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Interesting facts about the Aegean sea - a perfect destination for your summer vacation

11 months ago

The world ocean covers about 70% of the earth's surface and consists of vast bodies of water - oceans and seas- and smaller ones - lakes and straits. This article will focus on a significant part of the planet's water space, the Aegean Sea. Ancient Greek mythology associates its name with the Athenian king Aegeus, who threw himself from a cliff into the sea, deciding that his son Theseus died in Crete, killed by the Minotaur. You can rightly ask the question: what is so unique about it, except the mythological reference, compared with other Earth water surfaces? First, your attention should be attracted by its advantageous geographical position.


There are many islands in the Aegean Sea, more than 2,000. It is easy to calculate that if someone decides to visit all of them, spending only one day exploring one island, such a trip will take five and a half years. Of such a vast number of islands, people live on only a tenth, and the rest are uninhabited, although tourists regularly visit them.


Interesting facts about the Aegean Sea 


According to legend, the Aegean Sea got its name in honor of the king of Athens, Aegeus. His son Theseus went to the island of Crete to fight the monster Minotaur. The ship set off under a black sail, and when returning, in the event of Theseus' victory, the sail had to be changed to white. Theseus could hit the Minotaur with his dagger, but for the joy, he forgot to change the sail. Aegeus decided that his son was dead and threw himself into the sea, then called the Aegean.


Since ancient times, the Aegean Sea has been famous for its fishing; here, in addition to fish, squid, shrimp, crabs, and lobsters were caught in huge quantities. In recent years, the number of fish has decreased. Therefore, it was decided to reduce production, limiting fishing to a few months a year. In addition, due to global warming, the salinity of the water and the temperature in the Aegean Sea are increasing.



Many tourists visiting resorts on the Aegean coast are concerned about the question - are there sharks here? Cases of shark attacks on people are pretty rare here. In 2008, the Turkish coast of the Aegean Sea was closed due to the invasion of sand sharks, but they turned out to be harmless to humans. In total, there are about 35 species of sharks in the Aegean Sea, and only 4 of them are recognized as dangerous.




The Aegean Sea belongs to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But of all (22), it is only in 16th place in terms of its area - 179 thousand km², overtaking the Ionian, Azov, and its neighbor - the Sea of ​​​​Marmara. Looking at the map, you will see that its basin occupies a central place, washing the eastern coast of Greece and the western coast of Turkey with its waters. This allows us to call it a link between the West and the East. It, like a mosaic, combines many small islands (about 2000), the most famous of which are Crete, Rhodes, Chios, and Euboea, being, thanks to them, also semi-enclosed from the southern part. The majestic and ancient island of Crete, which still keeps its secrets in coastal waters, can be called highly accurate to its basin. In addition, the Aegean Sea is a virtual channel of island communication. Therefore, if you have always wanted to go on a cruise, then this place is perfect for this: you can enjoy the magnificent, colorful, and always different sunsets and the landscape of the islands, admiring how the sun sets behind one of the many, albeit low, mountain ranges.



For special connoisseurs of sea travel, the described water area will be at your disposal all year round, since the water temperature in winter is within +11..+15 °C, and in summer, it reaches +22…+25 °C. But tourists should never forget the northern winds in this region in the summer. Therefore, a refreshing breeze will constantly be felt despite the hot weather.


Another attraction for tourists is that the Aegean basin has long been famous for its opportunities for fishing activities, not only for fish but also for octopuses. You can dive into the world of marine life using the developed diving system and try to catch a fleeting wave, having surfing skills.


Shipping is also a hallmark of this body of water. The three main ports of Piraeus (Greece), Thessaloniki (Greece), and Izmir (Turkey) will gladly welcome sailors, allowing them to admire the seascapes from the coast, which also offers a fascinating view. And since the Turkish coast is replete with bays, this will enable yachting enthusiasts to retire from noisy ports and more intensely feel the sound of the surf.


History buffs will also like this region since such a vast number of significant historical upheavals that this sea has experienced can hardly boast of any other body of water on the planet.


Historical outline


With its essential central position, the Aegean can be called the cradle of antiquity. It was the node of the development of ancient Greece, allowing Athens to rise because of their skillful understanding of the benefits and effectiveness of sea currents. And then to the Italian cities - the states that became the leading players in trade in the Middle Ages. This happened to a greater extent, thanks to the Aegean Sea Canal, which acted as a bridge the Italian merchant fleet used to trade first with Byzantium and then with the Ottoman Empire.


This sea was the most valuable for warfare in terms of the chaotic arrangement of the islands, of which there are many. Still, capturing even one of them makes it possible to control maritime communications between the islands and continental territories. For example, the events of the Cretan or Candian Wars (1645 - 1669) unfolded in this region when the Turks were able to take away the island of Crete from Venice, which had belonged to it since the time of the Crusades. It also adds religious and cultural flavor to the waters. During the Second World War, this basin's most critical strategic islands fell under German control.


The sea in present

Currently, the territory of the sea is free from military conflicts. But, being an essential key in geopolitical relations, the so-called "Aegean question" consisting not only of several controversial points regarding the neighboring rights of Turkey and Greece - the two significant territories that the Aegean basin shares about its water area, but also airspace above it is still relevant. The last dispute occurred in 1996, which almost led to the outbreak of hostilities between the two states.



Unfortunately, the ecological situation in the Aegean region is complicated because the route of oil tankers (merchant ships carrying oil in bulk) from the Black Sea passes through it, so spills of flammable liquids often occur. Another problem is related to wastewater discharges. But if the Greek coast is leveled due to the catchment area of ​​land and the site of ​​the sea, which are 1:1, then the western Turkish coast becomes more unreliable in ecological terms. The problem of “red” tides has arisen: seawater off the coast becomes brown-red due to the rise from the depths of waters rich in phosphorus and atom, which affects the rapid reproduction of toxic microflora. Tourists at this time can neither swim nor eat seafood.


But despite the existence of some environmental problems that almost any water basin in the modern industrialized world has, the Aegean Sea takes the 6th place in the "hygienic" rating, being cleaner than the Mediterranean beaches of France, Spain, and Italy, the Adriatic, Baltic and Black seas. And the beaches comply with environmental standards: the ecological friendliness of the coastal zone is confirmed by a series of EU blue flags.

The only thing that should be taken more carefully is the salinity of the water: the water in the Aegean basin, compared to, for example, the Black, has a higher salinity. Therefore, to avoid an allergic reaction both on the skin and on the eyes, it is recommended to wash with fresh water after bathing.



Sea smoothness and waves have always attracted tourists from all over the world. They are also an inspiration for many creative people. Painters with trepidation depict character, views, and crystal aquamarine water on their canvases. For example, the famous Russian artist - marine painter I.K. Aivazovsky painted the painting Rocky Coastal Landscape in the Aegean Sea (1884). On it, the artist depicted the infinity and depth of water, a lonely ship that does not want to fall into the abyss of this sea power, and the proud patrons of the sea - birds that are not destined to succumb to the current.



Navigation in the Aegean has been developed since antiquity. It is not surprising that there have been many shipwrecks during all this time. For example, in 2018, maritime archaeologists discovered 58 ships at the bottom of the small Fourni archipelago, most of which sank in antiquity. On 90% of the boats, there were amphorae, thanks to which it was possible to conclude when and what goods were transported across the Aegean Sea.


The danger to sailors in the Aegean was not only storms and fogs but also pirates. Moreover, the pirates of the Zgea Sea were mentioned as early as the 8th century BC. Merchant ships passed through here in huge numbers, and the rocky coast and many islands were an ideal hiding place for sea robbers. Most often, pirates used small, nimble boats.


The Aegean Sea near Greece 

The Greek port of Piraeus is the largest in Europe and the third in the world. It is just a few kilometers from Athens, the capital of Greece. The port occupies a vast territory, receiving hundreds of ships and ferries daily. Piraeus serves up to 20 million passengers annually. In ancient times, there was a small fishing settlement here, and in the 5th century BC, the ruler of Athens, Themistocles, decided to build a large seaport here.


In 1983, the Museum of the Aegean Sea was opened in Mykonos; this museum is located in a building built in the 19th century. The museum specializes in the history of Greek maritime trade since antiquity. Visitors can see unique maps, rare documents, marine equipment, and navigational instruments. The museum has a library containing about 5,000 of the most irregular publications.


Other interesting facts

There, the brother, the twin of the well-known Titanic, the Britannic, sank in 1916. The most paradoxical thing is that the Britannic was conceived as a replacement for the Titanic, which had a sad take into account, so it was put on several improvements. For example, watertight bulkheads passed through the decks with first-class cabins. It was the largest ship of that time, converted into a hospital afloat, and actively participated in the hostilities of the First World War. Despite its considerable size, the boat sank in just 55 minutes. Most people were able to escape (1035 out of 1066). But they plunged to its remains in 1975: Jacques Yves Cousteau discovered it on the seabed. Currently, the ship, or rather what is left of it, rests in the depths of the sea. Those wishing to see it with their own eyes are growing every year, but the Britannic is under the protection of the state, and it is forbidden to dive into the area of ​​​​its flooding.



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Often our knowledge of our world does not go beyond the boundaries of the school curriculum of chemistry, physics or biology, magazines, films and everything we learned from the Galileo TV show. However, we are surrounded by many extraordinary things, such as water, which seems to have appeared in the universe just a billion years after the Big Bang, and has since become the basis for the birth of every form of life known to us.


Facts about water may surprise and even scare


Bemorepanda has picked up another batch of amazing things you may not have known about water.



1. Up to 80% of diseases in developing countries are associated with poor water supply and unsanitary conditions. According to a study, one in six people in the world live without regular access to safe drinking water. More than 2.4 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation.


2. The study showed that in the US, manufacturers spend an average of 1.39 liters of water to produce 1 liter of sparkling water. This is lower than in the world, where this value is 2.02 liters. Meanwhile, 4 liters of water are needed per liter of beer, 4.74 liters for wine. Strong alcohol, it turns out, is the most wasteful - for its production you need 34.55 liters of water per liter of drink.


3. 68.7% of our planet's fresh water is stored in ice.


4. Now there is about the same amount of water on Earth as it was millions of years ago.


5. The dishwasher uses 7-14 liters of water per wash cycle, while hand washing uses approximately 75 liters.


6. Drinking too much water can be fatal.


7. It takes about 5000 liters of water to produce 500 sheets of A4 paper.


8. The water in the Atlantic Ocean is more salty than in the Pacific.



9. Since water is much denser than air, the speed of sound in it is about five times the speed of sound in air. The speed of sound in pure water is 1500 m/s, and in air it is 335 m/s.


10. Under certain conditions, hot water can freeze faster than cold water. This effect is called the Mpemba paradox.


11. Water can be described as a sticky liquid with high surface tension - the water molecules tend to cling to each other, which creates a large and strong bond between them. However, there are fewer water molecules on the surface to cling to because there is air on top (where there are no water molecules). This leads to a stronger bond between those molecules that are in contact with each other, creating a layer of tightly bound water.


12. Pure water, which, by the way, does not exist in nature, does not conduct electricity. Water becomes a conductor when the substances surrounding it begin to dissolve in it. By the way, water that can be conditionally considered “clean” is ordinary distilled water (water condensed from steam). There is also "pure" deionized water (used in laboratories), which can still contain ions.


13. A leaky faucet that drips water at a rate of one drop per second can lead to water overruns of more than 11,000 liters per year.


14. In 20% of cases, water pollution on Earth is associated with the production of clothing.


15. Around 75 billion liters of water is used worldwide every year to produce textiles, including cotton.


16. There is more fresh water in the atmosphere than in all the rivers of the planet combined.



17. A leaking toilet can result in about 760 liters of water being wasted daily.


18. Due to evaporation, the pool loses about 3785 liters of water per month.


19. Although the earth has as much fresh water as it has ever had, the demand for water has risen sharply due to rapid population growth, leaving the world's water resources scarce. Only 1 percent of the world's fresh water is readily available, and most of it is in glaciers and snow. In fact, only 0.007 percent of the planet's water is available to sustain 8 billion people.


20. In 1944, two scientists decided to give up water for an experiment - one for three days, the other for four days. However, they stopped the experiment, as their condition from dehydration worsened dramatically. If they continued their dry hunger strike, there was a risk to life.


21. In Canada, there is more water underground than on the surface.


22. Water regulates the Earth's temperature. For example, the ocean influences weather and climate by storing solar radiation, distributing heat and moisture around the world, and controlling weather events.


23. Beneath the frozen surface of Enceladus, Saturn's moon, there is an ocean of liquid water.


24. 85% of the world's population lives in the driest half of the planet.


25. The first water pipes that appeared in the United States were made of burnt logs, in which a hole was drilled or were made of boards.



26. On average, 1,771 liters of water are required to refine one barrel of crude oil.


27. The percentage of water in the body varies in different periods of life: in the womb, the fetus is 95% water, at birth - 75%, adolescents are 65% water, adults - 60% and the elderly - 55% % of your body weight.


28. Jellyfish is 95% water.


29. In Africa, women spend about 200 million hours a day collecting water. That's about 40 billion hours a year.


30. Usually, 3000-5000 liters of water are required to produce 1 kg of rice.


31. Globally, 44% of household wastewater is not treated safely and properly.


32. If the water of the whole world could fit in a 4-liter container, then the fresh water available to us would be only about one tablespoon.


33. If you drink water on an empty stomach, it will enter your bloodstream within 5 minutes after the first sip.


34. The weight that a person loses after intense physical activity depends on water, not fat.



35. 2 billion people in the world drink water from sources that are contaminated with faeces.


36. When water freezes, it expands by 9 percent.


37. The average cost of cold water in Russia in 2022 (with a consumption of 4-7 m3 per month) was 25-38 rubles/m3.


38. According to some estimates, more than 147,000 liters of water are used to produce one car.


39. 90% of water-related diseases are due to unsafe water supply, unsanitary conditions and poor hygiene. Moreover, children in developing countries are most often ill.


40. 69% of fresh water in the world is used for agriculture.


41. More than a quarter of all bottled water is taken from the municipal water supply - the same place where ordinary tap water comes from.


42. According to forecasts, by 2050 the global demand for water will increase by 20-30%.


43. Poor water supply and sanitation in developing countries is estimated to cost $260 billion a year in economic losses.


44. In plants, water defies gravity.



45. Water is the only substance on Earth that occurs in nature in three forms: liquid, solid and gaseous.


46. ​​Water that is ejected from hydrothermal vents on the seafloor can reach temperatures of up to 400º Celsius.


47. Using rice water to wash your hair can make your hair healthier and stronger.


48. If all the water vapor in the atmosphere of our planet fell on the Earth in the form of water and was evenly distributed over it, it would cover the globe with water only 2-3 cm deep.


49. The earliest known example of interstate conflict over water is between 2500 and 2350 BC between the Sumerian states of Lagash and Umma.


50. Flat-headed spatula, Australian desert frog, storing water in its body, can store it for up to two years.


51. Scientists suggest that the water in the oceans of the Earth appeared due to the fall of water-bearing celestial bodies that collided with our planet in the early stages of the formation of the solar system. Like today's ice-rich asteroids or comets.


52. Fluoridation of tap water has been proven to prevent tooth decay. Many scientific studies have shown the safety and benefits of fluoridated water. For example, in the US, people have been drinking fluoride-infused water for 75 years, leading to improved dental health.


53. Approximately 1 billion years after the Big Bang, water appeared in the Universe. According to astrophysicists, the first water molecules appeared in the era of the birth of the first stars, which indicates that already 10-11 billion years ago there was the possibility of the existence of life in one form or another.




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Are you into geography? Or, Then, you probably know such states as the Seychelles and Andorra. But there are countries whose names will make you raise your eyebrows in surprise because, perhaps, you have never heard of some of them - for example, Tuvalu or Niue.

For those who are tired of Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, and Sochi (to escape from the hustle and bustle)

If you like exotic hiking, diving, and snorkeling, then the list we at Bemorepanda have prepared for travel lovers is just right for you. After all, isn't it great to change the tourist direction and get new experiences from previously unexplored places? You will want to add at least one of them to your list of future trips.

25. Tuvalu

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 11,925 people

Languages: Tuvaluan and English

Have you ever heard of the country of Tuvalu, made up of 9 small islands in the South Pacific, halfway between Australia and Hawaii? Tuvalu is one of the many places on this list that offers top-notch snorkeling and diving.

You can swim with turtles and tropical fish and explore the Funafuti Wildlife Sanctuary, an ideal spot for divers. Most Tuvaluans live in small villages of less than a thousand people. Gardening, fishing, and handmade canoes are very common in this region.

24. Bhutan

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 779,900 people

Language: Dzongkha

Bhutan is a Buddhist kingdom located on the eastern tip of the Himalayas. . The Phobjik Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys.

Bhutan is also known for its vibrant and colorful festivals, especially those in Paro and Thimphu—The key to enlightening society.

23. Kiribati

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 121,388

Languages: Kiribati and English

. It is famous for snorkeling, diving, beaches, and fishing. This is a great place to view World War II relics.

22. Palau

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 18,174

Languages: English, Palau

Shipwrecks and hidden caves make Palau one of the best diving and snorkeling destinations. There are also plenty of slopes and exotic wildlife habitats that can attract hikers and explorers to this small country.

21. Saint Kitts and Nevis

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 53,546

English language

Saint Kitts and Nevis, as the name suggests, consists of two islands. It was the first country colonized by the British in 1623. They did not gain independence until 1983. Former sugar plantations have been turned into popular hotels and tourist resorts.

St. Kitts has a park fortress, Brimstone Hill, where you can sometimes see the neighboring Caribbean islands. There is also a scenic railway and an extinct mountain. And there is the volcano Liamuiga. On top of all this, St. Kitts and Nevis is a country of vervet monkeys and hiking trails that run through the rainforest.

20. Vanuatu

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 314,464

Languages: French, Bislama, English

The 83 islands of Vanuatu in the South Pacific are another excellent diving destination, especially with their underwater caves and shipwrecks. One of them is the World War II warship, President Coolidge. The Vanuatu National Museum will also help you learn about the Melanesian culture.

19. Seychelles

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 99,202

Languages: French, Seychelles Creole, English

Seychelles is an island nation off the coast of Africa. There are two UNESCO sites here: Aldabra and Valle de Mai. Some scholars consider the Vallee de Mai to be the ancient site of the Garden of Eden.

It is also home to the Morne Seychelles National Park and the breathtaking beaches of Beau Vallon and Anse Takamaka. . Thanks to tourism and fishing, Seychelles has the highest nominal economic income in Africa.

18. Comoros

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 888,456 people

Languages: Comorian, French, Arabic

Often referred to as "the fragrant islands" due to the abundance of fragrant plants, Comoros is known for its spectacular beaches against volcanic peaks. This country, full of natural beauty, is located on the east coast of Africa.

The capital language reflects 400 years of Portuguese colonization and 24 years of Indonesian occupation. The Cristo Rey de Dios statue, 27 meters high, is another iconic symbol of the country. This statue stands as if it wants to draw attention to the city's beauty, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding bay.

16. Lesotho

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 2,159,000 people

Language: Southern Sotho, English

This landlocked enclave in South Africa is home to the cultural village of Thaba Bosiu. The town is on top of a hill, and the ruins found there date back to the reign of King Moshoeshoe I in the 19th century. There is a myth among the locals that their magical powers manifest themselves at night.

15. Suriname

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 591,798

Language: Dutch

We are looking for a place that combines rainforest and sandy savannah. Suriname is an excellent choice for this. The Dutch colonial architecture makes for pleasant walks around the city.

Suriname also has a wooden Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist, consecrated in 1885. The Basilica of Peter and Paul is also located here. Suriname is located in the northeast of South America.

14. Brunei

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 441,532

Language: Malay

Brunei is located on the island of Borneo, near Malaysia, in the South China Sea. This Islamic country has a magnificent Jame Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque with 29 domes. Brunei is known for its beaches and rainforests.

13. Andorra

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 77,354

Language: Catalan

Andorra is a country of the Pyrenees, located between Spain and France. Andorra is famous for its ski resorts and duty-free shops. The capital of Andorra, La Vella, is excellent for shopping in boutiques and jewelry stores.

12. Djibouti

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 1,000,000 people

Languages: French, Arabic

Have you ever wanted to swim with whale sharks? Remember to add Djibouti to your travel list if you still want to. In Djibouti, located in the Horn of Africa, Lake Assal is ten times saltier than the sea.

Also worth a visit is Abbe Lake, a plateau dotted with limestone chimneys, some of which blast steam as high as 160 feet (48.7 m). And one more thing: if you happen to be in Djibouti, remember that photographing public airports, military installations, or public buildings is prohibited by law!

11. Eswatini

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 1,172,000 people

Languages: Swahili and English

Eswatini is a landlocked country in South Africa. It is one of the last absolute monarchies in the world and the last absolute monarchy in Africa.

It hosts the world-famous Mountain Bushfire Fest, which celebrates arts, music, and creativity in the economy. Eswatini also offers Big Five safaris, where you might be lucky to see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalos.

10. Solomon Islands

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 703,995 people

English language

If you're interested in World War II, then one of the places you will want to take advantage of is the Solomon Islands. Has a lively market selling island goods and handicrafts.

There are 992 islands in this archipelago, including Skull Island, named after warriors who decapitate defeated enemies, and Savo Island, which has a hot spring and an active volcano. If you are into diving, you will also be able to see the coral reefs covered with shells in the waters of this island.

9. Togo

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 106,759 people

Languages: Tongan and English

Most of the 170 islands of Togo are deserted. The central island of Tongatapu is a great place to enjoy the beautiful lagoons and admire the impressive limestone cliffs. Togo is also famous for its kava drinking ceremony.

Kava, made from pepper root, induces relaxation and improves well-being. Togo is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations where you can admire the beaches, coral reefs, and rainforests.

8. New Caledonia

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 272,620 people

Language: French

Another excellent place for divers is New Caledonia in the South Pacific, surrounded by the great barrier reef of Grande Terre.

New Caledonia also has a 9,000-mile (14,484 km) lagoon declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The landscape is also very varied.

7. Mauritius

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 1,270,000 people

English language

Mauritius is an island nation located off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. There are many different hiking trails, waterfalls, rainforests, and corners of natural wildlife. Other attractions include a hippodrome and a botanical garden.

Another country attraction is the illusion of an underwater waterfall, which is nice to look at from above during a helicopter tour! Also, in 2017, a lost continent was discovered under this island.

6. Grenada

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 113,015 people

English language

The Caribbean island of Grenada, known as the "island of spices" because of its nutmeg plantations, lies 800 miles (1,287 km) above the equator.

It is one of the smallest independent countries in the Western Hemisphere. It is known for its hiking opportunities, breathtaking waterfalls like Seven Sisters Falls, and beautiful beaches. Especially for chocolate lovers in Grenada, there are three types of cocoa beans.

5. Benin

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 12,450,000 people

Language: French

On the territory of Benin, located in West Africa, is the Penjari National Park. This park is among the best places to see the West African lion.

Benin is also the birthplace of the voodoo religion. There is a royal palace museum with a throne mounted on human skulls.

If you are due to kidnappings and terrorism (Tier 3 travel), think carefully before going there.

4. Burkina Faso

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 21,500,000 people

Language: French

The West African nation of Burkina Faso is known for its rich music scene and vibrant festivals, including the Waga Hip Festival, which takes place every October.

However, as warnings have been issued for violent crime and terrorist attacks, you may want to postpone your visit to Burkina Faso.

3. Niue

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 1620 people

Languages: Niuean and English

The South Pacific country of Niue is one of the largest coral islands in the world. Here you can go fishing, diving, and snorkeling.

You may even be lucky to see migratory whales between July and October! Alongside this, it is worth visiting the Huwalú Forest Reserve, which passes through rock pools or "awake caves" and petrified coral forests leading to the cliffs of Togo and Waikon.

2. Sao Tome and Principe

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 223,364

Language: Portuguese

Sao Tome and Principe are African islands located near the equator. This place is ideal for climbers who can quickly climb large extinct volcanoes covered with moss and home to snakes.

Although the island does not yet have a developed infrastructure, white sand beaches, and crystal clear waters make these islands attractive for tourists.

If you are into ecotourism, visit Sao Tome and Principe, with its wild forests, 700 species of plants, and waterfalls. It is also often advised to see at least one of the coffee plantations on the islands. Traveling here is safe if you have a yellow fever vaccination and follow malaria precautions.

1. Dominica

25 exotic countries where you can go on vacation even tomorrow

Population: 72,172

English language

You are correct; this is not the Dominican Republic - Dominica. The official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica. The Morne Trois Pitons National Park is a volcanically heated boiling lake, and Trafalgar Falls is 65 meters high.

The mountainous country has its fair share of great beaches. The sand here is black, brown, and silver. This is a great place to get new experiences.

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Sunny Greece is a picturesque land created by the gods for the rest of the soul and body. The islands of Kos, Santorini, the western part of Rhodes, the Halkidiki peninsula, and the eastern part of the Peloponnese are washed by the Aegean Sea. The east coast of Rhodes and the northern and southern beaches of Crete caress the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.


The Ionian Sea will help you enjoy a holiday in western Crete, eastern Corfu, and the western part of the Peloponnese. Lovers of invigorating swimming will enjoy the refreshing Adriatic Sea on Corfu's western and northern shores.


Top places to stay in Greece 


From May to October, you will get an incredible relaxation on all the seas, sunbathing on the comfortable beaches and enjoying the gentle turquoise waters of the sea. Many resorts in Greece by the sea offer tourists to see the ancient attractions, immerse themselves in the dizzying atmosphere of the nightlife and enjoy the taste of the local cuisine, and you can choose where to relax.


1. Crete

In the necklace of the Greek islands, the legendary homeland of Zeus, Crete, stands out as the most fabulous pearl. It hosts the southernmost resorts in the country, where it enjoys almost 340 days a year of sunny weather: beautiful mountain scenery, sandy beach areas, and beautiful inns for romantic and family vacations.


Among the many resorts, an unforgettable holiday on the sandy shores surrounded by picturesque nature will be provided by Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Rethymno, Chania, Heraklion, and Hersonissos, Malia, Lassithi. If you prefer more comfort, staying in the eastern part of Crete, on Lassithi, with sandy beaches in the Gulf of Mirabella and "star" hotels, is better.


In the northern region, the resort of Rethymno has gained popularity with a coast dotted with a mixture of sand and pebbles, a gentle descent into the water, and a freshwater lake with its beach. There are many hotels on the first line in the city. It is pleasant to walk around, enjoying the picturesque combination of Venetian and Oriental architecture.


The Heraklion coast stretches along the central part. It is a lively resort for young people, with water parks and an aquarium. Moving to the west coast of Crete, you are in the most exotic resort - Chania, surrounded by lush exotic vegetation, famous for the best sandy beaches, architectural monuments, and Venetian-style mansions. Those who are just interested in spending time on the beach can safely choose Elafonisi, the red beach in Matale, the Vapay beach on Lassithi, and the wild Balos beach with luxurious white sand.


2. Rhodes

Rhodes will satisfy the most demanding tourists with its natural beauty, all-encompassing tourist infrastructure, and fantastic weather. There are beaches on the island for all tastes: sandy and pebble, comfortable and wild, picturesque and relaxing bays, and open to all winds.


All beaches are accessible. Fans of a versatile beach holiday, sightseeing, and active nightlife should choose the capital - Rhodes, located in the north. Here, on the spit, there are beaches from two nearby seas - the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea, which differ in terms of water temperature and the presence of sea waves.


It is preferable to rest with the children, heading south, where peace reigns. A famous beach - Ellie with white sand overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and excellent infrastructure. The sandy pebble beach of Paropoul and the pebble beaches of Ixia and Ialyssos, which stretch along the rolling shores of the Aegean Sea, are suitable for extreme sports fans.


Several unique beaches in Kallithea, nestled in cozy little bays, are famous for their Roman hot springs. Among the Mediterranean resorts, Faliraki stands out with its clean, golden sand beaches of almost 4 kilometers, followed by Anthony Quinn Beach, located in a bay surrounded by cliffs.


Among the Mediterranean beaches awarded with "Blue Flags," we would like to mention Kolimbia and Afandou, the comfortable sandy beaches of Tsambika, Stegna, and Agati. In Rhodes, spending time on the beach goes well with visiting medieval forts, Byzantine and Catholic churches, museums, old Lindos with its acropolis, and visiting Rodini Park, the Butterfly Valley, and the ostrich farm.


3. Kos

Kos Island offers many pleasant moments, surrounded by picturesque nature and stunning beaches with resorts and attractions. Its gravel-dominated coastline is washed away by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. In the central city - Kos, the beaches are too crowded.


Tourists intending to combine sea bathing and sunbathing on the beach with hiking in historic sites should head to Kamari and Kefalos with their quiet sea and well-equipped beaches separated by a bay. Near Kefalos, there is a cozy sandy beach with paradise, surprising with water bubbles near the coast coming from the volcanic gases emitted.


Kardamena Resort, located in the southwest, has hotels with beautiful beaches and the ancient temple of Apollo. In the northern part of Kos, there are unique black sand beaches that have settled on the shores of the volcanic eruption and Lake Aliko with flamingos.


Psalidi, with its gravel coastline, is a favorite among windsurfing enthusiasts. The wide white sandy beach of Maskhari, with a slight slope in the sea, is perfect for families. Terma Beach, famous for its hot springs, is located 10 kilometers from the capital.


There are many ancient attractions on Kos - the ancient city of Paleo Pili, the castle of Animachia, the site of the Asclepius sanatorium, the old Roman Odeon, and many medieval temples.


4. Corfu

Immersed in greenery, Corfu is located 2 kilometers from mainland Greece in the northern part of the Ionian Sea. Several resort complexes with cozy hotels and cozy pebble beaches stretch along its coast.


A paradise hidden among small bays and bays is called Paleokastritsa Protected, located in the northwestern part of Corfu. Here sunbathing on the beach, swimming in the sea, and diving is complemented by plenty of entertainment options.


No less attractive for young people in the town of Kavos, located in the southeastern part of Corfu, famous for its active nightlife. For mature tourists and families, the southern resorts of Moraitika and Mesongi could not be found better. The settlement of Lefkimi will ensure an atmosphere of solitude and tranquility.


The deep warm shores of the sea, the clean beaches, and the daily comfort attract families with children here. The resort towns in northeast Dasia, Bourbaki, Nissaki, and Kontokali are also in good condition. Glyfada will appeal to those who like to combine an active daytime life with evening entertainment in restaurants and entertainment venues.


The young audience likes to gather in the northern resort of Sidari, famous for the legendary Love Channel, in Kassiopi, Rhoda, and Acharavi, with a high level of comfort and many entertainment options. Kommeno resort is preferred with luxury hotels, villas, expensive restaurants, and nightlife entertainment for the elite tourist category. There are many unique attractions on the island - 4 cities, several medieval churches, Achilleion Palace and Pontikonissi Island.


5. Cassandra

In the geographical trident of Halkidiki, the Kassandra Peninsula, named in honor of the king, who was the son-in-law of Alexander the Great, stands out. It is connected to the mainland by the beautiful Nea Potidea bridge. Kassandra is only 15 kilometers wide but stretches along the Aegean coast for 50 kilometers.


Young people go to lively and crowded resorts with a wide range of nightlife: Eriopigu, Kallithea, and Hanioti. Tourists with children prefer to relax in Nea and Sani. A delightful bay in the village of Nea Fokia, next to the beach strip, draws near the Byzantine tower by the sea, from which the sermons of the apostle Paul were read.


The golf course leads to a healing spring and a chapel. The comfortable location of Nea Potidea is famous for its magnificent beaches, covered with sand and fragments of an ancient fortress. The golden sand-covered Pevkohori coast is a paradise for lovers of solitude, surrounded by mountains, pine forests, and a gentle sea.


For those looking for privacy, do not hesitate to stay alive in the city of Nea Moudania. The peninsula is famous for its cozy sandy beaches, many of which have been awarded the Blue Flags of the European Union and have water parks.


On the beaches of Nea Fokea, it is good to snorkel at Glarokavas, where the depth is excellent, and lovers of boat trips and yachts like it. On the golden coast of Haiti, on the shores of the fine sand, both young people and families with children like to sunbathe and swim.


6. Sithonia

The second peak of Poseidon's trident - the Khalidiki peninsula - was Sithonia. Conquer with stunning scenery in a combination of mountainous terrain, clean pine trees, and coastlines, washed west by the waters of Kassandra Bay, east - by Singitimos Bay. The diversity of the coast, with fishing villages, comfortable bays, picturesque harbors, and clean unobstructed beaches, makes it possible to choose a safe place to relax for lovers of independent tourism.


Accommodation in Sithonia will not be a problem. The most prominent tourist center is Neos Marmaras, with two stunning beach areas on both sides of the town. Spend a wonderful holiday on the beautiful coastline of Parthenonas, with luxury hotels and a 17th-century temple. In the center, it is worth visiting the resorts: Kriaritsi, Marafias, Azapiko, Kalamtiko, Tristi Paradiso, and Caracas.


On the opposite side is the stunning mountain village of Sykia, with lovely terraces, the towns of Vourvourou and Sarti, and the breathtaking beauty of the Panagia Bay coast. Relaxing on the sandy shores of Porto Koufo Bay will attract families with children. The azure sea and numerous taverns with seafood delicacies offer an opportunity to eliminate the daily hustle and bustle.


7. Athos

The Athos Peninsula, where the sacred mountain rises, is part of Halkidiki. It is known that only men can visit Athos Monastery, so a joint venture or family should come to the peninsula to settle in Ouranoupoli, the nearest resort town of Athos, with developed tourist infrastructure.


You can stay here at relatively affordable prices even in the city center in a hotel with a pool, a little more expensive - in an apartment. But for lovers of luxury, it is also not difficult to find a hotel with a private beach. The city's main attractions are the 14th-century Byzantine tower and the Frankish castle.


The coast near Mount Athos is covered with pebbles and sand. The beach areas are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. For travelers who want to take in the sights and sounds of a Campsite, it is fashionable to stay at a campsite near Ouranoupoli on Komitsa Beach with bars, cafes, and shops.


On the peninsula of Athos is interesting the city of Stagira, where the famous philosopher Aristotle was born, whose statue is in the city park. For anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of local traditions, we recommend visiting the city of Ierissos, with the ruins of an ancient settlement and several Byzantine temples.


8. Amoliani

Near the Halkidiki Peninsula, there is a beautiful Amoliani, which fascinates tourists at first sight. It has become a paradise for all those who prefer a secluded vacation. The landscapes with picturesque bays and sandy beaches, surrounded by olive groves on the hills, provoke an indescribable delight and the desire to stay here for a long time.


The guests' comfort is created by perfectly equipped beaches and comfortable hotels, of which there are more than 40 nightclubs and taverns with excellent seafood dishes. For lovers of active entertainment, there is everything for water sports. It is undeniable that the main asset in favor of the trip is the ecologically clean sandy beaches caressed by the warm azure sea.


In terms of their popularity, Alykes awarded the Blue Flag, is in the lead. The golden sandy shore, surrounded by lush vegetation, with a convenient entrance to the sea, attracts families with children. For couples in love, more secluded corners of the beach are suitable: Agias Georgios, Megali Amos, Karagatsi, Zaska, Faka, Nisakia, where there are fewer people, but all the equipment for the beach, swimming, and water activities are available.


The small island does not have a lot of attractions. Still, a relaxed life surrounded by flowery Mediterranean nature and authentic local houses will make you feel like a natural paradise.


9. Thassos

The northernmost and greenest Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It is covered with forests, oaks, chestnuts, and banana plantations. It has such a small surface that it is not difficult to move around it in a day. The ancient capital of Thassos has long been considered the city of Limenas, surrounded by old city walls, behind which there are many ancient shrines and altars.


The beach and swimming will be fun in the resort of Potos, and in the evening it is fun to relax in the entertainment facilities. Theologos mountain village, notable for the ruins of an ancient city, has a beautiful, well-kept beach, especially suitable for surfers. In the historic town of Alik, apart from the beautiful beach and nature area, the fragments of an ancient temple with inscriptions are impressive.


For 115 kilometers, a luxurious beach stretches along the island, where the beaches of San Antonio, Paradise, Psili Amos, Makrimos, Glymoferi, and Marble shine with shining pearls, many of which have received the international Blue Flag rating. Tourists are ready to accept more than 180 hotels at affordable prices, both for standard accommodation and through the "all-inclusive" system.


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10. Skiathos

Charming little sunny Skiathos, with its luxurious nature, is washed by the emerald waters of the Aegean Sea. It offers its guests a wide range of marine pleasures and entertainment. To enjoy its charms in full force, you need to spend more than a week on Skiathos. Along the 44-kilometer coastline, towns and villages with excellent resort infrastructure and areas—well-kept beaches covered with fine and delicate sand.


The only difficulty for tourists is choosing a beach, of which there are 60. They have crystal clear water, sandy shores, and many water activities everywhere. Tourists are advised to sunbathe and swim at Little and Big Banana, the picturesque Vromolimnos. On the secluded beaches of Nikotsara, Castro, and Lalaria, which it is impossible to reach on foot, boats leave the port every day and take everyone to town in the evening.


It is the ideal destination for yachts. Little Chersonesos will conquer with the romance of the fortress Burtzi and a beautiful port. Skiathos will delight you with the ruins of the medieval Castro fortress, 17th-18th-century monasteries, and excellent hotel services and entertainment facilities. Excellent transport links are a perfect opportunity to get around the most beautiful places inside and out.


11. Lefkada

It is part of the Ionian Archipelago. Its name, "white" in Greek, comes from the white rocks that flank the west coast. The resorts of Lefkada are buried in dense vegetation, and the comfortable bays are beautiful places, with excellent beach infrastructure, lots of entertainment, and comfortable hotels of different stars.


The main tourist center is the picturesque town of Lefkada, which delights guests with colorful mosaic houses. Everyone calls the main wealth of Lefkada resorts its excellent beaches, which are firmly rooted in the ranking of the best in the world. On the southeast coast is Porto Katsiki, with its purest soft sand, azure waters, and luxurious natural surroundings.


If you are traveling to the southwest, it is impossible not to fall in love with the cozy and secluded beach corner - of Egremni. The lovely sandy beaches of Kathisma and Nydri, surrounded by pine forests, cypresses, and olive groves, are loved by tourists who prefer a comfortable and relaxing holiday. The leisure time of the island's guests will be diversified through its historical and cultural monuments.


12. Cephalonia

A small sunny island in the Ionian Sea, with picturesque beaches, which has recently become a resort. The capital is Argostolion, with a population of 40,000. Nature has generously endowed the resorts of Poros, Skala, Spartia, Lassi, and Svaronata with a quiet coastline, beautiful mountains, and the purest ecology.


Among the most picturesque and comfortable beaches will be in the village of Assos, with a gravel coast and a sandy coast of Kaminia, with a shallow entrance to the sea, which is excellent for families with children. Well-maintained blue flag beaches: white sandy-pearl-covered Myrtos with white pebbles and white gravel Antisamos surrounded by lush hills, shallow water near the coast, which is good for the health of adults and children.


Fans of the taming of the waves will enjoy a stretch of miles of the coastal strip called Petani, with high cliffs, a deep transparent sea, a strong waves. Kefalonia offers guests almost 800 accommodation options in hotels with different statuses, apartments, and villas. There is an airport and in any tourist town, nightclubs, cafes and a cinema.


13. Ithaca

The tiny island, which became the birthplace of the legendary Odyssey, belongs to the administrative district of Kefalonia. This is a little-visited Greek resort, mainly due to the inconvenient transport connections from the mainland. But tourists visiting Ithaca notice the extraordinary charm of its comfortable bay and natural landscapes.


The most populous city - Vati, is considered the capital of Ithaca, so it is better to start getting to know the resorts here. The city conquers with its buildings, built in the Venetian traditions of architecture, historical monuments, and a natural harbor, the largest in the world. Holidays in Ithaca enjoy coasts mostly covered with small pebbles, clear waters, and low tourist density.


The comfortable Filiatro Beach, which stretches into a bay between a mountain range near Watu, is considered the best on the island. Poli Beach, located next to the Stavros settlement, is not inferior in its beauty and range of services. Wild beaches - Agios Ioannis with beautiful views, Piso Aetos - yacht and other rental boats, Gidaki and Dexa - great for snorkeling.


The only stretch of sand on the Mnimat coast, surrounded by olive groves, is popular with tourists and offers services. Finding accommodation in Ithaca will not be a problem. You can rent a decent room with a sea view or an apartment during the tourist season.


14. Zakynthos

The Ionian island of dreams attracts tourists with beautiful scenery, golden beaches, warm turquoise sea, the healing scent of emerald coniferous forests, and attractions covered with exciting legends. No wonder it has been granted the status of an international nature reserve with unique creations of nature: Navagio Bay, the Blue Caves, the addition of relict turtles, and the Axos stone park.


The capital - the city of Zakynthos, is notable for its historical monuments and the charming beach area of ​​nearby Kalamaki. Many comfortable hotels have recently been built on the east coast, and restaurants with traditional Mediterranean cuisine and bars have been opened.


The eastern towns of the island are recommended as magnificent resorts with sandy beaches: Alykes, Argassi, Vasilikos, Agios Nikolaos, Gerakas, and Laganas. The beautiful Porto Limnionas is hidden in a bay surrounded by cliffs to the west. The coastline surrounds the island for 120 kilometers, on which there are more than a hundred beaches, which stand out for their perfect cleanliness. All the beaches are lovely. Regardless of the choice of resort, you will be assured of many vivid impressions.


15. Tyra

The most romantic Greek island, stretching like a crescent through the waters of the Aegean Sea. On the tops of its majestic cliffs are islands of white towns with stunning Cycladic architecture and views of the volcano's warming. The unforgettable charm of the landscapes, the relaxation at sea, and the tasting of the cuisine and wine of Santorini will remain in your memory with sweet memories.


The compact territory of Santorini is dotted with resorts with a wide selection of hotels of various categories, excellent infrastructure, and many beaches with volcanic sand. The main resort town is the capital - Fira, which is located on rock terraces, decorated with heavenly domes of churches, streets of snow-white houses, and scaffolding (cave houses).


There are plenty of hotels, bars, and restaurants here. The main beach area is Kamari, with a coastline of a mixture of pebbles and dark sand and several hotels and bars that stretch along the coastline. The quiet resort of Perissa, located at the foot of Mount Mesa Vouna, is not inferior to Kamari. A comfortable tan and marine activities await you on the shores covered with volcanic sand.


16. Evia

They are listed as the largest islands in the Aegean Sea. There are seven municipalities with over 200 thousand inhabitants. Larger cities are located along the coast, and small settlements are located on bays, mountains, and river valleys. The mountains divide the island into north, central, and south.


Each of them has all the conditions for receiving tourists in hotels, private cottages, various houses at affordable prices, and loyal services. On Euboea, the beach areas stretch for 680 kilometers, located in crowded resorts and isolated bays. At sea, the bottom is covered with cracks and underwater caves. The constant wind attracts surfers.


However, the wind does not catch up with the big waves, and tourists who prefer passive fun can sunbathe and swim safely. The most popular resorts are located mainly on the west coast, near the mainland: Edeps, Politics, and Eretria. Among the objectives of interest are several ancient monasteries and the remains of fortifications.


17. Peloponnese

The country's southern peninsula is connected to the Balkans by the Isthmus of Corinth. It is divided into seven regions, where each has created a wide range of services for tourists. You can stay in a simple two-star hotel or a luxury five-star hotel in any coastal resort. Most of the beaches in the Peloponnese are sandy, remarkable for landscaping.


For a family vacation, it is best to head to the shores of the Achaea region, where cheap hotels or places between Kastoria and Corinth attract the magnificent bays and beaches of Loutraki and Xylokastro, and the pebbled coastline of Sykia is marked for the purity of the sea. Blue flag. " In the south, you should pay attention to Laconia for tourists who prefer secluded coastal places surrounded by cliffs. In Arcadia, there is a beautiful city Leonidion.


When choosing the Argolis region, you can't go wrong with Porto Heli, Plepi, and Tolo, where you will find both sandy and gravel beaches. In addition to being on the sea, the Peloponnese will impress with the monuments of the history of ancient Greece. As you rest, you will see the legendary palaces of Agamemnon, the famous Olympia with the ruins of the temple of Zeus, beautiful ancient temples, and medieval castles.


18. Lesbo

The third-largest Greek island has become a popular resort in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea. Glorified by ancient poets, he gained the ambiguous fame of a place where the cult of same-sex love flourished. The capital Lesvos is the port city of Mytilene, with two ports located in the southeast.


The best beach in Mytilene with hotels, sports fields, and restaurants is called Vatera. It stretches along the seafront for 8 kilometers. In the north of Lesvos, the Molyvos beach area is attractive, offering comfortable conditions for the beach, swimming, and entertainment. The beach area of ​​Petra, 5 km from Molyvos, is the best place for families with children.


Going west, you will find the stunningly beautiful beach area of ​​Skala Press, which has been repeatedly marked with the "Blue Flag" and the nearby hot springs. The island has a wide range of hotels and apartments. The history of the world includes the sights of Lesvos: the castle-fortress of Mytilene, the monastery of Archangel Michael, the Church of Panagia Glykofilus, and the Gulf of Calloni. The healing air of the resorts, saturated with pine aroma, will boost vivacity for the whole year.


19. Mykonos

The landscape consists of white windmills, white and blue streets, famous luxury villas, stunning sandy beaches, and an azure sea. In Mykonos, called Chora by the townspeople, there are many expensiVIPsVIP and luxury hotels and restaurants where you can meet celebrities from shows and movie actors.


Most resorts are located in the south, where there is less wind. You can spend a good holiday in Agios Iannis, Platis-Yalos, Psarou, Ornos, Azrari, Elia and Paraidaz. Nudists favor Paranga and Paradise, and Super Paradise traditionally attracts homosexuals and noisy parties.


Several cozy beach areas with yellow sand and clear sea are popular: Elia beach, Patis Yialos, and Super Paradise beach. People who prefer solitude should go to the coast of Agios Sostis. The marine rest is completed by visiting the tourist objectives: the Church of Our Lady of Paraportiani, the monastery of the Virgin from the 18th century, and the archeological and ethnographic museum.


20. Volos

The Aegean town on the Gulf of Pagasitikos has about 100,000 inhabitants. But at the same time, it is the third most important port in the country and a favorite location for tourists. Despite its industrial importance, the city has a well-developed infrastructure for a comfortable stay for many guests.


Walking along the embankment, you will find many attractions: various monuments and sculptures, architectural structures, a vast number of beautiful palm trees, the Orthodox Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, taverns, restaurants, and cafes where you can taste Greek national cuisine or enjoy the familiar taste of traditional European dishes.


No matter what interests him, every tourist will find his free time among the attractions of Volos: the Brick Museum, the richest Archaeological Museum, the castle of Volos, built in the sixth century, many cathedrals, and temples. And in the vicinity of Volos, tourists will find exciting trips to the site of the ancient cities of Dimitriada and Diminios, the old European settlement Sesklos, a copy of the legendary ship "Argo," anchored forever on the outskirts of the town.


According to tourists, Volos is a picturesque place where you can experience Greek hospitality, immerse yourself in ancient history, enjoy the gastronomic pleasure of Greek national cuisine, and learn more about the culture of one of the oldest civilizations.


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All sandy beaches are beautiful, but tourists especially invariably love the white sandy beaches of Greece. The gentle sand seems to be created for the relaxation of tourists on it and the long walks along the coast. Here's all the information on white-sand beaches in Greece to choose the right option for you.


Top beaches in Greece


Greece - is a country with a long length from north to south, so the recommendations will vary depending on where you go. The holiday season begins in May and peaks in July-August: there are too many tourists, and the temperature on the southern island reaches 40 degrees, which may not yet play a role on the beach, but it is certainly not suitable for sightseeing. So the best time to relax in Greece is late spring-early summer or September-October.


20. Myrtos beach

To get from Agios Nikolaos, you have to cross the highway in a southerly direction (buses run to Ierapetra) and from Heraklion to the southeast (Shuttle bus to Ierapetra stops in Mirtos). You can quickly get there by car. The beach is located in an open bay. That's why it's windy.


The tourist infrastructure is well developed. There are umbrellas and sunbeds here. The line of taverns and mini-hotels goes almost to the water itself. There is a rental of sports equipment. There is a shower and a dressing room. The cover is with small gray pebbles, rarely sand. The descent into the water is gradual, uniform, and without borders. The bottom is secure, with no holes or sharp depth changes. The resort is ideal for children and guests with reduced mobility, thanks to the accessible beach, the nearby accommodation, and the convenient transfer.


Among the nearest attractions is only the Venetian fortress of Ierapetra. The walls of the defense and the surrounding palms - a good places for selfies. It doesn't make sense to go there just for the city's sake, but you can go on the road or take the time to visit the town completely.


19. Vroulidia

Vroulidia Beach is located in a secluded spot on the southernmost tip of Chios, just 9 km from the beautiful Greek village of Pyrgi. Although the coast is only 100 m, the beach gives the impression of an exotic place due to the unusual combination of colors and landscape. Tall white cliffs surround the quiet, deserted beach of Wroulidia.


18. Skoutaros

Skoutari is a beach located between Kontron and Gifio resorts. It is characterized by perfect cleanliness, many attractions, and a shallow and hot sea. There is a cozy tavern on-site where the best Greek cuisine is prepared and tourists are treated to young wine.


17. Faros

The largest and most beautiful beach on the island of Ikaria is Faros. Its turquoise waves and white sand can often be seen on postcards with typical Greek landscapes. But seeing is one thing, and feeling on your body - every grain of sand and a ray of fragrant sun and the aroma of needles and olives - is entirely different.


16. Gialos

Gialos is a harbor beach with modern infrastructure and lots of fun. It is famous for its white sand, clear water, and good order. There are monuments of Greek architecture, luxury and affordable hotels, churches, and ancient monasteries.


15. Kampos

The beach is located on the north coast of Icaria, next to a small village of the same name. The island's capital, Agios Kirikos, is about 40 miles away and can be reached by car or bus. A few kilometers west is the port of Evdilos, the second largest on the island. Ships depart from it to mainland Piraeus and the islands of Mykonos, Naxos, and Paros. Evdilos is connected to Campos by a road along which you can see the many ruins of ancient buildings and walls.


14. Myrodato

Microdata is one of the best beaches in northern Greece. This comfortable and well-equipped Blue Flag Beach is located near Skala Avdiron, 26 km from Xanthi. The peculiarity of Mirodato is its white sand that shines in the sun, on which it is pleasant to walk and run barefoot. The beach will be an excellent option for relaxing on the sea.


13. Kedrodasos

Another wild beach in western Crete. It is located 20 kilometers west of Palaiochora. You can drive to Elafonisi, where there is tourist infrastructure and parking, and from there, you can walk along the path (a few kilometers to the southeast).


12. Castro

The first beach welcomes guests to the island of Lefkada and its northern part. The most convenient way to get to the recreation area is to rent a car, as a paved road leads directly to the beach. There is also free parking and a bus stop, which budget lovers may not need, as the beach is only 15 minutes away from the city.


11. Kavourotrypes

Kavurotripes (also known as Orange Beach) is a picturesque beach located 5 km from Sarti. It is famous for its orange cliffs, bright blue water, and soft and pleasant sand.


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10. Voidokilia

They are located in the Messina prefecture on the west coast of the Peloponnese. With a bizarrely curved amphitheater, it crowns the picturesque Yalova Lagoon, which is connected to a narrow sandy spit. The local landscapes admire their beauty, and their photographs adorn all the tourist brochures in Greece. Next to the beach is the fresh Lake Divariou, where about three hundred different birds migrate from Europe to Africa. Therefore, the local area is a conservation area under the control of the environmental organization Natura 2000.


9. Navagio

Navagio (or Shipwreck Beach) is one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Zakynthos and the whole of Greece. The picturesque bay with a rusty ship on its shore has long been the primary illustration of guides on this Greek island paradise. The name of this attraction is due to the beach. Initially, it was named after Saint George and later renamed "Shipwreck," and the coast itself is often called Smugglers' Beach.


8. Kathisma

Kathisma is one of the most beautiful beaches in Lefkada, which ideally combines scenic landscapes with a highly developed infrastructure. It enjoys the fame of being the most visited on the island. It is located about 15 km southeast of the capital, near the village of Agios Nikitas (just 3.5 km from it). This is one of the longest white sand beaches on Lefkada. There are always a lot of tourists, and the Kathisma coast is considered a natural paradise for a beach holiday for young people.


7. Kriopigi

Kriopigi Beach > Cheie-tur

Kriopigi Beach is one of the most beautiful and unusual beaches on the Halkidiki Peninsula. Its name translates to "cold key," which is due to the numerous sources of ice water in the vicinity. Even swimming in the sea, you can feel the cold courses. It is believed that the waters here are saturated with functional trace elements, and swimming on this beach improves health. There are always a lot of people who want to experience this.


6. Sani

Sani is a snow-white beach in the Kassandra Peninsula. There are two swimming pools at guests' disposal, a photo area, sports fields, and park areas. The beach is popular with newlyweds. Greek celebrities and athletes often relax here.


5. Agios Prokopios

Agios Prokopios is one of the most beautiful beaches in Naxos, most often included in the first lists of picturesque coasts in Greece and throughout Europe. The Greeks constantly claim to keep the charm of this coast clean, preventing its development with modern buildings and entertainment centers. This beach is located about 5.5 km southwest of the island's capital, near Agios Georgios, from where many people go here.


4. Voulisma

It is located on the coast of Crete, near Istro, 12 km from the big city and the port of Agios Nikolaos. There are buses to Istro (the journey takes 15-20 minutes). The beach is located in one of the many bays in the depths of Mirabello Bay and is the largest and most beautiful in the area and the most popular. Mountains and low pilgrims surround the sandy beach. The water is clear, turquoise, slightly sloping bottom with standard depth, no depths, and potholes. The water is usually clean, but storms sometimes bring garbage.



3. Simos

It is located in the southern part of the Peloponnese, on the island of Elafonisos, part of the prefecture of Laconia. The island was part of the mainland, but a strong earthquake that took place centuries ago took it off the land. Despite its convenient location, Elafonisos is one of the best resorts in Greece, and Simos is considered its pearl. The beach is on the Natura 2000 list of nature reserves and is a conservation area in the EU.


2. Egremni

Egremni is a picturesque wild beach on the very southwestern edge of Lefkada, about 40 km from Lefkada. It is considered one of the most beautiful on the island and the Mediterranean. At the same time, the long coastline gives glory to the longest on the Lefkada. Therefore, impressive landscapes can be enjoyed here in relative isolation than on other beautiful but very crowded beaches of the island.


1. Balos

It is located 55 kilometers from Chania, near the Gypsy Cape, on the Korikos Peninsula, at the northwestern tip of Crete. There are waters from the three seas that wash the island converge.


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In 2020, the summer holidays will be under the rule of restrictions, distance, masks and hand sanitizer.  Everywhere we have rules to follow.  In a country with only 3,300 confirmed cases, Greece has also adapted the conditions in which it receives its tourists.  Greece is waiting for them with joy and hope that everything will be fine. 

 Since June 15, Greece has opened its gates for tourism, tourists can go on the long-awaited vacation without having to isolate themselves either at the destination or when returning home. 

 Hundreds of people got in cars or coaches and left from the first day to the beautiful beaches they missed.  It seems like a lot, but the number is much lower compared to previous years.  According to hoteliers, in Halkidiki, the occupancy rate is only 10-40%.  The beautiful sun-drenched resorts of this area are still under the rule of numbness.  Only a few tourists on the streets, the doldora souvenir shops are more deserted, and the terrace owners look longingly in the distance, only someone steps on their doorstep.  

Are you afraid of rules?  Well, find out that for us tourists there are not many.  The Greeks made sure that their guests enjoyed all the comfort they needed on a vacation.

Tourists traveling by bus or plane are required to wear a mask throughout the trip.  Once they reach their destination, they can say goodbye to her.  "Wearing masks is not mandatory for tourists indoors, everyone can wear it only if they want, for their own protection.  

The obligation is only for employees (maids, receptionists, salesmen, waiters), and this can give confidence to tourists ", says Cosmin Vasile, destination manager Greece at Hello Holidays.  "On the first day of vacation, we entered a supermarket with a mask and the employees were looking at us strangely, they told us that we could take it off," says a tourists who arrived in Halkidiki.

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