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11 months ago
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Life is made up of unpredictable situations, what happened this year is a pure example of how things can change very quickly. This year's Thanksgiving will be celebrated with a lot of restrictions and maximum attention. Coronavirus is no reason to postpone Thanksgiving. Would it be a time when we make new traditions?


We think so! Every time we have to find a way out of the situation and move on! This year we must be creative and attentive in times of pandemic. Parties are possible, even if in a smaller number of people, this party can be just as successful and attractive Bemorepanda comes to the rescue with 15 useful tips for the Thanksgiving party and meal.


1. Holiday decor

The scenery should not be missing even if it is a pandemic. Whether you are just spending time with your family, you need to decorate your home to have a festive atmosphere. The decor can include a beautiful autumn theme with colorful pumpkins or leaves. Autumn flowers and candles are also welcome.


2. Music in the background

Even if you are at home, start a cozy song in the background, which will give you peace of mind and bring you closer to your loved ones.


3. Letters for loved ones

During a pandemic when you can't see your whole family and all your friends again, it would be great to send letters to your loved ones. Take a picture with your family and write some good wishes on the back and voila, you have a beautiful symbol and a card for Thanksgiving for your loved ones.


4. Arrange the table for the big dinner

Table layout is also a key element. Even if it's a pandemic and you're home only to those closest to you, it's time to celebrate. The table can be decorated with a candle, live or artificial flowers along with colorful leaves. Don't forget a phone holder, this year it is possible to sit at the table with all your loved ones through Facetime.


5. Organize dinner online

If you can't see your loved ones, arrange dinner online. Why not? Connecting families online is so enjoyable at an important meal. On Thanksgiving you will joke and send good wishes through the online environment.


6. Don't forget about safety

If you have guests close to you, don't forget about your health and that of your loved ones! Arrange the dinner area with disinfectants, masks, gloves and access to the bathroom so that guests can wash their hands! Remind everyone of the importance of respecting social distance!


7. Choose to arrange the table outdoor

If you are waiting for guests, it is better to arrange the table outside or on the terrace. This way you will feel safer and you will follow the necessary rules so as not to get infected.


8.Separate food

Even if you are expecting guests or going to a party, this year each guest must have their food put separately. It would be good in time to divide and package the food for each guest. That way everything will be sterile and safe!


9. Be careful who you go to

If you have chosen to go to a guest party to celebrate Thanksgiving, don't forget to inform yourself or make sure yourself. Informed of the place where the party will be, outside or inside, if they are disinfectants and how the food is served. For any eventuality you must take a spare mask with you and have a disinfectant and gloves at hand.


10. Spend time in a useful way

If you stayed home with your family, spend time effectively. Maybe it's time to make some origami with the kids or to draw a picture after the Thanksgiving dinner. It is a time when you will feel close to your loved ones.


11. Prepare and deliver dinner for your loved ones

Are you worried that your loved ones will not taste your super delicious pumpkin pies this year? Do not worry. Prepare according to your secret recipe what your loved ones love. Carefully pack food in casseroles using gloves and a mask. Equipped according to the regulations with mask, gloves and go on the road. You can send the package keeping the social distance and voila, everyone will taste your pumpkin pies.


12. Order something tasty

If you miss traveling, you have the chance to enjoy country-specific food at home. Whether you have a craving for pizza, burger or sushi, everything is at hand. After the delicious turkey, you can serve something more exotic.


13. Arrange the outdoor space with games

Maybe a Twister? It's time to have fun after a hearty meal. Arrange some interactive games and spend time with your loved ones in a cheerful and energetic atmosphere. Whether you choose badminton, bocce ball or croquet, they are all gorgeous and funny!


14. An evening in the tent

After eating, you can set up the tent in the garden to feel and enter an imaginary journey. A great way to entertain children. Surely everyone is bored of his houses, why not be at home just like in a tent?Prepare hot tea in a thermos, gather the warmest blankets and soft pillows, find an interesting book and a lantern and voila, a comfortable and interactive space for a night full of adventures.


15. Organize an evening of poetry recitation

Another great opportunity to spend extraordinary time in a small circle is the evening of poetry. On Thanksgiving, we are all in a warm and pleasant mood. It would be an option to teach all family members a poem dedicated to this day and to recite it beautifully after Thanksgiving. In the end you will get an unforgettable evening, educational but also emotional.


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And even 40 years later, having lived to a ripe old age, you will easily answer the question of where you were and what you did in 2020.

2020 - Year of the rat.

We sit at home.

We run out of the hole only for food, so that there is something to eat in the hole.

We run away when a person appears.


The pandemic of the previously unknown SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which causes SARS, COVID-19, and related quarantine measures are impacting the lives of people around the world. This year is really hard for everyone. It will remain in history forever. Bemorepanda collected this top of memes to resume the year of 2020, in hope for a better life in 2021.


1.Understanding a joke after 3 minutes


2.2020 be like:


3.2020 outfit of the month


4.A single use mask that we deserve


5.Quarantine day nr. 15


6.Fail of 2020


7.Do you trust me?


8.Me at the middle of the night


9.The quarantine be like:


10.Me deciding what to do


11.My brain everytime someone jokes


12.My moods during quarantine


13.About cheap powerbanks


14.Your butt napkins, my Lord!


15.Where is the towel?


16.The guy on the back


17.Wearing a hood


18.Who want to travel?


19.My whole life is ruinned


20.Never sleep with a foot outside the blanket






























































51.Online lessons


52.Coronavirus greeting


53.Being at home


54.Realizing 2020


55.Laughting at meme


56.Snacks and quarantine


57.When someone cough


58.Grannys from 2050


59.Suddenly cough


60.We should stop this


61.I think not


62.I like to move it


63.Oh this is sad


64.Apocalyptic outfit


65.Low IQ people




67.Hand sanitizers


68.Dino is back


69.Report it




71.Being a granny


72.Corona be like


73.Stop it


74.Traffic problem


75.This is fine


76.March 16


77.Society be like


78.14 day quarantine ration


79.Daily lifestyle


80.Classes of 2020


81.What happened?


82.My work be like


83.Divorce and pandemic


84.Coming out of quarantine


85.Soap cleans it


86.Papper is gold


87.CoronaVirus be like




89.French people now


90.Tested positive


91.Screaming 2020


92.Dogs in quarantine


93.What caused Toilet Paper Shortage


94.Money money


95.The Quarantini


96.Food delivery


97.Stay inside


98.Daily routine


99.Gamers that never leave


100.Normal people be like


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Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that can make both animals and humans sick. Coronaviruses that affect humans are known to cause respiratory infections, from common colds to more serious illnesses, such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). The latest coronavirus discovered causes the infectious disease COVID-19.


Coronavirus brings restrictions, is highly contagious and endangers the lives of many. Is the situation too serious to have fun with? On the contrary: it is in difficult moments that humor becomes very important.


The end of the year is finally approaching, but many of us are being sent home. Some can't even work or do it limited. Depending on how long the current situation lasts, what seems like time spent in the family, even if unexpected, can turn into an economic threat to the existence of certain people.


Those who work in supermarkets or hospitals, nursing homes and other similar institutions are at high risk of infection with the new virus. Others work from home and need to be occasional teachers for their children, as well as take care of their fun. Some are alone.


And there are those who have become infected with the coronavirus. They, isolated from the rest of the world, have to fight not only the symptoms, but also the fear.


Are we allowed to make jokes about coronavirus? Of course, we will all go into a deep depression. At this moment, the smile is important, that's why Bemorepanda brings it.


1.Dads ordering Corona


2.Coronavirus lockdown


3.I have a pint


4.No eating in online class


5.Super clean air




6.Whatever happens


7.China products and virus



8.Staring at me


9.Normal people vs gamers


10.Normal daily lifestyle


11.A pep talk


12.Two meters away


13.Illegal sun



14.Lack of taste



15.Don't touch my face



16.When on lockdown


17.Not coming down


18.Days during coronavirus


19.My travel plans


20.People with birthdays during lockdown


21.Before and after lockdown


22.Lockdown 2020


23.Zoom classes



24.About isolation


25.Day 25 of lockdown


26.Remember the time


27.When you want to breath some fresh air


28.Right now


29.Social distancing



30.That would be great


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Traveling now is difficult, and in many places it is impossible. But the borders have begun to slowly open - and this year's vacation already sounds like a plan, not just a dream. But how risky is it and is it even possible to protect yourself from coronavirus on vacation? Weigh the pros and cons together.

Over the past year, everyone has grown tired of worries, confusion and prohibitions. This article was written to help you decide whether or not to go on vacation in 2021. Bemorepanda explains you how it is going.

Coronavirus: Summer holiday plans at risk over lack of travel insurance -  BBC News

Tourism in the era of coronavirus: where can you go abroad now? And whether to go at all?

Some countries are opening borders and easing quarantine measures, but this does not add confidence. The question of whether it is safe to travel now is even more worrisome after the resumption of international traffic.

The answer depends on many factors: the way of travel (by plane, train, car, or something else), direction, fresh statistics on cases of coronavirus infection in a certain place, quarantine measures and current prevention methods.

Should I book a flight this year?

Coronavirus: What to Consider While Planning Your Summer Vacation | Houston  Methodist On Health

Long queues at the check-in counters, security checks at the airport, waiting for departure side by side with a crowd of strangers, several hours in an airplane seat in the same cabin with other passengers - all this raises doubts about the safety of flights during a pandemic.

But the good news is that airports and airlines have already adjusted to the new reality.

For example, carriers have introduced flexible rules for canceling and postponing flight bookings, and large air hubs are closing some terminals to ensure more effective security measures in a pandemic. There are also far fewer cafes and shops at airports. Some sell only takeaway.

The temperature is measured at anyone who enters the airport building: passengers, greeters, crew members, airport staff and everyone else. In some cases, non-contact thermometers and thermal imagers are used again - just before boarding a flight.

In public transport, taxis, in terminal terminals and during the entire flight, masks are required, and sometimes other personal protective equipment (face screens, for example) are required.

How to stay safe when flying, according to two experts | World Economic  Forum

Social distancing rules are widely followed. Airlines are changing seating positions in aircraft cabins whenever possible, offering self-check-in instead of check-in at counters, and redesigning the queuing system so that passengers are at a safe distance from each other. The cabins of the largest carriers are equipped with HEPA air filters. Some air terminals have introduced one-way traffic through terminals to reduce the number of personal contacts between people.

The approach of airlines to in-flight meals has also changed: some carriers no longer serve food on their flights, others have cut down on the menu and offer only individually packaged snacks and drinks in cans. It's safer to take a snack with you from home - just check the airlines' requirements for food in hand luggage.

Isn't it dangerous to stay in hotels during the coronavirus?

Traveling during coronavirus: Tips to stay safe in hotels

Major hotel chains and small family hotels are well aware that in the era of the coronavirus, guests' demands on the hygiene and safety of vacation homes have increased.

To reduce the risks for guests, many hotels offer contactless check-in and check-out and virtual reception, but almost everywhere they abandoned the buffet and free use of pools and other public areas. In the hotels of large world chains, even the room service has been replaced with an application: you place an order through your smartphone - and it is left under the room door.

Social markings and machines with sanitizers at every turn are a new reality in the hotel world. Many good hotels use disinfectant mats, air ionizers and electrostatic filters, and offer guests free masks. Cleanliness in rooms is now more closely monitored than before the pandemic: in many hotels, tables with a schedule for the latest and planned cleaning have appeared, and the cleaning protocols themselves have become more stringent.

Coronavirus: Hotels and Airbnb plan 'fundamental shift' after COVID-19  lockdowns | Euronews

Most hotels around the world now allow free cancellation or modification of reservations up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled check-in date. And to make you even more relaxed, the cleanliness rating is immediately visible in the search results for hotels on Skyscanner. It shows you the hotel's hygiene standards and helps you make an informed booking decision.

Is it safe now to travel by car and is it worth renting a car on vacation from a hygiene point of view?

How a Nurse Road Trips During a Pandemic | Outside Online

Analysts predict an increase in demand for car rental and car sharing during the pandemic, as these are safer alternatives to public transport. If you rent a car on a trip or drive a car sharing car, do not forget about safety measures: gloves, ventilation and treatment of contact surfaces with an antiseptic will never hurt.

Car rental offices are doing everything to ensure that their service meets safety requirements during the coronavirus period. The giants are investing in the development of machines that unlock automatically, that is, without keys walking from hand to hand. But that's not all: many measures to protect against COVID-19 have already been implemented.

COVID-19: How to make your car safe after exposure and other tips for safe  travel

For example, a car from Sixt can now be ordered, picked up and returned without personal contact with managers and agents. The keys are left in the locker, which you can access through the mobile application. Another car rental company, Zipcar, has already introduced a mobile car unlocking system: they have an app that replaces keys. Read about other travel contactless technologies.

Is it dangerous to travel by train until the COVID-19 pandemic is over?

All aboard: Is it safe to take a train during the COVID-19 pandemic? |  Daily Sabah

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, railways strictly follows the recommendations.

Measures to ensure the sanitary safety of train passengers in our country are divided into two types:

Disinfection of trains. Before leaving the route, each train is thoroughly disinfected. Bed linen, which is given to passengers for rest and spending the night on the train, also undergoes additional sanitation.

Staff at train stations and on trains must wear masks and undergo a body temperature check before going on shift. All railway workers have received special training - they know how to take care of a passenger who has symptoms of SARS on the way, and of those around them.

Comprehensive disinfection is carried out at railway stations with the participation of specialists. A safe distance between passengers is also respected. The most walk-through places, checkout rooms, sanitary rooms, platforms, walkways and office premises are treated with special disinfectants. There are markings everywhere, and there are vending machines with sanitizers at the entrance, at the ticket office and in the waiting rooms. In some places, personal protective equipment (PPE) is issued.

Do they measure the temperature on the train and how is the railway being treated now?

Passengers disallowed train travel due to COVID-19 symptoms to get full  refund: Railways- The New Indian Express

On the way, train passengers are measured twice a day. If someone has a high rate, the conductors will exclude contact between the passenger and others and call an ambulance to the nearest station.

At least four times a day during the journey, the personnel must sanitize all surfaces of the rolling stock using means that prevent the spread of bacteria.

In addition to disinfecting bed linen and carriage surfaces,railways ensures safety in restaurant carriages. They use sanitization and checkerboard seating to maintain social distance, and all service personnel wear masks. If you do not want to visit the restaurant car, you can order any dish from the menu from the conductor with delivery to your place.

Similar rules apply at train stations and on trains abroad. Thorough multiple disinfection, social markup, checkerboard seating, thermometry, sanitizers, masks and contactless payment for services are used.

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