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New eddition of 30 funny crying memes to boost your mood - Bemorepanda

4 months ago

The best movies give not only emotions and exciting stories, but they also offer individual pictures so memorable that they become memes and live their own separate lives. Some memes are more popular than the movies (or TV shows) themselves. And viewers will first learn about some pictures precisely thanks to these same memes. Memes come from real life, Olympic champions, football players, etc.


Top crying memes


There are an infinite number of memes on the Internet, crying ones cannot be counted, and therefore we have collected only those that have become classics or are relevant to this day. We could probably place about a hundred examples in this article but limit ourselves to the most recognizable ones. 


1. Return the books on time


2. Back to work


3. Look at me


The meme was based on a photo of basketball player Michael Jordan from his induction into the National Basketball Association (NBA) Hall of Fame in 2009. The touched sportsman shed a tear. The meme was first published in 2012, when the Jordan-owned NBA team, the Charlotte Bobcats, fell into a black streak and lost to everyone in a row. For unknown reasons, the meme became popular only after three years.


The meme of Aya Asagiri, the crying anime girl from the Magical Girl Site manga, has been resurrected. Jokes with the black-and-white heroine of the work make fun of stubborn and indifferent guys even more furiously because of their miscalculations - whether it be the desire to grow a beard against all odds or the refusal to use the navigator.


In social networks, memes began to appear again with a crying anime girl who, in pictures, is trying to reach out to the guys ignoring her words. Picchu Heroine is the main character in Aya Asagiri's Magical Girl Site manga. The very image of the memo model was borrowed from the 103rd chapter of the work, published in 2018, according to the plot in which the girl cries during a quarrel with her parents, who turned out to be her step-parents.


4. Trying not to cry


5. Everyone is crying


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6. Two seconds later


A meme with a guy crying next to a Family Guy figure has become popular on social networks. The template is perfect for describing pain, whether it's the suffering of a bug flying into an apartment, a vegan from Subway preparing a meat sandwich, or Uncle Ben from Spider-Man, who has to die again and again in Spiderman films. Thanks to the streamer, his emotional reaction to the loss, and the photoshopper from Reddit.


On June 26, 2016, Lionel Messi summed up the Argentina national team in the final match of America's Cup with the Chileans. Leo missed in a penalty shootout for the first time in his career. The football player was troubled, but the creators of numerous memes rejoiced.


Portugal forward Cristiano Ronaldo left the field at the beginning of the final match of Euro 2016 with the French due to a nasty injury. When the player realized that he would not be able to continue the game, he sat down on the lawn and cried. At that moment, a moth landed on his face. Some users suggested that the moth tried to console the upset player, others that Ronaldo burst into tears because of him.


7. Off for work


8. Why


9. Friend talks


In the final match of the group stage of the Confederations Cup with Mexico, the goalkeeper of the Russian national team Igor Akinfeev came out of the gate but did not calculate his strength. Trying to reach the ball, he raised his leg too high and hit the Mexican in the head. For this blow, the Russian goalkeeper was dubbed a karate master and made the hero of a meme.


At the international airport terminal on the Portuguese island of Madeira, there is a bronze bust of the same long-suffering Ronaldo. The network did not find any similarities between the sculptural copy and the original, giving rise to many jokes and photo-toads.


At the Olympic Games in London, American gymnast Mackayla Maroney lost in the vault to Romanian Sandra Izbasha. When she received the silver medal, she pursed her lips in disappointment. Her expression instantly became a meme.


23-time Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps hasn't always won. So, at the Games in Rio de Janeiro, before the semi-final swim, the cameras caught his angry face. It is unnecessary to explain the different mechanisms of the emergence of the meme.


10. Lied in resume


11. I’m fine


12. I can’t use the internet


13. Not crying


A meme with a crying guy in headphones next to police officer Joe Swanson from the animated series Family Guy became popular at the end of August but was born on June 24th. The protagonist of the meme, US streamer Carson King (known as CallMeCarson), played Minecraft. His character fell into a trap and died, to which the young man gave out a very emotional reaction with a unique facial expression. “No… No, no, no, you’re kidding,” Carson said to the laughter of another streamer.


An excerpt from the broadcast could have sunk into oblivion on social networks, but received a second life on August 5, says Know Your Meme. A Reddit resident with the nickname Im_expl0sive posted a frame in which CallMeCarson laments the hero's death, and to his right is a figure of police officer Joe Swanson from Family Guy, who is in a wheelchair and holding a bat.


The bright facial expressions of Carson and the crazy look of Joe's toy were so fond of the Redditors that they dismantled the frame for memes. Usually, a photo toad is used for jokes about someone's suffering, and the streamer in them is invariably the victim of the figurine.


14. Thank you


15. Hard times


16. The sky is the limit


17. Takeout


18. Cry a lot


19. Do the work


20. Crying too much


21. Last slice


22. Put water


23. Call a meme


24. Crying


25. Cause it does


26. My crush failed


27. You want water?


28. Werewolf


29. Not crying


30. Math class


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We cry when we are sad, when we suffer from love, if something moves our soul or when we rejoice. Crying has to do with emotions. But tears mean much more.

Some cry lightly, they get the slightest impulse to shed tears, sometimes until their eyes turn red. Everyone has their own style of crying, sometimes it is accompanied by sobs, jerky breathing, other times it happens quietly.

Bemorepanda collected some funny memes about crying.

1.Are you crying?

2.Storage full

3.Smile through pain

4.I’m fine

5.Loan production


7.A two yard route

8.Realizing my mistakes

9.Liberals cry about Trump

10.I dropped that

11.Always cry

12.Ordered pizza

13.Cancel plans


15.Don’t do what i say

16.Arrive at gym

17.Something bad

18.Cry in front of  you

19.I’m right here

20.So many feels

21.Play like you did

22.Cries during trip

23.How could you

24.When I cry

25.I love you

26.Sad quarantine


28.Sad panda

29.Collecting all the tears


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9gag always comes with a lot of funny memes. Bemorepanda collected the top of this week. September turned out to be a month full of new jokes and memes. Here we are completing with another funny article this month of 2021.

1.Email address



4.They have defeated us

5.The ugly truth

6.It’s my job

7.Sometimes my genius

8.Until we meet again

9.I won’t eat cakes

10.Getting good


12.Watching a movie



15.My parents

16.Red Bull

17.It’s all fun and games

18.Computer stuff

19.Skip all

20.I’ve had enough

21.Pick up a snail

22.Remember this van


24.New iphone

25.Get it off

26.1st world’s problem

27.Dread it


29.Cast your eyes

30.What I did

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French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian spoke on Saturday about the "serious crisis" caused by the torpedoing of a huge French submarine contract for Canberra, denouncing a lie (...), a duplicity (...), a loss "confidence" and "contempt" from France's allies, notes AFP.

Asked on the television channel France 2, Jean-Yves Le Drian justified the recall of the French ambassadors to Canberra and Washington by saying that there was "a serious crisis between us".

This measure, the first in the history of Paris-Washington relations, "is very symbolic." "It was a lie, it was duplicity, it was a major loss of trust, it was contempt, so it doesn't work between us," he said.

"We called on the ambassadors to try to understand and to show the former partner countries that we have a very strong dissatisfaction, that there is really a serious crisis between us," the foreign minister said.

The recall of the French ambassador to London, on the other hand, was considered useless: "We know their permanent opportunism," he said ironically a few months after Brexit. "The UK in this business is a kind of fifth wheel in the wagon," added Jean-Yves Le Drian.

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom on Wednesday announced a strategic partnership to counter China's AUKUS, including the supply of nuclear-powered US submarines to Canberra, which effectively knocked the French out of the game.

In 2016, France signed a contract worth A $ 90 billion (€ 56 billion) to supply Australia with 12 classically powered submarines, often considered the "contract of the century" because of its strategic value and importance.

On the other hand, the foreign minister also appreciated that the crisis will weigh on the definition of the new strategic concept of NATO, without evoking, however, a withdrawal from the North Atlantic Alliance.

"NATO has initiated a reflection, at the request of the President of France, on its foundations. The new NATO concept will be presented at the next NATO summit in Madrid. Obviously, what just happened will have to do with this definition, "said Jean-Yves Le Drian.

"At the same time, Europe must equip itself with its strategic compass and will be under the responsibility of France in the first half of 2022," he added, referring to the French presidency of the European Union from 1 January.

After the brutal withdrawal of the Americans from Afghanistan, without consulting their allies, and this submarine case, "if Europeans do not feel that in order to remain in history, they must unite and defend their own interests together, then their fate will be completely different ", underlined Jean-Yves Le Drian.



3.What is love?



6.Shut up





11.Real bliss

12.Here we go again

13.Only submarine

14.Pray for them

15.German companies



18.Royal Navy

19.French submarine

20.France be like


22.France is furious

23.France is so mad


25.Uh no

26.Ability to speak

27.France is back

28.China Joe



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International investors who have invested in China in recent years are gearing up for a colossal market downturn as real estate giant China Evergrande's over-indebtedness problems have peaked.

The company's troubles have multiplied since May. Dwindling resources amid commitments of 2 trillion yuan have driven stock and bond prices down nearly 80%. The coupon is expected to be paid out next week on the bonds in the amount of $ 80 million.

What will happen next is unknown. Bankers believe that, most likely, China Evergrande will miss the payment and bring the situation to the intervention of the authorities with the subsequent sale of some assets.

“We will be watching the situation closely,” said Sid Dahiya, head of EM corporate bonds at Abrdn, which owns a small portion of the Chinese firm's bonds.

Evergrande warned just over two weeks ago that it risks defaulting on its debt if it cannot raise enough funds. Since then, no progress has been made on this issue.

Analysts believe that if a Chinese company with more than 1,300 real estate projects in over 280 cities collapses, it will finally dispel the notion that some Chinese giants are too big to fail.

Other large companies may have problems as well. For example, at risk are Alibaba and Tencent, which lost nearly a trillion dollars in capitalization after Beijing stepped up regulatory pressure behind the sector.

Other heavily indebted high-yielding Chinese companies are also losing value.

EMAXX data show that Amundi, the European asset manager, was the largest holder of Evergrande's international bonds, but likely sold at least some of them before things got really dire.

“We are currently awaiting the start of the Evergrande restructuring process in order to gather more information on the market situation. We have yet to determine the magnitude of the losses that investors will face, ”said Colm d'Rosario, co-head of EM Corporate and EM High Yield at Amundi.

Back in April, Evergrande bonds were trading at about 90 cents per dollar, now their price is close to 25 cents.

More than 128 banks and 120 other types of institutions are involved in its debt obligations, according to a letter from Evergrande sent to the Chinese government late last year.

A group of bondholders have selected investment bank Moelis & Co and law firm Kirkland & Ellis to advise on the potential restructuring of the bond tranche, two sources close to the matter said.

Other funds tied to the bonds of the Chinese real estate giant include the world's largest asset manager BlackRock, as well as dozens of others such as Fidelity, Goldman Sachs asset management and PIMCO.

Many are due to meet with officials from the People's Bank of China and other regulators shortly to discuss the situation.

However, some analysts hope the damage may not be too widespread. Only $ 6.75 billion of Evergrande's nearly 20 billion debt is included in the JPMorgan CEMBI Index, which large buyers of emerging market corporate debt use as a list of promising bonds.

1.Real estate bubble

2.Chinese company in a nutshell

3.All markets right now

4.Crypto traders be like

5.World economy

6.The wolf of Shenzhen

7.Chinese economy

8.Perfectly timing the dip

9.Really worrying

10.Informed Crypto guy

11.Getting started

12.I need cheap houses

13.It’s happening

14.Evergrande should be like this

15.Hong Kong

16.Everyone paniked

17.Reddit users

18.Recent statement

19.World’s wealth

20.No Evergrande

21.AAA rating

22.I have a plan

23.A little rain

24.Getting weird

25.First target

26.Deep discount

27.Investors to China

28.Economy recover

29.Evergrande office

30.Buy the dip


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The Robinhood , the trading platform at the center of the Reddit-Wall Street scandal, has attracted more than a billion dollars thanks to investors and credit lines launched by banks to strengthen its position, reports Financial Times.

Robinhood has attracted more than a billion dollars thanks to investors and credit lines launched by banks to strengthen its position, according to the Financial Times, according to Ziarul Financiar. At the same time, the company has raised several hundred million dollars as a result of credit facilities offered by banks such as JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Barclays and Wells Fargo, quotes Mediafax.

The moves come after Robinhood and other retail brokers blocked transactions on several companies whose shares have risen significantly in the past week, causing chaos among users and uncertainty among politicians in the United States.

Meanwhile, GameStop shares rose 60% after the end of the trading session, managing to overcome the 44% decline on Thursday, January 28th. AMC and BlackBerry shares also recovered much of their losses. "We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes if necessary," Robinhood said.

The trading platform has become a popular location for traders who have organized rallies within the Reddit community, conducted in order to generate losses for hedging funds that have placed huge sums against the same actions.

However, the company's decision has provoked a wave of negative reactions from users, who are asking politicians to investigate the platform, recently accusing it of manipulating the market.

The US Senate Banking Committee later said it would hold a hearing on volatility in recent days. In addition, a group of retail traders sued Robinhood in two US states, saying the application tried to "intentionally slow down GameStop's growth."

Brendon Nelson, one of the people who filed the complaints, says the move was carried out in the interest of Robinhood's institutional investors and had nothing to do with the "public good," Reuters reports.

Robinhood is a zero-commission trading platform that was born in 2013 on the initiative of young people from New York, Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, former students of Stanford University in California. The application became popular against the background of the Occupy Wall Street movement and managed to attract especially the Millennials (people born between 1980 and 1996) and Gen Z (1996-2010). At the beginning of December, the platform had about 13 million users.

CEO Vladimir Tenev was sharply criticized by Robinhood users, who reminded him that the company's main objectives were based on the concept of "financial democratization".

Today this app is implicated in a lot of memes. Bemorepanda collected them all for you.

1.Prove your name

2.Robbing the hood

3.We will not forget

4.Google deletes

5.Money back

6.When you was ofline for a day

7.Trying to cool the planet

8.Robinhood is down

9.A lie

10.You get the bonk

11.Elon Musk

12.Reputation is gone

13.Good boy



16.Put the glasses

17.Robinhood be like

18.I'm sorry

19.Preparing to bankrupt

20.Trust me

21.Truth is

22.Not like that

23.Robinhood traders

24.Gamestop stocks

25.Buying stocks

26.Hedge Fund

27.Are you winning?

28.We're sorry

29.Rich folks

30.Aren't in

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