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50 funny Super Bowl quotes in 2022 to share with your friends

1 year ago

In American football, the title of the final game for the title of champion of the National Football League (NFL) of the United States of America. The game and its accompanying celebration over the years, Super Bowl Sunday, has become a de facto national holiday in the United States.

The Super Bowl is generally the most watched television event of the year in the United States, with many companies spending millions of dollars on in-match advertising. This caused the start of the game to shift later and later to capture Sunday night prime time on the US East Coast. The game ended before sunset for the last time in January 1977 in Super Bowl XI.

Super Bowl are magic words for Americans. As a spell, all of America pronounces them on the eve of the main sporting event of the year. Long before the start of the game, all tickets are instantly sold out, for which the lucky ones at the box office of the stadium lay out very decent money - $ 150-200. Well, whoever is unlucky will take more than a thousand dollars from that on the black market, the “scalp removers” - as the local speculators are called here.

The most popular magazine "Time" called the day of the "Super Bowl" - the biggest time-out in America. Indeed, the streets of most of the country's cities are emptying, and the entire nation sits down in front of televisions to watch the thrilling game live. The matches draw an audience of 125 million spectators, or almost one in two US residents, 750 million fans watched from overseas. TV companies from 70 countries of the world were reporting live from the stadium.

1. Joe Theismann, former Washington Redskins: “There are no geniuses in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein. ”

2. Torrin Polk, Wide Receiver of the University of Houston. When asked about the coach of the team, he replied: “He makes men out of us. He allows us to wear earrings. "

3. Former New Orleans Saints running back George Rogers: “I want to run 1000 or 1500 yards. It depends on what mark I will reach faster. "

4. Houston Oilers Coach Bill Petterson: “Guys, I want you to think about just one word all season. One and only one word - Super Bowl. "

5. Former linebacker Dick Batkus (Chicago Bears): "I never wanted to intentionally hurt anyone, unless it was something like a League match."

6. Wide Receiver Jerry Rice (San Francisco 49ers): "I feel like I'm the best, but you won't make me say that."

7. Michael Logsdon: “There will always be hope in this country as long as Monday Night Football is watched more than Friends.

In China, where American football is also not very well known, matches attract 300 million TV viewers. Broadcasts are also being made in the White House. In other years, when American spaceships were in Earth orbit, astronauts at sky-high heights also enjoyed a great game. Perhaps, in the world there is no other similar match in team sports, which would annually attract not only in America, but throughout the world as much of the audience as the Super Bowl.

Many popular singers and musicians performed before the start of the game and during the ceremonies between the second and third quarters. Game Day is the second most food consumed day after Thanksgiving. As a rule, the US anthem is played before the start of each match.

Advertising during the NFL finals is the most expensive in the world. Therefore, most car brands here do not advertise themselves directly, but their own values.

On the night of February 8, in the National Football League final, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Kansas City Chiefs and won the Super Bowl for the second time in their history. The main NFL game has a multimillion-dollar audience, and therefore advertising during these meetings is the most expensive in the world.

8. Don Meredith (Dallas Cowboys) about his coach: "Tom Landry is such a perfectionist that if he marries Dolly Parton (a famous country singer), he will ask her to cook something for lunch."

9. Randy Cross (San Francisco 49ers): "The NFL, like life, is full of idiots."

10. Joe Namath, former NY Jets quarterback: "When you win, it doesn't hurt."

11. Tim Wrightman (Chicago Bears) on his team: "The Bears are so tough that after the quarterback sack they follow his family to the stands."

12. Joe Jacoby (Washington Redskins): "I'll hit my own mom on my way to the Super Bowl." He was echoed by teammate Matt Millen: "To win, I'll knock Joe's mom down too."

13. Dan Fouts (San Diego Chargers): "Now that I'm done with football, I want to say that all defensive linemen are women."

The best commercials for automotive brands that were shown during the broadcast. Some of them are real art.

It would seem, why attack Norway? But this is what actor Will Ferrell does in his GM commercial.

Ferrell at the beginning of the video asks if viewers know which country sells the most electric cars. He shows Norway on the map and breaks the globe with the words that he will not tolerate such a thing. The actor gets into the car - an electric car Cadillac Lyriq - calls for help from comedian Keenan Thompson, singer Aquafina, and goes with them to Norway.

True, they travel different paths and end up confusing countries: Ferrell ends up in Sweden, and his friends in Finland.

In the end, Will Ferrell promises Norway that they will come after her, meaning the US and US plans to overtake Scandinavia in terms of the number of electric vehicles per capita - just recently GM changed its logo, which symbolizes the reformatting of the brand towards the production of electric vehicles. GM currently has just one electric car, the Chevy Bolt EV, but plans to expand its electric lineup to 30 by 2025.

Ford also did not directly advertise any particular model and instead offered to unite around the fight against coronavirus. The video turned out to be social and aimed rather at maintaining the reputation of the automaker.

In a one-minute video, the American company told how important it is to take care of each other in this difficult time, and how our loved ones need help. In the description, the authors noted that Ford was one of the first automakers to soften antiquity measures in their factories and switch to developing protective measures in automobiles.

In addition, Ford donated 120 million masks to communities and organizations in need.

14. Mike Ditka (Chicago Bears) in his usual manner: “Do you know how a three week old puppy differs from a sports journalist? At six months, the puppy stops whining. "

15. Bum Phillips (San Diego Chargers, New Orleans Saints): "If I die tomorrow, at least I will know that I died healthy."

“I had more sex in Serie B than I do now. There is more time left for that. " Gianluigi Buffon.

17. “Football coaches are like fish. Over time, they start to whine. " Giovanni Trapattoni.

18. “If I had to choose: go through four players and score a goal for Liverpool from 30 yards or go to bed with Miss World, it would be a difficult choice. Fortunately, I had both. " George Best.

19. “David Beckham cannot play with his left foot, cannot play with his head, does not tackle and scores little. Otherwise, he's fine. " George Best.

20. “When was the closest I made love to the start of the match? Actually, it was during a break. " George Best.

The promotional video from Jeep turned out to be no less social. In it, the company recalled how important freedom is and that it is it that unites people.

The video filmed the Jeep CJ-5 model, which was produced from 1961 to 1983 and is considered a classic.

“Jeep kicks off matchday with a reminder that we are stronger than the obstacles that stand in our way. Remember everything that unites us as Americans, ”- written in the description of the video on YouTube.

The company noted that for 80 years the Jeep name has always been associated with freedom, authenticity, adventure and passion. So the authors let us know that the cars of this brand are intended for those who dream and go to their dreams.

The American subsidiary of Japanese Toyota told the story of Jessica Long, a 13-time Paralympic gold medalist, in a commercial.

Jessica was born in Siberia, her name was Tatiana Kirillova. Her parents left her in the hospital - the girl was born without small shin bones. Adopted by her American parents at 13 months, she is now a 23-time Paralympic medalist.

Toyota uses this story to tell that each of us has hope and strength for everything we want to do.

21. “Mom said that I was the best. And I never argue with my mother. " Diego Maradona.

22. "A match without a goal is like love without a kiss." Jose Altafini.

23. “Do not consider me arrogant, because what I say is true. I am a European champion. It means that I am not like everyone else. I am special". Jose Mourinho.

24. “If I wanted an easy life, I would stay at Porto. A beautiful blue chair, the Champions Cup, God, and right after God - me. " Jose Mourinho.

25. “Are we playing bored? I do not care. We are winning. " Jose Mourinho.

26. “Football is no longer a game. This is an industry. " Zdenek Zeman.

27. “I don’t drink. I only make exceptions when I win the title with Glasgow Rangers. Therefore, people think that I am an alcoholic. " Ian Ferguson.

28. "Football is simple, but it's difficult to play." Johan Cruyff.

29. “I have done very well with some of the responsibilities of England coach. But not with the part where the players win the matches. " Kevin Keegan, former England coach.

30. “Before my debut for Besiktas, a lamb was stabbed on the field and my forehead was anointed with its blood. It's for luck. For some reason they didn’t do that in England ”. Ferdinand Forest.

31. “The worst part of being a soccer player? Interview". Lionel Messi.

32. “It’s an honor to wear a Liverpool shirt number 7. She makes me think of the legends of the club: Dalglish, Keegan and that guy from Australia. " Luis Suarez.

33. “You need to run all the time. Any player, in any situation, has many reasons to start running. But there is no reason why a footballer could stay in one place on the field. " Marcelo Bielsa.

34. “I dreamed of playing in pink boots since childhood. But now I understand that boots encrusted with diamonds are even cooler. " Niklas Bendtner.

35. "How could anyone even think that the team would be better without me?" Paolo Di Canio.

36. "I want to end every match dripping with sweat and blood." Paolo Di Canio

37. “I'm still not used to England. Not only does it rain all the time, but food is a real disaster. " Patrice Evra.

38. “Who would I be if I didn’t become a footballer? A virgin. " Peter Crouch.

39. When Paul Ince played with a bandage on his head, he looked like a glass of Guinness. Paul Gascoigne.

40. "I love tackles more than sex." Paul Ins.

41. “The most beautiful goal in football was scored by Maradona. But such a goal can only be scored by the British. " Omar Sivori.

42. “Unsuccessfully prepared? Prepare for failure. " Roy Keane.

43. "Football as a woman: a little irrational." Silvio Berlusconi.

44. “I did not watch the England vs. Argentina match at the 1998 World Cup. It was late and I had to go to bed. " Theo Walcott.

45. “When I was young, I tried to do what others asked of me. Now I'm doing what the game requires. " Thierry Henry.

46. ​​“I'm not a modern coach. I bought a computer five years ago. Until I figured out how this thing turns on. " Harry Redknapp.

47. “It can be difficult with foreign players. Often they are not interested in golf and horse racing. Some don't even drink. " Harry Redknapp.

48. “One title won with Roma is worth ten won with Juventus or Real Madrid. Francesco Totti.

49. "Raymond Domenech is the worst coach of the French national football team since Louis XVI." Eric Cantona.

50. “Do I regret hitting that fan? I wish I had hit him harder. " Eric Cantona.

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The day is coming when everything you hear "Happy Birthday, America" ​​comes at every step. Every year, on July 4, America celebrates an anniversary of its independence. It is a wonderful national holiday, which is accompanied by parades, concerts and incredible fireworks. People have fun at the barbecue and picnic, spend time with family, friends and sing a patriotic song "God Bless America". On this day, politicians do their best to impress us with their speeches and reflect on the country's history. It doesn't matter how deep you are patriotic, because the traditional patriotic quotes and sayings collected by Bemorepanda for the July 4 can move anyone to tears.

July 4 became a turning point in American history when the Declaration of Independence was adopted and 13 colonies were united into a single sovereign nation. This day probably means more to those who serve in the military now or have joined the military. But still, Independence Day unites all the people together, who want to be part of this remarkable event. In this case, a warm and happy quote or message from July 4 can make someone remember the happy moments in life.

An Independence Day theme includes various styles and types of feelings. The choice of greeting depends on your personal taste and a message you involve in it. Most of the quotes refer to freedom, which are quite provocative.

1. We must dare to be great; and we must realize that greatness is the fruit of toil and sacrifice and high courage.

2. Freedom is the breath of life for nations.

3. I love my freedom. I love America.

4. Democracy will cease to exist when you take it from those who are willing to work and give it to those who would not.

5. Do not let anyone claim tribute to American patriotism if they are even trying to remove religion from politics.

How To Save Money On Your 4th of July Party

6. I like to see a man proud of where he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place is proud of him.

7. America is the spirit of human exploration distilled.

8. The duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government.

9. It is better to die standing than to live on your knees.

10. We consider these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that these include life, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness.

What to Do in Orlando for Fourth of July Weekend

11. America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.

12. America is a song. We have to sing together.

13. You must love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of weapons, tanks and soldiers performing at the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where children throw Frisbees , the potato salad becomes blurry, and the flies die happily. You may think you've eaten too much, but it's patriotism.

14. America is much more than a geographical fact. It is a political and moral fact - the first community in which men set out, in principle, to institutionalize freedom, responsible governance and human equality.

15. Our country is not the only thing to which we owe our loyalty. It is also due to justice and humanity. Patriotism does not consist in waving the flag, but in striving for our country to be just and strong.

12 Best 4th of July Activities 2020 - Fun Things to Do on the Fourth of July

16. Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction. We did not send them to our children in blood. They must be fought for, protected and taught so that they can do the same.

17. Freedom is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.

18. True patriotism springs from a belief in the dignity of the individual, freedom and equality not only for Americans but for all people on earth, universal brotherhood and goodwill, and a constant and earnest endeavor toward the principles and ideals on which this country was founded. .

19. Freedom never came from the government. Freedom has always come from its subjects. The history of freedom is a history of resistance.

20. Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.

Cornwall Fourth of July

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Americans are brought up on ambition, the thirst for victory, the cult of a strong man, because such a game accompanies the life of every American, whether it be a simple worker, a billionaire or a president. Many people think that American football is the best fit for the national spirit, that it is a good school of life, where they teach the ethics of competition, striving for success.

It is symbolic that the heads of administrations in the White House have always paid tribute to American football. Presidents of the United States have rarely missed the Super Bowl during their years in office. Without exaggeration, the Super Bowl is considered more important than any other political event. There was a case when in 1985 the days of the inauguration of US President Ronald Reagan and the final cup match coincided. The hosts of the Capitol did not think long about what to do in this conflict situation; the celebrations in Washington were postponed a day later, and the cup meeting took place as scheduled.

The Super Bowl can be canceled, according to journalists, only in the event of a nuclear war, and even then only when it comes to American soil, which the US government is unlikely to ever allow in the foreseeable future. For more than a hundred years, there have been no battles throughout the country, except for sports, including on football fields. The thought that even if an armed conflict had occurred, the Americans, following the example of the ancient Greeks, who stopped all wars for the duration of the Olympic Games, would also try to settle the clashes in the world - in order to arrange a Super Bowl - a game that won the hearts of millions of Americans .

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes so you prepare for Super Bowl 2022.


2.Winning Super Bowl

3.Big macs

4.Blew a lead

"Super Bowl" are the magic words for Americans. As a spell, all of America casts them on the eve of the main sporting event of the year. Long before the start of the game, all tickets are instantly sold out, for which the lucky ones at the stadium box office lay out very decent money. Well, for those who are not lucky, “scalpers” - that is the name of local speculators here - will take more than a thousand dollars from that on the black market.

The most popular magazine "Time" called the day of the "Super Bowl" - the biggest time out in America. Indeed, the streets of most cities in the country are empty, and the whole nation sits down at the TV to watch the exciting game live. The last match brought together a record television audience - 125 million viewers, or almost every second inhabitant of the United States. 750 million fans abroad also watched the meeting. Television companies from 70 countries of the world reported live from the stadium, however, our Russian fans did not see the fight. It's a pity! After all, say, in China, where American football is also not very well known yet, the match attracted 300 million viewers. The broadcast also went to the White House in Washington. In other years, when American spacecraft were orbiting the Earth, astronauts at sky-high heights also enjoyed a great game. Perhaps there is no other match in the world in team sports that would annually attract not only in America, but throughout the world as many people as the Super Bowl.

What is the “Super Bowl”, whose peculiar influence covers almost the entire nation and a good half of the other humanity? This is the US National Football League (NFA) American Football Championship Finals.

The Super Bowl in America has become the altar of sports in modern society, it has become a place where football fans comprehend the values ​​of life and join immortality. The ancient Greeks found their gods on Olympus, and the Americans find their gods in the end zone of playing football fields in New Orleans and Passadon, Houston and Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami. So wrote the authors of the NFL advertising brochure, and, I think, were not far from the truth. American football has been and remains the number one sport in the United States of America.


6.He knows


8.A little harder

Whoever has been infected with the football virus at least once will not be cured of this disease until the end of his days. In the United States, a whole epidemic of such a sports disease broke out, which captured a good half of society.

And here's what's interesting: American football fans are not at all in a hurry to get rid of this scourge, on the contrary, they are in a hurry to infect their household, friends, work mates with it.

However, it doesn't take much effort either. It all starts, of course, with a trip to the stadium for the next football match as spectators, well, it ends ... It ends with the fact that many themselves seek to taste what kind of thing this is - "American football"?

Easy to say, taste. And how to practically do it - play American football, if you don't have anything expensive required. It all starts, of course, with a trip to the stadium for the next football match as spectators, well, it ends ... It ends with the fact that many themselves seek to taste what kind of thing this is - "American football"?

Easy to say, taste. But how to practically do it - play American football if you don’t have any expensive protective equipment, if there is no real football field nearby, and if you are not old enough or not old enough to qualify for a place in the team? Nothing wrong! You can play a light version of American football, the so-called flag football, which is very popular in America and Western Europe.

9.Almost had it


11.Posting to Snapchat


13.How hard

14.Super Bowl memes

15.For the commercials

16.Got my vote

17.So strange

18.Go sports

19.Sexy dance



22.Sweet victory



25.Top memes

26.White woman

27.Guarantee hate

28.My camera

29.Detroit tigers

30.Hey Arron

31.Falling asleep for a lot of money

32.Just wait

33.Hi, mom

34.Goat bowl

35.Patriot players



38.Not for me


40.Popular vote

41.Just after quarantine


43.Zoom meeting

44.Age difference


46.Sponge Bob tribute

47.Good time

48.Apartment with a dog

49.Hunger Games

50.Ice cream

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This year, the NBA celebrates its 76th anniversary - on November 1, 1946, the first match was played in the Basketball Association of America, in a league that the NBA considers to be its direct and only ancestor.

Over these 75 years, the NBA has gone from a nearly bankrupt, minor tournament in a not the most important sport to a league that is in the top 5 on the planet in terms of revenue, TV ratings, followers on social networks, and the total number of fans.

As delightful as basketball itself is, the NBA owes this leap in popularity to superstars. Which she skillfully promotes both during and at the end of her career - Michael Jordan remains one of the most recognizable athletes today, although he has not played for 18 years, and for the Chicago Bulls since 1998.

Bemorepanda collected the most famous quotes from NBA players, some of them are really funny.

The joy of Allen and Dudley, Wall's problems with geography, the surprise of Iguodala, Rodman's statement are among the five most curious quotes of the day in the NBA.

“I want to thank the gentlemen for everything that he did and continues to do. I'm staying with the Grizzlies! "

- Tony Allen, Memphis defender.

For one of the best "personals" of the association, according to overseas publications, at least seven clubs of the strongest league in the world were hunting. However, they were not destined to even smell the prey. So, Tony Allen agreed to a four-year contract with Memphis in the amount of $ 20 million. Have you made a bargain? Unlikely. After all, excellent recoil in your own half of the court does not negate passivity in attack. In addition, this agreement will allow the collective to sign one or two performers thanks to various kinds of exceptions - and still not pay the luxury tax.

“I won't lie - I'm excited about the opportunity to play closer to home. If I was allowed to choose any team in the NBA in which I would like to pursue a career, it would be the Clippers. It's time to get down to business! "

- Jared Dudley, Clippers quarterback.

July has begun extremely merrily, gentlemen! So the Clippers and Phoenix, with the symbolic help of Milwaukee, made an interesting deal. According to it, Dudley and Reddick went to Los Angeles, Bledsoe and Caron Butler went to Arizona. Finally, the Bucks secured two picks in the second round of the draft. Whatever one may say, the team from the City of Angels turned out to be a clear winner.

The arrival of two top-notch snipers will diversify the squad's attack and take some of the burden off Paul and Crawford. As for the Suns, firstly, together with the trade, they took about six million extra million in payment. Secondly, we have replenished with one of the most overrated players of our time.

 At least Butler looks like a bargain, but who knows how much more injury-prone performer over the course of his career will be able to perform at a high level. As for Milwaukee, the squad out of the blue (the team was not going to sign a new contract with Redik anyway) got two draft picks. In the second round, of course, but it's better than nothing.

"Wow! Are they serious? Well, there will be additional motivation ",

- Andre Iguodala, defender / forward.

This is how Iguodala reacted to the Sacramento proposal. So, the Kings are ready to put as much as 52 million greens on the table for a four-year contract with Andre. The amount that surprised the player himself. Well, the Kings continue to collect defenders (although in California Iguodala would probably play as a light forward). At the same time, Andre would become the only basketball player of the team working out in his half of the court. The only question is, will the former Philadelphia player agree to go to an organization with a not very good reputation (the “Bermuda triangle” of basketball talents) even for that kind of money?

"I've never been outside the States"

- John Wall, Washington Defender.

Oh, those overseas athletes. Like grown children. In the ability to handle the ball to the representatives of the NBA, of course, you will not refuse. But basketball skill does not eliminate the gaps in education. And if it would be nice for Shabazz Muhammad to pull up mathematics, then John Wall is just right to get acquainted with the basics of geography. So, the other day the playmaker said that he had never been outside the United States in his life. But in which country does he think Toronto is located? The defender has already played with the Raptors there six times! Sure, John didn’t look his best in those games (only converting 39% of shots for the field), resulting in Washington losing five out of six games, but is that a good reason to ignore Canada as a country? However, another option is also possible. Maybe Wall is just a pathological liar.

“The fact is, he never launched the bombs. Not to South Korea, not to the Hawaiian Islands ... anywhere, in general. People say he's the worst guy in the world. But Kim told me he didn't want to fight America. Moreover, he just wants to talk to Barack Obama about basketball. Unfortunately, Obama wants nothing to do with him. But I ask, Mr. President, what's wrong with a regular phone call? It's a new age, man. Come on, Obama, reach out to Kim and become his friend.

My task is to break the ice between the warring countries. Why exactly I should smooth out sharp corners, I do not understand. It's not my job to guard us. This is Obama's job. But I’ll tell you this: if I don’t finish in the top three candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, something is really going wrong, ”

- Dennis Rodman, former NBA player.

The truth-teller of all America again came to the fore. That is how he is, Mr. Rodman. She feeds on human attention, like the wife of an oligarch - on fur coats. Another loud statement by Worm: he is worthy of the Nobel Prize. On the one hand, it's funny, given the shocking appearance and dubious past. On the other hand, why not? At least in terms of dialogue with North Korea, Rodman certainly did more than thousands of ministers in suits. So maybe it would be worth rewarding Dennis for his work?

6. What is love? Love is to play every game as if it were the last. ”-Michael Jordan.

7. “He said that both Dean and I strive to achieve the same thing in different ways. Coach Smith is the master of the quadrangle attack, and Coach Knight is the master of the four-letter word. "- Michael Jordan

8. “I Can Accept Failure, But I Never Take Action” - Michael Jordan

9. “I never thought about the consequences of a decisive shot. When you think about the consequences, you think about the negative outcome. "- Michael Jordan

10. “I have always believed that if you work hard, you will certainly have a result. I don't do anything without enthusiasm. Because I know it will have negative consequences. "- Michael Jordan

11. “I've missed over 9,000 shots in my career. I have missed almost 300 games. When I took the decisive shot, I didn't always hit. I have failed many times in my life. This is why I succeed. "- Michael Jordan

12. “When you go to your goal, there is an obstacle in your way. I came across them, everyone came across. But obstacles shouldn't stop you. When faced with a wall, do not turn back, do not retreat. Find a way to overcome this barrier, work on it. "- Michael Jordan

13. “Just a game. Enjoy the game. " - Michael Jordan

14. “The game is my wife. It requires loyalty and responsibility. She gives me a sense of calm and peace. "- Michael Jordan

15. “To be successful, you have to be selfish. Otherwise, you will not achieve anything. Once you get to the top of your goal, become selfless. Stay in touch with others, do not put yourself above others. "- Michael Jordan

16. “Everyone dreams of being the next Michael Jordan. I have to prove that I am still myself Michael Jordan "- Michael Jordan

17. “I am leaving this game in good hands. There are so many new stars now. I pass on to them what I received from Dr. Jay, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird. I am passing this on to these stars and to all the other NBA players now. I want to thank you for your support. Now I can go home with a light heart. "- Michael Jordan

18. “We can't stop him. Nobody can't stop him "- Paul Westphal about Jordan

19. “I hope the guys who started with me at the Military Academy in 65 watched the game today and told their grandchildren: I was there when that son of a bitch won for the first time” - Bobby Knight

Arnold "Red" Auerbach once said, "The Boston Celtics are not just a basketball team, they are a way of life."

20. Wilt Chamberlain: “I felt like I had the talent to do great things on the basketball court. I couldn't do everything I wanted, because if it weren't for the circumstances, I would have won every game. "

21. Bill Russell: “Wilt was my greatest opponent. I will not even name a player who was at least approximately equal in level of talent. "

22. Wilt Chamberlain: “Basketball is a team game. I was lucky to play during a fantastic basketball time. There was a different type of game, we played more technically. I was a different kind of athlete for that time. "

23. Jerry West, former Lakers quarterback and Basketball Hall of Famer: “The irony about Wilt was that he never seemed relaxed or cheerful. After he retired from basketball, it seems like he really relaxed. Most of all this has to do with the fact that he was Wilt Chamberlain, and no one will take this property away from him. I think these things worried him all his life. It's hard to be a giant. "

24. “We were just the best team in basketball history,” Chamberlain said.

25. “It was a great game until Dwyane Wade decided to decide everything in his favor. And it was all decided "- Spurs head coach Greg Popovich on Dwayne Wade, who scored 18 of 26 points in the fourth quarter, while Miami beat San Antonio 100-85.

“Most guys in this League play through pain. They must play "

26. “Last year, he was so 'hungry' for a ball in a triangle that it came down to a line rather than a geometric shape. Kobe is against everyone. Now he accepts his partners, his role in the system, ”said one scout of the Eastern Conference team.

27. “You hit - you win, you miss - you lose. We got it "- Suns head coach Mike D'Anthony

28. “Have you seen And1 Tour on TV? It ruins the game for a generation of children, convincing them that it is basketball. This is not basketball. This is pure entertainment. This is not bad for its specific purpose. But that won't help the US team reclaim their spot at the top of the basketball world. It won't help develop the game. ”- Basketball Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy.

29. “I never go out on the court unsure that I am the best among all the players. Except for one case. 2 games of the 1993 NBA Finals in Phoenix. We lost 1 game, then I was determined to do everything, literally everything, in order to bring the team into the 2 game with a victory. I got 42 points and Michael just didn't let me win. I looked at him and thought, “Damn it, he's better than me. He's better than anyone on the court ”/ Take my word for it: No one has ever played better than Michael.” - Charles Barkley.

30. “It's good to win away. It becomes quiet in the stands - like in a church "- Chauncey Billups

31. "The Limit Can Only Be Clouds" - Stephen Jackson.

32. "Some fear the last Shot - Others live for It".

33. “O'Neill is so big that it's hard to beat him in the first step. Wherever you go, he's already there. ”- Chris Kaman.

34. “That play was:“ Give the ball to Michael and everyone else get the @ ## @ #% out of the way ”-Chicago Bulls head coach Doug Collins, on“ The Shot ”

35. “I've reached the pinnacle of my career. I just feel that I don’t have anything else to prove ”

-Michael Jordan, announcing on October 6, 1993 his retirement from the Chicago Bulls

36. "I'm back" - Michael Jordan, announcing on March 18, 1995 his return to the Chicago Bulls

37. If you don't know the fundamentals of basketball, then you can't play. You think you can. A street player always thinks he can play until he gets in there with me or someone else ”- Michael Jordan

38. “I think with my experience and ability to be a leader on and off the court, I can help Phoenix. The team already has an excellent line-up. But Phoenix sometimes has problems in matches with some opponents. I think that with my appearance, we will look good in the game with any opponent. ”- Shaquille.

39. “I've heard a lot of talk about my health and age. So, you will be surprised. The team needs someone who can ignite. I will rock, pick up rebounds so that Nash and the others do what they can. ”- Shaquille.

40. “Nothing hurts me anymore. If you want to take an exam, you will see that for my age I have a wonderful body. I had some problems with my hip, but the doctors assured me that everything would be fine. ”- Shaquille O'Neal

41. “I'm not in the mood right now. In such cases, the new championship helps me the best ”- Shaquille O'Neal

42. “I know that LeBron hates me when I beat him,” chuckled Carmelo Anthony, who won a face-to-face duel against LeBron James.

43. "We're the best! Do not doubt! I know that for sure! If anything, look at me and believe - everything will work out! " - Kobe Bright

44. “The first reason is Kobe. First, I asked to patronize him one-on-one, then I tied two to him. Needless to say, three could not contain Bryant. "Zone", personal protection ... He bypassed everything. Nothing worked. Kobe just settled on the free throw line. He is a great player, and great players have matches like this. There are many matches like that. ”- Avery Johnson

45. “He's not a basketball player. Like me, he is a basketball player. ”- Bill Russell on Kevin Garnett.

46. “If you look, there are about 400 players in the NBA. Only four hundred! Four hundred from all over the world! " - Andrey Kirilenko

47. "Love mo or hate me" - Kobe

48.  "That's my fault. When we hit free throws, it's my fault. Lost both games - too. Blame me. It is my fault that we fouled at a crucial moment of the game. It's my fault that a couple of people in the lower ranks ordered a Heiniken and they got a Budweiser. Sorry. And I'm serious. These are all my mistakes. Sans "merged" two games - McGrady is to blame. This is how I feel. Accusations from all sides. "- Tracy McGrady

49. “I picture Michael Jordan sitting on the couch watching our episode with envy. He was never allowed what LeBron James is now getting. He had to make his way to the ring through blows and jolts. That is why he is considered the best basketball player in the history of the game. "- Sam Cassel

50. "Offence wins Games, Defense wins Titles".-Magic Johnson

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