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At Romanian and Moldovan customs, Ukrainian children cry for fathers left at home to defend the country

1 year ago

Tens of thousands of families in Ukraine are simultaneously experiencing the drama of war and partition, after Kiev authorities enacted martial law and banned men who could defend their country from crossing borders. They remained to face the enemy, but they sent their families across the border, with tears in their eyes and broken hearts. In Romania and Moldova, thousands of women have been crossing the border for almost 24 hours, alone or in groups, accompanied by elderly parents or babies and children.


The drama of a Ukrainian who embraces his daughter only a few years old, whom he sends away from the war with only his mother, has been repeated in Ukraine hundreds and thousands of times. Adult men capable of fighting can no longer leave the country after the president introduced martial law.


Nazar is 13 years old. His mother fled Ukraine alone with him and his younger sister. The father remained in the country. Here is a conversation between him and a reporter.



Reporter: What did he tell you before you left?

Nazar, Ukrainian refugee: He told me everything would be fine. And to send him pictures.


Nazar spoke with a knot in his throat about the separation of the family.


Reporter: What is your father doing now?

Nazar: He's a medical technician, but now he's helping the military if they're injured.

Reporter: Was he in the Army before?

Nazar: No, he wasn't in the military before.


He hopes to stay with his mother and sister in Poland, where they will stay with a family of friends, only temporarily.


Reporter: What would you have done instead of your father?

Nazar: I think I would have done the same.

Reporter: Would you have fought?

Nazar: Yes!


A young Ukrainian woman took her two-year-old daughter and came on foot to Moldova. She managed to get in on Thursday night. This morning, people with dramatic stories continued to cross the border. A woman left Ukraine with only her one-year-old daughter and mother. They crossed the border on foot. My brother and father stayed in the country. With tears in his eyes, he tells how he lived his last night in his homeland.



Reporter: Are you afraid for them?

Woman from Ukraine: Yes, sure! I was scared, there were bombings near us last night. I was scared.


Hundreds of women alone or accompanied only by children, many brought in arms, in carts or on foot, if they are older than a few years, have crossed the border into Romania and Moldova.



Reporter: Are you alone?

Woman from Ukraine: My father went to fight for the country. My son is in Europe, in Germany. I'm alone now.

Reporter: Was it hard to leave your husband there?

Woman from Ukraine: Yes, very difficult.

Reporter: You have tears in your eyes.

Woman from Ukraine: Yes, I'm crying. I hope everything will be fine. We ask you to help us, to pray for Ukraine.



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Ukrainians are shocked and horrified by what is happening to them. Sirens are heard in Kiev, and people are fleeing the city. Images appeared with huge columns of cars blocking the highway at the exit from Kiev. Meanwhile, others have taken refuge in subway stations or are kneeling on the streets.

Several people from Kiev rushed to the underground subway stations to take shelter. Others boarded buses to leave the city.

On social media, people send messages saying that they are panicking and that they are trying to get to anti-aircraft shelters and basements as soon as possible. Reporters filmed groups of people praying on the street, kneeling.

In addition to panic, Ukrainians are creating videos with the slogan "My Home. My Ukraine." These videos are profound and painful. People want peace and a future for their children. Ukraine is truly a beautiful country, with many places where nature fills your soul, and the picturesque views are breathtaking. A country full of traditions, color and greenery. Ukraine is the home of its nation, and at this time, many will lose their homes as a result of the bombings, people are forced to leave their homes, to flee their country.

My home. My Ukraine

The first bombings took place just after 5 o'clock in the morning.

Residents of Kiev were told to stay in their homes and prepare a bag with the essentials in case they should leave urgently.

In the city, red arrows have been drawn on several walls indicating the locations of the nearest anti-aircraft shelters. These insignia have existed since 2014, and now they have been marked once again with intense color, so that they can be easily observed.

At 6:18 a.m., two hours before the start of the school day, the parents of the children attending the Ivan Franko school in central Kiev received a message to keep the children at home and that the classes would be held online.

Residents of Ukraine's capital, Kiev, woke up to explosions and sirens on Thursday morning, and the city panicked: many tried to seek shelter, while others fled the town. Even after weeks of warnings from Ukrainian and Western leaders that a Russian attack was imminent, some Kiev residents were caught unprepared.

Many people rushed to anti-aircraft shelters or subway stations to take shelter. Others sat in long queues at banks, supermarkets, or gas stations. Some fled west by car.

"I didn't expect that. I didn't think anything would happen until this morning," said Nikita, a 34-year-old marketer as she waited in a long line at a bottle stack. of water in the shopping cart. "I am a healthy adult. I packed my bags, bought food and stayed home with my family," he said.

Other residents were determined to move to western Ukraine, which they considered relatively safe. During the morning, traffic was blocked on the four lanes of the main road to the western city of Lviv. The cars were parked side by side for tens of kilometers, according to witnesses quoted by Reuters.

Among those who tried to leave is 31-year-old Alex Svitelskyi, who says he wants to take his parents out of town. He is also worried about his sister: "I want her away from here."

The effects of the attacks were immediately apparent in Ukraine. In addition to the affected buildings in various cities, in the capital Kiev people did their best to leave. Queues formed at ATMs, supermarkets and gas stations, while thousands of cars crowded out of town. An extremely affected area was also near Kharkov, in the city of Chiuhiv, where a blockade was devastated by a Russian rocket.

"Fighting is taking place in almost the entire territory of Ukraine. So far, 203 Russian military attacks have been reported," the Ukrainian National Police said.

Armored columns are now heading for Kiev after fighting took place at the Hostomel air base on the northern outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

Ukrainian citizens have begun withdrawing money from ATMs and stockpiling supplies. According to their testimonies, the internet networks have already started to be affected.

People explained that the authorities asked the people not to leave the houses and, if necessary, to take shelter in the basements. "There was a real panic and people started to leave Kiev. They bought products, withdrew money from ATMs. City officials are trying to stop the panic by asking people to stay indoors and, if necessary, go down to basements or bomb shelters. The sirens sounded in the streets several times. There are constant explosions and fires. "

In Lutsk, the fire station was damaged, no one was injured. One person was injured when the airport was bombed. An "air raid" was reported in Poltava. Fire in the military depots in the village. Raduşinţi (Poltava region). At Khmelnitsky, a shell hit the runway of a military airfield. In Nijin, six people woke up under the rubble of the airfield, they are working for their release.

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Although he invaded Ukraine, Putin tells the Russians that the war is, in fact, a military aid to the Donbas regions.


Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday morning hailed the "heroism" of Russian forces in Ukraine. In a short televised speech congratulating Special Forces Day soldiers marking his first public statements on Friday, the Kremlin leader referred to Russia's invasion of Ukraine as a "special operation to assist the Donbas People's Republics." .


Vladimir Putin also paid special thanks to "those who are currently heroically fulfilling their military duty in a special operation to assist the Donbass People's Republics."


The fear is justified, Putin is overwhelmed by his own greatness and believes that he has a historical mission, which has emerged from his speeches, especially those after the outbreak of hostilities.


He gave a lot of meaning about his personality through his own words. Also in the quotes and sayings below you can identify his plans that have been in place for a very long time.


Top 50 sayings and quotes from Putin 


1. If a person is satisfied with everything, then he is a complete idiot. A healthy person in a normal memory cannot always arrange everything.


2. Whoever does not regret the collapse of the Soviet Union has no heart; whoever wants to recreate it in its former form has no head.


3. He gave me a book. I told him too. I gave him a book about the Kremlin. France must not forget where the Kremlin is. Here. There is such a place in the world.


4. In Russia, there is still such an old Russian fun - the search for a national idea. It is something like a search for the meaning of life. The occupation as a whole is not useful and not without interest, it can be done always and endlessly.


5. We will maintain this gap between the incomes of the rich and the poor ... (he corrected himself after a second: “reduce”).


6. We have a country of great opportunities not only for criminals, but also for the state.


7. It is necessary to fulfill the law always, and not only when they grabbed one place.



8. If European countries continue to pursue their policies, then we will have to talk about European affairs with Washington.


9. I wasn't too excited about sleeping over at Bush's ranch. He had to think for himself what would happen if he let a former intelligence officer in.


10. They need to change their brains, not our Constitution.


11. The American initiative is nothing more than a proposal to "burn down the house to cook scrambled eggs."


12. Hundreds and hundreds are thinking about passing laws, but millions are thinking about how to circumvent the law.


13. The first persons of the state do not have the right to let snot and drool.


14. Russia can rise from its knees and how to warm up.


15. If brains leak, then they are. Already good. This means that they are of high quality, otherwise no one would need them and would not leak.


16. I consider it very dangerous to plant the idea of ​​their exclusivity in people's heads, no matter what motivates it. We are different, but when we ask the Lord to bless us, we must not forget that God created us equal.


17. Well, you know, if you talk all the time that everything is falling, then nothing will ever rise.



18. Democracy is not a marketplace.


19. Russia is a country that is not afraid of anything.


20. I will not say that there are two irreconcilable enemies, on the one hand, the state, and on the other, the oligarchs. I think rather that the state is holding a baton in its hands, with which it hits only once. But on the head.


21. Do you want me to eat earth from a pot of flowers and swear on blood so that you believe me?!


22. Among the people we meet and talk with, there are many who are disappointed, confused, confused. And it is our sacred duty to show these people the way at the end of the tunnel.


23. Now it turns out that if a person has a cap and boots, then he can provide himself with a snack and a drink.


24. Everyone who opens a new business, registers enterprises, should be given a medal for personal courage.



25. The very word genus. It means something native, you feel? Our Motherland is sick, but one does not leave the bed of a sick mother.


26. I don't even know what to write there. I personally could not write so much about myself.


27. Russia's hands are getting stronger and stronger. They cannot be unscrewed even by such strong partners as the European Union.


28. There is no such pill against corruption: once you swallow it, you are healthy.


29. I have been not only in Sardinia, but also not for the first time in such enterprises, which do not smell very good. There are many such enterprises in our country, and it is here that you need to visit more often.


30. Even 50 years ago, a Leningrad street taught me one rule: "If a fight is inevitable, you must beat first."


31. Money is not needed: no one needs these pieces of paper in the modern economy - we need assets.


32. The bigger and fatter we get, the bigger the demographic problems.



33. I am a dove, but I have very powerful iron wings!


34. If you don't like my answers then don't ask questions.


35. It is not Russia that is between the West and the East. It is West and East are to the left and to the right of Russia.


36. Anyone who seeks to be considered a leader and receive some kind of nomination should never turn up his nose, believing that he is the best. As soon as a person begins to believe that he is the best, from that moment he begins to lose. Ambition is good, arrogance is bad.


37. Russia has lived almost all its life, its entire history in one way or another in some kind of restrictions and sanctions.


38. Cutlets separately, and flies separately.


39. The eyes, as you know, are a part of the brain, placed on the periphery.


40. President Clinton is a very comfortable and pleasant partner. Pope John Paul II is a very intelligent man.


41. You know, not a single stage of our life passes without a trace. Whatever we do, whatever we do, this knowledge, this experience, it always stays with us, and we carry it further with us, somehow use it.



42. You know, there is such a joke, old, with a beard, but maybe someone does not know, it will be interesting. Question: "How do you relax?" Answer: "I don't tense up."


43. US troops have been in Afghanistan for 17 years, and every year Washington announces their withdrawal.


44. The fewer teeth, the more you like porridge.


45. Those who do not want to feed their own army will feed someone else's.


46. Relations between states are built a little differently, not like relations between people. I am not a friend, not a bride and groom, I am the President of the Russian Federation.



47. I swear at myself only. In Russia there is such a sin. Let's pray.


48. They are also trying to use this misfortune in an unscrupulous way. They are trying, I would say even ruder, to inflate some political gills in order to earn some capital and solve some group interests.


49. As for independent sources, there is nothing independent in the world.


50. The Russian flag cannot interfere with anyone.



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On the day Russia declared war on Ukraine, two young men from Kyiv united their destinies. Iarina Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin formalized their marriage while the city sounded the alarm sirens for air raids.

The young bride Arieva said that although it was very scary, they did not want to give up.

"It simply came to our notice then. It should have been the happiest time of her life, but you hear that, ”said Arieva, who married her partner at St. Michael's Monastery in Kyiv.

The couple was planning to get married on May 6 and celebrate at a restaurant overlooking the Dnieper River, Arieva said.

But all that changed when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine on Thursday morning, and the attack began at dawn with rockets.

The invasion spread to central and eastern Ukraine, and Russian forces attacked the country from three sides, killing tens of millions of Ukrainians.

The two young men, who met in October 2019 during a protest in the center of Kiev, decided that they want to get married now because they do not know what the future holds for them.

"It simply came to our notice then. We will fight for our land. We can die and we just wanted to be together before all this. "

After their wedding, Arieva and Fursin prepared to go to the local Territorial Defense Center to join forces to defend the country.

"We must defend our country. We need to protect the people we love and the land we live in, ”she said.

Arieva does not know what task will be assigned to the couple. "It simply came to our notice then. Maybe we'll help with something else. They will decide, "she said.

Arieva described her husband as "her closest friend on Earth" and said she hoped that one day they would be able to celebrate their marriage.

"I just hope that everything will go normally and we will have our land, we will keep our country safe and happy without Russians in it," she said.

Just hours after their wedding on the first day of the Russian invasion, Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin joined the fight to protect their country.

The couple were due to get married in May, but rushed to Kyiv last week, when Russia invaded the country before joining Ukrainian resistance. Wearing camouflage jackets and holding a rifle, the couple talked to CNN reporter Don Lemon about spending their honeymoon living in a besieged city and taking up arms to fight Russian troops invading their homeland.

"It is difficult to understand this new reality that we have," said Arieva, who is from Kyiv.

Sviatoslav Fursin said he hoped that the time would come when he would be able to gather his family and friends “all in one place and drink a good glass of wine. And to tell everyone, "Come on, the war is over, we're winning."

Before that, however, he said he wanted "everyone in this world, including Russia and the Russian people, to remember" that he was fighting "for the freedom of the world."

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Vladimir Putin's seven-day war against Ukraine, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties, tens of thousands of refugees and the attack on residential areas, has turned him into a pariah in the Western world. It is a change of attitude of proportions.


Vladimir Putin and his regime are completely isolated from the rest of the world, with his only "friends" being Alexander Lukashenko, the dictator of Belarus, and Bashar al-Assad of Syria. Not even Xi Jinping, the president of China, has clearly sided with Putin, being cautious.


Protests against the war that Putin has unleashed are taking place not only throughout Europe, Canada, the United States, but even in Russia. Although the Putin regime has arrested thousands more than 5,000 so far, they have continued to protest in St. Petersburg, Moscow and 40 other cities.


To all this is added the unprecedented financial sanctions, which have increased in severity with each passing day.



But most of all, Vladimir Putin is facing a new military paradigm, one he probably did not take into account and which he thought he could counter with the nuclear threat: the West has decided to arm Ukraine, 28 nations agreed to contribute lethal and non-lethal aid.


The decision by NATO and EU member states to send weapons to Ukraine has become an emergency following Russia's furious attacks on Kharkov on Monday, when dozens of people were killed, including women, children and the elderly, and hundreds more were injured.


Top facts that show that the Russian people can stop Putin's war


1. No one can keep a huge population, such as Russia, in ignorance and silence. 


2. People are aware, thanks to the Internet and social networks, of everything that is happening in the world, in Ukraine, in Russia. 


3. We read the opinions of journalists and other Russian citizens, and we feel on our own skin the horror of the war with Ukraine. Vladimir Putin is called a "murderer" and compared to Hitler on protest posters. 


4. The mobilization at the demonstrations was done, as otherwise, on social networks.


5. "All we see is the agony of a dying man. Unfortunately, Russia is in agony, "Maria Litvinovich, a well-known Moscow activist, wrote in the Telegram.



6. Surprisingly, the opposition came from well-known figures, such as Ivan Urgant, one of Russia's most famous television comedians, who wrote on Instagram: "Fear and pain. NOT THE WAR ”.


7. Maxim Galkin, a television presenter and singer, said: “No, no, no: I have been in contact with my relatives and friends in Ukraine since this morning! I can't explain in words how I feel! How is that possible? No war can be justified! Not the war! ” 


8. Among the protesters were Fedor Smolov, a footballer of the Russian national football team, the former football player no. 1 in tennis, Evgheni Kafelnikov, and Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov, editor-in-chief of Novaya Gazeta.


9. Hundreds of Russian scientists, intellectuals, academics, academics and journalists have signed an open letter condemning Putin's "attack" on Ukraine. "There is no rational justification for this war. (…) 



10. It is clear that Ukraine does not pose a threat to the security of our country. The war against it is unfair and, frankly, pointless. Ukraine has been and remains a country close to us. Many of us have relatives, friends, and fellow scientists living in Ukraine. ” It is expected that these protests will continue today and in the coming days.


11. Little did he show a crooked motivation for the reasons why the war started, including his fellow citizens who consider him crazy, lacking political and economic discernment. In a meeting with Russian businessmen, Putin said: "What I wanted to say first - the most important thing, for all of you to understand - what is happening was a necessary measure. They left us no chance of acting otherwise. They created such security risks that it was impossible to react otherwise. All our efforts have come to nothing. […] They have created such risks that it is difficult to understand how our country could have continued to exist, "Putin was quoted as saying by CNN. 


12. Russia has been living with Ukraine for decades, without risks or dangers to its security. It is not certain that Ukraine would have asked for and been accepted to join NATO, which would otherwise have reached "the threshold of our homes," as Putin says. 



13. Anyway, there was still a long way to go. What interest would NATO have in seriously affecting Russia's security, in generating a world war, the nuclear event? No one. The well-being of Western peoples is not built on the prospect of destructive wars. Only Putin believes that.


14. Russia is not who knows what economic power, it does not compare with China, for example. It has a lower GDP per capita. 


15. Russia's GDP is 50% of hydrocarbon exports, so it is totally dependent on global economic relations. 


16. The ruble has collapsed, and inflation and the lack of basic goods in stores will soon be felt. All this is understood by the Russian people, who no longer take their information only from the leaders. 


17.The sanctions imposed by the western partners of the EU and NATO, by America, will have consequences.


18. Banks and large companies in Russia will have their assets abroad, hundreds of billions of dollars, blocked, the currency being kept in foreign banks. 



19. All economic entities in Russia can no longer be financed in foreign currency at all (USD, EUR, GBP, YEN). 


20. Now, Russia's entire financial system is insolvent. - People and businesses will no longer be able to buy foreign currency. 


21. Putin has a reserve of 5-600 billion dollars, but that will be exhausted soon, considering the costs of the war.


22. Price of consumer goods will triple in stores, and / or will disappear completely. Or they will be streamlined, they can be bought with cards. Will the Russians swallow something like that? 


23. Even if they change the government in Kyiv, Russia will pay dearly, humanly and economically, for the guerrilla war that will continue for many years, as happened in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq. 


24. Russia's population has also benefited greatly from globalization, the free movement of people, goods and ideas. 



25. Many Russian oligarchs have businesses in Western countries that will be frozen. They have already lost about $ 50 billion. 


26. Many young people and adults have friends in the West, virtual or real, from whom they learn about life in the country. Some are studying at foreign universities, they already know English and other languages. 


27. In the age of the internet, of social networks, you can no longer keep people in isolation.


28. But to send thousands of Russians and Ukrainians to death for this reason can no longer be accepted. 


29. Russia will suffer huge economic damage in the coming weeks and months. NATO will strengthen its presence in Eastern Europe, so Putin will "win" the opposite of what he set out to do. 



30. The Russian people understand these perspectives very well, including the leaders who are now obedient to them. In the end, the people and even the Russian leadership, now obedient to Putin, will bring him down.


These days, since the beginning of the Russian Federation's invasion of Ukraine, virtually all TV stations in Moscow use only certain terminology. For example, it only talks about the "special military liberation operation", while the word "war" is forbidden in the broadcast.


Also, in the news bulletins, the alleged purposes of the Russian army's actions on the territory of Ukraine are mentioned every time. This is also the case with the well-known Russian post "Pervii Kanal".


Another Russian television station, the same approach: no words about "war", only "operation" is pronounced. Russian journalists from NTV, in a Monday news bulletin, mention triumphantly and several times that several localities in Donbas have been "liberated", and the villagers would enjoy the peaceful life.



Here is another fake news broadcast in Russia: "Since the beginning of the operation in Donbas, dozens of localities have been liberated. From there, peaceful life returns. First, the authorities bring food there. For example, flour and bread were brought to the recently liberated town of Luhansk. And other products will appear there soon. It is also intended to solve the fuel problem. Our correspondent spoke to the inhabitants of the liberated villages ", claims the presenter of the NTV television station.


Recall that these days, the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine demanded that Russian channels be blocked on European satellites so as to stop Russian propaganda.


This is all fake news. And the hope is in the Russian people, who have access to the internet, who see what is really happening and must act.


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Vladimir Putin is a machine programmed to kill, and at the moment the Russian president is suffering from a mental illness called "end of the world syndrome".


Vladimir Putin is now, in terms of his existence, at the end of his manhood and crossed by the urge to die.


And Hitler was in this very mental state in the spring of 1945 - "the syndrome of the end of the world." That is, "I perish, but let the whole world perish with me, including the German people," which Hitler did not consider worthy of him then. But Hitler did not have the atomic bomb at his disposal. Exactly the same syndrome is manifested in Putin, when he said "we are ready for anything." This means even for a nuclear confrontation, in which, eventually, the Russian people will be exterminated in a proportion that we cannot discuss here.


Before attacking Ukraine, Vladimir Putin occupied Russia. Before terrorizing Europe, Vladimir Putin terrorizes Russia. There, he set up a mechanism to repress, crush any opposition, any civil movements. As soon as someone tries to raise his head, he is arrested, imprisoned, killed, poisoned with various substances, as the case may be.


We see the same thing now. The Russians take to the streets in so many places to protest against this war that they do not want, and they are cruelly beaten, killed, arrested by Putin's Stalin-worthy political police.


1.Hitler and Putin


2.Bad neighbour


"The Russian population is beginning to feel a certain tiredness due to the atmosphere of continuous confrontation. The anti-war party is completely inaudible in a country where critical voices are being repressed or pushed into exile. "


Surveys are probably impossible in a state where everyone is afraid, in a country without opposition and without independent media. In 2014 and 2015, when Putin annexed Crimea, there were some popular manifestations of enthusiasm, but now, according to Benoit Vitkine, the Russian population is infinitely more restrained. However, it seems that the Russians' second concern has now become war, according to various opinion polls. Many Russians are probably worried when they are told every day that the West wants to destroy Russia, but they have nothing to do.


This type of propaganda also existed in the Soviet era, especially in the years before Gorbachev came to power. Historians of the time say that KGB leaders then ordered a secret investigation abroad to try to better understand the intentions of the capitalist world in relation to the USSR. And the result of the investigation seems to have caused astonishment among the gray eminences of the secret services, such as Yuri Andropov. They found that the average Westerner wanted nothing more than to live as well as possible, and that for him the ideological conflict with the Soviet Union simply did not exist.


3.Putin’s real fear


4.Living next to Russia


Ordinary Russians, in fact, do not want to live better, in the Western style, if they could, but they are still marked by the disaster after the fall of communism when, for ten years, freedom rhymed. with poverty, humiliation, insecurity, downgrading, unprecedented corruption, abysmal social inequalities, the emergence of a class of oligarchs enriched by theft…


Ukrainians love freedom in the first place, even at the cost of chaos, and the Russians love order in the first place, even at the cost of losing their freedom. This is how some historians characterize, in one sentence, the two peoples now on the verge of a major historical rupture. This means, unfortunately, that the Russians have become accustomed again to life without freedom, a type of existence that they have known very little about during their history. There will probably be dissenting voices among intellectuals from time to time, as Solzhenitsyn once did. But in the state apparatus, in that of the army and the secret services, blind obedience reigns, as in Stalin's time.


But the Russians are accustomed to suffer in silence, to the abyssal depths, and to consider themselves crucified between Asia and Europe, unable to enjoy the immensity of their territory. The literature of many Russian writers, and I only name Dostoevsky, captures these astonishing dilemmas and contradictions of the Russian people. He is able to drown his bitterness in the illusion of imperial greatness and to forgive tyrants for all crimes and persecutions when Westerners tremble with fear at Moscow.


5.All about Putin


6.Putin's actions




8.Putin is not equal with Russia


9.Gas Putin


10.Change my mind


11.Putin wants a war with Ukraine


12.So stupid


13.Good plan


14.Disaster bingo


15.Go Ukraine




17.One like






20.Pray for Ukraine and the whole world


21.Therapy is needed




23.All Russian leaders will pay


24.The return of history


25.Russian economy


26.Just kill yourself..


27.Gifts by Putin


28.That be great


29.The world be like


30.Fighting COVID


31.Putin now


32.Making a wish..




34.Everything is solved


35.All lives matter


36.Just be normal


37.Peaceful ways




39.Who’s next?


40.Here we go again


41.That wasn’t me




43.What it would be




45.Nothing to see here


46.Not sure


47.Believe me


48.Putin be like




50.Never forget




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