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New 50 Kamala Harris funny memes and jokes in 2022 that are too hilarious to ignore

1 year ago

Senator Kamala Harris - chosen by Joe Biden as vice president in case he wins the White House race - is known as a prominent politician of color, but she is equally proud of her Indian roots.

My name is pronounced Komma-la, as in the case of the punctuation mark, wrote Kamala Harris in her autobiography from 2018, The Truth We Hold (n.r.). The California senator, the daughter of an Indian-born mother and a Jamaican-born father, then explained what her Indian name means: "lotus flower," a powerful symbol in Indian culture. "A lotus grows underwater, its flowers rise to the surface, while its roots are firmly anchored to the bottom of the river," the senator explained.

Today Bemorepanda collected some funny memes about the USA Senator.

1.Maya Rudolph tweet

2.Cool girl

3.Cool fact


5.First debate

As a child, young Kamala and her sister, Maya, grew up in a home that listened to the music of black American artists. Her mother, a cancer researcher, sang Aretha Franklin's gospels, while her father was a jazz lover who taught economics at Stanford University.

Shyamala Gopalan and Donald Harris broke up when Kamala was five years old. Raised by their mother, who never remarried, Kamala, Maya and Shymala were known as "Shymala and the girls", and the mother made sure her daughters were aware of their roots, writes BBC.

Kamala Harris and her sister, Maya Lakshmi Harris, are very close. "My mother understood very well that she has two black girls to raise. She knew that her adopted country would see Maya and me as girls of color, and she was determined to raise two very confident women of color, ”wrote the woman who could become the first female vice president in US history.

"Harris grew up embracing her Indian culture, but proudly living African-American life," The Washington Post wrote last year.

6.A woman


8.First VP

9.Where’s Kamala?

Her mother was a prodigious young woman: she graduated from Delhi University at the age of 19 and left India in 1958 to pursue a doctorate in nutrition and endocrinology, later becoming a researcher in breast cancer. She received her doctorate at the age of 25, in 1964, the same year she gave birth to Kamala. He went to work until the last minute. When the water broke, he was in the lab.

Shymala Gopalan had promised to return to India after graduation, and had even agreed to an arranged marriage. But fate changed his plans. He met Harris, with whom he fell in love, in Berkeley while participating in the civil rights movement.

However, Kamala Harris has often accompanied her mother on visits to her grandparents in India, and she keeps in touch with her mother's family.

Shyamala Gopalan died in 2009 at the age of 70.

A few months after Kamala Harris gave up her presidential dream, she now has the chance to reach the White House by teaming up with former Vice President Joe Biden.

A year ago, the California senator stood out among the Democratic Party candidates and openly criticized Joe Biden for a debate, but in late 2019 announced that she was giving up the campaign due to lack of funds.

Kamala Harris was born in Oakland, California. He is 55 years old.

Kamala spent five years in Montreal, Canada, where she and her sister accompanied her mother, who had received a teaching position at McGill University. He then went to college in the United States, spending four years at Howard University, one of the most prominent educational institutions in the history of the black community in the United States, an experience that the future senator confesses marked and formed.

10.I wear pearls

11.I’m speaking


13.Who is she?

14.Pick a running mate

Proud of her multicultural heritage and identity, Kamala Harris simply describes herself as "American." In 2019, he told The Washington Post that politicians should not adapt their behavior to their color or background. "My point is: I am who I am. I'm good as I am. Maybe you have to figure it out, but I don't mind, "she said.

After four years at Howard, Kamala Harris graduated from law school at the University of California and began her career at the Almeda District Attorney's Office. She then became chief prosecutor in San Francisco in 2003, then was elected attorney general of the state of California, becoming the first woman and the first person of color to hold this important position in America's most populous state.

During her nearly two terms as attorney general, Kamala Harris also entered politics, becoming one of the rising politicians in the Democratic Party, which led to her being elected senator for California in 2017. in the US Congress.

Following her election to the US Senate, the former prosecutor stood out especially at the hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, a proposed Supreme Court judge, and William Barr, the current US attorney general, to whom he asked awkward and insistent questions.

Then, at the beginning of last year, he launched his candidacy for the 2020 presidential election, in front of a crowd of over 20,000 people. She was born in Oakland, California, where she was born.

At first, she was enthusiastic, but the senator failed to give consistency to her campaign and gave evasive answers to key policy questions, such as health insurance. In the debates, however, she proved to be a very good speaker, showing her skills as a prosecutor and often her arrows targeting Joe Biden.

15.Tulsi or Kamala?


17.That was awesome

Harris tried to go somewhere in the middle, on the fine line that separates the wings of progressives and moderates from the Democratic Party, but in the end failed to attract either side, and in December announced his withdrawal from the race. , just before the Iowa primary election.

Then, in March, Harris announced his support for former Vice President Biden, saying he would do everything in his power to be elected future president of the United States.

Despite her left-wing stance on issues such as gay marriage and the death penalty, Kamala has been attacked by progressives for not being open enough, especially on issues such as police reform, drug reform and wrongful convictions.

When Kamala Harris married lawyer Douglas Emhoff in 2014, she put a wreath around his neck and stepped on a glass, "to preserve the Indian and Jewish heritage," she said.

The couple has no children together, but Kamala Harris is a stepmother to the two children the lawyer has from a previous marriage. It's called "Momala."

The couple's fortune is estimated at $ 5.8 million.

As for Maya, the senator's sister, she was a political analyst at MNSBC, and her husband, Tony West, now works for Uber, but was an official in the Justice Department.

18.Raised eyebrows

19.No evidence

20.Mouth shut

21.Budget stuff

22.The Giggler

23.Waving goodbye

24.Tonight debate

25.Two days later

26.Good good

27.Batman and Kamala

28.Best protection

29.Kamala Harris

30.Oh, yes, that’s me

31.Fair enough

32.Asking for money

33.Blow it

34.Vote for me

35.Who would win?

36.My face


38.If you have a problem

39.My friend

40.I’m speaking

41.Don’t believe in science

42.Crop line


44.All men are evil




48.Who else?

49.Hillary Clinton

50.Super spread

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1 year ago
The next president of US?

Valentine's Day, the Western holiday of love is celebrated every year on February 14. On this day, lovers around the world celebrate Valentine's Day. This holiday, when people send about 150 million greeting cards, is considered the second most popular holiday after Christmas.

The origin of this holiday of lovers is not clear even today, there are only the legends that mysteriously surround this day and that have in their center St. Valentine. The first attestation of February 14 was in the year 498, when three saints were appointed by Pope Gelasius I, the date of their celebration being this day.

But the holiday remains associated with the name of Valentine in Rome, who was sent to prison for secretly officiating marriages for soldiers who were forbidden to do so. While in prison, he allegedly healed his guardian's daughter, Asterius. It seems that, before the execution, he would have sent her a letter, which he signed with "your Valentine", as a sign of goodbye.

On the other hand, other legends claim that this day is celebrated in early February, because during this period the Roman holiday Lupercalia took place. The event took place around February 15 and honored fertility, Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture, but also Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome.

Bemorepanda collected a top of funny memes for this day.

  1. Valentine's Day is coming


2.Do you have a crush?


3.Around the corner


4.Violets are blue


5.The day of love


6.Single on Valentine's Day


7.It's Valentine's Day


8.Stuff of love


9.Regional Manager


10.Spending Valentine's Day


11.Solo for too long


12.Kanye likes kanye


13.Prettier face


14.Saved money on Valentines Day


15.Attention lover


16. What about lonliness




18.Valentines Day less than 2 weeks away


19.Valentines Day?


20.Do I have a date for Valentines Day?


21.Treating you right


22.This fish, is my fish


23.Boyfriend's clothes


24.I'm DTF


25.When bae text you love messages


26.Relationship goals


27.The day I met you


28.Hi there, how are you


29.I am not the best


30.Both crazy, but you're in love


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Hopefully, unlike others, your 2020 is going well. We hug everyone else and try to cheer up with our traditional collection of funny and interesting photos about everything. Look, and let this miserable 2020 get a little better. After all, are we here to have fun or what?

There is nothing easier than being sad, because you don't need to do anything for this. They say it is harmful, and we also heard that when you are sad, an Arctic crab is sad somewhere. Do not offend the crab, it is better to check out our collection of best memes for september, with which no one will be bored for sure. Let's laugh!

1.Understanding a joke after 3 minutes

2.2020 be like:

3.2020 outfit of the month

4.A single use mask that we deserve

5.Quarantine day nr. 15

6.Fail of 2020

7.Do you trust me?

8.Me at the middle of the night

9.The quarantine be like:

10.Me deciding what to do

11.My brain everytime someone jokes

12.My moods during quarantine

13.About cheap powerbanks

14.Your butt napkins, my Lord!

15.Where is the towel?

16.The guy on the back

17.Wearing a hood

18.Who want to travel?

19.My whole life is ruinned

20.Never sleep with a foot outside the blanket































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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is a staunch supporter of fair and deserved salaries, who was also a Democratic presidential candidate but lost his nomination to Biden. The politician is also known for his practical clothing choices, as evidenced by his latest outing in the world, the one at the inauguration of Joe Biden on Wednesday. The photo, in which he sits alone on a warmly dressed chair, has become the most viral and discussed this week, and users have not hesitated to create memes on the subject.

Sanders enjoyed the strongest political support from young voters, but that did not help him become the Democratic presidential candidate either. The senator still seems to remain the favorite of young Americans, forgetting how actively his unusual presence at the inauguration event is discussed.


While the day belonged to Biden, the meme with Sanders became a show full of fun and entertainment, creating the impression that the inauguration of the new president is a second political event.


The first posts on social media were about how he looks, about his unusual, relatively unpleasant outfit. Some users saw in Sanders uncles, grandparents and fathers at a boring family party.


Then, memes appeared in which users took the original image and found new locations for the famous photo. And Bemorepanda collected it for you.


1.Order shipped




3.Battle time




5.Game of thrones


6.After meal


7.Stimulus money


8.Gangam style




10.On the top


11.On vacation




13.Keep the secret


14.Corona time


15.Perfect team


16.Secret lover


17.Travelling together

Bernie Sanders Meme Reaches Egypt | Egyptian Streets


18.That's fashion

Bernie Sanders turns his inauguration meme into a sweatshirt for charity |  Dazed


19.No eyes for this

Our favourite Bernie Sanders inauguration memes | Wonderland


20.Fishing time

Bernie Sanders' Viral Inauguration Memes Arrive in Russia - The Moscow Times


21.Read the news


22.About depression

18 Bernie Sanders memes for every parent who needs a laugh today



SLIDESHOW: Funny memes of Bernie Sanders and his Inaugural mittens is the  gift that keeps on giving | KTSM 9 News


24.Hold him

The Best Bernie Sanders Memes And Jokes After That Adorable Mitten Picture  | Grazia


25.A good selfie

Indian Country Adds Flair to Bernie Sanders Memes | Currents


26.Wear warm clothes

Bernie Sanders in Munnar? Kerala Tourism's Hilarious Meme on Viral US  Senator Pic is a Win


27.Lovely pair

Bernie Sanders in 'Hum Saath-Saath Hain': Internet explodes with memes |  The News Minute


28.Perfect painting

Artist creates mural of viral Bernie Sanders meme | News-photos – Gulf News



Bernie's Viral Meme Fetches Mitten Maker 13,000 Emails For Orders


30.Hair time

The 18 craftiest brand memes featuring Bernie Sanders and his inauguration  mittens | Ad Age

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Vaccines are used all over the world as an effective solution to protect people from contracting infectious diseases, helping to prevent the spread of disease in the community. Vaccines work by "teaching" the human immune system (the body's natural defense mechanism) to defend itself against a certain disease. They mainly target diseases caused by viruses or bacteria.

The current pandemic with the new Coronavirus has stimulated medical technology to develop new safe and fast methods of obtaining prophylactic preparations that immunize a large part of the global population.

Thus, following the determination and publication of the sequenced viral genome, it became possible to design DNA and RNA vaccines through genetic engineering. In other words, the viral protein is no longer synthesized in the laboratory to be introduced into the vaccine, instead DNA or RNA sequences are used that contain genes that after introduction into the body encode the synthesis of specific proteins, similar to those contained in Covid.

To date, there is not enough data to demonstrate how effective the vaccine is at new strains of SARS-CoV-2. But one thing is certain: the probability of the vaccine being ineffective is very low. Moreover, antibodies in the serum of vaccinated individuals recognize and neutralize viral strains that contain some of the recently reported mutations.

With the vaccines, the internet exploded with memes, Bemorepanda collected them all for you.

1.Baby first word now


2.Google for savings


3.More arrows


4.AstraZeneca is ready to help


5.May be able to help


6.Brace yourself


7. Cool facts


8.Strict home quarantine


9.Mandatory vaccine


10.It may be able to help

11.Introverts and the vaccine


12.People in the country




14.99 problems




16.If you die from polio


17.Drink alcohol


18.Being proffesional


19.Because people die






22.Will you be my Valentine?


23.Pass alright


24.Pfitzer and vaccine


25.Thanks Biden


26.One week after elections


27.But when I do


28.Against humans?


29.Pfitzer and the vaccine


30.Me when the vaccine drops


31.Stop it Jesus

32.Well handle this

33.The pandemic

34.Providing the vaccine

35.The IQ


37.Capitalists in the spot light

38.An opportunity

39.Not natural

40.C minus

41.Holding a tracking device

42.Pfitzer and Viagra

43.Covid vaccine



46.The calculation

47.Stop socialism

48.Portugese president


50.People complain

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The world knows her as "Disaster Girl". He just won $ 500,000 on memes.

Zoë Roth, now a college graduate in North Carolina, plans to use the proceeds from this month's NFT auction to pay off student loans and donate to charity.

The name Zoë Roth may not sound. But chances are you'll see his picture.

On a Saturday morning in 2005, when Mrs. Roth was four years old, her family visited a burned-out house in their neighborhood of Mebane, North Carolina. Firefighters intentionally started the fire like a controlled fire, so it was a relaxed affair: the neighbors gathered and firefighters allowed the children to take turns hose.

Mrs. Roth remembers seeing the flames engulf the house when her father, an amateur photographer, asked her to smile. With crooked hair and a scientific look in her eyes, Mrs. Roth smiled wickedly as the fire roared behind her. "Disaster Girl" was born.

Since Dave Roth, Zoë's father, entered a photo contest in 2007 and won, the image has been changed to a non-fungible symbol, or NFT., For nearly half a million dollars.

Meme was sold for 180 Ether, a form of cryptocurrency, at an auction on April 17 to a user identified as @ 3FMusic. As in any other currency, the value of Ether fluctuates, but on Thursday 180 Ether was valued at over $ 495,000. Roths has retained the copyright and will receive 10% of future sales.

The market for proprietary digital art, mayflies and media known as NFTs, is exploding. All NFTs, including the "Disaster Girl" meme that Mrs. Roth just sold, are stamped with a unique digital code that marks their authenticity and are stored on the blockchain, a distributed registry system that underlies Bitcoin. and other cryptocurrencies.

In the Hall of Fame meme, "Disaster Girl" is next to "Ermahgerd," the teen with a tail wearing "Goosebumps"; "Bad Luck Brian", immortalized in a gritty yearbook photo with braces and "Success Kid", a small child on a beach with a clenched fist and an expression of intense determination.

In an interview, Ms. Roth said selling the meme was a way to take control of a situation she had felt helpless since she was in elementary school. They consulted "Bad Luck Brian" himself - his real name is Kyle Craven - and Laney Griner, the mother of "Success Kid".

"It's the only thing memes can do to gain control," Mrs. Roth recalled as she told Mr. Craven

Disaster Girl memes have spread widely. Once, a group in Poland asked permission to use the meme for educational materials about an endangered indigenous language. Someone from Portugal sent Mrs. Roth pictures of a mural with memes.

"Just adjust it the way you want," she said. "I like to see them because I would never do them, but I like to see how creative people are.

Over the years, he has seen hundreds of iterations of them. From her image. favorites during last summer’s protests against racial justice.

"Once there, he's there and there's nothing you can do about it," Mr. Roth said. .

1.Justin Bieber

2.Burned the house

3.Watch the oven

4.There was a spider

5.No room

6.Blew up

7.School day

8.God and 2020

9.Nap time

10.Back in my day

11.Facebook unfriend

12.School and us

13.Nice list

14.Had to go

15.No more submissions

16.Can they survive?

17.Birthday party



20.Turned off internet

21.Did not to this

22.Meme be like

23.School deserves this


25.Surprise fire

26.Parents vs Kids

27.Chores list


29.Feeling good

30.Flash player

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