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Stanley Cup finals top 50 funny memes that fans will love for sure

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The Stanley Cup is the most prestigious hockey trophy in the world. Since 1926, it has been awarded to the team that won the playoffs in the NHL, the American-Canadian professional hockey league. The league itself does not own the cup and uses its symbols under a trust agreement with the copyright holders.

The history of the Stanley Cup goes back to 1889, when a local hockey tournament was held in the city of Montreal. The then ruler of Canada, Frederick Stanley (1841-1908), was invited to the match between the two Montreal teams as a fan. Stanley became interested in the game and was instructed to develop hockey in Canada. Frederick's sons organized several more hockey clubs in Canada, and Stanley himself later came up with the idea of ​​establishing a challenge cup, which would be awarded to the best amateur team in Canada at the end of the season. The first Stanley Cup winner was the Montreal Hockey Club in 1893. Canadian professional clubs have only been eligible to compete for the Stanley Cup since 1906.

In 1915, the two North American leagues came to a gentlemen's agreement: the Stanley Cup would be played between their winners at the end of the season. In 1926, the American-Canadian NHL won the right to exclusive cup competition among its teams. Since then, the NHL Western Conference playoff winner has been fighting for the Stanley Cup with the Eastern Conference winner.

The most titled club, the Montreal Canadiens, has won the Stanley Cup 24 times. They are followed by the Toronto Maple Leafs (13 times) and the Detroit Red Wings (11). In 2018, for the first time in history, the Washington Capitals won the cup, and with them Sasha Ovechkin. According to a long tradition, the players of the team that won the cup drink champagne from it, and the names of the best players of the winning team are engraved on the cup itself.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.Re-evaluate your life

2.That escalated quickly


4.2 girls no cup

The Stanley Cup is made of silver, its height is about 90 centimeters, and it weighs 15.5 kilograms. The cup itself exists in three copies: the same original cup, bought by Frederick Stanley in 1893, is stored in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, as well as another, modern one, called "permanent". The third copy, which is given to teams and travels around the world, is called "presentation".

For the first time, the Stanley Cup was awarded to the Montreal AAA team in 1893, the champion of the Amateur Hockey Association (Amateur Hockey Association, AHA), the strongest hockey league at that time, and there was no playoff stage that year, as the Montrealers during the season confidently beat all their opponents. At that time, the Cup was the property of the league in which the last winner of the Cup played, the champion of this league automatically became the owner of the Cup, but he could be challenged by the champion of any other amateur league. Until 1898, the teams of the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada (AHAC) became the owners of the Challenge Cup. The only exception was the season of 1895-1896, when the Winnipeg Victorians won the Manitoba Hockey League (MHA) for a while, and the champions of other leagues fought for the Cup with the AHAC champions: the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA) and the Central Canadian Hockey Associations (CCHA), but everything is even.

  From the 1898-1899 season, a new league was formed - the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL), which included all teams from AHAC. In 1901, the Winnipeg Victorians club, the champion of the Manitoba Hockey League (MHL), which was originally called the Association (MHA) and the New Association (MNWHA), was able to beat the CAHL champion and took the Challenge Cup to their league for a whole year. There were many other attempts to win the Cup, but the champions of the Ontario Hockey Association (OHA), Maritime Hockey League (MaHL), Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL) failed to get the coveted trophy.


6.Never be awarded

7.Stanley cup finals

8.Good question

9.Normal life on hold

 In 1906, the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA) was created, which united the best teams from the Canadian Amateur Hockey League (CAHL) and the Federal Amateur Hockey League (FAHL). And the very next year, many leagues became professional, so the Manitoba Professional Hockey League (MPHL), Ontario Professional Hockey League (OPHL), Alberta Hockey League (AAHA) appeared, which immediately joined the fight for the Challenge Cup. And the results were not long in coming - the Kenora Thistles team from the Manitoba Professional Hockey Association (MPHA) won the Challenge Cup. However, the Cup lasted less than two months - having won the ECAHA regular season, Montreal Wanders applied for a rematch in March 1907 and returned the Cup, which they lost in January of that year.

   If until 1906 only amateur teams fought for the Challenge Cup, and since 1906 professional players were allowed to play together with amateurs, then since 1908 only professionals could claim this prize, while amateurs began to fight for the Allan Cup. In the 1908-1909 season, the ECAHA became a professional league and was renamed the Eastern Canada Hockey Association (ECHA), but lost two teams that did not receive the status of professional clubs (Montreal AAA and Montreal Victorians). However, already in the 1909-1910 season, the Eastern Canada Hockey Association (ECHA) was transformed into the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA) in order to exclude the Montreal Wanders team, which in response created the National Hockey Association (NHA). 

The Canadian Hockey Association (CHA) did not last even a month, and the last CHA match went to the National Hockey Association (NHA), since almost all teams moved to this league after the CHA was disbanded. The Champions of the Ontario Professional Hockey League (OPHL) and the New Ontario Hockey Association (NOHL), the Alberta Hockey League (AAHA), the Maritime Professional League (MaPHL), the Pacific Coast Hockey Association ( PCHA).

10.What’s a Stanley Cup

11.Your name is Stanley

12.NHL Playoffs

13.Proud hockey fan

14.Hockey is back

15.Real winners


17.Get angry


19.Games are different

20.Lifting it up

21.What a choice

22.0 goals

23.Let’s go

24.Friendly reminder

25.What a night


27.What a warrior

28.Like for Stanley cup

29.Two american


31.Live look





36.What if


38.They are gone


40.Watching some of this

41.No life

42.Stanley Cup?

43.Saving more

44.Washington capitals

45.Here just waiting

46.Who should I choose

47.Steve OTT


49.No finals again

50.Old Stan

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The 2021-2022 NHL Championship is the 105th season of the National Hockey League (NHL). The regular season kicked off on October 12, 2021 and will run through April 2022, followed by the Stanley Cup playoff series.

This season, the NHL has added a new Seattle club, the Seattle Kraken, bringing 32 clubs to the 2021-2022 Championship - 7 from Canada and 25 from the United States. The Seattle Kraken play in the Pacific Division of the Eastern Conference and the Arizona Coyotes have moved to the Central Division.

Thus, this season, the league returned to its usual divisions, each of which now has 8 teams and a division into the Western and Eastern Conferences (due to restrictions last season, there were virtually no conferences and the Canadian Division was created).

During the regular season 2021-2022, all clubs play 82 matches (last season only 56), each team will play each at least twice. The match calendar includes a break for the 2022 Olympics from February 4th to 22nd.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes about the new season.

1.The Islanders have fans

2.All I want

3.Like a boss

The National Hockey League is a professional sports organization that brings together the hockey teams of the United States and Canada. Nowadays, most experts recognize the NHL as one of the strongest on the planet. It should be noted that at the moment it is one of the main sports leagues in North America, along with the NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball. The league was formed on November 26, 1917, and on December 19, 1917, the first season began, uniting only 4 teams.

   By the end of the 1930/1931 season, a total of 10 teams were playing in the NHL, vying each year for the league's top prize, the Stanley Cup. Originally, the Stanley Cup was played between the winner of the NHL and the winner of the Western professional hockey leagues, and since 1926 the Cup has become the full property of the NHL. However, the Great Depression, and various financial difficulties after it, dealt a severe blow to the league and the NHL was reduced to six teams. These teams, which have played in the league for 25 years since 1942, are still known as the "Big Six" (Original Six) - "Montreal Canadiens", "Toronto Maple Leafs", "Detroit Red Wings", "Boston Bruins", New York Rangers and Chicago Blackhawks.

4.A 5 dollar

5.Only Patrick here

6.Every time I make a save

7.I become anything

In the mid-1960s, teams began to emerge in the minor leagues, especially from the western United States, that could compete with the NHL teams. The strengthening of the Western Hockey League, which experts predicted its transformation into a league equal in strength to the NHL, as well as financial considerations prompted the NHL in 1967 to undertake the first expansion since the 1920s. Six more teams were admitted to the league, which formed a new division. They were the Philadelphia Flyers, St. Louis Blues, Minnesota North Stars, Los Angeles Kings, Oakland Seals and Pittsburgh Penguins. Three years later, the Vancouver Canucks and Buffalo Sabers joined the league.

   In 1972, the World Hockey Association (WHA) was formed. Although the WHA never submitted a proposal to the NHL for a joint Stanley Cup, everyone recognized the league's strength and considered it a worthy competitor to the NHL. In this regard, the NHL decided to urgently continue its expansion policy and added the New York Islanders and Atlanta Flames to the league in 1972, and the Kansas City Scouts and Washington Capitals two years later.

8.Pulling 2 teeth

9.For sure

10.French girls

However, the increase in the number of teams in the league caused a decrease in the overall level of the game. These leagues fought for strong players until the collapse of the WHA in 1979. Four WHA teams have joined the NHL: Hartford Whalers, Quebec Nordics, Edmonton Oilers and Winnipeg Jets. The Edmonton Oilers are currently the last team from the WHA to continue to be based in the same city where they were based. Quebec Nordics, Winnipeg Jets and Hartford Whalers have now changed their name and moved to other cities.

   The NHL has continued to expand, and since the 2000/2001 season, the number of teams in the league has increased to its current maximum of 30 teams from 29 cities in the United States and Canada. Of the 30 teams in the National Hockey League, 7 are in Canada and 23 are in the United States. All NHL clubs have their own "farm clubs" - the so-called subsidiary teams, where hockey players who have failed to break into the main team play.

11.So funny


13.Hey Patrick


At the moment, the NHL has the following structure: there are two conferences in the NHL, each with three divisions, and each division with five teams. In the regular season, each team plays 82 games - 41 home and 41 away, each team playing at least one game with every other team in the league. The team gets two points for winning, the team gets one point for losing in overtime or in shootouts, and none for losing in regular time. At the end of the regular season, the team with the most points in its division becomes the division champion (points from games with all teams are taken into account, not just the teams of its division). Division winners and top 5 other teams from each conference advance to the playoffs and compete for the Stanley Cup.

15.Rangers Candle

16.Sabres fans

17.Mike Smith

18.The floor is lava



21.Dear Basketball

22.Glass case

23.Grinds my gear


25.I play hockey

26.I got a cup

27.Brain on check

28.Lakers Parade

29.I have an army

30.Elf power

31.The sea creators



34.Penalty box

35.For the record

36.Three rules

37.Social distancing


39.Dollar beer night

40.The rangers

41.Steve Dangle

42.Rangers fans


44.NHL games

45.Four to one


47.Cover tution

48.Everywhere I go


50.Kraken are in the metagame

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When it comes to bad weather, Texans react a bit differently from others.

In any other state, grocery stores will limit the number of uneccesary goods a customer can supply, while L-Star Star H-E-B will limit the number of branches to two per person.

Plus, Texas shoppers may be better off finding a box of water because Texans also get drunk and laugh when they're not there.

Here are 10 memes that can be associated with any Texan right now:

1. This was a public announcement.

2. Only in Texas ...

3. What a deal! 🙃

4. Is COVID-19 not tortured enough until 2020?

5. We are ready to move to 2021.

6. How is a hurricane measured? With cats!

7. Oh, it's on!

8. I get it.

9. Hurricane anecdote:

10. Queue to shops at the last minute.





















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