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A good laugh has great short-term effects. When you start laughing, the result is not only mentally, but there are also physical changes in the body. Here's what makes you laugh:

Stimulates body organs. Laughter improves oxygen-rich air intake, stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles, and increases the amount of endorphins released by your brain.

Calms the tension. Laughter can also stimulate the circulation and help to relax the muscles, both of which can help reduce some of the physical symptoms of stress.

Tension is the second word for 2022. A year full of tension and sad news. Try to smile at least once a day for your mental health and not only. We collected some memes so you can relax for some minutes today.

1.Russian army

2.Ukrainian farmers



Humor can be learned. In fact, developing or perfecting your sense of humor can be easier than you think. Keep funny movies, books, magazines, or comedy videos handy when you need more humor. Look on the internet for joke sites. Write down some jokes that you can share with your friends.

Laugh and people will laugh at you. Find a way to laugh at your own life situations - stress will be lessened. Even if he feels forced at first, he laughs. It will do your body good.

It is wise not to laugh at the expense of others. Some forms of humor are not appropriate. Use your best judgment to distinguish a good joke from a less inspired one.

Let's try an experiment right now. Try to remember as many people in your environment as possible who love to laugh. Remember? Now think about whether they suffer from any diseases? Do you often hear complaints about their health from them?

Of course, it is unlikely that all the people who come to your mind are the owners of good health, because a lot of people still lead an unhealthy lifestyle, which leads to various kinds of sores. However, science today quite often claims that laughter is an excellent tool on the path to longevity. Is it true that laughter prolongs life? Let's understand this issue and approach it from a scientific point of view.

It would seem a rather strange question, the answer to which comes immediately: it is a reaction to something funny, cheerful; it is a manifestation of our joy. But what if we approach this issue from the prism of physiology? Then things get a little more complicated...

The history of laughter goes back to between 2 and 4 million years ago, when apes had a penchant for playful laughter during their transitory security. They did this, of course, not as skillfully and exquisitely as we now know how to do it, but it was this form of expression of a social role that became a kind of progenitor of modern humor, say biologists from Binghamton University . What is no less remarkable, about 2 million years ago, our ancestors were able to transform natural laughter into intentional, thereby giving it important social significance, for example, showing embarrassment, composing ridicule, relieving tension, etc.

4.Good bodyguard


6.Dirty cups

Why did our grandparents laugh during hard days? As a rule, these were some kind of absurdities, accidental falls, when the members of the collective, when walking, switched from four limbs to two, etc. Thus, kindred within the same social group were amused by everything that put them in a stupid position, or, in other words, when the expected result did not coincide with the actual one. In principle, even now we can say that we quite often laugh at this situation of another person, and clowns in the circus, showing absurdities, deliberately falling and grimacing, still cause a flurry of joyful emotions not only in young children, but sometimes also in adults.

A person is always looking for the secrets of longevity, trying to solve many problems to find the truth, to find answers to riddles that have not been solved by past generations, and, of course, as a rule, these efforts are realized through science. What does she say on the way to discovering a new and very unpretentious way to prolong life - just laugh?

People usually say: "Laughter is a brother to strength." Indeed, based on the described studies and scientific work, we can conclude that laughter really prolongs life. There is also a saying among the people that 15 minutes of laughter prolongs life by 5 minutes ... Unfortunately, such accurate research results have not yet been achieved, but in any case, the fact is obvious: laughter has a positive effect on our health. And in general, considering it as a means of rapprochement, rallying with other people, laughter achieves its main social function - it allows a person to feel like a person, to belong to a group of creatures like himself.

A meme is not just a joke on the Internet, but a sociocultural phenomenon, a sign and a symbol that modern people use to communicate.

The invasion of the human brain by culture in the form of memes created the human mind, the only mind in the animal kingdom capable of comprehending distant objects and the future and formulating alternative goals. The prospects for developing a rigorous science of memetics are uncertain, but the concept itself provides a comfortable position from which to explore the complex relationship between cultural and genetic heritage. In particular, it is the fact that our minds are shaped by memes that gives us autonomy to overcome the power of selfish genes. Memes are the best when it comes to laughing. Today all the people laugh at memes. In 2022 we really need to laugh, due to the stress and tension in the world, try keeping your inner balance and smile at least five times a day.








14.United option



17.Seems like this


19.The end

20.Funny question

21.When lambo?

22.Old songs



25.Pretending to sleep


27.Family stuff


29.Math teacher

30.Work event

31.Work can be different

32.Work time

33.Linda Barker


35.The dip



38.Cat vs dog

39.Hard years

40.Same year

41.Still alive?


43.Worse days


45.Big boy

46.No TikTok







53.First time?

54.Best day










64.Bad boys


66.Free Ukraine




70.God plans



73.Small videos



76.John Deer




80.Damn high

81.Black plague



84.Shit happens



87.Old memes

88.Farming simulator

89.Keep calm Russia


91.Comment section

92.Let me in





97.Slaps done

98.Do it with love



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Amber Heard intends to appeal Wednesday's decision in the Virginia court in defamation proceedings with her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, 58, according to her spokesperson.

Funny Amber Heard memes

Actor Johnny Depp emerged victorious on Wednesday in his harsh and highly publicized lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard, even though jurors concluded that the two Hollywood stars had slandered each other through the press.

1. Pledged to pay

2. Amber and sadness

3. She broke

After about 13 hours of debating in a Washington court, the jury ruled in favor of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star for all three reasons for the defamation lawsuit, awarding her $ 15 million - $ 10 million in damages. compensatory damages and another 5 million in punitive damages.

The judge later returned and reduced the punitive damages to a maximum of $ 350,000.

Clearly, they unanimously held that Amber Heard, 36, had made false statements describing herself as a victim of domestic violence and that she had acted "maliciously."

The seven jurors - five men and two women - also ruled that Johnny Depp, 58, defamed Amber Heard by awarding her $ 2 million in financial compensation.

Heard's spokesman, Alafair Hall, told the New York Times that the actress plans to appeal the Virginia court's decision.

However, it is not clear what a possible call from Amber Heard would be based on. For the appeal, Heard should prove that there were judicial errors during the trial or that the judge did not interpret the law correctly, writes Daily Mail.

Heard should also provide $ 10,350,000 in security, plus interest that will be collected during an appeal process.

The 36-year-old actress, present at the court, received the verdict with a serious face, seeming to accuse the blow.

She acknowledged her "inexpressible disappointment" in a statement. "I am devastated that the mountain of evidence has not been enough to deal with my ex-husband's power, influence and more important ancestry," she said.

Absent from the courtroom, Johnny Depp reacted in a message posted on Instagram. "The jury brought me back to life," he said.

4. Going to happen very soon

5. Stop hitting me


6. Pay up darling

Johnny Depp's career has come to a standstill after, in recent years, the noisy parting between him and his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, has reached the front pages of newspapers.

The marriage between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is long over. But the two still have a lot to share. The "Hollywood Trial of the Year," as the overseas press called it, could cause Johnny Depp to dig wood.

The actor, best known for his roles in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has already squandered much of his fortune over the years. His former managers revealed that the star would have dusted over 650 million dollars in just a few years.

The huge amount would have gone to the guilty pleasures, Johnny Depp being known as a bonvivant. Thus, according to relatives, it seems that the 58-year-old star spent over $ 30,000 a month just for the wine she constantly consumes.

In a few months, the man who gave life to Jack Sparrow allegedly spent up to $ 2 million, most of the money going on drugs, alcohol and cosmetic treatments, according to reports.

However, the allegations of domestic violence and the costs of the lawsuits with his ex-wife were the candies on the Hollywood actor's fortune cage. After Amber Heard accused him of beating her during the marriage, Hollywood producers stopped working with him.

Johnny Depp has lost several contracts. Disney removed her from the distribution of the new movie in the series "Pirates of the Caribbean", a role that would bring her at least 22 million dollars.

7. Winners

8. Doesn’t seem fair

The actor was to appear in the new film "Fantastic Beasts", made in collaboration with the writer JK Rowling, the author of the novels Harry Potter.

Dar Warner Bros. he asked her to resign from the production in which she played the role of the wizard Grindelwald, a request that the star accepted.

For the role in the SF production, the Hollywood press claims that Johnny Depp could have been remunerated with almost 20 million dollars.

He was replaced in the new production by Mads Mikkelsen, an actor known for his role as LeChiffre in Casino Royale, which marked Daniel Craig's debut as Agent 007.

In his statement to the court, Depp spoke bitterly about the problems he is facing in his career. The star confessed that she feels boycotted by the film industry:

"When these accusations were made all over the world, (NR - Amber Heard) telling people that they are a danger, a drunk, a cocaine addict, a man who beats women at 50, you're done. I'm done, "she said.

The tens of millions of dollars he lost because the filmmakers gave up his services - and no other new project will be seen too soon - are nothing more than what awaits him if he loses his ex-wife's lawsuit. and tried.

Although Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for defamation, demanding no more and no less than $ 50 million, his ex-wife quickly countered.

Thus, she filed a lawsuit against Depp for the same accusation, in which case she asks her ex-husband to pay her compensation of ... 100 million dollars.

If he loses both lawsuits with his ex-wife, Depp may have to file for bankruptcy to cover himself up.

Already the exorbitant expenses with the lawyers, the PR team and the staff around the actor are draining his accounts with a dizzying speed, in the conditions in which the future of his acting career is under the sign of uncertainty.

9. Amber’s career


10. This face

11. Amber debt


12. Single

13. Titanic Amber

14. Reality show

15. My dog stepped on a bee

16. Captain Jack Sparrow

17. Dept

18. Cause i lied


19. Winning

20. Ha ha


21. Trash people

22. Effective lawyer

23. What?

24. Amber Turd

25. 9gag

26. Dogs and bee

27. Obssesed

28. Can’t judge pledge

29. Poop

30. First step

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Even if it is a bit of summer vacation, the sound of the bell already wakes parents to the reality of the beginning of the school year. In September, the school starts for both the little ones and the big ones. So far, the official information is that the school will begin offline, in the classrooms, with active participation in the gyms.


Back to school memes


It is an excellent time to buy the necessary clothing, footwear, and supplies. We recommend that you do this shopping with the children so that they feel involved and responsible and find out the value of the money. Bemorepanda also prepared some funny memes.


1. Back to school


2. After the school is over


3. Next week


Everyday outfits at school must be comfortable and durable, and why not have an affordable price. A sports outfit with a T-shirt, tracksuit, and sneakers can be an inspired choice, both in the gym and on the sports field.


Of course, you can also choose separate outfits, one dedicated to school attendance in the classrooms and different equipment for sports classes. A sports outfit will encourage movement, so a healthy body. Motivate children to do sports.


In September, returning to school will be a new beginning for many future students, with emotions and new faces, both for children and parents. More online stores have already started the Back to School campaigns.


4. Reopening school


5. Send kids to school


6. Good day


The best thing that can happen to children stressed by the school is summer vacation, which is long and full of any other activity that takes our minds off writing, reading, and counting. As September has come upon us sooner than we expected, it is time to return to the school hallways and resume our learning routine with the children.


School is a happy environment for many children, with sweet reunions, emotions for the new year, and an equally large number of children.


These emotions are normal, regardless of the child's age, only that sometimes children need more support from the adults around them to manage them. The parent's skills are beneficial. Dear father, I've created some general tips for you on some common problems.


Usually, emotions grow on the threshold of the unknown. Children can have trouble meeting someone they have heard so much about from an adult. “Will I like them? Will she be good to me? ” they are honest thoughts and should not be ignored. Getting to know and meet the teacher before school starts in a non-formal environment (outside of school) is an excellent idea for reducing emotions. If this is not possible, some schools allow visitors to visit the institution before the first day of school to familiarize children with the building. It may be helpful to read with the child the messages received by the parent from the teacher before the first day of school. "Look, the teacher sent us a message asking us not to bring the backpack on our first day."


7. Suspended


8. Tell me again


9. Tears of joy


Every child loves routines because they are an easy way to know at any time what activity is going on and how important it is in academia. So, as a parent, you can give a lot of help before starting school to set up daily planning routines, from preparing for school (projects, learning deadlines, supplies) to setting the menu for the “package” and organizing learning or academic goals in the new year. Knowing all this in advance helps the child be more focused on the tasks required and more organized in education.


To see that the goals are still being met and the organization proposed by the child is effective, you can help at regular intervals to clean the study space, discuss difficulties and successes, or use the list check that the child has in a visible place. . All these efforts improve the child's organizational and planning skills, increase the child's attention span and allow the child to be observed without the "teasing" that occurs when the child is asked ten times a day "Did you do x, y, z work?" Now you may be wondering, "What is difficult on this list, and where do I need your help?" or appreciate, "I noticed that you finished everything today. I'm very proud of you, and now we can have fun together."


10. There is no plan


11. Fall plans


Usually during school periods, we are incredibly focused on learning, the excellent past of tests, the strengthening of weaknesses in school, and we forget that children and adults get tired and bored of constantly going to school and going through the daily routine. Here comes the help of the parent who plans fun moments, a good game of laughing and rocking during homework, or the favorite food in the family once I threw the notebooks in the backpack. Disconnecting the child from the pressure to perform academically at high levels, reducing fatigue and overcrowding with after-school programs are extremely important for maintaining long-term mental health and avoiding chronic fatigue and boredom.


Today we can no longer talk about students who do not use a phone/tablet or computer to search for information on the Internet or improve their learning using online courses. These are excellent ways to bring an educational boost as long as they are used sparingly. The time spent on screen is itself a distraction from learning. Monitor the time you and your child spend in the virtual environment or connected to a screen. Always pay attention to your behavior as a parent because it is possible to be taken as a model as a child. When we feel swamped and do not have time to look up from the screens, we lose touch with the beautiful things that happen in real life and the events in the child's life. Also, avoid having a TV in your child's bedroom or getting used to charging their electronic devices at night during sleep because the temptation to turn them on and play at night can be greater than rest.


12. Mama said


13. After quarantine


14. Plague


15. You go to school


16. Never going back


17. Panic


18. Parents now


19. Whatever happens


20. School pictures


21. Teachers on last night


22. Welcome back


23. Drop offline


24. Differences


25. Last year


26. Everyone with a brain


27. Are you excited?


28. I Just forgot


29. Teachers at home


30. You think it is funny?


31. Motivation


32. Force mute


33. Going back


34. Reopening


35. Reading emails


36. Going back to school


37. How I went to school


38. Actual footage


39. Miss one day


40. Making memes




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Audio tapes, disk phones, carbonated water appliances, and ice cream. At a distance of 30 years, we look at the everyday painting of the '90s with nostalgia. Many of the objects that were part of everyday life at the time are now museum pieces. Bemorepanda has "started" the time machine and invites you on a journey into the past.


'90s funny memes


1. Who got this?


2. Time passes by


3. MTV


4. Complaining now


Yes, of course we love and appreciate the music of the 70's or 80's but with the music of the 90's it was love from the first audition! Rap, grunge, r & B… so many musical currents have been born. And as the music goes hand in hand with the clothing style… and fashion has known a great diversity. For example, the grunge look, popularized by Nirvana soloist Kurt Cobain, was born and soon became the letter of the law in fashion. Damaged jeans, thick and oversized sweaters, torn tights, military boots, leather jackets - these are just some of the elements of this style.


Friends, Beverly Hills, Sex and the City… are just some of the TV shows watched around the world… that have made and continue to make history, being extremely loved. The stylish characters from the respective series continue to make their mark on our clothing style even today. Fashionistas still copy the outfits of the characters from the series they grew up with. The mini skirt, the jeans with mom's cut, the short tops with a view of the abdomen - these are some of the pieces they adore.


There are many rumors that the 1990s were perhaps the most important decade for cinema. Some of the movies were so successful that they instantly became classics. We can't imagine pop culture today without a few titles like "Pretty Woman", "Titanic", "Pulp Fiction", "Silence of the Lambs", "Matrix". 30 years after the release of these titles, we continue to pay homage to these Hollywood idols by choosing outfits inspired by our favorite movies.


5. Screensaver


6. The sun


7. Stereo stuff


8. Funny filters


In the 1990's, the music world amazed me with the diversity of genres and artists. It is the period of "one day" hits, but also the one in which songs appeared that those of the next generations call "golden". For many, this period is associated with the name of Sting, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, for others - with Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears, who were just starting their careers. There will be those who will say that it is the time of Nirvana, those from Aerosmith or Metallica. And they will all be right. What is certain is that many of the songs from that period will be heard by future generations.


Undoubtedly, there is a kind of stereotype through which we look at the 1990s, but everyone perceives this era in a slightly different way. For example, the '90s are associated with a childhood spent in the yard, Nintendo 64, Hubba Bubba chewing gum or a walkman.


If we think about the characteristic wardrobe elements, for the first time for sure, jeans come to mind, especially denim jackets, logos and faux fur clothes. We can't forget the NBA T-shirts, hats and blouses either.


Baby One More Time - probably each of us can hum that chorus. It was the video for this song that made Britney Spears a real star. Undoubtedly, the "Princess of the People" had a distinctive style not only in music but also in fashion. Remember the sweet pink look in the video? Don't forget the crop top, which the star adores.


9. Paper


10. Teal


11. Johnny Depp


12. Rich


Crop tops, or short blouses that do not cover the abdomen, are an incredibly hot trend. They come in a variety of styles: from strapless tops to blouses. How about a white crop top outfit with a big logo and white sneakers from Guess? You can give up skinny pants, with a camouflage print, opting for mom fit jeans, to accentuate the climate of the '90s.


What would the '90s be without the tracksuits and the three characteristic stripes? These are just some of the symbols of that era that have returned in full force. Until recently, considered by many to be the symbol of the essence of kitsch, today they appear on the catwalks of the fashion world, being part of the athleisure trend.


Sneakerheads have gone crazy over models from the '90s, as well as contemporary models, such as the adidas Falcon. Chunky sneakers (massive shoes in a sporty style), which is often part of the Ugly Shoes trend, are now living their second youth!


The 1990s also saw an explosion of neon hues, such as bright yellow, green, pink and purple. Undoubtedly, this trend is still popular. Neon shoes, jackets, leggings, crossover bags, hats and other accessories will allow you to stand out and shine.


13. Stars


14. Rolling TV


15. Summer mix


The end of the last century also had a darker side. Some young people, instead of Britney, Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls, listened to Nirvana and wore grunge outfits. The 1990s also meant Nirvana, and it was Kurt Cobain.


Checkered shirt, wide sweater, wide, cropped pants and black Converse One Star sneakers. The worn-out items, which seem to have been worn by older siblings and negligently abandoned, have revealed the gloomy relationship of music with reality.


For years, grunge style is still an inspiration. Although it moves away from the depressive aspect, it is often worn with plaid shirts, especially red and black. Martens-style rock shoes are also in vogue.


16. Childhood pleasure


17. Nokia fossil


18. Mother’s room


19. Music changes


20. Disney+


21. Awesome childhood


22. Sensitive generation


23. Shoutout


24. Out of the car


25. So excited


26. Old 


27. Dolphin vibes


28. Pizza Hut


29. Expecting you


30. Stress vibes


31. Pizza lovers


32. Unmatched


33. Best evenings


34. Magic Schoolbus


35. Jim Carrey


36. Classical literature


37. Forbidden fruit


38. So old


39. Jealous


40. Too close to TV




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Thanksgiving Day is an annual one-day celebration in which God is thanked for the richness of that year's harvest. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States and on the second Monday in October in Canada.

Although Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious traditions, it also has a strong secular character. For Americans, Thanksgiving Day is primarily a family holiday, in which relatives, together, sacrifice a turkey in gratitude for the year that is nearing its end. Other traditional Thanksgiving dishes, in addition to stuffed turkey, are ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie.

In the United States, Thanksgiving parades are organized, during which school marching bands usually parade and various allegorical carriages are presented. Also in the United States, most businesses are closed on Thursdays and Fridays to allow employees to spend more time with family and friends. The only ones that remain open are the shops, Thanksgiving being followed by Black Friday, the day with the biggest discounts of the year.

In the United Kingdom, Thanksgiving is another name for Harvest Day and is celebrated in churches and villages on a Sunday after the harvest in that locality, without being a particularly important holiday. This holiday was taken over by the first settlers who arrived in the New World, where it was first celebrated in 1621, as a sign of gratitude for the miraculous harvest obtained in harsh weather conditions.

1.Thanksgiving meal


2.Happy Thanksgiving


3.Bread cubes on Thanksgiving day


4.Thanksgiving vs Christmas


5.Pictures of dinner on Thanksgiving day


6.Taking a walk before Thanksgiving dinner


7.No interference to your Thanksgiving


8.Thanksgiving party


9.Stuffing your face at Thanksgiving


10.Roasted Turkey


11.Fight on Thanksgiving


12.Stop eating


13.Happy Thanksgiving


14.Working on Thanksgiving


15.Come downstairs


16.Thanksgiving is over


17.Thanksgiving pants


18.New twist


19.Celebrate Thanksgiving




21.Thanksgiving meat


22.Thinking about Thanksgiving


23.Food is ready


24.Waiting on Thnaksgiving


25.After Thanksgiving


26.Oh look, pie!


27.I am no cook on Thanksgiving


28.Still single


29.Me at Thanksgiving


30.Election for national


31.Waking up on Thanksgiving day


32.Christmas items


33.After Thanksgiving


34.Make Thanksgiving great again


35.Thanksgiving dinner tip


36.Single thank


37.Turkey and gravy


38.Food ready


39.X-mas lights up before Thanksgiving


40.Pass the pumpkins


41.Like a butterball


42.Hurting stomach


43.Steal all the food


44.Bombarding with questions


45.What are you thankful for?


46.Be thankful


47.Big kids table


48.Brace yourselves


49.Children’s table


50.Thanks for giving


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