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How was Christmas 2021 with your pets? Top 100 funny and cute pictures

6 months ago

Christmas is coming! Family meals, carols, Christmas tree decorations and other activities specific to this period make us say that the magic of this holiday is unique.

But do our pets enjoy the coming of Christmas as much as we do? We want to believe that yes. That is why we consider that the furs of the house are also waiting for the coming of Christmas. But Bemorepanda will also give you some tips on how to spend Christmas safely.

1.Looking at Christmas lights

2.Ruining the Christmas Light

3.Sparkling eyes

The snow.

In winter, most of the time, we are delighted with the white snow that spreads everywhere. Most cats do not enjoy the first snowflakes, but dogs can't wait to roll through it. A walk through the snow-covered park will surely charge you with energy and good cheer.


Who doesn't love gifts? Surely your pet will be happy to receive a new collar, a new toy or, why not, a coat. At shop you will find toys, accessories and clothes in the theme of winter holidays to enjoy a magical Christmas with them.

Gift boxes.

The greatest pleasure of cats during this period is certainly the empty gift boxes. So, while you enjoy the gifts you receive, the cats will enjoy the boxes they came in. We say it's a win-win situation.

Time spent together.

This period is also adored by the quadrupeds of the house and due to the attention we pay. As winter activities in the garden and household are less and less, we have more free time to play with pets. In this way you will contribute to their well-being for a long time.

4.Moo Christmas

5.When you love heights

6.Work is done

Everyone's favorite holiday New Year can be overshadowed by problems with our pets. We are happy about the holiday, and all this can cause stress, malaise and even worse for pets. We suggest that you be very attentive to the advice of veterinarians and ensure your pets are completely safe.

One of the most exciting topics for many of us is fireworks. Dog owners know firsthand what a difficult time comes during the New Year holidays. For some reason, cats are attracted to the Christmas tree, like a magnet, and birds hunt for homemade food. Most serious health problems for pets can be avoided by considering 6 important things and thinking not only about your holiday mood, but also about those we have tamed.

7.Christmas gift

8.Christmas friends

9.Christmas snake

10.Lovely combination

Cats happily eat tinsel and rain from foil - this can be deadly, surgery is often necessary to remove the foreign body to avoid intestinal injury. Cats also show interest in artificial spruce needles. Most often, such problems occur in long-haired and semi-long-haired cats during molting. Since the cat's tongue is equipped with keratinized papillae, which capture dead hairs. A hairball forms in the cat's stomach - a phytobezoar, from which the cat seeks to get rid of. To rid the cat of it, it is necessary to give a special food for removing hairballs, malt paste or sprouted oats. Then the cat will not try to eat inedible items. Indoor plants will also remain safe. But it’s better not to use tinsel to decorate the tree.

Dogs and cats often take an interest in electric garlands. It is recommended to hang them higher and turn them off when leaving the room. Be aware that dogs are very susceptible to electrical shock. Cats are also not indifferent to low-current wires.

11.Ho Ho Ho


Glass breakable toys are dangerous for animals. Debris from them can bite into the paw and cause severe bleeding. In addition, a piece of glass may be swallowed by your pet, causing intestinal trauma.

And, finally, do not forget that the tree must be properly secured - if it falls, it can injure the animal. You can additionally spray the tree with a spray to scare cats away from indoor plants. Be aware that spruce needles can dig into the delicate pads of cats and dogs, which can cause pododermatitis. If your animals are young and playful, then you can limit yourself to a bouquet of spruce branches or a small designer Christmas tree. Clean the surfaces of the fallen needles every day.

13.Christmas card

14.Favourite Santa toy

15.Ready for Santa

Many dogs are very afraid of New Year's fireworks, volleys of firecrackers and rumbles. It is necessary to accustom the animal to the clapping of firecrackers in advance. For example, you can turn on the dog to record the holiday fireworks at first quietly and then louder. You can give your dog an anti-stress complex based on medicinal plants and vitamins, about which it is better to consult your veterinarian. Keep in mind that these medications must be started two weeks before the New Year. Remember that your dog can get hurt if he grabs the firecracker.

Do not take your pet for a walk on New Year's Eve, take a walk in the evening and early in the morning. Keep your dog on the leash. Replace the collar with a harness to prevent the pet from twisting out of it. Attach a tag to the collar. Remember that a large number of dogs are injured and killed under the wheels of cars, frightened by explosions of firecrackers. If the dog is panicky afraid of fireworks, then you can celebrate the New Year at the dacha.


17.Sexy kitty

18.Where’s the cat?

Do not give anything to animals from the table. This leads to indigestion, poisoning and serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, food allergies can occur in the animal. Dishes prepared with the addition of salt, sugar, spices and preservatives are categorically contraindicated for pets. If you have birds in your house, let's fly indoors where the table is not set.

Feed the animals their normal food, be sure to provide them with enough drinking water and close them in the next room. You can prepare a special holiday treat for them. But do not forget to replenish pet food stocks before the New Year, because the workers of pet shops also rest on the New Year, and supplies may be interrupted due to the New Year holidays.


20.Merry Christmas

21.Tree lover

Never give alcoholic beverages to animals. And do not go out for a walk with the dog intoxicated. Just in case, be sure to attach an address tag to the dog's collar and do not let go of the leash. Try to stay away from drunken companies, because the dog can show aggression. It is better to put on a muzzle on a large dog for your own peace of mind and in order to avoid conflict situations. Do not let small children go for a walk with the dog.

Unfortunately, sometimes the owners, in a state of alcoholic intoxication, forget their pets on the street, which leads to frostbite of the paws in quadrupeds and colds. If you are going to celebrate, it is best to leave your pet at home. Maybe for relatives who prefer a quiet home celebration.

22.Lovely nose


24.So angry

25.Christmas tree?

26.Baby cat

27.Star cat

28.Rabbit gift

29.Lovely present

30.Oh good

31.Peanut butter

32.All is not calm

33.So gorgeous


35.Fight, fight

36.First Christmas



39.Can’t wait for Christmas

40.Lovely kitty

41.So funny

42.So cute

43.Stuck in Christmas tree

44.So funny

45.Wow, Christmas lights


47.Mission failed

48.Cats and Christmas

49.So angry

50.Cute face

51.Shout out

52.Tasty tree

53.Lamma Christmas

54.So funny

55.Christmas present

56.Christmas mood


58.White Christmas

59.Every year same story

60.I will get it anyway

61.So lovely

62.Dogs and Christmas tree

63.Christmas toy

64.Putting Christmas lights on

65.Such a cute buddy

66.Black kitty

67.Santa girl

68.Going well

69.So lovely

70.Waiting for Santa

71.La la la hop

72.Christmas presents

73.So cute

74.Lovely girls

75.Pack me

76.Christmas tree ooohh 

77.A new Christmas toy is here

78.Model for Christmas


80.What is that?

81.Waiting for the mood

82.Where is Santa?

83.My candle

84.Cat owners of Twitter

85.Who’s there?

86.My gift!

87.I am a Christmas toy

88.This cute face

89.Who did this?

90.The magic is here

91.Inlove with the Christmas tree

92.Not me!


94.Ready for Christmas

95.Ho Ho Ho

96.Crazy mood

97.So cute

98.So happy

99.Christmas decor today


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When you have a pet, you need to be prepared for anything. To the destruction of your furniture, to your nightly pimps and chewed shoes and your favorite books. Of course, having witnessed the complete chaos that your beloved pet has arranged, you will not become happier, but from the outside it is very funny to look at the tricks of these pets. Especially if these are not your pets and your home.

Bemorepanda collected some funny pictures.


"He was left alone for less than an hour."

1уе 9


"Found this old photo of my dog ​​and I'm happy she doesn't do that kind of thing anymore."

2кн 1


"To make matters worse, this apartment was rented."



"One day my dog ​​tried to convince me that she was on a cloudy island and did not ruin her bed."

4еу 2


"All I wanted to do was buy him treats with this money. His innocent look, by the way, didn't work."

5п 0


"My puppy destroyed everything in its path and then fell asleep."

6кн 3


"The cat woke me up early in the morning to show me its prey."



“What kind of rubbish have you scattered on the table, man? Where is our lunch? "



"He tore off the curtains, looked me straight in the eyes and started playing with them."

6037435a9ab27 w5uuh3rpefi61  700


"I bought my first succulent plant. He lived for 8 hours."

9нг 37


"Mom, I took care of your bills!"

10ег 9


"This is the second plant that my illegitimate son Toby killed maliciously."



"I wonder who ripped off the blinds ..."

12еу 6


"Impudent fluffy muzzle!"

13уе 16


"Every time I correct them, Stevie jumps up and 'fixes' it."

15ке 12


"It's not that I can go anywhere, but it's still a shame"

16кн 9


"Hi dad, I opened the door for you."

17ке 6


Third wheel

18нк 4


"Draw me as one of your French cats"

19ен 19


"Oh, you've already returned"

20ен 9


"A terrorist demanding attention ... He killed a hostage!"

21е 7

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Funny dog

2 years ago

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Cat or dog?

2 years ago

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People have long acquired a variety of domestic animals, taming their wild species. Breeding and geneticists joined the work, and many of the popular favorites were bred artificially. Some people have very peculiar tastes, and sometimes they have the most unusual pets.


Most interesting facts about domestic pets



1. People have long acquired a variety of domestic animals, having tamed their wild species.


Later, breeders and geneticists joined the work, and many of the now popular favorites were once bred artificially.


2. The most popular pets in the world are dogs and cats. 95% of all owners talk to their pets.


3. Both cats and dogs help relieve stress and nervous tension, relax and unwind at the end of the working day. They give positive energy to their owner.


4. Scientists suggest that the first domestic animal was a wild wolf, tamed by ancient people in ancient times. He is also the ancestor of most dog breeds.


5. The Incas tamed such popular pets as guinea pigs about 7000-9000 years ago for agricultural purposes.


6. In Arab countries, nobles kept large predators from time immemorial, and cheetahs enjoyed special honor. But not everyone could afford them, and wealthy people, but not overly rich, got themselves caracals - an African lynx. By the way, they are still relatively popular.



7. The most dexterous dog in the world was the Labrador and Collie mix.


8. Dogs have about a hundred different facial expressions. With the help of their ears, dogs can make various grimaces.


9. Amazingly, these animals can smell if there is a cancerous tumor in the human body.


10. Food containing chocolate (sweets, a piece of cake, etc.) is contraindicated for dogs. For them, chocolate is a poison and can cause very severe poisoning.


Cats are incredibly clean. They devote a quarter of their time to licking their fur! But they take care of themselves for cleanliness and accuracy. A cat licks off a vitamin D substance, which is necessary for its health.


12. In complete darkness, a cat can navigate with the help of whiskers.



13. Cat jaws cannot move to the sides.


14. Cats sleep about 18 hours a day, and cats love to breathe fresh air.


15. Cats can develop a speed of 19 kilometers per hour.


16. Compared to dogs, cats have a better memory.


17. A sign of a cat's well-being is when a cat licks its body.


18. Often, people keep birds as pets, parrots in particular.


19. Parrots do not have vocal cords. Imitating human speech and making other sounds, they use their tongue and beak.



20. Budgerigars are very jealous. If the partner has changed, the female will peck him mercilessly, and her beak is very sharp. Therefore, males show their interest in other females when no one is watching.


21. Males conquer females with the help of singing. As soon as the parrot hears the sweet-voiced singing of the male, she immediately assumes a mating position.


22. Males and females treat offspring differently. The female feeds the babies in turn, and the male gives food to the chick that screams the loudest (as if trying to “shut up” his mouth faster).


23. There are lovebirds. This name was not given to them by chance. A pair of birds are very devoted to each other. However, after the death of one parrot, the second immediately needs to find a new friend. Otherwise, he may not survive.


24. Recently, it has become fashionable to have a hummingbird as a pet.



25. Domestic cats meow only when they communicate with people. And for communication with each other, meowing is useless to them.


26. Hunting dogs were the favorite pets of the French kings.


27. The Labrador in the United States is recognized as the most popular dog breed.


28. By the number of favorite pets, cats break all records.


29. In third place among the most popular pets are ferrets.


30. Rats at home cannot be kept alone - without the company of their kind, they wither and feel sad. They always need company.


31. The smell in cows is much more subtle than in dogs. These ruminants can smell at a distance of up to 8-10 kilometers.



32. If a cow has her eyes closed, she is not necessarily asleep, even if she is lying at that time. She's probably just dozing. For these animals, the most important thing is to relax.


33. Cows watch their relatives and learn from them. For example, if one of them were electrocuted by an electric fence, the others would not come close to it.


34. These animals are squeamish and will never pluck grass where cow cakes have recently been lying. For more than 8 hours a day, a cow continuously chews grass, and a cow can perform more than 90 chewing movements per minute.


Cows do not like to sleep side by side as pigs do. They prefer to lie separately. A cow will not lie down in the mud.


36. Horses are a few animals that can recognize themselves in photographs.


37. The wild ancestors of modern domestic horses died out so long ago that little is known about them even now.



38. Goldfish are trendy pets and can live in room temperature water.


39. Females of some aquarium fish, seeing the danger, put the babies in their mouths. And when the situation is calm again, they are released into the wild.


40. Females of some fish give birth without fail in the presence of "spectators," other fish. The more observers, the more fry are born.


41. Pigs also have a highly developed sense of smell. They distinguish many odors. Therefore, in some countries, pigs work in customs, for which they are pre-trained.


42. In France, pigs are still used to find truffles, fabulously expensive mushrooms.


43. They also showed themselves well as hunters and rescuers. For example, a pig can sense a game at about 40 meters. She can find a person lying under the snow.


44. And what pigs are champions in is in sex. The orgasm of the female lasts about 10 minutes, and the male at a time spews up to 0.5 liters of semen.



45. Pigs are also good swimmers.


46. ​​UK law provides a fine for negligent pet owners if their pet is obese.


47. For many pets, mold is poisonous and deadly.


48. Domestic rabbits often like to play hide and seek, both with their owners and each other.


49. More than 11 kilograms can weigh rabbits.


50. In most countries, it is against the law to keep dangerous wildlife such as large carnivores or poisonous reptiles in the home.



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