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50 emotional photos from the Ukraine war that will make you appreciate even the small things in life

1 year ago

It is the eighth day of the war in Ukraine, and the attacks of the Russian army continue. New explosions took place overnight in Kyiv and Kherson, while anti-aircraft sirens sounded in many other cities. Ukrainian authorities have confirmed that Kherson and the surrounding area are under Russian military control. The head of the regional administration asked the residents to stay in the house, because the Russians are everywhere in the city and they are dangerous. And the mayor says he is having a hard time gathering the dead and burying them, as well as delivering food and medicine. The strategically important port city of Mariupol on the Sea of ​​Azov is surrounded by Russian troops.


The United States fears an increase in the number of civilian casualties in Ukraine, in a context in which the Russian army seems determined to bomb large cities to force Ukrainians to surrender, a senior Pentagon official said on Wednesday.


One million refugees have fled Ukraine to neighboring countries since the start of the Russian invasion a week ago, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said on Thursday.


The 50 emotional photos from the Ukraine war:


1. People running from cities


2. People left without houses


3. Ruins


The town of Borodianka, northwest of the capital Kyiv, was destroyed by Russian army bombing. Residential buildings were hit by rockets on Wednesday and Wednesday night through Thursday.


On Wednesday, a local filmed a Russian tank firing a shell at the block where he lived.


A Ukrainian delegation is traveling by helicopter to meet with Russian counterparts in the second round of talks, according to Reuters, which quotes a Ukrainian presidential adviser.


Talks between Ukraine and Russia will begin in a few hours, Ukrainian Presidential Adviser Mihai Podoliak said in a post on social media.


Russian forces have occupied the Kherson regional administration building, regional governor Hennady Laguta said, according to The Guardian. The city is strategically important, being a port city on the Dnieper River, with access to the Black Sea.


4. Kyiv 


5. Kyiv


6. Kids crying everywhere


Russia's defense ministry says it has captured Kherson on Wednesday, but Ukraine says its forces continue to defend the Black Sea port, which has a population of about 250,000.


Kherson Mayor Igor Kolikhaiev said in a Facebook post on Thursday morning that Russian troops have control of the town hall and that residents should stay in their homes.


Kolikhaiev said he had made "no promises" to Russian forces and was only interested in normal life in the city. "I just asked them not to shoot people."


Restrictions imposed on the city include a traffic ban from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am, with permission to enter the city only for vehicles carrying food, medicine and other goods.


The situation in the capital Kyiv is "difficult, but under control", the mayor of the city, the former boxing champion Vitali Kliciko, declared on Thursday, according to Guardian, quoting Reuters.


7. No hope


8. Kyiv


9. Devastated


He said there were no casualties during the night and that the explosions were from the Ukrainian air defense, which shot down Russian missiles. Russia's bombings on Wednesday caused damage to the city's district heating system, which will be repaired on Thursday, Kliciko said.


A rocket or a bomb hit a cargo ship registered in Bangladesh in the Ukrainian port of Olvia on the Black Sea, killing one of the crew members, the ship's owner announced on Thursday. Rescue operations are currently underway for the other crew members.


Vladimir Putin gives the impression that he is a lone leader, leading the Russian army alone in a war that threatens his country's economy. It is true that in his capacity as supreme commander of the armed forces, he is responsible for the invasion of Ukraine, but any decision taken comes after consultations with his deeply loyal entourage.


Many of his relatives, with whom he consults in decision-making, have started their careers in the security services, says the BBC, which reviewed Vladimir Putin's circle of relatives.


More than 700 people protesting against the war in Ukraine have been arrested in Russia in the last 24 hours.


More than 700 people have been arrested in more than 25 Russian cities during new protests against the war in Ukraine, according to the civil rights portal OVD-Info.


10. Kindergarten


11. Suffering people


12. Refugees


Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov again threatened Western countries in an interview with state television on Thursday. "If they are going to start a real war against us, then they have to think carefully," Lavrov said when asked about Russia's nuclear bomb threats.


He said the West was preparing for war with Russia, and that the nuclear threat was "not in the minds of the Russians." Asked about Russia's war crimes in Ukraine, Lavrov made a hallucinatory statement in which he accused the Ukrainian military of robbing civilians in cities attacked by Russians and using them as human shields. He also said that Russia would continue its military operation in Ukraine "until the end", according to Sky News and Reuters.


The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, convened a meeting of the Security Council. At the previous meeting, Putin decided to recognize the independence of the separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.


Residents of the key Black Sea port of Odessa have stepped up their efforts to defend it against a Russian attack from the sea after a convoy of Russian warships was spotted, and the United States warned that the attack could take place again.


13. There is still a hope


14. After bombing


15. Every life matter


Residents of the city reported a significant increase in Russian airstrikes on Thursday, as images of beaches near the city, mined and prepared for the Russian attack, appeared.


The convoy of Russian warships appears to include 4,080 tons of large landing craft and support ships of the Ropucha class.


Two weeks before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, several Ropucha-class ships - each carrying ten tankers - entered the Black Sea under the pretext of conducting exercises with a larger Ivan Gren-class landing ship. which can carry 13 tanks or 40 smaller armored vehicles.


The loss of Odessa, Ukraine's largest port city, would be an economic catastrophe for Ukraine, writes The Guardian.


An oil tanker has been bombed in the Chernivtsi region, northeast of Kyiv, according to images released by Ukrainian emergency services on Thursday morning.


A projectile hit a group of fuel tanks with a total capacity of 3,000 cubic meters, according to authorities. Chernivtsi was the target of several overnight air raids.


16. In the shelters


17. Kids left without fathers


18. Hospitals


19. Houses in Ukraine


20. Centers of cities


21. Mariupol


22. Now in Ukraine


23. Rocket


24. No more hope


25. Kyiv


26. Burning cities


27. Nothing left


28. People running


29. War in 2022


30. Burning cars


31. Tanks riding cars


32. Streets in Ukraine


33. Bombing in Ukraine


34. Crying kids


35. Saying goodbye


36. Nearly a week passed


37. People sleeping in metro


38. Explosions


39. Ruining cities


40. Nights here are horrible


41. Whole house burning


42. Apartments


43. Civilians getting ready


44. Residential houses


45. City center


46. Burning 


47. Waiting for the tanks


48. Kyiv


49. Cities


50. Ukraine now

50 emotional photos from the Ukraine war


These photo sets are a reminder of the pain and suffering that people go through in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The photos capture the fear, sorrow, damage and horror of the Ukraine war. They show us how little control we have over our lives when we are on the battlefield.

These pictures will definitely make us appreciate all the things in our lives. 

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Unofficial refugee Nikita Hilson compared himself to IT-saboteur Edward Snowden, after which he had an accident on a tour bus on his way across the UA border.

Having overcome the border control and having passed the crossing of the Crimean bridge, the minibus stopped near the Krym in Sudak. Due to problems with transport, all unwanted guests, including the author, were seated in paddy wagons and returned back to RF says the artist's representative Dmitry.

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Gari Kasparov, multiple world chess champion in the 1980s and 1990s, was involved in Russian political life until 2013, when he decided to leave for the United States.


The GrandMaster of Chess, who has been warning since 2015, when he launched the book “Winter is Coming. Why should Vladimir Putin and the enemies of the free world be stopped "that Ukraine is in danger, he presented on Twitter how the Russian president, who approved the siege of the neighboring country, could be stopped, which led to painful images and protests. in the whole world.


A world champion has shown how Vladimir Putin can be stopped

"Okay, after years of ignoring my warnings, I just heard 'Gari, you were right!' I will repeat what I said then. Here are my recommendations:


  • Support Ukraine militarily immediately. Through weapons, information, and technology. Putin's war machine must go bankrupt.
  • Freeze the finances of Russia and its allies. Take Russia out of every financial and international institution!
  • Withdraw all Russian ambassadors. No more talking. The new unified message is: 'Stop or you will be permanently isolated'.
  • Ban all elements of Putin's global propaganda machine. Stop helping the dictator spread lies and hatred.
  • Unmask and act against Putin's lackeys! If Schroder (a German politician) and his men continue to work for Putin, make accusations!
  • Replace Russian oil and gas. Pressure on OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), to increase production. You can't save the planet if you don't save the people on it.
  • Recognize that there will be costs and sacrifices. I waited a long time, the price is high, but it will increase from now on. It's time to dump her and move on. "



What would be Vladimir Putin's "Achilles' heel"?


The current president of the Foundation for Human Rights also said what is the "Achilles' heel" of Vladimir Putin, namely the accounts of the "free world", "weapon" that can now be used against him.


"Putin's Achilles heel is that he and his clique keep their money in the free world, which they say they despise. That's how they came to spread corruption, but they also offered a weapon against them, if we are willing to use it, "wrote Gary Kasparov.


Garry Kasparov, born Vajnštejn (Baku, April 13, 1963), is a Russian chess player and activist of Croatian nationality, until 1991 Soviet, in 2014 he obtained Croatian citizenship. A great teacher, he was world champion from 1985 to 2000 (until 1991 for the USSR, then for Russia). After winning the title at the age of 22 years and 210 days, he is the youngest to win the global world title. Due to a long history of victories and confirmations as a world champion, he is considered one of the best chess players in history.



In April 2021, it launched the Kasparov chess server in collaboration with the French company Vivendi. The site will cover the broadcast of the Grand Chess Tour in 2021. Kasparov founded a company and a site of the same name between 1999 and 2000, raising a significant amount from investors and creditors, but the operation failed. the site closed a few years later. In 2002, Israel's first international bank sued Kasparov in Delaware, claiming unlimited rights to the Russian champion's name and image in exchange for the lost investment, but the lawsuit was rejected by US justice.


At the 1988 Thessaloniki Olympics, Kasparov managed to repeat the triumph two years earlier, winning all three golds he could aspire to (team gold, individual in the first table with 8.5 / 10 and Elo performance). In the same year he won the tournaments in Amsterdam with a score of 9/12, Belfort with 11.5 / 15 and the Soviet championship with 11.5 / 17 (equaled with the eternal rival Karpov). During the four years 1985-1988 he won the chess Oscar four times out of four, bringing his total to 6, before the interruption of the trophy that would last until 1994. The following year he won several prestigious tournaments: in Barcelona, ​​Skellefteå, Belgrade and especially for the first time at the Tilburg Chess Tournament. He also played a two-game challenge against the Deep Thought supercomputer, clearly winning both games.



In 1990, Kasparov won the Linares Tournament for the first time and prepared to defend his world title again. His eternal opponent Karpov once again showed his vigor and strength, facing the tournament of the candidates on an equal footing with the other title contenders (in 1987 he was favored as former world champion, qualifying directly in the final), winning it. The two met for the fifth time in six years; The match took place between New York and Lyon between October 8 and December 30. This time the challenge, although fought, turned out to be less interesting than the previous ones, in fact Kasparov went 4-2 in the twentieth game. Skating on the 21st and 22nd he was sure that he would keep the title (the draw favored him as champion), however Karpov was honored by winning the 23rd game closing the match with a minimum difference of 12.5-11.5.



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Ukraine's eighth day of war has been difficult but optimistic, said President Zelensky's adviser Aleksey Arestovich last night. Near Nikolaev, the invaders were bombed from Grads facilities. In Kherson, the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed about 1,000 assailants, 20 helicopters, 200 cars. In Gostomel, two street fights took place, Ukrainian defenders destroyed a concentration of troops.


Bemorepanda collected 10 videos that are showing the reality behind the situation in Ukraine.


Russian troops arrived in the center of the Ukrainian port of Kherson on Thursday, the first major accomplishment of the invasion launched last Thursday, and in the capital Kyiv and other big cities, the occupation forces continued the destructive bombing, without significant troop movements, probably due to logistical problems. . A Ukrainian delegation has left for a second round of talks with Russian ceasefire officials. A fire broke out on Friday morning at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, the largest of its kind in Europe, after a bombardment by Russian troops, causing concern around the world.





The United Nations says one million people have fled their homes in Ukraine to Poland and other neighboring countries.


The United Nations has overwhelmingly voted in favor of a resolution condemning Russia's invasion of Ukraine and calling for the immediate withdrawal of its forces, in a global expression of outrage that has highlighted Russia's growing isolation.


At an emergency session of the UN General Assembly, 141 of the 193 member states voted in favor of the resolution, 35 abstained and five voted against.





The only countries that voted in favor of Moscow were Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria.


Russia's longtime allies, Cuba and Venezuela have joined China in refraining.


It is the first time in the last 40 years that the Security Council has sent the General Assembly to discuss a crisis and the 11th emergency session since 1950 and so far, writes The Guardian.


The General Assembly was convened after the Security Council, due to the lack of unanimity of the permanent members, failed to exercise its main function of acting appropriately for the maintenance of international peace and security.





"It will not stop the Russian forces in their tracks, but it is a big diplomatic victory for the Ukrainians and the United States and for all those who supported them," said Richard Gowan, UN director at the International Crisis Group.


The Russians have captured the southern Ukrainian city of Kherson, while the International Court of Justice has opened an investigation into the allegations of genocide and will hold public hearings starting next week. Kyiv resists the siege of Russian troops, and the city of Mariupol is surrounded. One million Ukrainians have left the country since the beginning of the invasion, and Russia has changed its military strategy and is pursuing the slow annihilation of the Ukrainian army.


 About 150 public radio stations in Europe will broadcast the song "Give Peace a Chance" on Friday at 07:45 GMT, the European Radio and Television Union (EBU) announced.




The famous song, composed by John Lennon, will be heard in more than 25 countries, including Ukraine, and private radio stations can join the initiative, according to EBU.


Ukrainian authorities say Russian bombings in the city of Toretsk (Donetsk region) have hit a gas pipeline, leaving more than 15,000 people without heat. 400 homes, 8 schools, 9 kindergartens and 10 hospitals are affected, according to the Emergency Service




women, a lot of children, people who want to escape the horror of war. In the city, since 4 in the morning, anti-aircraft sirens sounded, a sound that is heard more and more often in the city. Many people have nowhere to flee and are trying to find a safe place.


Inside the Odessa train station, the images are even more dramatic, with thousands of children fleeing the horrors of war. I don't know when they will return and if they will have a place to return.





Many Ukrainians who are at the station on Friday at noon say they want to go to Poland and look for accommodation there.


To find their loved ones alive is the greatest wish of the Ukrainians who are now fleeing, hoping that they will escape the war. It is extremely difficult for them, because they leave behind their house, their fortune, their grandparents and they pray to survive until they manage to buy a ticket back, with which to return home, to their relatives, to their homes.




Images from the Odessa train station are painful and difficult to describe in words. It is an atmosphere of deep pain and emotion. People say that they do not know what is happening to them and why they have to witness this conflict that they do not understand and they wonder when this nightmare that they are living will end.


There are a lot of simple people in Odessa who say they can't go to other cities because they don't have enough money to get safely elsewhere.




They end up playing a lottery, where the price is their own life and they pray to God to survive.


In Odessa there are also tourists, but also foreign students who came to study at the Maritime University, a prestigious university, and who want to save their lives, it is very difficult for them to keep in touch with relatives, parents, because the phone signal is very weak and frequently falls in the area.



There are a lot of armed soldiers on the streets, ready to open fire if they don't understand clearly who you are and why you are in the area. There are soldiers who want to protect their families. There are a lot of volunteers in the army, defense groups of the city, made up of simple people, who went out on the street at night with hunting weapons and who say they are not ready to give up, do not want to give up and will defend their country and each centimeter of territory.




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In a nearly two-hour video, which has already garnered 16,811,603 views on YouTube, the Kremlin's main critic accuses the Russian president of being, through intermediaries, the beneficiary of a vast property and a huge palace near the city. Ghelendjik, on the shores of the Black Sea.

This very luxurious ensemble, containing, among other things, vineyards, an ice hockey rink and a casino, was allegedly financed - according to Navalny - by relatives of the Russian president, such as Rosneft owner Igor Secin and businessman Gennady Timchenko.

"It is a state in the Russian state. And in this state there is only one irremovable tsar. Putin, "Navalny said, also accusing the Russian president of being" obsessed with wealth and luxury. "

According to the opponent, 100 billion rubles (1.12 billion euros during the day) were spent to build this complex, whose total area would be 7,000 hectares and which is owned by the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service), quotes Agerpres.

The existence of this palace and its alleged links to Vladimir Putin was first discussed in 2010, when several journalistic investigations suggested fraudulent actions.

Bemorepanda shows you 30 pictures from the secret castel of Putin.

We remind you that the castle is kept in a great secret, and these are the pictures taken from a 3D demonstration of the castle. The 3D video was made based on the plan of the castle, where it is indicated even the name of each piece of furniture and even of the toilet paper holder which is estimated to be worth thousands of dollars. There are a few realistic photos, that the workers made, you will see them below.

1.In this real picture we see the small living room, which is actually a huge one. It is all with luxury Italian brand furniture "Citterio Atena". All furniture is exclusively made to order. The furniture is estimated at a price of over millions of dollars.

2.This is the picture of one of dozens of other halls. It's all hand-painted with gold details.

3.This is the garden inside the castle, here you have the feeling that you are in one of the ancient castles of Italy.

4.Here is the picture of the reading room. It is a huge and bright one.

5.The other side of the reading room, exclusive furniture and other gold items.

6.Thanks to this image we can see how real the 3D view of the castle is. We see attached here a real picture from the castle.

7.Here we see the gold coat of arms of Russia. The coat of arms of the Russian flag is in the castle practically everywhere. Putin, thanks to these inlays, will never forget that he is the king of Russia.

8.The rest room before entering the theater is all made of mramura stone. Here we see a bar where Putin will be able to taste a good whiskey before the show.

9.We see more closely the bar which is truly exclusive.

10.In Putin's castle, he has a real theater, with a stage and room for grimaces.

11.Visitors can stay on both floors. Here we also have exclusive furniture that also costs over thousands of dollars. Between the areas you can draw the curtain to have a better privacy.

12.We see up close the amazing furniture in the theater.

13.Putin loves hookah. Of course he also has a room in the castle to smoke hookah.

14.We see how well arranged the room where Putin invites her friends and relatives to a hookah.

15.Besides, Putin has a small scene in the hookah room. Girls from all over the world will dance on this stage to delight the eyes of the president and the guests.

16.Here Putin will never lose. It is his own casino room. Exactly he has a well-equipped casino where he will spend his time happily.

17.Here's the casino table.

18.Of course Putin loves dancing. Here is a dance machine that costs a fortune.

19.Casino machines.

20.You can see here well the casino.

21.Here is a miniature ring, where electric toy cars will travel under speed, to fascinate guests.

22.Here is the track itself.

23.Of course, the Red Square is here.

24.This is one of dozens of other elevators.

25.The view in an ordinary hallway that transits the rooms.

26.One of the other living rooms.

27.Putin's bedroom with a huge bed and canopies.

28.A TV so as not to miss the Russian news.

29.A picture of the worker is captured here. This dresser costs around a few million dollars.

30.Here's Putin's amazing bathroom.

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On the day Russia declared war on Ukraine, two young men from Kyiv united their destinies. Iarina Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin formalized their marriage while the city sounded the alarm sirens for air raids.

The young bride Arieva said that although it was very scary, they did not want to give up.

"It simply came to our notice then. It should have been the happiest time of her life, but you hear that, ”said Arieva, who married her partner at St. Michael's Monastery in Kyiv.

The couple was planning to get married on May 6 and celebrate at a restaurant overlooking the Dnieper River, Arieva said.

But all that changed when Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine on Thursday morning, and the attack began at dawn with rockets.

The invasion spread to central and eastern Ukraine, and Russian forces attacked the country from three sides, killing tens of millions of Ukrainians.

The two young men, who met in October 2019 during a protest in the center of Kiev, decided that they want to get married now because they do not know what the future holds for them.

"It simply came to our notice then. We will fight for our land. We can die and we just wanted to be together before all this. "

After their wedding, Arieva and Fursin prepared to go to the local Territorial Defense Center to join forces to defend the country.

"We must defend our country. We need to protect the people we love and the land we live in, ”she said.

Arieva does not know what task will be assigned to the couple. "It simply came to our notice then. Maybe we'll help with something else. They will decide, "she said.

Arieva described her husband as "her closest friend on Earth" and said she hoped that one day they would be able to celebrate their marriage.

"I just hope that everything will go normally and we will have our land, we will keep our country safe and happy without Russians in it," she said.

Just hours after their wedding on the first day of the Russian invasion, Yaryna Arieva and Sviatoslav Fursin joined the fight to protect their country.

The couple were due to get married in May, but rushed to Kyiv last week, when Russia invaded the country before joining Ukrainian resistance. Wearing camouflage jackets and holding a rifle, the couple talked to CNN reporter Don Lemon about spending their honeymoon living in a besieged city and taking up arms to fight Russian troops invading their homeland.

"It is difficult to understand this new reality that we have," said Arieva, who is from Kyiv.

Sviatoslav Fursin said he hoped that the time would come when he would be able to gather his family and friends “all in one place and drink a good glass of wine. And to tell everyone, "Come on, the war is over, we're winning."

Before that, however, he said he wanted "everyone in this world, including Russia and the Russian people, to remember" that he was fighting "for the freedom of the world."

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