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Top 30 funny facts of the day That Will Actually Surprise and Entertain You

2 months ago

There is one fact that is familiar to all of us: our world is a rather strange place. Every day something happens in it that it was impossible to think about.


Sometimes real life is richer than fiction, and here are some facts that confirm this. They say that knowledge is power. And every day we learn more and more in our own way or by hearing something from others. It often happens that new information is not only useful but also arouses our interest in a particular topic or area. There is another type of knowledge that can be not so much intriguing as frightening.


The world around us is amazing - of course, everyone will agree with this. The more you know, the more you realize that you know too little. It's impossible to know everything, but to tell you a little more about the amazing world we live in, we've put together some fun and interesting facts that will surprise, impress, and provide some clarity. You are ready?


Funniest facts ever


The world around us is amazing - of course, everyone will agree with this. The more you know, the more you realize that you know too little. It's impossible to know everything, but to tell you a little more about the amazing world we live in, we've put together some fun and interesting facts that will surprise, impress, and provide some clarity.


While some facts are helpful, others are funny and may surprise you. If you love to use the Internet, then you must have read interesting and surprising facts about several things. These facts can keep you entertained when you're bored and also prepare you for most questions. So here we have compiled some fun and weird facts about a few things that you might not even believe.


So here we have compiled some fun and weird facts about a few things that you might not even believe.


1. A person emits intestinal gases at a speed of 3 meters per second.



2. Banging your head against a wall can burn 150 calories an hour.



3. Reincarnation is prohibited in China without government permission.



4. In Texas, you can legally kill Bigfoot if you find him.



5. In 2011, a woman bought an "invisible" piece of art for $10,000.



6. The founder of the famous dating site lost his girlfriend after she met another man on



7. From Spanish, the words "esposas" are translated both as "wife" and as "handcuffs".



8. Singer Shakira was not accepted into the school choir because the teacher thought her voice was like a goat.



9. The word "mortgage" comes from a French word meaning "death pledge."



10. Paris Syndrome is a disorder that mainly affects Japanese people who have realized that Paris does not live up to their expectations.



11. The scientific Latin name for the Western lowland gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla.



12. The study showed that most people do not distinguish expensive wine from cheap.



13. Kim Jong Yr tried to solve the problem of food shortages with the help of giant rabbits. A German farmer sent him 12 giant rabbits, only to find out later that they were all eaten at the leader's birthday party.



14. A microwave uses more electricity to tell the time than it does to heat food.



15. A Frenchman has invented pills that will make your intestinal gases smell like roses.



16. Only one Soviet man - Veniamin Makarov was awarded the Mother Heroine Prize (which is awarded to women who have given birth to 10 or more children), since he adopted 12 children.



17. The cost of the Indian mission to Mars is three times cheaper than the cost of the Hollywood movie "Gravity".



18. A Chinese man sued his wife for giving birth to an ugly child and won.



19. Swedish couple named their baby " Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116". They claim that the name is pronounced as Albin.



20. NASA tested the ability of spiders to weave webs under the influence of various substances. The last web was spun under the influence of caffeine.



21. If you don't have a thermometer, you can check the temperature by the chirping of a cricket. To do this, count the number of chirrups in 25 seconds, divide the number by 3 and add 4.



22. If you scream for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, then generate enough sound energy to heat a cup of coffee.



23. If you blow gases continuously for 6 years and 9 months, you will produce enough energy for an atomic bomb.



24. Astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before flying into space, as blowing gases in space can damage the suit.



25. During your life you eat 70 different insects and 10 spiders when you sleep.



26. Guinness World Records holds the record for being the most stolen book in libraries.



27. If you sneeze too hard, you can get a broken rib.



28. If you try to suppress a sneeze, it can lead to rupture of a vessel in the head or neck and death.



29. In a study of 200,000 ostriches over 80 years, there was not a single case of an ostrich burying its head in the sand.



30. A person laughs on average 10 times a day.




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Science is a special type of human cognitive activity aimed at obtaining, substantiating and systematizing objective knowledge about the world, man, society and knowledge itself, on the basis of which a person transforms reality. 


Science memes


Knowledge is created and used in any sphere of human activity, but only in the field of science, the production of new knowledge is not only a means but also the main goal and main product of labor. At the same time, both the scientific knowledge itself and the process of obtaining it have a number of specific features, which, taken together, are not typical for knowledge obtained in other areas of activity.


1. Med school


2. Small things


3. This kid


Science is also understood as a historically developing set of results of intellectual activity systematized in a certain way and the social institution within which it is carried out. In the institutional context, the concept of "science" is used to refer to certain areas of scientific knowledge and the scientific disciplines that constitute them. Modern science is an extremely ramified set of individual scientific branches.


Science as a special kind of intellectual production has its own productive forces, production relations regulated by the relevant norms and standards, as well as the subject and product of labor, and includes many elements: the actual producers of scientific knowledge (scientists); historically determined forms of division and cooperation of scientific labor; conceptual and categorical apparatus of scientific disciplines; procedures for isolating the field of problems, methods and theories that can be defined as scientific; methods of scientific research, verification and systematization of acquired knowledge; scientific institutions; technical support of scientific production; system of scientific information and communications.


4. Stressed out


5. Made you cry


6. Egyptology


The direct functions of science are the study, description, explanation and prediction of reality. At the same time, science represents only one of the cuts of the diversity of the world, therefore it does not exhaust the entire culture (see Culture), but constitutes only one of the areas that interacts with other areas of human creative and cognitive activity: philosophical, artistic, empirical, religious, mythological, ideological and others. However, a clear explication of the specific features of science in the form of signs and definitions turns out to be a rather difficult task. This is evidenced by the variety of definitions of science, the ongoing discussions on the problem of demarcation between it and other forms of knowledge.


Science sets itself the ultimate goal of foreseeing the process of transforming objects of practical activity (an object in its initial state) into corresponding products (an object in its final state). This transformation is always determined by the essential connections, laws of change and development of objects, and the activity itself can be successful only when it is consistent with these laws.


Therefore, scientific knowledge is characterized by a focus on the object, on the identification of its own, immanent laws of functioning and development of the object under study. Arising from the needs of practice and regulating it in a special way, science aims to reveal the laws according to which objects can be transformed in human activity. Since any objects can be transformed in activity - fragments of nature, social systems and society as a whole (see Society), states of human consciousness, and others - to the extent that all of them can become subjects of scientific research.


Science studies them as objects that function and develop according to their own natural laws. It can also study a person as a subject of activity, but also as a special object. With regard to the processes of transformation of nature, this function is performed by the natural and technical sciences. The processes of change in social objects are studied by the social sciences. The orientation of science towards the study of objects that can be included in activity (either actually or potentially as possible objects of future transformation), and their study as obeying the objective laws of functioning and development, constitute the first main feature of scientific knowledge.


7. In our lab


8. Sad algae


9. The animal


This feature distinguishes it from other forms of human cognitive activity and determines the nature of scientific discourse, which is characterized by a claim to intersubjective significance (objectivity). So, for example, in art, the assimilation of reality always occurs as a kind of combination of the subjective and the objective, in which any reproduction of certain states of the world, man and society presupposes their emotional personal assessment. An artistic image always acts as a unity of the general and the individual, rational and emotional, and a work of art bears the stamp of a personal attitude to the world.


The scientific assimilation of reality differs from the artistic assimilation of reality by its orientation towards rational, logically substantiated and generalized objective knowledge. The products of scientific knowledge appear to be extremely cleansed of the personal component and open to criticism by any opponent who accepts the presumptions of science.


The sign of objectivity and objectivity of knowledge is the most important characteristic of science, but it is still insufficient to determine its specificity, since ordinary knowledge can also give separate objective and objective knowledge. In contrast, science is not limited to the study of only those objects, their properties and relationships that can be mastered in the practice of the corresponding historical era. It is able to go beyond the boundaries of each historically defined type of practice and open up new objective worlds for mankind, which can become objects of mass practical development only at future stages of the development of civilization.


The constant desire of science to expand the field of objects under study, regardless of today's opportunities for their mass practical development, is the system-forming feature that justifies other characteristics of science that distinguish it from ordinary knowledge.


10. Work hard


11. My thesis


12. Just a book stand


13. A sentance


14. Farts


First of all, it is the difference in their products (results). Ordinary knowledge creates a conglomeration of knowledge, information, prescriptions and beliefs, only separate fragments of which are interconnected. The truth of knowledge is verified here directly in actual practice, since knowledge is constructed in relation to objects that are included in the processes of production and social experience. But since science constantly goes beyond these limits, it can only partially rely on the available forms of mass practical development of objects. She needs special practices, with the help of which the truth of her knowledge is checked. Such a practice becomes a scientific experiment (see Experiment). Part of the knowledge is directly verified in the experiment, the rest are interconnected by logical connections, which ensures the transfer of truth from one statement to another. As a result, the characteristics of its knowledge inherent in science arise - their systemic organization, validity and proof.


Science, unlike everyday knowledge, involves the use of special means and methods of activity; it is characterized by the presence of a developed apparatus of methods and procedures used for rational justification, proof and verification of the knowledge gained. It cannot be limited to using only natural language and those tools that are used in production and everyday practice. In addition to them, it needs special means of activity - a special language (empirical and theoretical, created on the basis of natural language or created artificially) and special technical and instrumental equipment. It is the constant development of these tools that ensures the study of new objects, including those that go beyond the possibilities of existing production and social practice.


Related to this are the needs of science in the constant development of special methods that ensure the development of new objects, regardless of the possibilities of their current practical development. Such objects, as a rule, are not given in advance, are not fixed by the methods of everyday practice and production activities, since they go beyond their boundaries. The method in science often serves as a condition for fixing the object of study and determining its main features. Therefore, along with knowledge about objects, science systematically develops knowledge about methods.


15. Mendeleev


16. Sunscreen


17. Just medicine


18. Exam paper


19. Mom stuff


20. Moving a picture


21. Exams


22. Cells


23. Medicine


24. Astronauts


25. Potassium


26. Toxic


27. Kelvin is cold


28. Rhythm


29. Due to the fact


30. Chemestry


31. Amazing


32. A+


33. Insults


34. What sort?


35. Scholaship


36. What was the reason?


37. Reading


38. Biologists


39. Chemistry exam


40. Zero




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When you get tired of following the personal lives of your friends on Facebook or Instagram and feel like you want to learn about something new in a unique, funny, and even interactive way many times, you can find a content alternative on Reddit. If you are new to this social network, we recommend some subreddits (interest groups) that you could follow. Gradually, you will see that a wide range of options opens up for you, depending on the passions or topics that interest you.

The good thing about Reddit is that the administrators of each subreddit care a lot about the veracity of the information distributed, its source and the informational value (depending on the group theme, of course), which makes the Reddit experience useful and interesting. Moreover, you have access to a lot of smart users who aim to create and track interesting content.

Bemorepanda collected top posts on Reddit for today.

1.A dollar pen is art

2.Backbreaking research

3.White privilege

4.How dad are you?

5.Waiting for the interview

6.The graphic difference seen by a child

7.Bergamo, Italy

8.Cool collegs

9.A scam

10.Creating portraits 

11.Hear me out

12.This is sad

13.Browsing Reddit

14.Tagging birds

15.Becoming a developer

16.This is Japan


18.Much confident

19.Just a white shirt

20.Blursed holding

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St. Patrick is without a doubt the most famous saint associated with Ireland. Its holiday is celebrated all over the world and is a common symbol of Irish patriotism. His legends have become commonplace in our understanding of Ireland, and the image of the bishop with a clover is an immediately recognizable symbol for many. But despite his popularity, we know very little about the real man. It seems that the legend of St. Patrick has become much more famous than the historical individual.


Bemorepanda collected for you interesting facts, here are 20 of them about the real St. Patrick.


1. The real name may not have been Patrick. We do not know for sure what his birth name is, but the tradition is that it was Maewyn Succat. He later changed it to Patrick when he became bishop, because it means "noble" in Latin.

St. Patrick's Day: 5 Fun Facts | St. Patty's Day | Live Science


2. There are surviving copies of the texts written by St. Patrick. Two Latin works called "Confessions" and "Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus." These works provide the primary sources for what we know about him.

A Saint Patrick's Day special: Further Thoughts on Manuscripts, Marginalia,  Mashups and Reading as Writing - Enterprise Irregulars


3. Dating the life of St. Patrick is difficult, but most estimates put it in the middle of the fifth century. Given that he refers to the Frankish people (who lived in places where Germany and France are now) as pagans in one of his works, this assumes that he was written between 451, with a large amount of francs flowing into Gaul is today Western Europe) and 496, when the French were baptized in large numbers.

How St. Patrick's Day Was Made in America - HISTORY


4. There is a prayer that is said to have been written by St. Patrick, entitled "St. Patrick's Breastplate," but he being the author is now widely rejected by scholars.

Saint Patrick's Day | History, Traditions, & Facts | Britannica


5. No one knows where St. Patrick was born. It is a generally accepted fact that St. Patrick is not a native Irishman and is probably from Wales, but his specific place of birth is unclear. In his works he says that it is from a place called Bannavem Taburniae, but this location is not otherwise known.

St Patrick's Day: how a saint's day played a key role in the struggle for  Irish nationhood


6. St. Patrick was not the first Christian bishop in Ireland. This honor belongs to Bishop Palladius in the fifth century. Palladius was the Roman Catholic deacon sent by the Church to convert the Irish natives. Some speculate that this person was adopted through folklore and later combined with Patrick to form his legend.

It's Saint Patrick's Day on March 17 | LearnEnglish Teens - British Council


7. He did not drive snakes from Ireland. Everything we know about biology tells us that Ireland has never been a home for snakes. The story was explained as a metaphor for Patrick's transformation of the native Druids left to Christianity. But pagan practices continued long after St. Patrick lived, so the exact meaning of the story is unknown.


8. Almost all the stories about St. Patrick were written centuries after he died. Two commonly cited sources are "The Life and Deeds of St. Patrick" by a Jocelin of Furness, who wrote about 1200, and "The Oldest Lives of St. Patrick" by an unknown MacEvin who wrote his works in the twentieth century. IX.

Saint Patrick's Day - Wikipedia


9. St. Patrick gives only the name of his father, Calpornius, and the father's grandfather, Potitus. He says his father was a deacon and his grandfather a priest. Although later the writers further explained the family tree. Jocelin and MacEvin say that his mother was a frank woman named Conceis. Conceis is said to be related to St. Martin of Tours. Although MacEvin claims to be his sister, Jocelin says she is his niece.

5 things to do on St. Patrick's Day |


10. St. Patrick never mentions that he has any brothers in his deeds, but Jocelin and MacEvin claim to have a sister named Lupita.

St. Patrick's Day Celebrations in Charlotte 2021 - Charlotte On The Cheap


11. From the works of St. Patrick, we have gathered that he was abducted from his home at the age of sixteen and brought to Ireland, along with thousands of others, to be sold as slaves. Patrick worked as a pastor for six years. Jocelin says he is a slave to a pagan prince named Milcho, although Patrick says nothing about his captor. Saying only he was "the man I've been with for six years."

St Patrick's Day | The Rocks


12. Jocelin and MacEvin attribute many miracles to St. Patrick in his youth and describe him as pious since the early years. Although Patrick seems to contradict these claims. Referring to his capture in his youth, he says that "at that time I did not know the true God."

St. Patrick's Day 2018: history, traditions, facts, meaning and more -


13. St. Patrick is often said to have used mackerel to explain the concept of the Trinity to Irish pagans. Despite the fame of this story, shamrock or its significance in such a way is never mentioned in any work of St. Patrick and is apparently a legend much later attached to it.

I Love Ireland" Festival and St. Patrick's Day Parade, Mid Mar, 2021 |  Tokyo Cheapo


14. Shamrock - popular Irish symbol, but not a symbol of Ireland. Already in the Middle Ages in the Irish tombs and manuscripts appeared an image of a harp. However, scientists believe that the harp was popular in Irish legends and culture, long before this period. In medieval times it symbolized the harp of Ireland.

What Is St. Patrick's Day? Here's Why We Celebrate the Holiday | Better  Homes & Gardens


15. An estimated 34 million Americans have Irish roots. Some of them are purebred Irish, meaning they or their parents came from Ireland, but more people have mixed ancestors today. In Ireland, in itself live all 4, 2 million people.

Why We Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day | Reader's Digest


16. In addition to green, St. Patrick's Day is associated with alcoholic libations. However, in Ireland 1903-1970, St. Patrick's Day is a religious holiday. All pubs were closed for the next day. It was abolished in 1970, when St. Patrick's Day was classified as a national holiday.

St. Patrick's Day Traditions - HISTORY


17. At the age of 16, Patrick was abducted by Irish burglars who sold him into slavery. He lived for many years in Ireland, sheep, and at the age of 22 he managed to escape. After that he came to the monastery in England, where he spent 12 years.

ᐈ St patricks day stock pictures, Royalty Free st patricks day pictures |  download on Depositphotos®


18. St. Patrick, despite being known as the Patron Saint of Ireland, was never officially canonized. His recognition as a saint was made by popular opinion, and probably with the approval of a bishop. Although he is far from the only saint, he was never officially canonized. In fact, the church did not have any formal process for sanctification until the twelfth century. So it is safe to assume that St. Patrick will always be considered a saint.

7 things to do in Nashville on St. Patrick's Day


19. March 17 was chosen for St. Patrick's Day because it is said to be the day he died. The year was declared 461, but we do not know for sure.

Why Do We Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day?


20. St. Patrick, you know, he can actually be based on more people. While we are pretty sure that St. Patrick was a historical figure, it is possible that the folk character is derived from two different people. Patrick of Wales and Bishop Palladius mentioned above. The two bishops had stories about their circulation until they became a unified preacher.

St Patrick's Day 2020: a local's guide to Dublin's biggest festival -  Lonely Planet

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Best BB Face Creams 2022

1 month ago

With the advent of BB creams, many began to change their tonal foundations to this tool: it also masks imperfections. It corrects complexion, and at the same time, it also cares for the skin, improving its condition and allowing you to get rid of blemishes. It is used daily and determines the quality of makeup, so the chosen BB cream must be perfect, which applies to both the decorative and the care side.


Why do you need a BB Cream? 

The deciphering of two Bs in the name of this cream explains everything: it is blemish balm, which translates as “balm against imperfections” (what is the difference between BB and CC cream, we told here). This explains everything - the tool helps achieve perfect skin and works for this in two directions.


Firstly, the texture of the cream contains pigments that create an even tonal coverage on the skin and hide imperfections like redness and dark circles under the eyes. Secondly, the BB cream contains components that care for the skin: moisturize it, nourish it, soothe inflamed areas, and protect it from UV rays and other aggressive environmental factors.


Thus, the imperfections that the BB cream is designed to hide gradually disappear on their own - the tool solves external and inside problems.


BB creams often come in several shades that adapt to the skin tone. You can also choose the right option for your skin type: when BB creams gained popularity, they began to be produced in different formats and with different textures so that everyone could find the best product for themselves.


You can read about the best makeup bases here.


What is the difference between corrector, concealer, and BB cream?

Some helpful information, so you don't confuse these tools. Concealers are designed to mask minor skin imperfections. The concealer is applied around the eyes. The corrector is used all over the face. The first has a light, reflective texture and lies under the foundation.


Do you need BB cream? Makeup artists disagree: some believe this is a new marketing move, and someone has seriously revised their professional set. One thing is essential: your face needs hydration. And if you want to combine it with the direct application of foundation, BB cream will come in handy.


Top 10 BB creams


10. Maybelline BB Cream Dream Satin Hydrating SPF 30

The manufacturer of the legendary decorative cosmetics could not stay away from BB creams - and made Dream Satin suitable for most skin types! Aloe extract is universal. It nourishes and moisturizes regardless of the season. A decisive SPF-30 factor allows you to stay in the sun for a long time. The texture is light, absorbed in 1-2 minutes.


9. GARNIER BB cream moisturizer SPF15

Garnier offers five shades of BB cream at once - choose the one that suits you best. Caffeine is declared in the composition. This ingredient perfectly tones the skin. In addition to it, there is grapefruit extract, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. Such a “vitamin cocktail” will take care of your health while decorative cosmetics remain on your face. The cream has a light texture and absorbs quickly. Bloggers note the lifting effect.


8. "BB" Cream SPF 50 by Kiehl's

With only one necessary amendment: in summer, more intense sun protection is needed from type A and type B rays (UVA and UVB). So if you have fair skin, it is better to choose a BB cream with SPF 50. Kiehl’s has one, for example.


It has excellent abilities both in skincare and in masking imperfections. The tool is distinguished by a useful composition, which can improve the quality of the skin. Therefore, there is an instant softening and smoothing effect and a long-term impact - with regular use of the cream, the skin condition noticeably improves: the tone evens out, and it becomes fresh and toned.



This product contains hyaluronic acid. It penetrates the epidermis layers, providing a leveling of relief and even smoothing wrinkles (with prolonged use). The manufacturer focuses on the absence of fragrances and parabens. BB cream is suitable for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. In addition to toning and a matte effect, there is nutrition - due to vitamins A, E, and F.


7. Holika Holika Petit BB Moisturizing Cream SPF30

Talking about BB creams without mentioning Korean cosmetics is an omission, so our rating includes a product from Holika Holika. Active ingredients - salicylate and glycerin - fight irritation, and remove skin flaking. The tool "does not roll" when applied, and hyaluronic acid provides moisture for 12 hours. Thanks to SPF-30, the cream is suitable for sun-prone skin.


6. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42

Another Korean BB face cream, its “highlight,” is a decisive sun protection factor (SPF 42). The manufacturer promises whitening, matting effect, and even lifting; according to bloggers, it's all there. The product is recommended for "age" skin. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and ceramides will maintain tone even under a solid layer of cosmetics!


5. La Roche-Posay Hydreane BB Cream for Sensitive Skin SPF20

Shea butter (shea butter) and vitamin E carefully care for the face while the product performs its primary function - toning imperfections. The cream is labeled "hypoallergenic / non-comedogenic," so make-up artists recommend it for problem skin. SPF is weak (20), and Hydreane BB is more suitable for evening make-up. The light perfume smell is not irritating and harmonizes with most perfumes.


4. L'Oreal Paris BB cream WULT color-correcting foundation

The “tonal” mark on this face cream means a more prosperous and denser texture. The composition contains vitamins of groups B and E, which means nutrition. Thanks to the liquid surface, the prod easily squeezeseeze out of the tuand be, the application takes only 1-2 minutes. SPF-20 protection is suitable for dark, sun-resistant skin.


3. BB C'est Magic by L'Oréal Paris

For girls with dry skin, hydration comes first. A versatile moisturizer that can be worn no matter the season is L'Oréal Paris' BB C'est Magic. The cream will ensure that the skin tone is even - with its help, you can create a flawless base for your make-up or self-coverage.


In both cases, it will only change the skin's condition for the better. So, fig extract in the composition will provide 24-hour hydration. Antioxidant ingredients help in protecting the skin from premature aging; the same benefit is from SPF 20. In general, they promise L’Oréal Paris that after a week of application, you will notice improvements in the general condition of the skin.


2. Effaclar from La Roche-Posay

Owners of problematic skin are among the first and foremost recipients of BB creams because, in addition to an even tone, they are aimed at controlling that same blemish (imperfections). Indeed, with problem skin, in our opinion, it is worth giving preference to a prophylactic BB cream. Especially for problem skin, they are produced by brands specializing in the care of such skin, especially for problem skin. For example, you can find the best option for Effaclar from La Roche-Posay.


It does not offer an abundance of shades, but it allows you to solve the main problem of skin prone to imperfections: it hides and prevents traces of post-acne and has a preventive effect, helping to get rid of rashes. As part of salicylic and lipo hydroxy acids, which even out the skin texture and prevent clogging of pores, a fashionable component of niacinamide, moisturizes and soothes the skin.


1. Top Secrets Ultra Moisture Glow by Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

Among the valuable properties of this remedy, the most powerful is moisturizing: the formula relieves dryness for 24 hours, leaving no chance for the skin to remain dull, devoid of radiance and “life.” Reflective particles in the cream also enhance the effect.


Thanks to them, you can forget about mixing foundation with highlighter - Top Secrets Ultra Moisture Glow combines both products. It evens out the tone, allowing you to hide imperfections and give the skin a flawless look. The result will remain for a long time - for this purpose. The formula contains particular fixing components. And caring ingredients with each use of the cream improve the skin's condition.



How to choose a BB cream: sharing the nuances


BB face cream translates as Blemish Balm, i.e., "healing." A modern tool is suitable for dealing with small pimples and as a base for make-up. New active components have appeared, and the beneficial effect has increased. What to look for when choosing?


Look for the label "for skin type." Even moisturizers vary by skin type. Dry "asks" for nutrition and hydration, oily - control of sebum release. Chamomile, Aloe Vera will soothe sensitive skin. And no parabens, of course!


Don't forget about SPF filters. BB-cream for the face is planned to be applied under daytime makeup, so take care of sun protection. If you are prone to burning, choose a high SPF (greater than 30). The same applies to freckles - if you do not strive for maximum naturalness.


Apply a tester before buying. You can only understand how the skin will react to the product after application. The most sensitive place is in the crook of the elbow, but the store may not appreciate the rolled-up sleeves. Therefore, apply the product on the wrist and wait 3-5 minutes. If the composition contains an allergic component, slight redness/irritation will appear.


Hyaluronic acid is the best moisturizer. It contains enzymes that are involved in the renewal of epidermal cells. In addition, they retain natural moisture on the surface of the skin. BB cream with hyaluronic acid is ideal for those with a tendency to peel.


You can read about the best makeup bases here.


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Imagine what our life would be like if we were in a video game. Although, wait, what if it is? No, no, our minds are not clouded, because we can prove it! Scroll through our collection of photos with things that look like a glitch in a video game, and you yourself will begin to doubt that everything that surrounds us is real. Perhaps this is all just the Matrix, and you and I have chosen the wrong pill.


“Entrance to the underwater observatory at Lake Zug in Switzerland. I took this photo and it reminded me of the movie "The Truman Show" »


« Good morning! And in case I don't see you again - good afternoon, good evening and good night! " 🌞🌚


This is what this underwater observatory looks like inside and out.



“The peel of the apple I peeled looks like it was from a low-res video game.”


An apple that causes eye pain because they keep trying to focus, but they can't 🍎


Pixel dog


Like some filter censored the dog by mistake 🐶


"I think there was a glitch in the matrix"


When objects stuck in textures help keep your distance ⛰️


At some point in the day, the Sun in Hawaii shines so that shadows disappear from some objectsstreets look like they are from a bad video game


, which makes theWhen this happens, it means that the sunlight falls almost exactly from top to bottom 🌞


One more example




This bumper was photographed after a car accident


. Toyota has such cool bumpers that first they arrive at the place, and then the rest of the car 🏎️

In fact, it looks like someone decided to save money and hung a regular bumper on an invisible car.


“I drive past this building every morning, but today I got stuck in traffic and was able to take a picture.”


This is the headquarters of the media company NBCUniversal (NBC + Universal Studios), located in Los Angeles, USA. This effect is due to the fact that the building has the shape of a diamond 🏙️


“My friend from India noticed this pixel glitch in the Matrix”


There seems to be one dead pixel in the Indian sky! ☁️

Looks like when you clear just enough ice on your windshield in winter to drive.


This is a top view of the most common flat fields covered with snow. In the photo it looks like they are three-dimensional


These fields are located in Eastern Colorado, USA, and for this effect, thanks to the wind 🌬️



It's just that the body hasn'tyet.


loadedIt seems that the cat has applied the skin of the box 😺


Levitating roof tailgate of a pickup, which actually lies on the ground


This photo is interesting because as soon as you realize that it is happening, then a moment later you see again flying in the air trunk roof 🤷♂️


These columns look like a glitch.


Another photo that makes your eyes hurt. The photo was taken at the Jama Masjid Mosque, Ahmedabad, India.



It seems that the back of this doggie decided to run away.


The dog, whose tail wags separately 🐕


“The furniture in this room makes the photo look like it’s a 3D model.”


We hope this furniture is comfortable, although its sharp edges suggest otherwise 🟥🟩🟦


The sky failed to load theimage

09-12-55-16310085481626044449US Air 

A Northrop B-2 Spirit aircraft took off from the US Air Force base to conduct a training bombing ✈️


This house has not yet been unlocked, gain more experience and it will become available


Authors are German artists Eric Sturm and Simon Jung. According to Erik Sturm, it took 500 liters of emulsion paint to paint an apartment building black ⬛🖌️


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