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30 dogs with the highest intelligence (according to dog breeders)

1 year ago

Dogs are among the most intelligent animals on the planet. Scientists study their mental abilities, and scientific papers and books are written about them. Until now, new breeds are being bred, some of which are distinguished by highly advanced thinking.


Trainers named the most intelligent dog breeds


Of course, like people, dogs (even of the same breed) can be endowed with mental abilities differently; some are better, and others are worse.


However, trainers and breeders have long figured out which breeds, on average, will stand out in intelligence from their other relatives. According to researchers, we have selected the top 30 most intelligent dog breeds. Perhaps one of them will become your faithful friend and companion from the animal world for many years.


1. English Springer Spaniel

Another interesting breed from the list of dogs with the highest intelligence. His profession is to frighten away game under the hunter's shot.


The typical spaniel is friendly, well-trained, and ready to obey its owners. He is also maximally attached to his master, so that he can be recommended as a companion dog.


The breed was bred in the UK.


2. Golden Retriever

Another of the most famous types of hunting dogs is considered to be golden or golden retrievers.


The Golden Retriever was bred in the 19th century, and for many who are not involved in dog breeding, it remains a mystery how this sweet, immensely kind dog can be a hunting dog. But this is not unusual, as this versatile hunting dog is mainly used to bring in dead game, usually birds.


Since the dog must carry the prey without damaging it, it must grab it gently and carefully. Therefore, these beauties do not have any bloody inclinations and cannot be. But ingenuity and intelligence are present in total.


No wonder it is often used as a guide dog, rescuer, and a good companion.


The breed was bred in the UK.


3. Puli

An old breed of dog that you want to take to the barbershop. Although the "dreadlocks" even suit her.


But, as they say, they are greeted by clothes, but the mind escorts them. And the reason, breeders say, this breed does not hold!


The breed was bred in Hungary.


4. Doberman Pinscher

Another German breed comes from the 1890s. Due to a misunderstanding, many people consider her stupid and aggressive. Still, everything will depend on socialization and training, which will help to reveal the subtleties of the mind and quick wits.


In general, I would like to note that there are no “stupid” breeds of dogs; more often, this is a consequence of the stupidity of people and the wrong upbringing of a pet.


Remember, at least the outbred mongrels. Can someone who has encountered them at least once in their life say that this is a dog devoid of intelligence? On the contrary, he is a model of ingenuity and devotion. And dogs become biting, as you know, only from a dog's life.


The breed was bred in Germany.


5. German Shepherd

The fact that the German Shepherd should be at the top of the "smartest dogs" is evidenced by the fact that it was around this dog breed that the famous TV series "Commissioner Rex" was built.


And even though what is happening in the series in terms of the behavior of a cynological dog is mostly fiction, and the roles of Rex were played by more than five dogs (each was trained for specific actions), the main thing is different. Namely, the fact that the series' creators drew attention to this particular breed is not the least because of its mental abilities. It would be challenging to shoot a dog that does not want to obey commands in the frame.


The breed was bred in Germany.


6. Collie

Another dog breed is the film actor (remember the famous Lassie?). As with the shepherd dog, collies are extremely intelligent, but like many other dogs, they need to be handled, trained, allowed to run well, and cheered in every possible way.


Dogs of this breed are very mobile, able to understand the owner's emotions, and extremely kind.


The breed originated in Scotland and Northern England.


7. Poodle (standard or large)

The poodle can be seen from afar, and it is clear that he comes from France. But don't be fooled by its windy looks. Professional dog breeders love this extremely inquisitive breed for its learning opportunities. Dogs of this breed are easy and exciting to learn and do not require undue effort.


No wonder the poodle Artemon was introduced into the fairy tale by Alexei Tolstoy, "The Golden Key, or the Adventures of Pinocchio," because he gained fame as a magnificent circus capable of doing tricks that are beyond the control of almost any other breed of dog.


The breed was bred in France.


8. Dachshund

Color, muzzle, characteristic chest wheel... it is easy to determine that this dog is German. And like many "Germans," - she is smart and has a confident, strong character.


The breed was bred in Germany.


9. Bernese Mountain Dog

Another shepherd dog. Is it necessary to say that outstanding mental abilities distinguish the handsome man?


The breed originated in Switzerland.


10. Labrador Retriever

Like the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever has all the same positive qualities as its relative (the breeds share the same ancestors). The specialization of a gun dog-addled mind.


A devoted companion who can understand you better than many people.


The breed originated in Canada.


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11. Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren)

Combines two intelligent breeds presented in the list - a shepherd dog and a shepherd dog. Do I need to say that this guy is a born intellectual?


The breed was bred in Belgium.


12. Pomeranian

And what, what is decorative, funny, and small? Intelligence does not directly depend on the volume of the brain; it depends on the number of convolutions ...


The breed was bred in Germany.


13. Vizsla

Vizsla, another Hungarian dog on our list, is a hunting dog breed first officially mentioned in 1357. This breed's lively, soft, intelligent, and sensual nature makes them excellent companions and family pets.


But they cannot do without training - only mental stress can reveal this diamond's facets.


The breed was bred in Hungary.


14. Keeshond

The Keeshond, a breed native to Holland, has close ties to the German Spitz. It is also called the "German Wolfspitz."


The breed is larger than the Spitz but also has a highly balanced disposition and a sharp mind, so much so that it can self-learn complicated logical tricks.


The breed was bred in Holland.


15. Miniature Schnauzer

Despite the somewhat offensive nickname that became the breed's name, the miniature schnauzer can be translated as "horse gnome" With a funny look and small size, it is a severe dog, fearless, sensitive, attentive, easily trained, and devoted to the owner.


The breed was bred in Germany.


16. Australian Shepherd

A handsome man with the muzzle of a thinker. The owners note one fascinating character trait of these dogs - they are hardworking. And that's the kind of thing that's a by-product of the mind.


The breed was bred in the USA.


17. Border Collie

The Border Collie is a herding breed of dog. Like many representatives of this branch, border collies are not only able to cope well with logical tasks but also know how to unquestioningly obey human commands and work autonomously (subject to proper training) with other animals, but they are also distinguished by endurance, kindness, and courage since trained for centuries to protect the weaker from predators and outsiders.


The breed was bred on the border of Scotland and England.


18. Schipperke

Like many guard dogs (yes, this kid is used for these purposes because of such a character), the Schipperke often has to solve rather tricky and dangerous tasks to prevent strangers from entering the territory entrusted to him.


The breed was bred in Belgium.


19. Rottweiler

Despite the widespread belief that the Rottweiler is a dangerous and wayward dog that is difficult to control, this is not the case. Rottweilers have a calm and strong character and a stable psyche.


Perhaps people confuse aggressiveness with a certain tendency of these powerful dogs to dominate, including in communication with people. Therefore, it is essential to properly educate a dog and build a hierarchy in which the owner will be the main one; this breed, not deprived of intelligence, will execute commands with a bang!


The breed was bred in Germany but had roots in the Roman Empire.


20. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The popularity of this cute breed is skyrocketing. Appearance, behavior, cute slovenliness... But this shepherd dog is not stupid; on the contrary, it is at the top of one of the most easily trained intellectuals among its relatives.


The breed originated in Wales.


21. Belgian Malinois

Like the Belgian Tervuren, the Malinois is intelligent.


The breed was bred in Belgium.


22. Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie)

Her fiefdom is the Shetland Islands; her occupation is walking ponies, cattle, and flocks of sheep. Endurance is their forte, and intense brain activity allows them to achieve their goals.


The breed was bred in the UK.


23. Weimaraner

The Weimaraner is a breed of hunting dog bred in early 19th century Germany, favored by the royal family for its stunning looks, athleticism, and intelligence.


Once used to hunt big game such as wolves and bears, their descendants now excel in various dog sports.


However, being very energetic and intelligent, Weimaraners need proper training to remain calm and control their strong hunting instinct.


The breed was bred in Germany.


24. English Cocker Spaniel

Spaniel dogs have been known for at least 500 years, although the first English Cocker Spaniel breed books were registered much later, in 1874. Bred for hunting, the Cocker Spaniel soon gained popularity among other dog breeders due to its intelligence and good nature.


The breed was bred in the UK.


25. Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is an artificially bred breed in Australia, originally for driving cattle over long distances in the most challenging weather conditions of the Australian continent. And that's it!


The breed originated in Australia.


26. German Shorthaired Pointer (Kurzhaar)

The Kurzhaar is a versatile breed of hunting dog, bred in the 19th century in Germany.


The breed is known not only for its intelligence but also for its restless character, eccentricity, and temperament, which can be influenced by heredity, training, and level of socialization.


The breed was bred in Germany.


27. Breton Spaniel

The Breton Spaniel came to us from France or the province of Brittany (northwest of the country).


Dogs are energetic, so they have to go on long walks; do not forget about the warm-up for the pet's head.


The breed was bred in France.


28. Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is a large but kind dog for walking and hunting. A rare combination for herding dogs.


Unfortunately, such a large breed is practically not intended for living in an apartment - it needs space and constant physical activity.


Despite the good disposition, the dog can become highly aggressive and dangerous without proper training.


The breed was bred in China.


29. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever, developed in the United States in the 19th century, has historically been used for hunting, pulling fishing nets, and rescuing fishermen. This breed is known for its good disposition, intelligence, and affection for people.


The breed was bred in the USA.


30. Flat Coated Retriever

And one more retriever completes the top 30. Kindness and ingenuity, it seems, are in their blood!


The breed was bred in the UK.



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Christmas is one of the most important and long-awaited holidays of the year. The decoration of the Christmas tree, the goodies on the table, the arrival of Santa Claus and the carols that resounded in all parts of the city are the main ingredients of a successful Christmas.


Pets are part of the family, for this reason they also celebrate this winter holiday with us. Puppies are so sweet and energizing when decorating the house. For this reason Bemorepanda has collected this top with beautiful and bright pictures of Christmas Dogs.


1.Sleeping Santa


2.Merry Christmas


3.The cuttest buddy


4.Two brothers


5.Walking through Christmas


6.Presents for this buddy


7.Ready for Christmas


8.Warm and cozy atmosphere


9.Ready for Holidays


10.Gifts boss


11.Santa and his friends


12.Such a cute costume


13.Sleeping beauty


14.Cute Christmas clothes


15.Lovely dog


16.Cozy blankets


17.Santa parade


18.Hello, december


19.Christmas elf


20.Christmas treats


21.Winter stuff


22.Loving snow




24.Waiting for Santa


25.Christmas companions


26.A gift for the whole life


27.This eyes


28.Christmas lights


29.Christmas gifts


30.Merry Christmas




32.Santas for Christmas


33.So cute


34.Winter mood


35.Fuffy Christmas


36.Santa's love


37.Ready for amazing holidays


38.Gift lover


39.Stay warm


40.Christmas socks


41.What a gift




43.A present between presents


44.It's Christmas?


45.Reindeer for Christmas


46.Santa and the cute pug


47.Christmas treats


48.Christmas photos


49.Waiting for Santa


50.Christmas spirit


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It is difficult to imagine a more graceful, noble, and delightful animal than a horse. It has served man from time immemorial, fairy tales have been written about horses, poems have been dedicated - for example, “My horse is moving quietly”, “Horse and rider”, “Boyar stables are red for everyone”, etc. Very often the horse became the savior of heroes in an unequal battle.


What are the top ten most expensive horse breeds?


There are a lot of types of horses - some of them are inexpensive, while others exceed the cost of even a modern apartment in the city center. What caused such a price? - you ask. Everything is simple. A good horse is a profitable investment because there are not many breeds of horses in the world that can be called racehorses, they have been bred for decades. Horses are rare, hence the high cost.


Whether you are connected with horses or you are just interested in the headline is not so important. If you are here, then the topic is of interest to you.


Do you want to know how much is the most expensive horse in the world? We present to your attention photos and prices of rare and beautiful breeds of horses that can participate and win in sports competitions.


10. Appaloosa - up to $15,000

The motley horse with spots is recognized as one of the most unusual colors! Appaloosa is characterized by: striped hooves, variegated color, white conjunctiva.


The horse attracts attention not only with its bright color, but also with its character - this breed is very quick-witted, kind, and devoted. Mostly horses of this breed are common in the United States and make an excellent companion for those who participate in horse racing or rodeos.


It is known that the Spaniards brought the Appaloosa to America, and the Indians domesticated them in the 16th century. By crossing, they received a breed that is distinguished by speed and endurance.


9. Morgan - up to $20,000

The Morgan is one of the first breeds bred in the USA. This is a wonderful horse with increased efficiency, harmoniously built, hardy.


The breed of horses is distinguished by complaisance and tractability. Morgan can be seen in circus performances - compact horses quickly learn tricks and do not require a spacious arena.


By the way, the horse got its name in honor of Justin Morgan. In 1790, the musician Morgan received a one-year-old colt of unknown origin, whose name was Figure, as a repayment of a debt. According to assumptions, his ancestors were Dutch, English, and Arabian horses. Later, the horse began to bear the name of its owner - Justin Morgan.


8. Clydesdale - up to $30,000

The homeland of Clydesdale is Scotland. The horse belongs to the heavy draft variety, its weight can reach 1 ton, so it is not surprising that today the breed continues to be used as a carrier of goods.


Hardy and strong Clydesdales existed in the Middle Ages, but in XVII they underwent changes on the orders of Hamilton IV. He decided to improve the exterior and working abilities of the horses, for which he crossed Scottish mares with Flemish priests, who were brought from Holland.


After the population of this breed, the Clydesdales began to be massively acquired by famous horse breeders to breed new breeds. This horse is used for sports, and in particular for competitions.


7.  Friesian - up to $ 30,000

The  Friesian horse breed is one of the oldest in Europe. In the West, they are sometimes called "black pearls", because the Friesian is an incredibly beautiful black horse.


They were first heard about in the 13th century because at that time these hardy horses carried knights with their armor.


By nature, these horses are very calm, peaceful, thanks to which companionship is favorable, but if we talk about sports riding, the Friesian is not very suitable for these purposes. You can make friends with these beauties, take pictures, ride on horseback, but their lynx is rather weak.


6. Orlov trotter - up to $ 30,000

Orlov trotter is a famous Russian breed of light draft horses. There is not a single analog of this horse in the whole world. The horse was created at the Khrenovsky stud farm at the beginning of the 19th century, and named after the owner of the plant, the famous Count A.G. Orlov.


Today, elegant and stately Orlovites are called the living brand of Russia, they are used in almost all types of equestrian sports. The nature of the Oryol trotter is kind, peaceful, cautious. Breeding stallions are temperamental and frisky, but with proper training, they are able to obey the commands of the rider.


5. Sorraia - up to $35,000

The Sorraia is a well-known breed among equestrians and horse lovers, but those who are not fond of horses are unlikely to have heard of it. This is not at all surprising, since the barn is one of the rarest and most expensive breeds. Horses have a rather modest appearance - a mouse suit.


This rare breed is in the status of "endangered species", which, of course, cannot but be frustrating. The horse, originally from Portugal, has been captured by local farmers for centuries, tamed, and used to work in the fields.


Gradually, this breed began to be domesticated, and their descendants began to lose their characteristic features. In appearance, the Sorraia is rather fragile: it has a thin skeleton, a small head, and a long neck, but elegance has never prevented the horse from surviving in places with a difficult climate, so the breed can be classified as one of the most enduring.


4. Mustang - up to $60,000

This beautiful horse has been known to many since childhood from books about the American prairies. The Mustang is quite capricious and cannot be trained. However, the beauty, incredible speed, grace of the horse cause delight and attract attention to it. Due to the mixed origin, the features of this breed are blurred, but they are all equally strong, hardy, and strong.


All mustangs are currently protected by US law. In the 16th century, mustangs were brought from the Old World to the continent by the Conquistadors. Many of the horses fought off the herd, running away to the deserted American steppes, where they crossed with other free horses. They easily adapted to wild natural conditions due to the climate that is comfortable for horses on the continent.


3. American Trotter - up to $100,000

This breed of horse is considered the fastest. The American Trotting Horse was bred in the United States in the early 19th century for specific purposes: ambling on racetracks and trotting. The main thing that they paid attention to was the speed of the horse (the animal ran a distance of 1 mile (1609 m.)


The Yankees did not pay much attention to the appearance, because the horse does not have an exterior standard. The nature of the horse is quite balanced. Standardbred horses are not capricious, so even novice riders can easily handle them.


2. Arabian horse - up to $ 130,000

Arabian horses are one of the most ancient breeds of horses. They have been valued at all times due to their good disposition, endurance, frisky temperament.


As for endurance, this is an indisputable fact, because during the Crimean War (1851-1854), with a rider on its back, this horse covered a distance of 150 km, and at the same time it never stopped.


The Arabian horse is a long-liver and can serve its owner with good maintenance for about 30 years. The horse has excellent muscles, strong graceful legs, and a developed chest, which can be seen in the picture. The most expensive horses of this breed are ravens.


1. Thoroughbred – up to $10 million

The Thoroughbred is a horse bred in England, a born racing champion. It is valued more than any other breed. A horse that is present in someone's stable emphasizes wealth and is a sign of nobility. Her physical abilities are a real delight!


The Thoroughbred has a hot choleric temperament and is very agile and energetic. The nature of this breed can hardly be called calm, on the contrary, it is explosive and even naughty. It is difficult for a beginner in equestrian sports to manage a thoroughbred horse, in open areas it can even be dangerous, but the horse shows excellent strength, high performance, and endurance.


What are the most prestigious horse races in the world?


Since ancient times, horse racing has been a popular entertainment among aristocrats and the rich. The scale of money turnover in this area is sometimes simply amazing: this also applies to entry fees for participation in some competitions, and the prize fund. We present to your attention the most expensive horse races in the world.


Pegasus World Cup

The title of the most expensive horse racing in the world since 2017 belongs to the Pegasus World Cup, which is the epitome of American extravagance. The total length of the track is 9 furlongs (British and American distance units), which corresponds to 1.8 km. The race takes place at a racetrack called Gulfstream Park, Florida. Only very experienced horses of at least four years of age are allowed to participate.


Dubai World Cup

With the former record holder Pegasus World Cup essentially split into two separate events, The Dubai World Cup will be able to regain its title as the most expensive race. The competition has been held annually since 1996 in the UAE at the Meydan Hippodrome. In March 2019, another race will take place with a prize pool of $12 million, and the winner will take home an incredible $7.2 million.


The Everest

Australia hosts the most luxurious turf race ever, The Everest. The 1.2 km course is located at the Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney, which attracts the best racehorses from around the world. Everest has only existed for two years, but this time was enough for the event to beat the previous record holder and the most expensive race in Australia, the Melbourne Cup. In both 2017 and 2018, the Australian Thoroughbred Redzel was the winner.


Breeders' Cup Classic

Another event in the USA, but this time in the sprint category, the Breeders’ Cup Classic has been held in a new location every time since 1984, for all these years the only time the race was outside the USA was in Ontario, Canada in 1996. Only thoroughbred horses older than three years old are allowed to participate, and the winner receives half of the $6 million prize pool.


Prix ​​de l'Arc de Triomphe

The entire elite of the European racing world once a year gathers at the richest race of the continent, Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe. The horses must cover 2.4 km, and the owner of the fastest and toughest of them will receive $3.2 million out of a total prize pool of $5.6 million. l'Arc has been held at the Longchamp racecourse in Paris for 150 years, with the exception of 2016 and 2017, when the racecourse was undergoing restoration, when the famous racecourse of the Chantilly residence, which is located near Paris, took over the races.


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