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50 touching photos of mom-dogs and their puppies

1 month ago

Becoming a mother - what could be better? And it doesn't matter what kind of "breed" it is - human or animal. Because no one canceled the maternal instinct, any mother will take care of her cub and protect him in every possible way.


A happy mother with children is probably the best thing in this world


Take, for example, dogs. During the first few weeks, mother dogs shower their newborns with undivided attention and care to create the most favorable living conditions.


Because puppies come into this world unable to see, hear, or walk, this early period is critical (it is estimated that they spend about 10% of their time eating and the other 90% sleeping) - it is their mother's job to satisfy everyone. Their needs range from nutrition to learning essential skills.


Over time, dog mothers continue to develop the independence of their babies without ceasing to patronize them. Therefore, we can safely say that these beautiful animals take their parental responsibilities seriously. And some mothers (in particular, from among the people) would do well to take an example from them. This Reddit user shared photos of their dogs becoming mothers.


1. Yesterday, our foster dog whelped. It's not quite what we expected...


2. The most reliable shelter

Erin Caribe, MD, medical director of Best Friends Animal Society, says that until weaning (when puppies switch from milk to solid food), babies get all their nutrition from their mother's milk. “Weaning naturally begins at 4-6 weeks of age when puppies begin to show interest in food,” says Dr. Catribe. “However, during this period, they should still have access to their mother’s milk as their transition to solid foods is gradual.”


The weaning process is essential for puppies: they learn behavior from their mother and their littermates. Important landmarks necessary for the separation of puppies must be carried out in the order of natural development. Otherwise, problems may arise as the puppies get older.


3. Our adopted dog Ellie became a mother of these motley babies yesterday.


4. The happiest mother

“Maternal social interaction with puppies is critical for at least seven weeks and ideally beyond. They learn to interact with each other - "to talk like a dog," says Dr. Katribe.


“For example, by biting during the game, the mother and littermates signal to the puppy that he has gone too far and end the game - this is how the puppy learns to suppress the desire to bite hard, realizing that this should not be done. This is an important skill for later life. Puppies also learn about body postures and vocalization types, key components of canine communication."


5. The perfect family photo


6. Lulu with her little boy

Caribe emphasized that puppies must remain in their biological family until at least seven weeks to achieve full psychological development through interaction with their mother and siblings. “Those who are previously separated from their mother and litter are more prone to behavioral disorders, including separation anxiety and increased fear response,” the doctor explained. "Puppies that stay with their mother and litter longer, especially if exposed to new experiences, tend to respond better to new experiences later in life and become better-adapted pets."


On the other hand, puppies bred specifically for purchase in pet stores are separated very young and then placed in a kennel with limited access to new sights, sounds, and experiences, and therefore their socialization suffers.


7. Our Luz gave birth to two princesses


8. I Managed to get this cute picture of my husky and her puppy snuggling up together (she became a first-time mom and gave birth to 8 adorable puppies)

“In a shelter setting, if mothers and puppies are physically housed in a shelter, we must balance the benefits of keeping them, along with the risks of infectious disease, which are higher in those settings. Ideally, mothers and litters are placed in foster homes rather than on-site, as this reduces the risk of disease and provides a much better environment for the important socialization of puppies through new experiences and people,” Caribe explained.


“If moms and puppies are to be placed in a shelter, starting the weaning process and separating puppies from mom earlier will allow them to be adopted sooner; then they can experience socialization in their foster home. And the shelter will be able to save the lives of other mothers and puppies who might not have had a chance without him.”


9. This happy mom Pibble and her cute puppies made my day


10. Mother and daughter

As cute as these photos look, we must remember that caring for puppies, moms, and litters is a lot of work. “Raising a mom and puppies, or raising an older puppy (until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted) at your local shelter can be a great way to get a feel for what it’s all about without the extra commitment,” Caribe said. . “Besides, sometimes we can't control when a puppy is separated. But we can take steps to socialize orphaned puppies as much as possible. "In these situations, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced trainer or behavioral veterinarian to have the best chance of achieving social development."


11. Proud Mother Corgi With A Litter Of 15 Puppies


12. Feeding time


13. Mother of the family


14. Last week, she gave birth to 8 children in an orphanage.

Last night she got her room with her bed and everything she needed! After all, she is now a mother!


15. Beautiful family


16. This mommy dog ​​comforts her puppy on her first day as a police dog.


17. Moment of mother's pride


18. It's impossible not to fall in love with these cute faces


19. Ravioli saw her puppies for the first time


20. Hammock full of husky


21. 6 hours + 9 puppies = 1 tired mom


22. Mom and her cute little children. Can you believe she was going to be euthanized?


23. Look, this is your baby!


24. Proud mother


25. Family


26. I was photographing a litter of 1 weak old puppy today when my other dog photobombed me.


27. Mother heroine


28. Under reliable protection


29. Pay in order!


30. Well-fed children - a happy mother


31. This is Jessie, the proud mother of ten.


32. Nursery and mother-caregiver


33. Here it is - happiness!


34. Everyone is equal, like a selection!


35. The pile is small


36. Rowena with her children Roz, Harvey, Pru, and Brina


37. Our dog just had nine puppies and is delighted


38. Solid charm


39. Well, how can you not be touched!


40. There is a new addition to our family


41. Well, that's it; it remains to feed the last one - and you can relax!


42. What peace in the eyes!


43. Walking


44. My Appetite is good!


45. Why not speckled?


46. ​​Mom is so warm and cozy!


47. Look like toys


48. My daughter adopted a pregnant (as it turned out later) mongrel. Does anyone have any advice on raising puppies?


49. Our girl Lucy had 12 puppies today


50. First puppies of our Daisy



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No matter what your day is like, good or bad, the pictures with puppies will surely bring a smile to you and will always arouse warm, touching shivers on your spine. For those who miss their pet and can't reach them at the moment, but also for all the people who love animals, Bemorepanda have prepared a special collection with some of the cutest and tiniest puppies in the world.

We guarantee that there is no more adorable pictorial than this! And if you don't believe us, all you have to do is take a look at the following pictures and convince yourself.


1.This puppy can be easily confused with one of the toys, how cute and beautiful it is.


2.Is it a teddy bear or a puppy? We consider it a super cute combo.


3.When you come home and are met by this look, how much you missed it.


4.Do you want to receive this flower as a gift?


5.This puppy is endowed with the symbol of love, a well-highlighted heart.


6.The bravest and smallest puppy on a mission!


7.Cute sleepy Husky.


8.Can I have some more treaties, please?


9.What a sunny day is today!


10.Winter is much more fun when you have a puppy.


11.Bubble bath in the yard.


12.Waiting to get home after a long walk.


13.That's y banana!


14.Enjoying weekends with tiny friends!


15.Do you prefer long walks in the park with your buddy?


16.So fluffy and funny being.


17.How hard is it to find him in a dark room?


18.Snowflakes and puppy, a perfect picture.


19.Brothers love is the strongest one in this world!


20.This moment when you ask your dog to go for a walk!


21.Enjoying long rides!


22.Such a sweety!


23.Cuttest bite ever captured on a camera!


24.Rainy weather is so much fun!


25.High-five is always a good idea.


26.Some more food, please!


27.Looks like an angel.


28.This puppy can be easily confused with a bunny!


29.A strong friendship and love is always between kids and animals!


30.Tiered of walking, but not of playing.

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Two lost dogs forgot their way home, but a Milwaukee driver brought them home in time for Christmas.

Nearing the end of her shift on Dec. 18, Milwaukee driver Jamie Grabowski saw the stray dogs running through the southern Milwaukee streets.

Grabowski stopped her bus, opened the driver’s side window and guided the canines onto the bus.

The police officer carried the dogs to his squad car and then transported them to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission(MADACC). MADACC is the only facility in Milwaukee County dedicated to taking in and caring for stray animals.

As it turns out, the pups had somehow travelled more than four kilometres away from their family home. The family had been searching for their beloved animals all night.

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Dogs are the animals that attach themselves most to humans and in most cases are able to sacrifice their lives to defend their owner, if he is in danger.

As each being on this planet has its specific characteristics, so this animal, of rare intelligence, has some interesting aspects. All people are in love with these creatures, as well as Bemorepanda. We have collected the newest and nicest pictures on Reddit for you.

1.He loves turtles

2.Happy guy

3.Sunny boy

4.Beach relax

5.Always smiling

6.Party time

7.So happy

8.Enjoy the moment

9.Cherry blossom 

10.Pretty flowers

11.Say cheese

12.Puppy day

13.Baldur and Bodo

14.Sincere smile

15.Say Hi

16.Pretty boy

17.Walk day


19.Meet Ollivander

20.Rottweiler smile

21.First birthday

22.Happy Hank


24.Sweet girl

25.Have a great day

26.This is a funny smile

27.Waiting for treat

28.Backyard is life

29.Flower child

30.Best smile ever

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The internet is full of funny videos about dogs, puppies and new content is being uploaded to social media every single day. According to Android Authority, people watch over 5 billion of hours every single day on YouTube while the number of videos uploaded per minute is close to 500 hours.


With such a popular demand, Bemorepanda continues to pick the latest, must-see clips with cute and hilarious dogs from around the world that will put a smile on your face.


Here is a list of top 10 funniest videos for October that are going viral on Instagram:


1 The fact that the dogs know what to do is mind blowing

2 Come and play with me

3 Don’t panic! Just keep swimming

4 Younger siblings are forever annoying

5 What does this button do? πŸ˜‚

6 Who doesn’t love a cute corgi?

7 You can tell that its Weekend time for this adorable Chihuahua

8 Can I please have a kiss?

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Feel free to roam the site while you wait.

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