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Top 40 funny memes to remember the '90s

3 months ago

Audio tapes, disk phones, carbonated water appliances, and ice cream. At a distance of 30 years, we look at the everyday painting of the '90s with nostalgia. Many of the objects that were part of everyday life at the time are now museum pieces. Bemorepanda has "started" the time machine and invites you on a journey into the past.


'90s funny memes


1. Who got this?


2. Time passes by


3. MTV


4. Complaining now


Yes, of course we love and appreciate the music of the 70's or 80's but with the music of the 90's it was love from the first audition! Rap, grunge, r & B… so many musical currents have been born. And as the music goes hand in hand with the clothing style… and fashion has known a great diversity. For example, the grunge look, popularized by Nirvana soloist Kurt Cobain, was born and soon became the letter of the law in fashion. Damaged jeans, thick and oversized sweaters, torn tights, military boots, leather jackets - these are just some of the elements of this style.


Friends, Beverly Hills, Sex and the City… are just some of the TV shows watched around the world… that have made and continue to make history, being extremely loved. The stylish characters from the respective series continue to make their mark on our clothing style even today. Fashionistas still copy the outfits of the characters from the series they grew up with. The mini skirt, the jeans with mom's cut, the short tops with a view of the abdomen - these are some of the pieces they adore.


There are many rumors that the 1990s were perhaps the most important decade for cinema. Some of the movies were so successful that they instantly became classics. We can't imagine pop culture today without a few titles like "Pretty Woman", "Titanic", "Pulp Fiction", "Silence of the Lambs", "Matrix". 30 years after the release of these titles, we continue to pay homage to these Hollywood idols by choosing outfits inspired by our favorite movies.


5. Screensaver


6. The sun


7. Stereo stuff


8. Funny filters


In the 1990's, the music world amazed me with the diversity of genres and artists. It is the period of "one day" hits, but also the one in which songs appeared that those of the next generations call "golden". For many, this period is associated with the name of Sting, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, for others - with Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears, who were just starting their careers. There will be those who will say that it is the time of Nirvana, those from Aerosmith or Metallica. And they will all be right. What is certain is that many of the songs from that period will be heard by future generations.


Undoubtedly, there is a kind of stereotype through which we look at the 1990s, but everyone perceives this era in a slightly different way. For example, the '90s are associated with a childhood spent in the yard, Nintendo 64, Hubba Bubba chewing gum or a walkman.


If we think about the characteristic wardrobe elements, for the first time for sure, jeans come to mind, especially denim jackets, logos and faux fur clothes. We can't forget the NBA T-shirts, hats and blouses either.


Baby One More Time - probably each of us can hum that chorus. It was the video for this song that made Britney Spears a real star. Undoubtedly, the "Princess of the People" had a distinctive style not only in music but also in fashion. Remember the sweet pink look in the video? Don't forget the crop top, which the star adores.


9. Paper


10. Teal


11. Johnny Depp


12. Rich


Crop tops, or short blouses that do not cover the abdomen, are an incredibly hot trend. They come in a variety of styles: from strapless tops to blouses. How about a white crop top outfit with a big logo and white sneakers from Guess? You can give up skinny pants, with a camouflage print, opting for mom fit jeans, to accentuate the climate of the '90s.


What would the '90s be without the tracksuits and the three characteristic stripes? These are just some of the symbols of that era that have returned in full force. Until recently, considered by many to be the symbol of the essence of kitsch, today they appear on the catwalks of the fashion world, being part of the athleisure trend.


Sneakerheads have gone crazy over models from the '90s, as well as contemporary models, such as the adidas Falcon. Chunky sneakers (massive shoes in a sporty style), which is often part of the Ugly Shoes trend, are now living their second youth!


The 1990s also saw an explosion of neon hues, such as bright yellow, green, pink and purple. Undoubtedly, this trend is still popular. Neon shoes, jackets, leggings, crossover bags, hats and other accessories will allow you to stand out and shine.


13. Stars


14. Rolling TV


15. Summer mix


The end of the last century also had a darker side. Some young people, instead of Britney, Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls, listened to Nirvana and wore grunge outfits. The 1990s also meant Nirvana, and it was Kurt Cobain.


Checkered shirt, wide sweater, wide, cropped pants and black Converse One Star sneakers. The worn-out items, which seem to have been worn by older siblings and negligently abandoned, have revealed the gloomy relationship of music with reality.


For years, grunge style is still an inspiration. Although it moves away from the depressive aspect, it is often worn with plaid shirts, especially red and black. Martens-style rock shoes are also in vogue.


16. Childhood pleasure


17. Nokia fossil


18. Mother’s room


19. Music changes


20. Disney+


21. Awesome childhood


22. Sensitive generation


23. Shoutout


24. Out of the car


25. So excited


26. Old 


27. Dolphin vibes


28. Pizza Hut


29. Expecting you


30. Stress vibes


31. Pizza lovers


32. Unmatched


33. Best evenings


34. Magic Schoolbus


35. Jim Carrey


36. Classical literature


37. Forbidden fruit


38. So old


39. Jealous


40. Too close to TV




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We are against vandalism, because in the usual sense, there is nothing good in it. People spoil the things around them for fun, and that's not cool at all. Fortunately, sometimes creative people undertake "vandalism" who do not spoil other people's property, but carefully supplement it for everyone's amusement. Their favorite "canvases" are road signs, but sometimes posters, sidewalks and even cars also fall under the creative distribution. 20 photos of vandalism that we deserve are waiting for you next.


Someone added the “STOP” sign, turning it into a line from the song of the legendary band Queen


"Cause I'm having a good time, having a good time!"


In Malaysia, "babi" means "pig", someone corrected it to English "babe"


A billboard for a candidate from a popular political party in Malaysia during the election season. Obviously, not everyone liked this candidate.


Some merry fellow solved a mathematical example that was prompted by a car number


907 * 815 = 739 205


Some strange road works they have ..


In fact, someone prepared a road sign for a zombie apocalypse. 

"The best elevator I've ever seen"


Marine Superman and Bespectacled Man!


The pit on the sidewalk was filled with a mosaic depicting a cat


And this is not even an ordinary cat - this is a gothic version of maneki-neko (a figurine of a cat with a raised paw, common in Japan).


Vegan activists pasted stickers on STOP signs to end up with “Stop eating animals.”


Someone added their own sign, thus receiving: "Stop eating animals without barbecue sauce."


Former telephone pole turned into a huge pencil


Not vandalism, but real art.


"Corrected" road sign in Paris


Symbol of friendship and unity from the sign "No parking".


Broken glass showcase turned into art in Vancouver, Canada


"Unknown Artist," The Mistakes of Youth ", 2020. Skateboard on glass."


Behind the bar


Creatively vandalized badge.


No pizza!


And you can smoke.


To the sign: "Dirty when wet", someone added their own: "Dusty when dry"


It remains only to add: "Ice when cold" and "Dark when night".


"I could not resist when I saw the pipe"


Right now, you may have a sound in your head that sounds when Mario descends into the trumpet.

Somehow MS Paint was able to run on McDonald's self-service terminal


We are waiting for Doom to be launched on it (a video game that has already been launched on, perhaps, almost everything).

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Halloween is traditionally celebrated on October 31st. In 2020, the date will not change, and exactly on the last day of October, on rain, snow or sun, millions of people will wear scary, mystical costumes, masks and immerse themselves in the masquerade cycle. This day will be Saturday and therefore it will be possible to have fun at least all night.

Despite the fact that Halloween is a primordial Celtic holiday, originality, brightness attracts the interest of people from many countries. Scary, mysterious images, laughter, sweets, candles bring good mood and joy. But how it will be in this coronavirus year? People created funny memes about Halloween 2020!

1.Wearing the same mask on this Halloween

2.Halloween 2020 be like

3.Costumes this Halloween

4.2020 hasn't scared you enough?

5.Never take candies from strangers in 2020

6.Yelling for wearing a mask

7.Costumes in 2020

8.Kids after quarantine

9.Lana Del Rey's house on Halloween

10.The hottest Halloween costume in 2020

11.Halloween 2020

12.Costume options for 2020

13.Halloween in 2020 be like

14.When someone tells you it's too early to be excited

15.Full moon to occur on Halloween 2020

16.Halloween costumes in 2020

17.After watching a horror movie

18.Halloween affected by Covid-19

19.Covid- 19 and Halloween

20.Everyone being a Ninja on Halloween 2020

21.Costume for Halloween

22.Someone eats a bat

23.No wonder there's no toilet paper

24.Expected Halloween trend in 2020

25.How could that happend after Halloween?

26.One does not simply cancel Halloween

27.When there will be a full moon on Halloween

28.Thats a company having fun on Halloween

29.Goals on Halloween 2020

30.Halloween memes are coming


32.We must cancel Halloween

33.Halloween 2020 costume preview

34.He is really brave

35.Covid killed everybody

36.Thank you, leap year!

37.Halloween 2020 stuff

38.When nobody cared about Halloween

39.I got hand sanitizer here

40.You should be a sexy nurse for Halloween

41.I've got toilet paper

42.When I see Halloween stuff

43.Everyone in 2020

44.The ghost of past

45.Everyone better do their part to get this virus thing under control

46.I've been ready for October since last October

47.2020 has been a shitshow

48.Another one for Apocalypse Bingo

49.Most popular Halloween Costumes

50.It's gonna be another leap year

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Have you read Bemorepanda many times about Reddit, but did you really understand what it is? We know for sure that even today we can't really define it, and any topic that starts with "Reddit" raises the question "What is this?". Today, Bemorepanda is trying its best: to explain Reddit and show you why this site can mean the other internet to you.

What is Reddit? It's a site that calls itself the "first page of the Internet." The most popular things on the web get here with the help of users. The process is simple and I will try not to be too complicated.

How do you use Reddit? You can find something interesting on the internet: a picture, a video, a clip or a news article. Want to promote it beyond your Facebook or Twitter page Log in to Reddit and choose a subreddit (a subcategory) to enter that post. You put the link and give it an attractive title (like the front page of a newspaper). Your post is voted by users through Upvote and Downvote. If your post is very popular and users appreciate it, it will reach the front page of the subsection or main page of Reddit, from where it will be distributed and voted by hundreds of thousands of people. For this effort you receive points in the form of Karma. The more karma you have, the more popular your posts can be and whether your style is appreciated by other users.

Today I collected some good pictures from Reddit.

1.LEGO flowers

2.Pride flag


4.Old pic

5.College graduate


7.Chipotle workers


9.Computer science

10.Sleeping squirrels



13.Honor of her mom


15.More excited

16.Cherry blossom

17.The stage



20.New Zeland

21.Nissan Leaf

22.Desert bloom

23.Hello, Dinosaur



26.Obama’s power


28.Nature lover

29.Inside the rainbow

30.Salt mine

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Anyone who follows the news closely will certainly stumble upon numerous references to Reddit - a real giant that is rapidly gaining popularity from year to year.


Reddit is a social news site that was created once to make it easy to find and share links to news, articles and just interesting content. But over time, the portal has grown, destroying the popular Digg, and now it is, in fact, a platform for conversations, that is, a forum, an image board, and so on. Links and their discussions remain an important part of the platform, but only part of it. Increasingly, people come here to communicate, having escaped from drowning forums and dead sites.


Due to the huge popularity of the portal, many users use it to draw attention to a particular issue, or, more often, a site. Many sites have come across the so-called "Slashdot effect", when one link to Reddit (sometimes - even just in the comments) leads to an overload of the site's servers due to the influx of visitors.


Drawing attention happens also within memes. That's why Bemorepanda collected top 50 memes for this month.


1.That's anger


2.Why so?


3.Life is unfair


4.So accurate


5.Always this dreams


6.Russia combat suits


7.About development


8.Good joke


9.Absolute buffoon




11.Holywood actors






14.Bag in bag




16.Seafood diet


17.Valentine's day 2021


18.Beep beep coming


19.Hurting back


20.Where are you


21.Does dog bites?


22.No valentine


23.What is this?


24.Very evil




26.Large family


27.Minecraft stuff


28.Save button




30.Personally insult


31.Gasoline price


32.Wide awake


33.The first boss


34.About bad feelings


35.Hate it


36.Kidnappers returning me


37.Nice ass


38.It was purple before?


39.Telling my mom about my day


40.Seroius chefs


41.Give her a medal


42.LOFI indie


43.Great family


44.Things I hate


45.Have a nice day




47.Lego meme


48.No comment


49.No virgins



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Modern society is moving further and further away from art into the field of primitive entertainment. People prefer to watch TikTok, as they find other people's work too boring. Anyone who thinks so is just looking in the wrong place. Bemorepanda has collected 40 stunning examples of contemporary art from artists around the world to prove that people can create truly fun and mesmerizing things with their own hands.

Most people have a positive attitude towards art, and we fully share their love for beauty. After all, when you look at any work, you feel how your vision of beauty is gradually expanding and you can notice the splendor in everything that surrounds you. But there are people who want to bring a piece of their own creativity into what someone has already created and add their drawing to an existing picture. The folks in this article do just that: They take a painting from a local thrift store, a garage sale, a thrift store, or even a trash can, bring it home and add some stunning detail with a brush and paint. The results are really cool and we can't wait to share them with you!

This drawing with crayons

1 585


Graffiti with an incredible optical illusion

2 573


Liam York's portraits are called "negative", not because they are about something bad, but because they magically transform if you invert their colors to make them look like a photo-negative.

3 575


Drawn koi carps and paper cut background

4 561


Sheepdog carved from wood

0 48


A talented guy who has no arms painted a portrait of Nick Vujicic, an Australian motivational speaker who was born without arms and legs

6 554


Incredible wire sculpture

7 527


"Some time ago I drew my friend with a pencil .. No Photoshop, just a pencil on paper."

8 521


"My 87-year-old grandmother painted this on her barn door."

9 503


Graffiti that says "peace" and "love"

10 506


Embroidery style tattoo

11 491


It took an archaeologist 36 years to create the most accurate model of ancient Rome

12 484


This portrait was painted by Chinese artist Lan Jun, and looking at the accuracy and detail, it becomes clear why it is currently considered the most realistic painting in the world.

13 466


The art of leaf carving

0,2 6


Very "low resolution" graffiti

14 451


A complex of birdhouses with elements of the Wild West, which has a prison, saloon, toilet, tiny swing and even an air defense system

15 438


The graffiti artist who seems to have invented a new dimension

16 401

Have you ever seen cows photobomb pictures?

1кн 9


Wow, this is original!

2ук 12


"I added eyes to this thrift store painting and now it hangs in my kitchen."

3кц 0


The customer is satisfied

4уе 7


SpongeBob, Patrick and Garry fit in perfectly!

5ек 3


An unsolved mystery ...

6ке 22


Go, Luigi!

7а 1


She seemed to be here

8не 12


"I was planning to add Buzz Lightyear, but I was persuaded to add Alice instead. I think she was the right choice."

9нш 6


"I had a lot of fun completing this picture!"

10н 3


The heroes of the animated series "King of the Hill" fit here just perfect

11уе 4


"She used to hold the guitar, but I replaced it."

12уе 9


"Found a cool poster at a thrift store and thought I could add a couple of kraken to it!"

13ук 2


"I decided this landscape was missing Darth Vader."

14уе 17


Someone added a pie thrown in the face of the hero of the picture, but retained the atmosphere and style of the picture



Now we know why the character in Scream was so excited

16ке 14


It's funny that someone saw this picture and thought about "Beetlejuice"

17кн 16


Useful rabbit

18ег 11


"I replaced the boring swan and lily pond with something more dynamic ..."

19ен 18


Heavenly waffles

20ен 8

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