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30 most funny Super Bowl commercials ever: 2022 edition

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The annual game of the National Football League Championship is called the Super Bowl. It is one of the largest sporting events in the United States. The NFL is the highest form of professional football league in the United States and is followed by sports fans across America. Only high-level teams manage to stand out in this tournament, with excellent performances from the best players in this sport. American football fans stick to games and appreciate excellent skills and strategy. Here is the list of the top 30 Super Bowl commercials.


Bemorepanda is ready to watch them with you.


1.Jason Momoa Superbowl Commercial



2.Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad - General Motors



3.Doritos Super Bowl 2020 Commercial Sam Elliott Monologue



The first game was played on January 15, 1967 in the AFL-NFL (American Football League - National Football League) championship. There, the winner of the NFL championship and the champion of the young rival American Football League (AFL) met for the title of world professional American football champion. After the final merger of the two leagues in 1970, the Super Bowl became the game for the NFL title. Since then, the game has been held annually on Sunday immediately after the end of the playoff stage. Initially, it was mid-January, then the game took place in the second half of January, and now it is on the first Sunday in February.


The Super Bowl games are denoted in Roman numerals rather than the year in which they took place. An NFL season starts in one calendar year and ends in the next, so using the year number is somewhat inconvenient. For example, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - winner of Super Bowl XXXVII - 2002 NFL season champion, although the title was played in January 2003.


4.Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial



5.Planters: Baby Nut - 2020 Super Bowl Commercial



6.Frito Lay Super Bowl Commercial 2021 Marshawn Lynch The Night Before



7.Budweiser Lost Dog Super Bowl Commercial



The Super Bowl is generally the most watched television event of the year in the United States, with many companies spending millions of dollars on in-match advertising. Commercial companies regularly design their most expensive advertisements for this broadcast. As a result, watching and discussing commercials became an important aspect of the event. Also, the start of the game was shifted later and later to capture Sunday night prime time on the US East Coast. The game ended before sunset for the last time in January 1977 in Super Bowl XI.


As a rule, the US anthem is played before the start of each match. Before the start of the game and during the ceremonies, popular singers and musicians perform between the second and third quarters; between the first and second half of the game, during the long break, there is traditionally a mini-show with the participation of rock and pop stars.


Game Day is the second most food consumed in the United States after Thanksgiving.


8.Cheetos Super Bowl Commercial 2021 Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Shaggy - It Wasn't Me



9.Full Pepsi Commercial | SuperBowl 53 | 2019



10.Full Pepsi Commercial | SuperBowl 53 | 2019Edward Scissorhands - Cadillac Super Bowl Commercial - Edgar Scissorhands - Timothée Chalamet



11.Charlotte McKinney - Carls Jr Ad Commercial - Super Bowl XLIX 2015 - The All Natural Burger



12.Super Bowl 50: Doritos Ad



We used to say that American football is completely different from European football (soccer), but it is somewhat close to the way rugby is played.  In the following, we will talk briefly about the main rules of the game of American Football.


 The main goal of American football is to accumulate as many points as possible, by taking the ball as far as possible in the opponent's field.  And since we're talking about the ball, let's just say that the ball used in this sport is an oval one, similar to the one used on rugby fields, but things are not the same in terms of playing equipment.


 If rugby is played without special equipment, in the case of American Football, the players are equipped with special protective equipment, which also includes special helmets.


The duration of an American Football match is 60 minutes at the professional level (4 quarters X 15 minutes) and 48 minutes at the collegiate level.  There are breaks in each quarter, with a longer break (12 minutes) at the end of Quarter 2. After each quarter, the pitches change.


13.2020 Lawyer Super Bowl Commercial Video - Hammer In Space!



14.Ad Meter 2019: NFL



15.Snickers Super bowl XLIV 2010 Commercial with Betty White and Abe Vigoda



16.Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love Super Bowl 2014 Commercial



17.Pepsi Commercial HD - We Will Rock You (feat. Britney Spears, Beyonce, Pink & Enrique Iglesias)



The timer of the game stops in the following situations - at incomplete passes, at various penalties or injuries, if a player goes out with the ball outside the playing surface, at the change of possession, when scoring or during Time Out.  Since 2005, the NFL has reduced the duration of the Play Clock Reset (in cases where the game is stopped when it is less than 10 seconds to the end) to 10 seconds instead of 25 m.


 Two teams of 11 players each play on the field, just like in European football.  The standard dimensions of the American football field are 100 yards X 53 (1 yard = 0.90 meters), to which are added the two end zones (End Zone) X 10 yards and the posts.


 The kick-off was followed by a 30-yard touchdown run by Kicker.  The first move of the game is called Snap - The center of the team passes the ball between the legs of a Quarterback, and he can pass / leave it to a teammate or run to the opponent's court.  Running with the ball is called Run and can be done by the QuarterBack receiving the ball or a so-called RunningBack.



18.Listen: 60 (NO MORE's Official Super Bowl 49 Ad)



19.Let's Grab a Beer | Anheuser-Busch Super Bowl LV Commercial | :60



20.Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s Super Bowl Commercial 2021: Get Back to Nature



21.Bud Light Seltzer Lemonade - Super Bowl LV - Last Year’s Lemons



Offense is the name of the team that holds the ball and aims to advance in the opposing lines, by passing or running (Run), until it crosses the goal line (Goal Line) and reaches the goal area (End Line).


 Defense is the name of the team that defends itself, trying to prevent the opponent from scoring.  As the ball rolls around, the ball rolls at 180 degrees.


Changing possession before the end of the 4 attempts is possible and takes place in 2 situations - when an attacker loses the ball out of control or when a defensive player intercepts one of the passes made by those in attack.


22.Chipotle | Can a Burrito Change the World?



23.Coors Big Game Commercial of Your Dreams: Dream Study



24.Cut Out With Cutwater



25.Come Clean to Close the Chore Gap



26.Dexcom Official Big Game Commercial 2021 with Nick Jonas



Each team consists of Offensive, Defensive and Special Team.  The latter comes into action in only 3 situations:

  •  Point - when the ball is kicked away into the opponent's court
  •  Field Goal - the ball is kicked to / from the opponent's goal
  •  Kick Off - at the start of the game


 The 10-yard rule refers to the 4 attempts that teams receive to try to make 10 yards - if the attacking team fails to advance beyond 10 yards, possession passes to the opposing team.  If, on the other hand, he advances over 10 yards, he receives an additional set of 4 attempts.


27.Get Your Stream on With The Disney Bundle | Disney+ | Hulu | ESPN+



28.Doritos 3D | Flat Matthew Super Bowl LV



29.Dr. Squatch Super Bowl LV Commercial 2021 - You're Not A Dish



30.Opportunity Knocks | Fiverr Big Game Commercial Extended Cut (2021)


Points in American Football are scored in the following ways:

  •  Touchdown - the ball reaches the opponent's End Zone, is worth 6 points and is given a chance to score an extra point
  •  Extra Point - obtained by transforming or running with the ball into the opponent's court
  •  After Touchdown, you receive one point if you score a kick (a short Field Goal) and 2 points if you try to reach the End Zone again.
  •  Field Goal - shooting the ball between the opposing goals, above the horizontal bar is rewarded with 3 points
  •  Safety - 2 points are awarded when an attacker is grounded in his own End Zone


Any match can end with the victory of one of the two teams or in a draw.  During the regular season, games that end in a draw and during which the score does not change even after the Extra Quarter end in a draw.  The situation is different in the Play-Off, where, if the tie persists at the end of extra time, the match continues until one of the teams scores.


 How the extensions start is determined by tossing a coin.  If the team that starts the game scores a touchdown, it wins.  If you score a Field Goal, your opponents get a chance to score a Touchdown - for victory or a Field Goal - to continue the game.  Only then, the first team to score ends the game, obtaining the points at stake.

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I remember the Baby Nut!
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me toooo

We know about cats that they are delicate and loving, that they can survive for days without food and that they sleep about two thirds of their lives.

We, however, discovered other abilities of these cats and curiosities that you probably haven't found out about yet. Cats are so funny and interesting, that Bemorepanda made a top of funny photos.

Not only the Egyptians worshiped cats, but also the Japanese. According to Cats International, tactical pets were declared sacred around the year 1000, including that part of the world. No wonder the internet is full of videos of pampered kittens!

You were probably wondering why your cat wants to play right after you fall asleep. Her fault is the impeccable sight, even when it is dark outside. However, cats cannot distinguish as many colors as we can. According to veterinary studies, cats can see up to five times better at night than humans, especially if their target is moving. Of course, their hearing is also very developed, especially when others around them are sleeping. Now you know why your cat prefers nightlife.

1.This cute tongue

2.After bath

3.Shark bite

4.Strange face

5.Tasty cat

6.Flying cat

7.Two friends

8.Ready for attack


10.This combination


12.Tasty cat

13.Lovely cat

14.Perfect photo

15.Tiered buddy

16.Maybe a nap?

17.Sweet cupcakes


19.The king

20.This face

21.Pet this cat


23.Got it?

24.Story on the toilet

25.Cutness overload


27.Cat in the house

28.Sexy cat

29.Pew pew pew

30.Nap time

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At first glance, Reddit may seem intimidating to the uninitiated observer. Self-proclaimed as the "front page of the Internet," Reddit is a massive and diverse community, and anyone who knows anything about the Internet can tell you that this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Similar to a lively city, there is a nice part of Reddit and a not so nice part. You can't just write the whole website based on a trip to the wrong neighborhood. At least not without first visiting the most beautiful pieces.

Reddit also includes funny topics, for this reason we find the freshest memes and jokes. Bemorepanda created the latest top.

1.So busy


3.Look here


5.Jazz potato


7.Lego in hell

8.Always here

9.Next one


11.Tan cream

12.Work from home

13.Thank you

14.Be positive

15.Move my chairs

16.Better be organic


18.Pants poop

19.Bill of rights

20.Cool cat

21.Pizza party

22.Flu Bug

23.Spider girl

24.Purpose of life

25.Little dobby

26.Eat and seat


28.Biden falls


30.Funny how that works

31.Going to

32.Med school

33.Every Christmas

34.Being a mom

35.GTA online

36.Funny reality


38.Worry about

39.Sea food

40.Humor based on pain

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Our life without cats would be boring. None of us can imagine life without pets. Cats are known as graceful animals, but sometimes they also fail. The collection of funny videos with cats, Bemorepanda has collected with great attention, because the internet is full of videos about funny situations with cats. We invite you to join us and enjoy the top we have prepared for you!

1.The tail is the biggest fun and passion for the cat, especially because it is permanently at a paw stretch.

2.Probably the litter decided to take revenge on the mistress, that's why it made a prank while using it.

3.This cat watched an action movie and got too much into the role.

4.When you are tired of your friend and that's why you decided to pack him and send it somewhere away from home.

5.We need a Oscar here for this cat.

6.Even cats are enjoying quarantine in front of TV.

7.Cat discovers it has ears for the first time.

8.Can I touch them, please? They seem so wet and funny!

9.New exercises for fitness at home during quarantine.

10.When you try to improvise your cat.

11.Cats are real magicians, at some point they can disappear without a trace.

12.A good dancer is always fastly improvising new moves.

13.I promise not to hurt him, honestly, I'm just touching him.

14.Knock down successfully, now the cat is the winner on the battlefield.

15.For sure it should get a place in the cast of Titanic.

16.That moment when you don't want a fight to take place and you decently take back what belongs to you.

17.Talented, brillian and fabulous cat.

18.Late night movies with your girlfriend.

19.He seems to be a holy being, moreover, all cats are holy.

20.This cat seems to be a caring mother, but already fed up with scared little ones.

21.Kisses before work are precious.

22.Stop doing boring things, play with me!

23.Home DIY rollercoaster for cats, it seems that he enjoys this!

24.Is it either a spa day or a daily routine for this cat?

25.Splish splash I was taking a bath!

26.Most brutal fight ever!

27.May Shazam identify this song for me, pleasa?

28.When your girlfriend is angry at you.

29.Cats are real stars of TikTok today.

30.How to prank your cat

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Quora is a very useful platform, where you can ask questions and other users will answer you.


On Quora you can follow not only the people you are interested in, but also their questions and answers to the problems that bother you. Like any business owner, or as a simple user, you will always have questions to which you could expect an answer. In order to obtain solutions to your problems, the Quora online site also offers you the opinions of other people who work in your field of activity.


Launched in 2010, Quora is an online site where people can post questions of interest and get answers from other people working in the industry. Moreover, through the multitude and variety of opinions, the platform allows users to weigh well before make a decision.


When you want to know more about a particular field, Quora offers answers and content from people who share your interests, people who have access to first-hand knowledge: doctors, economists, screenwriters, police officers, and military veterans.


The goal of Quora for every question on the page is to become the best possible resource for answers and solutions. The site allows you to build a personalized page. You will find more than 400,000 different topics, questions and answers that could inventive or competent interest depending on the field.


Of course, on Quora there are also some of the most stupid and funny questions. Bemorepanda collected the funniest questions and answers.


(1) If Einstein was so smart, why did he die?


Even Quora marked it as a joke question.


(2) I want to be a good, polite vampire. From where do I start?


Online Courses, Youtube Channels..Any suggestions?


(3) If I ejaculate am I a virgin?


Not his fault, sex education is not formally given by parents in many countries.


(4) Do Girls in IITs date boys who have backlogs?


Indian Education System for you. Marks matter. A lot.


(5) Why am I an ugly adult if I was a pretty child?


Umm..Looks like puberty hit hard.


(6) Will every person reading this question follow me on Quora?


Dear Quorans! Let’s all follow him.


(7) Can a baby get pregnant if someone have a sex with pregnant woman?


Take extra contraceptives for the zygote also.


(8) It is believed that a fish has a short term memory, but also eating fish sharpens the mind. What happens to the shark when it eats smaller fish?


Not sure if he is idiot or a genius scientist.


(9) Why must we wipe our own ass?


This one has actually has sensible answers.


(10) How do I calculate the fair price of a girlfriend using asset pricing theory?


This commerce geek’s episode should be on Crime Patrol.


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Americans celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday in November. This holiday is said to date back to 1623, but it was not until 1863, during the Civil War, that it became an official federal holiday, when President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national day for “Gratitude and prayer to our beneficent Father, who dwells in Heaven. ", on the fourth Thursday in November.


Thanksgiving in its modern form is said to have its origins in the harvest festival that pilgrims first held in Massachusetts, 1961. The first day of Thanksgiving in the true sense of the word is believed to have taken place in 1963, when pilgrims satisfied with the rich harvests, although it rained profusely and there was a danger of unsatisfactory harvests.


These early thanksgivings and praises took the form of specially organized services in the church, not necessarily in the form of a celebration. In the second half of the seventeenth century, thanksgiving after the harvest became much more frequent and began to become annual events. However, there were differences depending on the area, being celebrated on different days in different communities or taking place several times a year.


These harvest holidays continued in the following years in early autumn or winter, first as a religious improvisation and then as a civil tradition.


Bemorepanda has collected a funny top about Thanksgiving Day.


1.This is me on Thanksgiving


2.And the food is ready


3.Waiting for Thanksgiving


4.How it feels


5.Oh look, pie!


6.I am no cook.


7.When at Thanksgiving


8.Me at Thanksgiving


9.Forced into a million birds


10.Little me be like


11.What you think?


12.After Thanksgiving


13.Make Thanksgiving great again


14.Thanksgiving dinner tip


15.Not a single thank


16.No seconds til everyone had a plate


17.Food ready


18.Not anymore


19.Passing food


20.I came in like a butterball


21.What are you telling me?


22.A great dinner


23.Funny moment




25.Let us be Thankfull


26.Sitting at the big kids table


27.Brace yourselves


28.Children's table


29.Now back away


30.The meal is over

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