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Best makeup base: 19 primers for dry, oily and combination skin

2 months ago

A good primer should smooth out skin imperfections on the face and keep the make-up in perfect condition for as long as possible. We have collected the most effective makeup bases - read and choose the one that is right for you.

Facial primers are a controversial product. Today there are a huge number of them on the market and it is not so easy to find a quality makeup base. It is not always clear whether it is needed at all. Let's try to figure it out, and at the same time, we will tell you about those basics for makeup, which, in our opinion, are worth paying attention to.

What is a makeup base?

Primers solve several problems at once:

  • Mask imperfections, age spots, uneven tone.
  • Makes skin texture smoother.
  • Improve the properties of tonal products and increase the durability of makeup.
  • A primer cannot replace either foundation or skin care creams, it has a narrow, limited functionality. The basis for makeup does not have to be in a woman's cosmetic bag. However, you can’t do without it if you need impeccable and persistent make-up.

It is important to know that many makeup bases necessarily contain silicones, so due to frequent use, skin pores can become clogged, which will provoke rashes on the face. To prevent this from happening, thoroughly cleanse your skin every evening and, if possible, use a make-up base, not every day.

How to choose a primer according to skin type?

Today, the beauty industry offers a large selection of makeup bases. You need to choose those products that are most suitable for the type and color of the skin.

Normal skin

For normal skin types, a brightening make-up base with sunscreen is ideal. A primer with reflective particles is also suitable.

Dry skin

For dry skin types, it is recommended to use light moisturizing makeup bases with a creamy or oily consistency. To give the face visual moisture, use a product with a shimmer.

Oily skin

For oily skin types, a make-up base is best suited to mattify and mask pores. It will control the appearance of oily sheen throughout the day. The primer can be either water-based or silicone-based. If the skin has inflammation and redness, use a base with a green tint.

Combination skin

For combination skin, you can take a mattifying makeup base and apply it only to problem areas. On other "dry" areas, use a moisturizing primer.

Sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, you will need a makeup base, with the function of protecting against toxins, toxins, and negative environmental factors. Look for fragrance-free products. If redness and inflammation often appear on the skin, choose a color-correcting primer with a green pigment.

Is there a difference between budget and luxury makeup bases?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer here. Choosing a good makeup base requires personal experience. The most important thing in any cosmetic product is how it suits your skin. Hence the relativity of rankings - what has become a panacea for a thousand lucky ones, for you may turn out to be a waste of money.

When choosing a primer, pay attention to the following:

  • how effectively it evens out the complexion, hides skin imperfections;
  • how long does it keep makeup in perfect condition;
  • what type of skin is suitable for.

To make it easier for you to navigate, we have compiled a list of 19 good makeup bases, one of which is potentially suitable for you.

Face Primer Urban Defense Complexion Primer SPF 30, Urban Decay

It is a pleasure to apply it on the skin: the delicate gel texture does not leave any stickiness or film feeling! And the composition itself makes the skin smooth and prepares for the application of foundation, minimizing bumps and pores. You can be calm about the skin, especially in spring and summer: with this primer, care and sun protection are provided.

The basis for the perfect complexion Le Blanc de Chanel Multi-Use Illuminating Base, Chanel

This makeup base is indispensable for creating a flawless look, because it is suitable for any skin tone, hiding visible imperfections and gently illuminating the face. In addition, the product contains caring elements (witch hazel extract, licorice extract and a moisturizing complex) that help preserve the beauty of the skin.

Multifunctional primer Naked Face Balancing Primer, Holika Holika

This tool pleases even externally: inside the bottle there are capsules of three different shades, which, mixing when the dispenser is pressed, give a base that adapts to skin color. The mixture is dense enough to even out the microrelief of the face and last for several hours. Another plus is that you will need significantly less foundation, because the primer provides the necessary undertone.

Cellular Performance Glow Makeup Base Brightening Make-Up Base, Sensai

This base immediately deeply moisturizes, smoothes and brightens the skin, giving firmness and radiance - so that wrinkles and unevenness become less noticeable. A special complex of apricot essence, OH-neutralizer, hyaluronate and collagen stimulators helps the base to fight the first signs of aging. They prevent loss of tone and neutralize pigmentation.

Pore-covering makeup base Master Prime, Maybelline New York

This primer from Maybelline perfectly evens out the texture of the skin, giving it a delicate glow. And at the same time pleases with a very affordable price!

Waterproof face primer You better work! Gym-proof Primer Essence

Thanks to its special waterproof formula, this primer not only hides skin imperfections, but also prevents makeup from "floating" from sweat or heat - ideal for holidays or active workouts, if it is important for you to look "on parade". Bonus: UV filter with SPF 20.

Leveling face primer Prime and Fine Pore Refining Anti-Shine Base, Catrice

The lightweight texture of this primer ensures perfect pairing with any foundation and extra hold. No unwanted shine and enlarged pores!

Makeup base, concealing redness, Base Full HD 16 hours, Eveline

Worried about redness, vascular network and manifestations of rosacea? Then you need the Full HD Base 16 hours from Eveline - the perfect camouflage tool. By the way, she also mattes.

Makeup base Prisme Primer Color Correcting, Givenchy

This makeup base has a light, velvety texture, easy to apply and blends well. The coating is quite dense without the "mask effect". Moreover, this primer not only masks imperfections (it is especially good at fighting dark circles around the eyes), but also gives the skin elasticity over and over again due to vegetative

x extracts in the composition.

Face primer with reflective particles Perfect Glow Primer, Thalgo

Marine spring water and verbena extract, together with reflective particles and color-correcting pigment, give a stunning effect. Firstly, the caring ingredients really take care of the skin - and its natural color evens out over and over again. Secondly, the tone becomes radiant, as if glowing from within.

Primer for flawless skin Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener, Jane Iredale

A sheer, mineral-based soft pink, this primer is virtually invisible on the skin, but that doesn't stop it from effectively tightening pores, unifying skin texture, and giving it a luxurious matte finish. In addition, the formula of the product is enriched with plant components that have an anti-aging effect. Namely - extracts of grapefruit, apple, green and white tea, algae and olive leaves.

Prelude in the Clouds Aqua Base, Rouge Bunny Rouge

This moisturizing foundation is 70% water and literally hydrates the skin for the whole day. Ideal as a make-up base! It contains extracts of sea buckthorn and Florentine iris root, bisabolol and vitamins A and E. With regular use, you will notice that your skin has become softer and more elastic, and inflammation and irritation have decreased.

Face primer Encre de Peau All Hours Primer, YSL Beauty

This base makes it easier to apply the foundation, makes it last longer and helps to keep the matte finish until the evening. Instant perfection for the whole day!

Mattifying base for makeup, masking pores Instant Poreless Pore-Blurring Matifying Primer, Clarins

Despite its light texture, Instant Poreless mattifying base erases pores like an eraser! Thanks to the universal shade, this tool can be used as a base for makeup, or solo. In any case, you are guaranteed perfectly smooth porcelain skin.

Makeup base Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Smashbox

With this primer, you don't need Photoshop or Facetune, because it not only prolongs the durability of makeup, but also visually fills pores and wrinkles, evening out skin texture and tone.

Leveling and illuminating makeup base Radiant Boost Face Base, Kiko Milano

This base visibly improves and refreshes the complexion due to its delicate pinkish tint. The lightweight formula helps the product absorb quickly, smoothing imperfections and giving the skin a slight shimmer.

Makeup base UV Master Primer, Giorgio Armani

Ideal if you are concerned about enlarged pores and uneven skin texture in general. The base will smooth out unevenness and give a soft natural glow, as if you just returned from vacation. Speaking of vacations, this foundation will also come in handy there, because it contains UVA and UVB filters that provide sun protection with an SPF 40 factor.

Aqua-fluid for the face Moisture Genius, L'Oreal

Innovations on guard of your beauty! This product, enriched with aloe juice and hyaluronic acid, immediately turns into a liquid upon contact with the skin and is instantly absorbed, moisturizing the skin, normalizing the hydro-lipid balance and preventing the appearance of oily sheen. Amazing combination of moisturizer and primer!

Moisturizing cream primer for face Hydro Priming Cream InBetween, Blithe

This tool is not just a primer, but a complete care that is suitable for both morning and evening use. Thanks to its elastic formula, this cream is suitable for any skin type, effectively smoothing its texture, correcting tone and mattifying. Bonus: nice lavender scent.

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1 month ago
Giorgio Armani is my favourite!

We must recognize that most of us, do not read what is on the list of ingredients on cosmetics, or we do not understand the meaning of all those words. If we had enough knowledge, we would be surprised at what we really use.


The expensive perfume contains feces and whale vomit


Ambergris is a yellow, waxy, solid substance that is produced in the whale's intestines to protect them from the sharp objects they sometimes swallow. It is often called "sea gold". Just half a pound of feces or whale vomit can be worth up to $ 10,000. Whales either vomit the substance or eliminate it along with their feces.


Most lipsticks contain broken parasitic beetles


Cactus beetles (Dactylopius Coccus) are small insects that feed on cactus plants in Central and South America. Cochineal female beetles eat the red fruits of cacti, so when the beetles are crushed, a very strong red dye is produced.


Cochineal dye has been used for centuries and is very safe for most people, so it is commonly used in lipstick, ice cream, candy, yogurt and eyeshadow. In fact, Starbucks admitted a few years ago that they used a red cochineal dye in some of their drinks, which turned out to be a big problem for their vegetarian fans.


Animal fat in lipstick, eyeshadow and soap


Seoul is a common ingredient in many cosmetics. It is present in: eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, shampoos, shaving soaps, moisturizers and skin care products. Seoul is made from animal carcasses.

Seoul is made from animal fat, which means boiling carcasses to create fat products. Dead animals used to make tallow come from many sources, including laboratories, slaughterhouses, zoos, shelters, and yes, animals killed on the road are also used.


Bull semen in hair products


Due to its high protein content, bull semen has become a popular ingredient in hair products. Used mainly for dry or damaged hair, the semen is mixed with a plant called Katera and applied to the hair in expensive beauty salons. The process takes about 45 minutes, costs about $ 90-120 dollars and has been described as "Viagra for hair."


Snail secretions in moisturizers


Snail exudate is collected and used as an ingredient in many famous moisturizers. Glycolic acid and elastin in snail secretion protect the skin from wounds, bacteria and UV rays, making it a great source of protein that removes dead cells and regenerates the skin. It is also useful for removing scars, stretch marks and curing acne.


Infant foreskin in anti-aging products


The recovery complex marketed by TNS SkinMedica claims to use cells derived from human infantile foreskin (NouriCel-MD) in a "revolutionary" line of anti-aging products. Using a combination of soluble collagen, antioxidants, natural growth factors and proteins, they claim to slow down the aging process and encourage the growth of new cells for a younger complexion.

Many companies have already announced that they have given up some of these ingredients, opting for "more pleasant" alternatives, but others, given their effect, will not do so too soon.



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“No parabens” is the motto of people who are used to reading the list of ingredients carefully. Are they right when they avoid this component?

Sometimes a broad discussion of the action of certain ingredients is a significant phenomenon that helps people maintain their health. We have already understood the beneficial and harmful properties of silicones. This time, let's talk about parabens, among the "victims" of such discussions. Everything is not so simple, and before passing a verdict on them, it is necessary to study the properties of these substances in more detail and get acquainted with the opinion of scientists on this matter. How can parabens in cosmetics be harmful, and are they harmful at all? Let's figure it out right now, but at the same time, we'll see if it's worth choosing natural paraben-free cosmetics as a replacement.

About parabens in cosmetics 

Parabens are chemical compounds (to be more precise, we are talking about esters of para-Hydroxybenzoic acid) that are famous for their antiseptic properties and have been used as preservatives for a long time, both in the food industry and in the pharmaceutical and beauty industries.

Parabens can be synthesized or obtained from plants in the laboratory - yes, there are natural parabens found, for example, in cranberries, lingonberries, and sour.

In the composition of medicines or cosmetics, parabens allow you to extend their shelf life by preventing the growth of bacteria.

Why are parabens dangerous? This is where the controversy begins. The trouble with parabens began when scientists studying breast cancer discovered high concentrations of parabens in tumors. And some have linked it to cosmetics containing parabens (such as deodorants that are applied to the underarm area).

So far, it has not been possible to accurately confirm that cosmetics affect the development of this type of cancer. Still, even a hypothesis was enough for many people to take up arms against parabens.

Properties of parabens in cosmetic

Parabens are considered the most popular preservative today. What is the reason for such a choice?

Antibacterial properties

Thanks to parabens in jars and tubes with cosmetics, there will be no active reproduction of bacteria and fungi. This means they can be used safely for longer without fear that the skin will react with irritation or inflammation.

Ability to stabilize the formula

Another plus of parabens is that they perform a stabilizing function in the formulas of products: their presence in the procedure maintains the desired consistency and allows all components to coexist harmoniously.

Parabens, unlike other preservatives, are effective in small concentrations. Manufacturers who emphasize the natural composition of their cosmetics can use natural preservatives. They are needed in much larger quantities to keep the product fresh for a long time. Organic acids and essential oils are potent allergens. There is a high risk that these products will cause an adverse reaction in the skin.

The downside is that parabens can cause allergies. But the long-term practice of their use shows that the risks are more diminutive in the case of parabens. They are used in the food industry. International standards ensure maximum safety. The creators of cosmetics use these substances in a limited amount.

What cosmetics contain parabens?

Parabens are needed primarily in the composition of funds with a liquid, cream,m or gel texture. In a word, in cosmetics that contain water. A humid environment is favorable for the reproduction of bacteria, and parabens prevent this.


Due to the presence of parabens, tonal foundations “live” from six months to 1.5 years. The expiration date,e in this case, is affected not so much by the concentration of preservatives as by the texture of the product - for example, the fluid will serve you less than a thick and dense foundation.


Mascara cannot be made without parabens, but its shelf life is the shortest compared to other beauty products: it is recommended to use mascara no longer than 3 months after opening the package.


Parabens extend the shelf life of this product to about six months.

Lip gloss

With these tools - the same story as with the category of concealers: you can do makeup with them only for about six months. But without parabens, this period would be even shorter.

Liquid shadows, highlighters, bronzers, lipstick,s and other water-based products also contain parabens. The most common areethyl parabenss andmethyl parabenss. They are safe and resistant to external influences, including thermal. But dry shadows will last you a long time and without parabens in the composition. True, by the end of the expiration date, they will likely no longer fit perfectly. But from the,m it will be possible to make lipstick of an unusual shade. Just follow this video guide.

How are parabens identified in cosmetics?

We have already discussed the general rules that will help you quickly check the composition of cosmetics here. Since parabens are a whole group of substances, you will have to remember a few bare names and symbols to recognize them on the packaging. Parabens that are often used in the manufacture of cosmetics include methylparaben (it can be found in the list of ingredients under the codes E218 and E219), ethylparaben (E214), propylparaben (E216), butylparaben, benzyl paraben, isobutyl paraben.

In addition, among the designations of parabens are met again, propagation, nipagin, and nipazol. They can even be combined under the general name "hydroxybenzoic acids, without specifying the details.

Are there cosmetics without parabens?

Today, the list of brands that produce cosmetics without parabens and sulfates is quite extensive. In the absence of these ingredients in the composition of their products, many manufacturers use them as an advertisement. Therefore it may seem that such beauty products are becoming more common. However, statistics show the opposite: more than 75% of cosmetics still contain parabens.


Those who are not going to give up cosmetics with parabens completely, but are still afraid of this controversial ingredient, should pay attention to thorough skin cleansing.

What is the best way to remove paraben makeup? One of the leading "working" means micellar water - the features of its production allow you not to use sulfates and parabens. The same applies to many hydrophilic oils.

Micellar water

It's good that cosmetics lovers have a choice. Science is not yet able to provide accurate data proving that parabens in cosmetics are harmful and cause life-threatening diseases. But for those who want to eliminate any risks associated with parabens, products labeled paraben-free can be preferred.

Cosmetics without parabens

It is essential to understand that the absence of parabens does not always make cosmetics 100% safe. So, substitutes for parabens arepropanoll,quaternion-15, butyl hydroxy anisole (E320 or BHA), and butylhydroxytoluene (BHT) - and these substances have been proven toxic and carcinogenic. However, they are found not only in cosmetics but also in food.

About natural cosmetics, manufacturers of natural beauty products also use paraben-free labels. They use vitamins E and C, tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, propolis, and grapefruit seed extract as preservatives. The last component has gained particular popularity as a natural disinfectant and preservative.

Grapefruit seed extract

In the case of natural cosmetics, the question arises, how effective are the preservatives used in it. If methyl and ethyl parabens in cosmetics, as a rule, are no more than 0.4% of the composition, natural substitutes will be required in much higher concentrations to compare with them in terms of strength. Do not forget that many natural ingredients that can increase the shelf life of cosmetics can cause allergic reactions.

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Many excellent, original, and charismatic characters are associated with Johnny Depp.


Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd, Willy Wonka, Jack Sparrow... Sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow, and many more incarnations that, thanks to Depp's incredible talent, come to life and amaze the imagination of moviegoers and fans.


Name: John Christopher Depp II

Date of birth: June 9, 1963

Birthplace: Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

Citizenship: USA

Profession: actor, film director, film producer, musician

Career: 1984 - present

Best work: 52 films

Height: 178 cm

Weight: 78 kg


Marital status: divorced


As a talented actor and a creative person, Depp went through a thorny path, gaining fame and recognition. You can learn about his personal life, biography details, and creativity by reading exciting facts about the actor.



1. Birth

Johnny Depp was born in Kentucky on June 9, 1963, in the family of an engineer and a waitress.


2. Family

John Christoffer Depp and Betty Sue Palmer, the actor's parents, had four children. Johnny was the youngest.


3. Constant quarrels of parents and Native American roots

Johnny's family was not friendly and happy. His parents constantly quarreled, which negatively affected the boy's mental health.


He grew up under the influence of his grandfather, a hereditary Indian who resembled the Cherokee family, and his great-grandmother had roots in the Creek tribe.


4. Parents' divorce affected Depp's life

The actor's parents divorced when the boy was 12 years old. Mom married again to a successful writer, who significantly influenced the young man's creative life.



5. How he became a rebel

The family's move to Florida and the death of his grandfather seriously undermined the mental health of a teenager. He became addicted to smoking, began to have an early sexual life, and drank alcohol.


6. Scars are like a personal diary

Due to frequent emotional stress, the boy cut himself. He has many scars, about which he says this: “Like sailors getting a tattoo in memory of every significant event, sailing - I got a scar, in memory of events. This is my journal in life." Many such "marks" have remained on the actor's body.


7. First steps in music

After drinking, the teenager found himself in the musical element. He took part in the rock group "Kids." Wrote a song for the Angels.


8. They didn't take him back to school

At the age of 15, he decided to leave school for a career in rock music, but after a few months, he changed his mind. However, the school principal did not take the boy back, sending the young talent to conquer the stage.


9. Survived by odd jobs

He worked and moonlighted on various casual, spontaneous earnings to somehow live, arranging his musical career. At one time, he was even a salesman in a grocery store.


Read here How Amber Heard ruined Johnny Depp life



10. Significant meeting with Nicolas Cage

Everything changed in a young man's life after meeting Nicolas Cage, who was already an actor at that time and suggested that Depp leave his career as a musician to pursue a career as an actor.


11. Random role in A Nightmare on Elm Street

The actor got a role in the classic horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street, although he went to audition with his friend. The film not only became one of the best films with Depp but also allowed the young guy to “light up” in Hollywood.


12. The first steps in the cinema were complicated.

The beginning of a film career was difficult. Depp got episodic and minor roles; his candidacies were rejected at castings.


13. Actor substitution

In 1987, his acting career took a significant leap. He was invited to play a police officer in the popular serial film 21 Jump Street. He replaced the actor playing the main character - Jeff Yeager.


14. Burton's first film

Starting with the picture "Edward Scissorhands," Depp began to work closely with film director Tim Burton. They formed a natural, unique tandem.


And the film, by the way, became one of the best in Depp's career, and only “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” could get ahead of him in terms of rating.



15. More and more leading roles

Between 1993 and 2003, Depp starred in films such as Arizona Dream, Ed Wood, Last Moment, Dead Man, Don Juan de Marco, Donnie Brasco (with Al Pacino), "The Brave," "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," "Sleepy Hollow," "The Astronaut's Wife," "The Ninth Gate" and others.


16. Acquaintance with Paradis

In 1998, on the set of the 9th Gate tape, he met Vanessa Paradis, which significantly influenced his life.


17. Role in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean."

By 2003, many movie lovers knew about Depp, but after the role of Captain Jack Sparrow, everyone started talking about him.


Johnny received many nominations and awards for this role, including the Empire Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards and nominations for Oscar, Golden Globe, and others.


18. The actor owes his leading role in life to Keith Richards

On the set of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2003, he told a magazine that Keith Richards was the inspiration for Jack Sparrow's character.


19. The role of Willy Wonka

After the role of a pirate, Depp had several successful roles in films: "Secret Window," "Libertine," "And Fairyland." For the part of James Matthew Barry, the actor again collected many nominations for best actor.


But the actor won another Empire Award for Best Actor for his work in the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


Having worked out the image of Willy Wonka in a film about a chocolate factory, Depp admitted that he had a severe allergic reaction to chocolate products as a child.



20. Tourist

The subsequent surge in his career occurred in 2010 in the film The Tourist, where Depp's partner on the set was the beautiful Angelina Jolie.


"Tourist" brought high commercial profits and once again confirmed the status of an excellent actor. Johnny received several world-class awards for this role.


21. Continuation of the pirate saga

This was followed by work on new parts of "Pirates" and an important event in the actor's career - his production company, where he was an actor and developer, and his sister is president, released his first film, "The Rum Diary" based on the book of the same name by Thompson. The author of the book is a friend of Depp.


22. There were anti-prizes in his career

But in an actor's career, there were not only high awards. He was also awarded the Golden Raspberry Anti Prize twice.


The first time for the role of an Indian in the film "The Lone Ranger," and the second for the image of Mordecai in the comedy film of the same name. I would like to note that this did not affect his fees and demand.


23. Billion Dollar Actor

The actor has three films in his arsenal that brought the creators over a billion US dollars: two parts of Pirates of the Caribbean and Alice in Wonderland.



24. Fruitful tandem with Burton

Together with Tim Burton, Depp worked on seven films.


25. Modern musical career as an actor

In 2015, Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry formed the rock band Hollywood Vampires.


In the very beginning, the group was created to honor the memory and revive the spirit of the famous bar called "The Hollywood Vampires." At that time, the group focused mainly on performing covers. But after she had her songs.


In 2019, the Hollywood Vampires released a new album called "Rise," featuring brand new material. Covers are available but in smaller numbers.


In 2019, the band performed on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, performing a song from the new album. The band members held a small concert to reminisce about the old school of rock.


Personal life


26. Marriage to Laurie Ann Ellison

The actor entered his first marriage at the age of 20. She was the bass player's sister from the group where Depp performed before meeting Nicolas Cage. It was Lori who introduced the actor to Nicholas.


27. Jennifer Gray and Sherelyn Fenn

Two years later, the marriage with Lori broke up, but Johnny did not lose heart and married Jennifer Grey.


This marriage was not long, and soon he got engaged to a new beloved - Sherelyn Fenn. This union also did not last long.


28. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder

During the filming of Edward Scissorhands, the actor met Winona Ryder. Such feelings captured him and inspired him for the first time; he made himself a tattoo "Vyonna forever."


After parting, this inscription turned into "Alcoholic forever." Officially, the relationship was not recorded.


29. Kate Moss

One actor's severe relationship with women has developed with supermodel Kate Moss. They lived together for four years, from 1994 to 1998. These were the first real and powerful love feelings, not the previous love.


Hooligan and rowdy Depp was twice handcuffed for disorderly conduct. The first time it happened was in 1994. After a big fight with Kate in a New York hotel, he trashed the room, causing $1,200 damage.


30. Depp and Vanessa Paradis

And in 1998, as the actor himself says, a meeting with Vanessa Paradis completely changed his life.


Then he was arrested for the second time. Now he has lashed out at the paparazzi chasing the actor on a date with Vanessa.


In union with Vanessa, Johnny had beautiful children: a daughter - Lily-Rose Melody Depp (born 1999), and in 2002 a son - John Jack Christopher Depp.


The family lived in Paris, in the homeland of Paradis.



31. Daughter's illness

In 2007, misfortune struck the family - little Lily became seriously ill. The problem was in the kidneys, and the girl spent a long time in the hospital.


After the baby fully recovered from her illness, Depp visited the hospital in a Jack Sparrow costume and entertained sick children for several hours. He later donated $2 million to this medical institution.


32. Divorce from Paradis

In 2012, the amorous Depp again wanted romantic adventures. Hiding and experiencing a break within the family for a long time, Vanessa Paradis and Depp announced their divorce and finally broke up.


33. Amber Heard

The reason for the gap was the young and charming Amber Heard, with whom the actor began an affair during the filming of The Rum Diary.


In 2013, the actor proposed to the girl, and a year later, the couple formalized the relationship.


2016 was a challenging year for him. Depp's mother died, and three days later, his wife announced her intention to divorce.


Depp and Heard divorced in early 2017, officially.


34. Relationship with Polina Glen

The actor's romance with Glen lasted almost a year. The girl moved into Depp's apartment in Los Angeles and continued to teach choreography lessons. After meeting for a while, the couple started talking about the wedding. Depp wanted to ask the parents of the Russian dancer to marry, but this did not happen.


Polina soon broke off relations with the actor, saying that his extraordinary popularity was to blame. At that time, there was a noisy divorce from Hurd, which took the actor a lot of time and energy. The girl did not like such close attention, which is why she fled to Russia.



35. Romance with Jolie

For the first time, Depp and Jolie started talking during the filming of The Tourist. The whole world held its breath in anticipation of any action from the stars, and the press had already begun to release various assumptions.


But the matter did not go beyond rumors. Other sources stated that there was no mutual understanding between the actors on the set. Jolie allegedly did not like Johnny's crumpled appearance.


Coincidentally, both celebrities divorced almost at the same time. Rumor has it that Angelina once helped the actor cope with bankruptcy after numerous court cases, but these data were not confirmed either.


Depp once said that Jolie is brilliant and profound, in addition to being impeccably beautiful.


36. Amber Heard Scandal

When the couple got married in 2015, after filming together in the film The Rum Diary, many of Depp's entourage were not happy about this news and advised him to start drafting a prenuptial agreement. But the actor was overwhelmed with love, and he did not consider this option.


Almost immediately, the scandalous disassembly of the couple began to seep into the network. Amber wrote that 1.5 years of marriage with Depp was a nightmare for her. According to the star, she was repeatedly abused by her husband.


Hurd began to provide evidence in the form of bruises, after which the actor's career cracked at the seams. Litigation dragged on, entailed a colossal waste of Depp's funds, and cast a shadow on his reputation.


But finally, the actor stood up for his defense, saying that he was a victim of violence. Johnny provided the court with dozens of videos showing inappropriate behavior and aggression of his ex-wife. Depp said that the actress regularly insulted him and beat him.


Later, a video from a psychologist appeared on the network, where Hurd confessed to throwing heavy objects at her husband, as a result of which he lost a piece of his finger. She said she often raised her hand to him.


On social networks, people massively came to the defense of Depp, demanding that Heard be punished for whitening the name and reputation of the actor.



37. Exes stood up for Depp

Vanessa Paradis, Johnny's ex-wife, officially announced that the actor was not involved in the violence against Amber. The actress is sure that Hurd's words are slander. Depp is kind, loving, and utterly incapable of violence.


Winona Ryder, who met with the actor, considers their relationship the most beautiful in her life.


Questions and answers


38. Does Depp have an Oscar?

Johnny Depp has never received an Oscar but was nominated three times for his roles in the films: "Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street," "Fairyland," and "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl."


39. Who voices Johnny Depp?

The Russian theater and film actor Alexander Bargman is not familiar to all movie lovers, but it is he who voices the actor Johnny Depp in the films.



40. How many children?

Two, Lily-Rose Melody Depp and John "Jack" Christopher Depp III.


Other facts


41. Scandalous nightclub

In 1992, The Viper Room opened in Los Angeles, a nightclub owned by Depp. On October 31 of the following year, the budding young musician and actor Phoenix River died of drug intoxication.


From that moment on, the club was closed every year on this day until Depp sold his share of the ownership.


42. Why did the homeless go to Depp's club?

As a club owner, he often handed out $50 and $100 to the homeless at the entrance.


43. He had to decide on the place of residence

The actor lived in two countries - either Paris or Los Angeles for a while. Soon the French authorities demanded the official registration of his stay and the payment of income taxes, after which Depp finally moved to the States.


44. Johnny Depp Tattoos

He has 13 tattoos on his body. Each has a symbolic meaning. For the most part, all images are devoted to the family - the mother's name, the daughter's profile, the symbolism of the son, and something from the Indian direction.


45. Attitude towards religion

The actor does not belong to religious fans and claims that the only thing you should believe in is your children. We need to move forward and think that everything will be fine.



46. ​​Sexiest

The actor was twice recognized as the sexiest man in 2003 and 2009.


47. Johnny Depp as the Joker

Recently there was information that Warner Bros is considering the candidacy of Depp as the Joker. Fans are thrilled and are already creating drawings of the actor as Batman's main antagonist.


The news has not been confirmed, but many hope that the rumor will be accurate.


48. Best kiss - with Javier Bardem

Ellen DeGeneres invited the actor to her program, where she asked him various questions, including provocative ones. For example, the actor admitted that the strangest place he had sex was the closed trunk of a car.


And Depp jokingly called the kiss with Javier Bardem the best in his life.


49. Best quotes

“You are what you do. You are your choice. The one you turn yourself into.”


“In London, in one of the hotels, an elderly woman asked my daughter, what does your dad do?. She replied, "He's a pirate!" “At that moment, I was proud of my daughter.”


“I don't want to reach a point where I feel satisfied. I think that if this happens, then everything will be over with me.”


“Something I've been pissed off lately. It would be necessary to act in porn.”


“Great lovelies in trust, joy from each other, respect for personal life, and professional choice.”


“People cry not because they are weak, but because they have been strong for too long.”


“Don't be afraid of enemies, be afraid of friends. Friends betray, not enemies!”



50. About housing

The man has long been one of the highest-paid Hollywood stars and managed to purchase expensive real estate. But he had to part with many objects due to high-profile courts related to divorce.


When selling a vast horse farm with a large house in Kentucky, the actor had already had to say goodbye to 5 residential properties, including three luxury Los Angeles apartments located in an elite building, a beautiful villa in France, and a small village.


Of the five apartments, there are still a couple left in the Art Deco building. The man also has a chic mansion located in the English county of Somerset. The house is about 150 years old; the actor lives there during filming in England.


There are five mansions in the Hollywood Hills, where a lot of money has been invested. The actor even thought about connecting them with underground tunnels.


51. Fees and fortune

Experts calculated the star's fees for all filming, deducing $ 650,000,000.


At the moment, the actor has almost nothing left. It is known that he spent about $ 2,000,000 monthly. About $ 30,000 was debited from the star's accounts for the purchase of wine and about $ 200,000 for flights.


Real estate was bought from a man for $ 75,000,000. He also acquired more than 200 works of art and 45 prestigious cars.


52. In 2018, he lost a lot of weight, shocking fans

When the actor visited Russia while touring with his band, fans were shocked by the actor's appearance. He looked skinny and sickly. And the fact that the man did not immediately explain his condition was generally regarded as a health problem.


But it soon became clear that the star starred in a film about a professor who learned about his fatal illness. It was for this that the actor had to change his appearance radically.


53. Prank on DiCaprio

In 1993, while filming What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Johnny persuaded a young Leonardo DiCaprio to sniff a rotten egg. When he did, Depp gave Leonardo $500.



54. No fingertip

In 2016, it became known that the actor cut off the tip of his finger due to a quarrel with Amber. Hurd's lawyers provided photos of the man's bloodied hand, talking about the scene of jealousy that the actor gave his wife. And after that, being in a furious state, he lost the tip of his finger with a knife.


At that time, the actress starred with Billy Bob Thornton. It was he who caused the scandal. It was reported that after the incident, Johnny took the severed finger and, painted it on the mirror, dipped it in paint.


However, it was later revealed that the man did not cause physical harm to himself. Heard threw a bottle of vodka at him, causing it to shatter and severely injure the actor's finger, nearly cutting it off. Depp needed the help of doctors. This happened already in the first month after the wedding.


55. Filming in commercials

Depp starred in commercials. For example, the last one was for Dior.


56. Sacrificed teeth for a role

For the role of Jack Sparrow, the actor had to wear gold crowns on his teeth. They say that he decided to make this addition to the image.


At first, it was difficult for him morally, and it was quite problematic to remove the crowns, so he had to walk with them even during breaks. But soon, Depp got used to them, and he even began to like them.


57. Drug problems that nearly cost an actor his career

Depp has repeatedly had issues with the law on the background of the use of alcohol and drugs. The actor was suspected of selling illegal drugs through his nightclub. However, the star has not been formally charged.


The film City of Lies shooting, where Depp played one of the leading roles, was postponed. The reason for this was the hard reputation of the star.


The location manager stated that the actor was in a state of intoxication after filming. On his part, insults came from the manager, and after that, he completely hit him in the ribs. A lawsuit was filed against the actor.



58. Love for rings

The actor has been wearing rings stylized as a human skull for a long time. This somewhat frightening decoration contains a detailed history.


Masons wore skull rings, and in Victorian times, such jewelry reminded us of the frailty of existence. The ring is visible in Depp's pictures for Premiere Magazine.


59. Vision problems

The star's vision began to deteriorate in childhood. At the moment, the actor admitted that he was almost blind in his left eye and the right one sees, but poorly. Depp constantly wears special glasses so that vision problems do not interfere with his career.


Although the actor is not easily given the role of characters without glasses, he willingly agrees to them. The man declares that he will not stop filming as long as there is strength and a creative fuse.


60. Bankruptcy and courts

The actor has almost no earnings earned throughout his career for $ 650,000,000.


He claims that the TMG company is blamed for his financial condition. The man sued, arguing that TMG did not inform him about his financial situation.


Depp admitted that he trusted this company and did not understand the signed documents. The actor does not rule out that TMG could even forge his signature.


In addition, the star spent millions of dollars on the services of many lawyers who pulled him out of a vast number of different cases.


61. Johnny Depp now

At the moment, the Disney production company is seeking the return of the star in the image of Jack Sparrow. Before that, Depp was fired due to scandals with his ex-wife.


Whether the eccentric pirate will become the franchise's main character is unclear. Perhaps in the future, Sparrow will be a minor character.


The actor continues legal proceedings with Amber. If the court proves that the actress faked domestic violence against her, she could face up to 3 years in prison.


Now many people notice changes in the actor. There is a feeling that he dropped a dozen years. Johnny appears friendly, returns to the red carpet, and goes to court to repair his damaged reputation.



Quick Facts


62. Depp was friends with the famous actor Marlon Brando and was his fan. Brando, in turn, called Johnny, the best actor of his generation.


63. In 2003, Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter had a son, Billy Raymond Burton. Depp became the boy's godfather.


64. In 1999, Johnny Depp's star appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


65. In 2012, Johnny Depp entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest-paid actor, earning $75 million in a year.


66. In 2015, Forbes named Johnny Depp the most overrated actor of the year, as for every dollar invested in the actor's fee, film companies were able to earn only 1.2 dollars.


67. In 2012, Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman starred in Paul McCartney's new video for the song My Valentine from the Kisses On The Bottom album. After that, the actor appeared in two more McCartney videos: Queenie Eye (2013) and Early Days (2014).


68. He Spent $3 million shooting the ashes of his friend Hunter Thompson from a cannon. Hunter Thompson shot himself in 2005, and the shooting was his request.


69. Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell, who played his last role for Heath Ledger, refused money in favor of the late actor's daughter, Matilda.


70. I Started smoking at age 12.


71. Collects stuffed animals and clowns. All these are his fears, which he decided to overcome with the help of collecting.


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Johnny Depp has long been a favorite of Hollywood and the idol of the audience. He starred from an early age, played in the films of Tim Burton, Jim Jarmusch, Emir Kusturica, Terry Gilliam, and Roman Polanski, and was nominated three times for an Oscar and a dozen times for a Golden Globe. Already in the 2000s, he played Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster series, which made him one of the richest Hollywood actors - the fees for this role reached great values.


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard


He was also a regular gossip column thanks to his relationships with famous actresses and models, including Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder, and Kate Moss. His long romance with Vanessa Paradis attracted the attention of the press and the public for almost a decade and a half. But in 2012, Johnny Depp broke up with Paradis, began dating actress Amber Heard, and thus signed the verdict on himself and his successful career.


Who is Amber Heard?

She was born on April 22, 1986, when Johnny Depp was already playing his first role; she began her acting career right after school - from the age of 17, she already starred in separate episodes of various TV series, then moved on to feature films. True, the projects with her participation were not the most stellar - for example, the series "Mysteries of Palm Springs," where she had one of the leading roles, was closed in the middle of the first season, and films like "Never Back Down" or "Welcome to Zombieland" only worked on the recognition of the actress.


Her acting fate changed in 2011 after participating in the film The Rum Diary, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by writer and journalist Hunter S. Thompson. It was a production project by Johnny Depp, who played the title role in the film; Heard got the part of Depp's character's lover. This relationship suddenly went off the set. The actress was 23 years younger than Depp, but such an age difference between Hollywood and show business, in general, is considered insignificant.


Here comes Johnny

In principle, little interfered with the relationship between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Later it became known that Depp had broken up with Vanessa Paradis for several years already - despite two typical children, they were not married, so the gap went relatively smoothly, although unexpectedly for the couple's fans. However, according to another version, the dates of Depp and his partner in the Rum Diary made Paradis finally decide on their joint future. Hurd took the newly-made bachelor into such a turn that his previous passions should have turned green with envy.


First of all, she put her career in order - it still appeared thrash like "Machete Kills," but there was also "The Danish Girl" by Tom Hooper, which received four Oscar nominations and won one of them (Alicia Vikander became the winner - for the female role of the second plan). And then Amber Heard became a part of the DC Universe in general, playing the superheroine Mera in the Justice League; she would later reprise the role in Aquaman and appear in Zack Snyder's Justice League.


Everything was okay with her on the personal front. Heard and Depp announced their engagement in 2014 and got married in February 2015.


Exile from paradise

The idyll continued, however, for a very, very short time. In May 2016, after a year and three months of marriage, Amber Heard filed for divorce, citing some "irreconcilable differences." She chose the time “suitable” - literally the day before, Depp’s mother died, and he was, to put it mildly, not in the best shape for such news. The divorce proceedings continued for several more months and officially ended in January 2017, unofficially still dragging on.


The fact is that Heard did not limit herself to one streamlined formulation about disagreements. She told the press rather ugly details about Depp's personality, his addiction to drugs and alcohol, and that the famous actor does not shy away from assault; there was even photographic evidence that Depp likes to spread his arms. And later, when the divorce was over, Heard wrote a lengthy column in The Washington Post, in which she called herself a victim of domestic violence and Depp - the culprit that her career almost ended. There was also a publication in the British The Sun where Depp was not called the devil.


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Hell for Johnny

In reality, Johnny Depp's relationship with Amber Heard led to not her career-ending but his. In 2017, Potter fans called on Warner Bros to remove the actor from the Fantastic Beasts franchise, in which he played the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald; then it was defended, but not for long. The fact is that simultaneously with the divorce of this couple, the general situation in world show business was unfolding - the careers of producer Harvey Weinstein and Oscar-winning actor Kevin Spacey were collapsing, the #MeToo movement was gaining strength, and revelations about the antics of former stars followed one after another. Depp got into this wave, and he was on the wrong side.


His trials with The Sun and personally with Amber Heard were not very successful, although there was not too much clear evidence of domestic violence on the part of Depp. On the contrary, a lot said that the actress herself had a bad temper and that, perhaps, the victim was precisely her husband. There were even calls on social networks to cut off Heard's oxygen professionally, such as removing her from all DC films. But it did not work with her, and Johnny Depp, as of 2021, has already been effectively expelled from the cinema. He retired from Fantastic Beasts (in the 3rd part, he will be replaced by Mads Mikkelsen), has no new offers, and the only film with his participation that reached the rental this year is City of Lies, filmed back in 2017- m.



Amber Heard, meanwhile, seems to be doing relatively well. Recently, a series with her participation was released - "Confrontation" by Stephen King; she will soon appear in the second "Aquaman." The ongoing trials with Johnny Depp do not bother her too much - in any case; she is still considered a victim of their relationship, and, most likely, she will remain so.


After five years of litigation, ex-wives Johnny Depp and Amber Heard met in Virginia at the next and, as expected, the final stage of the hearings. Kino-Teatr.Ru decided to restore the chronology of the conflict and highlight the turning points in its history.


Accusations of violence

Against the background of the divorce proceedings in 2016, Heard repeatedly spoke about the domestic violence she allegedly had to endure, which symptomatically led to Depp's "cancellation" and the loss of roles in big-budget blockbusters. Later, after the divorce, Johnny lost a case against the British newspaper The Sun, which called him a "wife-beater," based solely on Heard's allegations. However, after that, the situation between the actors turned in the opposite direction: circumstantial evidence of Depp's innocence began to appear in the media, and the police confirmed that they had not found signs of a crime on Heard's body when she called them to the scene of the alleged offense. According to Depp's lawyer Adam Waldman, the footage from the chest cameras of police officers proves that the actor is innocent and his ex-wife lied.


Trying to justify

In 2018, Amber wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post in which she openly stated that she had experienced domestic violence. Now Depp has filed a $50 million defamation lawsuit against Heard to verify and prove the authenticity of the facts that the actress brought against him. On the eve of the court hearing on April 12, Amber backtracked, saying that in her article, she speaks abstractly, not referring to her relationship with Depp.


Hollywood Codependency

On April 19, Depp personally testified against his ex-wife for the first time. The actor began by talking about how his mother abused him as a child. The meeting was attended by a clinical psychologist who was Depp and Heard's family therapist in 2015. She said that both spouses were victims of childhood abuse, so they created a “mutual abuse” situation in the marriage. The court also released photos, videos, audio, and messages regarding the personal lives of Amber and Johnny. From them, it turned out that Depp insulted his ex-wife and expressed the hope that her "rotting corpse was decomposing in the damn trunk of a Honda Civic." The actor admitted that he loves black humor and is ashamed of these messages, but he never allowed himself to be beaten in quarrels with Amber. In addition, he stated that during arguments, Heard constantly threatened to commit suicide: “Many times when I tried to leave, she stopped me at the elevator with guards, cried and shouted:“ I can’t live without you. I will die!" And we had to leave."


Depp also claims that it was Amber who was the aggressor in quarrels. According to him, once the actress got angry because Johnny insisted on signing a marriage contract. Then she launched two bottles of vodka into him, one of which crashed against the wall and cut off the actor's fingertip. He had to be sewn up, but Depp called the cause of the injury an accident in the hospital - he did not want Amber to have problems. After injuring his finger, Johnny, as it turned out in court, left messages for Amber on the walls, written in blood. Heard's lawyer said that Depp then allegedly painted a penis in one of the paintings, but the actor said he did not remember this. He also accused the ex-wife of defecating on his bed.


Amber is caught in a lie

Depp and Heard repeatedly presented photographs of bruises on their faces left due to the alleged beatings, but third parties accused both of aggression. In addition, the actress's lawyer showed the jury a palette of Milani Cosmetics brand correctors, which Hurd was forced to use every day to hide the bruises that Johnny allegedly left her. However, the All In One cosmetic set from Milani, which Heard used, was not released until 2017, when Amber and Johnny had been divorced for a year. The producers confirmed this on their social networks; they published a video convicting the actress of a lie. Now the world press is waiting for Amber's testimony, which is expected to differ from Depp's testimony. Also, the actress's lawyers will invite actor James Franco and businessman Elon Musk to the following meetings, with whom Amber had relationships at different times.


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Odessa is known for its humor, specific accent, and the sea. It is customary to count the city's history from the reign of Catherine II, the 18th century. But in fact, these lands were inhabited long before the tsarina's decree.


Odessa - Ukrainian soul city


As in every port city, many nations have always coexisted here. The multi-ethnic settlement inscribed the history of the Greeks, Italians, Ukrainians, Turks, Albanians, Russians, and Jews in its biography. There is no wonder that there are Greek, Polish, Lithuanian, Arnautskaya, Jewish streets, Moldavanka district, Italian Boulevard, Istanbul Park, and Azerbaijan Park. And the city ends on the seashore with Primorsky Boulevard, from where beautiful views open that attract tourists so much.


We will tell you who lived and what they did in past centuries and what influence they had on the city's development and what has been preserved since then—unknown and interesting facts about Odessa.


The cycle of history and ethnic groups 


1. From the 8th-10th centuries, the territory of the present Odessa region was inhabited by Slavic tribes. The Liberty, who settled in these parts, fell under the rule of Kievan Rus and participated in the campaigns of the Kievan princes against Byzantium, and subsequently were under the control of the Galician principality. 


2. One of the 11 gold coins from the time of Prince Vladimir that has survived in the world is in Odessa. It can be seen in the archaeological museum. 


3. At the end of the 13th century, on the site of Odessa, there was a Genoese settlement of merchants Ginestra, whose name probably comes from the changed name of the Dniester. It was a camp of Italian sailors in the Odessa Bay, where grain and other goods were transported from the Black Sea region.



4. In the 14th-15th centuries, the Black Sea region fell under the rule of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which established a settlement and the royal port of Kachibey here. The first mention in the documents is 1415. Estimated location - Zhevakhova Gora. 


5. At the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries, the settlement came under the rule of the Tatars, and they began to call it Khadzhibey. In 1765, the Ottoman government built a new Yeni-Dunya fortress between the modern Potemkin Stairs and the Vorontsov Palace on Primorsky Boulevard.


6. The Turkish Khadzhibey was stormed by the Cossacks of Bohdan Khmelnitsky and Ivan Sirko, Semyon Paliya, and Peter Kalnyshevsky. The 220-year-old Black Night oak stands on Shevchenko Avenue; according to legend, it was planted by the Black Sea Cossacks when they left Khadzhibey in 1792. And in the Luzanovka park, a people's memorial was created in memory of Colonel Paliy. 


7. The Ottomans finally conquered the fortress in 1789 by Russian troops led by José de Ribas and Black Sea Cossacks led by atamans Anton Golovaty and Zakhary Chepiga. De Ribas wrote about this event: "The victory was celebrated in a Greek tavern to the sounds of a Cossack hopak." In 1794, the city was renamed in the manner of the Greek colony Odessos and began to build. In Starobazarny Square, there is a bronze monument to ataman Anton Golovaty, who conquered Khadzhibey from the Turks. 


8. The ancestors of Ukrainians began to populate the territory around present-day Odessa in the 15th century. Cossack families moved to the estuaries and started salt mining here. Also, Ukrainians fled to these lands controlled by the Turks from serfdom after the destruction of Catherine the Sich. Cossack cemeteries have been preserved in the city's north and nearby villages (Usatovo, Nerubayskoye). The crosses and graves on them are older than Odessa. Ukrainians also formed the basis of the population after founding the city. Not far from Shkodova Gora, there are still cave houses that the Cossacks built-in 1775-1800 for themselves.



9. Among the city's first leaders, there were many foreigners - the Spaniard Jose de Ribas, the Frenchman de Richelieu, the British Thomas Koble, the Frenchman Louis Langeron, the Russian Mikhail Vorontsov, the German Paul von Kotzebue, the Greek Grigorios Marazzi. To increase the city's population, Bulgarians, Albanians, Greeks, Jews, and Germans began to create their colonies here. 


10. Italians opened bakeries and pasta factories in Odessa. The first printing house in the city belonged to an Italian. Italian architects built the majestic structures of Odessa in the 19th century. Genoa is a sister city of Odessa. In cities, there are streets dedicated to each other - in Odessa, it is Genoese, and in the Italian town - Via Odessa.


11. Greek colonies on the territory of present-day Odessa existed even before our era. On Zhevakhova Hill, archaeologists discovered an ancient sanctuary, wherein the 5th-4th centuries BC, the ancient Greek goddess Demeter, the patroness of fertility, was worshiped. Excavations were also carried out in other places.


Odessa is at the forefront

12. The first house in Odessa after its renaming was built in 1794 for Count Volkonsky on Lanzheronovskaya Street. 


13. The Duke de Richelieu erected the first monument in the city in 1828. He led the city and organized the production of stearin candles, wax, soap, and powder.


14. The first Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was built on the site of the present Transfiguration Cathedral. 


15. In 1886, Ilya Mechnikov and Mykola Gamalia organized first Ukraine and the second in the world (after Paris) bacteriological station. A memorial plaque reports this on house number 4 on Leo Tolstoy Street. 


16. The oldest sparkling wine factory in Ukraine operates in Odessa on French Boulevard. Heinrich Roederer founded it at the end of the 19th century. 


17. In 1902, the first funicular in Ukraine was opened in Odessa. It connected the port and the upper part of the city.



In 1919, the first state film studio in Ukraine was opened in Odessa. The only Museum of Film Exposition operates here. It stores the first camera Dovzhenko. 


19. The world's first Spirit Fountain was opened in Odessa. Every hour, the fountain sprays 21 fragrances in turn.


The first owner of a car in Odessa in 1891 was the publisher of "Odessa Listok" Vasily Navrotsky. The car was brought to him from Marseille by ship. He greatly respected art. 


21. Paving stones, which paved the first roads of Odessa, quite impassable, were brought from Naples. Some sites laid back in the 18th century are still preserved on the streets of Pushkinskaya, Deribasovskaya. In this city, they began to pave roads with asphalt throughout the empire.



22. The Odessa Opera House was included in the Forbes magazine's list of the most unusual sights in Eastern Europe. For the 120th anniversary of the theater, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a commemorative coin with its image.


23. The Brodskaya synagogue in Odessa became one of the first choral synagogues in the empire. It was founded by people from Brody in the Lviv region who moved here. Now it houses the regional archive. 


The Potemkin Stairs got its name not in honor of Prince Potemkin. Prince Vorontsov built it as a gift to his wife. Initially, it did not have a name. After the release of "Battleship Potemkin," the townspeople began to call it Potemkinskaya. 


25. There is Ostap Bender Square in Odessa. It occupies only five m². The smallest square in the world is located on Deribasovskaya Street around the monument to the 12th chair.


26. Odessa doctor Ivan Lipa built a hospital for the poor near Odessa at his own expense. He founded the first society in sub-Russian Ukraine, "Prosvita," and was the Minister of Health in the government of the UNR. A memorial plaque to father and son Ivan and Yury Liam is located on the house where they once lived on Pasteur Street. 



27. House-wall - a residential building in Vorontsovsky Lane. If you look at it from the side, an optical illusion is created, as if there is only one wall in the house. This is the former apartment building of Rafalovich (consul of Denmark and vice-consul of Brazil). 


28. The house on Ekaterininskaya Street, 25, has one of the longest balconies in the world. It stretches across the entire third floor along the facade, from where you can simultaneously view both Ekaterininskaya and Grecheskaya streets. The building was built by a descendant of the Phanariot princely family Mavrokorodato.


29. Odessa Church - the central Lutheran Cathedral of Ukraine. St. Paul's Church was built by the German community in the 19th century. 



Mother-in-law's bridge is very long and loosens under the influence of wind. It is a replica of the Grand Duchess Charlotte Bridge in Luxembourg. According to one version, he got this name because he liked to go to his mother-in-law for pancakes. Now, this is a place for lovers to hang locks on it.


31. The Shah's palace was first built for a Polish magnate, then an Iranian shah who fled from his homeland settled in it. He decorated the mansion in oriental style.



32. The Spanish nobleman de Ribas was the first manager of Odessa. His brother Felix founded the City Garden. The main street of Odessa, Deribasovskaya, is named after them. However, at first, it was called the Gymnasium. There is also a monument to the Spaniard, who holds the city's plan with one hand and leans on a shovel with the other. 


33. The governor of Catherine, her son Pavel I, did not want to build a port and a city, so Odessa merchants bribed him with oranges. With the help of 3,000 pieces of this overseas fruit, they convinced the emperor and the allocated funds. In memory of this event, there is a monument to orange on Zhvanetsky Boulevard.


34. A monument to Steve Jobs was erected in Odessa in 2012 by students of the State Academy of Technical Regulation and Quality in front of the hostel on Novoselsky Street. It was opened on the first anniversary of Jobs' death. The sculpture is equipped with a device that distributes wi-fi. 


35. Odessans called this sculpture "Children and a Frog," but the author named it "Youth". The French modernist sculptor Max Blond created this attraction at the beginning of the 20th century, which stands on Lanzheronovskaya Street near the Maritime Museum. 



36. The world's first and only monument to Darth Vader was erected in Odessa in 2015. The artist Alexander Milov originally remade the monument to Lenin. Instead of it on Stolbovaya Street, 28, there is a sculpture of a character from the legendary Star Wars.


37. Sculptures of cats are scattered throughout the city. One is a lantern. The other is a sphinx. One metal barbel climbs the wall of the tourist information center. 


38. On Lanzheron Beach, there is a house of the sun. The bronze sculpture in the form of open doors invites the sun to Odessa in the morning through the main entrance. The author was inspired by the old gates of the house at 21 Rishelievskaya Street.



In Odessa, there is an open-air Museum of Anchors. They were taken from the bottom of the sea. Previously, they were part of the Museum of the Navy. Still, they were separated and placed at the Marine Station. 


40. The Museum of the History of the Development of the Ukrainian Cossacks operates in the Peresyp area. Dioramas, models, and sculptures reflect the history of those times when the city was built. You can see the Cossack ships, firearms, edged weapons, and Cossack costumes. In total, more than a thousand exhibits have been collected here.


41. The Museum of Interesting Science on Shevchenko Avenue reveals the secrets of physics using original methods. Visitors, for example, can get acquainted with human anatomy, play a laser harp, and see a perpetual motion machine. There is also a planetarium here. 


42. The wax museum in Odessa is called "At Baba Uti." The 70 characters are de Ribas, Richelieu, Pushkin, Ilf, Akhmatova, Vysotsky, and Ostap Bender.



43. The smuggling museum shows confiscated goods and ingenious ways to smuggle them across the border. He works on Ekaterininskaya Street, 6. 


44. The Museum "Secrets of Underground Odessa" introduces you to the catacombs with secret passages and labyrinths. The catacombs were once a refuge for smugglers and those who had to hide. Their total length is 2.5 thousand kilometers. Houses in this area have always had two exits - the main one and the catacombs. Thus, criminal dealers could escape prosecution.


Little Known Facts

45. A palm alley was planted in Odessa to create a resort atmosphere. It grows on the beach of Arcadia, which the Belgian Emile Kombi made. He opened an electric tram station, a park, and a restaurant. 


46. ​​In Odessa, on Marazlievskaya Street, 20, one of the most famous patients of Sigmund Freud, “The Wolf Man,” once lived. Sergei Pankeev suffered from zoophobia and loved to torture animals. Nightmares haunted him. Subsequently, this man began to consider himself a wolf. He was treated by the famous Austrian psychoanalyst and became one of his five most famous clinical cases. 


47. Poetess Anna Akhmatova was born in Odessa. Her maiden name is Gorenko. Her family home stood at the 11th station of the Big Fountain. There is now a commemorative bas-relief. Also, an unusual sculpture of Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva in ancient Egyptian costumes was built in the Sculpture Garden of the Literary Museum.


48. The novel "12 Chairs" by Odessa writers Ilf and Petrov was filmed 18 times worldwide. Moreover, each country considered its realities: the main character was a girl in Brazil. In America - a flea racing coach. 



49. The founder of Brazilian abstractionism - the artist Samson Flexor studied at the Odessa Art College. 


50. A fairy-tale tunnel depicting scenes from different fairy tales is located on French Boulevard, leading to the sea. Its length is 200 m, depth is 20 m.


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