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Top 10 Best Movies About Financial Crisis

1 year ago

The current situation in the world will clearly lead to a sad outcome - we will certainly face another financial crisis. It is difficult to prepare for it, but you can try to understand the mechanisms of capital, including through cinema. We have collected some interesting movies about the financial collapse and the tragedies that accompany it. 


What makes an excellent financial/stock market movie?


An excellent financial/stock movie brings you financial education.


To reach a certain level of financial education, it is necessary to study this segment constantly. With financial education books, articles, and movies, we guarantee that you can become financially educated in a short time.


Financial education: Whether it happens tomorrow, next year, or in a few decades, almost everyone wants to quit their job. However, there is always a big gap between "dreaming" and "acting" that most never manage to overcome, the main argument being the financial one.


The best movies on the financial crisis to watch before the financial crisis strikes


What to do on weekends if the stock exchanges are closed but you don’t want to break away from investment topics? You can watch movies about the financial markets and the life of traders - we have collected the best for you.


10. American Psycho (2000)

During the day, he is no different from others, and in the crowd, you will not pay attention to him. But at night, this well-bred citizen turns into a sophisticated killer, terrorizing the sleeping city.


The modern savage, who despises the laws of humanity, feeds only on the sizzling flame of his hatred, which grows with each new crime. An avalanche of horror is approaching a critical point. Soon there will come a time when it will no longer be possible to stop it.


American Psycho is a film that is a true polymorphism of the cinematic genre; in other words: it can take on many forms that only become apparent upon closer inspection.


Thus, an ordinary viewer, viewed superficially, can only see a film that is strange in its grotesque and sadism, the meaning of which lies in a perverted craving for murder and attempts to attract the viewer with scenes of unjustified harshness.


But "American Psycho" is not so simple at all, and upon careful analysis, it makes sense, even with moral overtones.


9. Rogue Trader (1999)

The film directed by James Dearden, "The Swindler," tells about the infamous trader Nick Leeson, who ruined the English bank Barings. The film is based on Leeson's own memoir, How I Bankrupted the Barings. Confessions of a Fraud Trader.


The film's hero, a talented trader, played by Ewan McGregor, gets a job at one of the oldest and most revered banks in the UK, Barings. At first, the management could not get enough of a young specialist. But then Leeson makes a mistake. To return the money lost on the stock exchange to clients, he is forced to come up with a multi-stage scam...


"The stock exchange is the big casino." ("Swindler")


8. Trading Places (1983)

Eddie Murphy plays Billy Ray Valentine, a destitute man who becomes a financial manager after a bet between two successful stockbrokers.


His predecessor, Louis Winthorpe III of Duke & Duke Commodities Brokers (Dan Aykroyd), suffered his first defeat.


Finally, the two form a partnership and plot retribution against the stockbrokers who had previously used both of them as pawns in a bet.


Dealing with orange juice contracts, they end up bankrupting financial jugglers. A hilarious and enjoyable comedy based on Mark Twain's short story "The Million Pound Note".


"Hey we're losing all our fucking money and Christmas is just around the corner and I won't have the money to buy my son G.I. Joe with kung fu!" Billy Ray says


7. Boiler Room (2000)

Another film inspired by the biography of Jordan Belfort is about 19-year-old Seth Davis (Giovanni Ribisi). Seth was kicked out of college and opened an underground casino in his apartment. However, his father - a judge - is dissatisfied with his son's activities.


One day, one of the clients offers the guy a job at the brokerage company J.T. Marlin, where brokers earn more per month than Seth earns in his casino in a year. In order to get the family's approval, he decides to start working for the company. However, he gradually learns that J.T. Marlin is running fraudulent schemes, deceiving customers.


— No unsuccessful calls: either you sell shares to the client, or he sells the reason for the refusal. Either way, there is a sale. But who closes it - him or you? Be persistent. ("Boiler")


6. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

Many film critics consider this film the best of Martin Scorsese's career. Biographical tape in the genre of black comedy, directed by the director, tells about the life of a successful trader Jordan Belfort.


In the late 1980s, the film's character, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, becomes a broker at an investment bank. Soon the bank declares bankruptcy due to the sudden collapse of the Dow Jones index. On the advice of his wife, Jordan gets a job in a small brokerage house that trades in "penny" shares of small-cap companies.


"The cheapest commodity is what other people think of you." ("The Wolf of Wall Street")


The hero quickly adapts to the new environment and soon opens his own brokerage company. For ten years, Jordan has been scamming, earning millions, and burning his life. Until the FBI begins to take an interest in his activities...


The Wolf of Wall Street is called the dirtiest film about Wall Street. He evokes ambiguous feelings among traders - either rejection or admiration for the hero's entrepreneurial spirit.


The film received five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. Leonardo DiCaprio won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.


5. Too Big to Fail (2011)

“Chronicle of events leading up to the 2008 financial crisis. The plot focuses on the actions (and inaction) of the US financial leadership to prevent the collapse of Lehman Brothers, as well as what followed. Recall that Lehman still went to the bottom, leading to a deepening of the global financial crisis. The film features a whole galaxy of legendary characters, including Warren Buffett himself.


The crisis of 2008 raged not so long ago. Experienced traders, especially those trading in the US market, recall with a shudder what happened at that moment. I remember how I got into the habit of monitoring the news on Sundays because in the autumn of 2008 the markets were stormy almost every Monday. Before the opening of Asia, information often appeared about a new collapse or another operation to rescue a particular financial institution.


Too Big To Fail does a pretty good job of showing what happened at the time, although some things can be embellished. The intensity of passion gives the film a special dynamic atmosphere. Bonus: The characters in Too Big To Fail to look very much like the actual characters in the drama."


4. 99 Homes (2014)

The film tells about a man who loses his house on a mortgage. Fortunately, he manages to get a job with a realtor who took his house. Very soon, he achieves great success in a new field and is already evicting unfortunate homeowners himself. However, as the financial problems cease to bother him, his conscience begins to cause him suffering.


The rather well-worn topic of the economic crisis of the 2000s no longer arouses interest in itself, but if you add dramatic situations from the lives of ordinary people to it, then it becomes much closer and more interesting for a wide audience.


Actually, the creators of the film played on this: a well-known, negative period in the history of mankind (to attract attention) and a sharp comparison of themselves with the main character of the picture (to receive positive feedback about the picture). In fact, there's nothing else of value in the movie other than the completely lost state of the hero Andrew Garfield and his attempt to find himself as the one who brought him to the edge of the abyss so far. But to the delight of most of the audience, he never managed to overcome nature and nevertheless remained who he was all his life, did not compromise his moral principles.


The film is worth watching, probably in order to think about the correct choice of your role in society, and also to understand once again that it is not worth mortgaging your family's house for dubious loans - you can settle in a small cardboard box as a result.


3. Inside Job (2010)

The biggest speculative bubble of recent years burst in 2008.


As a result of falling prices in the stock market, huge amounts of money disappeared in a very short time. Millions of people have lost their jobs, savings, and ownership of their homes.


The documentary film Working from the Inside, directed by Charles Ferguson, does not reveal all the flaws that led to the disaster.


In addition, we notice that it covers many important points that make the film worth watching.


Inside Working, narrated by Matt Damon, won the 2011 Academy Award for Best Documentary and is one of the most popular financial documentaries on


"Why should a financial engineer be paid four to a hundred times more than a real engineer?" asks Andrew Sheng.


Bridges are built by real engineers. A financial engineer is a person who creates dreams. And you know, other people pay the price when those dreams turn into nightmares."



2. The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short was directed by Adam McKay and based on the book by American writer and journalist Michael Lewis The Big Short. The secret springs of financial catastrophe. The film caused a great response and won an Oscar for Best Screenplay.


Based on a true story, Michael Lewis tells the story of several people who independently predicted the global economic crisis of 2007-2009.


“While the whole world was drowning in euphoria, a few outsiders and weirdos saw what others could not see. These outsiders have realized that the entire economy is based on a giant lie.” ("The Big Short")


The film begins in 2005, when eccentric hedge fund manager Scion Asset Management Michael Burry, played by Christian Bale, discovered that the then-current mortgage lending practices could lead to a crash in the real estate market. Michael figures out how to make money on it, and makes an unusual request to well-known investment banks. For the Wall Street sharks, Michael's prediction causes Homeric laughter - their well-to-do rich life seems so unshakable ...


“Do you understand what you did?! You bet against the American economy!” ("The Big Short")


The film is full of specific financial terms. True, its creators did everything to explain them to a simple viewer. As the plot develops, the characters explain complex concepts with illustrative everyday examples. And the tense action and stellar cast keep the viewer at the screen until the very end.


1. Margin Call (2011)

The global financial crisis of 2008 has already begun, but America does not yet know what disaster lies ahead. In his film, director JC Chandor spoke about the events in a single bank, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. The prototype of this bank was Lehman Brothers, whose collapse in 2008 shocked the whole world.


The action takes place within 24 hours. One of the bank employees - Eric Dale, played by Stanley Tucci - is developing a program that analyzes the current state of affairs in the bank. Not having time to finish it, he falls under the reduction and urgently leaves the place of work.


As in the best detective films, Dale manages to pass the flash drive with the program to his colleague Peter Sullivan, who completes the work and learns that the bank is in danger of ruin. It turns out that for the management of the bank, the existing problems are not new...


“Are you saying that the music will soon stop, and we will be left with a big bag of the most stinking excrement that we have collected in the entire history of capitalism?”


“I'm not sure I would say that, but I'll explain using your example. This model shows that the music is fading out. If it really subsides, then the scenario will be much worse. ("Risk Limit")


A well-twisted plot will not leave the viewer indifferent - "Risk Limit" quite falls under the category of a financial thriller. The film was nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.


Financial Crisis Movies - what messages are the producers trying to send to us?


Each movie has a great message. Today people struggle to learn about the financial crisis. We tried to explain to you what messages the producers tried to send to us below each movie in the list.


The weekend is a good excuse to watch an interesting movie. A person connected with the world of investments, of course, can please a movie about the securities market and its main characters.

We presented the most complete selection of films about the world of finance and its characters. The list includes both fiction and non-fiction. 


Some films are dedicated directly to the exchange, primarily Wall Street and its heroes. In others, the key positions are played by the businessmen of the world of investments, although the plot is not twisted around the financial markets. Thirdly, near-market topics of the world of money are discussed.


In our list there are films for every taste and color. In general, pleasant viewing!


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Cameron Diaz is one of the most famous actresses and models. The American blonde has become famous for her roles in many popular movies. Her real breakthrough was participation in the film "The Mask," an excellent creative tandem with Jim Carrey that was very successful.


Since that time, the best directors have become interested in the services of a promising start, the beauty's fees have increased several times, and many loyal fans began to follow her every step. Today we will tell you the most interesting facts about the actress's biography, career, and personal life.




1. The birth in the family of an emigrant

The baby was born on August 30, 1972, in the sunny town of San Diego, located in the southernmost part of the state of California (near the border with Mexico). The girl's father (Emilio Diaz) was born in the USA but had Cuban roots. It was from the pope "inherited" that Cameron received a Latin American surname.


In appearance, she is similar to her mother (Billy Diaz), whose parents were from Germany and the UK. The family lived in abundance, Emilio worked in a well-known oil company, and Billy was a sales agent.


2. Interesting character

Cameron was different from her peers. She spent a lot of time with her older sister Shimen, with whom she listened to rock music, wandered around the city with guys, and was also not afraid to use her fists in an argument. The girls maintained a good relationship with their mother. The family often attended Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne concerts.


3. California childhood

The town of Long Beach has become home to Diaz. A picturesque place on the Pacific coast is recognized as one of the world's largest ports; significant oil deposits and large American enterprises are based here. At Long Beach Polytechnic High School (where rapper Snoop Dogg studied with her), Cameron led an active social life; she regularly attended parties and various events.


4. Plans for a future career

Although the girl was not a model of a dynamic character and liked to drink alcohol in high school, her hobby was very calm. As a teenager, she spent much time with pets, caring for birds, cats, and dogs, and even dreamed of working as a zoologist.


5. Fateful party

An active social life allowed Diaz to become part of the modeling business. But it all started small; the beauty met a young photographer Jeff Dunas at one of the parties. His offer to participate in a trial photo shoot was not the usual way to meet a beautiful girl; the guy invited her to work in the Elite modeling agency. For the first couple of months, there was no talk of a severe career yet, but many well-known brands became interested in Cameron's services after a while.




6. The first serious contracts

Although the beginning of Cameron's career had a semi-professional character, the rapid success forced her to concentrate entirely on the modeling business. At 17, she began to travel the world to participate in Calvin Klein and Levi's shows. The undoubted breakthrough was her appearance in 1990 on the main page of Seventeen. A couple of months later, the American went on her severe first business trip to Australia. In this country, she spent a couple of months where she starred in photo shoots for Coca-Cola.


7. Scandalous photoshoot

In 1992, the twenty-year-old beauty starred in an S&M underwear commercial. The photoshoot was intimate; the blonde flaunted topless in the frame. These pictures were never published in magazines. Harmless photos later played a cruel joke. A couple of years later (when Diaz had already become famous as an actress), photographer John Rutter offered Cameron to buy resonant videos and photographs for a couple of million dollars.


The woman considered such a statement blackmail and wanted to file an application against the extortionist in court. Still, it was impossible to hide the information completely; in 2005, scandalous materials surfaced on the Internet. As a result, Rutter was sent to prison for three years.


8. Trying to establish in a new field

The movie "The Mask," released in cinemas in 1994, allowed Cameron to become a national favorite. And it all started very spontaneously: the film's producers invited the beauty to come to the casting, as she fit perfectly into the concept of a pretty singer from the club. Thus, after a successful audition, the role in the comedy was given to a girl who had previously had nothing to do with the world of cinema.


The model began to actively attend acting classes, which turned out to be the right decision (her game was quite successful). This film became one of the highest grossing in 1994.


9. Next steps

As a result of the success of The Mask, Diaz decided to focus on acting. In just one year, she has been approved for the lead role in the following films: Feeling Minnesota, The Last Dinner, and How to Stay Afloat. Film critics highly appreciated the film "Best Friend's Wedding," considered one of the highest quality romantic comedies. The girl demonstrated her potential in work “Everything is crazy about Mary.” For this role, she was nominated for a Golden Globe film award.


10. Huge fee

The film adaptation of the famous series of the seventies of the twentieth century, "Charlie's Angels," brought considerable profits to the producers. Cameron played the role of a girl who, along with her partners, works in a private investigative agency. During filming, she earned about $20 million. Before her, only Julia Roberts was able to achieve such success.


11. Hostage of the image?

The movie star most often played mostly comedic or romantic roles, so many mistakenly consider her a performer of exclusively the same type of roles. The filmography of the actress is very diverse and multifaceted. She managed to star in several serious works.


Among them are "Gangs of New York" (where the girl appeared in the frame paired with DiCaprio), "Vanilla Sky," and "Being John Malkovich." These pictures are considered the most successful in a movie star's career because, thanks to these roles, the blonde was nominated for the Golden Globe every time. The excellent game of the American can also be seen in the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.


Personal life


12. Looking for a soul mate

Hollywood beauty is precarious in the process of searching for a soul mate. Many famous personalities were her companions. In 1995, Diaz dated American actor Matt Dillon. Her next star choice was Jared Leto. Although the partners managed to get engaged, the union broke up after a couple of years.


In 2003, the girl began to appear in public with Justin Timberlake. With her young man, the model got into a scandalous situation that happened to the photographer. The annoying paparazzi, who wanted to get exclusive pictures, were attacked by the famous singer. Photos of this disassembly appeared in many well-known publications. Between 2010 and 2011, the blonde lived with baseball star Alex Rodriguez.


13. Family life

Musician Benji Madden (the guitarist of Good Charlotte) announced his union with the actress in early 2014, and after a while, he proposed to his beloved. The wedding ceremony took place at their home in Beverly Hills. The formalized union was a big shock for Diaz's loyal fans, as she spoke in an interview about the uselessness of the institution of marriage. At the moment, it is known that the forty-five-year-old celebrity is expecting her first child.


14. Sex scandal

The National Enquirer published photos on its website in 2005 of Diaz (dating Timberlake) cuddling and flirting with her MTV show's married producer, Shane Nickerson.


Journalists said that young people are lovers of each other. These photos caused significant damage to the reputation of the girl. After some time, the magazine apologized, and media representatives published unverified and unreliable information.


15. Opponents of plastic surgery

The celebrity has said several times that she is an opponent of various plastic surgeries. Despite this fact, Cameron herself went under a surgical knife. She had to go through 4 operations on her nose because she had injured this body part more than once while riding a surfboard.


16. Awards and nominations

The American was nominated four times for the Golden Globe; twice, she stopped a step away from receiving the US Screen Actors Guild Award and was close to winning the BAFTA and Saturn awards. There are figurines of MTV Movie Awards and Peoples Choice Awards in her house. In the liability, the beauty also has an anti-premium. She received the "Golden Raspberry" for participating in the comedy "The Other Woman."


Quick Facts

17. Cameron Michelle Diaz is 175 centimeters tall and weighs about 55 kilograms. The parameters of her figure: are 86-58-91.


18. An American woman is not afraid to demonstrate her political position. In 2000, she publicly supported presidential candidate Al Gore and wore a T-shirt that read, "I will not vote for Bush's son!".


19. The actress financially supports war veterans in Iraq and Afghanistan.


20. Cameron is an agnostic (a person who does not deny the existence of gods but does not approve either).



21. For a long time, the blonde suffered from mysophobia but overcame her fear of touching various dirty objects. The habit of cleaning everything to a shine at home remained with her to this time.


22. The star managed to prove herself as a writer. In the account of her "Book of the Body," she talks about the right way of life, as well as the "Book of Longevity," which deals with aging.


23. The girl owns star number 2386 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


24. The blonde voiced Princess Fiona in all four Shrek cartoons.


25. Cameron is trying in every possible way to protect the environment. In 2005, a show was released on MTV where the star traveled the world and told viewers about environmental issues.



26. Diaz eats primarily healthy food. She developed this habit as a teenager while trying to get rid of acne. She managed to overcome an unpleasant skin defect very simply. At the moment, the girl rarely uses cosmetics in everyday life.


27. Diaz loved listening to Metallica and Ozzy Osbourne as a child. She often fought with the neighbor boys - she was not an exemplary girl.


28. During her school years, Cameron was very fond of pets and dreamed of becoming a zoologist.


29. Diaz began her show business career at 16 - she was a model.


30. Cameron has appeared in Coca-Cola commercials, been on the cover of Seventeen magazine, and walked in Calvin Klein and Levi's shows.



31. For one of the lingerie companies, Diaz starred topless. Because of these photos, years later, they began to blackmail her. As a result, the offender received three years in prison.


32. The popularity of Cameron brought the movie "Mask," which was released in 1994.


33. even though Diaz has played various roles, she is still associated with comedic and romantic heroines.


34. Cameron dated many celebrities - Matt Dillon, Jared Leto, Justin Timberlake, and Alex Rodriguez.


35. Diaz's husband is Benji Madden, guitarist for Good Charlotte. The wedding took place in Beverly Hills.



36. Cameron is an ardent opponent of plastic surgery if the state of health does not dictate them.


37. Diaz has had four nose surgeries. The reason for this is the actress's passion for surfing.


38. Princess Fiona - the main character of the cartoon about Shrek - speaks in the voice of Cameron.


39. In everyday life, Diaz does not use decorative cosmetics.


40. Cameron went to the same school as Snoop Dogg.


41. Diaz admits that her favorite word is "sex."



42. The actress is very pessimistic about social networks.


43. Many critics deny Cameron's talent, believing that success in the cinema is only merit of her appearance.


44. Diaz is a prime example that all jokes about blondes are fiction. The actress is quite an intelligent woman.


45. Cameron's main bad habit is smoking.


46. In everyday life, Diaz does not wear a bra, considering it an unnecessary wardrobe item.


47. Cameron adheres to a healthy and proper diet. She even wrote a book on the subject.


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No way!不

3 years ago
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No other genre is as popular. Comedies bring families together, allow them to declare their love, they are finally watched to relax and just laugh heartily. We tried to choose for you those comedies that will definitely not make you regret the time spent.


What are the top 10 funniest Hollywood movies of all time?


This is top of the best Hollywood movies in the comedy genre, which, even if they don’t make you laugh, will definitely cheer you up for the whole day. Here you can find romantic stories, family pictures, trash action movies, crime detectives. These movies talk about serious topics in a light and casual way. It makes you think about life with all its inconsistencies, absurdities, and vicissitudes of fate. And these movies show that you can not give up. It’s better to put on a smile on your face, grit your teeth and try to think positively, even if you have to spend the rest of your days in the airport terminal or barely have enough money for a bar of chocolate.


10. In Jazz Only Girls (1959)

The comedy in "In Jazz Only Girls" was released in 1959 - for its time it was bold, if not revolutionary. Hollywood was just beginning to move away from the old code of ethics - for example, it was simply impossible then to joke so much about sex or “force” a character to behave frivolously. And here the men dress up in women's clothes, and the woman allows herself obscenities. 


Not to mention the fact that one man, an eccentric rich man, is not embarrassed that his other half is also a man. Everyone has their flaws, remember? The authors of the movie, director and producer Billy Wilder, along with screenwriter Easy Diamond, took a big risk, but it was worth it. Almost all phrases are disassembled into quotes, the song “I Wanna Be Loved by You”, performed by Marilyn Monroe, seems to be known to everyone, and the episodes where the heroes of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon portray two modest ladies in public cause laughter even now.


9. Airplane (1980)

The farcical comedy "Airplane" is a parody of all disaster movies at once. There is no one to control the plane - the crew took hostage ... an eating disorder, and a simple guy has to sit at the helm. Helps him beloved (she is a stewardess) and the mysterious Dr. Rumek. For Leslie Nielsen, the role of a doctor who, no matter how stupid he does, keeps a serious face, has become a landmark. 


Previously, he played dramatic roles, and in the "Airplane" everyone saw his talent as a comedian. The movie earned back its tiny $3.5 million budget in its first days of release. In total, he earned 150 million, which was a surprise for the creators - test screenings were held without much enthusiasm. "Airplane" is found in all the ratings of the leading publications, and most often it is in the top three of the best comedies. Empire considers "Airplane" to be "pure, quadruple-cleansed comedy at the rate of three hilarious jokes per minute, the perfect blend of surrealism, wit, parody, and inspired physical gags."


8. This is Spinal Tap! (1984)

Together with the movie "This Is Spinal Tap!" the term mockumentary appeared. The definition came into use thanks to director Rob Reiner. He called his movie "mockumentary", emulating the word "rockumentary", which refers to documentaries about the life of rock stars. The characters in Reiner's movie are members of a heavy metal band. The camera follows them everywhere - to the stage or a party, to a rehearsal, or on a tour bus. "Spinal Tap" lets you get really close. 


For example, they give interviews in the bathroom, do not drive the operator away in the midst of a scandal with a girlfriend, and do not hide irritation due to failures. The audience laughed, seeing in the heroes the features of famous rockers, known for their ridiculous, and sometimes inadequate behavior. The energy of "Spinal Tap" turned out to be so strong that it broke out, beyond the screen: after movieing, the "group" still performed in concerts, and a few years later recorded two albums.


7. Groundhog Day (1993)

Groundhog Day is not a classic comedy where it's funny just because the hero does something stupid or gets into a ridiculous situation. What's going on with meteorologist Phil Connors, when you think about it, isn't fun at all. Bill Murray's character is stuck in a time loop. He cannot leave the small town where he came for work to find out the groundhog's "prediction" about when spring will come. Every day is a damn February 2nd. 


But the reception of repetition gives rise to laughter. And the main character himself is a charming cynic, now and then releasing witticisms. Not surprisingly, the movie did well at the box office. It lasted 18 weeks on the screens in the USA (of which 7 were in the top ten), the budget (about $ 15 million) beat off in the first four days and at the end of the year became the 13th in North America in terms of fees. But the American movie Academy "Groundhog Day" left even without nominations. As a result, the movie has only one big prize - the British BAFTA for the screenplay.


6. Annie Hall (1977)

The Annie Hall movie has all the elements of Woody Allen's signature style. The protagonist (played by Allen himself) is an intellectual grumbler who would like to enjoy life but is forever tormented by its imperfection. The action takes place in New York, the director's hometown. The dialogues are funny, but by no means superficial, there are many of them, and even everyday topics suddenly get a philosophical turn. 


It was thanks to this picture that Allen was no longer considered just a director of the comedy genre - the public appreciated the emotional depth of the story. The movie earned $ 40 million at the box office (and this is with a budget of 4 million!) And received four Oscars - for best movie, best screenplay, best director, and for the main female role played by Diane Keaton here. By the way, the real name of the actress is Hall, and Annie is her nickname.


5. The Hangover (2009)

The original title of Todd Phillips' movie is Hangover. "Hangover". And the characters are powerful. They don’t remember at all what happened yesterday: where the tiger and the baby appeared in their hotel room in Vegas, and where the friend, for whom the bachelor party was started, disappeared. As a result, the guys go through a tricky quest to deliver the sidekick to the wedding on time. The movie's team showed remarkable ingenuity to make all these crazy moves around Vegas look fresh, original, and, most importantly, hilariously funny. The work was rewarded. The Hangover grossed almost $470 million, making it the tenth highest-grossing movie of 2009 and receiving two sequels.


4. Home Alone (1990) 

A boy pressing his hands to his cheeks and screaming furiously is definitely one of the most recognizable images in cinema. Folk love covered little Kevin (and the performer of his role Macaulay Culkin) as soon as he appeared on the screens. In 1990, the movie became a hit at the box office - it earned about $ 480 million and took second place at the end of the year, losing only to "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. But even now, when the comedy "Home Alone" is broadcast on TV, it is simply impossible to switch. Although you know in advance what other set-up the guy has prepared for the thieves who made their way into the house.


3. Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979)

For the unique style used by British comedians from the Monty Python group, the Oxford Dictionary even has a special word Pythonesque. It means surreal humor. Often rude, it is based on illogical comparisons and deftly balances between boorish stupidity and wit. "Monty Python" intelligently ridiculed ignorance and hypocrisy, all sorts of cliches, a rigid view of things. Their sketches from the television show Monty Python's Flying Circus, which ran from 1969-to 1974, are still quoted today. We owe the term “spam” to Monty Python – in one sketch, comedians played up an intrusive canned food advertising campaign by using the word more than 100 times. 


It is this comic group that is considered to have had the greatest influence on contemporary Western satire. Sacha Baron Cohen, creators of the sitcoms The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, and South Park draw inspiration from the sketch group. Monty Python's Life of Brian, in which one eccentric guy is mistaken for the messiah, is a poignant combination of dark humor and political satire, coupled with religious jokes. Not everyone liked the movie: for example, it was banned from showing in several countries. But only this did not prevent him from eventually appearing regularly in the selections of the best comedies in the history of cinema.


2. Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Atomic Bomb (1963)


Dr. Strangelove was released at the height of the Cold War, just fifteen months after the Cuban Missile Crisis when the world was still at its breaking point. Therefore, one can imagine what effect the picture had, where a paranoid American general suddenly decides to launch a nuclear attack on the USSR. Stanley Kubrick was able to accurately convey the feeling of fear of a global catastrophe, which everyone then shared. And since the director worked in the comedy genre, he was able to show the irresponsibility and stupidity of those who have access to the "red button" in the form of a poisonous satire.


1. Blazing Saddles (1974)

"Blazing Saddles" is a daring parody of all the classic westerns at once, the authors of which created myths about the Wild West in their works. Here the sheriff is the only black among the white population. He must "deal" with dodgy businessmen who planned to completely demolish the city in order to build a new railway line. The Oscar-winning movie by the great comedian Mel Brooks is a satire on the eternal ills of society - racism, corruption, greed. As Vulture writes, "Most movies fail to portray the enduring truth about race, gender, tribalism, politics, friendship, and flatulence and with a tenth of the guts or brilliance of Mel Brooks's best movie."


Who made the best comedic duo in movie history?


Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard

It was in the West, in capitalist France, that Gerard Depardieu first became known as the favorite actor of the experimenter Bertrand Blier (Waltzing, Cold Appetizers). The Soviet public fell in love with him first of all as a member of the bright duet Richard-Depardieu, who was born in the comedy The Unlucky. Against the backdrop of a clumsy, stupid loser with a shock of curly hair, Depardieu looked strong, tenacious, and self-confident gentleman. Meanwhile, in life, everything was exactly the opposite. The first grew up in a respectable bourgeois family. The second, before discovering his acting talent, stuttered and made a living ... prostitution.


Seth Rogen and James Franco

They work in pairs so often that it's time to make a separate top 10 of their joint projects. The main feature of the duet, which was formed at the end of the last century on the TV series Freaks and Geeks, is a complete disregard for cultural taboos, which leads one part of the public into wild delight, the other into an equally wild rage. After a story about a couple of stoners ("Pineapple Express"), they showed the world what an apocalypse is at the Dream Factory ("End of the World 2013: Apocalypse Hollywood Style"). And immediately entered the world stage, releasing a comedy about the assassination of the current North Korean leader ("The Interview"). Kim Jong-un was so upset that Barack Obama himself had to intercede for the moviemakers.


Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry

The collection of hilarious sketches The Fry and Laurie Show, in which the actors make fun of Santa Barbara, Cold War movies, and conservative politicians, was watched by fans of subtle British humor literally to holes. The comedy series "Jeeves and Wooster" - an exemplary movie adaptation of Wodehouse's stories - has been studied both in translation and in the original voice acting. But Fry and Laurie, despite the requests of the fans, still can not get together to work on the next joint project. A couple of years ago, they almost decided on a new show in which Fry promised to tell funny stories, and Laurie - to sing songs while sitting at the piano. But for three years now there has been no rumor or spirit about this idea. The next reunion of British actors will most likely happen in the cartoon "The Canterville Ghost", where they should voice the main roles. Well - thanks for that.


Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels

In 1994, when the audience got acquainted with "Dumb and Dumber", it seemed that bigger idiots than Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels could not be found in all of Hollywood. The legendary comedian Harold Lloyd, after whom their characters (actually, Lloyd and Harry) are named, had to be spinning in a coffin non-stop since the release of the movie. The heroes of this truly idiotic comedy dreamed of opening a store selling worms traveling around America in a wool-covered car with ears and fought an equal fight for the title of the dumbest guy on the planet. It turned out, oddly enough, not only funny but also profitable. What can not be said about the sequel, which appeared twenty years later, when the audience forgot how to see in Carrey only a comedian, a show-off, and a prankster.


Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Tired of the image of the dim-witted bodybuilder who, as Robin Williams joked, says few more words on screen than the Scottish Collie Lassie, Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to try his hand at the comedy genre. So the Schwarzenegger-DeVito duet was born, woven according to the principle of "unity of opposites". One is a relief jock almost two meters tall. The second is a bald fat man from the category "meter in a jump." Therefore, a brief description of "Twins", their first joint movie work, could be enough to break into a wide smile: DeVito and Schwarzenegger play brothers in the movie, who were born as a result of a not entirely successful experiment of geneticists.


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