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60 most asked questions about Dating & Relationship on Quora

1 year ago

A beautiful relationship develops when the partners really want to be together and do not solve the problems by breaking up every 2 weeks. Any conflict that arises must be sought, understood, resolved and moved on. It must be resolved through communication and understanding of why this has happened. It is never the woman's fault or the man's fault, there is always that "something" that triggers unpleasant experiences. Questions about relationships are found on Quora, so Bemorepanda collected the most useful one.

Let your partners breathe, your desires are different, let the other person express them, let them fulfill them, don't try to control their every move just because you think it's okay. Let your loved ones "exist" because otherwise the captivity will intervene and they will want to leave. If you don't feel comfortable or you don't want to evolve in that direction, you better give up. The change in the couple must be done gradually, never forced, and of course in favor of both. The change is beneficial because a couple must always improve their relationship, but the stupid idea "if he really loves me he loves me the way I am" appears. It's completely false. We are not perfect, we have flaws and pride must be set aside. Less "I'm right" and more love and understanding.

Obviously, don't get trampled on because there are hopeless people who just make fun of themselves and see their interest. There is the fault of the acceptor.

1.What does it mean when a girl acts hot and cold, and when you ask about it tells you "I really like you but I am scared to define our relationship"? How should I react to this?

2.Do I tell my regular hookup that I hooked up with someone else? My reg hookup comes over once or a twice a week only on the weekends, other than that we don’t really talk or hang out.

3.My girlfriend left me because I'm fat. Is it my fault that she left me?

4.Shall I just forgive him?

5.Do you believe in love at first sight and what was that thing you sighted in that person?

It is not the path to loneliness and nothing impossible or unreal. In principle, what you offer to those around you, you receive back, whether you offer good or bad, those things to return to you; this is a law and everyone should keep it in mind, realize that everything that happens on the outside is a reflection of what you are on the inside. If your relationship is not going well it is your fault, if you have a car accident or other bad things that happen to you it is also your fault because the way you think or behave with those around you is destructive and turns against you. Always try to improve your thinking and stop blaming others for what is happening to you. It is easier to say that others are to blame for what you suffer in life, that it is an unpleasant coincidence or that you have been the victim of an unfortunate accident, than to take the blame. Yes, sex is very important besides all these things and I'm talking especially about girls who have the impression that they deserve everything without giving anything in return. And I also mean the man who mocks the woman and has the impression that she is superior to him. "

Every couple relationship needs a lot of work to be beautiful and harmonious. You can't expect to be connected to your partner in the deepest way without doing something about it. Therefore, if you are a couple and want to improve your relationship, here are some extremely useful tips that will definitely be of real use to you.

Understand your partner and accept him as he is. Well, this is essential for a successful relationship. Nowadays, many people, both women and men, say they love but at the same time try to change the personality of their partner, which is definitely wrong. You can't change a person, whether it's your partner, friend, or family member. People simply do not change unless they realize that they need to change, or that certain situations in life force them to change. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time and energy. Therefore, if you want a harmonious couple relationship, accept your partner with good and bad, and learn to let him be in his element.

6.Is emotional expression supposed to come from the female first? Are we supposed to be the emotional guide to open men up?

7.Is it true that women go for a guy’s looks instead of game, confidence, and personality?

8.My partner of 4 years said he no longer has the capacity for a relationship, ends it then asks to meet up. Why?

9.My partner of 4 years said he no longer has the capacity for a relationship, ends it then asks to meet up. Why?

Add salt and pepper to the couple's relationship. And this aspect is extremely important, especially when we talk about a long-term relationship in which the habit has already settled. To surprise your partner, and to add salt and pepper to your relationship, make sure you know what to do to improve your relationship. Watching porn movies from time to time would not be a bad idea, especially if you want to try new techniques and positions. This will help you get to know each other better, and more than that, it will help you avoid the monotony that is so harmful to any couple. So, propose to your partner to watch porn movies together, and you will see that he will also be delighted by this excellent idea.

Be with him in both good and bad times. You cannot say that you love a man only when he is in a good period of his life. If love is sincere, then you will surely be with him even in the worst moments, you will support him, and you will help him to overcome them. When you do this, you strengthen the relationship between you and make the other person love you and appreciate you even more. Only in this way will you be able to build a strong and lasting couple relationship. Otherwise, if you go back to the first problem, the chances of breaking up will increase significantly.

Spend quality time with your boyfriend. No matter how little free time you have, it is very important to know how to spend it so that you feel extraordinarily good around each other. As long as you do something that you both like, you can't go wrong. You can choose to go for a walk in the park, or go to a restaurant that you like very much and that you haven't been to for a long time. Moreover, a romantic dinner at home is also a very good idea that deserves to be considered and put into practice by anyone who wants to improve their relationship.

10.Why do I feel this huge overwhelming feeling of saddness? Trying to make things work with my boyfriend. Who has mentally, emotionally and physically abused me. I see small changes in him but now things just aren't the same.

11.I’m falling for my online friend. We have been speaking for 10 months and met once. I told him I’ve started to develop feelings and he replied if we lived closer he would definitely be dating me I feel heart broken is this clear rejection?

12.I’m falling for my online friend. We have been speaking for 10 months and met once. I told him I’ve started to develop feelings and he replied if we lived closer he would definitely be dating me I feel heart broken is this clear rejection?

13.If your girlfriend was having sex (only one time) by mistake (drunk, etc.) with another man, and that makes her pregnant, would you still accept her?

14.Do really rich men ever know if the women they are with are only with them for their money or not?

15.My girlfriend of three years is really upset about her ex getting engaged. Am I wrong to be bothered by this?

16.How would you explain the difference between having healthy boundaries and being controlling?

17.What will you teach your child that your parents never did?

18.What extreme test would you give to your daughter's boyfriend to see if he is worthy of dating her?

19.What's an unpopular opinion you have about relationships?

20.Is it wrong if you wished that your boyfriend was a little bit more possessive?

21.How do you tell yourself to walk away from a long term relationship when you have been unhappy for months?

22.My 17 year old son threatened to steal my car unless I buy him a new one. How can I explain to him that I can't afford another car?

23.How does one avoid getting a divorce?

24.What are some unsaid rules of relationships?

25.How do you know if you are in an unhealthy or toxic relationship?

26.I am not comfortable with my boyfriend keeping in touch with his ex. What should I do?

27.Can love run out of fuel?

28.What is the brutal truth about relationships?

29.My husband plays around too much, and doesn’t listen to me when I say “no” the first time. Would that teach my daughter that “no” means “yes”?

30.How do you know when it's time to leave a relationship?

31.What are some great real life love stories?

32.What are the things about marriage you wish you would have known sooner?

33.My vegan friend asked me to a dinner party, but indicated that despite me accommodating her dietary preferences when she is a guest in my home, she will not reciprocate. How should I respond?

34.What should I do when my husband gave me an ultimatum of a diet or a divorce?

35.What relationship sin should you avoid at all costs?

36.What is the most "F-ck This I'm out" moment of your relationship?

37.Have you ever loved someone so much so that you lost a part of yourself?

38.What distinct differences have you noticed between relationships that work well and relationships that don't?

39.How were you negatively affected by staying in a relationship that you knew was not good for you but you were too in love to break off?

40.Why is it that nearly half of respondents who say they want a serious relationship haven't been on a date in the past 12 months?

41.My wife has changed since marrying me. She isn't as laid back and free spirited as she used to be. The same thing happened with my ex-wife too which led to our divorce. Why do they get bitter after marriage?

42.Why am I a 24-year-old with no friends? How can I fix this?

43.How do I tell my fiancée she's better looking than my ex-girlfriends?

44.Is moving on a lie?

45.How do you deal with a husband who is a mamma's boy?

46.My boyfriend doesn’t call or text me for days and set days that he will come and visit me in my apartment. I asked him what’s going on and he said “a lot”. What should I do?

47.My boyfriend gets mad at me for no clear reasons. I always tell him that we can solve all of our problems by communicating, but he just doesn't open up. What should I do?

48.What is the one thing that will instantly make you break up with your partner?

49.How do I tell my man he doesnt make me happy?

50.Does childhood trauma continue to adult age and become serious?

51.I really like a boy in my class. He's a topper and we are not friends yet. He doesn't talk easily too. How can I make him notice me?

52.My TF runner blocked me after saying I looked different. Why?

53.How do I handle a toxic (ego, selfish) girlfriend? How can I solve this without leaving her?

54.What do you wish a girl knew or understood about you boys? How do you want to be treated?

55.I recently asked my crush for a date, but she replied “not right now”. What does it mean?

56.What should I do if I really like a boy and I already have a boyfriend?

57.What does it mean when a girl has two short nails?

58.How should I stop the influence of my inlaws from our relationship?

59.What can I do to proove my girlfriend that I love her alone and never to dought?

60.What is the one thing that will instantly make you break up with your partner?

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Best page for my questions

Quora is an ever-improving set of questions and answers used by millions of people around the world. But many users, especially beginners, find it difficult to get answers to their question.

This is because their question is not visible to people and hence the question remains unanswered. So, here we present the most effective way to ask a question on Quora and you will definitely get an answer.

In 2009, two young employees of the social network sat in a small Chinese restaurant near the Facebook office - technical director Adam d'Angelo and Charlie Cheever. Over lunch, they discussed potentially interesting niches on the Internet, where there is room for development. A small study showed that this niche is question and answer (Q&A) services. Yahoo Answers alone attracted about 50 million users each month. Only the quality of the answers was depressing: they were either from people who did not really understand the question, or they did not exist at all, d'Angelo and Cheever saw potential in this.

So this platform gave the opportunity to people to ask random questions, from the smartest to stupidest one.

1.What are some clever ways I could fully castrate myself?

2.If you had .0000000001 second before your wiener turned into a singing walrus, what would you do?

3.What would happen if the Sun turned into a tennis ball for one second?

4.I have been washing my face with my own urine for the past two weeks. My eyes have become all red and puffy. What could be the problem?

A few months later, they left the good positions in Facebook and sat down to work on their own project, which later became known as Quora. In an interview, d'Angelo said that Facebook was developing quite dynamically and there was no particular need to continue to stay in the company. “I realized that I could do more by launching something new,” he said at the time.

There were already dozens of Q&A services on the market, Wikipedia, as well as thousands of sites that were given out by Google and other search engines. Therefore, the founders of Quora set themselves a different task: to give not just an answer, but to attract people who will be able to share their own experience and knowledge. A wide circle of friends among the leaders of large Internet companies contributed to this goal.

Just a few months after the launch, Quora became popular in California, and then in the United States. D'Angelo's main goal is to bring the model they created outside the United States. With the $85 million received in the last round, he intends to launch versions in other languages, as well as actively develop monetization tools.

In 2010, after several months of development, Quora exited closed beta testing and became available to all users. Among the first questions that appeared on the site was a question from a user named "Mark Zuckerberg". He asked which startup might be an interesting takeover. Among the responses was a young company Nextstop, which was engaged in the selection of travel recommendations based on information from social networks. Later on Quora began to discuss how much the deal could cost and how someone managed to guess that this particular startup would be absorbed by Facebook.

Acquaintance with key entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley allowed the founders of Quora to immediately attract the attention of the press and users. Attention was also drawn to the story that the startup was launched by two former employees of Facebook, one of whom left the post of technical director of the social network.

Big names helped, but the young service needed content: no one would come looking for answers to a site where there weren’t even questions. Therefore, d'Angelo and Cheever wrote over a thousand questions and answers themselves under various names. They did this until the site gained a critical mass of users for self-filling.

5.If I pee on a man's pillow, will he secretly become addicted to my phonemes and in his sleep and fall deeply in love with me?

6.I've always wanted to pee on my bed after I started to enjoy peeing on myself. I’m just scared of the smell afterwards. What can I do so I can pee on the bed but keep the smell away?

7.What's your best peeing experience?

In its first year of public operation, Quora received up to half a million monthly active users and $11 million in investments. The lead investor was Benchmark Capital, and the total valuation of the service was $86 million. D'Angelo then said that the money would be used to attract new employees that are necessary for the development of the company.

At the same time, d'Angelo also had his own funds, which he accumulated during his work at Facebook. He invested not only in his own company, but also financed other projects. For example, d'Angelo is one of the first investors in the Asana service: in 2009, he joined a group of business angels who invested $1.2 million in a startup. And in 2011, he participated in the A round, during which Instagram raised $7 million In total, d'Angelo made 17 investments. One of them is in his own company.

Probably, the investment from Benchmark was necessary to test the Quora idea: the expertise of people from the outside proved that the service has the right to life.

Almost nothing is known about the life of 32-year-old d'Angelo. He attended the private school Phillips Exeter Academy. It was there that he met Mark Zuckerberg. The guys became friends and together they created the Synapse music player, which compiled playlists based on the user's preferences. D'Angelo graduated from the California Institute of Technology.

d'Angelo has a deep knowledge of computer technology and mathematics. In 2001, he placed eighth at the USA Computing Olympiad, and in 2002 he participated in the World Informatics Olympiad. Fortune magazine would later rank him as the 22nd smartest person in tech.

In 2005, d'Angello joined Facebook as an engineer. In 2008, he took over as technical director of the social network. As a bonus for his work, d'Angelo received a 0.8% stake in Facebook, the funds from which were then used for personal investments and the development of Quora.

8.Have you ever seen a woman pee?

9.How much damage could the Hulk do by farting?

10.Who could fart the loudest, the Hulk or Superman?

11.Do worms turn into snakes?

D'Angello met Charlie Cheever on Facebook. Prior to that, he worked at Amazon. Now Cheever is listed as an adviser to Quora: he stepped away from active management of the company in 2012. The official reason for leaving is the desire to relax.

Along with d'Angelo and Cheever, several other Facebookers left to make Quora. Rebekah Koch, who was one of the lead designers at Facebook, moved to the same position at Quora. The company also brought in Kevin Dera, another social media engineer. As of the beginning of 2011, the audience of the service reached 500 thousand registered users, at that time 18 employees worked in the company. For further development again needed money.

In 2012, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel led a $50 million round B. He invested $30 million of his own money without using the Founders Fund. “Thiel was one of the first people to support Facebook. Then it helped us a lot. He understands these companies," said d'Angelo.

The head of Quora then invested $ 20 million of personal funds in the company. Quora's valuation rose to $400 million. The company planned to spend the funds received on further development and popularization of the service.

12.How do parent snakes feed baby snakes?

13.How will my cat react if she finds my poop in her litter?

14.Do birds poop on cars intentionally?


15.When will Jesus come back?


16.What do you think about, when you think about thinking?


17.My MacBook Air weighs 2.3 pounds.If I download more files on it,will it make it heavier?


18.Bollywood :Does Rakhi Sawant deserve Oscars?


19.What’s the difference between a secret admirer and a stalker?


20.Why can’t I have a conversation with a girl inspite of being extremely proficient in science and math?


21.My girlfriend is asking me to choose between my startup and her.What should i do?

22.A girl from my school slept in my Minecraft bed with me on a Minecraft server. Does this mean she likes me?

23.I cheated on my Minecraft girlfriend with a girl on Roblox, and she found out. I don't want to lose them both. How do I keep the relationship?

24.Have you ever seen a woman pee?

25.Is it true that girls cannot pee standing up? If so, why?

26.Hygiene: Do women pee in the shower?

27.How does is it feel to pee when you are a woman?

28.Is it true that German people laugh?

29.What are babies made of?

30.Are babies real or made up?

31.Do babies know that they are babies, or do they not recognize age?

32.Why do people enter our lives, only to leave again?

33.Is Kai from EXO gay?

34.Do people actually laugh a lot after typing LOL?

35.What if an alien species makes humans their pets?

36.What would flat-Earthers do if they found out the Earth is round and vice versa?

37.Why do I still love my ex-boyfriend when he dumped me?

38.What do I do immediately after I cut the palm of my hand horizontally with a knife?

39.How could I stop crying over BTS?

40.Why should we sleep everyday?

41.How can I kill sperm inside my body?

42.Does sperm increase a woman’s butt or hips?

43.Does sex change the butt size?

44.Why are males’ butts different from females’ butts?

45.Is it appropriate to look at a girl's butt?

46.Girls, how do you feel when a guy touches your butt?

47.What does a girl’s butt feel like?

48.Is it normal to be obsessed with ass?

49.I always look at girls' asses. How can I stop that?

50.Does a man sperm make you fat?

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The enthusiasm and curiosity we have found on Quora is worth it.

For those who don't know, Quora is a site where you can post answers and questions, and currently has reached over 300 million users, although there are no clear statistics for this year.


The beauty of Quora is that you can receive answers to your questions from people with experience in the field, and the information provided will often be well-structured and well-argued. Basically, Quora took an already model (Yahoo Answers, for example) and turned it into something really useful and relevant. The difference from Yahoo Answers is that Quora has a lot of specialists who get involved and break their time to help others with useful, documented information and relevant opinions.


Of course, the activity on Quora becomes all the more interesting the more you read and answer more questions. You can receive useful feedback and learn practical things from Quora that are really helpful.


There are hundreds of thousands of questions already asked on the platform, so we have chosen the funniest of them to see the diversity of information you can access if you decide to use this resource a few clicks away. Let's laugh together with Bemorepanda.


1.Can I tell by the smell of my husband's gas if he has been cheating?


2.What if the girl that thinks i'm the dad isn't the mom?


3.Why is my sperm so powerful?


4.My bro has not got his first period yet?


5.How do I ask a question on Yahoo answers?


6.Girlfriend aint had period since?


7.Why does steam come out of my vagina?


8.My girlfriend farted while we were kissing should I break up with her?


9.Is it true that you don't need to wear condoms when sleeping with an asian woman since they can't get pregnant?


10.If a woman was to eat a lot of chocolate would her breast milk taste like chocolate milk?


Copyright © 2020 Bemorepanda Limited. All Rights Reserved.

The content available on the website can be copied and republished in the limit of 200 characters and in the limit of 10 pictures and must include the URL of the article. It is forbidden to completely copy the material and place it anywhere else without indicating the link and the full name of the page.

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Each of us asks ourselves questions, but not infrequently the answers are left to wait or do not come at all. Interestingly, you can find a way to get an answer. You will find a lot of topics discussed on Reddit that will help you get answers to the questions you ask. Moreover, Bemorepanda collected the top questions on Reddit. This way you can see the best answers to these questions. Let's see who they are.

1.Almost 80% of the ocean hasn’t been discovered. What are you most likely to find there?

2.If your vision had a HUD like in video games, what information would you like to be displayed?

3.What are some positive things happening in the world right now?

4.What are some dark secrets about the corn industry?

5.What was your biggest/most regrettable "It's not a phase, mom. It's my life." that, in fact, turned out to be just a phase and not your life?

6.What positive changes have you made in your life that you’d like to brag on a bit? What’s that work you’ve been putting in?

7.What gets you out of bed in the morning?

8.What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard someone say?

9.What’s the weirdest thing society accepts as normal?

10.What was your worst job interview?

11.What never fails to make your blood boil?

12.Brass instrument manufacturers, what are the dark secrets of the horn industry?

13.If you could show 1 movie from 2020 to a 1960s audience what would it be?

14.What dish that you cook are you most proud of?

15.What are some false stereotypes about your country?

16.Would you say you "won" or "lost" the genetic lottery, and in what way?

17.What popular movie have you never seen?

18.What family secret was finally spilled in your family?

19.What is your go-to fun fact?

20.Time and everything around you just froze for 24 hours. What are your plans?

21.What movie gets a lot of hate, but you actually love it?

22.Yesterday a woman gave birth to 9 babies what would you do if you became a parent to 9 babies at once?

23.What advice would you like to give a 20 year old who has no friends and barely anyone talks to him on social media?

24.People who still talk to their terrible moms, what's this year's obligatory Mother's Day gift going to be?

25.What's a good reason for aliens to care about us?

26.What are some things that are really expensive, yet shouldn't be?

27.Similarly to disappearing socks and nerf darts, what are some really annoying mysteries?

28.What's the dumbest thing you used to believe?

29.Which is the most underrated book you ever read?

30.If everyone got to see "life stats" after they died, what would be the first thing you would check?

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Many of us have questions about absolutely everything around us. The first thing we do is access Google, where we get all the answers. Google is the generator of absolutely all the answers to any question. No matter what type of question you have, the answer can be found very easily. Each year, Google issues lists of frequently asked questions. Bemorepanda decided to present them to you and to bring an answer to these questions.


It seems that today, Google has all the answers in the world. To all our possible questions.

2020 searches are performed on several categories. The lists were created using a combination of several services and tools that give us a detailed picture of global and regional search trends.


Most of the data comes from Google Trends, a public service that shows the volume of searches across different geographic regions, time periods, and terms used. Here is the list of top questions sought with "Who" with answers from Bemorepanda.


1.Is instagram down

Uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app. Occasionally a bug can appear when installing or updating Instagram that causes it to stop working. The only way to remedy this is to uninstall and reinstall the app.


2.Is mercury in retrograde

When Is Mercury in Retrograde in 2020? In 2020, Mercury will be in apparent retrograde motion during the following ranges of dates: February 17 to March 10. June 18 to July 12.


3.Is europe a country

Politically, Europe is divided into about fifty sovereign states, of which the Russian Federation is the largest and most populous, spanning 39% of the continent and comprising 15% of its population. Europe had a total population of about 741 million (about 11% of the world population) as of 2018.


4.Is today a holiday

Do you want to know what national holiday it is today, or why today is so special?


5.Is shingles contagious

A person with active shingles can spread the virus when the rash is in the blister-phase. You are not infectious before the blisters appear. Once the rash crusts, you are no longer infectious. VZV from a person with shingles is less contagious than the virus from someone with chickenpox.


6.Is is a verb

Yes, "is" is a linking verb. Linking verbs typically link subjects to descriptions. The linking verb "is" was used here to link the subject (car) to its description (blue).


7.Is pneumonia contagious

Pneumonia is swelling (inflammation) of the tissue in one or both lungs. It's usually caused by an infection, most commonly bacteria and viruses, which are both contagious.


8.Is it going to rain today

You want to know if today is going to rain? Google will answer this fast.


9.Is new york a state

New York is a state in the Northeastern United StatesNew York was one of the original thirteen colonies that formed the United States. With more than 19 million residents in 2019, it is the fourth-most-populous state.


10.Is water wet

 Water isn't wet by itself, but it makes other materials wet when it sticks to the surface of them.



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A sport is an activity of a physical nature and may involve competition. At the same time, sport is an activity that can influence a person's lifestyle, health or personality.

The study of the development of sport in human history can show significant social changes that have occurred over the centuries in different cultures. The concept of sport as an activity involving basic human, physical and mental abilities, aims to improve these skills to be used more effectively and suggests that sport is probably as old as the development of human intelligence. For primitive man, the physical activity of it was just a way to improve their knowledge of nature and, to the same extent, a way to master the environment around it. During the nineteenth century, many objects of prehistoric art were discovered in France (at Lascaux ), in Africa and Australia, which show how in prehistoric times, ritual ceremonies were performed in which physical activity was involved for participants. Some of these discoveries have been established to be at least 30,000 years old.

Sport, by its very nature, encourages diversity in a cultural world. As countries and nations become closer and closer to each other, but still retain their cultural identity, sport is a field in which cultural differences are not only accepted, but a wealth to be cultivated and valued. The concept of sport can become an "indicator of change" of the global society, of anticipation, evolutions and changes through the symbolic opening of interstate relations. Sport thus becomes and must be considered as a mirror of culture and society, as it represents the hopes and prospects of the future.

How do synchronized interpreters hear music underwater and why is a soccer ball black and white?

Black and White Synthetic Fiber Regulation-size Premium Inflated Soccer Ball  - On Sale - Overstock - 13341958

Each of us is connected with sports in one way or another: someone is engaged at home, someone is at a professional level, and there are those who follow the athletes and their achievements from the outside. Nevertheless, some moments for many still remain a mystery. We analyze the most popular questions about sports.

Why are golf ball notches?

Acushnet introduces Union Green golf balls and takes a giant divot

These "dents" on the ball are needed to increase the range of its flight. So the air, flowing around the uneven ball, reduces the vacuum trail created by the speed. And the boundary layer of air at a smooth ball does not have time to go behind its back side, so a zone of reduced pressure is created, which means that the speed decreases.

Why are the Olympic rings these colors?

Olympic Rings - Symbol of the Olympic Movement

The closed rings as a whole symbolize the unity of the five continents, the union of all parts of the world and the worldwide character of the Olympic Games. And the colors are symbols of various elements: blue is water, red is fire, yellow is the energy of the earth, black is the energy of metal, green is the energy of wood.

How do synchronized swimmers hear music underwater?

10 Reasons Why Synchronized Swimming Is An Admirable Sport

So that during performances the synchronized interpreters do not get lost and hear music even under water, special underwater speakers are built into the pool. Of course, due to the density of the water, the sound is heard much worse, but this helps the swimmers to hear at least the rhythm and perform the elements of the program in time.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo's real surname?

Нападающий «Ювентуса» Криштиану Роналду заявил, что доволен тем, как  сложился сезон-2020/21 для него и для клуба - Eurosport

In fact, Ronaldo is not a surname, but a first name. They added the name Cristiano in honor of US President Ronald Reagan, who had previously been an actor. The footballer's father was very fond of films with his participation. That is, Cristiano Ronaldo is a double name, the entire football star is called Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.

How much does a hockey goalkeeper's ammunition weigh?

Imported hockey batting cloth standard goal size training target ice hockey  hockey goalkeeper training cloth

Hockey is a very traumatic sport. Therefore, the equipment, especially the goalkeeper, who is always under the threat of a blow, must protect most of the body. Hence the weight - about 30 kg. It is made up of shin guards, helmet, gloves, carapace and more.

What is this white powder that gymnasts put on their hands?

Different Types of Gym Chalk and Why Gymnasts Use it -

Many people mistakenly believe that gymnasts rub flour in their hands before performing, but this is not the case. White magnesium powder removes even the smallest traces of moisture from the hand, helping to improve grip.

What is the most expensive sport?

F1 Portugal GP 2021: Lewis Hamilton wins Formula 1's Portugal Grand Prix  and championship standings | Marca

The most expensive kind of sport is the Formula 1 circuit race. It is known that pilots receive large fees, but before that, the athletes themselves have to invest a lot of effort and money. And not only for the equipment itself, but also for its maintenance.

Who was the youngest Olympic champion?

7 самых юных олимпийских чемпионов - Дети

Marcel Depaye, a boy of 8-10 years old - even his age is not known for sure - accidentally got to the 1900 Olympics. In the final rowing race, the Dutch decided to replace the heavy helmsman with a boy and won the race. Marseille became an Olympic champion, but did not receive any awards and did not even make the list of winners.

Why do swimmers wear two caps at once?

Rio Olympics 2016: Why Some Swimmers Wear Two Swim Caps - Thrillist

Fans began to notice that swimmers often wear two rubber caps on their heads at once - for what? To keep your hair dry and out of the way? No, the fact is that it is important for swimmers to protect their eyes from water, and so that the glasses are pressed tightly, athletes wear two rubber caps at once.

Why is the football black and white?

Football and atopic eczema | Eczema Foundation

In 1970, when televisions were still in black and white, football matches were already broadcast live. Against a background of bright colors that looked gray on the screens, the black and white soccer ball was bright enough to stand out clearly. And then they decided to keep the tradition.

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