The best smart scales in 2022

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Now it’s not enough to weigh yourself. People want synchronization with the smartphone from the scales, weight loss tips, and colorful fat-burning charts. How do you choose smart scales? We will help you.


Top smart scales


Intelligent electronics for health and fitness have recently burst into our lives. Of course, a wave of new gadgets could not but overwhelm such a conservative segment as floor scales. And if earlier we thought about replacing a device that worked in the kitchen or the bathroom for many years, scales that can measure water balance can be a good purchase, especially if you want to improve the quality of life.


Noerden MINIMI

MINIMI are made of high-quality, durable material - tempered glass, but at the same time remain affordable due to their attractive price. An unlimited number of people can use such scales, which is a big plus.


Set goals in the Noerden app. What metrics does this model measure? Weight, body fat percentage, visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, metabolic age, and hydration level. Scales work with loading to 150 kg.


Pros and cons

Premium quality at an affordable price, modern laconic design, unlimited number of users, batteries included, many indicators, automatic user recognition, the accuracy of indicators

Small platform size



SENSORI smart scales from the Noerden brand are the best model, according to KP. SENSORI combines minimalistic French design and high-quality products. This model allows you to use the connection with your smartphone not only via Bluetooth but also via Wi-Fi. What does it give? In this case, the phone doesn't need to be near you during the measurement process. As soon as the smartphone connects to the Wi-Fi network, all measurements will be automatically transferred. And, by the way, similar models with a built-in Wi-Fi module are many times more expensive.


SENSORI measures ten parameters: heart rate, body weight, fat percentage, visceral fat, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, hydration level, basal metabolic rate, and age. In addition, the Noerden ecosystem makes it possible to track the dynamics of indicators from all brand gadgets in one application, which will be a definite plus for owners of Noerden hybrid smartwatches. So the user can visually see not only body composition indicators but also data on the time and quality of sleep and track their activity.


SENSORI looks much better than its competitors due to the ITO coating (instead of traditional metal sensors), which, in addition to visual appeal, allows you to make measurements with greater accuracy.


And the platform of this model is quite comprehensive. This means that people with absolutely any foot size can comfortably take measurements.


Another convenient feature is the ability to connect an unlimited number of users. In this case, everyone will have their account on the smartphone. The maximum weight load is 180 kg.


Pros and cons

Modern ITO coating, minimalistic design, large number of indicators, measurement accuracy, unlimited number of users, heart rate measurement, work with heavyweight, convenient application, comprehensive, convenient platform, batteries included.

Frequent application crashes


Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale

Smart scales from the Chinese Huawei can do a lot, despite the low price tag. Synchronization with a smartphone or tablet takes place during weighing using the Health app, which Huawei developers managed to make convenient and logical. But the manufacturer decided to save on batteries by not including them in the package. And here, you need four pieces of AAA format. The bracelet works well in pair with fitness devices from Huawei/Honor. The device, like many competitors, calculates the percentage of body fat, but many users complain about the error in these measurements. And yet, Huawei AH100 Body Fat Scale has an alarm clock.


Pros and cons

This smart scale is one of the most inexpensive on the market: visual application and support for popular fitness bracelets from the same manufacturer.

Batteries not included, body fat measurement error


MGB Body fat scale

Although these scales are considered smart, there is nothing extra in them. They have an AiFit mobile app for Android and iOS devices. However, many users complain about frequent crashes and incorrect work of the applet. Like many competitors, MGB Body fat scale can measure muscle, fat, and bone mass, calculate body mass index, and give dietary advice. By the way, the platform on this model is made of plastic, which is both good and not very good - the polymer material is prone to rubbing but warmer than glass.


Pros and cons

  • Good value for money calculates any body weight.
  • Possible software failures, plastic platform, high measurement error


Medisana BS 444

This smart scale has two features - it can determine the level of metabolism and has a mode for athletes. You need to install an application on your smartphone or tablet to work. Scales can measure the percentage of a specific tissue. Some users have encountered a severe, severe monitoring weight.


Pros and cons

  • Unique operating modes, automatic synchronization, no manual application launch
  • It May give incorrect results.


Redmond SkyBalance 740S

Smart scale from a Russian company that sells Chinese OEM devices. The device is made of glass and metal. The gadget can measure weight in the range of 5-150 kg. The scales have their application for Android and iOS devices, with which they connect via Bluetooth. Declared support for the analyzer of body composition - the mass of bones, fat, and muscles. The device, judging by the operating experience, has two major problems - the application periodically “forgets” the history of measurements, and after changing the batteries, the scales may simply stop working.


Pros and cons

Suitable materials from which the scales are made, it measures everything you need

Unstable craft, software problems


Garmin Index

Expensive scales from the American manufacturer of innovative fitness equipment. The owners of Garmin gadgets will like it because of the deep integration with the company's services. The maximum weight weighed on this device is 180 kg. The scale supports synchronization with a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the Wi-Fi module is used for wireless connection. Data transfer to the Garmin Connect application, where the necessary data is concentrated. The leading indicators are displayed on a backlit screen on the Garmin Index. The device can measure muscle mass and bone mass of the body and also gives the percentage of water in the body. Scales can remember up to 16 regular users.


Pros and cons

Work with a lot of weight, a functional application for a smartphone

Garmin Ecosystem Only


Picooc Mini

Popular inexpensive smart scales can cleverly measure the body's fat to muscle ratio. The thing is that the model calculates the resistance of the body using oscillations of the built-in generator. Because of this, the manufacturer advises measuring the weight by standing on the device with bare feet. Picooc Mini has an application that records body weight progress (or regression). Synchronization is carried out via Bluetooth. The model has a relatively small platform, so owners of feet from the 38th size will not be very comfortable using the Picooc Mini.


Pros and cons

Affordable price, accurate measurement of the ratio of fat and muscle

small playground


Nokia WBS05

Solution under the brand name of the once famous Finnish Nokia. A considerable part of the cost justifies the device's design, which can become a bright spot in any room. The maximum load on the scales is 180 kg. Nokia WBS05 determines the proportion of fat and muscle tissue and the balance of water in the body. Synchronization with smartphones and tablets is done here via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, using its application. The gadget can automatically turn on and off and remember up to 16 users. Unlike the previous Body model, WBS05 does not show the weather forecast. Although, why is he on the scales?


Pros and cons

Memorable design, functionality, and stable work with a mobile application

The scales are battery-powered only. Users note that important indicators are missing (for example, “visceral fat”)


Yunmai M1302

Scales from a fashionable Chinese company specializing in the production of health devices. Able to work not only with native but with third-party applications, for example, S Health. The machine counts fat, muscle, and bone tissue and determines the body mass index by BMI. Scales are made of glass and metal. But the device has one feature - it can reset all settings without your knowledge and start showing only the total weight.


Pros and cons

Work with many third-party applications, large and informative screen

Can reset settings


How to choose an intelligent scale

The best smart scales of 2022 can be a great alternative to classic electronic scales. There are a lot of models on the market, and the eyes run up from such a variety, given that, at first glance, they are close in terms of characteristics. So how to choose an intelligent scale to get a helpful assistant and not get frustrated with progress?



The cost of the best smart scales in 2022 starts from 2 thousand rubles and reaches 17-20 thousand rubles. In the upper price range, devices can boast an original design or vibration. But in general, the functionality of intelligent scales, regardless of their cost, is very close, and the price difference is due to the manufacturing materials, thoughtful design, software, and stability.


Determining the percentage of fat and muscle

One of the main features distinguishing the best smart scales 2022 is the ability to determine how much fat, muscle or bone mass is in your body. Strictly speaking, this function appeared even before intelligent gadgets, and there are electronic scales on the market that can give these parameters. But smart scales do this much more clearly, also giving advice. The analyzer's operation is based on the technique of bioimpedance analysis when tiny electrical impulses are passed through the body's tissues. Each of the fabrics has a unique resistance index, based on which the calculations are made. However, some models suffer from a severe error in determining indicators.


Additional functions

Manufacturers add new features to separate cheap and expensive models of smart scales. Some are helpful, like measuring the water balance in the body or finding out your body mass index. But sometimes, you can find strange functions like the weather forecast in smart scales.



The most intelligent part of the scale is the application you need to install on your smartphone or tablet. When synchronized with an Android or iOS device, the best smart scales of 2022 record all the relevant information about your body. The software gives you vivid charts, progress statistics, and nutrition tips. Not all models of intelligent scales can boast of optimized software, and many suffer from all sorts of bugs in the form of disconnection or reset of progress. But some smart scales can work not only with the program from the manufacturer but also with popular third-party fitness applications.


Battery and quality

Despite the general fashion for wireless charging and built-in batteries with the ability to quickly replenish the charge, smart scales remain pretty conservative in terms of power. AA and AAA batteries are standard here. And if the usual electronic scales can work on one set for several years, the situation with their smart counterparts is somewhat different. The thing is that the operation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless modules requires a significant amount of energy. Roughly speaking, the more you synchronize the scale with your smartphone, the more often you will have to change the batteries in the scale. Also, don't skimp on them. A leaking cheap salt battery can destroy an expensive device.



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Excess weight is an actual problem, and people engage in sports exercises and follow various diets. Some facts about losing weight will surprise you. A lack of calcium in the body can lead to weight gain, the danger of loving low-fat foods, and 50 more facts about weight loss.


How to lose wight - interesting facts


Admit that you must have Googled "How to lose weight in three days" or "Keto diet." Many people have done this - come up with extra pounds and try to achieve perfection, eat nothing all day but an apple and a piece of cheese, and at two in the morning run to the refrigerator and eat three sandwiches, drinking cola. However, nutritionists believe that express diets before some important event are not rational: after all, no matter how much you throw off, during the holidays, you will probably “eat” too much, and later those extra pounds will return in double volume.


The amount eaten at dinner depends on the lighting

The brighter the light, the less you eat - German scientists came to this conclusion. The lack of light distorts the portion size (it seems smaller), and the amount consumed is more challenging to control.


15 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to 60 minutes of running

According to biomechanics, running is a series of jumps with a relaxed phase of flight after a push. When working with a rope, the muscles of the lower leg of both legs are simultaneously contracted, and circular movements are made in the shoulder joints. This almost quadruples the load.


Everything is possible

The main rule of a good figure: is maintaining a balance of KBJU (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates). The balance looks like this: 50% protein, 30% fat, 20% carbohydrates for losing weight. The number of calories depends on the level of physical activity. Nutrition should be balanced and varied. Nutrient deficiencies can lead to health problems.


Fat-free foods can help you gain weight

Dairy products contain vitamins A, D, E, and K, but they are not absorbed without fat. Lipids signal the brain to be complete. If they are not in the dish, we eat much more.


Sugar is added to fat-free foods to add flavor, and these are fast carbohydrates from which you can get better.


Weight depends on the condition of the teeth

It has been proven that people with severe chewing surface wear, teeth diseases, and oral cavity gain weight twice as fast—reason: indigestion and metabolism due to insufficient chewing of food.


Short-term diets don't work

First of all, the body breaks up with water and only then - with fat cells. Slow weight loss involves a comfortable diet without starvation and stress, due to which the diet is easier to tolerate. Rapid weight loss negatively affects the work of the digestive tract and is fraught with food breakdowns and a set of extra kilos.


Overweight people have a normal metabolism

Overweight people use more energy. Each move and turn costs them a few more calories. Studies have shown that the metabolism of fat people is about the same as that of thin people.


Weight gain is a long process

Gaining weight is a long process, just like losing weight. If, after a piece of cake, the scales showed +300 grams, this is water, not fat. In the morning, the weight will return to normal. To gain, it is necessary to disturb the balance of KBJU and overeat systematically.


Aromatherapy helps you lose weight

Some aromas send satiety signals to the brain—for example, the smell of peppermint, apples, and bananas. Keep a bottle of essential oil on your desk and occasionally bring it to your nose when you get hungry. When choosing an apple or banana as a snack, try to chew it as slowly as possible to prolong the flavor.


The perfect snack - pine nuts

British scientists have found that pine nuts contribute to the production of cholecystokinin, a hormone that sends a signal of satiety. They are superior to vegetables, fruits, bread, and meat in terms of nutritional value. Bonus: pine nuts contain vitamins A, B, C, D, E, tannins, fiber, and carbohydrates.


Dog owners gain weight more slowly

Scientists at the University of Michigan have calculated that pet owners move 34% more every day! Walking the dog is a great cardio workout that triples your energy expenditure.


Sweets are allowed on a diet

For most, sweets are rewards. For this reason, they "seize" the slightest stress with sweets. Moderate consumption of sweets will not affect the figure. Opt for dark chocolate and fruits. Remember, PP pastries and naturally dried fruit sweets are no less caloric than traditional desserts. Don't get carried away!


Calcium deficiency increases appetite

Specialists from the Laval Faculty of Medicine conducted a study: they divided overweight women into two groups and offered a different diet. The basis of the menu of the first group was products with a high content of calcium, the second - with a low range. Result: a menu enriched with calcium helps lose weight several times faster.


Late dinner does not affect the figure

The rule of thumb for weight loss is that you spend more energy than you take in calories. The time of the last meal should be no later than 3 hours before bedtime. If you are a night owl, a late dinner is acceptable and indicated (people with different circadian rhythms have different metabolic patterns).


Long-term diets are ineffective

Scientists in California have proven that prolonged dieting reduces its effectiveness. To continue to lose weight, you need to diversify the menu and practice regular physical activity.


There are no harmful calorie foods

A common myth is that certain foods (celery, for example) take more calories to digest than they provide. Some vegetables and fruits help speed up the metabolism: radishes, broccoli, grapefruit, asparagus, carrots, and others. Their calorie content tends to zero. By eating fatty foods, you will not be able to lose weight!


"Liquid calories" in the account

Dieters scrupulously count every calorie, forgetting to add tea, coffee, juices. A cup of standard latte 500 ml - 256 kcal, fresh - 180! If your goal is to lose weight, drink water with a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint.


Dessert time – 17.00

French nutritionist Alain Delabaud is sure that the cause of excess weight is the inability to “listen” to the body. Hormones are produced according to the daily "schedule." The peak of cortisol synthesis, which is involved in digestion, is in the morning. Therefore, Alain advises eating more fat for breakfast.


Fast carbohydrates are better absorbed by the evening - with them, the amino acid tryptophan is delivered to the brain and promotes the production of serotonin - the hormone of happiness. This protects against food breakdowns before bed. Delabeau says: "The best time for dessert: 16.00 - 17.00."


It's easier to lose weight in winter

In winter, many get better. The reason: a decrease in motor activity, not a slowdown in metabolism (another common myth!). In sub-zero temperatures, the metabolic rate increases (to generate heat), and calories are burned faster.


Men lose weight faster

Scientists have found that men lose weight twice as fast. The reason: hormones that prepare the body for pregnancy take part in regulating female metabolism. When he receives fewer calories, any incoming product is stored as a reserve, transforming into subcutaneous fatty tissue.


Sleep deprivation leads to weight gain

During sleep, the body produces leptin, a hormone that stimulates metabolism and the mechanism of hunger/satiety. Constant lack of sleep leads to its absence. Outcome: metabolic disorder.


10-minute exercise against extra kilos

Daily exercise for 10 minutes by 11% reduces cancer risk, normalizes blood pressure, and helps burn up to 300 kcal. Charging can be replaced by walking - oxygen promotes the breakdown of fat.


Legumes make the diet easier

Legumes allow you to avoid food breakdowns. The effect is achieved due to the low rate of digestion. John Sievenpiper (St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto) proved that those who eat one serving of legumes a day do not experience acute bouts of hunger during the day.


All diets are the same

This statement was made by a group of researchers led by Bradley Johnston (Canada). The researchers analyzed 48 studies in which participants followed different dietary patterns. Regardless of the diet chosen, the average weight loss was 8-9 kilograms in 6 months.


Salt and diet are incompatible

One gram of salt retains 100 grams of water. The daily dose is 10 g (corresponds to a quarter of a teaspoon). Sodium chloride (salt) is found in foods: meat, vegetables, cottage cheese, and cereals. Half of the norm enters the body with them, and no more than 5 g is left for salting dishes.


Mono-diets are dangerous

Monidiets - the use of one product (buckwheat, rice, kefir) for a certain period. Such a change in the diet gives a quick result. In a stressful situation, the body blocks all sources of fat removal, and after the end of the diet, the weight will begin to grow. On mono-diets, they lose weight due to the withdrawal of fluid and the burning of muscle mass!


Herbal teas for weight loss do not work

Most of them act as potent diuretics. You lose weight by getting rid of fluids. Constantly using herbal teas, you risk getting dysfunction of the excretory system.


Fewer calories - healthier food?

In the case of olive, linseed, and other vegetable oils, this rule does not work. Their energy value exceeds 600 kcal per 100 grams! At the same time, nutritionists recommend not giving up oils during the diet - they improve metabolism and lower cholesterol levels.


Anti-cellulite creams do not help you lose weight

All creams, ointments, and gels - fat burners give an effect in combination with the proper diet and regular physical activity. They contain essential oils that improve blood circulation but not burn fat deposits.


Fasting days are useless when losing weight

It takes the body at least 72 hours to switch to fat-burning mode. Daily fasting allows you to get rid of excess fluid. After fasting days, the weight returns with the first meal! Nutritionists say: “It is impossible to maintain a normal weight by fasting one day a week and violating the rules of PP the other 6.”


You don't have to exercise every day

Physical exercise is a must. But the body needs time to restore the muscles - take breaks. Optimal schedule: 4 times a week for 30 minutes with alternating intense, moderate, strength, and aerobic exercises. This will help burn 50 to 100 grams of fat per week.


Exercising regularly, you need to adhere to proper nutrition

Constantly visiting the gym but violating the diet, you will not lose weight. It takes 60 minutes of exercise to burn off the calories of one sandwich of white bread, butter, and cheese, while a pork patty with mashed potatoes equals 20 kilometers of running.


One-time fasting does not “switch” the body into calorie-burning mode

On fasting days, when you limit yourself to a few liters of water per day, your metabolic rate slows down. This does not happen immediately - after 60-70 hours of lack of food. When you start eating again, your metabolism slows down, and all the excess is deposited in the form of subcutaneous fat.


It is impossible to determine the fat content of food "by eye."

Vegetable and butter, margarine - "species fats," which are very high in calories. Some foods contain "hidden" lipids. For example, in a vegetable salad - 20 kcal; if you fill it with a teaspoon of olive oil, the energy value will increase to 65 kcal per 100 g. The result: a dish with 70% fat in the composition. Control it!


Weight formula: height minus 110 does not work!

The ideal weight formula was invented 100 years ago by the French anthropologist Paul Brock. Modern nutritionists are skeptical about it: it does not consider the body's individual characteristics (for example, the presence/absence of muscle mass). The BMI formula is more relevant today: weight divided by height squared. For women, the optimal figure varies from 19 to 24.


Cellulite and excess weight are not the same

Cellulite is a consequence of hormonal imbalance or water-salt metabolism. There are more reasons for excess weight: sedentary work, overeating, not maintaining the balance of KBJU, and others.


Being overweight is not related to heredity

It has been proven that being overweight is a complex phenomenon. Genetic predisposition is one of the reasons, along with hormonal changes, neurological and psychological factors. In 50% of cases, excess weight results from overeating and an unbalanced diet.


Strength training for weight loss equals cardio

Common myth: High-intensity cardio is effective for burning fat. Aerobic exercise should not be more than 20 minutes so as not to "burn" the muscles along with extra calories. Strength training is essential! The more muscles in the body, the more calories are burned at rest.


Bath and sauna do not relieve excess weight

High temperatures stimulate blood circulation but do not get rid of fat. Lipids are broken down during specific chemical reactions, and it is impossible to “evaporate” them. In the bath and sauna, weight loss is due to fluid removal. Steam rooms work in conjunction with physical activity and proper nutrition.


"Local" weight loss is a myth

You can not lose weight only in the buttocks or abdomen! Adipose tissue has nothing to do with nearby muscles. Doing exercises in one area strengthens the muscle corset, and lipids are burned everywhere.


Cutting out carbs won't help you lose weight

Weakness, irritability, lethargy, memory impairment, and insomnia result from carbohydrate-free diets. Without carbohydrates, the body goes into the saving mode, storing fat with each meal. In combination with an excess of protein, this leads to cholesterol plaques.


Mechanical impact on body fat - impossible

Slimming procedures (massage, lymphatic drainage, electrical stimulation, etc.) stimulate blood circulation and metabolism but not break down lipids. For maximum effectiveness, all types of massage should be combined with proper nutrition and cardio training.


You can eat at night

If you are a "night owl" and are not going to bed until 3 am, eat at 12! The body will have time to digest food without consequences. Sleeping on an empty stomach is the cause of insomnia and food breakdowns during the day.


Eating disorders are acceptable

Cake with fat cream will not affect the weight in any way. Nutritionists recommend pampering the body once a week to control appetite. "Reliefs" should be planned - include them in the weekly meal plan.


A weight loss plan may not work

The nutrition plan is developed individually, taking into account the organism's characteristics and physiological indicators. The diet that your friend lost weight on may not work for you due to different metabolic rates, hormonal levels, and other things.


Plant foods don't help you lose weight

Myth: A vegan diet will help you lose weight. Weight gain depends on the presence or absence of meat and animal products. Refusing the latter, the body begins to demand more carbohydrates. Result: extra weight.


Exercise doesn't make you hungry

You are feeling a little hungry after a workout is regular! This indicates an intensive work of metabolism. After the gym, you need to eat no later than 40 minutes to restore energy. Choose protein and fiber if you're looking to lose weight and slow carbs if you're gaining muscle mass.


You don't have to cut out sugar completely

In Edinburgh, scientists conducted studies that proved that a small amount of sugar in the diet contributes to weight loss. The experiment involved 60 women; they were divided into two groups. Sugar was eliminated first. The second - left, picking up an individual "dose." Weighed in two months later, the sugar group lost more pounds.


Have breakfast

A hearty breakfast helps control weight - this is the conclusion of a group of scientists in Cambridge. By eating 50% of your daily calorie intake for breakfast, you give your body time to process them. Without “feeding” him after waking up, you risk switching your metabolism to the “fat reserve” mode.



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Weight loss can often feel like a battle, especially if you are told to run a hill by a coach, but the rewards can be life-changing. Harsh seasons, hectic schedules and daily stress can be used as excuses to put an end to the first steps towards losing those extra pounds. In 2019, 45% of Americans were registered in a survey that shows that their 2018 New Year's resolution was to lose weight.

Bemorepanda recognizes how difficult it can be to stay with these goals, so we like to share your success stories. Here are some more motivational photos before and after weight loss to show you that anything is possible. In the words of Nelson Mandela, "it always seems impossible until it happens!"

TikTok has become a platform where many share their success story, for several months or years people manage to change the unrecognizable. Here are 20 examples.

1.A good example of how a change could look

2.From 330lbs to 150lbs

3.A total change

4.Gaining weight

5.Beautiful change

6.Looking so good

7.That’s a glow up

8.Sart loving yourself

9.Weight plus gender

10.Light and love for the innerself

11.A cool change

12.She is so beautiful

13.Another person, the same hat

14.What about this change?

15.Sharing beauty and light

16.One more change

17.So sexy now

18.About changes

19.1 year ago

20.Beautiful change

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Losing weight is hard, and this applies to both people and animals. It is much easier to gain weight by uncontrollably eating high-calorie snacks and brushing off the thought that someday you will have to lose all the pounds you have eaten. And if a person himself can decide that he needs to lose weight, pets cannot do that. That is why it is so important to be attentive to your pet, and when he reminds you more of a barrel with legs than a dog or a cat, it urgently needs to be put on a diet and put in order, as the people from our article did.


From an overweight dog on the verge of falling asleep due to health problems to a smiling slender boy



“When we adopted my cat, he weighed 10 kg. Today he is a healthy 5 kg cat who no longer suffers from diabetes. "



“We saved our dog and put him on a diet. Now she's sterilized and slender. "



Kai lost 45 kg in one year and is now a cheerful dog again



"The diet we put Phoebe on worked great!"



A pot-bellied cat named Bruno before and after losing weight



“Epic Weight Loss Buddy! Previously, he weighed about 20 kg, and now 13 " 



“I got Belle about two months ago (she was like the picture on the left) and immediately put her on a diet. Here are the results she has achieved "




In total, this once massive boy lost about 10 kg



This cat was so big that he could hardly fit in the photo, but he was put on a diet and he has already achieved great success.



“I rescued Sookie from a puppy farm where she was kept just to breed puppies. At that time she weighed 33 kg, but after a few months of proper care, her weight dropped to 21 "



“Despite the fact that we loved our chubby girl, we knew that she would be happier and healthier when she lost weight. After we put her on a diet and established a feeding schedule, she is no longer a fat woman! "



“Eli has lost a whole cat in weight! From 10 kg to 6 "



"From 95 grams to 80 grams. Alexander achieved his goal!"



In 2019, Barsik weighed a staggering 18 kg. But he was put on a diet and in 2020 he weighed down to 13



This is Molly, who was taken into the care of a caring girl to get her in shape. Unfortunately, the dog died at the age of 6. Please don't overfeed your pets, it kills!


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Intermittent fasting is currently the most popular trend in the fitness world. Therefore, we decided to bring you new information about what is intermittent fasting, what types of IFs (intermittent fasting) Bemorepanda knows and what are the health benefits you can get from this diet.



Intermittent Fasting - IF, is a diet that limits food consumption for a certain period of time. Basically, it is a notion that designates periods of voluntary abstinence from calories (up to 25% of daily calorie intake) for 16 to 24 hours with alternating normal food intake for 8 to 24 hours, depending on the type of IF chosen. Unlike other diets, during intermittent fasting you can eat almost anything, but only for a limited time.                                 


The basic idea of ​​intermittent fasting is to reduce calorie intake, which leads to a decrease in weight and body fat. It's just one of the ways to get the much desired figure and get rid of the curls on your abdomen. It is a simple way of eating that many people appreciate. The advantage of intermittent fasting is that researchers confirm its effects on health.


When you do not eat for a while, certain processes and changes are triggered in the body, which attract certain benefits of intermittent fasting:


1.Insulin sensitivity increases and insulin levels decrease significantly, facilitating fat burning (insulin is one of the main hormones involved in fat metabolism; a chronic high level = difficulty losing weight, risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer ) PI is as effective as calorie-restricted diets when it comes to lowering insulin levels (according to studies from 2005, 2009 and 2015)

2.The secretion of human growth hormone from the blood increases up to 5 times (studies from 1988 and 1992 have shown), facilitating fat burning and muscle growth

3.The secretion of norepinephrine (a hormone that improves alertness and attention) in the blood increases, helping to burn more fat

4.The body initiates cell repair (cells digest and eliminate old and dysfunctional proteins accumulated in them)

5.Certain genes and molecules that protect against disease and ensure longevity change beneficially

6.Cell Repair - the body induces important cell repair processes, such as removing "waste" or toxins from the cells

7.Gene Expression - there are beneficial changes in several genes and molecules associated with longevity and protection against disease

8.The effectiveness of intermittent fasting in terms of weight loss is proven by numerous researches

9.Prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases

10.Prevention of certain types of cancer


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A 29-year-old plus-size SSB has been bullied for the videos she posts on her

profile. The fact is that Chloe Elliott loves ballet, so she records her workouts and shares them with her subscribers. However, in the comments under the posts, people began to insult her so much that a resident of Dorset, England, decided to give up her hobby.

"After these comments, I felt worthless, terrible in my body. I felt like I didn't deserve the opportunity to dance and enjoy it. I even wanted to delete all these videos. I didn't want to go out," says Chloe Elliott.

It is worth noting that the commentators really seemed to compete in their cruelty. One of the haters wrote: "In dance halls and on stage, no one would want to see fat people crawling around, sweating and falling heavily after each jump ... it is impossible to show this lightness when overweight." Another commented, "Take better care of your health instead of encouraging obesity."

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