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What is my rising sign according to astrology

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A rising sign is a sign that rises on the eastern horizon at the time of birth and is visible from the place of birth. It is used to mark the dividing line of the First House, which is associated with the physical body. Not only the exact degree of the ecliptic to which this sign rises is essential but also the entire zodiac sign to which it belongs. As a result of the continuous movement of the Earth, the angle of inclination of the ecliptic in degrees changes every four minutes. Bearers of the same sign of the Zodiac, born with a difference of more than four minutes, may have a different ascending sign.


The ascending sign's elevation angle on the chart indicates a dense line of electromagnetic energy passing into the astral body. People with clairvoyance see it. Most people do not know the exact time of birth. Even parents are surprised when asked to remember the birth time.


Practicing astrologers use various methods to solve this problem. It is possible to calculate based on the dates of important events: the first serious illness, accidents, parents' death, marriage, the birth of a child, etc. Another method is based on comparing the positions of the Houses and the mutual position of the stars and planets in the human mountain with his social status, character traits, type of work, or occupation. If the moment of conception is known, it is possible to determine the ascending sign.


How to determine your rising sign


To determine your rising sign (Ascendant), you can use a simple method: 


This method requires knowing the exact time of sunrise and sunset on the day you were born. This information is in any tear-off calendar. Most often, such sources indicate Moscow time.


So, knowing the time of sunrise and sunset, you can calculate your rising sign:



1. If you were born at dawn, the Ascendant is in your sign. That is your zodiac sign = ascending sign.


2. If your birth time is 2 to 4 hours after sunrise, your rising sign will move one step. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Taurus).


3. If your birth time is 4 to 6 hours after sunrise, your rising sign will move two steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Gemini).


4. If you were born in the middle of the day, your rising sign shifts three steps between morning and evening twilight. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Cancer).


5. If you were born 4 to 6 hours before sunset, your rising sign shifts four steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Leo).


6. If you were born 2 to 4 hours before sunset, your rising sign shifts five steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Virgo).


7. If you were born at sunset, your rising sign shifts six steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Libra).


8. If your birth time is 2 to 4 hours after sunset, your rising sign will move seven steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Scorpio).


9. If your birth time is 4 to 6 hours after sunset, your rising sign moves eight steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Sagittarius).



10. If you were born about halfway between sunset and dawn (a long winter night), your rising sign shifts nine steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Capricorn).


11. If you were born 4 to 6 hours before dawn, your rising sign moves ten steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Aquarius).


12. If you were born 2 to 4 hours before dawn, your rising sign shifts eleven steps. (If you are an Aries, your rising sign is Pisces).


If you are too lazy to count, you can use any of the many free electronic programs distributed on the Internet at the request of "CALCULATION OF THE ASCENDING SIGN" or contact an astrologer.


Check your rising sign, and then look at the descriptions below to see how it affects your character and relationships. As examples of the location of the Ascendant in different signs of the Zodiac, we present here famous personalities who need no introduction.


Rising sign in Aries

Being an impulsive and openly brave person, you always try to be one step ahead of others. You have a heightened sense of justice, but you may be disrespectful or even rude in achieving it. You react to changing circumstances around you spontaneously and with lightning speed. Sometimes your actions can be similar to how small children react to events. A distinctive feature of your appearance may be a reddish complexion or a large or snub nose.


Rising sign in Taurus

Outwardly, you can look gentle and slightly passive. However, at the same time, you are very stubborn, and this is one of your best positive qualities. However, you can get angry and lose your temper if your safety is threatened. Outwardly, you can be wonderful and, perhaps, will have a melodious voice. At the same time, even with mediocre innate abilities for music, you will strive to realize yourself in creativity. There is a tendency to be overweight, which many of you carefully hide.


Rising sign in Gemini

With mobile facial features, outwardly, you give the impression of a vibrant and friendly person. At the same time, you, being a skilled interlocutor, are likely to be involved in some area related to communication with people. With some practice, you can do several things at the same time. For example, you can receive information from the Internet and simultaneously talk on a cell phone. Such violent brain activity requires endurance and self-discipline from you.


Rising sign in Cancer

You have an innate desire to take care of your loved ones. Therefore, you will do everything to ensure that your loved ones remain in the space of coziness and comfort. At the same time, you tend towards mood swings, which may be associated with not very clear reasons that are difficult to explain to other people. Your appearance will watch towards rounded shapes, whether you play sports or not. In addition, people of this type can be distinguished by large round eyes, which cannot be confused with anything.


Rising sign in Leo

You like to be in public or gather around you an audience of grateful listeners who will, at a minimum, carefully look at you and listen, and at most, do it with admiring faces. Only when you are in society can you reach your full potential. You like to be in the spotlight and give the public a reason to discuss your persona. Your appearance is often distinguished by bright clothes and an unusual voluminous hairstyle, slightly reminiscent of a lion's mane.


Rising sign in Virgo

Your body is so complicated that even the most minor details can cause illness. You are strict not only to yourself but also to the people around you. Always look neat and hate dirt. The desire for a healthy lifestyle is in your blood so you can look younger.


Rising sign in Libra

It so happens that Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac whose symbol is neither human nor animal. Scales are a mechanism. Therefore, people with an ascending sign of Libra may differ in a certain coldness about what is happening. This gives your appearance a certain charm and makes other people view you as a detached and, therefore, fair person who can resolve a dispute and prevent the development of a conflict in the future. Often the face of such a person can be marked with dimples on the cheeks.


Rising sign in Scorpio 

You look like a relatively friendly and open person, capable of attracting the attention of others with all his appearance. At the same time, you can be very prudent and never lay out what you have accumulated in your soul to unfamiliar people. Emotional security is of paramount importance to you. Outwardly, you can be distinguished by dark eyes or an intense look that will not leave anyone indifferent. Men are often characterized by a large forehead and a squinty face.


Rising sign in Sagittarius

You are an eternal optimist and dreamer who constantly strives to discover new horizons for yourself. However, looking into the future, you risk losing sight of what is directly in front of your eyes. Sitting in one place for a long time affects you exceptionally negatively, and the only way to solve the problem is to move forward. You may be distinguished by a long neck or an unusually shaped nose. And women of this type usually prefer to wear short haircuts, or if you do have long hair, you can often be seen with a ponytail.


Rising sign in Capricorn

You are pretty serious about life in general and your role in society. Your distinctive character traits are prudence, commitment, and increased responsibility for your actions. You have an unusual sense of humor, which not everyone can understand and appreciate. You must always feel in your place and business; otherwise, you may develop an inferiority complex. Outwardly, you are distinguished by dry features and figures and, as a rule, quite tall.


Rising sign in Aquarius

You are a public person who has a broad soul, is not prone to prejudice, and believes that all people are equal among themselves. However, at the same time, you are charismatic enough to win your place under the sun. You have a great sense of humor and can easily win people's hearts. By nature, you are a very easy-going person, capable of unplanned actions and deeds. A smooth aristocratic nose distinguishes appearance, and the corners of the lips are slightly raised.


Rising sign in Pisces

Distinguished by exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness, you quickly absorb the problems and difficulties of other people, sometimes forgetting about your concerns. In communication, you try to avoid open conflicts and prefer to stay away from aggressive people. Not being a person of the system, you often do not fit into the generally accepted framework of behavior and appearance. Love to change your appearance usually, but the main distinguishing feature is invariably pronounced lips, both in women and men.


It should be noted that the examples given here of the location of the Ascendant in the horoscopes of famous people show only a general idea of the personality of a person, his character, and his appearance. A complete and more accurate picture of a particular person's life can only be drawn up based on all the data of the heavenly bodies reflected in the horoscope.


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The concept of constellations used in modern astronomy and adopted in 1922 in Rome by the decision of the First General Assembly of the International Astronomical Union, is based on the division of the celestial sphere into sections of arbitrary irregular shape. While the sign of the zodiac is equal sectors of the celestial sphere, with vertices at the poles of the ecliptic and based on segments of the ecliptic 1/12 of a full circle in size, and in the tropical zodiac - shifted by about 21 ° (overlapping the previous constellation). Therefore, the modern astronomical system of constellations has nothing to do with the astrological tradition of dividing the ecliptic into 12 parts.


Interesting facts about Zodiac Signs


The names of the signs come from the names of the twelve corresponding zodiac constellations in which the Sun alternately resides in its annual movement. The signs of the zodiac, which are the main element of astrology, have only historical significance for modern astronomy.


What is a Zodiac Sign, and How Does it Relate to Personality?

The zodiac signs are the designations of 12 constellations located along the ecliptic. The names of the animals call them. Astrologers use the Gregorian calendar (or tropical year) to determine the sign. Therefore, due to the precession of the earth's axis, the symptoms of the zodiac shift relative to the Sun in the zodiac constellations, thereby forming astrological eras. Capricorns belong to the water element, like fish to the earth.


At least the birth season shows business stars, which was statistically associated with several personality traits, making it possible to use zodiac signs for a rough assessment of personal qualities.


"Psychologists often want to dispel those patterns that astrologers often talk about, but seasonal effects do seem to exist, and we have yet to explain them. I'm not saying that they are associated with celestial bodies. I just think that the signs of the zodiac are convenient to remember these patterns for ordinary people,” said Mark Hamilton (Mark Hamilton) from the University of Connecticut (USA).



Hamilton came to this paradoxical conclusion by studying the personality and character traits of three hundred stars of show business, politics, science, and literature and comparing the data obtained with their birth.


As it turned out, the dates of birth of the luminaries of science, art, and politics were not randomly scattered around the calendar. Still, they were grouped around certain months of the year and signs of the zodiac.


In general, most celebrities were born in the so-called "wet" months of the astrological calendar - the period from December to March, as well as under those signs of the zodiac that are associated with perseverance and extroversion (the so-called "bright" and "fixed" signs).


The most prominent personality traits you can expect from each zodiac sign


Aries: self-confidence

People born under this constellation don't know what it's like to give up. They always know what they want and are ready to go to get what they want. Therefore, they are often chosen as leaders and dream of being just like them.


Taurus: Reliability

Representatives of this sign can always be trusted. They treat others with understanding, have angelic patience, and never betray. Smart, honest and robust, Taurus is ready to help loved ones in any situation.


Gemini: communication skills

They can find a common language with anyone, and when people are not around, they are happy to talk with cats. Geminis are incredibly flexible and adapt to any situation without much loss.


Cancer: caring

Cancers are the real altruists. They are simply unable to leave someone in trouble and strive to help others even in the most challenging situation. And these people also feel pleased when they manage to inspire someone to accomplish something.


Leo: enthusiasm

They do their work with such enthusiasm, have fun and just live that they infect others with their thirst for life. It is people born under the sign of Leo. They often become real muses and inspirers for many talented people and are happy to be creative.


Virgo: Responsibility

These people are always in control. And although at first glance they sometimes seem like big bores, in fact, next to such people it is very calm. After all, they are always ready to help you, suggest a non-standard solution to your problem, and support you.


Libra: lightness

These cheerful and attractive people live in the same breath. They do not think about what is good or bad but simply enjoy life. Even if you just met, Libra can become a great friend and companion to you.


Scorpio: goal-oriented

If they start something, they will finish it. The hard work and perseverance of Scorpio can be envied. And they are also distinguished by an incredible passion, which is very attractive to everyone around them. They sincerely believe in their beliefs.


Sagittarius: recklessness

These people never stand still and are always ready to break into any adventure. They love to travel and always try to take as many people as possible.


Capricorn: calm

Capricorn always knows what he is doing and feels comfortable in literally any company. These people are attracted to all who deal with them. You can rely on him in a problematic situation or take him with you to a party - in both cases. He will show his best side.


Aquarius: love of freedom

They are funny and do not limit themselves or others at all. Aquarians will gladly support an idea, no matter how crazy it may seem. Their main life rule is that one must live as long as one lives.


Pisces: friendliness

They will always listen to you, even if no one else wants to. Real altruists, Pisces are very humane and friendly. And representatives of this sign do not tolerate when someone is offended and always try to restore justice.



The best pieces of advice for each zodiac sign to improve your life


Live now - do not wait for the right moment to achieve your goals because they may never come. Better enjoy the moment. Do not be afraid of anything. Most of our fears do not come true or turn out to be not scary at all. Close ones are the most important thing. Appreciate them. Do not live in debt - it deprives you of freedom.



When taking care of your children, do not overdo it - they have to live their own lives: the fewer things, the more freedom. Buy only what you need. Do not be afraid to make mistakes - trial and error is the key to success. Learn to learn from your mistakes. Have fun more often - who knows if you will have such an opportunity later.



Live every day to the fullest - remember. There are a limited number of them in our life. Friendship also needs to be worked on. The main thing in life is experience and impressions. If you favor a new fur coat or a trip to another country, feel free to choose the latter. Anger is an emotion that oppresses us, so it is better to refuse it.



Vulnerability is not as bad as it seems. Thanks to this, people will trust you - answer them the same. Don't pretend to be someone else - always be yourself. Pretense is always repulsive. Go in for sports - it will make you stronger physically and spiritually. Let go of grievances - they hurt both you and the one who offended you.




Passion for something makes life so much more beautiful. Traveling is a great way to change yourself, get new emotions and become better. Remember that you are not always suitable - there will always be someone more intelligent than us. Any problem is not eternal - everything passes in life, and time knows how to heal spiritual wounds.



Set goals for yourself - life without them is very dull. Decide what is most important to you and focus on it. Sometimes the risk is the path to something more. Change often changes our lives for the better - don't resist it.



There is no need to try to control loved ones - let them do as they see fit. Treat your body with love and respect. Touch is a natural gift that can heal a person, improve their well-being and increase self-confidence. Use this more. Whatever situation happens in your life, remember that you can always deal with it.



Gratitude is capable of many things - it makes better both the one who thanks and the one to whom the appreciation applies. Listen to your intuition based on your experience and life position. Do not be narcissistic, but never forget about yourself. Remember, you are the most critical person in your life. Be honest with yourself - this is the path to freedom.



Perfection never leads to anything good but makes your life gray. All our imperfections are what create our uniqueness. To find your goal - act because water does not flow under a lying stone. Small things matter too, and all significant victories are made up of small ones. Constantly learn something new - this will keep you in good shape.




The best way to stop being afraid of old age is to enjoy life. People in marriage often change - remember this so that you can not be taken by surprise. It is pointless to worry about something - it is better to use these forces to solve the problem. Innuendo from the past can interfere with your real-life - solve them yourself.



Simplicity is the path to excellence. Don't make life difficult for yourself. Always do your job well if you want to achieve something. It's never too late - they're just excuses for not trying. To get rid of longing - act. This is the best cure for procrastination.



Always do what you like and strive for what you want to achieve. Throw aside prejudice - do not become attached to the opinion of society. Words matter, too - so think before you say anything. Love is the solution to any problem and the answer to any question, the main driving force of this world. Love, share your love, and receive it in return. Use your zodiac signs' personality traits as a guide for better life choices



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We all know about the zodiac horoscope, but what is a flower? Is it possible to determine the dependence of the date of birth and a person's character by buttercups, peonies, lilies, and pansies? We invite you to play a little and check your family and friends: which of them is a cute bell, and which is a proud dahlia?




Poppy (March 1-10)

Mac has something that allows him to move mountains and bring a smile to the most cynical person on Earth - innate charisma and charm. People of this sign are excellent diplomats: they do not necessarily become leaders in the company of friends, but everyone is drawn to them: some for a quiet conversation with tea and buns, some for advice on heart matters. Mac's main drawback is self-doubt: he likes to blame failures on "fate" rather than analyze his mistakes. Macy people often rely on luck and can simply get caught up in gambling. They should determine what exactly they want from life, and then they will be able to find the necessary harmony.


Lily (March 11-20)

Lily is a whole set of mysteries and secrets. Usually modest and shy, she can shine in any society. Lilia prefers to trust her close circle of people, knowing her omissions and weird looks. Lilia is an excellent friend and connoisseur of human souls. It will open its heart to you and amaze you with a unique inner world with careful handling.


Digitalis (March 21-31)

Foxglove is mobile, prudent, and stubborn, with an innate craving for adventure and the ability to solve problems she has created. Thanks to the stuffed "bumps," it becomes a hundred times smarter and goes to its goal to the bitter end. It is difficult for a foxglove to show her true feelings in public: she can laugh, but what a drama behind this, perhaps, lies, only a couple of close confidants know. At work, she often succeeds because she is non-disabled and ready to do several things simultaneously.


Magnolia (April 1-10)

Magnolia, like the rose, could be called the queen of flowers. At least she thinks so. Vain loves the attention of others and often does things for the sole purpose of showing her originality. At the same time, Magnolia is a natural decoration of the team. Any company is bored without it. Magnolia is ready to invest a lot of money in herself. As an addicted person, she may suddenly leave to study fauna in South Africa or go to Japanese language courses. In love, she is very impulsive, which sometimes scares off calmer partners.


Hydrangea (April 11-20)

Hydrangea often seems shy at first glance, but “we bring laughter and joy to people” is her motto in life. The spirit of adventurism invariably attracts stormy love affairs, incredible adventures, and a couple of the same reckless friends to her, which Hortense is pleased with at first. The problem is that people of this sign quickly cool down and change the field of their activity as soon as their eyes stop burning. Hortense's excessive kindness can also play a bad joke on her, but she does not hold evil - she is too busy with new "projects" that must inevitably lead her to the desired glory.


Dahlia (April 21-30)

Versatility is the main feature of the Dahlia people. Often these are creative, contradictory, and, as they say, “complex” natures. At the same time, their attitude towards themselves is the most critical, and high ambitions have serious grounds. Dahlia goes straight ahead to his goal, and if something doesn’t work out for him, he begins to behave exceptionally aggressively. If he is more often guided by reason in work than in love, Georgina usually "takes his head off." At the same time, Dahlia often chooses a chosen one that is entirely unsuitable for herself. These people need to listen more often to others, and then they will be able to avoid the most typical mistakes themselves.


Lily of the valley (May 1-10)

These are the kindest, most trusting, and modest people from the flower horoscope. Often they are very suspicious, impressionable, and naive: it is they who read the Horoscope on the back pages of magazines and are very upset if something not very favorable is expected in the week. The lily of the valley is very responsive: he is always ready to lend a helping hand and listen to a friend and help with the most valuable advice. However, numerous internal contradictions often interfere with him in friendship and love. Lily of the valley is a real romantic, sincere and vulnerable who can surround anyone who needs it with care. If there is such a person in your life, you are fortunate: Lily of the valley never betrays, and the generosity of his soul knows no bounds.


Purslane (May 11-20)

Purslane is stubborn, prudent, and stubborn, often going through life in the most challenging detours and not beaten paths, but achieves many times more than others. Although they deny it, people of this sign are too fond of counting everything in advance. As soon as they start a romance, they are already thinking about a wedding and starting a new business, calculating possible failures in advance. Behind the external stability of Portulak, a vulnerable nature is usually hidden. Such people are also staunch monogamists, although they are incredibly effective and capable of turning anyone's head in society.


Chamomile (May 21-31)

Seemingly simple-minded and sweet, Daisies do not always betray their true intentions. If you are stuck to the heart by the charm of Chamomile, do not be fooled right away: these seducers know how to use someone to their advantage. However, Chamomile people are incredibly kind. They have no goal of offending anyone. These are lovely friends and witty interlocutors who always have a dozen jokes ready, which even the recognized kings of stand-up would envy. Daisies should remember that people will appreciate them much more for sincerity and not for ostentatious deeds.




Bell (June 1-10)

Bluebells are actual friends with whom you can go to conquer mountains and steep rivers. These people love constancy: if they fell in love, then “forever” and “head over heels.” The environment and social circle are essential for the Bell: if others in the "flower garden" do not share his tastes, he begins to suffer. But with, like-minded people are ready to go to the ends of the world. The Bell often has hobbies that are strange to the rest: he either weaves macrame, listens to indie pop, or collects corks from carbonated drinks. This person is a real dreamer who could well become a writer or musician.


Daisy (June 11-21)

Daisies are universal favorites, which are forgiven and get away with a lot. People are amazed at how easily this "flower" goes through life, bypassing difficulties and problems. However, this is not entirely true: ironic daisies simply know how to make lemonade out of any “lemon” and laugh at the vicissitudes of fate in public and yearn in splendid isolation. If the frivolous Daisy falls in love with someone, this person will have to succumb to her charms. She knows how to conquer not only with her eyes but also with the witticisms that pour out of her, as if from a cornucopia.


Tulip (June 22 - July 1)

Lucky in life, Tulips intuitively feel this and love to test fate for strength. The thirst for new experiences and adventures will never quench them - they admit that they are afraid of not being able to do something. These truth-tellers immediately say what they think and often offend their relatives and friends with this. Quiet family life seems tempting to them only after many years of a cheerful bachelor. They know how to fill the lives of less cautious friends with bright events, and they are often thanked for priceless memories of youth.


Water lily (July 2-12)

Versatile personalities, these Water Lilies: “Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are” - the phrase is not about them, since they have a lot of friends and even more acquaintances - and they are all completely different. Unbridled optimism helps the Water Lily go through life, collecting victories and awards because those on the "jury" always feel the powerful energy of this person. Water Lily chooses someone close to her in spirit among the many admirers, and the rest are not offended - everyone loves her so much for her cheerful disposition.


Violet (July 13-23)

Violet is the best friend who can always seem careless, but she also has a particular sensitivity. She is very susceptible to the mood of loved ones, so her emotions must also be treated with due respect. If Violet lets you into your closest social circle, you can be proud: she considers you a natural gift of fate since others have been gaining her trust over the years. Violet has something that many other signs do not have - a pearl of innate worldly wisdom that helps her cope with any "bumps" on the roads - although she always reacts to them too emotionally. Violet ultimately gives herself to love, sometimes putting the interests of her partner above her own.


Rosehip (July 24-August 2)

Rosehip is a person who often leaves a vague first impression about himself. A kind soul is hiding under the guise of feigned indifference and distrust, and he needs “thorns” only for a defensive reaction. Why does Rosehip need such a powerful defense system? It's just that more than once, he has already stepped on a rake, trusting a person who then left only a painful memory of himself. Rosehip, despite some naivety, is not a good boy. In a conflict situation, he will do everything to win, and so masterfully that you will be surprised at the natural flexibility of his mind. He loves all kinds of competitions very much, where you can show your leadership qualities, which even a few of his good friends suspect.


Sunflower (August 3-12)

The sunflower is constantly looking for a place under the sun - one where it is praised and cherished, always waited for, and protected. However, in a stressful situation, a person with this sign is not a sissy: he quickly gathers and acts consciously, despite others. These people often lack “grounding”: they constantly set too unattainable goals for themselves or dream that they will live as “drawn” in their dreams one day. The Sunflower may seem arrogant to others, looking down on everything, but this is a deceptive impression. Sunflower wants (and can!) improve the world but does not yet know where to start.


Rose (August 13-23)

Confident in her attractiveness, Rose is always one step ahead of the rest. She is surrounded by both fascinating and worthy people and small ones who are aware that portioned flattery is the best dish for Rose. The “Queen of Flowers” ​​does not immediately recognize deceivers but generously bestows kindness, warmth, attention, and material gifts on those it does not doubt for a minute. It can be challenging for Rose in relationships with opposite sexes: among the abundance of admirers, she does not like anyone, and the ideal is so out of reach that it makes her suffer. But the one who will begin to console the queen has every chance of being considered a candidate.


Delphinium (August 24-September 2)

Demanding and independent, Delphinium himself is happy to give advice, although he does not like to accept them. This highly moral person should not go against the grain - more expensive for himself. Delphinium always reacts very sharply to criticism and digs into itself for a long time, trying to understand what can be fixed. But he has a highly flexible mind and unshakable honesty. You can trust him 100% without looking for any pitfalls. Delphinium is monogamous and cannot be blamed for treason in his personal life.




Dianthus (September 3-11)

Dianthus is controlled not by the heart but by the brain: its strengths are logic, prudence, and a sharp mind developed beyond its years. Often it seems outwardly unfriendly, but in relations with friends, it shows simply unprecedented kindness, generosity, and readiness to run to help at any time. Even though Dianthus quickly converges with people, they immediately feel the desire to dominate her. However, Dianthus is far from being a tyrant: she simply “knows how to live better” and often becomes correct. However, the "iron" character of Dianthus becomes three times softer when she is in a state of love.


Astra (September 12-22)

Astra is like a miniature sun, warming the rest of the inhabitants of the autumn meadow. She is open and cheerful, bright and charismatic. She does not tolerate conflicts and tries to solve everything peacefully: she even breaks up, remaining friends. The Astra person can be extremely caring towards loved ones and can sometimes be obsessive in their stubbornness to give advice. He likes to be in the role of "patron" or "mentor" and often takes under the protection of weaker people, although he does not share their apathy and melancholy mood.


Heather (September 23-October 3)

On its face, it may seem that Heather always stands firmly on the ground and knows what he wants from life. But in fact, such a person is highly concerned about what others think of him, and any critical remark for him is a reason to consider himself “under a microscope.” Veresk is an objective idealist who loves to bring everything to perfection. Heather is a loyal friend who will not judge you for evil deeds, but he does not know how to keep secrets. The main advantage of Heather is that he, like a phoenix bird, is constantly reborn from the ashes and goes forward to the envy of all rivals.


Camellia (October 4-13)

Camellia has pronounced artistry, which is manifested literally in everything: from the manner of dressing to the ability to present oneself in society. Such a person instantly adapts to any circumstances. Under the guise of an adult, a careless child lives in him, who often feels bored when he does not rush into another adventure. It is difficult to understand what is on his mind, and only one who believes that Camellia is looking not for entertainment but rather for herself in this world can attempt. Camellia can do anything for loved ones, although she often gives them a lot of worries because of her sometimes frivolous behavior.


Lilac (October 14-23)

Lilac is a sign of energy and love. This nature is windy and romantic, impulsive and impulsive. She quickly enters any society and looks “her own” everywhere - her innate acting abilities help. Life has taught her to unravel any complex "marine" knot, although usually, an army of friends and admirers helps her in this. Lilac is easily carried away and usually does not suffer for long from love failures because she knows that new happiness will surely come to replace them anyway. Lilac is very diligent in her work - she is progressively moving towards the goal and somehow makes others contribute to this.


Freesia (October 24-November 2)

Many acquaintances note that it is not easy with Freesia: her stubbornness and categoricalness sometimes repel people. Freesia has no equal in disputes: she is an excellent logician, speaker, and manipulator, and such an explosive cocktail makes her almost invincible. For Freesia, a brilliant career is significant: for her sake, she often forgets about her personal life and time to rest. From Freesia, an excellent boss is obtained, who is respected for his extraordinary mind and brilliant ideas. In love, Freesia is not easy to trust a partner, but by choosing "her" person, she finally learns to "fly in the clouds."


Orchid (November 3-12)

There is some kind of duality in the mysterious Orchid: others see her as an independent person, for whom only her own opinion is considered an authoritative opinion, but under a hard shell, there is a person with the most OK intuition, prone to mysticism and extrasensory perception. Orchid perfectly feels the mood of other people and can easily manipulate them. To be happy with life, Orchid needs to be well settled: to have a solid shoulder to rely on, a job with a high income, and an unusual hobby that will set her apart from everyone she knows.


Peony (November 13-22)

The Peony is generally energetic, strong, athletic, and agile. Natural curiosity makes him try himself in everything from photography to sports rowing. The disadvantage of Pion is a quick change of phases from “interesting” to “not at all.” He quickly "extinguishes" if he is no longer carried away by some business; the same applies to the objects of his love. Peony has a lot of friends with whom he spends a lot of time. If Peony manages to curb natural laziness, he instantly rises on the career ladder.


Gladiolus (November 23-December 2)

A person with the sign of Gladiolus is the soul of any company, an excellent conversationalist and friend who is too naive and gullible. Everyone loves and appreciates his kindness, from young to old. At work, he often falls under the strong influence of a boss or more experienced colleagues, but, thanks to his innate ability to work and perseverance, he usually achieves a promotion after a certain number of years. If Gladiolus finally structures all the brilliant ideas born in his head, he may well open his own business, but he needs a reliable companion for this. In love, Gladiolus often makes mistakes, for which he is later ashamed, but the opposite sex still attracts him like a magnet. Gladioluses make excellent husbands and wives who put the family above everything else.




Dandelion (December 3-12)

Dandelions are light and pleasant in communication, they have a lot of friends, and at school, they were the ringleaders in the class. A series of reckless actions by Dandelion usually results in "funny stories from the Yeralash magazine, which are then told among friends to the general laughter. Dandelion can sometimes seem irresponsible, but he will come up with about a hundred excuses if you point them out to him. A great inventor and romantic (whom, however, he hides under the mask of a cynic), Dandelion is very fond of making beautiful gestures for those he loves and is waiting for well-deserved praise for the arranged holiday.


Lotus (December 13-22)

A wise older man lives in the Lotus: his advice is always the most accurate, and his principles are inviolable. Such a person is either completely silent or says everything he thinks directly. Lotus is very rational: he knows how to allocate time for work, home, and hobbies correctly. It seems that he succeeds in everything, no matter what he undertakes. His ideas usually seem unrealistic, but he knows how to put them into practice, which surprises everyone very much. Lotus is a sign of fidelity and nobility. If you fall in love, then "forever." He does not like to exchange for trifles and prefers to be alone for some time if he does not find an object of passion.


Edelweiss (December 23-31)

Edelweiss never loses his temper, so it is he who should be contacted for support first of all. This is a freedom-loving and independent person who is afraid of monotony and boredom. He is looking for something to occupy every hour of his life. Optimism helps Edelweiss cope with any life difficulties, so it often seems that this sign does not know them, but it is not. He's just not used to sharing what he can "resolve" himself. In love, Edelweiss is sincere but critical of the partner’s shortcomings, so common sense tells him to gain experience and marry.


Gentian (January 1-10)

Gentian is loved for its responsiveness, openness, friendliness, and disinterestedness. Although she likes to be in a company where everyone knows her, it’s still more accurate to call her an introvert. Gentian loves to be with her family or alone with her rich inner world. She has good intuition, but disbelief in her strength sometimes confuses all the cards. Gentian will do anything for friends and loved ones, and in return, she will ask for only one thing - no hypocrisy and lies since she would pass any honesty tests.


Thistle (January 11-20)

Behind the outward arrogance of the Thistle hides a man with a fine mental organization, who is simply protecting himself from people and not hurting his heart. If the Thistle decides to achieve some goal, he puts all his strength into it and is not afraid to burn out. Such fanaticism often leads to problems with nerves and aggression, but the Thistle quickly cools down and rushes to correct what was said in the heat of a quarrel. For friends, the Thistle often acts as an authority. He also likes to command the family, although he appreciates tenderness and cares for his beloved in his wife.


Immortelle (January 21-31)

Everyone looks at Immortelle with admiration: he leaves a stunning impression in any company. Immortelle possesses excellent taste and is well-versed in art, music, and fashion - his ability to shine in society often causes envy. Going through life, the Immortelle never looks for a vest to cry on and chooses the path of a loner, who is waiting for a worthy reward after a series of obstacles. Of course, he has friends, and they like to ask Immortelle about gratuitous help, but he cannot refuse because he knows no one will help them better than him.


Mistletoe (February 1-10)

Mistletoe is a natural flirt who loves to be the center of attention. She is invariably popular with the opposite sex because her charm knows no bounds. Mistletoe knows its advantages and disadvantages and knows how to present itself from the most practical side, but it is afraid of competition. For her peace of mind, she needs a man who will convince her that his feelings are genuine and, at the same time, will be able to provide her with all the conditions for a comfortable life.


Belladonna (February 11-20)

The belladonna stands out from the rest of the flower garden with her insight, sharp mind, and pronounced self-esteem. Usually, people born under this sign are fortunate in their careers. They do not immediately make close contact with others, and they have very few real friends, but all of them are the most faithful and trusted. The Beauty Woman is an absolute Mysterious Stranger who will let only the chosen one into her heart.


Mimosa (February 21-28/29)

Mimosa has increased sensitivity and some suspiciousness, often interfering with her life. Mimosa's mood often changes depending on external factors: weather, criticism, open flattery, and just bad or good news. However, in the work of Mimozam, there are no equals: they are passionate performers who are loved by their superiors and colleagues. Mimosa should clarify that she is admired (including in love) - and then she will move mountains. If you find yourself in a stressful situation, Mimosa will help not by deed but by word: he will give wise advice and guide you on the right path. Mimosa Man is a friend for life who also needs support very much.





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