of the Dog.

Movies such as "Cyrano," "Don't Look Up," "Licorice Pizza," "Tick, Tick, Boom!", And "West Side Story," the Foreign Press Association announced on Monday. Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) which annually awards the Golden Globes.

Unlike in previous years, NBC will not broadcast the awards after the scandal of 2021. As a reference, in the last few editions, only movies with white actors in the lead roles have enjoyed the awards, and in categories such as best actor or actress there was no diversity.

However, returning to this year's nominations, Pedro Almodovar's Madres Paralelas is nominated for best foreign movie. Javier Bardem is nominated for Best Actor for his role in Being the Ricardos, while Alberto Iglesias could also win the award for Best Soundtrack for Almodovar's Madres Paralelas. "Compartment No. 6" (Germany, Russia and Finland), "Drive My Car" (Japan), "The Hand of God" (Italy) and "A Hero" (Iran and France) also compete for the best foreign movie. .

In terms of movies and miniseries that you can see in our country, Oscar Isaac is nominated for the lead role in Scenes from a Marriage. Colombian American actress Rachel Zegler and Puerto Rican actress Ariana Debose are nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Supporting Actresses for their roles in the new version of the West Side Story musical, respectively directed by Steven Spielberg. You can see the full announcement of the nominees below.

Best Actor in a Television, Musical or Comedy Series

Anthony Anderson, "Black-ish"

Nicholas Hoult, "The Great"

Steve Martin, "Only Murders in the Building"

Martin Short, "Only Murders in the Building"

Jason Sudeikis, "Ted Lasso"

Best Actress in a Television, Musical or Comedy Series

Hannah Einbender, "Hacks"

Elle Fanning, "The Great"

Now Rae, "Insecure"

Tracee Ellis Ross, "Black-ish"

Jean Smart, "Hacks"

Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama

Brian Cox, "Succession"

Lee Jung-jae, "Squid Game"

Billy Porter, "Pose"

Jeremy Strong, "Succession"

Omar Sy, "Lupine"

Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama

Use Aduba, "In Treatment"

Jennifer Aniston, "The Morning Show"

Christine Baranski, "The Good Fight"

Elisabeth Moss, "The Handmaid's Tale"

Mj Rodriguez, "Pose"

The best TV series, drama


"The Morning Show"


"Squid Game"


The best TV series, musical or comedy

"The Great"


"Only Murders in the Building"

"Reservation Dogs"

"Ted Lasso"

Golden Globes 2022. List of nominations - movie

The best movie, musical or comedy


"Don't Look Up"

"Licorice Pizza"

"Tick, Tick ... Boom!"

"West Side Story"

The best movie, drama




"King Richard"

"The Power of the Dog"

The best foreign movie

"Compartment No. 6"

"Drive My Car"

"The Hand of God"

"A Hero"

"Parallel Mothers"

Best actor in a movie, musical or comedy

Leonardo DiCaprio, "Don't Look Up"

Peter Dinklage, "Cyrano"

Andrew Garfield, "Tick, Tick ... Boom!"

Cooper Hoffman, "Licorice Pizza"

Anthony Ramos, "In the Heights"

Best Actor in a Movie, Drama

Mahershala Ali, Swan Song "

Javier Bardem, "Being the Ricardos"

Benedict Cumberbatch, "The Power of the Dog"

Will Smith, "King Richard"

Denzel Washington, "The Tragedy of Macbeth"

Best Actress, Drama

Jessica Chastain, "The Eyes of Tammy Faye"

Olivia Colman, "The Lost Daughter"

Nicole Kidman, "Being the Ricardos"

Lady Gaga, "House of Gucci"

Kristen Stewart, "Spencer"

The best actress, musical or comedy

Marion Cotillard, "Annette"

Alana Haim, "Licorice Pizza"

Jennifer Lawrence, "Don't Look Up"

Emma Stone, "Cruel"

Rachel Zegler, "West Side Story"

The best movie director

Kenneth Branagh, "Belfast"

Jane Campion, "The Power of the Dog"

Maggie Gyllenhaal, "The Lost Daughter"

Steven Spielberg, "West Side Story"

Denis Villeneuve, "Dune"

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