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26 details from the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II that you might not have noticed

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Like any royal event in the UK, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is subject to age-old traditions and royal code. Including the funeral was partially planned by the Queen herself, who, as you know, agreed in advance with civil servants on the scenario of farewell to her. The death of Elizabeth II stunned the whole world and chained millions of people to TV screens and monitors. But, despite the close attention to the funeral of the royal person, many things remained unnoticed by the public or not understood.


Facts about Queen Elizabeth II funeral


We at Bemorepanda want to tell you how the funeral went, showing you some of the details that you most likely didn't notice or missed.


1. Before the start of the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the bell in Westminster Abbey began to ring 96 times - so many times one minute before the funeral began - meaning every year of her life.


2. Her coffin was draped with the Royal Standard, a flag representing the sovereign of Britain, the Crown Lands and the British Overseas Territories. The flag consists of three lions representing England, one lion representing Scotland and a harp representing Ireland.


Usually this flag was flown when the Queen was staying at one of her palaces or when she was on official business in her car or plane.


3. The crown on the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was the Imperial State Crown, made for the coronation of her father, King George VI, in 1937.


4. The crown is made of gold, 2868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and 4 rubies.


According to CBS News, the pearl on the crown belonged to Queen Elizabeth I, which has "an incredible connection with the history of Britain."


5. Next to the crown, you can see the scepter and orb of the Sovereign, which symbolize the relationship of Queen Elizabeth II with God and power.


The scepter you see on the coffin of Elizabeth II has been used at every coronation since 1661.


6. A bouquet of flowers on the coffin of the queen was presented by King Charles III.


Among the flowers were garden roses and myrtle grown from Queen Elizabeth II's wedding bouquet, which was presented to her in 1947.


7. Inside the funeral bouquet there is a note from King Charles III.


It reads: "In memory of Charles R. with love and devotion." The "R" in Charles's signature means "Rex" ("Rex"), which in Latin means "king, lord, king." This is the traditional signature of the monarch, which dates back to the 12th century.


8. During the funeral procession, the family of Queen Elizabeth II followed her coffin as it moved through Westminster Abbey.


Notably, Prince George of Wales and Princess Charlotte of Wales were in attendance along with their parents, William, Prince of Wales and Catherine, Princess of Wales. This makes George and Charlotte the youngest members of the royal family to attend a state funeral in recent memory. Incidentally, neither of them attended Prince Philip's state funeral in April 2021.


9. If you look closely, you can see that Princess Charlotte has a small diamond horseshoe brooch that pays tribute to her great-grandmother's love for horses.


The brooch was presented to Charlotte by Queen Elizabeth II.


10. Catherine, Princess of Wales - Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge Catherine - wore a pearl necklace from the Queen's personal collection to the funeral.


Kate also wore the necklace to Prince Philip's funeral.


11. The same pearl necklace of Queen Elizabeth II was worn by Princess Diana in 1982 at a state banquet, which was held at Hampton Court Palace.


12. The Bahraini pearl earrings that Kate wore to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II were a gift to the Queen for her wedding in 1947.


This is not the first time Kate has worn these earrings.


13. Like Kate, Meghan Markle's jewelry at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral is also a big deal.


The diamond and pearl earrings Meghan wore to the funeral were a wedding gift from the Queen in 2018. Markle has worn these jewelry more than once.


14. Instead of a military uniform, Prince Harry put on a formal suit.


Prince Harry has refused public office as a member of the royal family and was therefore not allowed to wear a military uniform to a state funeral.


15. During the state memorial service, several hymns of great importance to Queen Elizabeth II were played.


One of them was Psalm 23, "My Shepherd of the Lord," which was sung at her wedding to Prince Philip in 1947. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip married at Westminster Abbey, where the funeral service was held.


16. Toward the end of the memorial service, the bagpipes began to play.


The Queen's personal piper, Major Paul Burns, played the funeral song "Sleep, Dearie, Sleep".


Almost every morning in the palace, Queen Elizabeth II was woken up by the bagpipes, which began to play at 9:15, giving this moment a special significance. Paul Burns' bagpipe playing is a personal request of Queen Elizabeth II, who was planning her own funeral.


17. As the funeral procession passed Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II's official residence in London, more than 100 Palace employees stood outside and as the Queen's hearse passed, some people bowed and curtsied.


18. Near Windsor Castle, while waiting for the arrival of the funeral procession, journalists saw Queen Elizabeth II's favorite corgis, Muick and Sandy.


19. Her favorite pony also said goodbye to the queen.


20. After the funeral at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth II was taken to St George's Chapel, which is located in Windsor Castle, where her coffin was placed in the Royal Crypt.


It is the resting place of former British monarchs.


21. In St. George's Chapel, the Lord Chamberlain broke his staff.


The destruction of the wand symbolizes the end of the reign of the monarch and is the last act before the queen's coffin was placed in the Royal Crypt. The staff was buried with her. Also, the breaking of the staff symbolizes the end of the Lord Chamberlain's service to the late monarch.


22. By the way, this was the first time that the destruction of the staff was broadcast on television.


The last time this tradition of breaking the staff took place at the funeral of King George VI in 1952.


23. Much of the music played during the service at St George's Chapel was composed by Sir William Harris, who was the organist at the chapel where Queen Elizabeth II spent most of her childhood.


24. At the conclusion of the service in St. George's Chapel, the crown, orb and scepter were removed from the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II and placed on the altar. This symbolized the end of her reign.


25. The Royal Crypt is not the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth II.


After the funeral, the Queen will be moved to the King George VI Memorial Chapel, which she built in honor of her late father in 1962.


Queen Elizabeth II's final resting place will be among her parents, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, her sister Princess Margaret, and her husband Prince Philip, who will also be moved to the Memorial Chapel.


26. In fact, after the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II was lowered into the Royal Crypt, this was the last time the public saw her coffin.



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Nothing human is alien, even to representatives of the royal families. And if, before the mass appearance of cameras, the ordinary life of monarchs was more of intricacies of myths, conjectures, and mysteries, then with the advent of photography, we got a previously absent chance to look behind the screen and find out how these same monarchs lived and how they behaved in ordinary life.


Photos where the Queen changes the wheel on the car and eats with his hands


One of the brightest representatives of this "life for the show" is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, better known as Elizabeth II. She was not embarrassed by the camera, so you can still find many photographs from infancy and old age on the Internet.


1. Princess Elizabeth II in a stroller at six months:


2. Walk with your nannies and stroller with your sister, Princess Margaret:


3. Standing in front of her "playhouse" given to her by the people of Wales:


4. Riding a tricycle:


5. Posing with his dogs in a house in Piccadilly, London:


Queen Elizabeth II was a respected public figure, welcoming foreign officials to state dinners, opening parliament sessions, and watching her subjects smile from their banknotes.


His face appeared on Andy Warhol's tape paintings, on towels or cups, was honored by poets such as Simon Armitage, or mocked by singers such as the punk band Sex Pistols. The Queen seemed to be above criticism and public figures such as the Pope or the Dalai Lama. Even the most vocal critics of the monarchy said, "the Queen has done a good job, though."


How did he achieve this feat in his public image? According to Politico, Elisabeta managed to use the virtue of silence. Refusing to express her own opinion, the queen remained silent and enigmatic. Showing the public only a neutral and vague facade, while no one in the general public had access to the honest Elizabeth, she became the most successful sovereign of recent times.


Behind the symbol was a person. Born by cesarean section on April 21, 1926, Elizabeth was the first daughter of a prince who, although second in line, did not look like he would become king. Home Secretary William Joynson-Hicks was present at her birth, as custom dictates that such an official must ensure that the baby is not swapped, by a plot, for another.


Young Elizabeth grew up in the heart of London, in a 25-room palace with a ballroom and an enormous garden. Although in childhood photographs, she appears with her loving parents, Elizabeth and her sister Margaret were raised by an army of servants and teachers and rarely saw their parents. Her first word was not her mother but "Bobo," one of the nannies who raised her.


6. And hugs one of them:


7. Pony ride at Windsor Great Park:


8. Stands in the ranks of the swimming team:


9. Next to your horse on your 13th birthday:


This was by his side all his life, and he never gave interviews. She was rewarded with a special status in Buckingham Palace for her fidelity. Other people who raised her were practically erased from the family's memory when they spoke to the media. The monarchy came first, before the person.


At 13, in 1939, the young Elisabeta met the man who would become her husband during a visit to Dartmouth Naval College. At 19, the Greek Philip was worldly, exotic, and raised in Paris in exile. He didn't get along with his family: three sisters were married to Nazis, the father threw the family's money into the casinos of Monte Carlo, and the mother had schizophrenia. The young princess fell in love with this rebel, who she said looked like a "Viking god."


We don't know much about their relationship. Elisabeta's mother was initially opposed to the relationship, but the two young people persevered and managed to get engaged in 1947. We can learn something about young Elisabeta's feelings in a rare letter to a friend. Page after page, she writes about how they went dancing together in nightclubs, how they were followed by a photographer - the words of a young woman whose heels were on.


Elizabeth's wedding to Philip in November 1947 was supposed to be a proper, austere party. Sugar in Britain was still rationed, and many British cities were littered with the rubble of houses destroyed in the bombings.


The country was still facing significant financial problems following the war. However, the wedding was an excuse for festivities that swept the country. Thousands of guests worldwide came to London to attend the wedding, including King Mihai.


Finally, a good party - an excuse for the people to forget, for a few moments, the torment of war and recession and put their hopes in a young and beautiful couple. Everything seemed to signal a new beginning, and the optimistic atmosphere grew in 1949 and 1951.


Then, at just 27, Elizabeth became queen after her father died. The years 1952-1953 seem to have brought, with these challenges, quite a lot of misunderstandings in the young couple's life. Philip felt useless and distanced himself from his wife as Elizabeth took control of the country.


Elisabeta became close to one of her childhood friends, Henry Herbert. The four children of the royal couple were raised by servants and sent to boarding schools. On a lucky day, they could see their parents for half an hour.


10. Visit the Girl Guide Camp at Frogmore, Windsor:


11. Changes the wheel of a car while serving in the Auxiliary Territorial Service:


12. Dressed as Prince Salvador in the Christmas production of Sleeping Beauty at Windsor Castle:


13. On the deck of HMS Vanguard:


14. Dancing square dance with the Duke of Edinburgh at a cowboy party in Canada:


15. Filmed on a video camera aboard the ship "Gothic" during the coronation world tour:


16. On the way to a garden party in Sydney, Australia:


17. Chatting with actress Jayne Mansfield in line for an appointment at the Odeon Theater in London:


18. Playing with Prince Charles in a country house in Surrey:


19. Gets into the boat with Princess Anne:


20. Ride with Prince Charles and Princess Anne:


21. Elizabeth II eats with her hands during a meal with King Hassan during a visit to Morocco:


22. Touring Australia in 1970:


23. 50th birthday:


24. Posing with Prince Charles at Windsor Castle:


25. Cuts the cake with a sword:


26. Shaking hands with Victoria Beckham after the performance of the Spice Girls:


27. Plays with one of his dogs, Candy:


28. Admire the Lego replica of Buckingham Palace:


29. Chatting with Anna Wintour (Editor-in-Chief of the American edition of Vogue magazine) while watching the Richard Quinn show:


30. Participation in a video conference at Buckingham Palace:


31. And finally driving his Range Rover to the Windsor Horse Show last year:


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For the British royals, the death of a loved one is the same as in any wealthy family. After the immediate mourning, there’s an uncomfortable question: What happens to the money?

With the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the rise of King Charles III to the throne, the question is being asked widely. And although the House of Windsor doesn’t share many of its financial details, certain things are known.

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A diamond in jewelry language is a synonym for true love, blessings of fortune, and freedom from material worries. A diamond found in a dream seems realistic: here it is, right in your palm, playing with its edges in the light!


Why are there diamonds in a dream? 


Seeing a diamond is a big, often financial, success. The shining diamond found is evidence of an equally brilliant acquaintance. Expect replenishment in telephone contacts: there is a high probability that a fateful meeting awaits you soon.


For free girls, a dream about a sparkling find promises a potential groom or a quick marriage; those who suffer from loneliness - a friend or girlfriend, and if you recently started a startup - a business partner, or an experienced individual entrepreneur who will be happy to share the subtleties over a business lunch.


The discovered diamond promises a quick profit. What will it be - material dividends or the bounties of the human soul, the dream book does not specify, but it is pleasant to receive karma bonuses. We can only say: that those who need funds can be offered a part-time job, and those looking for a dream job have the same chance.


A gift is seen in a dream - A Ring With A Diamond?

Most often, this type of decoration appears in a dream. Famous dream books, including those of Miller and Vaenga, interpret dreams with a diamond in much the same way: it matters how the shining pebble appeared before you and what actions were taken.


Woman dreaming of diamonds: Interpretations

A diamond ring will highlight a significant acquaintance or a magnificent, beautiful wedding for an unmarried girl. For married people, the dream promises a faithful, transparent relationship and a quick gift from a spouse.


For a pregnant woman, a diamond seen indicates a quick delivery without complications; most likely, the couple should expect an heir. But a scattering of diamonds can report twins or even triplets!


If a girl herself gives a ring in a dream, in reality, she can spend a lot or lose the amount she relied on.


Trying on a donated diamond ring is a dream come true and an increase in social or career status.


To see a diamond ring on one of the family members or relatives - to see them happy and successful in reality.


Negative Dream Meanings:

If you are trying on a worn diamond ring, the dream symbolizes vain hopes.

A giant diamond in the coil can signal an exacerbation of the disease.

Selling a diamond ring promises disappointment in some kind of deal, contract, or purchase.


Big Diamonds - a sign of Money?


The Appearance of the Precious Stone is Important:


  • big diamond - great happiness;
  • expensive - to financial receipts;
  • unusually beautiful - for an impressive meeting and conversation;
  • muddy - portends communication with a liar;
  • shining - can talk about a trip to another country;
  • raw - to the decision to quit a tedious job;
  • a darkened stone - to tears;
  • crystal clear says that a loved one can be trusted;
  • a multi-colored diamond predicts a trip or a journey;
  • split - working troubles;
  • dropped out - useless spending or loss of money.


Diamond Color is another Key to Dreaming:


  • green - a signal that it would be nice to check your health;
  • red - a message that there is a traitor in your circle;
  • blue - to changes in life, acquiring a new hobby or habits;
  • yellow - the envy of a friend;
  • blue - one of your superiors does not like you;
  • black - triumph or joy within the family;
  • pink - to a new job or tempting opportunities.


Dreaming of diamonds


Many diamonds dream of recognition of merit, a mark by the authorities, receiving regalia, awards, and a gift. For single women, such a dream portends interesting meetings; potential gentlemen surrounded. And for those who have already met a soul mate - pleasant events, like a successful vacation or sudden bonuses.


Collecting diamonds in the dream


Holding a diamond in your hand means recognition, fame, or even an avalanche of likes.


  • Buy - for profit, a gift;
  • Receive as a gift - success in personal life and improvement in financial status;
  • Giving diamonds - to sudden expenses;
  • Choose in the store - for a significant purchase;
  • Just admiring a showcase with jewelry is a great joy;
  • Making an offer by handing a ring is good news;
  • Selling a diamond in a dream - participating in an exciting business in reality;
  • To make jewelry with a precious stone yourself - to participate in a profitable business;
  • Take diamonds for yourself - break off relations;
  • Steal - to unrequited love;
  • Look for diamonds in a dream - solve other people's problems;
  • Putting on yourself - to a cash bonus;
  • To clean, wash diamonds - to pleasant events;
  • Wear on your finger - to the realization of the desired;
  • Measure a large ring - your efforts will finally be noticed at work;
  • Win a diamond in a dream - compete in something in reality;
  • Find on the floor - for a romantic meeting;
  • Losing a diamond - to problems with money;
  • Hide - to the fear of being robbed;
  • Scatter and collect diamonds - to solve troubling problems;
  • Split a diamond - to a family quarrel;
  • Swallowing a diamond that has fallen out of a piece of jewelry is an unprofitable business.


Did you dream that the Diamonds were stolen?

Stealing diamonds yourself - to an unrequited feeling; if you suffered from theft in a dream - in reality, an enemy has wound up in your environment, be more careful.


And if you dreamed that the diamond falls from the ring?

It is good if the diamond was quickly found - although this promises a problem, but with a subsequent solution. With the loss of a stone, you can expect monetary troubles - for example, receiving an amount less than what you expected or a waste.


Types of Stones: Earrings or other Jewelry 

Earrings with diamonds dream of a promising acquaintance or mutual love; they can also mean quick profits if you are in a relationship. This is a favorable sign that can “whiten out” the black streak in life.


Found an earring in a dream? Even if there is only one earring, the goal promises good luck. If the earrings are paired, expect a big karma bonus like a promotion at work or additional funds for a dream vacation.


Putting on earrings in a dream is “beautifying”: expect a pleasant and promising rendezvous.


If the earring is lost, you can expect conflict and misunderstanding in your personal life. Sleep warns of a possible problem in a pair: work ahead of the curve. Anyone who cannot find an earring in a dream, tormented by conjectures and changing places, in reality, most likely, communicates with an unfaithful friend.


If you dream of a golden necklace with diamonds, such a dream portends happiness; if the stones turn out to be fake - betrayal by a loved one or divorce.


A torn necklace warns of a possible severe danger.


Are you trying on a necklace in a dream? Wait for a good offer or a chance to prove yourself in all its glory. But if there is not enough money for the desired neck decoration, in reality, it will be challenging to cope with the fulfillment of a dream.


A bracelet with a diamond can dream of gossip or intrigue with your participation in a scandalous affair.


A diamond brooch promises peace and joy in the family.


Silver ring - for a friendly meeting.


A crown with inlay will give the owner of the dream a holiday in reality.


Pendant with a diamond - to the alertness of the second half: do not deceive the trust placed.


An engagement ring - to success in your own business.


Gemstones without cut can mean home or country repairs.


Dream with diamonds for men

Such dreams often talk about how a man is doing in business and career: diamond, the king of gems, the most complex and most wear-resistant mineral, symbolizes power.


A simple men's ring with a diamond means rivalry among friends or colleagues, but a richly decorated ring, on the contrary, states recognized respect in the team.


Gold cufflinks with pebbles hint that you will soon be spinning in “important” circles; they can also talk about a landmark business meeting or event.


Interestingly, a man may dream of a scattering of diamonds on the floor as a warning about possible "pitfalls," through which, however, it is worth going through to receive his dividends.



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Walt Disney is one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. It consists of major film studios that produce top feature and animated films. Disney and its subsidiaries are going to release movies of various genres that received high marks from viewers and critics.


Which are the new Disney movies that are worth watching?


The studio begins its history on October 16, 1923, when the brothers Roy and Walter Disney opened a small animation studio. The first cartoon was released the following year. But the studio's creations began to gain real popularity with the advent of the Oswald Rabbit cartoon, as well as the cartoon character Mickey Mouse, first shown in Airplane Crazy. In the future, the famous characters Pluto, Goofy, and Donald Duck appeared, in cartoons with which the studio made good money.


Producer Jon Landau has unveiled a lineup of upcoming theatrical releases, starting with Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, set to premiere on May 6th. Followed by Buzz Lightyear (June 17), Bob's Diner (May 27), Thor: Love and Thunder (July 8), Banshee Inishira (October 21), Avatar re-release (September 24), "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" (November 11), "Amsterdam" (November 4), "Menu" (November 18), "Weird World" (November 23), "Avatar 2: The Path of Water" (December 16), " Marvel (February 17, 2023), Haunted Mansion (March 10, 2023), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Part 3 (May 5, 2023), Indiana Jones (June 30, 2023), The Little Mermaid (May 26, 2023) and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania (July 28, 2023) .


Enchanted 2

After 10 years of happy life, Giselle, Robert and Morgan move into a new house in the suburbs of Monroeville. The community is overseen by Malvina Monroe, who has nefarious intentions towards the family. When problems arise, Gisele wishes for their lives to be the perfect fairy tale. The spell works, and Giselle rushes to save her family and her homeland - the kingdom of Andalazia, until the clock strikes midnight.


The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild continues the escapades of the possum brothers Crash and Eddie, who set out to find a place of their own. Together with the one-eyed weasel, Buck Wild, they face the dinosaurs who inhabit the Lost World.


Hocus Pocus 2

Hocus Pocus 2 is an American horror comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Cathy Najimy will reprise their roles. The film will be released on Disney+ in 2022.


Avatar 2

After taking on the avatar form of a soldier, Jake Sully becomes the leader of the Navi people. He takes on the mission to protect new friends from mercenary business people from Earth. Now he has someone to fight for. When heavily armed earthlings return to Pandora, Jake is ready to fight back.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules

The film's plot focuses on the relationship between Greg Heffley and his older brother Rodrik. Wanting to establish contact between her sons, the mother promises them a monetary reward if they stop quarreling. Meanwhile, Rodrick is obsessed with entering a talent show with his rock band, and Greg tries to win over Holly's new classmate.


Peter Pan and Wendy

Peter Pan and Wendy is an upcoming American fantasy film directed by David Lowery and written by him and co-written by Toby Halbrooks. The film is a film adaptation of the 1953 Peter Pan cartoon, based on the fairy tale story of the same name by James Matthew Barry.


Black panther 2

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics character Black Panther.



Buzz Lightyear is an upcoming American animated science fiction film produced by Pixar and Walt Disney Pictures.


New Pixar Animations


Of course, new cartoons will also be produced by Pixar. As many as two of them will be related to Toy Story. One of them is stories called "Win or Lose" from the makers of Toy Story 4. Its premiere was announced in autumn 2023. The second is Buzz Lightyear, an animated prequel to the series that introduces the origin story of Buzz Lightyear. Chris Evans voices the main character. The cartoon will be released in June 2022.


Already playing on screens in 2022


Turning Red

Studio: Disney + Pixar (USA)


Release date: March 10


Plot: Mei Li, an ordinary schoolgirl, turns into a giant red panda. What's this? Magic, curse, family secret? The girl will be devoted to the details of the red-haired occasion.


Audience expectations: the cartoon is considered attractive in advance by many parameters. Here they show hyper-custody from the mother, the panda remains cute even in a large format, and Mei Li's tantrums are too natural. Winning moments and essential topics for teenage girls are collected in a bottle of one cartoon.


The Bad Guys

Studio: DreamWorks Animation + Universal Pictures (USA)


Release date: March 24


Plot: a gang of negative characters, including the Wolf, Shark, Piranha, Serpent, and Tarantula, does not deny anything in life. The company comes off to the fullest and does not plan to do good deeds. Until the Wolf realizes that it is time to settle down, grow up, and be kinder - not only to him but to all his friends and colleagues. The path to the top is complex, and you don’t even need to guess about it.


Audience expectations: quite positive. The cartoon promises a mixture of styles, similar to that shown by the unique project “Love. Death. Robots ”, plus a motley team of not-so-villains will be rowdy here (by the way, this is from the books, you can read it and compare it later). Everything is in a charmingly explosive frame. Ideal for children and their parents.


This autumn, on screens


Strange World


Studio: Disney (USA)


Release Date: November 23


Plot: The previously titled "Searcher Clade" cartoon has been given a more streamlined title. The fantastic project of the Disney studio portends: that the journey will become unforgettable. The Clyde family of explorers will find themselves in an uncharted land inhabited by strange creatures. Family conflict and dangerous mission available.


Audience expectations: Everyone is curious about what the cartoon will be like. The team includes Don Hall (Moana) and Qui Nguyen (Raya and the Last Dragon, where the creators have already crossed paths). The Disney studio has not yet had such fiction, so that Buzz will scout the situation, and the Claydes will fly next. Even though the trailer had not yet been shown, the audience froze in anticipation.


The solid and bright five demand attention. It's time to vote for the project you like the most, which is at the top of the waiting list.


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Famous Mythical Creatures

4 months ago

There are many more mythical creatures we know little about or do not remember. Many supernatural entities mention mythology and folklore. Some are described in more detail, others less.

Mythical Creatures 

Check the list below to find out more about mythology and fantastic creatures.


According to the ideas of medieval alchemists, the Homunculus is a creature similar to a small man, which can be obtained artificially (in a test tube). To create such a little man, a mandrake was required. The root had to be plucked at dawn, then it had to be washed and "saturated" with milk and honey. Some prescriptions said that blood should be used instead of milk. After that, this root will fully develop into a miniature person who can guard and protect its owner.



Griffin - winged monsters with a lion's body and the head of an eagle, guardians of gold in different mythologies. Griffins, vultures, in Greek mythology, monstrous birds with an eagle's beak and the body of a lion; they. - “dogs of Zeus” - guards gold in the country of the Hyperboreans, guarding it against the one-eyed Arimaspians (Aeschylus. Prom. 803 next). Among the fabulous inhabitants of the north - the Issedons, Arimaspians, Hyperboreans, Herodotus also mentions Griffins (Herodot. IV 13). There are also griffins in Slavic mythology. In particular, it is known that they guard the treasures of the Riphean mountains.



Anzud - in Sumero-Akkadian mythology, a divine bird, an eagle with a lion's head. Anzud is an intermediary between gods and people, simultaneously embodying excellent and evil principles. When the god Enlil took off his insignia while washing, Anzud stole the tablets of fate and flew with them to the mountains. Anzud wanted to become more powerful than all the gods, but he violated the course of things and divine laws by his act. In pursuit of the bird, the god of war, Ninurta, set off. He shot Anzud with his bow, but Enlil's tablets healed the wound. Ninurta managed to hit the bird only on the second or third (in different versions of the myth differently).



Phoenix is ​​an immortal bird personifying the cyclical nature of the world. Phoenix is ​​the patron of anniversaries or great time cycles. Herodotus expounds with considerable skepticism on the original version of the legend: “There is another sacred bird there, Phoenix. I have never seen it, except as a painting, because in Egypt, it rarely appears, once every 500 years, as the inhabitants of Heliopolis say. They say she flies when her father (that is, she) dies. If the images correctly show her size and size and appearance, her plumage is partly golden, partly red. Her appearance and size resemble an eagle. " This bird does not breed but is reborn after death from its ashes.



The Werewolf is a monster that exists in many mythological systems. It means a person who can turn into an animals or vice versa. An animal that can turn into people. Demons, deities, and spirits often possess this skill. The classic werewolf is the wolf. With him, all the associations born with the werewolf are associated. This change can occur either at the will of the werewolf or involuntarily caused by specific lunar cycles.



These legendary creatures with the body of a reptile are the heroes of fairy tales, epics and epics of almost all world peoples, from Europe to Asia. In Asia, dragons are represented as giant lizards or snakes with two pairs of legs and a head that spews fire from its mouth, while European dragons have many leaders and wings. In Asia, dragons were revered for wisdom and courage, and in Europe, dragons were described as bloodthirsty creatures.



Strictly speaking, one should distinguish between mermaids and "sea maidens." The first is Slavic, has legs, and can tickle unlucky travelers. They were obtained from drowned women. The second is foreign mermaids, women with fish tails. Perhaps because of the translation of Andersen's "The Little Mermaid," these concepts are mixed up.


And these creatures are endowed with a beautiful voice, with which they lure sailors into their nets. This feature went to the mermaids from the Greek sirens. Those with fish had nothing in common and were half-birds.



The Kraken is a legendary monster from the tales of the anglers of Norway and Greenland. This vast clam can drag an entire ship to the bottom.


The northerners have a stable expression "Kraken" / "Saint Petersburg Bulletin" "to fish for the Kraken." It is believed that this monster spews a massive amount of semi-digested excrement. And behind him go whole shoals of fish, eating up the products of his life.


Giant squids do exist. The fear in sailors' eyes is exaggerated. The largest specimens of this species reach C. R. McClain McClain, M. A Balk. Sizing ocean giants: patterns of variation in marine megafauna are 13 m long and weigh about 275 kg. The squid can overturn a small boat, mistaking it for prey.



Cyclopes in ancient Greek mythology are one-eyed giants who eat people. For example, the son of the sea god Poseidon, Polyphemus, tried to devour the team of Odysseus sailors. But the latter made the giant drunk and then deprived him of his eye.



Unicorns are beautiful and graceful horses with a horn sticking out in the middle of their foreheads. In ancient Greece and ancient Rome, they were considered real animals. In medieval Europe, unicorns symbolized holiness, and their horn could save them from all poisons and bestow miraculous powers.


In the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, the unicorn was an extremely vicious and aggressive monster - however, they generally had enough horrors there. These animals were also mentioned in Chinese legends - their horn was able to treat impotence. However, the Chinese can treat it with anything.



According to European mythology, a basilisk is a monster with the body and head of a rooster and a snake's tail. He spews poison and kills with a look. It is believed that this creature can appear from an egg that will be laid by a rooster and hatched by a toad. The worst enemy of a basilisk is a weasel that does not die by looking at it. And only she can defeat the monster.



These supernatural beings in culture are traditionally represented by images of horses with human torsos. But in ancient Greek mythology, the particle "centaur" was used to refer to any demi-human. For example, a half-human, half-donkey was called an onocentaur, and a man and a bull mixture was called a bucentaur. In Greek, the word "centaur" means either "killer" or "bull hunter." According to one version, ideas about centaurs appeared when the Greeks, who did not know horseback riding, encountered the Scythians and Taurians. The ferocious pastoral nomads made a tremendous impression on the Greeks, and they created myths about centaurs. The origin of these creatures in tales is very vague. It is known that some centaurs traced their lineage from the connection of gods with animals. For example, Chiron was considered the son of the titan Kronos and the ocean's daughter, the mare Filtra. The myths rarely mention female centaurs, so little is known about how these creatures were born.



The mythical creature that guarded the gates to the afterlife was a ferocious dog with two to 50 heads. He was often depicted as having three heads. Usually, the middle head was a lion's head in such cases. Cerberus was born by two no less exciting creatures - Echidna - half a snake, half a woman, and Typhon - a giant with a human body, a hundred dragon heads, and snakes instead of legs. The task of the Cerberus was not to let the dead into the world of the living and vice versa. The Greeks put a cake in the hands of a deceased relative so that he could appease the dog and get into the kingdom of the dead without any problems.



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