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50 most interesting facts about the Chinese New Year that you need to know in 2022

8 months ago

For most, New Year's Day is a global holiday that takes place on January 1st with a slight time shift depending on time zones. The first day of the calendar year plays an important role in different cultures and marks a kind of reset or a moment when everything can be started over. And what about those countries where the New Year is not celebrated on January 1 at all? For many countries in Asia, as well as for the Asian diaspora, present in almost all countries of the world, the New Year takes place from late January to mid-February. The Chinese New Year or Spring Festival is the most important event in the Chinese calendar.


If January 1 can simply be remembered as a given, then the date of the Chinese New Year is much more difficult to predict. The day is calculated according to the lunar calendar, an ancient Chinese invention - it all depends on the phase of the moon. Despite the fact that most Chinese use the Gregorian calendar in everyday life, the traditional lunar calendar remains an important part of their lives. Since the date depends on the moon, the holiday is celebrated at different times from the end of January to the middle or end of February. February 12th in 2021 and 1st February in 2022. Don't forget to congratulate your Chinese friends!


In Chinese culture, each year corresponds to one of the 12 zodiac animals, as well as a color according to the Wu Xing (Five Elements) system. You can view your Chinese zodiac sign by year of birth! Those born in 2022 are associated with the sign of the tiger, the color of the year is blue, and the element is water.  The Chinese believe that if the sign of the upcoming year coincides with the personal sign of the zodiac, then this year may not be very successful. But do not worry, there is a fairly simple way to avoid these failures. It is believed that red is a lucky color that scares away all the bad luck that your zodiac sign can bring. Wear red clothes and you'll be fine!


Bemorepanda collected some really interesting facts about Chinese New Year 2022!



1. Chinese New Year comes at different times: the date of the holiday varies between January 21 and February 20 and depends on the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, Chinese New Year is on 1st February.


2. Each Chinese New Year begins with a new "animal" zodiac sign. 


3. The Chinese zodiac signs are a very ancient tradition, which involves naming each new year as the year of one of the twelve animals. 


4. Chinese New Year is celebrated in many Asian countries: China, Hong Kong, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and, of course, Singapore.



5. On Chinese New Year, it is customary to give Eng Bao - red envelopes with money. Billions of envelopes will be donated during the holiday. In many companies, this is how bosses present their annual bonus to subordinates.


6. 200 million Chinese travel long distances on New Year's holidays. In China, approximately 3.5 billion trips were recorded during this period! By comparison, less than 100 million US residents travel more than 50 miles during the Christmas holidays.


7. Most of the fireworks take place in China: according to statistics, this is 90% of all fireworks in the world! The ancient Chinese believed that the light and explosion from fireworks frightened demons and evil spirits.


8. During the Chinese New Year, many Chinese people who are not in a relationship are afraid of a big family holiday where every relative wants to know "why you haven't got married yet." For this reason, there are many websites and agencies in China through which you can "rent" yourself a girlfriend or boyfriend - just to avoid annoying questions from relatives.



9. Although the new year comes in winter, the Chinese call it the "Spring Festival" (春节 chūnjié /chwn-jyeah/) because the "beginning of spring" (February 4-18) is the first period in the traditional solar calendar. While winter weather prevails, the "beginning of spring" marks the end of the coldest part of winter, when the Chinese have traditionally looked forward to the beginning of spring.


10. The Chinese zodiac years are a very old custom. Years are called one of the 12 animals in the zodiac cycle. For example, 2022 is the Year of the Tiger. Many Chinese still believe in astrology and other New Year superstitions.


11. The Chinese have a proverb, "the whole year is planned in the spring" 一年之计在于春 yinyan zhiji caiyuchun. This reflects the attitude of Chinese tradition towards the New Year period. It is still very cold, but the holiday marks the end of the coldest days. 


12. People welcome spring and what it brings with it: crops and harvests, new beginnings, the hope of a better life, a better job, that everything will be fine during the year.



13. Also, the Chinese New Year is often informally referred to as the "lunar new year" because its date is determined based on the phases of the moon. And since the Chinese New Year is calculated using the lunar calendar, its celebration falls each time on different dates from January 21 to February 21.


14. And although China has officially switched to the Gregorian calendar, like the rest of the world, the lunar calendar is still very important. Many traditional holidays are calculated to be celebrated according to the lunar calendar.


15. The Spring Festival lasts exactly 15 days. During this time, working life in the Middle Kingdom freezes, the people of China have fun, relax and celebrate the holiday with their families.


16. Chinese New Year is one of the most important and revered holidays. The most important component of this holiday is family reunion. Everyone has to go home for New Year's Eve dinner.



17. In today's China, most elderly parents live in rural areas while their children work in cities. Moving around the country back home and on vacation is called chunyun 春运, or spring migration.


18. Even on ordinary days, the subway is packed. Imagine what happens during the Chunyun period. Also, the earliest you can buy train tickets is 60 days. This leads to crazy excitement, there are real battles for tickets. Thousands of tickets are sold per second.


19. The Spring Festival was originally a ceremonial day. On this day, they prayed to the gods, asked for good weather, a plentiful harvest, etc. Also, people prayed to their ancestors and addressed them as gods.


20. Following the customs of their ancestors, the Chinese do not sleep on New Year's Eve and set off fireworks and explode firecrackers at midnight, scaring away monsters and bad luck. In the morning they blow up the firecrackers again to welcome the New Year and the good luck that comes with it.



21. On the same night, families also burned counterfeit paper money in honor of their deceased loved ones. They believe that the offerings will bring good luck and fortune to their ancestors in the afterlife.


22. Due to safety concerns and air pollution concerns, many Chinese cities have banned fireworks, and more than 500 cities also have restrictions on their use.


23. But many look at it through their fingers and still fire salutes. In Beijing, the ban was lifted in 2006 due to an angry public.


24. If you are in China during this time, you will watch fireworks and hear firecrackers go off for at least three nights, if not for several weeks.



25. In the New Year, you can not take a shower, so as not to wash away good luck. Sweeping the floor and throwing garbage is also not allowed.


26. However, before the Spring Festival there is a day during which you can put your house and yourself in order. On this day, everyone should get rid of bad luck and make room for good luck.


27. What else is taboo during Chinese New Year?

Cut hair;

Use scissors, knives and other sharp objects;

Argue, quarrel;

Saying negative words (such as "death" and "sickness");

Break and ruin things.


28. During the Spring Festival, gifts are exchanged. But Chinese children also receive something else: red envelopes.



29. The so-called red hongbao (红包, hóngbāo) envelopes are a very popular way to give a gift in China. Paper money is placed in an envelope and presented with wishes of well-being and good luck.


30. Red envelopes can also be given to relatives, friends, employees and colleagues.


31. With the New Year holidays approaching, many single people in China are starting to feel uncomfortable. The fact is that in the Celestial Empire a sense of family is very developed. It is very important for a Chinese person to raise a child and leave him his last name.


32. There are even special apps to help single adults who live and work in big cities find a soul mate... temporarily. Such applications are especially in demand during the New Year holiday period, when single men and women tend to feel acute pressure from family and relatives in order to settle down and get married.


33. Dumplings 饺子, Jiǎozi, jiaozi are the favorite food of the Chinese on holidays and according to Chinese tradition, if there are a lot of dumplings on the table, then good luck awaits you in the New Year.



34. Therefore, dumplings are an indispensable attribute of the festive table, and their joint production is a good tradition. Modeling dumplings is a rather painstaking and lengthy process, which is accompanied by lively communication of the audience. Therefore, for many Chinese, dumplings symbolize happiness and harmony in the family, as well as the unity of all its members.


35. In Chinese, the word "dumplings" - "jiaozi" sounds the same as the word "changing hieroglyphs", only pronounced in a different tone. On the night of the New Year, from 12 o'clock to 1 o'clock, there is a change of two symbols - the new year and the old one. For example, this time the year of the Pig is replaced by the year of the Rat.


36. Also, dumplings look like a copper coin "yuanbao", so eating dumplings is considered "reception of capital."



37. Traditionally, the first few dumplings are sacrificed to the ancestors, the second ones are sacrificed to various deities. At this time, older family members offer a prayer for the happiness and well-being of the whole family in the new year.


38. In fairness, it should be noted that the tradition of eating dumplings on New Year's holidays is more common in northern China. In the south, people prefer to eat Chūnjuǎn spring rolls (Chinese pancakes with various fillings) and glutinous rice balls in a soup called Tang Yuan 汤圆 tāngyuán - dumplings, dumplings (rice flour balls stuffed with sweet or meat, in soup).


39. Remember the legend about the horned monster named Nian? He was frightened by the loud explosions of firecrackers, the bright light of fireworks and the red paint on the houses. Since then, fireworks and the color red have been an important part of New Year's celebrations. It is customary to celebrate the Spring Festival in red robes, even if it is the year of the blue water Tiger.


40. In the Western horoscope, each sign of the zodiac corresponds to its own animal. There are 12 in total for each month. There are also 12 animals in the Chinese horoscope, but each animal symbolizes one year. These are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. 



41. All the positive features of these animals are bestowed on people born in the corresponding year. The Chinese horoscope plays a much larger role than in Western cultures. Your pet can decide your career, health and success. Make sure you know which animal you were born into!


42. Traditionally, several generations live under one roof in China. And when a guy brings his wife into the house, she settles in this house too. And accordingly they celebrate the New Year as one big family. Visiting her parents' house on New Year's holidays would mean problems in marriage, which could bring trouble to her husband's entire extended family.


43. It will hardly surprise you, but the Chinese eat dumplings (jiaozi) on New Year's Eve as well, because this is the most popular traditional Chinese dish. It is worth noting that China is a fairly large and very diverse country, so the menu of the New Year's table will differ significantly from region to region. 



44. For example, someone may choose niangao (年糕) - glutinous rice cookies, and someone - spring rolls with poultry or fish. All these dishes are associated with something positive and bright, energizing for the year ahead.


45. The TV show Chunwang is somewhat reminiscent of our Blue Light. This is a fairly young tradition, which gradually spread throughout the country. 


46. The TV show "Chun Wan" or "Spring Gala Festival" is an annual entertainment show on China Central TV (CCTV) with music, dance, comedy shows and other performances. 


47. The first show was released in 1983, and gradually Chunwang became the most watched TV program in the world. 


48. Over the years, it has become part of the mandatory New Year's program, and many Chinese people stay at home with their families specifically to watch this TV show. 



49. However, the younger generation is not so interested in watching TV shows and prefers to leave this business to their parents, skipping family viewing if possible. Be sure to ask your Chinese tandem partners about this show - someone loves it, someone hates it, no one is indifferent. This will definitely be an interesting topic for discussion.


50. As the name suggests, Chinese New Year is a 100% Chinese holiday. In fact, this holiday has become popular in many countries due to the spread of the Chinese community outside of China. Western countries are full of Chinese markets and areas (Chinatowns), where the New Year is celebrated exactly according to the lunar calendar.



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That's called New Year Spirit
8 months ago
In love with Chinese traditions

Hardly anyone loves the New Year more than the Chinese, because they celebrate it several times. First, according to the Gregorian calendar (on the night of January 1), and then also according to the Eastern. Chinese New Year 2021 - twice a holiday!

Chinese New Year has long been the main and longest holiday in the Middle Kingdom and other countries of East Asia. Unlike its Western counterpart, there is no fixed date for the start of the Chinese New Year, and it is set at a different time each year.

The first day of the holiday in China falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice (that is, after December 21). In the Gregorian calendar, this usually corresponds to one of the days between January 21st and February 21st. The celebration usually lasts 15 days.

Thus, the next year according to the Chinese calendar will come on February 12, 2021. And it is planned to celebrate its offensive in China from February 12 to February 27. However, the Chinese will officially rest for only seven days - from 12 to 18 February.

The exact time of the Chinese New Year

The second new moon after the winter solstice will occur on February 12, 2021 at 00:03 Moscow time or 05:03 Beijing time. This time will be considered the beginning of the New Year according to the Eastern calendar. By the way, in China they will not celebrate 2021, as we will do very soon, but 4719.

Symbol of the year

Year of the Ox: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Each year in China is symbolized by a combination that is repeated only once every 60 years. This combination represents one of the 12 zodiac animals of a certain color, corresponding to one of the five elements (water, earth, metal, fire and wood). Chinese New Year 2021 will symbolize the animal Ox and the elements of Metal, and the main color of the year will be white.

By the way, every 60-year circle begins with a wooden Rat and ends with a water Pig. Another such circle started on February 2, 1984, and it will end on January 29, 2044.

Preparing for Chinese New Year

According to an ancient myth, at the beginning of each new year, the Chinese are forced to hide from a monster named Nian (translated from Chinese as "Year"), which is believed to appear on the first day of the holiday in order to ravage all settlements: to eat all the livestock and the harvest, and at the same time a couple of villagers.

To protect their homes from this monster, the Chinese decorate them in advance: they glue them on the outside with beautiful patterns of red paper, paired inscriptions and pictures with wishes of happiness, health and longevity, and also hang red lanterns everywhere. The legend about the origin of the holiday will again help to understand what such a love for red is connected with. So, this legend says that one day people noticed how Nian, who usually loves to feast on children, was frightened by a child in red clothes. Without thinking twice, eyewitnesses of this amazing incident came to the conclusion that it was the color that scared the monster away.

In addition, on the eve of the holiday, each family carefully cleans their homes, believing that in this way they cleanse their lives from any failures and make room for happiness.

Festive feast

On New Year's Eve, Chinese families usually gather around the table. By the way, in the Celestial Empire it is customary to richly set the table for a festive dinner. Housewives, as a rule, prepare the most favorite dishes in the family. Traditionally, meat and fish must be on the table, as well as dumplings (jiaozi), which are the figurative embodiment of one of the main wishes - the birth of sons.

Moreover, for a festive dinner, even those family members who work or study in other cities or countries return home. All Chinese strive to celebrate the New Year with their parents, which is why on the eve of the holiday all transport in the country is overcrowded and it is simply impossible to buy tickets.

The festive night ends with fireworks and firecrackers, which are believed to scare away evil spirits and attract the spirit of peace and happiness to the family.

The first days of Chinese New Year

In the early morning of the next day, children congratulate their parents, wishing them health and a happy New Year, and in return they receive wishes for future success and red envelopes with money.

After that, the whole family goes to congratulate relatives and neighbors. Such visits to guests usually completely take the first five days of the new year.

And, of course, it cannot do without gifts. So, in the Celestial Empire, it is customary to give gifts from paired objects symbolizing unity and family harmony (while the number four is not recommended, since the Chinese associate it with death).

In addition, when visiting, it is customary for the owners to present two tangerines, and when leaving, they receive two other tangerines from them. Thus, the hosts and guests exchange symbols of financial well-being, which, according to the Chinese, are tangerines.

Holiday performances

Chinese New Year 2019: Celebrate Spring Festival in China

Having visited all relatives and neighbors, the Chinese go out to festivities with traditional dances. As a rule, the traditional ones include the lion dance (dancers, being inside the figure of a lion, imitate the movements of this animal) and the dragon dance (a special team of people, holding a dragon made of paper on poles, moves in such a way that the snake-like body makes undulating movements).

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Messages and SMS that you can send to your New Year's loved ones is a small gesture of attention for those you love, but you are probably far from them. Or you need to send a postcard, or write a wish on the gift you give. Here you will find the right words to express your wishes. Admit it, everyone is looking for inspiration around December 31st. We come to your aid with ideas for the most beautiful wishes you can write on New Year's Eve for the most important people in your life.

On the occasion of the New Year, people send millions of messages via SMS, WhatsApp groups and social networks.

Beyond the fact that it is more convenient, the messages on the mobile phone and the internet allow them to express their humor and creativity; and for those looking for inspiration, we have below a list of New Year's messages and New Year's wishes.

For the New Year, our thoughts fly to our loved ones: family and best friends. If you want to show them that you are thinking about them, Bemorepanda offers you some New Year's messages to send.

  • For the New Year, may the lucky star give you a dream, make you richer, give you happiness and kindness! The sparkling garlands and the smell of winter make your festive atmosphere as miraculous as possible. Let's raise our glasses!
  •  In the coming year be successful and happy, brave and beautiful! Let the goodness enter your house, let the star illuminate your love and let every dream come true tonight!
  •  The brightest New Year's star to light your house with fabulous grace, to offer you joy and sincere relationships, to bring you creative inspiration, vital energy, happy emotions. Happy New Year!
  •  Congratulations! May every hour be happy for you, may fate give you sweet smiles and may all dreams come true. Health, love, luck, eternal beauty.
  •  When the snowflake falls on your palm, you smile. It will bring you the confidence that your dream will come true. May the new year be a real magical holiday for you, to be able to overcome all difficulties, to achieve everything that seems unfulfilled, to fulfill the most intimate desires and secret hopes.
  •  The new year is fast approaching and brings happiness with it. To be easier than the previous one, to dream, to realize the wishes and to continue the fun all year round.
  •  The coming year will bring you bright, happy moments, and in your life there will be snows of: joy, happiness, warmth and love. And to realize the most precious dreams! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
  •  Happy New Year! Have a year of hopes, victories, achievements and valuable gifts. Let the lights on the tree guide your nights, and then - to brighten your sunny days. With the new year come the most desired and long-awaited moments.
  •  May the New Year's heart be entertained until dawn. Let the roads of joy be opened and find the way to love. After all, the year must bring happiness!
  •  Let this New Year bring you new accomplishments: to become more successful, more charming and unforgettable! I would like your life to look like a beautiful fairy tale from now on!
  • Let the new year come into your life like a happy dance, to bring you jokes, joy, smiles, prosperity and success in the house!
  •  Let's meet the New Year with festive smiles. Let's forget about the mistakes of the past. Let's look at the future fascinated by fireworks. It's time for joy to come. Love and happiness for you!
  •  With great joy we congratulate you with a beautiful and wonderful, mysterious and long awaited, happy New Year! Be full of unique and unusual events, new amazing impressions, original events and interesting meetings!
  •  Again, everything is covered in snow. The tree shines with lights. It's time to celebrate the New Year! Let him bring us fun and good luck, let our smiles resound and endow us with happiness and a carefree year.


From the New Year, all golden dreams will come true. People are waiting for a miracle, like in a happy movie. Wait for the magic. So the New Year is coming to change the atmosphere in every home. Bemorepanda wants you to reach your goals, your eyes to always shine with happiness, to say “Yes” to your wishes and opportunities, and to be successful everywhere and always!

  •  I sincerely congratulate you on the New Year! I want your life to be like a Christmas tree: with lights of happiness, with shining garlands of love, bringing good luck. Only goodness and pleasant surprises to have in the house!
  •  Let everything you wanted happen today in the new year in a wonderful way. May happiness always be given to you unconditionally, without effort and worries. Let the blizzard and snow outside not affect your warmth in your home. Live in peace, abundance and luck!
  •  Let the New Year bring you only bright discoveries, interesting ideas and pleasant sensations!
  • Happy New Year! I wish you prosperity, fulfillment of all desires, peace of mind and well-being in every way!
  •  I wish you a happy new year and I want to tell you how dear you are to me. I have never met such a reliable and honest person as you. Happy Holidays!
  • Once again, the snowflakes swarm, gather in a waltz and captivate passers-by. The light from the lanterns shows sparks from the fluffy snow. The New Year is on its way to entering into rights. I wish you a life without worries, pain, tears. Let all troubles go without a trace! May happiness reign in your home, along with love, luck, and smiles.
  • May all your dreams come true tonight, and may success become your faithful friend. Let the bright blizzard burst into your life and spin you in happiness and success, let the snow embrace you in fantastic victories and throw you into impressive, unprecedented discoveries!
  • The New Year is at the door and brings you happiness, joy and luck. Now it's time to take a star from the sky and make a wish. May next year be better than the previous one!
  • Be able to believe today in the future miracle, in bright colors that bring good luck, in your long story of charming love!
  • I would like each new event to become a story for you, the joy of the new year to give you a wonderful mood and strengthen your health, and the renewed happiness to enlighten you and warm your life with the gentle sun.
  • The New Year is quietly knocking on the door of those who are still waiting for a miracle… Know that miracles really happen! And when you expect less - they will come!
  • The new year is about champagne, fun, love, happy friends! In the New Year we wish you only happiness and magic! May life seem like a beautiful dream.
  •  In the New Year, surprises will not be long in coming. Let fate unite luck, chances and a warm life as harmoniously as possible! This holiday is very bright, amazing, so all I can do is wish you all the best!
  •  Let love fill your heart, make every wish come true and all your whims come true. Let sad events and thoughts disappear forever, and all plans come to life without too much work!


 The New Year is a great opportunity to put order in life. Forget about unnecessary disappointments, to balance optimism with a sense of humor. To set fire to quarrels and pain, to subscribe to the list of happiness and love. 

  •  Today the snowflakes decorate the holiday. The stars are shining brightly and predicting luck for next year. Today a wonderful gift awaits you: happiness will enter your home forever!
  •  On New Year's Eve, everyone believes and dreams. So tonight, surely, the most hidden dream will come true. Let the worries go and make room for peace in your soul. Keep in mind the happiness of the moment! Tend to your aspirations!
  •  It's almost 12 o'clock and it's time to celebrate the New Year. Let it be rich and fun, interesting and successful, bright and unforgettable, generous in gifts, pleasant emotions, sincere feelings and, of course, excellent health. May luck be with you for a whole year, may all 365 days be happy!
  •  Let this year bring you gifts: love, wonderful moments, fantastic success, pleasures and no worries. Let all the wickedness of the world, all the sorrows and troubles, disappear overnight. Always be warm, harmonious and good in your home!
  •  The New Year is a bright holiday, full of joy for children and joy for adults. I want to start with happy memories! The new year is also a generous holiday: with new ideas, with new dreams. Let him help you achieve them all!
  •  I wish you luck, kindness and happiness next year. Find your lucky star who will bring you more health, make you the first in all fields, will enrich you with love, hope, long years, amazing victories and success.
  •  I assure you that all the problems will be taken from the old year, and the new one will bring you great joy and absolute happiness! It is important to be patient and wait.
  • Let's celebrate this New Year perfectly! Happy New Year! Sparkling fun, chic mood, the presence of loved ones, wonderful emotions - I wish you all tonight! And also to stay with you these states throughout the year!
  •  May this night be a magical one. Be like in childhood - full of dreams, hopes, gifts. I wish all night long to be fun and all your wishes to be fulfilled in the near future. Next year will be truly successful and full of the most enjoyable events!

 Let the new year help you to believe in a miracle, to give you good luck with generosity, to inspire you, to warm your soul and to give you warmth in the house.

Funny wishes will cheer the recipients, and emotional and spiritual - will add warmth to the festive atmosphere. The selection of Christmas and New Year greetings that we have prepared will allow you to choose the best and most original greeting card.

  • The whole city today laughs, dances, sings - tonight is the New Year! Let him bring you happiness in love! Let fairy tales come true, let happiness knock on the door of your house, let luck reach out to you and your soul sing with joy!
  •  May your family be healthy and may love never leave your home! Congratulations on this magical holiday! With this beautiful winter story! With the new year! Be like the snowman - adored by everyone, like a squirrel - quick and furry, like a snowflake - light and unique, but that makes everyone happy! Have no limits in your dreams and business prosperity awaits you.
  •  When you wake up in the new year, have only fresh thoughts and ideas, a pure soul and bold dreams. Leave all worries, problems, quarrels in the past. Only in this way will love and happiness flourish in your heart.
  •  I wish you a lot of joy and inspiration, patience, new knowledge, strength. Always stay in a positive mood and every day bring you only joy. May the magic of the charming New Year's holiday last all year, bringing you sincere emotions, immense happiness, sensual tenderness, omnipotent love! Appreciate what you have, but dream of more! Congratulations!
  •  Let the new year inspire you, to bring you confidence in your own strength, not to bore you, to bring you new discoveries. The champagne is poured into glasses and we will drink it so that the year will be generous, good and bring happiness to every home!
  •  May the New Year bring you all kinds of gifts: happiness, luck, sincerity of love and friendship! The countdown has begun and it's time to make a wish!
  •  May your days be as easy as champagne bubbles! In the new year to have oceans of happiness and luck, lots of money banknotes and a huge creative inspiration! Let only tears of happiness flow on your cheeks, and joy sparkle in your eyes.
  •  Congratulations on this wonderful and magical holiday! I wish the New Year to bring you many surprises, beautiful days and mysterious nights. You have a unique life, so live it to the fullest!
  •  Happy New Year! May the New Year be happier than the previous one, may all the magical doors open for you, wake up in the reality of your dreams, keep the faith and also have a lot of joy and love in life.
  •  Shiny snow. Shiny garlands. Shining stars. Do you know what I want? And make your life just as bright in the new year! Much health, light, happiness, in destiny many victories await you, and dreams come true! Goodness - in the heart, and harmony - in the house!
  •  Let this year's acquaintances become the foundation of a strong friendship next year. Allow this year's timid steps on your career ladder to turn into a strong step next year. May this year's sympathies, like small springs, unite in the river of love in the future.
  •  In the New Year you will turn the page, you will get rid of doubts and troubles. You will step on the path of luck and happiness, and love will hurry to visit you! Just believe! You are in the magical power of winter!
  •  The New Year is a holiday loved since childhood, when everyone expects miracles and magic. Let the new year give your child the joy of life, to teach you to believe in fairy tales, so that everyone can love and hope as a child.
  •  The New Year has entered our homes. Appreciate his wonderful gifts. The joy of always walking beside you with calm steps. May your health become stronger and stronger every minute, and may your happiness be absolute!
  •  Even if the January cold and the strong blizzard scare you, you can always feel April in your soul - when the feelings thaw and it's always spring!

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In most countries of the world, New Year is considered a favorite holiday. He is loved by both children and adults. Moreover, each country has its own traditions of celebrating the New Year. There are many signs and superstitions associated with this cheerful and bright holiday. For example, on New Year's Eve, you need to make a wish so that they come true next year. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and exciting facts about the New Year.


1. Three centuries ago, during the reign of Peter in Kievan Rus, a tradition arose to celebrate the New Year. By this time, March 1 was New Year's Day.


2. Sociable, well-mannered people with good manners, were born under the sign of the goat. Despite their shyness, they value beauty and home comfort, and are also hospitable people.


3. Computer equipment is the most popular children's gift of modern Santa Clauses, and most office workers ask to freeze their boss.


4. Ginger is widely used in traditional European New Year pastries.


5. 150 years ago there was a custom to install a Christmas tree for the New Year. The richest palaces in Russia and Europe were decorated with New Year's beauties.


6. Write your cherished wish on a piece of paper a few hours before the New Year. The paper must be set on fire with the first strike of the chimes, and your wish will certainly come true if the paper burns out before the end of the last strike.


7. November 18 is the official birthday of Santa Claus. Real winter during this period comes in Ustyug.


8. For 35 years, on December 31, television has been showing the film "The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath."


9. Every year on New Year's in Tibet it is customary to bake pies and distribute them to passers-by.


10. One of the oldest customs is New Year's fireworks.



11. In the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, the world's largest artificial Christmas tree, more than 77 meters high, has been installed.


12. On December 31st, most Italian citizens throw all old things out of their homes through their own windows.


13. To the sounds of a magic verse, most girls in the old days used to guess at their beloved on the night before the New Year.


14. Lentil soup is considered the main national festive dish in Brazil, as lentils are a symbol of well-being and a happy life.


15.On 19 February 2015, the Year of the Goat will come into its own.


16. Veliky Ustyug is considered the birthplace of Father Frost.


17. Australians do not use game dishes for the New Year's table, such an animal is considered a symbol of happiness.


18. Tell your friends "Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu" if you want to congratulate them in Japanese style.


19. The day off was officially declared on January 1, 1947 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.


20. Santa Claus puts his presents in the oven in Sweden, on the windowsill in Germany.



21. Fortune telling on rice grains is considered one of the most popular types of New Year's fortune telling.


22. Figurines of polar bears and walruses, carved out of ice, are presented to their relatives and friends by the inhabitants of Greenland.


23. "Little Christmas" is called New Year in Romania.


24. In America, in 1985, a New Year's garland was first lit on a Christmas tree in front of the White House.


25. Ded Zhar is the main character in the New Year in hot Cambodia.


26. Every fourth year is considered a leap year.


27. Postage stamps with holiday decoration are issued in many countries for the New Year.


28. From December 25 to January 5, the New Year and Christmas holidays are celebrated.


29. Vietnamese on New Year's Eve near their home in the pond release live carp, which is a symbol of happiness and prosperity.


30. Goose liver pate, oysters, cheese and traditional turkey are New Year's Eve specialties in France.



31. Russian Santa Claus met with Finnish Yolupukki in 2011.


32. It is not recommended to give money before the New Year, this is a bad omen.


33. Rice porridge is considered a happy New Year's dish in Scandinavia.


34. The first rocket was launched by Peter I in 1700 on New Year's Eve.


35. With the first strike of the clock in England, the back door is opened to let in the Old Year, and with the last, the front doors to let in the New Year.


36. The poem "Christmas tree" by Raisa Kudasheva was published in the New Year issue of the magazine "Baby" in 1903.


37. Santa Claus rides a jet ski for Christmas in Australia.


38. In the old days, Santa Claus received gifts from people.


39. You can hang letters with wishes on the tree, and so you can diversify the New Year's holiday.


40. The symbol of 2015 is the white Goat.



41. Grapes, lentils and nuts are put on the New Year's table in Italy. It is a symbol of well-being, health and longevity.


42. Mrs. Claus is the wife of Santa Claus and is considered the personification of winter for many nations.


43. Mistletoe is considered a beautiful ritual symbol in many countries.


44. "Jelly" is the name of the month of December in Old Slavonic.


45. It is customary to wash away all sins on the eve of the New Year in Cuba.


46. ​​The Christmas tree became the symbol of New Year's holidays in the 30s of the twentieth century.


47. Cornel sticks are usually given for the New Year holidays in Bulgaria.


48. In the Czech Republic, Mikulas plays the role of the New Year character.


49. In the twentieth century, the tradition of making a snowman out of snow was born.


50. Prophetic dreams happen on December 31st.



51. Ded Moroz is always present at the festivities in the Kremlin palace.


52. Paper dragons are a symbol of prosperity in China.


53. Midnight fortune-telling and sleigh rides originate from the Old Russian New Year holidays.


54. All the troubles that happened during the year are written in New Year's letters in Ecuador.


55. Raisins, sugar and flour were the main types of gifts in medieval England.


56. Ded Moroz in folk tales is traditionally called Frost Red Nose, Moroz Ivanovich, Ded Treskun.


57. A good harvest can be expected if the sky is blue on New Year's Eve.


58. Eucalyptus is a New Year tree in the Southern Hemisphere.


59. Donuts baked according to a traditional Dutch recipe are considered a symbol of the end of the year.


60. In the middle of the twentieth century, the granddaughter of Santa Claus was born.



61. In France, Pere Noel - Santa Claus leaves gifts in children's shoes.


62. On the bulb on New Year's Eve, girls write the names of their future chosen ones, and which bulb grows faster in the water, that girl will marry for the first time.


63. Anyone can go to Bolshoy Ustyug to visit Santa Claus.


64. On New Year's Eve, it is customary to break a pomegranate fruit on the ground in Greece for good luck.


65. In Scandinavia, for the first time, the production of glass Christmas tree decorations began.


66. Santa Claus first came to the pages of the book in 1840.


67. New Year's gifts are put in a sock in Ireland and England, in a shoe - in Mexico.


68. At the beginning of summer in ancient times, the New Year began in Egypt.


69. It is necessary to celebrate the New Year in new clothes in order to go in new clothes for a whole year.


70. The Day of the Kings is called the New Year in Cuba.



71. To give birth to a boy, it is recommended for a couple in love to visit Lapland for the New Year.


72. Since 1991, New Year and Christmas have been considered an official holiday in Russia.


73. Denmark has the largest number of New Year trees sold.


74. It is customary to bake small surprises into New Year's pies in Romania.


75. Favorite white deer lives in the estate of Santa Claus.


76. The bell heralds the arrival of the New Year in England.


77. Souvenirs and postcards are traditional gifts in France.


78. Decorating a Christmas tree with sweets is a traditional custom in Russia.


79. The eastern horoscope was based on the twelfth cycle.


80. It is not customary to wash dirty linen on the first day after the New Year in Scotland.



81. Many festive lanterns are lit on New Year's Eve in China.


82. In Soviet times, the tradition has spread to invite Father Frost home.


83. The largest number of New Year's gifts in America.


84. Caviar, beans, roasted chestnuts and seaweed are happy New Years in Japan.


85. The village of Shchelikovo near Kostroma is considered the birthplace of the Snow Maiden.


86. For three minutes, exactly at midnight on New Year's Eve, the lights are turned off in Bulgaria.


87. Sting, Fidel Castro, Lewis Carroll celebrate their birthday on New Year's Eve.


88. A festive goose is put on the New Year's table in England.


89. In the old days, the character of Slavic legends and myths was Santa Claus.


90. The village of the Finnish Father Frost is located in the capital of Lapland.



91. Barrels of tar are usually set on fire on New Year's Eve in Scotland.


92. In 1954, the first New Year's holiday took place in Russia.


93. Since 1954, the folk song "Oh, frost, frost ..." has been considered


94. Donuts with jelly are served at the festive table in Poland.


95. The first New Year's card was printed in London in 1843.


96. On New Year's Eve, kites are launched into the sky in Japan.


97. The Snegurochka and Ded Moroz were recognized as the brightest "stars" in Russia.


98. It is customary to give money for the New Year in Korea.


99. The candle is considered a universal gift in Finland.


100. The title “Veteran of Fairy Tale” is given to Father Frost in Russia.



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For centuries, mankind has created a history that has been passed down from generation to generation. The myths or the reality about the leap years that have survived so far make everyone think about this inexplicable fact.


What is a leap year?



The term "jump" in Latin has a numerical meaning - 2/6. It is scientifically the fourth year above the standard number of days (366).


The historical period of a leap year



During the reign of Y. Caesar, there was an additional day repeated in the Roman calendar, with a number (February 24).


The Romans counted the days, the years, according to the Julian calendar.


In the Julian calendar, every fourth year was considered a leap year, and the last two days of February were below the same number.


After the death of the Roman ruler, the priests deliberately began to appoint the third year - a leap year. There was a change in the annual time and people, for this reason, lived up to twelve leap years.


Due to the decree of the new emperor of Rome - Augustus Octavian, everything fell into place. It took sixteen years to get the "jump time" right.


Sixteen centuries later, the Orthodox Church introduced new changes to the calendar.


The head of the Catholic Church, Pope Gregory XIII, proposed to calculate the calendar according to the new rules. He proposed introducing an additional day in February with a different date (February 29). At the general assembly, before the coming Easter, the idea of ​​the head of the Catholic Church was successfully accepted. The Roman calendar had a new chronology. In honor of the leader of the Catholic Church, she began to be called a "Gregorian."


The modern concept of a leap year


It is known that a year consists of 365 days. The next fourth year is considered a leap year. It's a longer day.


In a leap year, February is not twenty-eight days, but twenty-nine, but this phenomenon happens every four years.


Assumptions and superstitions for the leap year



Our Slavic ancestors believed that the leap year was a mystical, superstitious year. Probably the reason lies in the distant history of Saint Kasyan.


Saint Kasian served in the Galilean monastery and was its founder. He became famous for his writing career after writing twenty-four essays on "Interview," based on a moral, Christian attitude toward the faith.


The main flaw in Saint Kasyan's life was that his date of birth fell on the last day of February and even at the end of the year.


According to the Slavic faith, the last day of the year was considered the end of a severe winter. For this reason, the holy monk gained a bad reputation.


The superstitious Slavs considered the last day of a leap year to be the most difficult. They believed in evil spirits. Hence the fear of people before a leap year.


The signs of a leap year have been associated with Saint Kasyan:


  • If Kasyan approached people, the disease would attack them.
  • Kasyan was next to the animals - their deaths were inevitable.
  • Where Kasyan's gaze falls, there will be trouble and devastation.
  • The unsuccessful year is approaching Kasyanov - unsuccessful.


According to legend, in a leap year, there are many things you should not do, for example:


  • Play weddings
  • Plan a pregnancy, have children
  • Create new projects
  • Go into the woods for mushrooms
  • Haircut
  • Divorce file
  • Borrow money
  • Plant new seeds
  • Make interior renovations
  • Buying real estate


The approach of a leap year in modern society is controversial. One part of society believes in its negative actions, the other does not.


Negative side of a leap year:


  • Natural disasters
  • Military conflicts
  • Frequent accident



The positive side of a leap year


People born in a leap year are creative and talented people. Endowed with a brilliant charisma, strong character, love of life (Julius Caesar, Leonardo da Vinci, Elizabeth Taylor, Paul Gauguin).


Today, a leap year is perceived as a year of disasters, wars, catastrophes. After all, the worst events took place during this period.


People are prone to believe something and most often evil. A leap year is perceived as a time of loss, disappointment, sadness. Is that right? Just ask yourself.


Leap year: where did the extra day come from?



Do you think that the Earth will make a complete revolution in exactly 365 days? No, it's not like that - the Earth makes a complete circle around the Sun a little longer, that is, 365 days and 6 hours.


In other words, an extra quarter is added each year. For 4 years, such quarters come out 24 hours. So, it turned out that a year that is a multiple of 4 (2008, 2012, 2016, the calendar of leap years is based on this principle) is different from the rest.


The leap year is intended to eliminate this surplus and to bring the balance into chronology. If it weren't for the leap year, then in a few centuries the new year would have been postponed to the beginning of March, and that's pretty serious!


Differences from leap year


The differences between a leap year and other years, from a material point of view, are limited only by the number of days. In addition, people need to work harder for a day. Sometimes, however, it turns out and rests once again, but this happens quite rarely.


Astrologically, there are a lot of problems around the Earth around the Sun in a leap year:


  • everyday problems;
  • man-made disasters;
  • natural cataclysms;
  • relatively high mortality.


However, one can argue with the latter - there are no comments from ritual service workers about the increase in mortality. Only a few older people die.


Year leap: Greetings from Antiquity



For the first time, the ancient Romans were concerned about the inconsistency of the calendar with the actual course of time. In this country, it was forbidden to transfer significant data in another season. People were guided by the movement of the Sun in the sky.


Gaius Julius Caesar solved the problem quickly and radically - from the time of his reign, people began to live according to the Julian calendar, which just added a day in February every 4 years. They gradually started moving to the new calendar, not everyone accepted it, but time took its toll.


Over time, the pagan calendar migrated to Christian culture. But in some regions this year he is associated with Kasyan Visokos, one of the saints, the patron saint of monasticism.


He is believed to have been drinking without restraint for three years, and at the age of four he gets angry and takes revenge in public for the fact that his birthday is celebrated only once every 4 years.


However, there is a discrepancy here - a Christian saint, by definition, cannot be a drunk, plus there is no record in the church that Visokos would like.


Signs and beliefs associated with a leap year



Now the leap year is relatively simple, and earlier some people were afraid to leave home on February 29 in a leap year. For example, there was a sign that if you get a good frost on that day, and the frosts can be severe at the end of February, then a person will certainly catch a cold and die.


The same goes for animals. Popular belief says that any mistake in caring for pets on this day can cost animals their lives. For example, malnutrition or overeating.


Starting a new business in a leap year, according to popular belief, cannot be very successful.


Surely everything will be ruined: even if a man builds a house, he even opens a business. In addition, all major cases should be postponed until at least February 29 - this time is considered the most unfortunate since the beginning of the year.


To calm Visokos a little, you need to do the following:


  • under the bells, throw a glass of vodka from the window (another alcohol is suitable, but it must be strong);
  • drink without glasses that shake when it is exactly midnight;
  • If you still have glasses, then you should put the glasses on the table before taking a sip.


According to popular belief, Visokos' anger will diminish slightly before the completion of the next journey around the Sun.


Another interesting sign is associated with the collection of gifts from nature. Picking mushrooms and berries is usually difficult on February 29, but things found on the street, such as money, can cause problems if they enter the house.


And if the dog barks at the same time (a dog day on February 29 itself is a bad sign), then trouble is guaranteed. You have to ignore it while saying, "Hold me out."


Prohibitions of the leap year



Because this year is so unlucky, people have come with a lot of bans, noticing that you can remove the troubles from home. By the way, nature "participates" in these prohibitions as well.


For example, according to ancient memories, in leap years, usually a poor apple crop.


So what not to do in a leap year:


  • You can't sing carols for baptism. This ritual in itself is relatively associated with evil spirits and once every four years it is especially "attentive" to humans. You better not litter. So, no matter how many sweets people offer, it is better to avoid carols.
  • It is not recommended to sell homemade products. It is believed that happiness and wealth leave home with them.
  • You can't show the first erupted tooth to a baby to anyone, except maybe your closest relatives. If the ban is violated, the child will have crooked teeth.
  • You can't start a big business, including getting married. Everything will break down, as I mentioned above.
  • You can't buy "coffin stuff". It sounds weird, but for some people in their old age it is the norm to buy things for their own funeral. Doing so in a leap year will hasten death.
  • Women are strictly forbidden to dye their hair. This can lead to the lady becoming bald.
  • It is forbidden to change jobs or places of residence. In a new place, a person will simply not take root, you will have to start from scratch (this point is sometimes impractical because there are different circumstances in life).
  • Having children joins this forbidden group, but not everyone takes this restriction seriously.


Everything may sound archaic, but the fact remains - people often complain to astrologers and psychics about the misfortunes that began even after violating such prohibitions.


Conclusion - until the Earth makes a complete revolution around the Sun in a leap year, some activities should be abandoned.


The reason for the bad reputation of a leap year



We must recognize that if we did not have leap years, there would be a regular change of seasons. Therefore, they help to synchronize the Gregorian and astrological calendars and do not allow the seasons to change in other months.


But why a leap year is considered bad, you have to figure it out. In Slavic culture, there has long been a negative attitude towards such years. An additional day in February was considered the cause of disasters and landslides.


Perhaps the reason for such antipathy was that this time, on February 29, according to Slavic beliefs, Kashchey-Chernobog was subdued, commanding dark forces, sowing evil, death, disease, and madness.


Old Russians often associated a day of jumping with Cassian, who was born on February 29th. Based on the legends, where he was assigned the role of guardian of the gates of Hell, the traitorous cherub, the adoptive one of the demons, etc., one can understand why this character was very feared and strongly cursed. The Russians were convinced that Cassian had a negative impact throughout the year. There was a pestilence of cattle and poultry, crops were destroyed in the fields, and famine began.


On February 29, people once again tried not to go out into the yard, to keep cattle and birds closed.


It is difficult to answer unequivocally why a leap year is considered bad. Some scientists claim that natural and man-made disasters are becoming more common during this period. Many personalities are also in a hurry to cancel their individual problems for more than a year.


The following tragic events are historical facts:


  • the collapse of the Byzantine Empire and the city of Constantinople falls in the leap year 1204;
  • the bloody Spanish Inquisition began in 1232;
  • the plague of the inhabitants of medieval Europe from the plague, in which 1/3 of the population died in 1400;
  • the terrible events of the Night of St. Bartholomew in 1572;
  • the terrible tsunami in Japan in 1896 and the earthquake in China in 1556;
  • In 1908, everyone became aware of the fall of the Tunguska meteorite, etc.



List of leap years in the 21st century



To plan important events in your life, such as marriage, birth, change of profession, place of residence, etc., information about leap years in this century will be helpful.


Leap years, list of the twentieth century: 1904, 1908, 1912, 1916, 1920, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1936, 1940, 1944, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968, 1972, 1976, 1980, 1984, 1988 , 1992, 1996.


Leap years in our century: 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, 2040, 2044, 2048, 2052, 2056, 2060, 2064, 2068, 2072, 2076, 2080, 2084, 2088, 2092, 2096, 2100.



Let's summarize


A positive attitude and self-confidence form a strong basis for important achievements in a person's life, and small superstitions should not become an obstacle to achieving goals.


Is it the leap year or 2022? 2022 will be an ordinary year. From year to year, the approach of the new year arouses enthusiasm among superstitious people.


Interest is based on the popular signs and superstitions associated with the addition to the additional February 29th. One day, February 29, is added to the calendar every four years.


If you believe in your own strengths you will be able to do whatever you want in any year! We at Bemorepanda advise you not to be guided by superstitions!


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