Top 50 war movies that will make you hold your breath

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Bemorepanda has collected a surprising top with war movies. These movies will definitely make you hold your breath because the emotions are at their maximum.

War is the phenomenon with the widest destructive function, with the most pronounced homicidal character, with the deepest implications on the present and future of humanity.

  Being a very complex social phenomenon, a state of society that employs, to one degree or another, all the factors of social life, war can be approached from different angles and in very different methodological ways. Thus, history studies it in terms of development and succession over time, in the evolution of different peoples, in different eras, sociology studies it as an integral phenomenon, within social structures and their dynamics, political science researches it in terms of political determinations and evolution of relations between states, and military science studies it in terms of the characteristic application of the laws, principles, forms and procedures of armed struggle.

The research of the origin of war is meant to clarify the conditions and causes of this phenomenon in the life of society, to answer a fundamental question: war is a permanent companion of society or a temporary companion, which appeared at a certain stage of social evolution and will disappear another step?

1.My Way

From the worldwide award-winning, critically-lauded director of Tae Guk Gi, Director Kang Je-Kyu presents an unflinching look at the horrors of war, but ultimately becomes a story of hope, humanity, and redemption.


At the end of WWII, five German siblings embark on a journey across the country. When they encounter the mysterious refugee Thomas, Lore, the eldest daughter, finds herself conflicted by her innate contempt for him and her burgeoning sexual desire.

3.Les femmes de l'ombre 

In the spring of 1944, on the eve of the Normandy landings. A group of women only penetrates deep behind enemy lines in an extremely risky mission, where even the slightest mistake can be fatal.

To define the phenomenon of war means to highlight those characteristic notes and essential features that distinguish it and specify its place in all social phenomena. In ancient times, close knowledge of social processes did not allow a broader explanation of the phenomenon of war. Historians like Thneydides, Poleplios, Titus Livius have left fairly detailed descriptions of wars, and philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle have issued the first generalizing ideas about war.

4.Charlotte Gray

A young Scottish woman joins the French Resistance during World War II in order to find and rescue her friend, a pilot of the Royal French Air Force, lost somewhere in France.

5.The Monuments Men

Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, the film Heroes of Monuments is an action drama focused on a number of seven museum directors, artists, curators, and art historians, old and out of shape, who have marched to the front during World War II to save the world's artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and return them to their rightful owners. But what chance do these people have to succeed?

6.The Way Back

The story of a Polish cavalry officer captured by the Red Army who manages to escape from the Siberian Gulag in 1941.

The correct definition of war as a social phenomenon requires the understanding and revelation of its political essence, of the relationship between war and politics. In his famous work "On War", the German theorist Carl von Clausewitz wrote that "war is not only a political act, but a real political instrument, a continuation of political relations, their realization by other means. What remains specific to war." It refers only to the specific nature of its means. "But no matter how strongly the war reacts, in some cases, to political intentions, this reaction must always be thought of only as a change in them, for political intent is the goal, war is the means, and can never be thought without purpose."


The subject of the film is about the silence of Pope Pius XII (Marcel Iures) in the face of the Holocaust drama. The film tells the tragic and true story of a Protestant SS officer, Kurt Gerstein (a character of the German Ulrich Tukur), whose alarm signals to the Church and the Vatican about the Nazi extermination camps remain ineffective. He is helped by a young Jesuit, Ricardo Fontana, a fictional character, whom the actor Mathieu Kassovitz plays extremely convincingly.

8.Hart's War 

December 1944. In a prisoner of war camp, a young man becomes the lawyer for a black man accused of murder. Many unknowns and question marks appear.

9.In Tranzit

Leningrad, 1946. A group of German prisoners is sent to a women-led camp. Under the absolute control of the NKVD, relations are established between the two groups, idylls are entrenched and attempts are made to rediscover lost humanity.

The purpose of war is always political, and if we understand politics as a concentrated expression of the economic or, more broadly, as a concentrated expression of social interests, then the political goal will express all the social interests involved in preparing, starting and conducting a war.

  The specific means of war is the armed struggle, which has a distinctive character. When a war breaks out, politics pursues its goals, but uses other military means, such as armed struggle.

  The subordination of the means to the goal is not easy, it is a complex process, not excluding the possibility that the use of violent means to go beyond the pre-established framework of politics and no longer serve the set political goals.

10.Auschwitz: The Nazis and the 'Final Solution

It was the site of the largest mass-murder the world has seen – yet few know its full horror. This landmark series builds into the most complete history of Auschwitz, the evolution of the camp and the mentality of its perpetrators. With the help of computer graphics, reconstructions and people who were there, including former SS members, the steps taken towards the ‘Final Solution’ are revealed.


The series features the efforts of a Jewish family to survive World War II as well as the horrors of the Nazis on Semitic communities.


In pre-World War II Australia, aristocrat Sarah inherits a cattle farm. When the locals plot to take her land, the heiress allies with an escaped farmer to take her huge herd to a safe place.

13.Cold Mountain

America in the 1860s. In a war-torn country, an extraordinary adventure takes place in which three people are involved; three people whose physical and mental survival depends on their connection.


A splendid film, a reference in world cinema, awarded three Oscars, Casablanca tells the story of two former lovers who meet again in Casablanca, in a conjuncture that forces them to put debt first, not feelings.

15.Das Boot

A detailed look at the world of German submarines hunting underwater ships. Brave, realistic and spiced with black humor, this film is one of the few that compassionately presents Germans during World War II.

16.The Great Raid (2005)

In January 1945, an American battalion, with the help of Philippine guerrilla troops, planned a bold, even suicidal mission: to rescue the 500 American soldiers still alive in the Philippine camp.

17.The Thin Red Line (1998)

The Thin Red Line is the story of a group of soldiers from a US Army infantry company fighting in the fierce battle of Guadalcanal in World War II.

18.The Russians Are Coming (1966)

A cast of stars with Alan Arkin, Jonathan Winters, Carl Reiner, Eva Marie Saint, Brian Keith, Theodore Bikel. The film is an extraordinary comedy about a Russian submarine that reaches the coast of New England.

19.Anonyma - A Woman in Berlin (2008)

The film illustrates an emotional and poignant piece of history that has been kept silent for a long time. He portrays a woman of that time who had the courage to speak for many, who met the same fate.


Nominated as Best Foreign Film at the 1961 Academy Awards, this black and white movie dares us not to forget the horror of the Holocaust. Italian director Gillo Pontecorvo directs this audacious World War II drama about a young Jewish woman (Susan Strasberg) in a Nazi concentration camp who attempts to save herself from death by assuming another's identity and becoming a ruthless warden.

21.Goodbye Children (1987)

During World War II, on the territory of France, a boarding school looks like a real corner of heaven. Here, a close friendship is established between two children: one, a Frenchman - Julien Quintin, the other, a Jew - Jean Bonnet. The latter is hidden from the Nazis by Catholic priests who run the school.

22.Battle for Warsaw '44

The tragic story of the 1944 Warsaw uprising against Nazi rule is chronicled with actual film of the epic event. With some shocking new footage unearthed from the vaults, this is an compelling guide to the events that unfolded. A variety of eyewitness accounts are drawn on, haunting depictions of mass graves, and troops storming into the beleaguered country.

23.Bitva za Sevastopol 

The war catches a young student Lyudmila Pavlichenko off-guard in Odessa. She volunteers in the army and is moved to the front line after a brief stint in the sniper school. Her natural marksmanship and ability to keep calm under duress make her a true sharpshooter. Her personal hitlist is over 309 names long. A biographical film about a woman who changed the course of history.

24.Oorlogswinter (2008)

A little boy secretly helps a British pilot get rid of the Nazis, while his father, the mayor of the city, is happy to keep his position in front of the Germans.

25.War Horse (2011)

Steven Spielberg's new film focuses on the story of a young man named Albert and his stallion, Joey. The connection between them will be broken when Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent into the fire of battle.

26.French Suite (2014)

In World War II, in the German army-occupied France, the beautiful Lucille Angellier (Michelle Williams) is waiting for news about her husband and her domineering mother-in-law (Kristin Scott Thomas). When a regiment of German soldiers arrives in the city, the villagers are forced to house them. Lucille tries to ignore Bruno (Matthias Schoenaerts), the commander sitting in the next room, but soon her mind and heart will be crushed by a frightening question: against reason, can you have feelings of love for an enemy of your country?

27.Little Boy (2015)

An eight-year-old boy is willing to do whatever it takes to stop World War II and bring his father home. The story reveals the indescribable love of the father for the boy, but also of the boy for his father.

28.Fury (2014)

1945. Along with his five-man crew, Wardaddy leads a Sherman tank and enters behind enemy lines for a quasi-suicide mission that should deal the final blow to Nazi Germany's armed forces.

29.Shining Through (1992)

After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Linda, a beautiful secretary in love with her boss, convinces him to send her on a mission to Berlin, although she has no experience in espionage and relies only on the movies she has seen.

30.Empire of the Sun (1987)

The story of a spoiled boy from a good British family in Shanghai. Jim (Christian Bale) is separated from his family during the Japanese invasion of Shanghai and learns how to cope with a mercenary (John Malkovich).

31.Walking with the Enemy (2013)

A young man, separated from his family in World War II, disguises himself as an S.S. Nazi and discovers more than just where his family is.

32.The Longest Day (1962)

The Longest Day is the story of June 6, 1944, when the Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy. That day marked the beginning of the end of Nazi rule in Europe.

33.Conspiracy (2001)

In January 1942, a high-level meeting of Nazi leaders was held in a suburb of Berlin, led by the Head of the Reich Security Office, which resulted in the official adoption of the Holocaust.

34.A zori zdes tikhie... (2015)

The remote province of Karelia - on the Russian-Finland border - harbored an anti-aircraft artillery point during World War II, despite the distance it kept from the front. Vaskov was responsible for the armament and training of 5 young women. Everything went well until a troop of Nazis surrounds them and the group has to stop the enemy in an unequal fight.

35.Nanjing! Nanjing! (2009)

1942, Nanjing (Nanking). Following a series of assassination attempts on officials of the Japanese-controlled puppet government, the Japanese spy chief gathers a group of suspects in a mansion house for questioning. A tense game of "cat and mouse" ensues as the Chinese code-breaker attempts to send out a crucial message while protecting his/her own identity.

36.Windtalkers (2002)

During World War II, two Marines must protect the Navajo coded language from falling into the hands of the Japanese.

37.Tears of April (2008)

A parking lot attendant with a violent past finds hope in the love of the blind girl that walks into his booth one day.

38.Habermann (2010)

The life of a mill owner and his family changed with the events of 1938.


In the year 1944, Estonia faces advances from both the Russian Red Army and Nazi forces. Families are torn apart across enemy lines and soldiers are forced to make difficult choices to preserve a small nation caught in the middle of a global war. Estonia's Official Submission for the Academy Awards 

40.The Aryan Couple (2004)

The drama, directed by John Daly, starring Martin Lindau, Kennz Doughty and Caroline Carver, is the story of a Jewish industrialist who is forced to give up his business to the Nazis so that his family can leave Germany.

41.The Magic of Ordinary Days (2005)

During World War II, Livvy Dale, the daughter of a Colorado priest, becomes pregnant but is abandoned by the child's father. The strict and puritanical father forces her to marry out of convenience. Married to a stranger, Livvy befriends two Japanese sisters in a camp, coming to understand the true nature of trust and love.

42.Indigenous Peoples (2006)

France's discriminatory attitude towards the North Africans who fought alongside it in World War II is brought to the big screen in this controversial film. The film focuses its epic thread on the presentation of personalities rather than battles, emphasizing the contribution that these people had, despite the treatment of second-hand soldiers received from the French.

43.Come See the Paradise (1990)

In the late 1930s, around the outbreak of World War II, Jack McGurn, a poor trade unionist who works as a filmmaker in a San Francisco cinema, falls in love with the beautiful Japanese Lily Kawamura. Against Lily's will (and contrary to California law at the time, which prohibited interracial marriages), Jack and Lily marry and have a child. Their marriage is in full swing, until the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and America enters World War II. Thousands of Americans of Japanese descent - including Lily and her family - are being taken to concentration camps. Jack is recruited into the military, but he is ready to risk everything to see his family again.

44.Korczak (1990)

The story of Polish pedagogue Janusz Korczak and his dedication to protecting Jewish orphans during the war.

45.Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

The extraordinary story of Desmond Doss (Andrew Garfield) who, in Okinawa during the bloodiest battle of World War II, saved 75 men without a weapon.

46.Under Sandet (2015)

At the end of World War II, a group of young soldiers - German prisoners - had to clear the west coast of Denmark of me. They are promised that the survivors will be released at the end of the mission.

47.Alone in Berlin (2016)

A Soviet tank and its warring crew become separated from their patrol and lost in an Afghan valley with a group of vengeance-seeking rebels on their tracks.

48.Dunkirk (2017)

The story of Dunkirk captures British and Allied troops surrounded by enemies on the French beach and forced to face an almost impossible assault.

49.The Debt (2010)

The film tells the story of three Mossad agents who, in 1965, had the mission of capturing a war criminal who was doing sadistic experiments on people. Thirty years later, agents are hired to return to the subject of the mission.

50.Operation Dunkirk (2017)

Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea, British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces facing a fierce battle in World War II.

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Access to cartoons in the early 1990s could be considered a period of education. Bemorepanda has collected a top 30 cartoons that everyone knows for sure. Being adults, we also have nostalgia for our favorite things from childhood.


Some of these cartoon series have seen the light of the screens to come up with a message and educational intent for children. The cartoons of those times taught children to befriend, to appreciate their family and opened new directions for the development of creation and fantasy.


We were also caught by the newer productions, mostly Japanese, which conquered the world in ΄90. These meant that we learned to read and watch the subtitled story, and since many of these cartoons were like animated soap operas, you now understand the obsession.


If you were a child at that time and this series of titles like before our era throws you into the fountain with nostalgia, who knows, maybe you will make time this extended weekend to review these drawings on the net. Or not, you better get out of the house, because you get enough of nostalgia in this article!


1. Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Spider-Man animated series was by far my favorite as a child and one of the productions that totally changed this industry. Launched in '94, it ran for 5 seasons before being canceled. I saw it again a few years ago head to tail and it seemed even better than at first.



2. X-Men: The Animated Series

However, Marvel's first big hit on the small screen was the animated series X-Men. Released two years earlier (in '92), this production benefited from 5 seasons and brought to life the most important stories in the X-Men universe, from Dark Phoenix, Days of Future Past to Night of the Sentinels or Phalanx Covenant. Like all Marvel productions, it is currently on Disney +.



3. X-Men: Evolution

Something more mature and modern, X-Men: Evolution actually presents an early period of the team, at a time when Charles Xavier was gathering mutants from everywhere under the same roof.



4. Justice League (Unlimited)

The Justice League animated series was one of the best DC productions of the 2000s. Both the two seasons of the original series and the three Justice League Unlimited series, which we could see on Cartoon Network, are packed here.



5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

 The main series has 5 seasons, and the first 3 are available on Netflix. Then came Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, 5DS, Arc-V and Vrains. Just a few days ago, on April 4, 2020, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens.



6. Pokémon

Obviously, Pokémon could not be missing from this list. Maybe you didn't know, but this series is still in progress, it has reached season 23 released in the fall of 2019 in Japan and based on the new Pokemon Sword / Shield game. On Netflix you can find the latest three seasons: Sun and Moon, Sun and Moon: Ultra Adventures and Sun and Moon: Ultra Legends. Plus the movies Pokémon: I Choose You, Pokémon: The Power of Us and Pokémon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.



7. Digimon

Pokémon's younger brother is called Digimon and has a slightly similar concept, except that instead of pocket monsters, you guessed it, they are called digital monsters. The first two seasons aired in the early 2000s; today, after 7 seasons and almost 400 episodes, the series benefited from a reboot, and on April 5, 2020, the new Digimon Adventure was launched, which brings back to the center of attention the characters from the original series.



8. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

One of the most popular Star Wars projects, The Clone Wars was brought back to life by Disney + this year after a premature end in 2014. Probably the most modern series in this article, The Clone Wars has made a massive contribution to the development of the entire Star universe. Wars. Not only did he canonize many stories and present in detail the lives of the protagonists of the films during the war, but he also created new favorite characters. Not until a few weeks ago Disney announced that Ahsoka Tano will be part of the second season of The Mandalorian. Until then, however, The Clone Wars is on Disney +.



9. Batman: The Animated Series

From 2020 we go back to 1992 for the animated series Batman, one of the best productions of this type in the '90s. He had a total of 2 seasons and 85 episodes over three years and managed to portray excellently most characters in the Batman universe. Virtually any modern image and interpretation of a character there we have today is based on that drawing.



10. Batman Beyond

Batman was immediately followed by Batman Beyond, which had three seasons, from 1999 to 2001. It is the story of a futuristic hero under the wing of an old Bruce Wayne, retired. What few people know, however, is that the action starts in 2019, with a Batman still in power patrolling Gotham, and later moving in 2039.



11. Diabolik

Based on the comics of the same name, Diabolik is a 40-episode animated series produced in 2000. It tells the story of the rivalry between a moral thief and his brother, the leader of a criminal organization. Diabolik was basically a kind of Cartoon Mission: Impossible, with a judge able to get out of any situation to punish the criminals.



12. The Tick

Broadcast between 1994 and 1996 for three seasons, The Tick series is one of the most absurd superhero animations ever produced. In fact, the character himself is so absurd, clumsy, naive and devoid of any trace of logic that it makes you want to follow him. Not to mention that next to him were characters like American Maid (allusion to Wonder Woman), Batmanuel or Captain Academica, and antagonists were a guy called the Chair or the Bread King.



13. The Mysteries of Providence

The 26 episodes of Mysteries of Providence are one of the best animated binges you can enjoy. The three protagonists, Oscar, Martin and Kate, interact with most of the inhabitants of the small French town, each in turn exposed to various charms customized to their needs. Despite the fact that we are talking about a universe based on bipedal talking animals, this series presents some metaphors of an extraordinary maturity for the genre it approaches.



14. Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

Returning to the Marvel animated series, Fantastic Four, with two seasons (1994-1996), is added to this list. It's a must-see for those who want to complete their cartoon collection from the 90's.



15. Iron Man: The Animated Series

The one around which the great MCU would be built decades later, Tony Stark: Iron Man. Like many other characters, the animated series dedicated to him was my first contact with names like Mandarin, MODOK, Fin Fang Foom, but also War Machine, Scarlet Witch or Hawkeye. In retrospect, I'm fascinated by the way Marvel has managed to build such a large common animated universe, with crossovers between its series at a time when most of us didn't even know what it was.



16.Tom and Jerry

It is certainly among the most beloved cartoons. The series features the ongoing conflict between a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. Unfortunately, their creator, Gene Deitch, passed away on the 20th of this month, but he certainly left behind the most beautiful memory a child could have.




He is a famous character in both comics and cartoons, portrayed as a rebellious sailor, full of muscle. He always pulls from a pipe and with the help of spinach he can receive superhuman powers.



18.Life with Louie

It's a cartoon about the life of Louie Anderson, an 8-year-old Wisconsin kid. He lives with his parents and siblings, and at school he is always mocked by Glen Glenn's enemy.



19.Dexter's laboratory

The action of this animated series takes place in a secret laboratory behind a library that Dexter, an 8-year-old boy passionate about science, created. He created the lab for all sorts of scientific experiments, but which his annoying sister, Dee Dee, always tries to sabotage.



20.Courage the cowardly dog

The animated series stars Courage (the puppy), Muriel (Courage's mistress) and Eustache (her husband). They all live on a farm in the middle of a Kansas city, where all sorts of weird things happen.



21.Powerpuff girls

These are born thanks to Professor Utonim who created them in the laboratory, but who accidentally, in addition to the other elements, added the "element X". Due to this element, the three girls, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercap, received superpowers, and now they are fighting with all the villains to protect the city of Townsville.



22.What's with Andy?

Andy Larkin is the main character in this animated series. The boy is in love with Lori Mackney and tries to impress her with all sorts of pranks, hence his nickname "master of pranks".



23.Totally Spies

The action of this series revolves around the three teenagers from Beverly Hills: Sam, Clover and Alex. These girls secretly fight all sorts of criminals, coordinated by their boss and also the founder of the WHOOP secret agency, Jerry.



24.Johnny Bravo

The animated series brings to the fore Johnny, a young blond, muscular, narcissistic, an irresistible man, a kind of Casanova today. Due to her physical appearance, she has the impression that she can have any woman on her feet, being the stereotype of the conquering man, but which is often rejected by women.




Together with his four friends (Shaggy, Velma, Fred and Daphne), Scooby travels all over the world in the Mystery Machine, to unravel the mysteries related to ghosts or other supernatural beings.



26.Cramp twins

It presents the daily life of the two brothers, Wayne and Lucian, who are always arguing. Lucian is calmer and likes to spend time in the swamp, and Wayne is the restless family, a boy who does all sorts of pranks and always gets in trouble.



27.The Flinstones

based on the primitive era, this animated series is about the adventures of the Flinstone family, Fred and his wife Wilma, and his neighbors Barney and Betty.



28.Ed, Edd n' Eddy

The action of these cartoons focuses on the three boys, Ed, Edd (Double D) and Eddy who live in a suburb of Peach Creek. They do all sorts of pranks to make money, but usually their pranks fail and their friends take revenge.



29.Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

It's a cartoon series about the life of a little boy named Mac and his imaginary friend, Bloo. Bloo lives in Mrs. Foster's house with other imaginary friends waiting to be adopted by someone.



30.The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy

When Billy and Mandy were celebrating the tenth anniversary of Billy's hamster, Negri (a so-called personification of death) appeared to take the hamster's soul. Mandy refused to give the hamster and proposed a limbo game, and if the game was won by Negri, he would remain their friend forever.


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It's Wednesday and your work week is half over. Do you still have little energy to complete the burning tasks, but do you feel spiritually exhausted? Choose to feed your mind and soul with an artistic pleasure, namely watching some quality movies, which will surely take you out of your comfort zone and routine. We have chosen for you some European and American films, with sensitive topics, which you will talk about long after you watch them.

"Nowhere special" - is a drama directed by Uberto Pasolini, with a cast of James Norton and Daniel Lamont. To be honest, this film deals with the viewer's emotions. We have the story of a father with terminal cancer, who tries hard to find the right adoptive parents for his son. The journey of the two is imbued with a lot of sadness and despair, but also with moments of peace and calm, just like before a storm that is about to break out. I am sure that you will empathize with the heroes of this film, who are simple, sincere people, thrown into the arms of despair.

„Nowhere special”, 2020

"Worth" - a film, directed by Sara Colangelo, which polls the subject of September 11, 2001, but from the perspective of grieving families who must accept a compromise with the state and not claim their rights in court. The subject of the film is resonant and is based exclusively on real facts. The cast of the film is also worthy of our attention, because we have in the foreground Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci, two heavyweights of American cinema. It is a major legal drama, in which the ethical dimension of events is capitalized. After all, it matters how much a man's life costs, right?

„Worth”, 2020

"Dad moves mountains" - a Romanian production, directed by Daniel Sandu, which addresses a malicious theme: what does a parent whose child is swallowed by a natural element? As far as he can go to save him. The central hero, Mircea, is desperately looking for his son, Cosmin, who got lost in the Bucegi mountains, with his girlfriend. I must mention that it is a film that is sometimes alert, sometimes slow, but that keeps you in a state of constant alert. Some moments may seem implausible, and some truths are overwhelming.

„Tata mută munții”, 2020

All these films have one thing in common: man's determination and position in the face of seemingly endless difficulties. There are productions that we cannot pass in the commercial category, but about which we can discuss in moments of hardship. I go so far as to say that they are exactly what we need in moments of despair, which could overwhelm us.

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Bruce Wayne was the son of a wealthy and respectable physician, Dr. Thomas Wayne, and his wife, Martha Wayne. One day, when he was a child, he went with his parents to the cinema where they watched the movie Zorro. The character Zorro would influence Bruce Wayne's personality throughout his life. Leaving the cinema late at night, he and his family were suddenly attacked by a jewelry thief armed with a gun. Bruce's father retaliated.


In a few moments, both parents were lying on the asphalt, being shot by the thief who managed to escape. The child was left alone and helpless. The moment marked Bruce forever. Since then, he has vowed to dedicate his life to catching criminals, but without using firearms, but other methods. Also known as the "Dark Knight", he would serve justice in the war against criminals in Gotham City.


Batman is a superhero who appears in American comic books published by DC Comics. It was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics # 27. It was originally called "Bat-Man" while also being referred to as Crusader Caped, Dark Knight and the greatest detective in the world. Here Bemorepanda has collected a top of good comics for all Batman fans.


1.But so we did

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2.Green costume

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5.True strenght

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6.Close atention

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11.They float

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15.This is true love

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16.You're not my partner

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19.Boy wonder

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20.Baker's lesson

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21.What was that?

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22.That message of Batman

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26.Cool attack

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27.Take me, Harley

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28.The streets of Gotham

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29.A big start

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30.Horrible needs

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We have already seen where to buy or order Halloween costumes in 2020. But most of the parties will take place at home this Halloween, so on the night of October 31, we can organize parties with friends and family in a perfect atmosphere. The nights of this kind, especially Halloween, are movie nights ,that's why Bemorepanda collected a top of movies to watch on Amazon Prime.


1.2001 Maniacs  

As soon as spring break starts at the university, a small group of students travel to Daytona Beach, Florida. But through inattention, they chose the wrong path, so they ended up in a small and quiet settlement "Wonderful Valley". As it turned out, very kind and friendly people live here. They ask students to stay overnight in the city, even inviting them to a traditional barbecue. Of course, the students couldn't refuse such good people. They did not even suspect that horrible things could happen in such a paradise ... Students take a walk around the city, see all its sights and enjoy the hospitality of strangers, but such cheerful people. But as it turned out, the field workers and farm workers want only one thing - to lure the young people, and later kill them all and prepare dinner for the traditional local holiday, which is already approaching.




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2.Better Watch Out

Christmas is not always a miracle, first love is evil, and the most humble boys can turn into real monsters, independent director Chris Pecover warns viewers. The only child in a wealthy family, Luke managed to grow up unnoticed by his parents. They still hire Ashley's nanny for him, although the girl is already shorter than her "pupil". Ashley is a young blonde beauty that a teenager cannot help but fall in love with. On Christmas Eve, she agrees to sit with Luke one last time before moving to another city. With the help of his best friend, Luke comes up with a scary crime scene to win Ashley's heart. The unsuspecting girl is left alone with him. She's going to watch a movie, order pizza, chat with an old little friend ... But Luke himself has other plans for this night.



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3.Bone Tomahawk

In a small town in the Wild West, the locals are in constant fear, because bloodthirsty cannibals live in caves nearby. These monsters come every night and take the weakest inhabitants to eat later. Horror stories about the cursed town spread throughout the district and reached several brave people, each of whom decided to help the poor residents. Arriving in a small town, seized by real horror, they try to do everything possible to rid it of the bloodthirsty cannibals, but this will not be as easy as they thought.




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4.The Cabin in the Woods

A group of young friends decide to spend the weekend together and head to the forest where the hut acquired by Chris's cousin is located. On the way, they stop at an abandoned gas station, where a strange old man gives them ominous hints, but the friends decided not to pay attention to this and soon they reached a picturesque corner where the hut was located. However, not everything turned out so rosy in this wilderness. A group of specialists from a secret underground laboratory is watching the company of young people through hidden cameras. And it seems that they have prepared some not very pleasant surprises for a group of friends, after which hardly anyone will be able to survive.


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NsIilFNNmkY" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


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5.The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

The movie begins very mysteriously. The young man Francis tells a terrible story about how he, his friend and their common beloved girl underwent a terrible experiment, which was conceived and carried out by a certain doctor Caligari.




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6.Chopping Mall

The department store has new security technologies. Now three robots will replace ordinary guards, one per floor. The robots are only responsible for catching the thieves, they can distinguish the thieves from the staff using a special card - a store employee ID. On the very first day of the robots' watch, the teenagers who worked part-time in the department store decided to stay after work and have fun. But the electronic filling of the robots malfunctions and they begin their bloody hunt. Teens vs. killer robots - who wins?




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Dance academy graduates decide to organize a farewell party with cool dances. The venue for the event is an abandoned boarding school. For inexplicable reasons, at some point, the guys begin to be seized by madness. Some of them are immersed in a state of incredible bliss, while others are experiencing their worst nightmare. But the music continues to play.




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On the night of the comet's fall, eight friends gather at a dinner party. Enjoying communication, they are not even aware of the upcoming changes and during a casual conversation they become participants in a chain of strange and mysterious events. Games with past, present and future.





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9.Come to Daddy

A slightly naive 30-year-old boy named Norval, trying to fight alcohol addiction, suddenly receives a strange letter from his father, whom he does not remember at all. From the note received, it turns out that the man who left the family immediately after the birth of his son, indifferently leaving his wife with a tiny baby in his arms, now suddenly remembered their existence and asks to visit him.




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Florida has fallen victim to a nightmare hurricane that destroys everything in its path. However, the main character Hailey is not going to evacuate and goes to look for her missing father. She finds him in serious condition in the basement of the house, which becomes a trap for both. But as it turned out, this is not the worst thing they have to go through.





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11.The Crazies

David Dutton is the sheriff of a small American town where law-abiding citizens live. But one day, one of the townspeople appears at a baseball team game with a gun and is ready to start killing everyone around. Another man burns down his own house with his wife and small child. David is trying to figure out what is the reason for the outbreak of inexplicable aggression among the population. He discovered that a military plane had crashed near a local river, from where water for the city comes from. Within just a few days, life in the city turns into a real nightmare and civilians turn into bloodthirsty killers.




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12.Dead Ringers

Two bodies. Two minds. One soul. Jeremy Irons in the thriller by David Cronenberg. The Mantle brothers are absolutely identical twins. They are both doctors and work together. Elliot is more skilled than Beva in seducing women and willingly "gives" his brother his mistresses, who do not even suspect about the "substitution". But when movie star Claire visits their clinic, the shy Bev falls in love with her first. Claire, unknowingly, begins dating both brothers. Will they be able to “share” the woman they love or, trying to find solace in drugs and alcohol, plunge into the abyss of madness?




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13.The Dead Zone

Literature teacher John Smith returns from a walk with his beloved in a car, but has an accident. Five years after the car accident, he is in a coma, but after John wakes up, he has supernatural abilities. Now he can see the past, present and future of people and things, just by touching them. At first, the local police begin to show interest in his abilities, and soon representatives of high-ranking politicians find John.




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14.The Devil’s Rejects

Texas Sheriff John Quincy Wydell decided to avenge his brother's death, his goal is not to put the killers behind bars, but to destroy them. But after a police assault, two criminals still manage to escape. In one of the motels, Otis and Baby take a group of musicians Roy Sullivan hostage, but after a while, the maniacs wake up with a thirst for blood and they first subtly torture the victims and then brutally kill them. The bandits continue their bloody march, stopping at a border brothel, where they are overtaken by Sheriff Wydell, along with two professional killers. They capture a family of maniacs and send them to the house of 1000 corpses, where the sheriff begins to torture himself, but suddenly another member of the Firefly family appears.




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Mia's husband is a real tyrant. He often physically injures her and, not hiding from his wife, has an affair with their common colleague Nicole. However, the mistress soon realizes that she has contacted not a man, but a monster. Women unite to settle scores with the despot they hate. They plan to commit murder, but when their plan does not work, they themselves find themselves in dire danger.




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Years ago, the Earth flew through a cloud of cosmic dust that caused the dead to rise up with an insatiable desire for human flesh. Now terror has spread throughout the Earth, until the collar is invented that will make zombies manageable and useful. Thanks to ZomCon, zombies have become gardeners, servants, and even pets. The company tries to show everyone that the situation is completely under control. Is this the only reality? Timmy Robinson isn't sure about that. He is sure the world has been deceived. Since Timmy is single, he spends almost all his free time in his house, and even his own parents do not notice him.




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17.Friday the 13th

Elias Voorhees, Jason's father, returns to Crystal Lake, after which terrible murders begin to occur in these places. This becomes known to Tommy Jarvis, who goes to the lake. But on the way, the man disappears without a trace. His daughter Angelica decides to do her best to find her father. She perfectly understands that it will be very difficult to do this and she will have to face many deadly dangers. But the brave and courageous girl is ready to go to the very end. Will she be able to overcome all trials, find the trapped father and destroy his main enemy - Jason Voorhees? 




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18.The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Back in 1966, a sixteen-year-old girl, Harriett, disappeared without a trace. This case remained unsolved. However, Henrik Vanger, the uncle of the missing, is sure that she was killed, and one of his family's relatives has something to do with it. He even has some evidence against one of them.

Hancrick invites journalist Mikael Blomkvist, for a good reward, to take up the investigation of this case. But this is not so simple, because forty years have passed, but the journalist is used to difficulties, and the case itself attracts him with a large number of secrets. Taking professional hacker Lisbeth Salander as his assistant, Blomkvist begins an investigation.



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A petty criminal named Frank Cotton buys an antique puzzle box at the market, not even suspecting that it is the key to the gates of hell. Anyone who opens the box becomes a victim of the demons of Darkness, who take a person to hell for torture. Frank suffers such an unenviable fate, he is torn to pieces by the Nailhead Demon Pinhead. After a while, his brother Larry and his wife moved to Frank's house. But by chance, a few drops of blood bring Frank back to life. However, he is still very weak and in order to finally stay in this world he needs more blood of victims. Larry's wife, Julia, agrees to help Frank and gives him new victims every day. But soon Larry's daughter accidentally summons the demons of Hell and Pinhead, from which Frank escaped.




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After the death of Annie Graham's mother, something inexplicable begins to happen in her previously calm house. Now the lives of her loved ones are under threat. New terrifying family secrets are revealed every day.




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21.High Life

Somewhere outside the solar system, the crew of a spacecraft is on an unusual mission. Its target is the closest black hole to Earth. On board is a crew of young men and women - criminals sentenced to life in prison. Among them is Monte, who voluntarily renounced love and intimate relationships. His seed is fraudulently implanted into one of the space prisoners. A girl is born who is destined to change the hero's life.





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22.Hollow Man

Professor Sebastian Kane is looking for a formula for invisibility. He has already learned to make animals invisible. But the experiment cannot be considered complete until the formula for "return" is found - the invisible object must again find flesh and blood.

After a long search, Kane finds the desired formula and successfully returns the gorilla to the world of real outlines. The final chord remains - to complete a full cycle on a person. As a true scientist, Kane decides to do this to himself.





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23.The House of the Devil

Samantha is in college and, like many students, wanted to earn extra money, so she gets a job as a nanny for a certain family. The employers seemed somewhat strange to her, but the girl did not attach any importance to this, although in vain. It turned out that this house hides a lot of secrets, but the most important thing is that its owners were going to use Samantha in a sacrifice to the devil himself, whose power they worshiped.




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24.Invasion of the Body Snatchers

San Francisco, 1970s. After a heavy downpour, mysterious flowers bloom throughout the city. Biologist Elizabeth Driscoll brings one of them home. And soon he notices that her friend Jeffrey is behaving strangely. Elizabeth turns to her friend Matthew Bannell for advice, and is surprised to learn that she is not the only one facing such a problem. It seems that a lot of people in the city are beginning to do things that are unusual for them.




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Graduate anthropologist Christian Hughes has long been looking for an excuse to part with student Dani Ardor, whose feelings have already cooled, but there was no good chance. When her sister kills her parents for some unknown reason and then commits suicide, breaking up with an emotionally depressed girl becomes even more difficult. Unwillingly, the guy has to dedicate Dani to his plans to go with friends to the pagan summer solstice holiday in an isolated Swedish village. Once in a friendly community, guests from America were pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome, but after a while, attitudes towards them began to change, and fun and entertainment gave way to ancient rituals.




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26.The Neon Demon

The provincial Jesse, with an incredibly attractive appearance, immediately after leaving school goes to Los Angeles to try to fulfill her cherished dream - to become a supermodel. Finding herself completely alone in a strange city, the girl, for lack of extra money, rents an apartment in a cheap motel, and after a while she goes to her first photo session. There they immediately notice a charming provincial woman who conquered everyone with her natural beauty, and our heroine receives an invitation to a prestigious party where she meets several famous supermodels. Gradually, making the necessary acquaintances, Jesse becomes an incredibly popular model, coming close to realizing her dreams. Bathing in the rays of glory and universal attention, the happy girl could not even think about the dangers of the cruel world of fashion, where only the strongest survive.




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27.Night of the Living Dead

Arbara and his brother Johnny came to the cemetery to visit their mother's grave. But soon a strange man approaches them and attacks them, Barbara manages to escape, and Johnny dies. The girl flees in horror and goes to the house, which is in the middle of the field. Barbara locks herself in the house and tries to recover. Soon, a black man named Ben bursts into the house, who tells terrible things about the fact that the dead rise from their graves and attack people. Now they quickly begin to barricade all the entrances and exits in the house so that the zombies cannot get inside. It soon turns out that the Cooper family, as well as the couple Tom and Judy, also found refuge in this house.




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A young man named Aaron Boone is constantly haunted by nightmares. Meanwhile, a series of brutal murders takes place in the city, and it is Boone who becomes one of the main suspects in this case. His terrible night visions are somehow connected with the ongoing murders and soon Aaron himself begins to doubt his innocence. The psychiatrist Dr. Decker comes to the aid of the young man. But after a while it turns out that it is Dekker who pushes Boone to the abyss of madness only for the sole purpose of finding the mysterious city of Midian, in which the most real monsters live. These creatures have superhuman abilities and it is them that Dekker is going to release.




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29.Victor Crowley

In 2007, nine people were literally blown to pieces in the swamps of Louisiana. Over the past ten years, the only survivor, Andrew Yong, continued to insist that this massacre was perpetrated by the terrible Victor Crowley from local legend, but no one believed the guy. And now fate brings Andrew back to the scene of the tragedy, in order to push nose to nose with a bloodthirsty ghost from the past.




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30.The Curse Of Halloween Jack

Once, on a cool October night, when children go home begging for sweets, a serial killer returns to the city, whose story is directly related to the original source of an innocent children's holiday - the creepy Samhain, which was celebrated not with sweets and fun on the streets of the suburbs, but with bloody sacrifices in a remote forest thicket. Jack is back in town. And this time it is not so easy to kill him.




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January 26 is the day of the commemoration of all the victims of the Holocaust, on this occasion Bemorepanda has prepared some hot and worth watching movies about the harsh reality.

Although Europe is thriving, its politicians and writers are worried about death. The mass murder of European civilians between 1930 and 1940 is the point of reference for today's confusing discussions about memory and the cornerstone of European shared ethics. The bureaucracies of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union turned individual lives into mass deaths, human beings to the point of dying. The Soviets hid their mass shootings in dark forests and falsified the archives of the regions where they starved people to death; the Germans had slave laborers who would bury and burn the bodies of the Jews, victims of huge fires. Auschwitz, generally regarded as the proper or even the most important symbol of the evil caused by mass murder, is, in fact, only the beginning of knowledge, a starting point for a true reckoning with the past, which is only now being shown.

The main reasons why we know something about Auschwitz distort our understanding of the Holocaust: we know about Auschwitz because there were survivors there, and there were survivors because Auschwitz was a concentration camp and a death factory at the same time. These were mostly Western European Jews, because they were usually sent to Auschwitz. After World War II, Jewish Jewish survivors in Western Europe were free to write and publish as they wished, while Eastern European Jews, prisoners behind the Iron Curtain, could not. In the West, memories of the Holocaust could (albeit very slowly) enter historical writing and the public consciousness.

This form of survivor history, for which the works of Primo Levi are the best example, inadequately captures the reality of mass murder. Anne Frank's diary talks about assimilated European Jewish communities, such as the German and Danish communities, whose tragedy, though horrific, was only a small part of the Holocaust. In 1943 and 1944, when most of the crimes took place among Western European Jews, the Holocaust was largely complete. Two-thirds of the Jews killed during the war were already dead by the end of 1942. The main victims, Polish Jews and Soviet Jews, were killed by bullets fired from death nests or by carbon monoxide from internal combustion engines, pumped. in the gas chambers of Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor in occupied Poland.

1.Leningrad (2009)

The action of the film takes place in November 1941. The city is under a continuous siege, the bombings do not stop, but the most disturbing for the 2,887,000 is the fact that the city was surrounded, completely canceling the connection with the rest of the world.

2.Anne Frank

Died of typhus at the age of 15, just two weeks before the release of the camp, Anne Frank, who could have become a great writer, became the best-known Holocaust victim and the voice of an entire generation.


In World War II, Officer Jack Rose is taken prisoner in the famous Colditz Castle in Germany. Here, he gathers around him the greatest team of escape specialists, only to find that in the end the greatest betrayal awaits him outside prison.

Auschwitz, as a symbol of the Holocaust, excludes those who were at the center of the historic event. The largest group of Holocaust victims - Orthodox Jews and Yiddish speakers in Poland or, in German vocabulary, Ostjuden - was culturally alienated from Western Europeans, including Jews from Western Europe. To some degree, they continue to be marginalized in the memory of the Holocaust. The Auschwitz-Birkenau death factory was built on the territories now part of Poland, although at the time they were part of the German Reich. Auschwitz is thus associated with modern-day Poland by anyone who visits it, although relatively few Polish Jews and almost no Soviet Jews died there. The two large groups of victims are almost missing from the memorial symbol.

An appropriate view of the Holocaust should place Operation Reinhardt - the killing of Polish Jews in 1942 - at the heart of its history. Polish Jews were the largest Jewish community in the world, and Warsaw was the largest Jewish city. This community was exterminated at Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor. About 1.5 million Jews were killed in these three places, 780,863 in Treblinka alone. Only a few dozen people survived these death factories. Belzec, although in third place in Holocaust crimes, after Auschwitz and Treblinka, is little known. 434,508 Jews perished in that death factory, and only two or three survived. Another million Polish Jews were killed in other ways, some in Chelmno, Majdanek or Auschwitz, many others shot dead in the eastern half of the country.

All in all, even though the number of Jews killed by bullets was not as high as those killed by gassing, they died of bullets in places forgotten in a hazy memory. The second very important part of the Holocaust is mass shooting in Eastern Poland and the Soviet Union. It began with the shooting of Jewish men by the SS Einsatzgruppen in June 1941, followed by the killing of Jewish women and children in July and the extermination of the entire Jewish community in August and September. At the end of 1941, the Germans (along with local auxiliary troops and Romanian troops) killed one million Jews in the Soviet Union and the Baltic States. It is the equivalent of the total number of Jews killed at Auschwitz during the entire war. By the end of 1942, the Germans (again, with consistent local support) had shot another 700,000 Jews, and the populations of Soviet Jews under their control had ceased to exist.


The plot of the Russian feature film is based on "a dramatic love story, set against the backdrop of a great battle." The action took place in 1942, when German troops occupied the banks of the Volga River.

5.The Devil's Arithmetic

Sixteen-year-old Hannah Stern (Kirsten Dunst, "Spiderman") accompanies her parents to visit Aunt Eva for the Jewish holiday celebration of Passover, but Hannah is uninterested in her uncle's stories of the Holocaust. Reluctantly taking part in the tradition of Seder, she opens the door to prepare for the arrival of the prophet Elijah and is mysteriously transported to Poland in the year 1941.

There were Soviet Jewish witnesses and chroniclers, such as Vasili Grossman. But he, like others, was forbidden to present the Holocaust as a Jewish event. Grossman discovered Treblinka as a journalist with the Red Army in September 1944. Perhaps because he knew what the Germans had done to the Jews in his native Ukraine, he was able to guess what had happened there and wrote a book about it. He called Treblinka a "hell" and placed it at the center of the war and the century. But for Stalin, the mass murder of the Jews was to be seen as the suffering of the "citizens." Grossman helped draw up a Black Paper on German crimes against Soviet Jews, which the Soviet authorities later banned. Stalin erroneously argued that if a particular group suffered especially under German occupation, it was the Russians. Thus, Stalinism obstructed our correct view of Hitler's mass murders.

In short, the Holocaust meant, in order: Operation Reinhardt, the Shoah with Bullets, Auschwitz; or Poland, the Soviet Union, the rest. Of the approximately 5.7 million Jews killed, three million were pre-war Polish citizens and another million were Soviet citizens: taken together, 70% of the total. (After the Soviet and Polish Jews, the next large group of Jews killed were from Romania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. If we take them into account, the Eastern European character of the Holocaust becomes even clearer.)

Even this corrected picture of the Holocaust leads to an incomplete sense of the extent of the mass murder policies of Germans in Europe. The "final solution," as the Nazis called it, was at first only one of the extermination projects to be implemented after a victorious war against the Soviet Union. If things went as expected by Hitler, Himmler and Göring, German forces would have implemented a "Hunger Plan" in the Soviet Union in the winter of 1941-1942. While agricultural products from Ukraine and southern Russia were sent to Germany, nearly 30 million people in Belarus, northern Russia and Soviet cities were starved to death. The "famine plan" would have been just a prelude to the "Generalplan Ost", the settlement plan for the western Soviet Union, which aimed to eliminate 50 million people.

6.The Pianist

The Pianist is the true story of a brilliant Polish pianist who, due to his Jewish origins, is forced to lead a fugitive life during the Nazi occupation of Poland in order to escape deportation.


Using the photo archive of the Warsaw Ghetto, this "interview" by Jon Avnet talks about the memoirs of Marek Edelman and the role he played in the 1943 imprisonment there against the Nazis.

The Germans have succeeded in pursuing certain policies that bear some resemblance to these plans. They expelled half a million non-Jewish Poles from the territories annexed to the Reich. An impatient Himmler ordered the implementation of a first stage of the "Generalplan Ost" in eastern Poland: ten thousand children were killed and one hundred thousand adults were expelled. The Wehrmacht intentionally starved nearly a million people during the siege of Leningrad and another hundred thousand in Ukrainian cities. Nearly three million captured Soviet soldiers starved to death in German camps with prisoners of war. These people were intentionally killed: during the siege of Leningrad, there was a plan and intent to starve people to death. If the Holocaust had not taken place, they would have been called the most horrific war crimes in modern history.

In the actions against the partisans, the Germans probably killed 750,000 people, of which 350,000 in Belarus alone, and a smaller but comparable number in Poland and Yugoslavia. The Germans killed more than a hundred thousand Poles during the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. If the Holocaust had not existed, these "reprisals" would have been considered one of the greatest war crimes in history. German occupation policies have killed non-Jewish civilians in other ways, for example, by hard labor in prison camps. Again, most of them came from Poland and the Soviet Union.

The Germans killed just over ten million civilians in the largest mass killings, nearly half of them Jews and half non-Jews. Both Jews and non-Jews came mostly from the same part of Europe. The plan to kill all the Jews was, in essence, realized; the plan to destroy the Slavic populations was only partially implemented. Auschwitz is just an introduction to the Holocaust, and the Holocaust is just a suggestion of Hitler's final plans. Grossman's books - Rhei's Slope and Life and Destiny - rename terror, Nazi and Soviet alike, and remind us that even a full characterization of German mass murder policies is incomplete as a history of European atrocity in the middle of the last century.

8.Der letzte zug

The Last Train is a 2006 German film directed by Joseph Wilsmeier and Dana Vavrova and starring Gedeon Burkhard, Lale Java and Lena.

9.Saving Private Ryan

Captain Miller must lead his men behind enemy lines to find Private Ryan. In the face of overwhelming enemy forces, the soldiers question the orders. Why do eight soldiers risk their lives to save one?

10.Escape from Sobibor

During World War II, those concentrated in extermination camps could only hope for survival by trying to escape. In the case of Sobibor, this was only possible if all 600 prisoners escaped.

It omits the state that Hitler was deeply intent on destroying, that is, the other state that massively killed Europeans in the middle of the century: the Soviet Union. During the entire Stalinist period, between 1928 and 1953, Soviet policies cautiously killed over five million Europeans. Thus, when one analyzes the total number of European civilians killed by totalitarian powers in the middle of the twentieth century, one must consider three groups of relatively equal size: Jews killed by Germans, non-Jews killed by Germans, and Soviet citizens killed. by the Soviet state. As a general rule, the German regime killed civilians who were not German citizens, while the Soviet regime killed civilians who were Soviet citizens.

Soviet repression is identified with the Gulag, just as Nazi repression is identified with Auschwitz. The gulag, despite all the horrors of forced labor, was not a mass murder system. If we accept that the mass murder of civilians is at the heart of political, ethical and legal concerns, the same historical feature applies to the Gulag and Auschwitz. I found out about the Gulag because it was a bearing system, not a set of death factories. The gulag detained 30 million people and shattered about three million lives. But a large majority of these people, who were sent to the camps, returned alive from there. Precisely because we have a literature of the Gulag - the best known book being Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Gulag Archipelago - we can imagine its horrors to a greater extent than we can imagine the horrors of Auschwitz.

Just as Auschwitz distracts us from the even greater horrors of the Treblinka, the Gulag distracts us from Soviet policies that killed people directly and premeditatedly by starvation and bullets. Among the Stalinist killing policies, two were the most significant: the famine of collectivization in 1930-1933 and the Great Terror in 1937-1938. It remains unclear whether the Cossack famine of 1930-1932 was intentional, although it is clear that more than a million Cossacks starved to death. It is well established that Stalin starved the Soviet Ukrainians to death in the winter of 1932-1933. Soviet documents revealed a series of orders from October to December 1933, given with obvious malice and intent to kill. In the end, more than three million people of Soviet Ukraine died.

11.The Grey Zone

Based on actual events, "The Grey Zone" is the story of the Auschwitz's twelfth Sonderkommando - one of the thirteen consecutive "Special Squads" of Jewish prisoners placed by the Nazis in the excruciating moral dilemma of helping to exterminate fellow Jews in exchange for a few more months of life. Stars Michael Suhlbarg, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Keitel, Mira Sorvino and Natasha Lyonne.

12.Out of the Ashes

Christine Lahti is the protagonist of this shocking film, inspired by the real case of Dr. Gisella Perl, one of the first women gynecologists in Eastern Europe, who was imprisoned in the Auschwitz camp during the Nazi occupation. When the Nazis decided to use her as a doctor, she was forced to become the assistant to the famous war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele. But through an amazing combination of defiance, humanity and strength, she managed to restore hope to thousands of people.

13.Sorok pervyy

An unexpected love story is woven between a Red Army sniper and a White Army officer …

What we read about the Great Terror also distracts us from its true nature. The great novel and the great memoir about this period are Dark at Noon by Arthur Koestler and The Defendant by Alexander Weissberg. Both focus on a small group of Stalin's victims, communist city leaders, educated people, some of whom are known in the West. This image dominates our understanding of the Great Terror, but it is incorrect. Taken together, the purges of the communist elites, the secret police, the army officers amount to no more than 47,737 dead.

The biggest action taken in the Great Terror, Operation 00447, was directed mainly at the "kulaci", ie peasants who had already been oppressed during collectivization. 386,798 lives. Several national minorities, together representing less than 2% of the Soviet population, accounted for more than a third of the victims of the Great Terror. In an operation against ethnic Poles who were Soviet citizens, for example, 111,091 people were shot. Of the 681,692 executions during the political crimes of 1937 and 1938, Operation Kulaci and those against national minorities killed 633,955, more than 90 percent of the total. These people were secretly shot, dumped in mass graves and forgotten.

The focus on Auschwitz and the Gulag minimizes the number of Europeans killed and moves the geographical center of crime to the German Reich and eastern Russia. Like Auschwitz, which draws our attention to the Western European victims of the Nazi empire, the Gulag with its well-known Siberian camps takes us away from the geographical center of Soviet assassination policies. If we focus on Auschwitz and the Gulag, we do not notice that in a period of twelve years, between 1933 and 1944, about 12 million victims of Soviet and Nazi mass murder policies perished in a certain region of Europe, one defined more or less by Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia today. In general, when we consider the Auschwitz and the Gulag, we tend to think of the states that built them as systems, as modern tyrants or totalitarian states. But such a view of Berlin and Moscow's thinking and politics tends to overlook the fact that mass killings took place mainly in European territories between Germany and Russia, not in Germany and Russia.

14.The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Set during World War II, the story is told through the innocent eyes of Bruno, the 8-year-old son of a concentration camp commander. The boy befriends a Jewish boy, behind the fence of the camp.

15.The Book Thief

The film tells the story of a lively and courageous girl named Liesel who transforms the lives of everyone around her when she is sent to live with an adoptive family in World War II Germany.

Mass killings is Eastern Europe, above all Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic States, lands that have been the subject of sustained policies of atrocity by both regimes. The people of Ukraine and Belarus, especially Jews, but not only, suffered the most when they came to the Soviet Union during the terrible 1930s and were subjected to the worst German repression in the 1940s. If Europe was, as Mark Mazower calls it, a "dark continent," Ukraine and Belarus were the heart of darkness.

Historical assessments that can be seen as objective, such as counting the victims of mass killings, could help restore a slightly lost historical balance. Germans who suffered terribly under Hitler and during the war are not at the center of the history of mass murder. Even if we include ethnic Germans killed during the flight from the Red Army, those expelled from Poland and Czechoslovakia in 1945-1947, and those who fell victim to the bombing of Germany, the total number of German civilians killed by state power remains comparable. little.

The main victims of direct killing policies among German citizens are the 70,000 "euthanized" patients and the 165,000 German Jews. The main German victims of Stalin remain the women raped by the Red Army and the prisoners of war detained in the Soviet Union. About 363,000 German prisoners died of starvation and disease in Soviet captivity, as did about 200,000 Hungarians. At a time when German resistance to Hitler is beginning to garner media attention, it must be remembered that some of the participants in the plot against Hitler in July 1944 were right at the center of mass murder policies: Arthur Nebe, for example. , who led Einsatzgruppe B in the Belarusian territories during the first wave of the 1941 Holocaust; or Eduard Wagner, the general superintendent of the Wehrmacht, who wrote a lively letter to his wife about the need to deny food to millions of hungry people in Leningrad.

16.The English Patient

At the end of World War II, Count Almasy suffered a terrible burn in a plane crash. Watched by a devoted and sensitive nurse, he remembers his life.

17.Sophie's Choice

Sophie, a Polish Catholic, is a survivor of the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. Here she lost her husband, children, and parents. Arriving in New York to write a book, young Stingo meets her and falls in love with her.

18.Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage

Oscar® 2005 nomination - Best Foreign Language Film. Most important awards: European Film Award - German Film Award - German Film Award - Audience Award German Film Award Best Bavarian Film The main question raised by this film is what can be done when you realize that the Nazi regime has Go crazy - do you resist, even though it is clear that it is useless or not?

It's hard to forget Anna Akhmatova: "The Russian land loves blood." However, Russian martyrdom and heroism, now vehemently proclaimed in Putin's Russia, must be placed on as broad a historical background as possible. The Soviet Russians - like any other Soviet citizen - were indeed victims of Stalinist policy: but the risk of being killed was lower than in the case of Ukrainians or Soviet Poles or members of other national minorities. During World War II, several severe acts of terror were extended to eastern Poland and the Baltic states, territories absorbed by the Soviet Union. In the best-known case, 22,000 Polish citizens were shot in 1940 in Katyn and four other places; Tens of thousands of other Poles and Baltics died during or immediately after deportations to Kazakhstan and Siberia. During the war, many Soviet Russians were killed by the Germans, but proportionally fewer than the Belarusians and Ukrainians, not to mention the Jews. The death toll from Soviet civilians is estimated at 15 million. On average, 1 in 25 Russian civilians was killed by the Germans during the war, as opposed to 1 in 10 in Ukraine (or Poland) or 1 in 5 in Belarus.

Belarus and Ukraine were occupied for much of the war, with German and Soviet armies crossing their entire territory twice in attack or retreat. German armies have never occupied more than a small part of Russia's territory for short periods. Even if we take into account the siege of Leningrad and the destruction of Stalingrad, German control of Russian civilians was much less than that of the Belarusians, Ukrainians, or Jews. The Russians claim the death toll in Belarus and Ukraine as belonging to Russia and treat Belarusians, Ukrainians and Jews as Russians: this leads to an imperialism of martyrdom, to the implicit claim to territory by explicitly claiming the victims. This seems to be the line proposed by the new historical commission appointed by President Dmitry Medvedev to prevent "falsifications" of Russia's past. Under the legislation being debated in Russia today, statements such as the above would be a criminal offense.

19.In Darkness

It is the year 1941. Leopold Socha, a dumpster and petty thug, comes across a group of Jews fleeing the ghetto who want to hide in the city's underground canals, which he knows very well. As such, he agrees to help them for a fee. What begins as a bargain turns into something unexpected, as for 14 months of maximum danger, they try together to fool death.

20.Schindler's List

The true story of Oskar Schindler, a womanizer and profiteer who saves the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. An emotional testimony about the horrors of war and the alteration of human characters in time of war.

21.La rafle.

1942. Joseph is 11 years old. This June morning, she has to go to school with a yellow star sewn on her chest. Between benevolence and contempt, Jo and other Jewish friends like him and their families learn how to live in a busy Paris.

If there is one general political lesson in the history of mass murder, it is the need to be cautious about so-called privileged development: attempts by states to achieve a political expansion that designates its victims, that motivates prosperity through mortality. The possibility of killing one group to the advantage of another cannot be ruled out, or at least that is the case. It is a version of the policies that Europe has witnessed and can continue to do. The only acceptable answer is an ethical commitment to the individual, namely that an individual is worth more in life than in death, and the above plans become unthinkable.

Today's Europe is especially remarkable for its unity and prosperity, with social justice and human rights. Probably more than any other corner of the world is immune, at least for the time being, to such soulless concerns for economic growth. However, memory has produced some strange deviations from history, at a time when history is needed more than ever. Europe's recent past may resemble the near future of the rest of the world. This is another reason to make the most accurate assessments.

22.A Bridge Too Far

War film, evoking the assault of American, Polish and British troops, to capture an important bridge behind the German front lines. The assault was carried out by a complicated action of paratroopers and armored troops

23.The Bunker

We are in 1944. The German army is retreating. Chased across the country by US allied forces, a company of Nazi soldiers seeks refuge in an anti-tank bunker. In the maze of tunnels below the bunker, strange, terrifying things begin to happen. One by one, the soldiers start cracking nervously or being killed. Paranoia dominates the whole group. Did the Americans infiltrate or is there a force of evil lurking within the walls of this complex?


Germany, January 1945. Young nurse Anna Mauth (Felicitas Woll) works at a hospital in Dresden and has a romantic relationship with Dr. Alexander Wenninger (Benjamin Sadler). When an English plane is bombed, the only survivor, the pilot Robert Newman (John Light), hides in the hospital attic. Here he is accidentally discovered by Anna. At any risk, she decides to help him!

25.Pearl Harbor

On a quiet Sunday morning, Japanese fighter jets flew across the sky, launching a surprise attack on U.S. military forces in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This day has plunged the United States into a war, changing the course of history.

26.Flags of Our Fathers

February 1945. One of the bloodiest battles of World War II takes place on the island of Iwo Jima. At the beginning of the battle, an American flag appears on Mount Suribachi, and the image of the 5 soldiers who raised it surrounds the USA.

27.Jakob the Liar

In 1944, in Nazi-occupied Poland, Jacob, the owner of a long-closed cafe in a Jewish ghetto, accidentally overhears a news bulletin on a banned radio station. Although full of joy, he cannot share the news.

28.Vilniaus getas

1942, Vilnius. Nazis kill 55,000 Jews, and 15,000 of them are locked up in a 7-pavilion ghetto. At the age of only 22, the sadistic commander Kittel has the mission to manage the ghetto in the Lithuanian capital, becoming master of people's lives. Kittel discovers that Hayyah stole a pound of beans and sentenced her to death. When he finds out that Hayyah is a successful former singer, he decides to put on a show in the old ghetto theater. Will it be a spectacle of life or death?


The Netherlands, 1944. A former famous Jewish singer, Rachel, now a refugee in rural Holland, tries to reach the territories liberated from German influence. A patrol captures the group of refugees it is in and only it manages to escape with its life. Arriving safely at her destination, Rachel joins the Resistance and, under the name of Ellis de Vries, manages to infiltrate the German Intelligence Service. He seduces Officer Muntze and he, seduced, offers him a job.

30.Inglourious Basterds

In German-occupied France, Shosanna (Melanie Laurent) watches helplessly as her family is executed by Nazi colonel Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz). Shosanna escapes through the ears of the needle and flees to Paris, where she creates a new identity.


During World War II, German Colonel von Stauffenberg is wounded in Africa and returns to the country. Dissatisfied with Nazi abuses, Stauffenberg agrees to lead Operation Valkyrie, which aims to assassinate Hitler.

32.Saints and Soldiers

Four American soldiers fighting in Europe during World War II are separated from the rest of US troops during the Malmedy massacre. The small group remains isolated and without any help behind enemy lines.

33.We Were Soldiers

In 1965, the first battle between the Americans and the Vietnamese took place. 400 American soldiers entered Vietnamese territory and found themselves surrounded. Harold Moore, commander, and reporter Galloway also found themselves facing this situation.


Inspired by real facts. 1941. Jews in Eastern Europe are massacred by the Nazis. Succeeding in escaping from a camp, three Jewish brothers take refuge in the forest. There they manage to turn a struggle for survival into something much more important.

35.Life train

One evening in 1941, Schlomo, the village madman, brings terrible news to his fellow Shetl (an Eastern European Jewish village): Germans kill and deport Jewish residents of neighboring Shetl to unknown destinations


In 1940, the Soviet secret services killed thousands of Polish prisoners of war. A subject hitherto considered taboo is analyzed by the famous Andrzej Wajda, who enters one of the darkest periods in the history of Poland.


In the spring of 1943, German and Jewish women gathered on Rosenstrasse in central Berlin to protest against sending Jewish husbands to concentration camps. The painful memories, which have become family secrets, have been preserved in modern-day New York. Ruth continues to perform Jewish mourning rituals for her late husband. Her daughter, Hannah, learns the story of her mother, a war orphan Selected in the official competition of the Vene Festival.

38.Naples - Elite fur den Fuhrer

We are in 1942. Friedrich Weimer, a 17-year-old hardworking boy from a working-class district of Berlin, loves boxing. His only problem is that he is always reluctant to give the final blow that could knock out his opponent. During a boxing match, he is spotted by a Naples recruiting officer who offers to help him. 'NaPolA' is the acronym for 'National Politische Erziehungs Anstalt' or 'National Institute of Political Education'.

39.Enemy At The Gates

As the German and Russian armies clash, Vassili, the sniper, ambushes his enemies. Vanity pushes him into a duel with the best German sniper, Major Konig, and the two find themselves engaged in a personal battle.

40.Into the White

WWII. Two planes, one British and the other German, crash into an isolated land. Driven by the freezing cold, both pilots seek shelter in the same hut. Although enemies, they will be forced to cooperate in order to survive.

41.Band of Brothers

This terrifying World War II saga closely follows the journey of the 147 members of Easy Company's paramilitary troops, from the first training sessions to the memorable day of landing in Normandy.

42.De Tweeling

After the death of their parents, twin sisters Anna and Lotte Bamberg have been brutally separated since the age of six. Anna stays in Germany, where she grows up in quite difficult conditions on the farm of her uncle Heinrich and his wife, Martha. Lotte, who is ill, has a happy life in the Netherlands, with her parents' more distant relatives - the Rockanjes family. In the years following the separation, the twins did their best to get in touch.

43.The Pacific

See all 10 installments of HBO's acclaimed World War II miniseries 'The Pacific' plus a 'making of' special, 'Anatomy of the Pacific War' featurette and 'Marines of the Pacific' featuring profiles of six WWII heroes.

44.The Great Escape

In 1944, a group of Allied prison officers organized the escape from Stalag Luft III, one of the best guarded prison camps in Germany. The preparations lasted a year and involved the participation of over 600 people.

45.Europe Europe

The film is based on real events between 1938 and 1945. Salomon "Solly" Perel is a Polish Jew from Germany, whose life changes radically when the Nazis break into his wife's apartment. Separated from her parents and siblings, Solly is saved only by the Nazi uniform she wears. This gesture is the forerunner of his future "career". From here, Solly is subjected to many attempts, but the biggest one is to kill the Jews.

46.Flames & Lemons

Drama centered on two fighters from the Holger Danske resistance group during World War II.

47.Max Manus

The film is based on the true story of resistance fighter Max Manus and follows the hero from the beginning of World War II until the summer of 1945. After fighting the Russians in the Finnish Winter War, Max returns. in Nazi-occupied Norway. He soon joined the resistance movement and became one of the most famous members of the so-called Oslo Group.

48.Letters from Iwo Jima

Over 60 years ago, American and Japanese soldiers fought on the island of Iwo Jima. Decades later, hundreds of letters are unearthed at Iwo Jima, letters that give face and voice to the men who fought there.


Documentary made by British television, which describes through reconstructions the catastrophic moments during the bombing and after it.

50.Hiroshima my love

"In the elements of the story there seems to be more of an excuse for the film than the film itself, which always amazes and surprises, offering developments that the mind cannot immediately perceive. There is always in the film an atmosphere of guilty meanings, Hiroshima, war, love lost, the anxiety that remains separate elements and does not even intend to crystallize. " - Peter Harcont 1974 (Film Comment).

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