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Great ode to the mafia. 50 facts about the movie "The Godfather"

1 year ago

On March 24, 1972, The Godfather premiered in the United States and Canada. This year, the famous tape was again released on the screens. In honor of the 50th anniversary, Bemorepanda has collected 50 facts about the legendary film history.


Facts about the Godfather movie


The epic gangster saga The Godfather is considered one of the best films. The film has been quoted, imitated, and admired. The bright plot, the brilliant direction of Coppola, the fantastic performance of Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, the magnificent music - all this made the film "The Godfather" unforgettable.



1. In the 1960s, Mario Puzo was not the most successful writer. The father of five children suffered from gambling and was ruined. Creditors threatened to seriously injure him if the writer did not return $11,000 to them.


2. to get even with his debts, Puzo wrote the script for the film "Mafia" and brought it to the Paramount film studio. The author was advised to write a book and immediately forgot about him.


3. “I am ashamed to say, but I wrote The Godfather solely based on my literary research. I have never met a real crystal-clear gangster, ”the writer later admitted.


4. According to rumors, Puzo was inspired by Dostoevsky's novel The Brothers Karamazov.


5. While the book was being prepared for publication, the publisher leaked information, and Paramount decided to make a film based on Puzo's novel. For the film rights, the writer received $ 2 million.


6. The studio did not expect much success from the gangster drama until the book The Godfather, published in 1969, became wildly popular.



7. A novel by obscure author Puzo stayed on the NY Times bestseller chart for over 60 weeks.


8. Director Francis Ford Coppola was practically nobody at that time. He even founded American Zoetrope with friend George Lucas to prove his worth. But success came to Coppola from the other side...


9. The film studio wanted to entrust Sergio Leone to shoot The Godfather. But he refused and later regretted it immensely. After 11 years, the director took revenge by telling his story about gangsters - Once Upon a Time in America.


10. Directors Elia Kazan and Costa-Gavras also said no.


11. Coppola, like Puzo, did not know anything about gangsters. Moreover, he did not even finish reading the book "The Godfather," which many admired, tired of the overabundance of erotic scenes. “A third of the book is devoted to the anatomical problems of a minor heroine,” the director admitted years later.


12. The producers signed a contract with Coppola, counting on his Italian origin and the unknown as a director (you could save on the fee).



13. Through negotiations, Francis increased the film's budget from $2.5 million to $6 million.


14. During filming, the producers were unhappy with Coppola. But this continued only until he received an Oscar for the script for the film Patton.


15. The prototype of Vito Corleone is the famous gangster Joseph "Joe" Bonanno.


16. Corleone is the name of a small town in Sicily.


17. Laurence Olivier, Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quinn, Raf Vallone, and Ernest Borgnine were predicted for the role of Don Corleone. It was rumored that they asked for the part of "godfather" Orson Welles and even Frank Sinatra.


18. Puzo saw only Marlon Brando as Don Corleone. Coppola was of the same opinion.


19. The producers were categorically against the participation of the stellar Brando (he had a reputation, frankly, not very good) and set three, as it seemed to them, impossible conditions: the actor works for free, in case of disruption of filming he pays a penalty of $ 1 million, participates in auditions for general grounds.


20. Coppola took two operators and went to Brando's house to make samples. Seeing footage with a "real gangster," the producers found no objection.



21. Contrary to the producers' fears, Marlon did not disrupt a single day of shooting.


22. Brando often joked and arranged practical jokes. For example, in the scene where the guests were photographed at the wedding of Don Corleone's daughter, the actor suddenly took off his pants and showed everyone his butt. At that moment, there were 500 actors and extras on set.


23. Samples of unknown James Caan, Robert Duvall, and Diane Keaton, the director, did in his home. Coppola's wife even cut the men's hair to make them look like heroes.


24. The role of Michael Corleone could be played by Robert Redford, Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Dustin Hoffman, and Robert de Niro.


25. "Unknown Ugly Shorty" Al Pacino did not suit anyone except Coppola. During filming, the producers could not understand for a long time when the actor would start acting.


26. Pacino agreed to a fee of $35,000.


27. Sinatra was considered the prototype of Johnny Fontaine. He thought that this image in the book was written off from him and even yelled at Puzo, meeting him by chance in a restaurant. So Fontaine practically does not appear in the film.



28. The scene where Sonny beats up Carlo takes four days to shoot. Seven hundred extras participated in it.


29. Real gangsters created the League for the Defense of the Rights of Italian Americans. One of the directions of their struggle was the eradication of the frequent use of the word "mafia." The producers of The Godfather were subjected to surveillance and intimidation. One of them even had to go to a meeting with gangsters. Fortunately, the word "mafia" appeared in the text only once...


30. The film "The Godfather" was filmed in 4 months.


31. A special secret show was arranged for the Mafiosi. The producers did not know about this "misconduct" at the film studio. However, the guests were delighted. The film became a cult classic for American gangsters.


32. The Godfather started on 400 screens at once. But people still paid resellers for tickets 3-4 times more to get to the session quickly.


33. On the day of the premiere, 32-year-old Coppola was nervous: “I think failure is inevitable. What I've done? Took a popular, full of piquancy and "strawberry" novel, and turned it into the endless chatter of a gang of bandits in dimly lit interiors.



34. Shortly before the premiere, Coppola joked in a conversation with the producers. If the film collects $ 50 million, they will buy him a Mercedes 600 limousine. When fees exceeded $ 100 million, Coppola went to order a car driven by the Pope and Francisco Franco.


35. A few months later, The Godfather became the highest-grossing film in US history, breaking the record for Gone with the Wind.


36. During the election campaign of Richard Nixon, he was compared to Vito Corleone. And it sounded like… a compliment. The term "godfather" also took root after the film's release.


37. At the Oscars in 1973, Coppola received the highest film award for the screenplay. And The Godfather became the best film.


38. Brando was named the best actor in 1972. But he refused the Oscar awarded to him, thus expressing a protest against discrimination against the indigenous population of America.


39. Composer Nino Rota was nominated for an Oscar for the best film score. Still, the nomination was canceled when it turned out that he did not write new music entirely but used and reworked his melodies from the film Fortunella.



40. According to the American Film Institute, "The Godfather" is ranked #1 in the list of the ten best gangster films.


41. Two years after the premiere, Coppola decided to build on the success and shot the film The Godfather 2.


42. The Godfather 2 won 6 Oscars.


43. In the Soviet Union, Roman Puzo first went to samizdat, until in 1987, it was published by the Znamya magazine.


44. The film "The Godfather" was one of the major hits in the underground video market of the USSR. But even those who did not have a "Vidik" knew him.


45. In 1985-1989. The USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs blocked Coppola's tape as "propagating a cult of violence."



46. ​​The Soviet Union bought all parts of The Godfather only in 1990 when the third part of the legendary film saga came out. According to unofficial information, for $200,000.


The presentation of the film in the USSR took place at the Rossiya cinema. The sponsor spent 100 thousand rubles. The host was Nikita Mikhalkov, who is called Coppola's friend. Tickets cost 17-25 rubles.


48. The song "Speak Softly Love" to the melody of Nino Rota from the movie "The Godfather" was sung by Muslim Magomayev - in Italian, Sofia Rotaru - in Ukrainian, Renat Ibragimov, Emil Gorovets, and Nina Brodskaya - in Russian.


49. The restoration of the three parts of the film for the 50th anniversary of the premiere of The Godfather took three years. Experts studied 300 boxes of film. For more than 4,000 hours, they eliminated stains on negatives and restored color—more than 1000 hours of color grading.


50. The film was re-released in 4K Ultra HD.


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There is so much interesting knowledge in the world that, for some reason, remains "gathering dust" on the outskirts of history. But, as they say, the Internet remembers everything, so here you can find a lot of interesting information if you know where to look. Fortunately, today you will not have to look for anything, as we did it for you, having collected 20 fascinating stories and facts about a wide variety of things that will gently massage your brain with new and curious knowledge.


When hockey player and Olympic champion Brendan Shanahan was 14 years old, he asked for an autograph from the famous hockey player Rick Wave, but he refused him in a rude manner. After 4 years, Shanahan was already playing in the NHL, and he showed aggression towards Wave, arranging clashes with him during the first game against each other.As

Brendan Shanahan said in an interview, it was a rather calm game, so Wave could not understand such a strong aggression in his side. Later, Rick Wave asked his teammate, "what's wrong with this guy?", And he explained to him that it was all about an old grudge. After a while, Wave introduced Shanahan to his 14-year-old son, but this time the result was different 🏒

“I signed an autograph and took a picture with him, sitting him on my shoulders. I didn't want karma to get to me, ”Shanahan said.


There is such a thing as Earl Gray tea poisoning.


In May 2001, a 44-year-old man went to the doctors for help, complaining of muscle cramps and blurred vision. Doctors found that Earl Gray tea was the culprit, which the man drank 4 liters a day for 25 years. The symptoms went away as soon as he reduced the consumption of this tea to 1-2 liters per day ☕


In 1524, a statue of the Virgin Mary in a cathedral in Riga, Latvia, was accused of witchcraft. She was put to the test by throwing her into the river. As the wooden statue floated, it was found guilty and burned.This


is believed to be due to the war between Catholics and Protestants, which began in 1522. Catholics love statues of saints, while Protestants consider them pointless. In ancient times, Protestants sought to destroy statues, using this as a means of suppressing Catholicism ✝️


Research in 2018 showed that there is a so-called "psychogenic death", when a person mentally gives up life and dies within a few days.


This phenomenon occurs when someone experiences a severe loss, which, in his opinion, cannot be eliminated. and a person considers death his only way out 🙏


Michael Jackson was a great composer despite the fact that he could not write music and play instruments.


He used beatboxes and hummed melodies into the microphone to record pieces of music for his songs. 🎼

“He sang for us every part of the arrangement for strings. It was all in his head, harmony and all that, ”said sound engineer Rob Hoffman.

You can view Michael's demos by searching, for example, Michael Jackson - Beat it (Demo).


The cicada's wings have an antibacterial surface that kills bacteria not with chemicals, but thanks to the nano-texture of nanopillars that rupture bacterial membranes.


Nano-cones cause bacteria to "stretch" so much that they die. It is reported that this nano-texture can be applied artificially, but it does not withstand the first wash 🔬



Nazi Germany created their own New Testament (while removing the Old), from which they removed the genealogy of Jesus, proving that he was the son of David, as well as all the names of the Jews and related places


However, they left references to Jews who put them in bad light. They remade the New Testament so much that they turned Jesus into a warrior fighting the Jews. Also, German Christians regularly reminded that it was the Jews who crucified Jesus Christ.


In 1648, an angry mob of Parisians broke into the royal palace, demanding a meeting with the king. They were taken to the bedroom of Louis XIV, where he pretended to be asleep. The satisfied crowd quietly left


At that time, Louis was 12 years old, and the crowd wanted to make sure that he did not flee from Paris 😪


In 1932 and 1937, the US Navy conducted simulated air attacks on Pearl Harbor. In both exercises, the attacking aircraft achieved success. Both incidents were ignored by the US Navy, but were scrutinized by the Japanese.


In preparing the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese also relied on the British air attack on the Italian fleet in Taranto in 1940 🛩️



When the owner of the dog, Shep, died in August 1936, she followed his coffin to the train station and watched as he was loaded onto a train bound for the eastern United States. For 6 years until his death, the dog met every train every day, waiting for the return of its owner


. Reportedly, the dog met trains for 6 years, until January 12, 1942, he was hit by a train. It is believed that his front legs were on one of the rails, and he simply did not hear the train until it was too late. A few days later, almost all residents of Fort Benton, Montana, USA attended Shep's funeral 😿


August 18, 1913 in Monte Carlo there was the sad game of roulette, when the ball falls on black 26 times in a row


Players have lost millions, expecting that the path he is on red, so that the notion of "gambler's fallacy" or "false conclusion Monte -Carlo. "

Player error is when players do not realize that the probability of the next outcome does not depend on the previous outcomes. Simply put, if 25 times "black" has dropped out, then this does not mean in any way that the 26th will have "red" 🃏


In February 1970, a jet fighter landed safe and sound in a Montana field after a pilot ejected when the plane went into a tailspin during training.


After the ejection, the plane suddenly leveled off and flew away. A few hours later, a farmer found a plane lying in a field with engines running 🛬



The defibrillator will not trigger a stopped heart. In fact, on the contrary, it actually stops it during a heart attack, allowing the natural systems of the heart to take over and return it to normal sinus rhythm.After a


complete contraction due to the discharge, the heart cells are in a state of complete non-excitability for some time and on the ECG there is a flat line. After a while, the resting potential is restored and the pacemaker (the part of the heart muscle in which impulses are generated) can start its work again. Contrary to everything you've seen in TV shows and movies, a defibrillator is never used for asystole (a straight line on the ECG), as it doesn't make sense 💓


In 2018, 55-year-old electrical engineer Sergei Savitsky, who worked at the Russian research station Bellingshausen, Waterloo Island (King George), while in the dining room, stabbed welder Oleg Beloguzov in the chest for revealing the killer's name in the book. which Sergei had not yet finished reading

Oleg Beloguzov was taken to a hospital in Chile, where he was hospitalized. Sergei Savitsky was deported to Russia, where a criminal case was initiated against him. Oleg reportedly regularly mocked Sergei Savitsky. In 2019, the case was closed due to the reconciliation of the parties 📚


The ears of owls are located asymmetrically, i.e. at different heights on the sides of the head, so sounds reach each ear at different times. This is important for determining the exact direction of prey.


Also, their eyes are so large that there is literally no room in the eye sockets for muscles to move them. Therefore, if an owl needs to look to the side, then it turns its head 🦉


Forest fires in Germany can cause unexploded bombs from WWII and endanger firefighters


In Germany, under buildings and forests, there are a large number of unexploded bombs left over from WWII 💥

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March 17 has a special significance for the Irish. It is one of the most important days of the year, because they celebrate St. Patrick. Originally a Catholic holiday, today this festival is rather dedicated to the entire Irish culture and is celebrated with pomp in both Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States. Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts and history details for you.

Saint Patrick was born in the 4th century in Roman Britain, but was captured by the Irish and held captive on the island for 6 years. At that time he dedicated himself to religion, and tradition says that he had a divine revelation by which God asked him to Christianize the Irish. After escaping from captivity, he returned to Ireland in 432 and began the Christianization process of the Irish, hitherto followers of polytheism. According to Irish folklore, he used the clover leaf to explain the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Best St Patrick's Day Amsterdam Activities 2021 - Tiqets Blog

Although St. Patrick was followed by many other missionaries, he remained the leading champion of Irish Christianity. Initially, the associated color of St. Patrick was blue, but later green, the symbol color of Ireland, began to be used. The custom of wearing green bows and clovers to celebrate March 17 (the day of his death) dates back to the seventeenth century.

National holiday from the 9th-10th centuries

Surprising St Patrick's Day Facts You Never Knew

The feast of St. Patrick was celebrated by the Irish as a kind of national day since the ninth and tenth centuries, but the official day was included in the Catholic calendar only in the early seventeenth century. In 1903, St. Patrick's Day became a national holiday in Ireland, and the St. Patrick's Festival appeared in the 1990s.

All the customs related to this holiday revolve around the color green. Everyone wears green clothes, clovers and, because it's Ireland, they drink beer. Guinness has even launched a special edition of their beer, the Green Edition. And the Irish diaspora around the world is celebrating today, with the most important activities taking place in America. For 40 years, the city of Chicago - with a significant segment of the population of Irish origin - has been manifesting its spirit of celebration by turning the Chicago River green (with the help of a vegetable paint).

In Ireland, although this holiday usually falls on Lent, the Catholic Church accepts meat on March 17 because, according to tradition, on St. Patrick's Day the Irish go to church in the morning, then organize a big feast in honor of their patron. spiritual.

SAINT PATRICK'S DAY: the two visions

Where to go for St Patrick's Day (Top 9 Europe) | DoTravel

St. Patrick's is Ireland's most beloved and well-known saint. Saint Patrick, the luminary of Ireland, was born around 381 AD in a village called Bannaven Taberniae. St. Patrick comes from a family of altar servants - his grandfather Potitus was a priest and his father Calpurnius a deacon.

The name Patrick or Patrichie means a great man in Latin. From the account of his life, we learn that at the age of 16 he ends up forgetting about God. When he reached this age, his village was looted by pirates, and he was sold into slavery in Ireland. He becomes a shepherd on Mount Slemish in Antrim County. Going into captivity completely changed his life. From the rich and carefree young man, comes the person who said at least a hundred prayers at night and as many during the day.

St. Patrick had two visions: in the first he was shown that he would return home, and in the second he was told that his ship was ready. The revelation made by God is fulfilled, so that after six years spent in captivity, he manages to return to his parents.

Facts about St. Patrick's Day celebrations you probably don't know

The Saint Patrick’s Day parade is a tradition both in Ireland and abroad. After the great famine of the 19th century, caused by the lack of potatoes, a wave of migrants left Ireland, and the parade of Saint Patrick’s Day became their way of manifesting their identity. Starting from the tradition, parades began to be organized all over the world, which came to include all those who share the same values.

Ireland celebrates March 17 every year on St. Patrick's Day, the spiritual patron saint of the Irish. This day is marked with great pomp not only in Ireland, but throughout the world, in Irish communities. Each family prepares a traditional dinner with beef and cabbage dishes.

The legend of the saint who patronizes Ireland

Collectible St. Patrick's Day memorabilia hard to find before 1900 |

As for the biography of St. Patrick, the true story intertwines harmoniously with the legend. It is known that St. Patrick was born in Scotland and was abducted and sold to Ireland as a slave. He became a deacon, then a priest and ended up as a bishop. Arriving on the mainland, he was sent back by the Pope to preach the gospel. He traveled mainly to the Celtic settlements, as evidenced by the fact that today many places in Wales, Cornwall, Scotland and Ireland bear his name.

Legend and history become even more difficult to separate when various sources speak of St. Patrick standing on top of a hill and - with the help of a stick - throwing snakes into the sea, forbidding them forever to return to the shores of Ireland. Patrick became known in the world as the one who saved Ireland from snakes. It is true that there are no snakes in Ireland today, but it seems that there has never been one, at least since the island is separated from the mainland. It is probably a symbol of the end of pagan practices in those places.

Regardless of the weather, March 17 was considered spring day, as St. Patrick promised to tame the weather from that date. For this reason, during this period, Irish farmers began to grow potatoes.

St Patrick's Day playlist: 23 classic Irish anthems to get you dancing |  The Independent | The Independent

Later, he meets Saint German, the bishop of the city, in Auxerre. He has another dream, in which he is asked to go to Ireland. He asked St. German for advice on the dream, and because he had prayed to God to give him a person to replace St. Palladium, he saw in this dream a response from God. We point out that the Holy Palladium had left Ireland less than a year after his ordination, because of the cruelty of the Irish.

He was ordained a bishop and in 432 left the monastery of Auxerre with some companions for Ireland. Surrounded by pagans, St. Patrick had many trials.

The Druids will be dissatisfied with the presence of St. Patrick and will send Dichu to kill him. He stiffens as he raises his sword to kill him. St. Patrick unleashes him from the unseen power that held him in place. In response to the miracle performed, Dichiu will offer the saint a shelter in which he will celebrate the Holy Mass. After this miracle, many Irish people received faith in Christ. Later, he and his disciples baptized the entire country.

St. Patrick passed away on March 17, around 480. He is depicted in iconography holding a clover (a three-leafed plant), a symbol of the Holy Trinity, one God in being, but three in person. It is celebrated every year, on March 17.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated not only in Ireland, but in many countries around the world. The most important festival is considered to be the one in Dublin, in Leinster.

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St. Patrick is without a doubt the most famous saint associated with Ireland. Its holiday is celebrated all over the world and is a common symbol of Irish patriotism. His legends have become commonplace in our understanding of Ireland, and the image of the bishop with a clover is an immediately recognizable symbol for many. But despite his popularity, we know very little about the real man. It seems that the legend of St. Patrick has become much more famous than the historical individual.


Bemorepanda collected for you interesting facts, here are 20 of them about the real St. Patrick.


1. The real name may not have been Patrick. We do not know for sure what his birth name is, but the tradition is that it was Maewyn Succat. He later changed it to Patrick when he became bishop, because it means "noble" in Latin.

St. Patrick's Day: 5 Fun Facts | St. Patty's Day | Live Science


2. There are surviving copies of the texts written by St. Patrick. Two Latin works called "Confessions" and "Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus." These works provide the primary sources for what we know about him.

A Saint Patrick's Day special: Further Thoughts on Manuscripts, Marginalia,  Mashups and Reading as Writing - Enterprise Irregulars


3. Dating the life of St. Patrick is difficult, but most estimates put it in the middle of the fifth century. Given that he refers to the Frankish people (who lived in places where Germany and France are now) as pagans in one of his works, this assumes that he was written between 451, with a large amount of francs flowing into Gaul is today Western Europe) and 496, when the French were baptized in large numbers.

How St. Patrick's Day Was Made in America - HISTORY


4. There is a prayer that is said to have been written by St. Patrick, entitled "St. Patrick's Breastplate," but he being the author is now widely rejected by scholars.

Saint Patrick's Day | History, Traditions, & Facts | Britannica


5. No one knows where St. Patrick was born. It is a generally accepted fact that St. Patrick is not a native Irishman and is probably from Wales, but his specific place of birth is unclear. In his works he says that it is from a place called Bannavem Taburniae, but this location is not otherwise known.

St Patrick's Day: how a saint's day played a key role in the struggle for  Irish nationhood


6. St. Patrick was not the first Christian bishop in Ireland. This honor belongs to Bishop Palladius in the fifth century. Palladius was the Roman Catholic deacon sent by the Church to convert the Irish natives. Some speculate that this person was adopted through folklore and later combined with Patrick to form his legend.

It's Saint Patrick's Day on March 17 | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council


7. He did not drive snakes from Ireland. Everything we know about biology tells us that Ireland has never been a home for snakes. The story was explained as a metaphor for Patrick's transformation of the native Druids left to Christianity. But pagan practices continued long after St. Patrick lived, so the exact meaning of the story is unknown.


8. Almost all the stories about St. Patrick were written centuries after he died. Two commonly cited sources are "The Life and Deeds of St. Patrick" by a Jocelin of Furness, who wrote about 1200, and "The Oldest Lives of St. Patrick" by an unknown MacEvin who wrote his works in the twentieth century. IX.

Saint Patrick's Day - Wikipedia


9. St. Patrick gives only the name of his father, Calpornius, and the father's grandfather, Potitus. He says his father was a deacon and his grandfather a priest. Although later the writers further explained the family tree. Jocelin and MacEvin say that his mother was a frank woman named Conceis. Conceis is said to be related to St. Martin of Tours. Although MacEvin claims to be his sister, Jocelin says she is his niece.

5 things to do on St. Patrick's Day |


10. St. Patrick never mentions that he has any brothers in his deeds, but Jocelin and MacEvin claim to have a sister named Lupita.

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Charlotte 2021 - Charlotte On The Cheap


11. From the works of St. Patrick, we have gathered that he was abducted from his home at the age of sixteen and brought to Ireland, along with thousands of others, to be sold as slaves. Patrick worked as a pastor for six years. Jocelin says he is a slave to a pagan prince named Milcho, although Patrick says nothing about his captor. Saying only he was "the man I've been with for six years."

St Patrick's Day | The Rocks


12. Jocelin and MacEvin attribute many miracles to St. Patrick in his youth and describe him as pious since the early years. Although Patrick seems to contradict these claims. Referring to his capture in his youth, he says that "at that time I did not know the true God."

St. Patrick's Day 2018: history, traditions, facts, meaning and more -


13. St. Patrick is often said to have used mackerel to explain the concept of the Trinity to Irish pagans. Despite the fame of this story, shamrock or its significance in such a way is never mentioned in any work of St. Patrick and is apparently a legend much later attached to it.

I Love Ireland" Festival and St. Patrick's Day Parade, Mid Mar, 2021 |  Tokyo Cheapo


14. Shamrock - popular Irish symbol, but not a symbol of Ireland. Already in the Middle Ages in the Irish tombs and manuscripts appeared an image of a harp. However, scientists believe that the harp was popular in Irish legends and culture, long before this period. In medieval times it symbolized the harp of Ireland.

What Is St. Patrick's Day? Here's Why We Celebrate the Holiday | Better  Homes & Gardens


15. An estimated 34 million Americans have Irish roots. Some of them are purebred Irish, meaning they or their parents came from Ireland, but more people have mixed ancestors today. In Ireland, in itself live all 4, 2 million people.

Why We Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day | Reader's Digest


16. In addition to green, St. Patrick's Day is associated with alcoholic libations. However, in Ireland 1903-1970, St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday. All pubs were closed for the next day. It was abolished in 1970, when St. Patrick's Day was classified as a national holiday.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions - HISTORY


17. At the age of 16, Patrick was abducted by Irish burglars who sold him into slavery. He lived for many years in Ireland, sheep, and at the age of 22 he managed to escape. After that he came to the monastery in England, where he spent 12 years.

ᐈ St patricks day stock pictures, Royalty Free st patricks day pictures |  download on Depositphotos®


18. St. Patrick, despite being known as the Patron Saint of Ireland, was never officially canonized. His recognition as a saint was made by popular opinion, and probably with the approval of a bishop. Although he is far from the only saint, he was never officially canonized. In fact, the church did not have any formal process for sanctification until the twelfth century. So it is safe to assume that St. Patrick will always be considered a saint.

7 things to do in Nashville on St. Patrick's Day


19. March 17 was chosen for St. Patrick's Day because it is said to be the day he died. The year was declared 461, but we do not know for sure.

Why Do We Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day?


20. St. Patrick, you know, he can actually be based on more people. While we are pretty sure that St. Patrick was a historical figure, it is possible that the folk character is derived from two different people. Patrick of Wales and Bishop Palladius mentioned above. The two bishops had stories about their circulation until they became a unified preacher.

St Patrick's Day 2020: a local's guide to Dublin's biggest festival -  Lonely Planet

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The world is full of incomprehensible things that often appear quite unexpectedly and leave behind a bunch of questions. Someone will simply throw it away, mistaking it for unnecessary and useless rubbish. Perhaps these are useless things, but some simply will not be able to sleep peacefully until they find out where it came from, what it is and what it is for. We scoured the “What is this thing” community on Reddit again to put together an insightful collection of cases where internet connoisseurs satisfied users' curiosity by explaining what they were lucky enough to find.


Question: Found inside a musical instrument, but it doesn't have a hole big enough to get it inside. It's about the size of a large grape. "



Answer: “Such balls appear in violins. Some call them "mice". It's just fluff and rubbish, strayed over the years. When the violin is repaired, the craftsmen return the "mouse" to the instrument for good luck. ”


There is a whole collection of such balls that were taken from violins by famous musicians. In English they are called "toneballs" 🎻


Question: "Can anyone tell me what this metal plaque is inside a tiny pocket that we found on the sidewalk in front of our house?"



Answer: "This is a luggage tag without engraving."


Most likely, the strap passing through the hole in the metal plate came off, after which the author of the photo found the tag on the sidewalk 🏷️


Question: "What is this pool in complete wilderness?"


Answer: "This is a supply of water for firefighting."

This water is reported to contain a flame retardant. Fire retardant is a component added to organic materials to provide fire protection.


Question: “What is this metal object about the size of a palm? Weighs about 700-800 grams, hard metal, matt, excluding the round part "



Answer: "This is a titanium hip joint prosthesis."


Reportedly, such prostheses can be returned to relatives after the cremation of the deceased, of course, if he had a prosthesis 🦿


Question: “Can anyone tell me what is inside this 20 liter bottle of wine that is at least 25 years old? Found in the basement of the deceased grandparents. ”


Answer: “This is the so-called kombucha [the general name for several varieties of symbiosis of a yeast fungus with a bacterium]. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it's bad, sometimes it's okay. Most likely, there is already vinegar inside. "



Question: “Approximately 5 cm tall, made of marble with hand-carved holes. Age at least 110 years old. I was told it was on the tables of rich people. What is it?"


Later, the girl (the author of the photo) herself answered the question: “I just talked to my grandfather on the phone, he said it was a match stand. The holes create an abrasive texture that matches can be struck. "


Despite the answer from the author of the photo, most users were sure that this was the top of the incense holder



Question: “A mesh of holes, which can be both artificial and natural. Found on the beach on the east coast of Scotland "



Answer: “This is stigmaria - the fossilized root of a tree. The holes are the places where little roots came out of the main root. "


Typically, these roots turn into charcoal. The author of the photo confirmed that the beach where he found it is rich in lumps of coal, and there are many old coal mines in the area ⬛



Question: “Found this in my Kellogg's Corn Flakes. Has a slightly chalky smell and texture. Leaves a powdery residue if you throw it on the table. ”


The author of the photo answered his own question: “I contacted Kellogg's and described the object. After extensive exchange of information and viewing photographs, they came to the conclusion that this was what they call a "vitamin nugget." Basically, this is a baked piece of vitamins and minerals that they enrich the cereal with, so there is nothing harmful. After a phone call, I decided to check it out by breaking off a piece and placing it in a cup of water. The chunk had dissolved, so luckily it was not a piece of conveyor belt as some had assumed. In the end, they offered me some free vouchers for their products because they realize that consumers don't want to see this in their cereal. "


Question: “A large turquoise ceramic fireproof item that has been in my family for decades. It looks like some kind of lantern, but I'm not sure "



> Answer: “This is a small heater, most likely a gas heater. Basically, it is a decorative grill to protect people from fire. "



Question: “A serrated tool for scraping something. Found in the basement of a house. ”



Answer: "This is a tool for opening filled windows."

When windows are painted, they usually paint over all the cracks. The paint gets in the way during glass replacement, and this tool is used to cut through it.



Question: “What are these hard white balls on the outside of the gummy bear? There are no balls inside the bear. They can be removed and feel firm to the touch. The rest of the bears in the package did not have such balls. ”



Answer: “The mold in which the gummy bears are poured is made from cornstarch, sometimes there are leftovers on the gummies. Usually they take them off the assembly line, this one must have slipped through the quality control. "

During the production of the marmalade in the factory, the machine literally punches the mold into a pile of loose cornstarch. Then the apparatus pours the marmalade mass into these forms. After the mass has hardened, the corn starch is cleaned from the gummies and covered with oil, which gives them their usual color 🧸


Question: “A tool found on a family farm. Looks too small for a pig. It looks like there was a text there, but we cannot make out what is written there. ”


Answer: "This is the so-called grease can for pigs."

In the past, oil was used to protect pigs from parasites that can cause many diseases. Pigs passed through this apparatus and brushes applied oil to them. The role of such oilers could be played by oiled blankets through which the pigs passed, as a result of which their bodies were covered with oil. Sometimes used engine oil or kerosene was used to lubricate pigs. There are many variations of such car lubricants.


For example, this one. Pigs rubbed against circles that revolved, scooping oil from the container below



Question: “A plastic thing with a non-rotating piston. The green part looks like something needs to be inserted into it and turned to hold it. "




Answer: "This is a Super Stacking Tops toy popular in the 90s."


Whirligig-shaped discs were inserted into this handle, after which they were twisted, starting the mechanism. At the push of a button, the whirligig flew off and began to rotate on the table, after which it was necessary to do the same with the smaller whirligig, placing it on top of the first one.


Question: “I bought it on the antique market. The top of the hummingbird is made of metal and covered with glaze. The figurine is attached to a curly threaded tube, which must be screwed to something. Any idea what it might be? "



Answer: “This is a brass lamp decoration. Sold as a set of four hummingbirds in the 90s. They also had fish instead of hummingbirds. "



Q: “Found this at a thrift store in the jewelry department, but I have no idea what to do with it? I would like to know what it is for "




Answer: "This is a ring for a scarf, and even in a chic art deco style."



Question: “What is it bubbling out of the earth in my yard? Purple-metallic in color, sticky inside. It continues to come out, even if I remove it with a shovel "


As a result, the author of the photo himself figured out this magical problem 🔮


Answer: “I was sent to the fire department, from where a brigade was sent to me to check. They dug up the ground, and it turned out that it was polyurethane foam from a spray can left by the builders in the yard. "



"Water got on the can, it rusted and began to let it in, after which the foam reached the surface."



Later, the author of the photo wrote that the foam began to crawl out of the lawn again.


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We do not doubt that you, our dear reader, have a curious mind and love to learn something new. And in this case, what could be better than the facts, of which there are an incredible amount! There are so many that it is impossible to know them, even if you have seven spans in the forehead.


Facts - and nothing but facts


Just for such interested people, we at Bemorepanda have prepared a portion of facts that are hard to believe but which, nevertheless, are accurate. And no matter what area you are more interested in, something is interesting for everyone.


Want to see what we have found for you in the corners of the Internet? Then let's get started. Just a warning: we picked up only bare facts, so if you are overcome by doubt in their integrity, you can find confirmation of them yourself, as well as get more detailed information. Our task is to give you a fishing rod)))



1. Apple didn't make the first iPhone.


2. Ravens can hold a grudge.


3. Marie Curie is the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.


4. Cows kill more Americans every year than sharks.


5. Dogs smell cancer.


6. Some planets produce diamond rain.


7. Undercover Detroit cops in the drug business once got into a fight with another group of undercover cops.


8. One person once survived two atomic bombings.


9. A 70-year-old woman once ran seven marathons in seven days on all seven continents.


10. Bees can detect bombs.


11. Potato chips cause more weight gain than any other food.



12. Goosebumps are for protection from predators.


13. A dentist invented cotton candy.


14. The first person convicted of speeding drove eight miles per hour (13 km/h).


15. Chewing gum increases concentration.


16. “New car smell” is the smell of dozens of chemicals.


17. A patent for a fire hydrant was lost during a fire.


18. Space smells like grilled steak.


19. Your liver can recover in three weeks.


20. In Germany, people help toads cross the road.


21. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.



22. Sea lions can dance to the beat.


23. Dolphins were trained to use in wars.


24. Baby blue whales grow 200 pounds (90.7 kg) daily.


25. There are moonquakes on the moon!


26. Kids ask 300 questions a day!


27. Hair and nails grow faster during pregnancy.


28. The "M" in M&Ms means "Mars" and "Murry."


29. Rollercoaster rides can help get rid of kidney stones.


30. Agatha Christie has sold over 2 billion books.


31. Water makes sounds depending on whether it is hot or cold!


32. Humans are just one of about 8.7 million species on Earth.



33. Whenever you shuffle a deck of cards, you get a combination that never existed.


34. In Nebraska, there is a city with a population of one person!


35. Dinosaurs lived on all continents.


36. Bee hummingbirds are so tiny they are mistaken for insects.


37. The person who wrote Dracula has never been to Transylvania.


38. The cast of Friends still makes about $20 million a year.


39. Newborns don't cry.


40. Pineapple acts as a natural meat tenderizer.


41. You lose up to 30 percent of your taste buds while flying.



42. The legend of the Loch Ness monster is almost 1500 years old.


43. In a restaurant in New York, grandmothers work as chefs.


44. The longest book title is 4558 words!


45. Some people have an extra bone in their knees.


46. ​​Tornadoes can cause "fish rain."


47. Shrews are the only mammals besides humans that deliberately seek out spicy food.


48. A tree frog can hold urine for up to eight months.


49. The English word with the most definitions is "set."


50. The famous "Typhoid Mary" infected more than 50 people while cooking for them.


51. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.



52. There is graffiti that is 1000 years old!


53. Bill Gates donated nearly half of his fortune.


54. America accidentally dropped an atomic bomb on South Carolina in 1958.


55. Large forks will make you eat less.


56. Guys do more housework than husbands.


57. The human body glows.


58. Chinese police use squads of geese.


59. Heads on Easter Island have bodies.


60. It is impossible to hum with your nose held in.



61. Apple pits are poisonous!


62. The Slinky toy was invented by accident.


63. Your nose works one nostril at a time!


64. Many bones in the foot don't harden until you're an adult.


65. Bees sometimes sting other bees.


66. There is a textbook written by an author with artificial intelligence.


67. Some sea snakes can breathe through their skin.


68. Children's medicines once contained morphine.


69. Our European ancestors were cannibals.


70. Cheetahs don't roar.



71. The hottest spot on the planet is Libya.


72. One day, Pharaoh ordered his slaves smeared with honey to drive away insects.


73. Playing the accordion was once compulsory for teachers in North Korea.


74. Sharks can live for five centuries.


75. There is a fish with legs.


76. Peanuts are not nuts!


77. The first computer was invented in the 1940s.


78. Nutmeg can be deadly poisonous.


79. You can always "see" your nose.


80. The longest wedding veil was as long as 63.5 football fields.



81. Koalas have fingerprints.


82. Pigs are constitutionally protected in Florida.


83. There is a device that creates energy from snowfall.


84. Newborns do not have kneecaps.


85. Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest person to appear on the Billboard chart.


86. More human twins are being born now than ever before.


87. France has a dozen time zones.



88. Bananas cannot reproduce.


89. A chef's hat has 100 folds.


90. Many languages ​​have common roots.


91. Sharks existed before trees.


92. Ants have a built-in FitBit.



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