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Unlike dogs, which express their devotion and love for their owner more emotionally and explicitly, felines have less obvious ways to communicate their feelings. Like any living creature, each cat is individual, has its own temperament, character, behavior. That is why our pets demonstrate their attitude and sympathy for a person in different ways. In fact, even the hurtful antics of a pet can indicate love. So do cats love their owners and how do these unique animals show their sympathy for humans?


Manifestations of cat love

Contrary to popular belief that cats are tied exclusively to the house and live with a person for their own benefit, these animals, despite their independent nature, need love, attention and affection. Cats are smart, noble creatures, and if you treat them properly, create the most comfortable conditions, surround them with affection and warmth, they will definitely reciprocate. Affectionate cat's soul is capable of strong friendship with the owner and members of his family. But how to understand that a cat loves its owner?


You can determine cat love and sympathy by the behavior, habits of your pet. From the first days of the appearance of a kitten in the house, it is very important to establish contact with the animal, to create the most favorable, comfortable environment. Once in an unusual, unfamiliar place, a kitten or an adult animal will be disoriented and will try to adapt to new conditions through hearing and smell.


During the adaptation period, an animal can be tamed only with a benevolent attitude and care. The cat should feel completely safe. Representatives of the cat family are straightforward and frank, they do not tolerate disrespectful, rude treatment. To win their sympathy, you need to earn the trust of a cat. Furry pets remember the feeling of security all their lives and perceive the owner as a friend. Only in this case, you can count on the love and tenderness of the cat's soul.


About cat love

Undoubtedly, cats and cats are capable of loving the owner, but they show their feelings in their own way. There are several signs by which feline friendship and favor can be identified. Some manifestations of feline love are obvious, other signs of sympathy, on the contrary, may be implicit.


To find out if cats love their owner, you need to carefully monitor your pet, study the body language of the animal. It serves to express a whole range of feline emotions. Pay attention to what sounds the cat makes, how it behaves in a given situation. By meowing, she can attract attention, demonstrate anxiety, a need for affection.


Signs that allow you to understand whether cats love their owners include:


  • purring, loud rumbling;
  • gentle biting, "butting" the head;
  • tail twitching;
  • attempts to bring their "booty", toys;
  • "trampling" during rumbling;
  • cat kisses, licking of hands, faces;
  • blinking, long, peaceful look;
  • permission to stroke the tummy;
  • sleep next to the owner.


Eye contact

One of the signs of the manifestation of feline love and tenderness towards the owner is eye contact. Representatives of the cat family do not like a long gaze and perceive it as a threat. Therefore, long-term visual contact is only possible if the animal fully trusts you. If eye contact is complemented by a leisurely blink, you can be sure that you have earned the trust of the cat and received a kind of “cat kiss” from your pet.


Precious gifts from a cat

By nature, cats are born hunters. They are happy to chase toys, beams of laser key fobs, birds, small rodents. Having brought home another "trophy", the cat shares the prey with the owner, expressing gratitude for the attention and care. If the animal brought a gift, be sure to praise him for his generosity. Otherwise, the cat may be offended.


Cats also show their love during games. At the same time, biting, scratching, menacing meowing does not at all mean aggression on the part of the pet. On the contrary, the member of the family whom the fluffy animal has chosen as an object for games is the pet of the animal. You can also talk about complete trust if the cat brings his toys, arranges an impromptu hunt, attacking you from shelters.


Purring, growling

To understand if cats love their owner, listen to the sounds they make. Moreover, a wide range of volume is possible: from a soft, quiet purr to a loud, expressive rumbling. So cats express not only their mood, but also the whole gamut of feelings and emotions that they experience for the owner. If a pet purrs in your presence or sitting in your arms, this is a sure sign of feline love and friendliness.


Cat tenderness

If a cat rubs its muzzle against your legs, arms or face, this does not mean at all that the animal “marks” its owner as property. On the head of cats are secretory glands that secrete special substances that allow them to leave their smell on well-studied objects, people that are not dangerous. The presence of such identification marks allows the animal to feel confident in the surrounding space. The manifestation of such signs of cat attention is another proof of love, appreciation and trust of a pet to a person.


If a cat licks open parts of the body, rubs his whiskers on his hands, the face is the highest degree of manifestation of feline love and devotion. Stroking a person with a paw is a sign of affection and tenderness. If a fluffy pet rolls from side to side at your feet, exposing his tummy, this indicates that the animal wants to attract attention, completely trusting you.


If a cat does not trust a person, he will never let you touch his tail and will definitely cling to his hand. The tail of cats is a kind of mood barometer. And if the cat follows you, raising its tail with a pipe, this means that it invites you to a dialogue, demanding attention.


A sure sign of feline affection is "trampling", kneading from paw to paw with the release of claws. This habit is laid down in childhood, when babies stimulate the flow of milk. Adult animals thus show that they feel completely safe, they feel very good with the owner, just like they once did with their own mother.


Joint gatherings

A cat, like any other animal, must have a personal space and territory where you can retire to sleep or rest. But the feeling of comfort is not the only motive that drives pets. Sometimes an animal, in need of attention, is ready to sit and even lie in an uncomfortable position, just to be close to its beloved owner. If a cat chooses a place to rest next to you, tries to get on its knees, do not hesitate - this is another way of showing its love.


Everyone knows that cats sleep most of the day and can spend up to 20 hours sleeping. But it is in a dream that they feel most vulnerable, so they prefer to rest in the safest places. If the cat lay down at the feet, next to the owner, this indicates complete trust. So, with you, the animal feels completely safe.


Cat pranks

Sometimes cats can show love in subtle, veiled ways. For example, if a pet sharpens its claws on upholstered furniture, this does not always mean that it sharpens its “weapon”. Often the scratches left by sharp claws are nothing more than territory marks. You may notice that damage to furniture occurs in those places where a person likes to spend time.


You can understand whether cats love their owners, oddly enough, by the smell of cat urine. Of course, such behavior of animals must be stopped, but if the cat has emptied into shoes or even onto the bed, this means that in this way he attracts attention to his person. Such behavior may also indicate that the animal has suffered stress, for example, due to moving to a new place of residence or as a result of a long separation from the owner.


Do not forget that cats are independent, confident animals capable of making decisions on their own. Despite the fact that they need affection and attention, cats have a need for personal space and they are not always ready to communicate with a person. Do not bother your pet with excessive attention if he decides to retire and relax. Keep a balance in relationships, and then your pet will love and trust you even more.



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When your cat needs your attention, it will overcome all obstacles to get it. And despite the fact that your pet has its own unique character, all cats require attention in a similar way. Signs of attracting attention are familiar to all cat lovers: for example, she lies on her back, as if urging you to stroke her tummy, or gently fiddles with her paws, releasing her claws when she sits in your arms.

And if that didn't work, your pet will certainly have at least seven more classic tricks to get your attention:


This is the main way cats communicate. The timbre and tone of the cat's sounds change depending on what she wants to "say". If you are busy with household chores and do not pay attention to your pet, she will start with a quiet but persistent meow, similar to the cry of a newborn baby. She will then go on to a loud, hoarse screech that will make you run towards her, for example, into the next room. And there you will find her sitting with the most innocent expression on her face, which seems to say to you: "Who, me ??".

 Long gaze.

Sometimes a cat just needs to stare at you with delightful wide eyes to grab your attention. It's like a silent incantation: "You will do what I want!" And while this is a technique of indirect influence, you still cannot ignore this deep gaze. You will drop everything and turn your full attention to the cat.

 Lies on your laptop.

Another common and effective method is lying on your laptop (tablet, book, newspaper, magazine, dinner plate, etc.). In this way, your persistent purr asks for attention and reminds you that she is the most important creature in your life. You may think that the cat is lying on the computer because it is warm, but in fact, this way it shows you that it is more important than all these inanimate objects. "Why look into this iron box when you can admire me?" Yours took, dear! But you can use the weapon of the "enemy" by playing a video of squirrels or birds on a laptop screen - your cat will immediately forget that he just sought your attention.

 Waiting for the owner at the door.

If a cat is in your house recently, then you may mistakenly believe that in order to stay in peace and quiet, you just need to close the door of your bedroom or study. Nothing like this. Your cat will scratch and meow until you open it. She can do this for hours - eventually your patience will run out. Some cats run down the corridor, and then rush to the closed door, so it is better not to close it at all. This will help to avoid not only injuries to the animal, but also scratches on the door.

 Throws things off the table.

Is it worth throwing the TV remote off the table if the owner doesn't see it? Your furry pet will only use this clever trick if you are nearby. And if you are not around, then there is no need to do it. Smart cats determine where the valuable thing is, and begin to slowly but persistently push it to the edge of the table, chest of drawers or shelf, leaving you enough time to run up and catch the “jewel” before it falls. If you are focused on something else, the cat will push the object directly onto the floor. Either way, it will grab your attention.

 Gives "gifts".

Cats love to please their owners and pay attention to them as well, and one way to do this is to give a “gift”. Surprises include toy mice, stuffed animals, and even shoes and slippers (yes, dogs aren't the only ones who can do this!). When the cat is trying to get attention, this method works especially well. Sometimes she chooses a maneuver that will definitely make you get up: she takes a bowl and puts it near your feet, after which she begins to scream heart-rendingly until you praise her.

 Rubs against the owner's legs.

This is a win-win, because what could be better than bodily contact with a pet? The cat knows this and is sure that you know it too, so this method works every time. Realize that she is using this clever trick to grab your attention.

It doesn't matter which way your cat chooses - just remember that it can grab your attention for hours. But you can give what she needs: your love and affection (and, perhaps, a little cat food). After all, you've got a cat to share your love, which means you can show it too.

1.Cat hugging owner hand

2.Cat and human time together

3.Cats love for real human arms

4.Best hug ever

5.Cats are the cuttest hugs companion

6.Hugs with a cat

7.Owner lover

8.Who wants hugs?

9.Lil guy meowning

10.Touching the owner is cool





















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What girl or woman does not dream of being loved and happy? Therefore, when a suitable candidate appears on the horizon, lovely ladies with trembling hearts enter into a relationship, hoping that everything will be fine and they will live together happily ever after. But not everyone is lucky enough to find one for life. And not because the girls are illegible and ready for anyone, like inferior, but their own. Instead, blinded by feelings, they do not notice the apparent alarm bells that signal that staying away from some guys is better.


By what signals can you understand that a girl should run away from a guy


But how do you know what those calls are? This question was answered by male Reddit users who were asked, “What less obvious red flags about men would you like to warn women against?”



Here is what is said about this:


1. Find out about his last three relationships and why they ended. If the girl has always been crazy, then he is crazy. — Jack3715


2. When they don't respect the word "no", even under the best of circumstances. - ScaricoOleoso


3. If your inner voice says: "I can change this man," then this is not the man you need. — Jay-Ames


4. My friend dated a guy who thought everyone wanted to fight him.


At the gym: "This guy is running into trouble."


At the mall: "These guys look like they want to get hit."


At the grocery store: "This dude is looking at me like he wants to say, 'Let's go out and talk!'


Nobody wants to fight you. You're just on steroids. — m0c0


5. Don't trust a person who can play pranks on others but can't stand being played with. — Robin-KC



6. If he's trying to make you feel crazy or invalidate your feelings because you're uncomfortable about something or having boundaries, run. — OreoKing10


7. As a father, I tried to teach my daughter to be aware of subtle manipulation.


In a healthy relationship, there is no "permission" - when you have to ask permission to do something.


Watch for subtle control, passive-aggressive comments or remarks.


If he's trying to drive a wedge between you and your friends or family, walk away from him.


Watch and listen to how he treats other people.


If you don't respect yourself, he won't treat you with respect.


If he doesn't call for a few days and then acts like it's nothing special, break up with him.


If he's sticky, you're definitely out of the loop.


Having a victim mentality entails predatory, abusive behavior.


If someone treats you worse than you think you deserve, it is imperative that you deal with it as early and as quickly as possible.


If there is no meaningful communication or compromise, don't waste your time.


Life is too short to deal with an possessive, jealous, controlling, manipulative, emotionally retarded, or destroyed man. You cannot fix people. Take care of yourself and move on without this person and don't look back. It's OK. Breaking up is hard when you've invested your time and heart, but you'd be better off alone than with someone like this. Revolutionary_War503


8. He makes fun of you in front of his or your friends. Cute teasing can be safely tolerated, but actually making fun of you?! No thanks. — SnooChocolates4588



9. No one mentioned the problem of replacing mom.


I unfortunately had a few friends who thought that when they got into a serious relationship, the only purpose of a woman was to clean up after them. No male children! — kungfufiddy


10. If he is rude to subordinates but nice to you, he is not a very good person. — BlewOffMyLegOff


"If you want to see the true measure of a person, look at how he treats the lower, and not the equal." — J.K. Rowling


11. Don't expect anyone to change for you and don't let anyone try to change you. — Agent 8433599


12. If he starts throwing tantrums over trifles, it will only get worse. He is not temperamental, he is unbalanced. — Geek_Therapist


13. I've seen stories of guys getting angry and breaking their stuff during games. As someone who has been playing video games for about 20 years, I can say that this is not normal. For example, swearing is understandable, but breaking things is overkill. It's just aggressive behavior and a red flag. — cashformoldd


14. Any aversion to responsibility.


The older I get, the more convinced I am that the men I respect the most are not those who have achieved great success, but those who are not afraid to take responsibility. thrax7545


15. When someone constantly says that he is not like that, he really is. — jnwiggs1


16. If something happens to him and he always puts the blame on someone else, or something else, or the situation, that's a big red flag. Sooner or later, everything will be your fault. — BuckyGoldman


17. Blame their childhood for treating you and others like trash. — Yougotthewronglad



18. Pay attention not to what the guy says, but to his actions. You can tell if a guy is a good guy by the way he carries himself. - rcsheets


19. If a guy talks about all the girls he's slept with when no one asks him to… great job, man. You just confirmed that you suck. — frozen_beet11


20. If he verbally attacks you in an argument rather than discussing the issue. — LostInSpace3141


21. If he ignores your opinion about something small, he will ignore your opinion about something big.


Every questionable act of a person that you justify because you want to believe in the best in this person should be taken as a yellow flag. Step back from the situation, evaluate it logically and in the context of other behaviors or opinions. If you constantly have to interpret his behavior in the best possible light to make sure everything is in order, you should run. Janube


22. Stop falling in love with the man you think he might be and take a close look at who he is. That's who he will always be. — Silverstrand Beach


23. If he is not at the same level of maturity as you, regardless of age, don't settle for it. One of you will become a parent. — Rileycontinued


24. If he is dumb but thinks he is smart. — Beginning-Bed9364


25. If he refuses to admit that he is wrong. If he calls himself "brutally honest." Or “jokes” about topics that are socially unacceptable to joke about. — M_A_X_77



26. If he says "all my exes are crazy" and tells you stories about all of them where he is always the victim, run! — PomegranateLimp9803


27. If a guy does the bare minimum of what you want in a long-term relationship in the beginning, it will be well below your standards in a few years.


I would expect about half of what you see in the first year. — ThinkIGotHacked


28. It's very obvious, but I've seen dozens of women make the same mistake:


If he's rude, selfish, and possessive, he won't change once you start dating. I don't know why so many women think that a man will "get an epiphany" and be a better person once they're in a relationship.


People VERY RARELY change. — Broken_Moon_Studios


29. If they act like they know everything. Of course, the changes are not about them. — overratedone


30. You don't need an obsessive man. Relying on a person for your own happiness is a bad idea. — Dre Mosley


31. If he believes that a relationship without arguments or screams is doomed due to a lack of passion, he probably has not learned healthy communication. — ThatVoiceDude


32. If he is a selfish lover in bed, he is more likely to be a selfish partner in life. — SirSubSandwich


33. Men who are in their 40s but still act like they just graduated from high school. They spend money as if there is no tomorrow, they have no plans for the future. They look at every girl as entertainment, prefer to play or hang out with bros, and think about themselves more than about you. — staycalmNdrinkcoffee



34. Alcoholics are not the best choice. -KingCurtis720


35. When you have to cater to his needs/wants rather than your own without any compromise. It could be something like watching only the movies he wants, or doing what only he wants to do, or ordering takeout that only he likes. — SerHippoh


36. When a man talks more than he listens. — sarcastic_fish


37. My great-grandmother always said: get the guy drunk hard and see if he gets nicer or more aggressive. Avoid the latter or be more careful.


In my family, this method is still used as a test. — stvaccount


38. If he never apologizes for anything, even if you both know that he is clearly wrong. — Pancaaaked


39. Emotional reactivity, anger, blame and shame in disputes or during times of stress. Get out immediately! — AwayGame_1279


40. If they don't believe in or make fun of platonic friendship between men and women. - extropia


41. Almost no other guy likes him, only women. I can't tell you how many jerks I've met who suddenly become charismatic as soon as the girl he wants to get into bed is there. — FowlKreacher


42. He says he doesn't know why his marriage broke up. — Comfortable_Exit_207


43. Men who are easily turned on love to yell and curse other drivers on the road. — Brilliant-Champion81



44. Never get fooled by how a man treats you. See how he treats unattractive women and other men. — Snoo72074


That's right - look at how he treats / talks about fat women. If you gain weight, he will treat you the same way (like a fat woman once, I always notice this). — Mais Oui


45. If he never admits he is wrong, even when it comes to unprincipled things, he is most likely a narcissist. — InfiniteIntrovert


46. If they say something like “I don’t deserve you, you should have someone better, everyone always leaves me and so on”, this is worth thinking about. — lornezubko


47. Gossips a lot. If he talks about other people, he will talk about you too. — kmn493


48. Never, ever meet someone who is able and knows how to manipulate people. It's not a one-time thing. It is a habit. — USER_34739


49. If they like to solve problems with violence, just be aware that at some point you can become the source of problems. — SuperfluousPedagogue


50. If he is not kind to strangers, such as people from the service industry. Most likely, he hides his true nature when he is with you, and sooner or later he will show it. — Rmnkby


51. If he plays video games with fanaticism. First you say, "At least he doesn't go out, or I don't have to worry about cheating," and then it turns into you living with him and he doesn't want to do anything other than play. - Chroococcusaceae






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