As Donald Trump is set to candidate for 2024 US Presidential elections, Bemorepanda has collected top 50 most funny memes and jokes that highlighted his political career

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In a recent interview, former US President Donald Trump stated that he is determined to return to the White House, so he will run in the 2024 elections.

Donald Trump, now 75, was the oldest White House president before Joe Biden, 78, was elected.

Donald Trump took his first steps in construction while still a student. He and his father bought a dilapidated complex in Cincinnati, Ohio. There were about 1,200 apartments in it. Surprisingly, the state subsidized the restoration of this project, called Swifton Village, so impressive that Trump, without spending a dime, did a complete restoration of the complex and sold it twice as much as they bought. As a result, Donald realized that the government was focused on providing housing to the people and was ready to help and provide assistance in every way possible, and he certainly knew how to get such help. This story was the beginning of Trump's prosperity as a major construction contractor.

However, this was not enough for Donald. His first projects were successful, but his goal was New York. Here it is, a city of opportunities with the chance to enter directly into the real estate market and turn into a great construction tycoon! He immediately moved to the metropolis, rented an apartment in Manhattan, which was not very luxurious, and examined the buildings with great diligence. As he gained knowledge, Donald was convinced that it would be useful for him to build his biggest business.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes.

1.China ready for 2024

2.Mean Twitters

3.Unsafe vaccine

4.Trump back for memes

Trump was aware that he could only get good funding by rotation in certain circles, and he set himself the goal of becoming a member of the club of wealthy and influential French politicians and bankers. It was not easy to enter this closed club without a specific recommendation, but a young and ambitious businessman left and received a club card after meeting with the manager. Trump has entered the habitat of the powerful. The visitors of this institution were great bosses, successful models, top managers, oil magnates. Donald was expecting unimaginable offers and multi-million dollar contracts.

Despite a crushing start and useful contacts, Trump has been constantly plagued by failure. Perhaps because of his zeal and youth, he did not inspire confidence in serious developers, but wealth, it seems, has drifted away from him. However, Donald did not give up, on the contrary, the failures stimulated him and ignited in him the desire to achieve the goals at any cost.

With the financial support of his father, Trump entered into the first agreement with the bankrupt railroad company Penny Central Railroad. Donald bought the dilapidated Commodore Hotel near Grand Central Station. The future tycoon managed to persuade the authorities to postpone the payment of property taxes for 40 years and take out loans from banks worth seventy million dollars, and Hyatt Corporation to give its name. And now, instead of the dilapidated Commodore Hotel, the luxurious Grand Hyatt has been formed.

Trump's purchase of land in Atlantic City long before the legalization of the gambling business once again proved that he had a great instinct and luck, as the value of this land by 1982 exceeded $ 20 million.


6.Fkk the planet


But one of New York's biggest construction magnates, Donald Trump, has completed the Trump Tower project. In 1979, he rented a store building near the Tiffany boutique. At first, everything was not so smooth and the authorities did not want to meet him halfway, refusing to grant tax exemptions of millions of dollars. But he did not give up and after going through several court hearings he managed to provide benefits.

And so, three years later, on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, one could contemplate the grand opening of the stunning 68-story, mixed-tower Trump Tower. Revenues from this construction exceeded all expectations, tourists just crowded to see the grandeur of the skyscrapers with its six-story atrium, pink marble ornaments and 80-foot waterfall, and celebrities rushed to rent the square here.

The 1980s saw the formation of the Trump Empire - all his projects turned into a gold mine. Such success dazzles Trump. Not being very modest, he became very self-confident, and when asked how things were going, the answer was, "It's good to be Donald."

Trump was expected to become president of the United States in the 1980s, but at the time, the arrow of Donald's political compass was constantly rushing between the right and the left. By 2009, he had more or less defined his own views and joined the Republican Party. They tried to nominate prominent economist and manager Donald to run in the 2011 presidential election, but the businessman said he was not ready to leave the private sector.

On June 16, 2015, Trump announced to the people of the United States that he had changed his mind, announcing that he was ready to fight for the presidency. Trump's presidential campaign was carefully thought out: first, he visited New Hampshire, traditionally considered a Republican stronghold, and then toured Nevada and California, states that had previously received a solid financial infusion from Donald. Trump has also held rallies in support of the electorate.

Trump's popularity has been influenced by his character: the newly-elected politician is accustomed to speaking openly, without covering his speech with euphemisms. Thanks to this feature, he gained fame as an eccentric who tells the truth.

The main messages of the Trump campaign were related to the following areas of American society: immigration, health, economics and domestic politics ... The Republican was extremely cold to the people of Mexico and the Middle East. If he wins the election, Trump has threatened to build an analogue of the Great Wall of China on the border with Mexico. Trump has also repeatedly called for the immediate elimination of the ISIS armed forces.

8.Who is missing Trump

9.Good old times


11.Good quote

Donald Trump accuses Democrats of creating ISIS

Donald called for the cancellation of Barack Obama's medical program, saying that providing it is too expensive for the state and that he will easily find more efficient and cheaper methods for taxpayers.

In the economic sector, even Democrats have listened to the billionaire; he argued for the need to return production to the United States, increase taxes on the goods of American companies made abroad, and also argued for the need for a trade war with China.

Donald Trump's outrageous video of Vladimir Putin

More broadly, he outlined his point in the book "A crippled America", published in 2015. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, Donald Trump's fortune exceeded the threshold of 4 billion dollars. It continued to grow, including through real estate licensing - the developers themselves paid Trump to build and sell new projects on his behalf.

In March 2016, Donald Trump was named the most likely Republican presidential candidate, predicting that he will face Hillary Clinton in the final round of elections.

12.Spray tan

13.Hate Trump

14.Hey Siri

15.Under Trump




19.Trump 2024


21.So hard to find


23.2024 be like




27.Own social media


29.I bet Trump

30.Who’s with me

31.Talk about Trump


33.Trump took them all out


35.Success stories

36.He does

37.Help Kevin


39.Fit the theory



42.Go to the moon

43.Changing facts

44.Behind the desk

45.The truth

46.Trump won

47.In Trump we trust


49.Talk about Trump

50.Pretty cool

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Thanksgiving Day. A beautiful holiday that brings families and friends together for dinner. A special meal, based on turkey, a bird native to North America. And corn and cranberries, a kind of cranberry, also native to America. Then add a lot of other dishes. Thanksgiving dinner has become a kind of cooking contest.


It's a celebration of overflow. And of humility, of gratitude to the divinity for well-being, for the dishes on the table. Our ancestors respected the dishes much more than we, the hungry generations.


Hundreds of years ago he was starving. If the winter was too hard, if there was hail or floods, if the locusts invaded or the wool caught fire, hunger breathed in your neck. In the daily prayer inherited from one generation to the next, we still hope to receive "our daily bread." Even if we throw old, dry bread in the trash every day


No one can deny the beauty of Thanksgiving. A day to thank. Sit in it for a while and think about how lucky you are. In which you enjoy your loved ones who are still close to you. Because everything is fleeting, including well-being. People are beautiful when they are together.


And Thanksgiving is upon us, which means the holiday season is in full swing. The children who go to college, hundreds of kilometers away, get in their cars and drive for a meal at home, with their families. With grandparents, great-grandparents, uncles and aunts, cousins ​​they haven't seen in a long time. Events that bring families together are quite rare in a human life, usually weddings and funerals. But, Thanksgiving is an annual occasion to meet, to say goodbye, to "together". And the king of the Thanskgiving table is the turkey.


But what will be this year? In the midst of the pandemic, many people reunited, once the studies became online and work at home. But because of the danger of infection and the spread of the virus, people cannot all gather at one table, especially the elderly. Even if the holiday will be spent in a very small circle, it will be a symbolic one and of major importance.


Of course, it is a good reason for Internet users to create different funny and interesting memes for us. Bemorepanda has collected the top memes and jokes perfect for everyone.


1.Favourite thing about Thanksgiving


2.Huge Thanksgiving dinner


3.Waiting for Christmas


4.We're having a turkey?


5.Checking their phone in the bathroom


6.Dinner be at 6 pm


7.Today vs tomorrow


8.Thinking about Thanksgiving


9.New recipe for Thanksgiving


10.Just one piece of pie


11.After Thanksgiving


12.Eating the same thing


13.Thanks for nothing


14.Waiting for Thanksgiving


15.Why you eat me?


16.Waking up on Thanksgiving


17.No seconds til everyone had a plate


18.The whole family is roasting you


19.Come at me bro


20.You and your cousin come back from "taking a walk"


21.I regret nothing


22.Could you pass the pie?


23.Don't mind that


24.Too many questions


25.Isn't that your 3rd plate?


26.Oh, pie!


27.Drinking at noon on a wednesday


28.After Thanksgiving


29.But is not the day!


30.Something is happening


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The world is on the threshold of a new era, which will initially be characterized by disorder, with a likely weakening of globalization, which has created the rapid growth of the economy and assets over the past 40 years.


The institution's experts claim that the year 2020 marks the beginning of a new "structural super-cycle", which "shapes everything from savings to asset prices, politics and our general way of life". An "Age of Disorder" is also expected, accelerated by the new coronavirus. This new era will be the beginning of the collapse of global assets and rising debt at the level of governments and corporations.


On the other hand, regarding the geopolitical situation, the tension between the USA and China should "characterize the era of disorder". During this time, China will continue on its path to restoring its historical role as a global economic power, while at the same time preferring its own values ​​to Western liberalism.


"A clash of cultures and interests is approaching, as China approaches the time when it will become the world's largest economy again," the report said.


The era of disorder - especially the next 10 years - could also be a chance for Europe, the report said. The chances of confusion for Europe have decreased, while the potential for further integration has increased with the recent Recovery Fund, economic divergences are likely to increase and cause more stress points.


We are already at the end of the year, but 2020 surprises us with other things. Internet users are ready like never before in November with a lot of memes. Bemorepanda collected them for You!


1.Christmas in november


2.Can't get worse






5.You have no power


6.Friday november


7.Can't get worse


8.Who had asteroid?


9.How many?


10.Need me?


11.Ice Cream truck


12.2020 calendar


13.But when I do


14.Event locked


15.My kid in future


16.October ending


17.Emotional roller coaster


18.Meanwhile in November


19.Democrats in December


20.November 1st


21.Americans right now




23.The world


24.2020 elections


25.Brace yourself


26.End of a date




28.Talk about Christmas


29.Christmas Music


30.Girls vs Boys in december


31.Christmas time


32.Halloween candy


33.Creating violence


34.Somethings wrong


35.Jingle bell


36.No shave november


37.FBI agent


38.My wallpaper


39.Who did this


40.The only child




42.Hello november


43.Christmas trees


44.Christmas is in november


45.I hate men


46.I got friends


47.October and november


48.Every second 2020


49.My plans vs 2020


50.My plans failed

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