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Awesome images of babies born in the most difficult conditions during the war in Ukraine

1 year ago

A young mother says that she went through the most difficult moments in trying to find a shelter so that she could give birth to her child. The first cries of the newborn were heard even during the bombings in the capital Kiev.


Thousands of people are waiting in the underground and waiting for the latest news on social networks. A doctor says that another mother also managed to give birth in a subway station where hundreds of people took refuge.


Against the backdrop of airstrikes on Kiev, residents took refuge in the city's underground subway stations. Subways remained open to accommodate people. Those sheltered on the platforms used the Telegram application to communicate with the outside world.


The image of the war in Ukraine is shocking. Exciting images of premature babies, lined up, wrapped in blankets and towels and rocked by medical staff at a hospital in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine, have appeared in public. Babies born prematurely were moved to a bomb shelter in Ukraine.



Maternity doctors in Dnipro, a city in eastern Ukraine, are desperately trying to protect newborns.


The babies, who are wrapped and lined up next to each other, are cared for and rocked by the medical staff in the shelter that was improvised on a lower level of the hospital building in the Dnipro region in eastern Ukraine.


The anti-aircraft shelter was improvised on a lower level of the hospital building.


"It simply came to our notice then. In a bomb shelter. Can you imagine? "Dr. Denis Surkov, head of the neonatal unit at the Children's Clinic Hospital in the Dnipropetrovsk region, told the New York Times in a WhatsApp message posted on Twitter.


Babies born during the war in Ukraine


A little girl, whom her parents named Mia, was born last night in the Kiev subway.


The girl was born around 20:30 on February 25.


  "Mia was born in a bunker tonight, in the midst of extremely stressful circumstances, when Kiev was under airstrikes. The baby's mother is very happy after this difficult birth, "said Hannah Hopko, chair of the Conference on Democracy in Action in Ukraine.


This young woman gave birth to a baby girl in a bomb shelter in the Kiev subway system when the Russian army launched a military operation in the city.




"In the evening, at the Gurkit in Gostomel, to the sound of sirens, my wife gave birth to a baby girl! This is such an important time for us! We are in a sloping house, in a bomb shelter, with military and operational accommodation and gentle, absolutely calm, medical care and with the people of today. Glory to Ukraine and our soldiers, "wrote a Ukrainian who became the father of a girl last night.



Also in Kiev, still under a rain of bombs, a little boy was born. Between the crumbling walls in the basement of a hospital where they were sheltered by the light of the lamp, three nurses helped the mother to give birth.


Another two babies were born under shelling. Yesterday in Kherson, under shelling, in one of the maternity hospitals equipped in a bomb shelter, two boys were born.



Babies born in difficult conditions during the war in Ukraine


These little ones are true heroes and bearers of peace on earth.



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The French Open tennis championship is held every year in Paris, organized by the country's tennis association. Roland Garros (this is the more well-known name of the event) is one of the Grand Slam tournaments, it is on the list of the most prestigious and grandiose international competitions.

Matches can be watched both from the stands of the courts and live on a huge screen installed in Paris on the square in front of the City Hall. The screening is free, and there are not many seats in front of the screen, so the audience lands anywhere: on benches, fences, platforms and on the ground. Dates: 05/30/2021 - 06/13/2021

In total, five titles will be played on the courts of the Roland Garros tennis center:

  • men's singles;
  • women's singles;
  • men's doubles;
  • women's doubles;
  • mixed doubles.

Singles are the most popular among fans. In the men's part of the tournament, the most titled participant in the tournament is Rafael Nadal, who already has 11 titles in the French Grand Slam. In women's tennis, everything is less predictable: over the past five years, not a single tennis player has managed to become the champion of the French Open twice. Who will win Roland Garros 2022? Should we expect sensations? Will any of the favorites disappoint? Let's try to figure it out!

2022 French Open schedule

Roland Garros 2022 qualification matches will begin on May 10 and will be held in three rounds. The main tournament starts on May 16 and will last for two weeks. The women's final will take place on June 4, while the men will face each other in the main match on June 5. On the way to the title, the future champion will have to overcome seven rounds.

2022 French Open favorites for men

The most titled tennis player in Roland Garros is Rafael Nadal, who has already won 13 titles in France. In Nadal's 16-year history at the French Open, he has suffered only three defeats: in 2009, a surprise victory was won by Swede Robin Soderling, and in 2015 and 2021, Nadal was knocked out by Novak Djokovic. Since 2005, there has only been another champion four times: in 2009, in the final, Roger Federer beat the same Robin Soderling, in 2015, Stanislas Wawrinka defeated Novak Djokovic, and a year later, Djokovic himself turned out to be stronger than Andy Murray. And in 2021, Djokovic was able to put the squeeze on Stefanos Tsitsipas, losing the first two sets.

Of course, the main favorite after Rafael Nadal is the only person among the current athletes who managed to beat the Spaniard twice on the courts of Roland Garros. Novak Djokovic was able to overcome the most difficult segment of his career, during which he was worried about an elbow injury. Starting in 2018, the Serb did not just begin to resemble his former self and even established himself as the best tennis player in the world, taking eight Grand Slams in less than four years.

Other contenders for high places include primarily Stefanos Tsitsipas, who last season made very serious progress in the game on clay and even reached the final of last year's Slam in Paris. A month before Roland Garros, the Greek almost stopped Nadal in Barcelona, ​​losing in a dramatic game in three games.

In addition to the Greek, it is worth noting Dominic Thiem, the winner of the US Open-2020 and the finalist of Roland Garros-2019, who fell under the hand of Rafa. Although last year the Austrian performed more successfully on hard. In the last two draws of this tournament, Diego Schwartzman announced himself, having lost twice to Nadal in the later stages. The last time the Argentine was able to take the game from the titled Spaniard.

Alexander Zverev is increasingly reaching the later stages of big tournaments, including Roland Garros. So last year he almost reached the final, losing to his direct competitor Stefanos Tsitsipas in five games. It seems that NextGen is on the heels of the Djokovic-Nadal-Federer trio.

Tennis, unlike all team sports, is very subject to unpredictability. The result of the meeting does not depend on the whole team of players, where the result is the sum of the actions of all the elements of the team, but on one athlete, who at any moment can get injured or an ordinary illness, which will lead to his defeat.

French Open 2022 Women's Favorites

The women's part of the Roland Garros tournament is famous for its unpredictability. So last year, the unseeded Czech tennis player Barbora Kreychikova became the winner of the French Open, defeating Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova in the final - 6:1, 2:6, 6:4.

As for the world elite, even the legendary Serena Williams won only three titles in France, while she has seven trophies in Australia and the UK, and six in the USA. The main favorites for the 2022 French Open are the winners of 2018 and 2019, Romanian tennis player Simona Halep and Australian Ashleigh Barty, who won Wimbledon last season.

Serena Williams cannot be discounted, who in the very first season after returning to big-time sports was able to reach the final of the US Open. There is every reason to believe that in the upcoming season she will be able to return to her former unstoppable level and compete with her young rivals.

Novak Djokovic to miss French Open 2022? ATP sets a marker and informs players about mandatory vaccinations for Roland Garros

Novak Djokovic was unable to defend his title at the Australian Open in Melbourne as he was sent home. The Serb's visa was canceled twice and his second appeal was rejected. The 34-year-old athlete is not vaccinated, so he even risks competing at the 2022 French Open.

Now the ATP, the leading organization in men's tennis, has set a marker and informed players that they need to be vaccinated to participate in Roland Garros, which will take place in May-June. An email sent to ATP players reported that the subject of the email read: "IMPORTANT: Vaccination requirements in France."

The statement adds that in order to compete in the 2022 French Open, players must be vaccinated and only a medical exception due to an adverse reaction to the vaccine can be considered. However, the final requirements will soon be available to all players.

French Open 2022 requires vaccination against COVID-19

It was thought that the French Open could be the only Grand Slam where Novak Djokovic could compete without being vaccinated. However, according to the latest letter from the ATP, the Serb must get the jab if he is going to compete in Paris.

“The French Tennis Federation has informed us that the French government will soon pass a law banning unvaccinated athletes from participating in any sporting events. The law is awaiting final adoption, but is likely to come into force in the coming days." read the letter.

The letter also added that the rules are expected to be in place indefinitely and further clarification is pending. French tennis hopes to avoid the confusion created by Tennis Australia, the Australian government and the Victorian government's bad communication that led to the Novak Djokovic visa fiasco.

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Interesting facts about Kyiv are a great opportunity to learn more about the ancient city. Kyiv has an ancient history, thanks to which you can see many of the oldest buildings here. It was here that Kievan Rus began to form, on the territory in which the Slavic peoples lived.


Facts you didn’t know about Kyiv


Kyiv is full of cozy cafes and restaurants, ancient buildings, monuments and sculptures, majestic temples, ancient streets, and beautiful parks. Each of them is associated with a lot of interesting information and interesting facts. Facts that will help you get to know the Great City on the Dnieper better. Let's get acquainted with some of them in more detail.


1. Starokievskaya mountain - the place "where the Russian land came from", is rightfully considered the highest of all the capital's mountains - 187 meters above sea level, 96 - above the Dnieper.


2. On Starokievsky Hill there is a contour of the foundation of the Church of the Tithes - the first stone church of Russia, destroyed by the Mongols of Batu. For the first time, the contours of the foundation were laid out in the 30s of the 20th century. Then, during the archaeological excavations in 2005-2010, it was removed, returning to its place only in 2015.



3. Linden on Starokievsky Hill, according to legend, was planted by Metropolitan Peter Mohyla in 1635. If so, then it is almost 400 years old, and this is one of the oldest Kyiv trees. There are myths that claim that she remembers the decline of Kievan Rus and her age is twice that.


4. The National Museum of the History of Ukraine, one of the largest Ukrainian collections dedicated to the history, has been living on Starokyivska Hill since 1944. This House of Muses is housed in a building originally intended for an art school; its funds include over 800,000 unique exhibits.


5. One of the favorite places of rest for the people of Kyiv - Landscape Alley runs on the site of the defensive ramparts of ancient Kyiv. Appeared in the early 1980s, her father is the architect Abraham Miletsky. And what views from here!


6. Kyiv metro station Arsenalnaya is the deepest in the world (105.5 m). And the Golden Gate is among the ten (according to other sources - twenty) most beautiful in the whole world.



7. In the Kyiv metro, in addition to more than fifty operating stations, there are also two mothballed ones: Lvovskaya Brama near Lvovskaya Square and Telichka (between Vydubychi and Slavutych).


8. There are two versions about the time of the emergence of Andreevsky Descent - the soul of the City of Kiya, its cultural artery connecting the Upper and Lower City. The first says that the narrow passage between the mountains Zamkova (Kiselevka) and Andreevskaya appeared in time immemorial. The second claims that it was laid in the middle of the 17th century, as a result of the actions of the Poles, who removed the hill bridge between the mountains. The height difference on the Descent is 70 m, so the first time it is better to pass it from top to bottom.


9. Seriously building up Andreevsky Spusk began in the 19th century, and already in the 60s of this century, brothels were “wound up” on Spusk, were far from the most intelligent contingent went. The fight against these institutions ended only by 1872 when the brothels moved to Podil.



10. One of the most famous and mystical buildings of the capital - the Castle of Richard the Lionheart - an apartment building of the early 20th century, got its name thanks to the Kyiv expert Viktor Nekrasov.


11. The first art vernissage of the arts, which brought together folk masters with their masterpieces, was held on Andreevsky Descent back in 1982, and gained real popularity towards the end of the 80s. Today, not so many people come as before, but still twice a year, on Kyiv Day and Independence Day, there is nowhere for an apple to fall on Spusk.


12. The house of writers Rolit (Bogdan Khmelnitsky, 68), built in the 1930s, has a record number of memorial plaques on its facade - 29.


13. The height of the sculpture "Motherland" is 62 meters (with a pedestal - of 102, one of the highest statues in the world). This huge steel figure weighs about 500 tons. Opened in 1981. There is a version that the main sculptor Vasily Borodai chose the sculptor Galina Kalchenko, who died in 1975, as the prototype of the face of the figure.



14. The highest building in the capital is the Kyiv TV Tower (385 m, by the way, higher than the Eiffel Tower). It is the tallest of the lattice structures in the world.


15. The tallest building in Kyiv - LCD "Klovsky" (168 m, Klovsky Spusk, 7). However, now skyscrapers are being built, which may well take away the title of “very very” from the residential complex.


16. The name of the second most ancient district of the City - Podil comes from the Old Slavonic word meaning lowland.


17. Zhytny market is the oldest operating market in Kyiv. The modern building was opened in 1980, but the marketplace has existed on this site since the time of Kievan Rus.


18. Cinema "Zhovten" is also among the oldest "cinema houses" in the capital. Built-in 1931, recently restored after a fire in 2014. It is interesting because it pays a lot of attention to auteurs, festivals, and arthouse cinema.


19. Walking along Podol, pay attention to the graceful clock tower towering on Kontraktova Square between Podolskaya RDA and the Pot-bellied Hata. This is the ex-bell tower of the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Catherine of the Greco-Sinai Monastery. Until our time, only the bell tower and the profitable house next to the monastery have survived.



20. A long time ago, everyone who got to Podol tried to take a sip of water from the Samson fountain (again, one of the oldest in the City) - according to legend, this aqua vita brought good luck. Today, "Samson" is a closed-loop fountain, and you should not drink from it under any sauce.


21. For a long time, the Podolsk Upper and Lower ramparts, or rather the canal (later a ditch) between them, served as a natural boundary between the fashionable and unfashionable parts of the City. Living "beyond the ditch / across the ditch" was considered terribly unprestigious. In the course, there was even a corresponding curse.


22. There are practically no trees on Podolskaya Sagaydachnogo Street (they were removed during the construction of the metro in the 1970s). Almost the only green giant on this highway is an oak about 27 numbers.


23. The length of the funicular - a transport that lifts passengers from Postal Square to St. Michael's Cathedral - is only 222 meters.



24. The length of one of the oldest streets of the City - Vladimirskaya is almost three kilometers.


25. Walking along Vladimirskaya street, it makes sense to look into the courtyards hidden behind the walls of houses. For example, behind the facades of houses from 7 to 11, a wooden chapel and the foundation of a temple of the 12th century are hidden in the courtyard.


26. The bell tower of St. Sophia Cathedral reaches an impressive 76 meters in height.


27. One of the most visited McDonalds in the world is located near the Kyiv Central Railway Station. Typically over 2 million hungry mouths are served here annually.


28. One of the culinary symbols of the capital, gourmets recommend trying the Kyiv cutlet in the restaurants Spotykach (Vladimirskaya, 16), Rebra & Kotlety (Borisoglebskaya, 8/13). Of the fast-food options, the cutlet produced by the Pot-bellied Hata chain has the best fame.


29. In the Shevchenko Park, located opposite the main entrance to the Red Building of the University, not only mothers with children walk, but dozens of chess players often spend many hours fighting. This is their favorite place. On the other hand, the “old” Fomin Botanical Garden adjoins the Red Building - this is already a favorite place for university students.



30. Khreshchatyk - the widest Kyiv street: 75 meters from the house to house. But it cannot boast of a length, only 1.2 km.


31. The construction of Khreshchatyk began only at the very end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th century. Prior to that, poor people lived here for a long time, unable to buy apartments in prestigious areas of the City.


32. There is a place in the capital where you can taste oysters for only 29 UAH apiece. This is the "White filling" on Khreshchatyk - One euro bar, located opposite the Central Department Store. However, be prepared for rather big queues.


33. Practically on Khreshchatyk (more precisely, at its intersection with Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 3-a) there is another gastronomic feature of the capital - “Kyiv perepichka”. This famous sausage baked in the dough was first born back in 1981. And despite the fact that you have to stand in a long queue for the window with the coveted "perepichka", it has been one of the most popular fast foods in Kyiv for more than 35 years.


34. During the entire existence of Khreshchatyk, not a single church was erected here. For service to Hermes and entertainment, hands did not reach spirituality.



35. The 16-story hotel "Ukraine" (nee - "Moscow"), located on Independence Square, has long been proud of the title of the first tallest building in Kyiv and the second in all of Ukraine (Kharkiv House of Projects won the leadership).


36. One of the most interesting observation platforms in Kyiv, experts call the Schekavitsky “270-degree platform”. From here, in good weather, a huge part of the capital is visible: from the Wind Mountains to Podil and the Left Bank. You can find it by walking along Olegovskaya Street between houses 42 and 44 and finding a narrow passage between the garages on the right.


37. The world's only monument to a garbage truck is located on the capital's Gas Pipeline Street, 2. It was installed in 2004 in honor of the 35th anniversary of Kyivspetstrans.


38. The most famous of Kyiv parks - Volodymyrska Gorka "in deaf, gray-haired times" bore the name of St. Michael's Hill and belonged to the monks of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery. The hill became a city park in the 19th century. The people of Kyiv especially fell in love with the opening here in 1853 of a monument to Prince Vladimir.



39. The name of the administrative and political center of the City - Pechersk is derived from the word "cave".


40. The building of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, built-in 1936-1938, was the first sign of the new republican administrative center created after the transfer of the capital from Kharkiv, and was originally intended for the NKVD of the Ukrainian SSR.


41. The large Lavra bell tower of one of the oldest monasteries of Kievan Rus - the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra was born in 1731-1745, its height is 96.5 meters. By the way, it is tilted 62 cm in a northeasterly direction.


42. The main cathedral of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra - Uspensky was destroyed in 1941, and both Nazis and Soviet saboteurs were accused of this. The restored shrine was opened in 2000.


43. In 1990, the Kyiv Pechersk Lavra, which is visited annually by more than a million tourists, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In addition to the Lavra, the Ukrainian objects, it includes the Kyiv St. Sophia Cathedral, the historical center of Lviv, the points of the Struve geodetic arc, the beech forests of the Carpathians, the residence of the metropolitans of Bukovina, Tauric Chersonesus, and the wooden churches of the Carpathian region.



44. The longest in Kyiv is tram route No. 12, which runs from Kontraktova Square to Pushcha-Vodytsia and was opened back in 1900 (almost 20 kilometers).


45. Trukhanov Island got its name in time immemorial, in honor of Tugorkhan, the father-in-law of Prince Svyatopolk Izyaslavich, who built a palace for his spouse on the island.



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“The desire to fly is an idea passed down to us by our ancestors, who, in their exhausting off-road travels in prehistoric times, looked with envy at birds that soar freely in space, at full speed, without any obstacles on the endless road of air”, - once said Wilbur Wright.

Could the Wright brothers, back in 1903, imagine what their idea of ​​controlled flight in the air would turn into? Now you will not surprise anyone with supersonic aircraft and winged colossus capable of transporting not only people, but also heavy equipment. Well, even if we cannot fly like birds, we can, if we wish, fly on one of the largest planes in the world. Choose which of these giants you like the most.

10. ANT-20

Role: multipurpose aircraft.

Developer: KB Tupolev, USSR.

This aircraft, created at the Voronezh Aviation Plant in 1934, became the largest aircraft of its time. Its wingspan reached 63 meters, and the maximum take-off weight was 42,000 kg. The ANT-20 was serviced by a staff of 5 people, and the aircraft could take 48 passengers on board. When the "dad" of the Little Prince Antoine de Saint-Exupéry arrived in the USSR, he flew the ANT-20. But the life of this model was short-lived. In 1935, during a demonstration flight, the plane took off together with an I-5 fighter, which was supposed to demonstrate the difference in size for newsreels.

During the performance of aerobatics I-5 entered the Nesterov loop, lost speed and crashed on top of ANT-20. That, in turn, began to fall apart in the sky and fell on the holiday village Sokol. The accident killed 49 people. At the Novodevichy cemetery, a memorial has been preserved, topped with a huge granite bas-relief of the crashed plane.

9. Boeing 747 LCF (Dreamlifter)

Role: transport aircraft.

Developer: Boeing.

An unrivaled aircraft in terms of fuselage roominess. The volume of its transport compartment is 1840 cubic meters. It is used exclusively to transport parts of the Boeing 787 aircraft that are constructed by third-party suppliers. A total of 4 Dreamlifters were put into operation. 0 Source: The Boeing 747 LCF looks ugly, for which it has even been compared to the Wienermobile, a bun-shaped car used to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products in the United States. And the head of Boeing, Scott Carson, jokingly apologized to Joe Sutter, the head of the Boeing 747 development team, for what he had done with his plane.

8. Boeing 747-8

Role: passenger airliner.

Developer: Boeing.

At Boeing, they know how to design aircraft that set records. The 747-8 became the longest passenger aircraft in the world. Its length is 76.4 meters. The Boeing 747-8 is a representative of the new generation of the Boeing 747 series (eighth in our list). It features a longer fuselage, improved wing, and greater cost efficiency.

7. Boeing 747

Role: passenger airliner.

Developer: Boeing.

Once upon a question about what is the largest aircraft in the world in terms of passenger capacity, the designers of the double-deck Boeing 747 proudly answered: "Our"! Depending on the modification, the aircraft can accommodate up to 624 passengers. But then the Airbus A380 appeared and pushed the Boeing 747 off the plinth of the most capacious aircraft. If you've watched Casino Royale with Daniel Craig as James Bond, you may remember the SkyFleet S570 that the terrorists wanted to blow up.

The role of this airliner was the Boeing 747-236B, which was built in 1980 and flew until 2002. A worthy end to your career. And one of the largest plane crashes in the world is associated with the Boeing 747. It happened in 1977 on the island of Tenerife. In the fog, two Boeing 747s collided with each other on the runway, killing 583 people.

6. An-22

Role: transport aircraft.

Developer: OKB im. O.K. Antonova.

This winged aircraft, named "Antey" in honor of the invincible giant

from ancient Greek myths, is still the world's largest turboprop aircraft. Transportation of goods during the war in Afghanistan and during the liquidation of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, transportation of refugees and military personnel from Eastern Europe and the near abroad - this is not a complete "track record" of An-22. And on one of the passenger flights organized during the air bridge between Egypt and the Soviet Union in 1972, Antey set a record, taking on board almost 700 people. This is a real hard worker, reliable and unpretentious in operation.

5. An-124

Role: transport aircraft.

Developer: OKB im. O.K. Antonova.

The five largest aircraft in the world are opened by Soviet development, which before the appearance of the Airbus A380 (the fourth number in the list) was considered the largest of the serially produced aircraft.However, the title of "the largest military aircraft" from the An-124 has not yet been taken away, as well as the title of the world's most cargo-lifting serial transport aircraft. 0 Source: And although the production of Ruslan, as Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov called this aircraft, is now suspended, the existing aircraft fleet will be modernized. This was announced in July 2018 by Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

4. Airbus A380

Role: passenger liner.

Developer: Airbus.

The largest commercial aircraft in the world (of mass production) and one of the largest aircraft on Earth. When you watch a video of one of the largest planes in the world, it's hard to believe that such a colossus is capable of taking off. 0 Source: Airbus A380 is capable of carrying up to 853 passengers in economy class configuration. By comparison, the A380's main competitor, the Boeing 747 passenger airliner, carries only 624 people in full economy class configuration. It's not just airlines that own the luxurious Airbus A380s. By order of the Saudi prince Al-Walid ibn Talal, a private jet was built, which cost the owner $ 488 million.

3. Airbus A340-600

Role: passenger liner.

Developer: Airbus.

It is the largest member of the Airbus A340 family and the third longest aircraft in the world (75.36 meters). Aircraft of the Airbus A340 type were produced until November 2011, but they could not compete with the Boeing 777. However, they still carry out passenger traffic in various countries of the world. 0 Source: It is curious that for the entire period of operation (since 1993) only five A340 aircraft were lost. However, not a single passenger or crew member was killed.

2. An-225 (Mriya)

Role: cargo plane.

Developer: OKB im. O.K. Antonova.

It is the largest transport plane ever built. Its maximum take-off weight is 640 tons, and its payload is 250 tons. 0 Source: An-225 is capable of transporting vehicles, construction and military equipment and other bulky goods to different parts of the world on its fuselage. But this giant was intended for a different, much larger purpose. It was created as part of the Buran reusable spacecraft project. It was assumed that the An-225 will transport the components of the Buran and the launch vehicle from the place of creation and assembly to the place of launch. 0 Source: The first flight of Mriya (a dream translated from Ukrainian) took place in December 1988, carrying a Buran weighing sixty tons. However, after the collapse of the USSR, the "dream" was left without work. They began to operate it again (after appropriate modernization) only in 2000, for commercial transportation. More recently, in September 2018, the giant plane set a new record by making a thirteen-hour non-stop flight from Ukrainian Gostomel to the American airport in Auckland. He covered a distance of 9800 km. ×

1. Stratolaunch

Role: carrier plane.

Developer: Scaled Composites.

This huge plane will not carry ordinary cargo. Rather, it will serve as another way to deliver objects, namely satellites, into the stratosphere before launching them into space orbit. This mode of transport will be more reliable and less expensive than traditional rockets. 0 Source: Unlike the largest aircraft in the world - the Ukrainian Mriya - the American Stratolaunch does not fly yet. Its first demonstration took place in May 2017. In terms of a wingspan of 117.3 meters, it is much superior to the An-225 (88.4 meters, respectively). The Stratolaunch is currently the largest wingspan in the world. However, the American is inferior to the Ukrainian "colleague" in maximum take-off weight (589,670 kg and 640,000 kg, respectively) and length (73 meters for Stratolaunch versus 84 meters for An-225). The exact dates of the new Stratolaunch tests are still unknown. Engineers hope this aircraft will enter service within the next 10 years.

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Summer is a small life. In order to live it to the maximum and leave as many positive impressions as possible, this is what you should do over the summer with your child.


Well, the time has come when it is necessary to help a child free from school find an interesting lesson. We offer you a great list that will help fill the holidays with emotions and new skills!


Best Free Outdoor Activities For Kids This Summer


Let's fly a kite

Entertainment that causes a lot of delight, despite its simplicity. Children are mesmerized when the kite soars into the sky and swims through it, as if alive. Today you can buy a snake in a store, or you can even make it yourself: instructions are easy to find on the Internet.


Summer active games

Get badminton, frisbees, rubber bands from our Soviet childhood, jump ropes, grasshoppers... Have you noticed that children have stopped playing hopscotch? We need to fix this urgently! Have your child bring a set of crayons out into the yard: after the kids jump into the classrooms, they will draw a huge picture on the pavement.


Arranging a water battle

This fun is simply irreplaceable, but you need to prepare well for it, and above all, adults. Ideally, a water battle should be organized in a company, for example, at some kind of children's party. The company is divided into 2 teams, paper circles of two colors are cut out and glued to the back and stomach of each player. Whose circles get wet, he is out of the game. The survivor team wins.


Experimenting in the garden

If you have a house adjoining territory (even at the entrance, for example), then your child is lucky. You can give him a garden bed or part of it so that he can grow something of his own there: green peas or garden daisies. Get a set of a young gardener: a shovel, a rake, galoshes ... And by the way, in addition to gardening, let the child landscape his site: for example, plant flowers in old dishes, use his old toys or natural materials to decorate.


Hide the treasure

Hide the "jewel chest" in a secret place and draw a quest map so that the child can solve puzzles on the way to the treasure. And don’t forget the “secrets under the glass” too! Teach your child to make such caches - there will be something to remember!


Gathering a collection or herbarium

You can collect anything: shells, unusual stones, cones, herbarium. Read more about how to create a herbarium.


Building a sand castle and painting on pebbles

A southern kid's summer is certainly not complete without the beach. But even here you need to show your imagination: when swimming and sunbathing are already bored, you need to find something else to do. Grab your paints and paint the pebbles on the beach, lots of ideas for this activity.


Catching insects and releasing them

Get a landing net and your child's summer will sparkle with new colors: he will feel like an entomologist. You just need to explain to him that you shouldn’t kill insects unnecessarily: it’s better to catch it in a net, study it carefully.


Creative Ideas To Keep Kids Busy All Summer Long


Making homemade lemonade

The abundance of southern fruits allows us to easily arrange a lemonade day at home, and we advise you to appoint a child as a chef. Citrus fruits and watermelon are ideal for making lemonade. The easiest recipe: 1 cup lemon juice, 1 cup sugar and 6 cups cold water. You can also add ice and decorate each glass with a straw, umbrella and berries.


Keeping a diary of observations

Let the child choose a beautiful notebook for notes and an object of observation. As a rule, children like to watch insects or birds. In the diary, the child can set his own rules: what to write there, what to draw, how to paste clippings and photos. Most importantly, you need to convince him that real scientists take notes every day.


Cooking homemade ice cream

If the idea with lemonade is a success, you can go further: make homemade ice cream. To do this, you will need ice cream molds, as well as fruit and / or cream. To prepare fruit ice, it is enough to pour fruit or berry juice squeezed out with your own hand into the molds. And if you want to make creamy milk, then here is the recipe: beat the heavy cold cream well with vanilla sugar, then add condensed milk and beat again until airy. We lay out in molds and freeze.''


Write a book or make a movie

Older children can be given an interesting task - to write a book about their summer adventures by the end of the holidays. Allow the child to fantasize and think out stories - this will turn out to be the most interesting. According to the same scenario, you can make a movie, or you can - according to your favorite book, such as Tom Sawyer!


Putting on a performance

Prepare the script, distribute the roles, collect the old bedspreads (curtain), props for the performance and voila - the children in the yard have a completely new wave of emotions and a real adventure. And then create posters and invite the whole house to watch the courtyard performance.


Making a wreath and natural beads

This is fun for girls. Teach your daughter to weave a magnificent field wreath. It's easy: choose bright flowers and green plants with long stems. Each new flower, as it were, is tied around an existing “braid”, alternating flowers with greens.


To make ethnic beads, you need to collect berries: mountain ash, hawthorn, wild rose, and you can also take fresh corn grains. String them on a string and hang them to dry in the sun. In a few days you will have bright natural beads.


Other activities that will enjoy your kids this summer


If you don’t know what to do in the summer, open this list of summer vacation ideas and choose to your liking. You will definitely find something that you and your child will like!


1. Spend a day at the water park, riding the slides and floundering in the waves.


2. Go out to eat pizza or burgers instead of homemade dinner.


3. Make a musical pendant from colorful cans, hang it in the country house and listen to how it rustles beautifully in the wind.


4. Read the book by Sven Nurdqvist about the kitten Findus "Petson goes camping" and sleep in a tent in the country or on the balcony.


5. Draw an elephant, a crocodile and hornbills from nature in the Zoo, and then dig out a silhouette of a dinosaur in the sandbox on the playground (to the right of the exit).


6. Go to the park and ride a boat or catamaran.



7. Paint each other with face painting and take funny selfies.


8. Have a water pistol fight.


9. Hide a treasure in the country and look for it on the map.


10. Make homemade ice cream and invite guests.


11. Weave wreaths of ribbons and wild flowers and arrange a photo shoot.


12. Read books about Prostodursen and arrange a Big Marzipan Feast.


13. Go to the rope park and climb to unimaginable heights.


14. Write the names of the most interesting museums in Kyiv on pieces of paper and go to the one that the child will pull out with his eyes closed.



15. Take a flight in a hot air balloon.


16. Ride horses.


17. Send a bottle with a note and wishes along the river.


18. Make a collage of flower petals and herbs as a gift for grandma.


19. Take a city cruise on a steamboat.


20. Make real crispy fries at home and revisit the golden Disney collection.


21. Make jam from all possible seasonal berries.



22. Arrange a bike ride in the park - bikes can be rented.


23. Dance, listen to music, gorge on burgers and go to the best summer festivals.


24. Go to the field to fly a kite.


25. Make a house under the table, drink cocoa and look at family photos.26. Go to look at the stars and the moon in a real observatory.


27. Go to a restaurant with a veranda for lunch and stare at passers-by.


28. Play badminton and ping-pong.


29. Review childhood films with children - Petrov and Vasechkin, Electronics, Alisa Selezneva and Varvara-Krasa can be no worse than minions).



30. Go to the park and have a picnic.


31. Go to one of the farms, stroke the cows there, drink fresh milk and eat cucumbers straight from the garden.


32. Go to the market to buy berries and seasonal fruits there - forget about the supermarket until autumn.


33. Go to the pond and feed ducks with bread.


34. Make giant crayons with your own hands and draw on the pavement.


35. Play Twister with the whole family.



36. Make a feeder, hang it near the house and watch the birds every morning.


37. Go to the reserve - take a walk and stare at the bison.


38. Bake a huge chocolate cake.


39. Call your friends and have a pajama party - you don’t have to get up for school tomorrow.


40. Make a lot of colorful capitos from balloons and water and arrange a battle in the yard.


41. In the morning, prepare a real big breakfast for the whole family, as if every day is a day off.



42. Going on vacation, don't take a tablet, but instead take a lot of board games.


43. Explore more interesting places.


44. Parse family photos on the phone and select the most successful ones for the album.


45. Order takeout and eat it on a bench while squinting in the sun.


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