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The war in Ukraine continues: Ukrainians share emotional videos with the slogan "My Home. My Ukraine"

1 year ago

Ukrainians are shocked and horrified by what is happening to them. Sirens are heard in Kiev, and people are fleeing the city. Images appeared with huge columns of cars blocking the highway at the exit from Kiev. Meanwhile, others have taken refuge in subway stations or are kneeling on the streets.

Several people from Kiev rushed to the underground subway stations to take shelter. Others boarded buses to leave the city.

On social media, people send messages saying that they are panicking and that they are trying to get to anti-aircraft shelters and basements as soon as possible. Reporters filmed groups of people praying on the street, kneeling.

In addition to panic, Ukrainians are creating videos with the slogan "My Home. My Ukraine." These videos are profound and painful. People want peace and a future for their children. Ukraine is truly a beautiful country, with many places where nature fills your soul, and the picturesque views are breathtaking. A country full of traditions, color and greenery. Ukraine is the home of its nation, and at this time, many will lose their homes as a result of the bombings, people are forced to leave their homes, to flee their country.

My home. My Ukraine

The first bombings took place just after 5 o'clock in the morning.

Residents of Kiev were told to stay in their homes and prepare a bag with the essentials in case they should leave urgently.

In the city, red arrows have been drawn on several walls indicating the locations of the nearest anti-aircraft shelters. These insignia have existed since 2014, and now they have been marked once again with intense color, so that they can be easily observed.

At 6:18 a.m., two hours before the start of the school day, the parents of the children attending the Ivan Franko school in central Kiev received a message to keep the children at home and that the classes would be held online.

Residents of Ukraine's capital, Kiev, woke up to explosions and sirens on Thursday morning, and the city panicked: many tried to seek shelter, while others fled the town. Even after weeks of warnings from Ukrainian and Western leaders that a Russian attack was imminent, some Kiev residents were caught unprepared.

Many people rushed to anti-aircraft shelters or subway stations to take shelter. Others sat in long queues at banks, supermarkets, or gas stations. Some fled west by car.

"I didn't expect that. I didn't think anything would happen until this morning," said Nikita, a 34-year-old marketer as she waited in a long line at a bottle stack. of water in the shopping cart. "I am a healthy adult. I packed my bags, bought food and stayed home with my family," he said.

Other residents were determined to move to western Ukraine, which they considered relatively safe. During the morning, traffic was blocked on the four lanes of the main road to the western city of Lviv. The cars were parked side by side for tens of kilometers, according to witnesses quoted by Reuters.

Among those who tried to leave is 31-year-old Alex Svitelskyi, who says he wants to take his parents out of town. He is also worried about his sister: "I want her away from here."

The effects of the attacks were immediately apparent in Ukraine. In addition to the affected buildings in various cities, in the capital Kiev people did their best to leave. Queues formed at ATMs, supermarkets and gas stations, while thousands of cars crowded out of town. An extremely affected area was also near Kharkov, in the city of Chiuhiv, where a blockade was devastated by a Russian rocket.

"Fighting is taking place in almost the entire territory of Ukraine. So far, 203 Russian military attacks have been reported," the Ukrainian National Police said.

Armored columns are now heading for Kiev after fighting took place at the Hostomel air base on the northern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian citizens have begun withdrawing money from ATMs and stockpiling supplies. According to their testimonies, the internet networks have already started to be affected.

People explained that the authorities asked the people not to leave the houses and, if necessary, to take shelter in the basements. "There was a real panic and people started to leave Kiev. They bought products, withdrew money from ATMs. City officials are trying to stop the panic by asking people to stay indoors and, if necessary, go down to basements or bomb shelters. The sirens sounded in the streets several times. There are constant explosions and fires. "

In Lutsk, the fire station was damaged, no one was injured. One person was injured when the airport was bombed. An "air raid" was reported in Poltava. Fire in the military depots in the village. Raduşinţi (Poltava region). At Khmelnitsky, a shell hit the runway of a military airfield. In Nijin, six people woke up under the rubble of the airfield, they are working for their release.

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One of the most frequent queries about the Russian president in search engines: "Putin's doubles." It turns out that many believe that in 2004, when they started talking about the terrible illness of the president, he died, and now someone else rules. We decided to show how Vladimir Vladimirovich has changed since 2004, and also talk about the versions that are circulating on the Web.

There has been talk about the president's twins for a long time. The most original debunkers even came up with names for each of the alleged doubles.

And indeed, if you compare photos of the 2000s and 2010s, you can find differences - the shape of the eyes, nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead, the shape of the ears, even the hairline. Whistleblowers believe that one of the main differences from the "original" is that the president "forgot" the German language, which he spoke perfectly at the beginning of his career. Age is to blame or the presence of twins is food for thought.

There is also another amazing fact: Putin does not sign on official documents, there is already a copy of the signature. This was proved by the head of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan at the summit, where he signed a document on collective security. Pashinyan even took a photo of the document and posted the photo on his Facebook. All the signatures on it were made with a blue pen, except for Vladimir Putin's stroke - instead of it there was an autograph, similar to a facsimile. Also, the head of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, repeatedly mentioned Putin's doubles, in one of his interviews he admitted that at one of the meetings with the President of the Russian Federation, he saw not Putin, but his double, who allegedly betrayed his eyes.

Vladimir Vladimirovich was even asked about twins in one of his last interviews, to which the president replied that he had never had them, even though he was offered to use such a privilege in times of terrorism.

It is believed that the latest achievements of science are used to prepare twins. And a whole team of plastic surgeons and psychologists of the highest level is working on the creation of realistic presidents. Moreover, the clinic itself is located not in Moscow, but in Sochi. And the interior of the office completely copies the original presidential office in the Kremlin. The author of the video suggests that it is for this reason that the president spends so much time in Sochi, on the seashore.

Information that the president resorted to plastic surgery also took place, but in response to this, the media offered to watch a video where the head of state in 2013 speaks with delegates from Germany through an interpreter. Putin himself in his youth worked in the GDR in counterintelligence and is fluent in German, and the man who looked like Putin who negotiated clearly did not understand the foreigner’s speech, which caused a new flurry of doubts on the network. In this regard, the voters have an absolutely logical question: where is the real Putin?

The answer to this was given by multiple media, which say that Putin was replaced by a double of the hidden authorities of Russia, that is, the richest businessmen, when their vision of governing the country began to diverge from the actions of Vladimir Vladimirovich.

There are many photos on the network that say that Putin is not real. Evidence of the substitution of the President some years ago was published by the website, which posted a long interview with the President's ex-wife, Lyudmila Putina. A statement on behalf of the former first lady of the country says that Putin died, and she and her children were persecuted for a long time, after which she divorced the one who was put in the place of her husband. According to the wife of the head of state, there are many people pretending to be the President, and all of these are Putin's doubles. After the divorce, the woman could not immediately publish the evidence, as she was afraid for her life.

She claims that her ex-husband was put on the "deadline", the richest people in Russia making this decision because he would not have served them as expected. It is well known that Putin had several impersonators, and when one of them came to play the role of the Russian leader well enough, he would have taken his place. Ludmila recounted in detail the last night spent by the real Putin with his girls, and then detailed how the Russian agents ransacked his house, in search of secret papers, to which only the president would have had access.

Despite the grandiloquent style, anguish and many facts, Lyudmila Putina's "confession" was recognized as not real, simply a fake, but many users continue to believe in the substitution story.

The one who now leads Russia would be an impersonator of his, approved by the financially powerful people in Russia. Although unlikely, the revelation fuels speculation in March 2015 of Putin's disappearance. Journalist Tania Rahmanova was the first to claim that a coup had taken place in Moscow and that the former KGB officer had been killed, and was replaced by an impersonator to carry out the wishes of Russia's elites. Seen by many as an eccentric, the journalist found her story confirmed by Putin's ex-wife, Ludmila. She currently lives with her daughters abroad, under false identities, but has apparently agreed to talk about one of the most controversial topics in recent years.

It all happened on March 15, 2015, when exactly the newspapers speculated that he was seriously ill. After a brief period of uncertainty, Putin was seen in public again, but according to his ex-wife, he was nothing more than an impersonator who interpreted almost perfectly every gesture of the Russian president.

It should be noted that Alexei Navalny, one of Putin's opponents, has repeatedly pointed out that Putin would not appear at many important events, preferring to send an impersonator. According to Ludmila, this individual, who looks strikingly like Putin - but who has a scar on his eyebrow so that the similarities are not perfect - would have become, at the request of the Russian elites, one of the most powerful people in the world. In fact, only a powerful puppet, commanded from the shadows by Russian billionaires.

Even if the hypothesis seems rather phantasmagoric, many leaders have had doubles over time.

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Anti-war protests in several cities around the world and Russia. In Russia, the authorities are threatening people


Actions in support of Ukraine are taking place all over the world. In Berlin, people took to the streets the Ukrainian flag and placards with the words: "Stop the Russian invasion!", "Stop the crime!". Such actions have also taken place in Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Sydney, Lithuania, Prague, Istanbul, Tokyo and other cities around the world.


Protests have been taking place in various countries around the world since the first hours since the beginning of the Russian aggression in Ukraine against the war and in support of Ukraine.


On Thursday, February 24, solidarity actions were held with Ukraine in Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London, Sydney, Lithuania, Prague, Istanbul, Tokyo and other cities around the world.


A Belarusian and Russian citizen, musician Timothy Suladze, burned his Russian passport in front of the embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania, Deutsche Welle reports.


Anti-war protests in several cities around the world





Dozens of Russian citizens from cities such as Saint Petersburg and Yekaterinburg took to the streets to protest the war in Ukraine. Protesters chanted "No to war!" Russian activists on Navalny's team's Instagram channel announce dozens of arrests.


Russia later announced its readiness to begin negotiations with Kiev on Ukraine's neutral status (not to join NATO) and its refusal to introduce nuclear weapons into its territory. The announcement was made by the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov.


Hundreds of Russian protesters gathered in the cities of Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen in anti-war demonstrations after President Vladimir Putin announced the start of an invasion of Ukraine this morning.






Russia's Committee of Inquiry has urged citizens to avoid participating in anti-war protests. Authorities warn that "in connection with the spread of calls to participate in riots and rallies related to the tense situation of foreign policy", there will be "negative legal consequences of their actions, which include prosecution and even criminal liability."


Similar events took place in Europe. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, waving Ukrainian flags and demanding stricter sanctions, along with broader actions by the British government in response to Russia's military action. Demonstrations are also taking place in Berlin, Madrid and Paris.






Hundreds of Russian protesters gathered in the cities of Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen in anti-war demonstrations after President Vladimir Putin announced the start of an invasion of Ukraine this morning.


Similar events took place in Europe. Hundreds of people gathered in front of the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, waving Ukrainian flags and demanding stricter sanctions, along with broader actions by the British government in response to Russia's military action. Demonstrations are also taking place in Berlin, Madrid and Paris.





5.Czech Republic






















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On the day Russia declared war on Ukraine, two young men from Kyiv united their destinies. Iarina Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin formalized their marriage while the city sounded the alarm sirens for air raids.

The young bride Arieva said that although it was very scary, they did not want to give up.

"It simply came to our notice then. It should have been the happiest time of her life, but you hear that, ”said Arieva, who married her partner at St. Michael's Monastery in Kyiv.

The couple was planning to get married on May 6 and celebrate at a restaurant overlooking the Dnieper River, Arieva said.

But all that changed when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine on Thursday morning, and the attack began at dawn with rockets.

The invasion spread to central and eastern Ukraine, and Russian forces attacked the country from three sides, killing tens of millions of Ukrainians.

The two young men, who met in October 2019 during a protest in the center of Kiev, decided that they want to get married now because they do not know what the future holds for them.

"It simply came to our notice then. We will fight for our land. We can die and we just wanted to be together before all this. "

After their wedding, Arieva and Fursin prepared to go to the local Territorial Defense Center to join forces to defend the country.

"We must defend our country. We need to protect the people we love and the land we live in, ”she said.

Arieva does not know what task will be assigned to the couple. "It simply came to our notice then. Maybe we'll help with something else. They will decide, "she said.

Arieva described her husband as "her closest friend on Earth" and said she hoped that one day they would be able to celebrate their marriage.

"I just hope that everything will go normally and we will have our land, we will keep our country safe and happy without Russians in it," she said.

Just hours after their wedding on the first day of the Russian invasion, Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin joined the fight to protect their country.

The couple were due to get married in May, but rushed to Kyiv last week, when Russia invaded the country before joining Ukrainian resistance. Wearing camouflage jackets and holding a rifle, the couple talked to CNN reporter Don Lemon about spending their honeymoon living in a besieged city and taking up arms to fight Russian troops invading their homeland.

"It is difficult to understand this new reality that we have," said Arieva, who is from Kyiv.

Sviatoslav Fursin said he hoped that the time would come when he would be able to gather his family and friends “all in one place and drink a good glass of wine. And to tell everyone, "Come on, the war is over, we're winning."

Before that, however, he said he wanted "everyone in this world, including Russia and the Russian people, to remember" that he was fighting "for the freedom of the world."

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Although he invaded Ukraine, Putin tells the Russians that the war is, in fact, a military aid to the Donbas regions.


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday morning hailed the "heroism" of Russian forces in Ukraine. In a short televised speech congratulating Special Forces Day soldiers marking his first public statements on Friday, the Kremlin leader referred to Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a "special operation to assist the Donbas People's Republics." .


Vladimir Putin also paid special thanks to "those who are currently heroically fulfilling their military duty in a special operation to assist the Donbass People's Republics."


The fear is justified, Putin is overwhelmed by his own greatness and believes that he has a historical mission, which has emerged from his speeches, especially those after the outbreak of hostilities.


He gave a lot of meaning about his personality through his own words. Also in the quotes and sayings below you can identify his plans that have been in place for a very long time.


Top 50 sayings and quotes from Putin 


1. If a person is satisfied with everything, then he is a complete idiot. A healthy person in a normal memory cannot always arrange everything.


2. Whoever does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union has no heart; whoever wants to recreate it in its former form has no head.


3. He gave me a book. I told him too. I gave him a book about the Kremlin. France must not forget where the Kremlin is. Here. There is such a place in the world.


4. In Russia, there is still such an old Russian fun - the search for a national idea. It is something like a search for the meaning of life. The occupation as a whole is not useful and not without interest, it can be done always and endlessly.


5. We will maintain this gap between the incomes of the rich and the poor ... (he corrected himself after a second: “reduce”).


6. We have a country of great opportunities not only for criminals, but also for the state.


7. It is necessary to fulfill the law always, and not only when they grabbed one place.



8. If European countries continue to pursue their policies, then we will have to talk about European affairs with Washington.


9. I wasn't too excited about sleeping over at Bush's ranch. He had to think for himself what would happen if he let a former intelligence officer in.


10. They need to change their brains, not our Constitution.


11. The American initiative is nothing more than a proposal to "burn down the house to cook scrambled eggs."


12. Hundreds and hundreds are thinking about passing laws, but millions are thinking about how to circumvent the law.


13. The first persons of the state do not have the right to let snot and drool.


14. Russia can rise from its knees and how to warm up.


15. If brains leak, then they are. Already good. This means that they are of high quality, otherwise no one would need them and would not leak.


16. I consider it very dangerous to plant the idea of ​​their exclusivity in people's heads, no matter what motivates it. We are different, but when we ask the Lord to bless us, we must not forget that God created us equal.


17. Well, you know, if you talk all the time that everything is falling, then nothing will ever rise.



18. Democracy is not a marketplace.


19. Russia is a country that is not afraid of anything.


20. I will not say that there are two irreconcilable enemies, on the one hand, the state, and on the other, the oligarchs. I think rather that the state is holding a baton in its hands, with which it hits only once. But on the head.


21. Do you want me to eat earth from a pot of flowers and swear on blood so that you believe me?!


22. Among the people we meet and talk with, there are many who are disappointed, confused, confused. And it is our sacred duty to show these people the way at the end of the tunnel.


23. Now it turns out that if a person has a cap and boots, then he can provide himself with a snack and a drink.


24. Everyone who opens a new business, registers enterprises, should be given a medal for personal courage.



25. The very word genus. It means something native, you feel? Our Motherland is sick, but one does not leave the bed of a sick mother.


26. I don't even know what to write there. I personally could not write so much about myself.


27. Russia's hands are getting stronger and stronger. They cannot be unscrewed even by such strong partners as the European Union.


28. There is no such pill against corruption: once you swallow it, you are healthy.


29. I have been not only in Sardinia, but also not for the first time in such enterprises, which do not smell very good. There are many such enterprises in our country, and it is here that you need to visit more often.


30. Even 50 years ago, a Leningrad street taught me one rule: "If a fight is inevitable, you must beat first."


31. Money is not needed: no one needs these pieces of paper in the modern economy - we need assets.


32. The bigger and fatter we get, the bigger the demographic problems.



33. I am a dove, but I have very powerful iron wings!


34. If you don't like my answers then don't ask questions.


35. It is not Russia that is between the West and the East. It is West and East are to the left and to the right of Russia.


36. Anyone who seeks to be considered a leader and receive some kind of nomination should never turn up his nose, believing that he is the best. As soon as a person begins to believe that he is the best, from that moment he begins to lose. Ambition is good, arrogance is bad.


37. Russia has lived almost all its life, its entire history in one way or another in some kind of restrictions and sanctions.


38. Cutlets separately, and flies separately.


39. The eyes, as you know, are a part of the brain, placed on the periphery.


40. President Clinton is a very comfortable and pleasant partner. Pope John Paul II is a very intelligent man.


41. You know, not a single stage of our life passes without a trace. Whatever we do, whatever we do, this knowledge, this experience, it always stays with us, and we carry it further with us, somehow use it.



42. You know, there is such a joke, old, with a beard, but maybe someone does not know, it will be interesting. Question: "How do you relax?" Answer: "I don't tense up."


43. US troops have been in Afghanistan for 17 years, and every year Washington announces their withdrawal.


44. The fewer teeth, the more you like porridge.


45. Those who do not want to feed their own army will feed someone else's.


46. Relations between states are built a little differently, not like relations between people. I am not a friend, not a bride and groom, I am the President of the Russian Federation.



47. I swear at myself only. In Russia there is such a sin. Let's pray.


48. They are also trying to use this misfortune in an unscrupulous way. They are trying, I would say even ruder, to inflate some political gills in order to earn some capital and solve some group interests.


49. As for independent sources, there is nothing independent in the world.


50. The Russian flag cannot interfere with anyone.



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At least eight people have been killed and at least nine injured in Russian bombings, an adviser to Ukraine's interior minister said.

Video footage indicates that Russian missiles have hit population centers in major Ukrainian cities, despite claims by the Russian military that they are aimed only at military infrastructure. An adviser to Ukraine's interior ministry says Russian bombings across Ukraine have left one dead and one injured. In Mariupol, seven residential buildings caught fire, and a shell hit Kramatorsk airfield.

Russia's attack on Thursday morning could lead to a huge influx of refugees from Ukraine, a country of 44 million people, so preparations are being made in several Central European states to receive them.

"Reception points for Ukrainian refugees will be set up in the next few hours," Polish Deputy Interior Minister Pawel Szefernaker told Agerpres.

Eight such points will be set up as a first step near the border with Ukraine to provide food, medical care and information to potential refugees, he said.

A spokesman for the Polish government said his country's diplomatic missions in Ukraine would remain open as long as possible, but the foreign ministry urged all Poles to leave the country. Hungary has also stated that its embassy in Kiev will remain open. Instead, the Czech Republic has closed the embassy, ​​but remains open in the consulate in Lviv, western Ukraine.

Hungary has said it will send troops to the border area with Ukraine - without saying how many there will be - for security and humanitarian purposes, but no troops were visible on Thursday morning.

Hungary must prepare to receive tens of thousands of refugees if necessary, but also for the possibility of soldiers involved in fighting to 'cross' the border, as happened during the war in Yugoslavia in 1999, it said on Wednesday evening. Defense Minister Tibor Benko.

Slovakian railways have suspended services to Ukraine, and the low-cost airline Wizz has stopped all flights to and from Ukraine. On Thursday morning, at the western borders of Ukraine, the traffic was found to have intensified slightly.

"We see a moderate increase in traffic at the border with Ukraine, we assume that it will intensify during the day," said an official from the Slovak Interior Ministry.

"Slovakia is ready to help, we could allow access to people who do not have all the necessary documents," he added.

For his part, Ukrainian Ambassador to Prague Perebyjnis Yevhen told a news conference that he could not "rule out some waves of refugees."

"But they will be in the western part of Ukraine rather than abroad," he said.

About 260,000 Ukrainians live in the Czech Republic, and tens of thousands work in Hungary, which has a large minority of about 140,000 people just beyond the common border.

In Bulgaria, President Rumen Radev said authorities were ready to evacuate more than 4,000 ethnic Bulgarians from Ukraine by land and were ready to house other Ukrainian refugees. Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said Bulgaria would prepare hotels and other tourist facilities for the purpose.

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