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100+ best baby shower gifts for new moms and dads

2 weeks ago

The birth of a baby is one of the most joyful and exciting events in the life of every family. Bemorepanda will tell you what gifts would be appropriate on the day of meeting a newborn or baby shower.

Baby shower and discharge from the maternity hospital is always a great holiday: for a mother, it is a long-awaited return home, and reunion with her loved ones. For the relatives, it is the first acquaintance with a new family member. What holiday is complete without gifts? The father of the child, as well as relatives and friends of the young mother, will have to show all their imagination to please the hero of the occasion with something genuinely original and, at the same time, practical. To help readers in the complex matter of choosing, we have prepared more than a hundred ideas of what to give mom and newborn for the baby shower and discharge from the hospital.

What to give for a baby shower

Any gifts related to caring for a child are welcome, but you should not forget about the mother herself either because, in the postpartum period, a woman also needs support and care.

Gifts for mom

1. Baby monitor

A compact electronic device makes it possible to look after a child at a considerable distance. With such a gadget, the mother can stay in touch with the newborn, no matter what room she is in. A more complex alternative would be a video baby monitor - for such a gift, the newly-made mother will also say “thank you” to you.

2. Photoshoot

Babies grow fast and change daily, so every moment with them is unique. A professional photo shoot will help you capture special moments. It can be a family shoot, where both parents and a baby are present in the frame, or an individual shoot of a newborn - a newborn photo session.

3. Vitamin complex

In the process of bearing a child and childbirth, a woman spends a lot of physical and mental resources; therefore, in the postpartum period, the female body needs to be restored more than ever. A complex of vitamins can be a practical gift, but it makes sense to find out in advance which vitamins a woman needs.

4. Blender

After six months, such a gift will help prepare cereals, mashed potatoes, and mousses for a growing baby. When choosing a blender, pay attention to the quality of grinding the product and give preference to silent models so that the device does not frighten the child with a loud sound.

5. Humidifier

A helpful device for creating and maintaining an optimal microclimate in the children's room. When choosing a humidifier as a gift for mom, it is essential to consider the following characteristics: safety, energy consumption, water tank volume, and noise level.

Gifts for wife

1. Family photo album

In the era of digital content, any analog media becomes a curiosity. But how nice it is to leaf through photo albums, remembering the main milestones in your family's life! The album will be a touching gift and help form a sweet family tradition: fill it with photo memories first with your wife, then with your children.

2. Blanket with sleeves

It will be nice to wrap yourself in such a blanket with a book and a mug of hot tea when you have free time, for example, while the baby is sleeping. Sleeved blankets come in various designs and colors, so you'll find the right option.

3. A set for creating a cast of the arms and legs of a child

Making a cast on a baby's hand or foot is a great way to capture and immortalize the precious moments of the first months of a baby's life and development. A sweet and touching gift that any mother will love.

4. Jewelry

It can be anything at the husband's discretion, such as an elegant pendant, a pair of earrings, or a ring with a precious stone. Jewelry as a gift for discharge from the hospital will be an unforgettable surprise and will remind your beloved of her femininity and beauty.

5. Curtains-blackout

The baby sleeps sensitively, so it is essential to neutralize any factors that may disturb his sleep as much as possible. Thick blackout curtains will help create a comfortable environment for sleeping at any time of the day. And if the baby sleeps well, the mother has more time to rest.

Gifts for a friend

1. Sling

Cloth made of fabric, designed to carry the baby on you. Slings are suitable because they allow you to unload your hands, but at the same time not part with the baby. Convenient for travel, which is especially true if your friend plans to be an active mother.

2. Wireless headphones

A technological gift that will come in handy for a young mother in a new status. With such headphones, it is convenient to rock the baby, retire for feeding, do household chores, turn on music, a lecture, or an audiobook.

3. Stroller bag

In such a bag, you can put napkins, spare diapers, a drinker, and everything that can come in handy outside the home. A practical accessory that is handy to take for a walk with a child.

4. Cozy pajamas

After childbirth, any woman experiences physical discomfort for some time. Cute homemade little things will help ease her feelings and bring comfort to her everyday life: soft flannel pajamas, a plaid, or soft slippers.

5. Fitball

A multifunctional gift that will be useful not only for the mom but also for the baby. Why might it be needed? Bend your fingers:

  • so that mom or dad can rock the baby while sitting on the football,
  • so that mom can do fitness right at home,
  • so that parents introduce the baby to the fitball - there are special exercises for babies.

Gift for maternity hospital discharge

Most often, gifts are given for discharge that is useful here and now, but it will not be shameful to share something that is not yet in demand but will be needed shortly, such as educational toys.

Gifts for a boy

1. Night light with a projector

Projections of animals may seem frightening to the little one, but a night light with an imitation of the starry sky is perfect. The kid will watch with great interest the movement of stars on the ceiling and walls of the room.

2. Teether

The accessory will not only relieve pain during teething but also contribute to developing fine motor skills and forming a correct bite in a child. When choosing a teether, it is essential to consider the material of manufacture. In this sense, silicone is optimal: it is safe, pleasant to the touch, and odorless.

3. Bath toys

Swimming is always more fun in the company of rubber ducks and colorful fish. The kid from such a gift will be delighted. An alternative option is a circle for newborns around the neck, which will help keep the baby afloat.

4. Toys over the crib

The device is a suspended structure with various toys that, when turned on, begin to rotate to a pleasant melody. The mobile is usually mounted above the crib or stroller. Such a toy entertains the baby and develops the skill of concentration. Choose tactile pastel colors made from sustainable materials.

5. A set of bibs

An indispensable thing during feeding, especially when the baby's teeth begin to cut. Pay attention to the quality of the material and, of course, to the prints. The shape is also essential - for example, bibs in the form of a bandana look pretty.

Gifts for a girl

1. Massage brush

This baby brush has soft bristles and a comfortable handle. A gentle massage of the child's head with this comb will improve blood circulation and stimulate the hair follicles, accelerating the growth of the girl's first hair.

2. A set of children's dishes

Regarding complementary foods, such a gift will find a use. The dishes should be durable, made of environmentally friendly materials, and attractive with a bright design.

3. Textile book

A colorful product made of soft, safe material will suit babies at 3-6 months of age. The book will help the child's fine motor skills and imagination and will last a long time.

4. Dreamcatcher

According to ancient Indian beliefs, the amulet protects the sleeper from illness and drives away bad dreams. You can make it yourself or buy it ready-made. The wicker decoration at the head of the baby's bed will look cute and original.

5. Comfort toy

Any separation from the mother, even a short one, can be stressful for the newborn. The comfort toy is designed to calm the baby when a woman needs to leave, for example, to the kitchen or the bathroom. To "activate" the toy, the mother must put it next to her while feeding the baby.

Other gift ideas for baby shower

Sleep cocoon

Car seat

Electric swing

Robot vacuum cleaner


Changing table

Organizer for small things


A set of towels

Set of children's bed linen

Busy board

Interactive educational math

Orthopedic pillow

Baby bottle

Floor puzzles


Linen for feeding

Bed canopy



A set of quality rattles

Bag chair

Yoga mat

Quartz lamp

Bright piggy bank with a thematic inscription

Decorative plate with metric

Baby scales

Baby care book


Portrait of mom and dad with a child made to order


Diaper set

Height meter

Smart speaker

A set of children's hygiene products

Stylish pacifiers


Bottle sterilizer

Festive PP cake

Thermos for baby food

Clothes with the baby zodiac sign

Warmer toy


Non-contact thermometer

Baby manicure set

Velcro diapers

A basket with dried fruits, marmalade, and other permitted sweets

Antistress coloring book


Nourishing baby cream

A set of soft wet wipes

Inflatable children's pool

Hat and socks set

Sea salt for bathing

Recipe book for children

Certificate for a spa or massage

Pillow letters with the name of the baby


Ergo backpack

Chair for babies

Soothing white noise toy

Pillow for feeding

Crib mattress

Award figurine "To the best mother."

Envelope for a newborn


Bath towel with a hood

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New born❤️

2 years ago
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Women and men are two opposites, two parallel, but at the same time, inseparable worlds.


Celebrating this holiday, let's not forget that admiration for a woman is not only admiration for her beauty and kindness, but, first of all, a tribute to a working woman, a manifestation of real concern for her.


When you think about what befell our women in the last centuries, it is both breathtaking and a lump comes to the throat: this is a great fate - great in happiness and great in tragedy. They survived the war, got an education, stood on a par with men in the construction of a new state and a new national economy, gave birth and, together with their country, brought up new generations of defenders and builders. Injustice sipped during the years of repression. And then they stood next to their husbands, brothers and sons during the years of the invasions and defended their state - at anti-aircraft guns, at the controls of aircraft, in medical battalions, at walkie-talkies and traffic controllers on military roads, in partisan detachments and underground, behind machine tools, in design bureaus , on the collective farm fields and so on.


The women's holiday began to "split up", Valentine's Day, Mother's Day appeared, they started talking about analogies even in the church calendar.


A special Mother's Day is good, but not as an alternative to Women's Day, but in addition to it. The understanding that we are talking about the one who is called to be a wife and mother, repeat this again, cannot and should not be removed from the image of a woman honored on Women's Day, from our, masculine, attitude towards her in principle. Especially from the attitude of our sons and grandchildren towards her, including when it comes to their peers.


Bemorepanda collected some interesting facts about International women's Day 2022.



1. In Portugal, women celebrate March 8 exclusively in the company of their friends, arranging bachelorette parties. Men are not allowed to attend such meetings.


2. The meaning of the holiday has changed more than once. Moreover, many women still understand the meaning of March 8 in different ways. But traditionally it was a celebration of the women's struggle for gender equality and the advancement of women around the world.


3. An analogue of March 8 was celebrated in ancient Rome. There is evidence that back then there was a special day when women received gifts, and slaves could rest.


4. In India, Women's Day is celebrated in October, and it lasts for about 10 days.


5. But in Japan, almost the entire month of March is devoted to holidays for women. This list includes not only International Women's Day, but also holidays of dolls, peach blossoms and girls.


6. The 2015 UN Women's Report found that despite women working longer than men, when taking into account both paid and unpaid work, women worldwide still earn on average 24% less than men. The largest wage gap, 33%, is found in South Asia.



It is unlikely that anyone will object to honoring believing women on the third Sunday after Easter, the Sunday of the Holy Myrrh-bearing Women, but one cannot fail to understand that the vector of the feeling honored on this holiday is different: from women to the One who came into our world in the form of a man. If we talk about the moment of the Gospel story, which most conveys the sacredness of the relationship to a woman and mother, then these are the words spoken by Jesus Christ at the dying moment, addressed to the Virgin Mary: "Woman! behold, your son." Note, not a brother in Christ, but a son; not a sister, but a mother. Moreover, we are talking about a personal call, not to all those of the students who were present at the execution, but only to one of them. And to Her - not about all of them, but only one of them, the one to whom Christ commanded a very important thing: to take Her into his house.


So on Women's Day on 8th March, let's hug all our wonderful grandmothers, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, beloved women, and delight them with beautiful bouquets and gifts dear to their hearts! We will remember those of our dear women who are no longer with us, we will put flowers to their portrait. Congratulations to all our fair sex colleagues at work. Mentally - and whoever can, and personally - we will pay tribute to our truly great contemporaries.


And most importantly: when celebrating this "holiday of admiration for women", let's not forget that admiration for a woman is not only admiration for her beauty and kindness, but, first of all, a tribute to a working woman (by the way, they are not only in age, but also young), a woman-keeper of the hearth, a manifestation of real concern for her!




7. Despite the UN Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women, adopted back in 1993, today one in three women worldwide is the victim of physical or sexual violence, which is usually committed by a close intimate partner.


8. Last year, UNICEF reported that more than 500 million women and girls around the world do not have access to private sanitary facilities where they can monitor their menstrual hygiene. That's half a billion women and girls around the world who are unable to meet their basic needs.


9. According to UNICEF, in 2013, about 31 million girls of primary school age and 32 million girls of primary school age were unable to attend school.


10. Originally called International Working Women's Day, the holiday was first observed on 28 February. Women continued to celebrate it on the last Sunday of February until 1913. The first modern International Women's Day was held on March 8 in 1914. The date was chosen because that year March 8 fell on a Sunday when most women did not work, allowing them to participate in marches and other activities. Since then, the holiday has been celebrated on this day.


11. Previously, instead of flowers, sweets or teddy bears, women were awarded diplomas and awards. Different countries, cities and republics have different traditions and holidays.



12. In one of the republics on this bright holiday, the fallen heroes are honored, this republic is called Liberia.


13. Japan has amazing traditions, this country is unique in its holidays. There in March they celebrate 2 holidays for all women. Hina Matsuri, as well as Girls' Day and Peach Blossom.


14. In Italy, it is impossible to fully enjoy the atmosphere of this holiday, as its inhabitants go to work on this day.


15. Women's Day was celebrated in ancient Rome. And, as expected, with gifts and congratulations. The Romans gave presents to spouses, and slaves received a day off.


16. Women speak about 20,000 words a day, which is 13,000 more than men.


17. The 20 richest women in the world inherited money from their father or husband.



18. The average British woman has 19 pairs of shoes but only wears 7.


19. 40% of births in the US are by unmarried women.


20. Women spend almost a year of their lives thinking about what to wear.


21. On average, women cry 30-64 times a year, and men 6-17 times.


22. Israel is the only country in the world where women are called up for military service.


23. A woman's heart beats faster than a man's.


24. . Women have more taste buds than men.



25. Only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful.


26. In 1900, women took part in the Olympic Games for the first time.


27.  Women in Niger have an average of 7 children, the highest in the world.


28. Women live longer than men, in part because their immune systems age more slowly.


29. In the US, 30% of businesses are owned by women.


30. The UAE has the largest gender imbalance in the world, with only 100 women for every 219 men in the country.


31. All the women in the world earn $18 trillion and spend $28 trillion!


32. There are 603 million women in countries where domestic violence is not a crime.



33. 80% of those who bought a Fifty Shades of Gray book are women.


34. The only country in the world named after a woman is the island nation of Saint Lucia, which was discovered by Columbus on December 13, 1502 on Saint Lucia's Day.


35. A British study found that the average woman is on a diet for 17 years of her life.


36. Mental bonds in girls begin to form earlier than in boys in childhood and adolescence. That is why women have more developed thought processes and emotional spheres than men.


37. Caligynephobia, also known as venustraphobia, is nothing more than a fear of beautiful women. As a rule, young men suffer from it, and most often this phobia of beauties disappears at an older age, but nevertheless, not all men manage to defeat it even in adulthood.


38. Spasmodic pains in the lower abdomen during menstruation in women can be as strong as in all people during a heart attack. This condition is known as dysmenorrhea, which, just imagine, affects millions of women every month.



39. Women are known to speak 13,000 more words a day than men. Girlfriends, neighbors, work colleagues - well, how can you resist and not say a word.


40. Scientists have conducted studies among women who regularly use lipstick.


41. Women blink about twice as often as men. This seems to be where the expression "blink your eyes" comes from.


42. Ada Lovelace was the first programmer in history. She is best known for the fact that she created a description of a computer, however, the project was developed by a man, Charles Babbage. But she wrote the first program for this machine and introduced the terms "cycle" and "work cell".


43. Women are better than men at remembering where certain things are. How often does your husband ask you to help him find socks, ties or shirts in his own closet? So think after that, who has a better memory.


44. On the street, women tend to focus on buildings and signs, while men use directions and distances to describe paths. Therefore, a woman is more likely to say, "Go straight to the lingerie store, then turn right until you reach the bridge." A man will say differently: “You need to drive 5 km to the north, then turn east on Svoboda Street and continue driving in this direction for another 4 km.”



45. Girls have 11% more neurons than boys in the brain centers that are responsible for language and hearing.


46. Women are better than men at distinguishing shades of colors. Therefore, blue and dark blue are two completely different shades, not to mention pink, purple, purple or mauve.


47. Girls develop fine motor skills earlier than boys. This lends scientific support to the stereotype that women have neater handwriting. And by the way, representatives of both sexes generally write differently.


48. Men's noses are 10% larger than women's. This is due to the fact that men tend to have more muscle mass and require more oxygen, which means that their nostrils are enlarged. The size difference begins to show around age 11, when boys develop muscle and girls develop fat.


49. Compared to men, women have weaker ligaments, so they are more flexible and easier to sit on the splits, for example.


50. Women's skin is much thinner than men's, depletes collagen earlier, and is therefore more prone to wrinkles. In addition, this notorious collagen in the strong half of humanity has a higher density, so they look young much longer.


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Few mothers never doubt while practicing the mother's profession. So the question is, how do you know you're a good mom? Realizing what works for your child and learning to trust yourself is the best approach, say mothers who already have one or more children.

Super Moms tweets

The truth is that you can be a good mother, even if you sometimes have doubts! Just try to be a good mother. And see below some funny tweets by super moms.

1. Cool moment

2. Super Mario

3. A good idea

4. Pillowcase

Contradictory comments and discussions about raising and educating children, what we feed the child, how we react to his public hysteria, and what school we choose for the child can be very personal and painful. If you are a newcomer to the mother planet, to the Desprecopii, you know that a well-placed critique can cause you severe doubts about your motherhood skills.

Few mothers never doubt while practicing mother's profession. So the question is, how do you know you're a good mom? Realizing what works for your child and learning to trust yourself is the best approach, say mothers who already have one or more children. You are a good mother, even if you sometimes have doubts! Here's how to put one together for use with your mom.

When he is small, the child feels the need for much attention and affection from you and will try to do anything to get them. During the period when he asks you a lot of questions, most of them starting with "why," he feels the need to receive as much information as possible and to find out as much news as possible.

5. Food blogger

6. Pets and rules

If in childhood he is not listened to and does not receive the attention and affection he wants, in adolescence, he can either become very introverted, or he can adopt undesirable behaviors. Sermons and criticisms take him away from you and can create barriers to communication. Mutual respect between you and your child is the foundation of willing obedience.

Often, mothers come to my office and tell me that they can no longer communicate with their children who have reached adolescence. In the end, I realize that I am talking a lot, but that a barrier to communication is the lack of listening on both sides and the constant criticism. Find time every day to talk to your child and listen to him.

When he is young, he needs to know what he is allowed to do and what he should avoid. When he grows up, it is also important to explain to him what repercussions his actions have so that he can make informed decisions. It is important, during adolescence, to establish a set of rules such as: where to go for a walk, what time to leave and when to return and to present your entourage with which he spends his free time.

7. Live in the forest

8. My mother be like

9. Maternity

Basically, it is useful to know that he has a controlled freedom on your part, being able to decide for himself, but only after he has understood the risks and benefits of his behaviors. If you have an exaggerated reaction to the child's behavior, which is manifested by corporal or emotional punishment, you will activate his fear of you. In the future, he will try to postpone the confrontation with you as much as possible, fearing that you will not be punished. Thus, lying is a signal that fear has been installed.

Your child feels what you feel. He learns to provide emotional responses by taking over your emotional responses. Thus, it is necessary to be with him when he experiences emotions, in order to be able to repeat them in a greater proportion of the positive ones. Among other things, that means being a good mother.

The same happens in the case of behavior, when he is small, the child learns how to behave by imitating both the behavior of adults and their language. Empathy plays a very important role in understanding your child's emotions and behaviors. Try to translate into what he feels and thinks and identify with these feelings.

10. ADHD

11. Tiredness

If he has a negative thought like "I am not able to get a good grade in school", the child will experience emotions of fear, anxiety, nervousness. You can help him change his mind by examining with him the evidence behind the negative hypothesis.

Ask them questions such as: "Do you have concrete evidence to support this thought?", "Does the thought you have help you achieve what you set out to do?" Even young children can be successfully taught how to restructure their negative thoughts. Sometimes they react aggressively because they look at what is happening to them in a catastrophic way.

It is helpful to apply these techniques as part of your child's daily education. If you feel that it is difficult for you, do not demotivate yourself, but turn to a specialist who can guide you so that you become an expert in mastering these techniques.

12. Limewire

13. Chefs

14. Caller ID

15. Invited

16. Morning stuff

17. Only for water

18. Stickers


19. Forever and always

20. Seth

21. Wanted

22. Field trips

23. Laundry


24. Don’t care

25. Feel sad

26. Future plans

27. In your home

28. Interior designer


29. High school


30. Emoji

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Today, in an age of satiety with all sorts of products and things, it is difficult to surprise people with anything, but manufacturers still try their best, releasing brainchilds worthy of us immediately wanting them. Whether it is a set of chocolates in the form of the solar system or playing cards with the image of cats, all these little things cause an acute desire to get them and, stroking them, say: "My excellence."


16th century ring transforming into an astronomical sphere



May the force be with you!



A box of chocolates in the form of the solar system will be a great gift for ... your beloved



Cards for gamblers and cats



"And you, Brutus?"



This flash drive has a scale showing how much memory is already full.



A sword-shaped door key that would delight some modern knight



Multifunctional bed, which you will not want to crawl out of




Descending stairs for those who like to experience the thrill



Ring of Omnipotence



An eraser that "turns" into Mount Fuji during use



Mops that look like dogs that look like mops



Wooden drink cabinet made in the shape of a robot



Waterproof socks. Yes, it turns out there are such too!



Phone throne



Cozy blanket in the form of pita bread, which you just want to wrap yourself in



A phone holder that will surely be the envy of others


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