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50 weirdest and strange questions and answers on Quora ever

11 months ago

Quora is an ever-improving set of questions and answers used by millions of people around the world. But many users, especially beginners, find it difficult to get answers to their question.

This is because their question is not visible to people and hence the question remains unanswered. So, here we present the most effective way to ask a question on Quora and you will definitely get an answer.

In 2009, two young employees of the social network sat in a small Chinese restaurant near the Facebook office - technical director Adam d'Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Over lunch, they discussed potentially interesting niches on the Internet, where there is room for development. A small study showed that this niche is question and answer (Q&A) services. Yahoo Answers alone attracted about 50 million users each month. Only the quality of the answers was depressing: they were either from people who did not really understand the question, or they did not exist at all, d'Angelo and Cheever saw potential in this.

So this platform gave the opportunity to people to ask random questions, from the smartest to stupidest one.

1.What are some clever ways I could fully castrate myself?

2.If you had .0000000001 second before your wiener turned into a singing walrus, what would you do?

3.What would happen if the Sun turned into a tennis ball for one second?

4.I have been washing my face with my own urine for the past two weeks. My eyes have become all red and puffy. What could be the problem?

A few months later, they left the good positions in Facebook and sat down to work on their own project, which later became known as Quora. In an interview, d'Angelo said that Facebook was developing quite dynamically and there was no particular need to continue to stay in the company. “I realized that I could do more by launching something new,” he said at the time.

There were already dozens of Q&A services on the market, Wikipedia, as well as thousands of sites that were given out by Google and other search engines. Therefore, the founders of Quora set themselves a different task: to give not just an answer, but to attract people who will be able to share their own experience and knowledge. A wide circle of friends among the leaders of large Internet companies contributed to this goal.

Just a few months after the launch, Quora became popular in California, and then in the United States. D'Angelo's main goal is to bring the model they created outside the United States. With the $85 million received in the last round, he intends to launch versions in other languages, as well as actively develop monetization tools.

In 2010, after several months of development, Quora exited closed beta testing and became available to all users. Among the first questions that appeared on the site was a question from a user named "Mark Zuckerberg". He asked which startup might be an interesting takeover. Among the responses was a young company Nextstop, which was engaged in the selection of travel recommendations based on information from social networks. Later on Quora began to discuss how much the deal could cost and how someone managed to guess that this particular startup would be absorbed by Facebook.

Acquaintance with key entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley allowed the founders of Quora to immediately attract the attention of the press and users. Attention was also drawn to the story that the startup was launched by two former employees of Facebook, one of whom left the post of technical director of the social network.

Big names helped, but the young service needed content: no one would come looking for answers to a site where there weren’t even questions. Therefore, d'Angelo and Cheever wrote over a thousand questions and answers themselves under various names. They did this until the site gained a critical mass of users for self-filling.

5.If I pee on a man's pillow, will he secretly become addicted to my phonemes and in his sleep and fall deeply in love with me?

6.I've always wanted to pee on my bed after I started to enjoy peeing on myself. I’m just scared of the smell afterwards. What can I do so I can pee on the bed but keep the smell away?

7.What's your best peeing experience?

In its first year of public operation, Quora received up to half a million monthly active users and $11 million in investments. The lead investor was Benchmark Capital, and the total valuation of the service was $86 million. D'Angelo then said that the money would be used to attract new employees that are necessary for the development of the company.

At the same time, d'Angelo also had his own funds, which he accumulated during his work at Facebook. He invested not only in his own company, but also financed other projects. For example, d'Angelo is one of the first investors in the Asana service: in 2009, he joined a group of business angels who invested $1.2 million in a startup. And in 2011, he participated in the A round, during which Instagram raised $7 million In total, d'Angelo made 17 investments. One of them is in his own company.

Probably, the investment from Benchmark was necessary to test the Quora idea: the expertise of people from the outside proved that the service has the right to life.

Almost nothing is known about the life of 32-year-old d'Angelo. He attended the private school Phillips Exeter Academy. It was there that he met Mark Zuckerberg. The guys became friends and together they created the Synapse music player, which compiled playlists based on the user's preferences. D'Angelo graduated from the California Institute of Technology.

d'Angelo has a deep knowledge of computer technology and mathematics. In 2001, he placed eighth at the USA Computing Olympiad, and in 2002 he participated in the World Informatics Olympiad. Fortune magazine would later rank him as the 22nd smartest person in tech.

In 2005, d'Angello joined Facebook as an engineer. In 2008, he took over as technical director of the social network. As a bonus for his work, d'Angelo received a 0.8% stake in Facebook, the funds from which were then used for personal investments and the development of Quora.

8.Have you ever seen a woman pee?

9.How much damage could the Hulk do by farting?

10.Who could fart the loudest, the Hulk or Superman?

11.Do worms turn into snakes?

D'Angello met Charlie Cheever on Facebook. Prior to that, he worked at Amazon. Now Cheever is listed as an adviser to Quora: he stepped away from active management of the company in 2012. The official reason for leaving is the desire to relax.

Along with d'Angelo and Cheever, several other Facebookers left to make Quora. Rebekah Koch, who was one of the lead designers at Facebook, moved to the same position at Quora. The company also brought in Kevin Dera, another social media engineer. As of the beginning of 2011, the audience of the service reached 500 thousand registered users, at that time 18 employees worked in the company. For further development again needed money.

In 2012, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel led a $50 million round B. He invested $30 million of his own money without using the Founders Fund. “Thiel was one of the first people to support Facebook. Then it helped us a lot. He understands these companies," said d'Angelo.

The head of Quora then invested $ 20 million of personal funds in the company. Quora's valuation rose to $400 million. The company planned to spend the funds received on further development and popularization of the service.

12.How do parent snakes feed baby snakes?

13.How will my cat react if she finds my poop in her litter?

14.Do birds poop on cars intentionally?


15.When will Jesus come back?


16.What do you think about, when you think about thinking?


17.My MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds.If I download more files on it,will it make it heavier?


18.Bollywood :Does Rakhi Sawant deserve Oscars?


19.What’s the difference between a secret admirer and a stalker?


20.Why can’t I have a conversation with a girl inspite of being extremely proficient in science and math?


21.My girlfriend is asking me to choose between my startup and her.What should i do?

22.A girl from my school slept in my Minecraft bed with me on a Minecraft server. Does this mean she likes me?

23.I cheated on my Minecraft girlfriend with a girl on Roblox, and she found out. I don't want to lose them both. How do I keep the relationship?

24.Have you ever seen a woman pee?

25.Is it true that girls cannot pee standing up? If so, why?

26.Hygiene: Do women pee in the shower?

27.How does is it feel to pee when you are a woman?

28.Is it true that German people laugh?

29.What are babies made of?

30.Are babies real or made up?

31.Do babies know that they are babies, or do they not recognize age?

32.Why do people enter our lives, only to leave again?

33.Is Kai from EXO gay?

34.Do people actually laugh a lot after typing LOL?

35.What if an alien species makes humans their pets?

36.What would flat-Earthers do if they found out the Earth is round and vice versa?

37.Why do I still love my ex-boyfriend when he dumped me?

38.What do I do immediately after I cut the palm of my hand horizontally with a knife?

39.How could I stop crying over BTS?

40.Why should we sleep everyday?

41.How can I kill sperm inside my body?

42.Does sperm increase a woman’s butt or hips?

43.Does sex change the butt size?

44.Why are males’ butts different from females’ butts?

45.Is it appropriate to look at a girl's butt?

46.Girls, how do you feel when a guy touches your butt?

47.What does a girl’s butt feel like?

48.Is it normal to be obsessed with ass?

49.I always look at girls' asses. How can I stop that?

50.Does a man sperm make you fat?

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The enthusiasm and curiosity we have found on Quora is worth it.

For those who don't know, Quora is a site where you can post answers and questions, and currently has reached over 300 million users, although there are no clear statistics for this year.


The beauty of Quora is that you can receive answers to your questions from people with experience in the field, and the information provided will often be well-structured and well-argued. Basically, Quora took an already model (Yahoo Answers, for example) and turned it into something really useful and relevant. The difference from Yahoo Answers is that Quora has a lot of specialists who get involved and break their time to help others with useful, documented information and relevant opinions.


Of course, the activity on Quora becomes all the more interesting the more you read and answer more questions. You can receive useful feedback and learn practical things from Quora that are really helpful.


There are hundreds of thousands of questions already asked on the platform, so we have chosen the funniest of them to see the diversity of information you can access if you decide to use this resource a few clicks away. Let's laugh together with Bemorepanda.


1.Can I tell by the smell of my husband's gas if he has been cheating?


2.What if the girl that thinks i'm the dad isn't the mom?


3.Why is my sperm so powerful?


4.My bro has not got his first period yet?


5.How do I ask a question on Yahoo answers?


6.Girlfriend aint had period since?


7.Why does steam come out of my vagina?


8.My girlfriend farted while we were kissing should I break up with her?


9.Is it true that you don't need to wear condoms when sleeping with an asian woman since they can't get pregnant?


10.If a woman was to eat a lot of chocolate would her breast milk taste like chocolate milk?


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It is well known that for a foreigner, Americans often look like a bunch of weird people. Solo red cups, free refills and bulk shopping are all just the tip of the iceberg, where it gets much weirder. But most interesting is how Americans ask questions of foreigners.

So when an Australian TikToker, @Voidable from Brisbane, asked people, "What's the worst thing an American has ever told you?" the multitude of questions immediately pervaded the entire social platform, with people telling stories about it.

From questions like "Do you speak European?" or "Asian?" Let's really ask ourselves if a person from Egypt lives in a pyramid, are these some of the most "serious?" questions to non-Americans. Get ready to giggle, then make sure you check out our previous post with Americans who are headless on the moon and back.

1.What country?

2.European cruise

3.Electricity in Germany


5.Egypt pyramid

6.Running our country

7.Foreign ID

8.I’m Spanish

9.Peter Pan is real



12.US history

13.Our sun is brighter

14.It snows?

15.Internet access

16.Volcano eruption

17.Florida of Europe

18.Gravity questions

19.Best country


21.Countries have presidents




25.American taught Canada is a third country


27.Do you speak European?

28.I have freedom


30.American dude

31.I’m Italian

32.Polar bears

33.Grass in Mexico

34.When's December for you?


36.Driving a lot

37.Do you watch TV?

38.It’s mercury

39.Visiting LA

40.From Libya

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@2844_panda_7438 I was once asked by an American if we have cars in Germany he thought that we ride horses lol and then I told them Germany invented cars and we have one of the best cars he was shocked lol

People always strive to learn something new, but most of all, as a rule, they are interested in what is around them. And the more incomprehensible things people discover next to them, the more they want to know what it is. Moreover, it is also interesting to observe the search for the correct answers from the outside. Reddit has a community called “What is this thing,” where users gather their knowledge together to tell people about their findings. Sometimes the answers are found very quickly, sometimes not, but be that as it may, this is a real paradise for curious people. We have again collected 20 questions and answers for you to brighten up 5 minutes of your time and tell you about what you most likely have not encountered.


Question: "Very bright ultraviolet light in the metro area"



Answer: "This is a faulty LED flashlight that started to glow blue"


Another version was the so-called "anti-drug flashlight" found in the UK. Under ultraviolet light, veins are not visible, which supposedly should force drug addicts to look for other places to "rest".


Question: “What is such a toilet for? No additional information available. ”



Answer: "Vintage female urinal of the 1950s."

 Question: “Found in Rochester, NY. Some kind of glass product with three legs. Remnants of the wire are visible below. There is a perforated copper plate at the bottom that appears to have a coiled wire”



Answer: "This is part of a vintage electric lighter"



Works just like a cigarette lighter in a car. Fun fact: Under UV light, this lighter glows a bright green light.


Question: "Some kind of thorny roller"




Answer: “This is a needle massager, which should improve blood circulation and relax muscles”


Moreover, on the German site it is called as “Russian”.



Question: “A gift that is over 10 years old.jars and metal stamps”



Answer: "This is a set of paints and stamps for bindi»




on the skin should apply Vaseline, lower stamped into powder and then apply it to the skin.


Question: "Wooden torch-shaped thing, the end is made in the shape of an onion with the correct notches cut into it"


Answer: "This is molinillo, the traditional cocoa and chocolate whisk used in South America."



Question: “Hidden camera in the air vent? Women's toilet in the restaurant. I want to make sure I'm not overreacting, but I don't think I've ever noticed this in the restrooms of other restaurants. Did my best to take the best picture possible, but did not want to stay too long so as not to raise the alarm "


Answer: “People who hide cameras in toilets do not hang bulbs on them so as not to attract attention. This is the air filter indicator. The light tells you when to replace the air filter without removing the grille. Hence the dust on it. "


Question: “A mug with a small cup on the side. The small cup has two holes on the inside. It looks like silver. The size of a regular mug "


Answer: “This is a mug to help patients take pills. You (or the nurse) put the pills in a small cup and bring it to your lips, knocking over the mug. Water enters the small cup through the slots and rinses the tablets into the patient's mouth "



Question: "This strange metal thing next to the playground"




Answer: “This is for a child's play. Children throw a ball into a hole at the top, and it falls out of some hole at the bottom "



Question: “Round hole in the wall with a button and a rubber seal. The hole in the wall goes up "


Answer: "This is a central tube that serves as a vacuum cleaner that was previously only found in luxury mansions."

When people did not have compact vacuum cleaners in their homes, the rich could afford the so-called central vacuum cleaner. Hoses were attached to this hole and people vacuumed the rooms. In especially luxurious houses, there were such “vacuum holes” in every room 🌪️


Question: “What is this strange structure in the middle of the river? There is no dam nearby, so I have no idea what it might be. No further information available. »


Answer: "This is the remaining foundation for the bridge that once was in this place."


Question: "Small keychain with metal discs inside"


Answer: “This is a personal dosimeter. These were used in the nuclear industry and were designed to estimate the dose of radiation received by a person during a nuclear accident. They have 4 different materials that change color depending on the dose of radiation received. "



Question: "What is this small cup inside the glass?"


Reply: “This is a prawn cocktail dish. The ice is placed on the bottom, the sauce is placed in the cup, the shrimp cling to the circumference of the glass. "


Question: “A porcelain plate with a handle. I found other similar cymbals on the Internet, but without a name, description, or other information. ”


Answer: “This is a lemon plate! It is necessary in order to offer guests lemon for tea. "


Question: "What kind of rubbish is growing out of the nail holes in the ceiling?"


Reply: “It's termite excrement. You have termites and you need to deal with them as soon as possible. "


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Quora is a very useful platform, where you can ask questions and other users will answer you.


On Quora you can follow not only the people you are interested in, but also their questions and answers to the problems that bother you. Like any business owner, or as a simple user, you will always have questions to which you could expect an answer. In order to obtain solutions to your problems, the Quora online site also offers you the opinions of other people who work in your field of activity.


Launched in 2010, Quora is an online site where people can post questions of interest and get answers from other people working in the industry. Moreover, through the multitude and variety of opinions, the platform allows users to weigh well before make a decision.


When you want to know more about a particular field, Quora offers answers and content from people who share your interests, people who have access to first-hand knowledge: doctors, economists, screenwriters, police officers, and military veterans.


The goal of Quora for every question on the page is to become the best possible resource for answers and solutions. The site allows you to build a personalized page. You will find more than 400,000 different topics, questions and answers that could inventive or competent interest depending on the field.


Of course, on Quora there are also some of the most stupid and funny questions. Bemorepanda collected the funniest questions and answers.


(1) If Einstein was so smart, why did he die?


Even Quora marked it as a joke question.


(2) I want to be a good, polite vampire. From where do I start?


Online Courses, Youtube Channels..Any suggestions?


(3) If I ejaculate am I a virgin?


Not his fault, sex education is not formally given by parents in many countries.


(4) Do Girls in IITs date boys who have backlogs?


Indian Education System for you. Marks matter. A lot.


(5) Why am I an ugly adult if I was a pretty child?


Umm..Looks like puberty hit hard.


(6) Will every person reading this question follow me on Quora?


Dear Quorans! Let’s all follow him.


(7) Can a baby get pregnant if someone have a sex with pregnant woman?


Take extra contraceptives for the zygote also.


(8) It is believed that a fish has a short term memory, but also eating fish sharpens the mind. What happens to the shark when it eats smaller fish?


Not sure if he is idiot or a genius scientist.


(9) Why must we wipe our own ass?


This one has actually has sensible answers.


(10) How do I calculate the fair price of a girlfriend using asset pricing theory?


This commerce geek’s episode should be on Crime Patrol.


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Each of us asks ourselves questions, but not infrequently the answers are left to wait or do not come at all. Interestingly, you can find a way to get an answer. You will find a lot of topics discussed on Reddit that will help you get answers to the questions you ask. Moreover, Bemorepanda collected the top questions on Reddit. This way you can see the best answers to these questions. Let's see who they are.

1.Almost 80% of the ocean hasn’t been discovered. What are you most likely to find there?

2.If your vision had a HUD like in video games, what information would you like to be displayed?

3.What are some positive things happening in the world right now?

4.What are some dark secrets about the corn industry?

5.What was your biggest/most regrettable "It's not a phase, mom. It's my life." that, in fact, turned out to be just a phase and not your life?

6.What positive changes have you made in your life that you’d like to brag on a bit? What’s that work you’ve been putting in?

7.What gets you out of bed in the morning?

8.What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

9.What’s the weirdest thing society accepts as normal?

10.What was your worst job interview?

11.What never fails to make your blood boil?

12.Brass instrument manufacturers, what are the dark secrets of the horn industry?

13.If you could show 1 movie from 2020 to a 1960s audience what would it be?

14.What dish that you cook are you most proud of?

15.What are some false stereotypes about your country?

16.Would you say you "won" or "lost" the genetic lottery, and in what way?

17.What popular movie have you never seen?

18.What family secret was finally spilled in your family?

19.What is your go-to fun fact?

20.Time and everything around you just froze for 24 hours. What are your plans?

21.What movie gets a lot of hate, but you actually love it?

22.Yesterday a woman gave birth to 9 babies what would you do if you became a parent to 9 babies at once?

23.What advice would you like to give a 20 year old who has no friends and barely anyone talks to him on social media?

24.People who still talk to their terrible moms, what's this year's obligatory Mother's Day gift going to be?

25.What's a good reason for aliens to care about us?

26.What are some things that are really expensive, yet shouldn't be?

27.Similarly to disappearing socks and nerf darts, what are some really annoying mysteries?

28.What's the dumbest thing you used to believe?

29.Which is the most underrated book you ever read?

30.If everyone got to see "life stats" after they died, what would be the first thing you would check?

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