Promise Ring - an ideal gift for the one you love

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Such is the tradition - an honest word must necessarily be fixed with something symbolic: a handshake, a receipt, or significant rituals.


Promise rings- the first sign of true love


The promise ring is just about that. See more information below.


To whom to give?

It symbolizes that you made a promise to someone (and sometimes yourself) and keep your word. Promises, in this case, can be very different: chastity (and then it is called the purity ring), fidelity to each other between friends, a word to oneself to gain a helpful habit or make a decision on an important issue.


However, its most popular use is before engagement. Its second name is pre-engagement.


For example, you are too young to get married, in a long-distance relationship, or simply not ready to get married. But you want to show your partner that you care for a monogamous relationship and have chosen only him - give him a promise ring as a sign of the sincerity of your words.


Not to be confused with an engagement ring

Unlike the engagement ring, this ring can be inexpensive. It can be ordered in silver without stones or with a small diamond. It must reflect your intentions. The “talking” design will help with this - for example, it can be a ring in the form of a heart or knot. So, you can leave your fingerprint or author's engraving in the ring.


How to give a ring?

You can make a surprise - of course, not forgetting to explain the meaning of your gift. And you can choose it together. This way, you will avoid a possible awkward situation (“Is that an engagement ring?”) and choose exactly what your other half likes.


It is not without reason that the ring is called pre-engagement because it can have another meaning - a prototype of the future engagement, a placeholder ring. In other words, an inexpensive ring is given as a temporary engagement ring. It will be replaced by a more expensive one when the bride finds “her” design.


There is another way - to choose two promise rings and exchange them. And if initially, promise rings were given mainly by men to women, now paired promise rings are increasingly common.


History of promise ring

The "fathers" of modern promise rings - the so-called poetic rings (posy rings, or poesie rings) - were ordinary in the Middle Ages. In the XIII-XVI centuries. They gave rings with engraved phrases, such as “united hearts, death only parts, " as a sign of their devotion, friendship, or deeper feelings.” The choice of the inscription could be anything and was based only on the literary abilities and education of the author.


There was another type of similar jewelry - rings with acrostics, in other words, with an encrypted message. So, the ring was decorated with stones with different names, and by the initial letters of these names, it was possible to make a word - for example, “love.” They were common in the Georgian (1714-1837) and Victorian (1837-1901) eras.


When are the rings presented to the beloved ones?

It didn't matter if they met yesterday or had been dating for several years. It is a symbol of fidelity that materializes pure love between two people. Usually, it was given by a man, but nothing prevented a woman from making a similar gift, emphasizing her passion.


The "promise ring" was not supposed to have characteristics. No one is obligated to give a call made of metal; everyone could choose jewelry for themselves. Value is more valuable than looks. Most often, the symbolism of the heart was chosen.


Wearing a ring has a long tradition. It means the promise of marriage symbolizes devotion and fidelity to a partner. The shape of the crew also has essential symbolism. It is round, without a beginning or end. It has become a universal sign of eternal love and fidelity, perfection and infinity, thanks to this.


From antiquity to the present day

The meaning of the engagement ring has changed throughout its history, from antiquity to the present day. In ancient times, it was believed that the ring finger directly connected with the heart, so a loved one put the ring on the left hand, on the side of the heart. It was a sign of endless love and eternal connection.


Already in the Middle Ages, a woman received a promise ring as a guarantor of a future marriage. This was taken so seriously that women were forbidden to wear a ring just for fun. Later, the so-called double rings appeared—a pair of calls that can be worn together. A man wore his before marriage, then gave it to a woman who wore it as an engagement ring.


Today, the engagement ring is an integral part of the official wedding announcement. In Europe, only women traditionally wear "promise" rings. Usually, a man chooses a call and buys it.


Tradition, Identity, and Meaning vs. Value

While in many countries, the cost of an engagement ring depends, for example, on a man's income, in Russia, more importance is attached to a ring that a woman likes. Of course, the choice of material and the size of diamonds also play an essential role in this country, but individual style is necessary for most women. And, of course, most of them consider the traditional meaning of the ring required. They wear it as a symbol of imperishable love and devotion to their partner.


Giving "promise" rings is still in trend. In most countries, this tradition is relatively young. As they say, everything new is a well-forgotten old. In the past, the custom was lost, the promise began to be given in words, and rings were put on only in the registry office. In addition, a precious metal ring with diamonds was simply too expensive for ordinary people, and no one wanted to give simple jewelry anymore.


But after the 1950s, wages began to rise, and more men could give their loved ones a precious ring. The ritual quickly spread among the wealthy and became a tradition again. The number of couples in which at least one of the two partners has an engagement ring has steadily increased since the 1970s.


What is the beauty of this trend? 

A man has the opportunity to surprise his partner, to please her. Today, more than 90% of grooms give a ring on the engagement day, and they put on the call only for the wedding. This ensures that the romantic custom is not quickly forgotten. Young people love to imitate celebrity customs, and so the next generation is likely to continue the tradition of giving "promise" rings.


Jewelry is not only an opportunity to change the character of an image with a few details but also a way to make a profound statement. A BFF pendant given to you by your best friend or earrings passed down in your family for generations are not the only examples. Back in the 16th century, lovers began to exchange promise rings, which were the personification of the couple's commitment (it is worth noting that the symbolic accessory has nothing to do with the engagement ring). In the modern world, the trend of giving a promise ring has reached the trends on TikTok under the #promiserings hashtag.


What is the meaning of the promise ring in the 21st century?


To begin with, it is essential to understand the difference between an engagement ring and a promise ring. In short, the first is explicitly intended for a marriage proposal. The second is characterized by the couple's decorations and is a way to get away from the system of developing labeling relationships. For example, it can symbolize the creation of a serious relationship without further plans for marriage.


In addition, the promise ring can also be given as a gift to parents, a child, or friends. In this case, the decoration will be a way to remind you of the eternity and infinity of close relationships between people.


Another use case for a promise ring is for a specific purpose. In this case, it can be a symbol for several people and personally for one person. It is often used as a motivation to achieve a goal or get rid of bad habits.


Why did teens decide to revive the promise ring trend on TikTok?

The cultural zeitgeist of the 2000s began to return to the promise ring rapidly. Only in 2021, it’s more of an association not with the preservation of virginity or imitation of Disney stars, who quickly popularized symbolic jewelry at the beginning of the 2000s (Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers, and others).


Today's teens (the same Gen Z that is against side parting) have begun exchanging promise rings to signal a broad cultural shift and show a willingness to commit long-term. A feature of this decoration is a light, cheerful and discreet appearance. It can be rings made of natural stones, Murano glass, colored acrylic, or other materials. The main thing is an individual message.



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On February 14, many countries around the world celebrate Valentine's Day.


It is believed that Valentine's Day has existed for more than 16 centuries, but the holidays of Love have been known from even earlier times - from the time of ancient cultures. For example, the Romans in mid-February celebrated a festival of eroticism called Lupercalia, in honor of the goddess of love Juno Februata.


The holiday also has a specific "culprit" - the Christian priest Valentine. This story dates back to around 269, when the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II. The warring Roman army experienced an acute shortage of soldiers for military campaigns, and the commander was convinced that the main enemy of his "Napoleonic" plans was marriage, for a married legionnaire thought much less about the glory of the empire than about how to feed his family. And, in order to preserve the military spirit in his soldiers, the emperor issued a decree forbidding legionnaires to marry.


Bemorepanda collected some lovely facts about Valentine's day.



1. Valentine's Day was born in 496, with the light hand of the Pope - Gelasius. This holiday is a successful attempt by the Catholic Church to replace the popular pagan festival (Luperkali) with a Christian event - the Day of its saint, the patron saint of lovers.


2. In Europe, February 14 began to be celebrated in the 13th century. This holiday reached the USA only in the 18th century, and to Japan and Russia - in the last century.


3. In Germany, February 14 is celebrated as the day of the mentally ill. Psychiatric clinics are decorated with red ribbons on this day, and a special service is held in the chapels at the hospitals.


4. Valentine's Day has another name, which is almost forgotten - "Bird's Wedding". In the old days, it was believed that birds begin to build a nest and prepare for procreation on February 14th.


5. In Muslim countries, in particular in the UAE, Valentine's Day is strictly prohibited. The holiday is considered sinful, contrary to the foundations of Islam. For the propaganda of dissolute Western traditions on this day, they are punished with fines. No scarlet roses and plush hearts!



6. The Catholic Church expelled Valentine from the host of its saints in the 20th century. This decision was explained by the lack of evidence and true facts about the life and deeds of this priest before Christianity.


7. The Russian Orthodox Church does not approve of this holiday, considering it immoral and unworthy of the ancient Orthodox foundations and traditions. The Day of family, love and fidelity is proposed, and as a role model - a married couple of Murom saints Peter and Fevronia.


8. The French are considered the inventors of poetic valentines. On this day, they give their beloved a ripe red tomato - "the apple of love", as it is called here.


9. The Italians named February 14 "sweet day". It is chocolate and other confectionery that is the most common gift in this country for Valentine's Day.


10. Americans spend the most money on chocolate sets - $ 700 million!


11. Every 15th American woman gives flowers to herself on February 14th.


But the soldiers did not become less in love from this. And to their happiness, a man was found who, not fearing the imperial wrath, began to secretly marry the legionnaires with their beloved. It was a priest named Valentine from the Roman city of Terni (Valentine of Terni). Apparently, he was a real romantic, since his favorite pastimes were to reconcile the quarreling, help write love letters and give flowers to the objects of their passion at the request of the legionnaires.

Of course, as soon as the emperor found out about this, he decided to stop his "criminal activities". Valentine was sentenced to death. The tragedy of the situation was also that Valentine himself was in love with the jailer's daughter. The day before the execution, the priest wrote a farewell letter to the girl, where he told about his love, and signed it "Your Valentine". It was read after he was executed.


Subsequently, as a Christian martyr who suffered for the faith, Valentine was canonized by the Catholic Church. And in 496, Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 Valentine's Day.


Since 1969, as a result of the reform of the divine services, Saint Valentine was removed from the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church (along with other Roman saints, information about whose life is contradictory and unreliable). However, even until 1969, the church did not approve and did not support the traditions of celebrating this day.


Whether it was so or otherwise, but, most likely, it was from there that it was customary to write love notes on Valentine's Day - "valentines". And also on this holiday they like to arrange weddings and get married. It is believed that this will become a guarantee of eternal love.



12. In America, in the state of Texas, there is a city called Valentine. The name was born not in honor of a famous resident with that name, but on the case of the first arrival in the city of a train, which coincided with February 14 - Valentine's Day.


13. 73% of all flowers sold on February 14 are bought by men. And only 27% are women.


14. Valentines have the second largest sales after Christmas cards. A billion heart-shaped postcards are sent around the world every year.


15. In Jamaica on February 14, "naked weddings" are held, attracting tourists. People from all over the world come here to gaze at the newlyweds, who are wearing nothing but a wedding ring.


16. The first Valentine's-themed chocolate box was designed and marketed in 1868 by Richard Cadbury.


17. Valentine's Day is a fruitful holiday for private detective agencies. Recipients of anonymous valentines constantly contact them with a request to find the sender.


In Western Europe, Valentine's Day has been widely celebrated since the 13th century, in the United States since 1777.


The tradition of giving gifts on this day grew stronger every year and for some it has become a fairly successful business. For example, at the beginning of the last century, it was customary for Americans to send marzipans to their brides, which were quite expensive.


In Japan, the tradition of giving sweets on this day appeared at the suggestion of a large chocolate company. They began to celebrate Valentine's Day there in the 30s, and to this day, chocolate remains the most common gift. By the way, there Valentine's Day slightly resembles "March 8 for men", as Japanese men receive, perhaps, even more gifts than women: men's accessories such as a razor, lotion, wallet, and so on.


It is customary for passionate French people to give jewelry on Valentine's Day, and in romantic Denmark, people send dried white flowers to each other.


In Britain, on February 14, unmarried girls get up before sunrise, stand by the window and look at the passing men. According to legend, the first man they see is the betrothed.


But there are some countries in the world that have particularly excelled in celebrating Valentine's Day. First of all, this is Saudi Arabia, which is the only country in the world where this holiday is ... officially banned, moreover, under pain of heavy fines.



18. For Finns, February 14 is a holiday of friendship. On this day, they give gifts and show cute signs of attention not only to beloved ones, but also to parents, friends and other close people.


19. In England, there are a lot of signs and beliefs associated with Valentine's Day. On the eve of this day, young English Women fall asleep with laurel leaves tied to the corners of the pillow, and get up with neither light nor dawn, running to the window to see the first passer-by. So they hope to see their betrothed, predict family fate.


20. In the old days, lovers themselves made valentines, decorating them with bird feathers, dried flowers, beads and pieces of lace. It was believed that lace would help to catch a loved one in a love net, to entangle him with heart charms.


21. Sales of contraceptives increased by 25% on this day. 


21. In 2001, the record was set for the highest number of marriages on this day. 


Human perception is amazing. Very often we tend to take some information for truth only on the grounds that it has, in modern terms, a high citation index. In other words, the same text with slight variations wanders from edition to edition, from blog to blog. And the more often it is reproduced, the more often we are ready to take it on faith on the grounds that "everyone says."


But alas, it often happens that the text copied from each other is initially erroneous to one degree or another, and by spreading it further, we involuntarily mislead an increasing number of people.


It is such a story that happened to the biography of a man whose memory is supposedly proposed to be celebrated on February 14. If you search the Internet, the query "Valentine's Day" will return tens and hundreds of links, retelling the same legend with some variations.


As far as the veneration of the saint is concerned, this is what happened in modern times. During the 1969 reform of the Roman Catholic calendar of saints, the celebration of the memory of St. Valentine as a church-wide saint was abolished on the grounds that there is no information about this martyr, except for the name and information about the beheading by the sword. Today, on February 14, the memory of St. Valentine is solely optional.


In the Orthodox Church, on the contrary, Saint Valentine is still venerated. More precisely, both of the previously mentioned martyrs - the bishop and the presbyter - have their own days of remembrance. Valentine the Roman - presbyter - is venerated on July 19, and the Holy Martyr Valentine, Bishop of Interamna - on August 12. If you carefully read the lives of these saints, it becomes clear that in the legends widespread nowadays, fragments relating to completely different people have been mixed, and even medieval writings have supplemented them with many romantic, but completely unrealistic episodes.



23. The Day of Mental Health is celebrated by the Germans on this day. 


24. More than 75% of suicides on this day are attributed to unhappy love. 


25. Once upon a time, lovers exchanged postcards decorated with gold on this day. 


26. This day is called sweet in Italy. 


27. Women's Day is celebrated in Finland on 14 February. 


28. In France, for the first time, a tradition arose to give poetry on this day. 


29. In England, gifts are also given to pets on this day. 



30. Handmade gifts are especially appreciated on this day. 


31. On February 14, Pope Gelasius declared Valentine's Day around 498 BC.


32. More than 53% of women abandon their men if they come to them without gifts. 


33. Richard Cadbury in 1868 presented the first box of chocolate on this day. 


34. About 1 billion cards are sent on this day every year. 


35. 85% of all valentines are bought by women. 


36.39% of all sweets are received by children on this day. 



37. In Japan, it is customary to give sweets, linen and jewelry on this day. 


38. The sale of pregnancy tests in pharmacies is increasing on this day. 


39. Flowers presented on this day have different meanings. 


40. This day was called "Bird's wedding" in the Middle Ages. 


41. In 2011, the world's largest chocolate bar was made in Switzerland, designed specifically for this holiday. 


42. The British Museum has the world's first Valentine. 


43. In Germany, it is customary to plant an onion in a pot on this day with the written name of a loved one.



44. In Saudi Arabia, this holiday is prohibited because it promotes sexual liberation.


45. In Korea, black noodles are prepared for singles on Valentine's Day in special restaurants to help people mourn their loneliness without a pair.


46. Dutch women on Valentine's Day can ask for a wife from any man they like. If he refuses, he must give the lady a silk dress. And Canadian men can pay a fine for refusing to marry.


47. Many people write valentines anonymously. To add mystery, they are written from right to left or with the left hand, they do not indicate the name of the donor and his address.


48. The largest valentine was placed at a pedestrian crossing in Chengdu, China. In it, a love confession was addressed to all residents of this city, and there are at least 14 million of them.


49. 19th century psychiatrists prescribed chocolate to patients suffering from unrequited love. The first box of chocolates for such "patients" was invented by Richard Calbury.


50. The most expensive love card was ordered by Aristotle Onassis. It was crafted from solid gold and studded with diamonds and emeralds. A mink coat served as a packaging for such a luxurious Valentine. So the Greek billionaire confessed his feelings to the opera diva Maria Callas. At the time of its creation in the 60s. the cost of such a postcard was estimated at 300 thousand dollars.





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Best relationship advice: how to stay together for a long time. A phrase that everyone repeats: “Relationships are not easy!”. They develop in a natural rhythm according to the will of feelings: they met, fell in love, and decided to be together. But the people involved can make it complicated.


We are not too pleased with the idea that "relationships need to be worked on." What kind of nonsense is this, but what about love? Why is a harmonious union, which arose from a great and bright feeling, not able to magically work by itself, like a well-oiled machine?


Unfortunately, even the heroes of fairy tales do not hope for this. Relationships take effort, and they can be strong and happy - if you know the right life hacks. A romantic connection can be strengthened and improved by working in two ways:


  • demanding more of myself
  • ordering more from a partner.


No magic is required; everything is straightforward and set out below in ten tips. You get a sure chance to extend your relationship to the "forever" mode.



What bonds the relationship between partners

True love is not like romantic love, which makes us not notice the shortcomings of a partner. It's a choice. This is the constant support of another person, regardless of the circumstances. This is an understanding that your relationship will not always be cloudless. This is the need to deal with the problems of a partner, his fears and thoughts, even when you don’t feel like it at all. Such love is more prosaic, it requires much more effort from partners. But still, it gives a person much more. After all, in the end, it brings real happiness, and not another short-lived euphoria.


What breaks the relationship between partners

Many still believe in the myth "love lives for three years." After a while, they face misunderstanding, quarrels and reproach the partner with the phrase: “You are no longer the person I knew before.” But in fact, this is normal, because we all change throughout life, and failures and disagreements are inevitable. And how strong the relationship will be depends on how you meet these adversities together. Clinical psychologist and family therapist Mikaela Thomas is sure that eternal love exists. In his book, which is called “Love lives forever. How to Overcome Difficulties and Maintain Intimacy in Long-term Relationships”, she tells the MIF publishing house how to return kindness, warmth and harmony to a couple. In one of the chapters, the author discusses why people break up and how to work on relationships in order to achieve mutual understanding. Below we share this passage and recommend reading the book in its entirety.


Do long-distance relationships last?

Couples rarely decide on long-distance relationships consciously. The reason lovers find themselves in different cities may be studying, circumstances at work, or family situations. Suppose you choose to keep your feelings far away from each other. In that case, you will have to face several trials.


Temptations will follow you at every turn. The lack of attention, affection, and closeness of a loved one can provoke partners to find solace in the arms of others. To protect yourself from such a risk, avoid places of entertainment, noisy companies, and close communication with the opposite sex, especially over a portion of alcohol.


All the tips and tricks you need to keep your love alive.



1. Don't sacrifice your personal life

This kind of freedom is difficult to combine with serious intentions, not in the sense that “keep going on dates with a stable partner.” You can burn with a sincere passion for each other, but this does not mean that the rest of your life should be dissolved in selfless adoration. Do not forget your friends and loved ones, do not give up evening yoga, Saturday sessions at the spa, and Sunday breakfasts with your sister. Take care of your independence, don’t drown your personality in love, don’t get into the habit of asking for time off and reporting - having lost the status of a single, you can still do whatever you want, whenever you want. It invigorates, maintains self-esteem, and saves relationships from routine and boredom.


2. Be honest with your feelings


Tell yourself the truth and only the truth: are you pleased? Satisfied? Physically, emotionally, mentally? Yes, this is not easy - female nature is prone to sacrificial compromises, but these three points are crucial. If you are connected only by mind-blowing sex, sooner or later, the problem is, “what about talking?” Will arise. If you entertain each other with a play on words, but at the same time, intimacy slips into a “C grade,” - the prognosis is also unfavorable. Or are you satisfied with both the mind and physiology, but he avoids talking about love and has never given a flower? This will soon cease to suit you, too. The secret of solid reciprocity is in a stable and natural connection on all points; therefore, make sure that everything in your relationship is the way it is, or at least goes towards it. In other scenarios, think about ways to retreat.


Read here: Valentine's day facts that you need to share with your soulmate in 2022


3. Don't harass or get jealous

Oh, that eternal female question: "Where are you?" piercing men like a voodoo spellcaster's needle. If you bombard him with messages 24/7, call him a hundred times a day. In general, your world revolves only around him. It's time to admit that your feelings are mutating into addiction. Persecution strangles men. This approach will not help to keep anyone acting the opposite precisely. Be more confident in yourself, do not worry. He will not go anywhere. And even if you got such a hot handsome man that it's hard not to worry about this topic, convince yourself that you will be fine anyway. Disable the chase option. Once and forever. Remember that you are the fire. Let him chase you. It's much more fun.


4. Love yourself and take care of yourself

Many women complain that they either cannot find the right partner or are always attracted to specimens who treat them incorrectly. Low self-esteem: we attract the level of love that we experience for ourselves. It is impossible to burn yourself with the napalm of self-criticism daily and expect others to treat you like a queen. Men easily read it.


Look at your qualities positively and start loving yourself for who you are right now. And if you love yourself, then take care of yourself - stay healthy, go to bed on time, indulge in a relaxing bubble bath, or maybe have a spontaneous bachelorette party tonight. It is essential to pamper yourself by nourishing the soul outside of the relationship. Otherwise, you will have nothing to give.


5. Don't try to please and accommodate.

The desire to please is based on the expectation of positive feedback: love, kindness, and gratitude. However, the world is unnecessarily generous with negativity. People will gladly use you, recognizing the need to give themselves without reserve. Relationships are a two-way street: pamper yourself, but make sure you're spoiled. Strive for a healthy balance of self-giving and selfishness. And please, don’t be fooled by the fear of loneliness, agreeing to options from the series “let it be so” - this approach does not bring happiness. I am not one of those waiting for Mr. Perfection, but I firmly believe that we can count on the “what we need” option.


6. Don't avoid problems

Nobody likes conflict. There are certainly people entertained by strife, but they are in the minority. But what happens if the partners, not wanting to sort things out, constantly turn on avoidance mode? Nothing good. If you avoid problems for years, they will accumulate. One day you will wake up 25 years later and realize that you will never be able to sort them out because you have long forgotten how this huge pile began. Don't suppress negative (or positive) emotions. Talk to your partner about any issues that are bothering you. Firstly, you are a team, which means we must work together to overcome adversity. And secondly, you always deserve respect and the right to speak out.


7. Make time for each other

Yes, you have your own life, but, on the other hand, you need to find a balance between the private and the general. Otherwise, the relationship may wither at the most promising stage. Your connection needs care and attention, confessions and walks, surprises and gifts, romantic dates, and cozy home evenings. Be creative. Spare no energy to feed your feelings.


8. Make Equal Efforts

There is an opinion that relationships require a return of 50 to 50. What nonsense, only 100 to 100! Both partners must put 100% effort every day to maintain the relationship at the right degree and dynamics. It is challenging to expect harmony from the connection "100 to 20", "100 to 50," or even "100 to 99". You must be equal. If your alliance is out of balance, you need to talk about it to get back on track.


9. Be generous with empathy and appreciation

When acting as a team, you cannot oppose each other. So, you can not consider only your point of view. Whether you're right or wrong, accept the reality of the difference in perception. If your partner sees the situation differently, try to understand and, most importantly, let him know that you respect his view of things. What else? Be a good listener, and feel free to be grateful. Even if he just loaded the dishwasher, tell him, "thank you." Thank him for what he does for you, and he will want to do it again to make you happy. And, of course, he will be grateful in return.


10. Don't try to change it

It is no secret that many women believe that they can change the man they decide to connect their lives with. “If I make him lose 10 kilos, he will be much more attractive”, or “If I can wean him from video games, I will be happy,” or “Once we get married, he will change for the better” - all these internal insinuations have no relationship to real love and long-term happiness. If you don't like the way he looks, talks, or kisses right now, without thinking of any miraculous changes, you shouldn't be with him. Dot. Free yourself from fictitious duties - leave it to someone who will be happy with the original.


Read here: Valentine's day facts that you need to share with your soulmate in 2022

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Unlike dogs, which express their devotion and love for their owner more emotionally and explicitly, felines have less obvious ways to communicate their feelings. Like any living creature, each cat is individual, has its own temperament, character, behavior. That is why our pets demonstrate their attitude and sympathy for a person in different ways. In fact, even the hurtful antics of a pet can indicate love. So do cats love their owners and how do these unique animals show their sympathy for humans?


Manifestations of cat love

Contrary to popular belief that cats are tied exclusively to the house and live with a person for their own benefit, these animals, despite their independent nature, need love, attention and affection. Cats are smart, noble creatures, and if you treat them properly, create the most comfortable conditions, surround them with affection and warmth, they will definitely reciprocate. Affectionate cat's soul is capable of strong friendship with the owner and members of his family. But how to understand that a cat loves its owner?


You can determine cat love and sympathy by the behavior, habits of your pet. From the first days of the appearance of a kitten in the house, it is very important to establish contact with the animal, to create the most favorable, comfortable environment. Once in an unusual, unfamiliar place, a kitten or an adult animal will be disoriented and will try to adapt to new conditions through hearing and smell.


During the adaptation period, an animal can be tamed only with a benevolent attitude and care. The cat should feel completely safe. Representatives of the cat family are straightforward and frank, they do not tolerate disrespectful, rude treatment. To win their sympathy, you need to earn the trust of a cat. Furry pets remember the feeling of security all their lives and perceive the owner as a friend. Only in this case, you can count on the love and tenderness of the cat's soul.


About cat love

Undoubtedly, cats and cats are capable of loving the owner, but they show their feelings in their own way. There are several signs by which feline friendship and favor can be identified. Some manifestations of feline love are obvious, other signs of sympathy, on the contrary, may be implicit.


To find out if cats love their owner, you need to carefully monitor your pet, study the body language of the animal. It serves to express a whole range of feline emotions. Pay attention to what sounds the cat makes, how it behaves in a given situation. By meowing, she can attract attention, demonstrate anxiety, a need for affection.


Signs that allow you to understand whether cats love their owners include:


  • purring, loud rumbling;
  • gentle biting, "butting" the head;
  • tail twitching;
  • attempts to bring their "booty", toys;
  • "trampling" during rumbling;
  • cat kisses, licking of hands, faces;
  • blinking, long, peaceful look;
  • permission to stroke the tummy;
  • sleep next to the owner.


Eye contact

One of the signs of the manifestation of feline love and tenderness towards the owner is eye contact. Representatives of the cat family do not like a long gaze and perceive it as a threat. Therefore, long-term visual contact is only possible if the animal fully trusts you. If eye contact is complemented by a leisurely blink, you can be sure that you have earned the trust of the cat and received a kind of “cat kiss” from your pet.


Precious gifts from a cat

By nature, cats are born hunters. They are happy to chase toys, beams of laser key fobs, birds, small rodents. Having brought home another "trophy", the cat shares the prey with the owner, expressing gratitude for the attention and care. If the animal brought a gift, be sure to praise him for his generosity. Otherwise, the cat may be offended.


Cats also show their love during games. At the same time, biting, scratching, menacing meowing does not at all mean aggression on the part of the pet. On the contrary, the member of the family whom the fluffy animal has chosen as an object for games is the pet of the animal. You can also talk about complete trust if the cat brings his toys, arranges an impromptu hunt, attacking you from shelters.


Purring, growling

To understand if cats love their owner, listen to the sounds they make. Moreover, a wide range of volume is possible: from a soft, quiet purr to a loud, expressive rumbling. So cats express not only their mood, but also the whole gamut of feelings and emotions that they experience for the owner. If a pet purrs in your presence or sitting in your arms, this is a sure sign of feline love and friendliness.


Cat tenderness

If a cat rubs its muzzle against your legs, arms or face, this does not mean at all that the animal “marks” its owner as property. On the head of cats are secretory glands that secrete special substances that allow them to leave their smell on well-studied objects, people that are not dangerous. The presence of such identification marks allows the animal to feel confident in the surrounding space. The manifestation of such signs of cat attention is another proof of love, appreciation and trust of a pet to a person.


If a cat licks open parts of the body, rubs his whiskers on his hands, the face is the highest degree of manifestation of feline love and devotion. Stroking a person with a paw is a sign of affection and tenderness. If a fluffy pet rolls from side to side at your feet, exposing his tummy, this indicates that the animal wants to attract attention, completely trusting you.


If a cat does not trust a person, he will never let you touch his tail and will definitely cling to his hand. The tail of cats is a kind of mood barometer. And if the cat follows you, raising its tail with a pipe, this means that it invites you to a dialogue, demanding attention.


A sure sign of feline affection is "trampling", kneading from paw to paw with the release of claws. This habit is laid down in childhood, when babies stimulate the flow of milk. Adult animals thus show that they feel completely safe, they feel very good with the owner, just like they once did with their own mother.


Joint gatherings

A cat, like any other animal, must have a personal space and territory where you can retire to sleep or rest. But the feeling of comfort is not the only motive that drives pets. Sometimes an animal, in need of attention, is ready to sit and even lie in an uncomfortable position, just to be close to its beloved owner. If a cat chooses a place to rest next to you, tries to get on its knees, do not hesitate - this is another way of showing its love.


Everyone knows that cats sleep most of the day and can spend up to 20 hours sleeping. But it is in a dream that they feel most vulnerable, so they prefer to rest in the safest places. If the cat lay down at the feet, next to the owner, this indicates complete trust. So, with you, the animal feels completely safe.


Cat pranks

Sometimes cats can show love in subtle, veiled ways. For example, if a pet sharpens its claws on upholstered furniture, this does not always mean that it sharpens its “weapon”. Often the scratches left by sharp claws are nothing more than territory marks. You may notice that damage to furniture occurs in those places where a person likes to spend time.


You can understand whether cats love their owners, oddly enough, by the smell of cat urine. Of course, such behavior of animals must be stopped, but if the cat has emptied into shoes or even onto the bed, this means that in this way he attracts attention to his person. Such behavior may also indicate that the animal has suffered stress, for example, due to moving to a new place of residence or as a result of a long separation from the owner.


Do not forget that cats are independent, confident animals capable of making decisions on their own. Despite the fact that they need affection and attention, cats have a need for personal space and they are not always ready to communicate with a person. Do not bother your pet with excessive attention if he decides to retire and relax. Keep a balance in relationships, and then your pet will love and trust you even more.



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On Valentine's Day, most people's thoughts are focused on romance, love objects and gifts. But it is always useful to abstract a little from the amorous euphoria and learn something new and unfamiliar about Valentine's Day. Therefore, on February 14, Bemorepanda offers the top 100 most interesting facts about this holiday.

1. It is customary to celebrate Valentine's Day all over the world on 14 February.

2. This holiday was named in honor of the Martyr Valentine.

3. During the reign of the Roman emperor, Claudius was the priest Valentine.

4. Since 1777, this day has been widely celebrated in the United States.

5. Since the 13th century, this day has been widely celebrated in Western Europe.

6. This holiday is secular in Russia.

7. On Valentine's Day, more than 50 million roses are sold worldwide.

8. On this day, more than 9 million people in the world buy gifts for their pets.

9. Sweets and chocolates are considered the most popular gifts on this day.

10. February 14 became a men's holiday in Japan.

The Unique Way Finland and Estonia Celebrate Valentine's Day | Time

11. In Saudi Arabia and Iran, it is forbidden to celebrate this holiday.

12. The tradition of celebrating this holiday originates from middle England.

13. Postcards are the second most popular after Christmas cards.

14.On February 14, 1929, Al Capone's rival enemies were shot.

15. Women spend on gifts this day half as much as men.

16. Condom sales are high on this day.

17. Duke Charles of Orleans created the first Valentine in 1415.

18. Pigeons are officially considered a symbol of Valentine's Day.

19. Computer Engineer's Day is also celebrated on February 14th.

20. Sales of contraceptives increase by 25% on this day.

What is Valentine's Day? Why Do We Celebrate this Day?

21. 2001 was the record for the highest number of marriages.

22. The Day of Mental Health is celebrated by the Germans on this day.

23. More than 75% of suicides on this day are attributed to unhappy love.

24. Once upon a time, lovers exchanged postcards decorated with gold on this day.

25. This day is called sweet in Italy.

26. On February 14, Finland celebrates Women's Day.

27. In France, for the first time, a tradition arose to give poetry on this day.

28. In England, gifts are also given to pets on this day.

29. Handmade gifts are especially appreciated on this day.

30. On February 14 Pope Gelasius declared Valentine's Day around 498 BC.

Valentine's Day Window/Storefront Contest - Adams Morgan Partnership BID

31. More than 53% of women abandon their men if they come to them without gifts.

32. Richard Cadbury in 1868 presented the first box of chocolate on this day.

33. On this holiday 15% of women give flowers to themselves.

34. About 1 billion cards are sent on this day every year.

35.85% of all valentines are bought by women.

36.39% of all sweets are received by children on this day.

37. In Japan it is customary to give sweets, linen and jewelry on this day.

38. The sale of pregnancy tests in pharmacies is increasing on this day.

39. Flowers presented on this day have different meanings.

40. This day was called "Bird's wedding" in the Middle Ages.

Why Do We Give Valentine Cards? | Britannica

41. In 2011, the world's largest chocolate bar was made in Switzerland, designed specifically for this holiday.

42. The first Valentine's card in the world is kept in the British Museum.

43. In Germany, it is customary to plant onions in a pot on this day with the written name of a loved one. 44. Italian navigator James Cook died in Hawaii in 1779.

45. USA got Texas on this day in 1848.

46.3 Oregon became the 33rd US state in 1859.

47. A third of the seats in the local Diet were won by Ukrainians in the elections in Galicia in 1914.

48. Soviet Russia in 1918 switched to the Gregorian calendar.

49. One of the first computers in 1946 was presented on this day.

50. The XX Congress of the CPSU opened in Moscow in 1956.

Happy Valentine's Day 2019 Gift Ideas for Husband, Wife, Girlfriend,  Boyfriend

51. Into this day, rock and roll music was banned in Iran in 1958.

52. The automatic station "Luna-20" was launched to the Moon in 1972.

53. In Dublin in 1981, 48 people died on this day in a fire.

54. Elton John married Renate Blauel on this day in 1984.

55. The “Declaration on the Principles of Cooperation” was adopted in Minsk in 1992.

56. Russia and Ukraine established diplomatic relations in 1992.

57. The Fundamentals of Ukrainian Legislation on Culture were approved on 14 February 1992.

58. In 1993 Hungary, Poland and Ukraine signed an agreement on cooperation between peoples.

59. On this day in 1998, the wedding of movie star Sharon Stone and the editor of the San Francisco Examiner newspaper Phil Bronstein took place.

60. Dolly the cloned sheep died in 2003.

The dark and mysterious origins of Valentine's Day

61. In 2004, 28 people were killed in the Moscow Transvaal Park.

62. Unmarried English girls take this holiday very seriously and responsibly.

63. Annually, about 1000 cards are sent to Juliet.

64. The oldest love poem was written in 3500 BC.

65. The favorite flower of the Goddess of Love was a red rose.

66. Wooden spoons with hearts are customary to give on February 14 in Wales.

67. Traditionally in America, pilgrims sent a variety of sweets as gifts.

68. Two times less money than men spend on gifts for women.

69. The month of pregnancy tests is the month of March.

70. Flower shops earn colossal sums on this day.

14 Valentine Games for for Kids' Classroom Parties

71. Heart-shaped candies were the first gifts on this day.

72. Saint Valentine was the patron saint of the mentally ill.

73. In the 15th century, the first valentines appeared in France.

74. The Roman God of love Cupid is the symbol of this holiday.

75. Since the beginning of the 90s of the last century, this holiday has been celebrated on the territory of Russia.

76. It is customary to give hearts from any materials on this day.

77. In England, February 14 is considered the beginning of the mating season for birds.

78. Once upon a time in the United States, one holiday card cost as much as $ 10.

79. Germans decorate psychiatric hospitals with bright ribbons on this day.

80. It is customary to give jewelry on this day in France.

Valentine's Day Gifting Ideas for couples who break stereotypes | Aviva  India

81. Poles on this day visit the relics of St. Valentine.

82. It is customary to give dried white flowers on this day in Denmark.

83. Since the 13th century, this holiday has been celebrated in Western Europe.

84.Since the 1930s, this holiday has been celebrated in Japan.

85. All females are given hearts in Finland.

86. Diamonds are considered the best gift for February 14th.

87. Only 75% of men buy flowers on this day.

88. The origin of this holiday is based on the legend of Saint Valentine.

89. On this day, the feast of fertility was once celebrated.

90. Passionate Spaniards send love letters on this day with carrier pigeons.

Happy Valentines Day 2020: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images, Greetings,  SMS, Status, Photos, Pics and Wallpapers - Times of India

91. 6 days before the holiday 50% of all valentines are bought.

92. Valentine is the second most popular among all gifts.

93. A large number of wedding ceremonies take place on this day.

94. Durex is increasing its sales by 30% that day.

95. The symbol of Valentine's Day is a red heart.

96. About 189 million roses are sold in America on this day.

97. After Christmas, this holiday has the second largest number of cards sold.

98. In Mexico City in 2010, the record was set for the most massive kiss in the world.

99. The first time in 1936 the Japanese got acquainted with this holiday.

100. In the Middle Ages, doves were often depicted on valentines.

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Love is something abstract. It cannot be described in words, it can only be felt. Love is not subject to time, logic, and any laws. It is elusive. We each have our own language and vision of love. Therefore, we will not try to understand this eternal question - "what is love?".


Instead, we will share with you 40 psychological facts that will convince you that love is an amazing feeling.


About love from the point of view of psychology



1. Most people fall in love through eye contact. And this happens within the first 30 seconds. Love at first sight in action!


2. Heart and truth can be broken. Research has shown that major traumatic events—breakup, divorce, physical distance, or the loss of a loved one—can cause real physical pain in a person’s heart. This condition is known as broken heart syndrome. It occurs when deep emotional triggers upset the brain and weaken a person's heart, causing symptoms such as chest pain or shortness of breath. Generally, the syndrome is more common in women than in men and can be mistaken for a heart attack.


3. When we look at a person we like, our pupils dilate by 45%. It makes us more attractive.


4. A person gradually falls in love with someone with whom he spends a lot of time - for example, a classmate or colleague. This psychological phenomenon is known as the exposure effect. Thanks to it, people tend to be attracted to each other depending on the time spent together.


5. People are more attracted to those who are as attractive as they are. This is called the matching hypothesis. Many social researchers point out that people choose their partners or romantic relationships according to a certain pattern. For example, if you are an attractive person, you would most likely want to be with the prettiest person in your neighborhood, at work, or at school/university.


6. Holding the hand of a loved one will reduce mental and physical pain.


7. One look is enough to fall in love. After all, the eyes are the mirror of the soul. So be careful who you look at. When we look at someone, our body releases phenylethylamine, a chemical that is associated with the body's fight-or-flight response.


8. Giving freedom is a love paradox. The more independence you give your partner, the more attached he will be to you.


9. Sometimes love can turn into an addiction. If this happens, it is better to end the relationship.



10. Talkative women and silent men tend to make the best couples.


11. Men fall in love faster than women.


12. When a person sees someone he loves, his heartbeat involuntarily quickens.


13. People marry people they can't live without, not people they can live with for the rest of their lives.



14. If you love cuddling, you'll be glad to know that cuddling is a natural pain reliever. When two people hug, their brain releases oxytocin, the hug hormone. Oxytocin reduces headaches and acts as a pain reliever for up to 4 hours. Therefore, if you feel tired, stressed or in pain, hugs are a great alternative to any painkillers.


15. A photo of a loved one can also relieve pain. Scientists have proven that the presence of a loved one helps a sick patient recover. The same works with his image. In a study conducted among people who were in pain, some participants were shown photos of their loved ones, while others were played with words (for distraction). Pain was significantly reduced in those who were shown pictures than in participants who were alternatively played games.


16. Partners who have similar interests and tastes are unlikely to last long in a romantic relationship.

It's the same with complete opposites, despite the popular belief that opposites attract. As a rule, couples who are either too similar or too different cannot be together for long. According to the researchers, there should always be a solid basis for similarities, as well as what both people can learn from each other.


17. People in love are chemically similar to those with OCD. Studies have shown that couples who are in the early stages of love have lower levels of serotonin, which is associated with happiness and well-being, and higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Similar rates are observed in people with OCD - obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is why we feel, act, or imagine ourselves differently than usual when we fall in love with someone.



18. When it comes to long-term relationships, usually people prefer an attractive face to a beautiful body.


However, when people are looking for entertainment, the body wins - and it's all because of physical attraction.


19. Simply expressing gratitude to the people you love causes an instant surge of happiness.


20. The expression "butterflies in the stomach" is a real sensation caused by the release of adrenaline.


21. Research has shown that if people meet each other in a dangerous situation, they are more likely to fall in love with each other than if they meet in a peaceful environment. For example, two people are more likely to fall in love if they meet on a white water rafting trip instead of in an office.


22. Men are psychologically turned on by women in red. This color is closely associated with desire and attraction. For example, according to some reports, women are more likely to wear red clothes during the fertile phases of the menstrual cycle.


23. When you find out that someone likes you, a small part of you starts loving him back.


24. Some people can't bear the loss of loved ones and die after a few months or years due to mental or physical illness.


25. 64% of people change their appearance after a breakup.



26. Good relationships are about two things: firstly, you need to appreciate similarities, and secondly, you need to respect differences.


27. Research shows that long-distance relationships are just as satisfying as regular relationships in 

terms of communication, intimacy, and commitment.


28. The main cause of depression is unsuccessful love stories.


29. Women are involuntarily drawn to cheerful men with a good sense of humor.

Girls like to be happy, so a man who makes them laugh attracts them like a magnet.


30. We always associate the person we love with our favorite songs.


31. They say the most important thing in a relationship is trust. But it's not. Time is what matters most. It is over time that trust, friendship, and boundless and inseparable bonds grow.


32. Happiness Is Contagious, Research Shows It can be difficult for people to walk away from someone who is happy, or not to love someone who is happy, simply because such people are nice to be around.


33. The more you ignore someone you like, the more you fall in love with him.


34. Men with a lower voice are more likely to sound attractive than males with a higher voice.


35. Women first experience pleasure psychologically before experiencing it physically.

For men, it's exactly the opposite.



36. It takes only 4 minutes for a person to understand whether he likes someone or not. So if you want to make a good impression on someone, you don't have much time! It is believed that getting and holding someone's attention has more to do with body language, tone, and speed of your voice than what you actually say.


37. When two loving people look into each other's eyes for 3 minutes, their heart rate is synchronized.


38. Testosterone is a powerful male hormone that attracts women with its scent. Cologne that mimics the smell of testosterone can make a woman pay attention to a man.


39. Falling in love is like a cocaine addiction: it produces the same chemical euphoria and almost the same effect on a person's mind.


40. Twenty-year-old men feel emotional pain after a breakup more than women.



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