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40 lifestyle tips that could one day save your life

1 year ago

Life is the most precious thing we have. Therefore, we must know how to protect it in an emergency. Unfortunately, there are many such cases. And it would be fine if we went on a deliberately risky journey and were mentally and physically prepared for all sorts of dangers. But no, an emergency can happen anywhere and anytime since we can choke corny and end with a meeting with a predator.


Survival lessons: who is forewarned is forearmed


What are we getting at? And besides, it would be nice to remember the basic rules of survival in case of a threat to life. Even if you are brilliant, resourceful, and experienced, you can quickly get confused in such a situation and lose precious time for your salvation or misbehave - all this is fraught with a risk to health and life. Therefore, we should take note of some tips that people shared on Reddit, and we have collected them for you. And even if now you don’t need them and it seems to you that nothing like this will happen to you, don’t promise. Just read them - they will still be deposited in your memory, so you will at least know how to act.



1. If you're ever alone and get something stuck in your throat that makes you unable to breathe, slam your back against a wall or any vertical surface. Could you do this until the foreign body clears the airway? — Jianyi Xu


2. If you are buried under snow, rubble, or rubble, it would be wise to urinate. The smell will help search dogs find you faster. — Ant Rozetsky


3. If you are walking through a dense forest and want to get out into a clearing, look at the tops of the trees. This way, you will find clearings faster than looking through the trees at eye level. — Heike Trautmann


4. Never leave your drink unattended in a restaurant or bar. Mixing something into drinks is more common than people think. — Kobby Mendez


5. If you encounter a wolf, NEVER run away, as he will think you are fleeing prey. And ALWAYS make eye contact with the wolf (but don't look directly), raising your arms to appear big and intimidating. Back away slowly. This trick works gradually, but if you want to scare the beast away quickly, lean over (KEEPING EYE CONTACT) and grab a stick or stone to throw at the wolf. If you have a pistol, you can also fire it into the air. DO NOT shoot the wolf with it because if it survives after the shot, it will attack and try to kill you. If you are walking with a group, link together and be intimidating, and also, if there are vulnerable people or children, form a circle and keep them in the middle. If you are camping, the fire will also scare them away.



Wolves rarely attack humans unless they are rabid, hungry (starving indeed), sick, or, if you get too close to them, terrorize them somehow. Wolf attacks and encounters are rare, as wolves are shy and harmless. They are one of the main species and are very important for the environment, so they are not wrong. — Darren Welsh


6. A car "emergency kit" with essential tools, durable products, a battery and charging cables, a flashlight, and an airbag... I have an ever-growing set of survival items I needed but didn't have at the time. — Mika Baumeister


7. If you're in the trunk of a car, you can knock out a headlight (on most cars), put your foot out, and swing it as hard as you can. People will notice this and call the police to help you. — Lion


8. Most dog treats are edible for short-term consumption/survival. — Rachel Cobb


9. If someone in your car tells you to drive, crash into the nearest pole or tree - it's better to have a damaged car than to let this person do what he has in mind. — kai ;)


10. If anyone ever tries to kidnap you/steal a car, throw your keys as far away as possible and run. So you can buy time and try to protect yourself. — Kat



11. If you are at a concert, bar, theater, or anywhere else, take a minute upon arrival to mark the exits. Most people will rush to the door they entered during a fire or other disaster. If there is a crush, then it will be there.


Suppose smoke appears; duck and stay close to the floor until you get out of the building. One or two breaths of smoke can lead to loss of consciousness. If you can't get down, try to find a shirt, a scarf, or anything to cover your mouth and nose. If you can get it wet first, even better.


And remember, once you get out, never enter a burning building again. Most likely, you will not save anyone but simply.


And remember, once you get out, never enter a burning building again. You will likely not save anyone but increase the number of victims. If your kids are there, you will probably ignore it, and that's understandable, but be aware that you have a meager chance of success without a breathing apparatus.


However, the first tip is essential, so I'll repeat it: always know where the exits are. — Andrew Teoh


12. If you're hiking in cold weather and start to sweat, stop and take off a few layers until you feel calm again. — Joshua Reddekopp


13. If you're going somewhere, whether it's a hike or a date, could you let someone know where you're going when you plan to return, and who to contact if you can't be contacted after that time? — Caroline Sinclair


14. If your hair stands on end when you are outside, run as fast as possible! You may be struck by lightning. — Gabriel Tovar


15. If someone points a gun at you, DO NOT let them take you somewhere else. Run away if possible, scream, and get attention. — Jan Antonin Kolar



16. Stay away from glass windows if you hear noise from the street. The terrorists are luring people to the windows, causing riots outside. — LYCS Architecture


17. When hiking, wear appropriate gear, preferably hiking/combat boots with long laces. If you tie your laces tightly around your foot, you are less likely to sprain your ankle - the boot will support you.


I am pretty prone to accidents. I always take a rag with me if I need to stop the bleeding from the wound and not rub the calluses. I've had to tape the front of my leg in the past; trust me, the fabric works much better. Press the cloth against the wound and tie it with laces.


Not precisely about survival, but useful just to not get hurt too much. — Toomas Tartes


18. If you find water, DO NOT DRINK IT. Boil first and then use it to make tea. Or you can also use one of those water-purifying pills. This will kill bacteria and make the water safe to drink. — David Becker


19. Don't think of yourself as a superhero who will do just fine. Always think twice. Something terrible can happen to you too. — Fabiano Sousa


20. Go along the river if you get lost in the countryside. Almost all towns, villages, and cities are built near the water. Following the water will mean that you don't go around in circles, have a ready drinking water source, and have a better chance of finding civilization. In addition, you will also be able to fish. — Porribix



21. Always keep baking soda handy near the stove to put out the fire. Never fire on the stove or in the oven with water if there is grease. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen or know where the nearest fire extinguisher is.


Get CPR, especially if you have children, and repeat it every few years.


If you are hiking in the snow, do not drink alcohol. This will not keep you warm but lower your core body temperature, putting you at greater risk of hypothermia. — KWON JUNHO


22. If you find yourself lightly dressed in the cold, pick up a newspaper, crumple it, and put it under your clothes. Crumpled newspaper creates air pockets to keep you warm. — Joe Blow


23. Attach your name, phone number, and emergency contact address to your coat/baby coat. — Hyde and See


24. If a bear is chasing you, don't climb trees. They are solid, can knock down small trees, and young bears can climb. You can just go down instead. This should make them think you are dead, and they will leave you alone. But if they start licking your wounds, your song is over.


Leave this place if you are walking through the woodhushedecomes very quiet around you - even the birds stop chirping. This means that there is most likely a predator nearby. – rhubarb



25. A small Swiss Army knife comes in handy in emergencies, especially if it comes with small pliers. — Patrick


26. Don't eat snow. This will kill you by causing hypothermia.


If you need to eat something and are unsure if it's safe to eat, mash it into a puree and spread a little on your lips. If there is no rash or itching after fifteen minutes, you have a better chance of not getting hurt. Unless the plant smells like almonds, then it will probably kill you. But as a general rule, don't eat anything unless you're 100% sure it's edible. — Joybug


27. You can't put out a fire by rolling on cement, gravel, or pavement. Look for grass, mud, or water. — Olivia St. John


28. Put a list of phone numbers in the cell phones. You may need to borrow a phone to call someone. — Jan johnson


29. Never go out alone with loud music on your headphones. I know that sometimes you want to shut yourself off from everything, but you need to hear if something happens. Maria C


30. Water, shelter, food, in that order. Always sleep above ground, especially in areas that can get cold. — John Smith


31. This tip is more for vulnerable people out on the streets at night: always ensure you have a strong keychain that you can clench in your fist by passing the house key between your index and middle fingers. This way, if someone tries to rob you or commit some violence, you will have something to poke them with. This is better than a punch; you will have time to call for help while he recovers from an unexpected rebuff. — Liz Miner



32. Dandelion leaves, although bitter, can be eaten, and the roots can be made into tea. I did both, although neither was very satisfying. — Lennah Palbachm


33. Beautiful white berries. Please do not eat them; they are called snowberries and cause organ failure. — Seth Larsen


34. The best survival tool is a large, durable industrial trash bag in hardware stores. You can use it to collect rainwater for drinking, as a blanket or poncho, and tie the corners to trees with rope or vines to make a shelter. — Kat


35. If you are in a public place and someone is trying to harm you/rob/kidnap you, shout "fire!" instead of "help!" to attract the attention of passers-by. This way, people will know that this is not a joke. Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is joking or not. "Fire!" is sure to grab attention. — Kat



36. If you're out in the cold with other people and can't start a fire for some reason, cuddle up, especially when you go to bed, to share body heat and help keep you warm. — TJ Farrell


37. Don't drink your urine in a scorching environment. It's the same as drinking salty seawater. — Maggie Hood


38. Always keep a jar of peanut butter in your car. The calorie content is very high; it is stored for a long time and does not deteriorate. — Towfiqu barbhuiya


39. If you smell fish for no reason, check your appliances. It could be an electrical fire.


If everyone around you falls to the ground, immediately fall to the ground. —Onion ninja


40. Keep a blanket, snacks, and a small first aid kit in your car if you break down somewhere. — Mega



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Do you want to make your home life easier and a little more convenient? Bemorepanda's editors invite you to familiarize yourself with 25 tricks and life hacks from web users who have found witty options that can solve simple, but important tasks for each of us.


Useful tips that work to make life easier


At least knowing them, now you will definitely not lose the end of the adhesive tape and you can even safely learn to play the guitar even at night, without fear of waking anyone up!


1. Write the date on the blister pack so you know if you took medication on that day or not


2. Foil, baking soda, salt and boiling water. Cleaning legacy silver plated cutlery


3. Use binder clips when sealing food bags instead of plastic "chip clips"

They are strong, can withstand temperature extremes without becoming brittle, come in a wide variety of sizes, and are relatively cheap!


4. Life hack for the steamer


5. Improvising Cufflinks at the Last Minute: Bolt and Nut


6. I'm tired of family members using the cup and then leaving it unwashed.

So now we each have our own colored rubber band that we put on the cup we use that day… and I end up washing fewer dishes.


7. Use the bag clip to effectively squeeze almost all of the toothpaste out of the tube


8. Organize space with hot glue and magnets. I use them all over the house


9. Use nail polish to 'tether' your USB adapter and mouse if you have a lot of USB devices


10. Made my smartphone-friendly glove thanks to foil from cookie packaging. Works great!


11. Sticking a small cardboard box to the wall while drilling holes saves a lot of washing time


12. Another option to use paper clips


13. Cork stand so I can play at night without waking the kids



14. With the onset of cold weather, I want you all to know that tea lights will keep your coffee/tea warm for many hours.


15. Pizza knife is an underrated type of knife.


16. And another example of using a paper clip …


17. Tape a rag around the hanger to clean under the fridge and stove


18. Grooming strap + pull up bar = dog nail clipper


 19. I use a hairpin to mark the end of the tape.


20. An adaptation for those cat owners whose pets like to lie on the keyboard


21. How to quickly chop cabbage with one knife


22. The guy on the plane put his boarding pass in his phone case, holding it with the latch of the table ...


23. Drink coffee immediately without diluting it with water (just boil a "coffee" ice cube)


24. My little brother - a secret genius - turned a plastic jar into a tube


25. Not sure what to do with all those hair ties and cables? Yes, that's what!


26. A simple hack to help you get rid of shoe odor: tea bags absorb bad smells in your shoes

Of course, this also works for things like duffel bags or musty satchels and the like. Just grab a few packets of tea with the scent you like and put it in your shoes.


27. Is your sink drain constantly clogged? Just dissolve a dishwasher tablet in the sink. This will not only make your sink shine like new, degrease, eliminate odors, but also eliminate minor blockages 🌊

This genius hack really works. And not only in the sink, but also in the shower. However, do not forget to rinse everything well after cleaning so as not to leave traces of dishwasher detergent.


28. Small scratches on wooden furniture are instantly invisible when rubbed with a walnut kernel.

Another interesting hack that furniture makers love. If you have scratched wooden furniture in your home, then before buying expensive wax to repair furniture, try to eliminate defects with walnuts, which, quite possibly, will easily and simply hide the flaws.


29. To prevent small items such as earrings and coins from getting into the vacuum cleaner, which often lie on the floor in the house, put tights or a piece of cloth on the vacuum cleaner pipe. 💪

Very often, when we vacuum, small objects are sucked into the trash bag, which can lie on the floor. It is especially unnerving when our jewelry and coins get into the vacuum cleaner. To save yourself from this problem (of course, who wants to delve into a dusty bag or glass later), put old women's tights or an unnecessary piece of sheet on the vacuum cleaner pipe.


30. Clean toilet bowl: Spots and streaks in the toilet bowl are easily and simply removed with Coca-Cola. Add at least half a liter of Coke to the toilet. Don't rinse. After a few hours, using a brush, you can easily remove stubborn stains.


31. To remove snow stains on shoes, simply treat them with half a lemon, leave for a while, then rinse the shoes with water and polish them.

It infuriates us all how quickly shoes get dirty in winter. But the most frustrating thing is the snow stains of snow and salt on the surface of the shoe, which are very difficult to remove. There is a solution. Take half a lemon and rub it on your shoes. Then rinse and polish it. White stains will go away.


32. Irritating grass stains on jeans can be easily removed with fabric softener. Just treat the stain with a little conditioner before washing.

Everyone who has children knows what it is like to wash jeans from green grass. But everything is simplified if, before throwing the jeans into the washing machine, treat the grass stain with a regular fabric softener.


 33. Do you have annoying stains on your ceramic hob? A simple toothbrush with classic toothpaste will solve your problem!

Are you constantly annoyed by stains on your glass-ceramic cooker? Are you tired of buying expensive bad-smelling harmful products? Then use a regular toothbrush and classic toothpaste for cleaning. Trust me, you will enjoy the process.


34. By closing the faucet with a bag filled with vinegar and leaving it overnight, the next morning you will get a shiny faucet, like from a store. 🍆

Yes, today in stores there are a lot of chemicals that easily and quickly help to clean faucets. But many of them are very harmful (especially cheap ones). Fans of classic cleaning products will need this method. For cleaning, use vinegar and a regular transparent bag.


 35. Clean the oven without chemicals: Mix 2-3 packets of baking soda with 150 ml of cold water and vinegar. Set to 100 degrees for 45 minutes and then just wipe off the carbon and grease


Another hack for fans of cleaning the stove without the use of harmful chemicals.


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Life hacks are very useful today. Bemorepanda has collected the easiest and most affordable life hacks, which help make life easier. Here we have chosen to present you some tips that are probably not known by many. Some of them will surely be very useful and necessary in everyday life. Whether you are driving or having a panic attack, or you are even being attacked by a dog, we will give you some advice on how to proceed correctly.

1.Driving lifehack

2.Smoke alarm


4.Ask one more time

5.Language lifehack

6.The same color

7.Attack of dog



10.Freaking out



13.Skin surface

14.Overheating car

15.Big decision

16.Makeup remover

17.Watching Youtube

18.Kitchen knife

19.Sleep lifehack

20.Dry erase board


22.Paint can

23.Pooping lifehack

24.Dish soap


26.Wet knife

27.Pay yourself first


29.Male lifehack

30.Pollen season

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Life experience is a gain. Each of us has our own household tricks that make life easier for us, making it more comfortable and enjoyable. That is why it is useful to have a baggage of worldly knowledge behind you. You can, of course, come to the realization of many things through trial and error, but why, when there is an opportunity to draw ready-made experience in the form of life hacks from people who are happy to share it! Moreover, these tips are so simple and understandable that you just want to exclaim: why didn’t I think of this myself?!

Simple tips and life hacks — from cooking to psychological tricks.

Fortunately, the Internet is such a place where you can find a lot of useful things. We at Bemorepanda have collected life hacks that Internet users have told about and which you may find useful. We are sure that at least something you will take on board.

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

So, here are these simple yet valuable tips.

1. “First of all, when moving to a new home, equip your bedroom so that after all the hassle you can fall into bed. There is nothing worse, barely standing on your feet from fatigue, to make a bed before you lie down in it. – VLC31 / Reddit

2. “The mask on the face should cover not only the mouth, but also the nose. Otherwise, there will be zero sense from it. — kytheon/reddit

3. "It's better to exercise every day for 5 minutes than not to do it at all." — 0x0ddba11 / Reddit

4. "Read reviews with 3 and 4 stars to get the most reliable information about products on marketplaces." — Raspburyberet / Reddit

5. "If you want to wear white/light colored clothes, your underwear should match your skin tone, not be white." — SoupPoops / Reddit

6. "Identify and, if possible, eliminate toxic people from your life." — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

7. “If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. It's a strength, not a weakness." – IntelligentTune5497 / Reddit

8. "Don't buy things you can't afford." — luongolet20goalsin / Reddit

9. “If you want to piss someone off even more, tell them, “Calm down!” — notreallysrs/Reddit

10. “If you have a free moment or play video games on your computer at home, take a few minutes to just pet your dog/cat. A phrase that I heard somewhere sunk into my soul: "Pets are just a part of your life, but you are your pet's whole life." — Amanda30697 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

11. “If you have trouble choosing, flip a coin. While you are waiting for what comes up, your mind automatically starts wanting what it wants. Then you can easily choose." — riathekid / Reddit

12. “Every time someone in your family or friends mentions something they like/need, write it down on your phone/notebook. In the end, you will have a list for all your friends and family to help you choose a gift for them.” - Rambo_number_5 /Reddit

13. “Sometimes changing your pillowcase every day helps with acne.” —

14. “Get in the habit, if you go somewhere in your apartment, to take some of the things that you can put away along the way. For example, put your coffee cup in the sink on your way to the bathroom.” — ikedaman/reddit

15. “Sometimes it’s easier to agree with people so that they finally shut up.” — JamyDemoIcan/Reddit

16. “Air fryers make any leftover food taste delicious.” —

17. “If you screwed up, admit it. In most situations, admitting you're wrong and taking responsibility is a lot easier than trying to blame someone or come up with an excuse." — pdxblazer/reddit

18. “If you accidentally turn on Caps Lock, instead of deleting it and starting over, you can highlight the capital letters and press Shift and F3 to switch them back to lowercase.” —

19. "Tell the people you love that you love them often." — Rab1227 / Reddit

20. “Buy a pack of bagels. Cut them all in half (as you normally would before tossing them in the toaster). Put them back in the packaging / plastic bag / whatever and put them in the freezer. The result is a pre-cut bagel that you were going to toast anyway, + no chance of mold and waste.” — terrarisa/reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

21. “Shower before bed, not when you wake up. This will keep your sheets clean and won't become a cesspool for bacteria." — Petabread / Reddit

22. “When you need to sauté onions and garlic, don't put the garlic in the pan until the onions are almost translucent. Garlic cooks much faster than onions; if you add them at the same time, the taste will be ruined because the garlic will burn. It takes literally 30 seconds to cook minced garlic.” — Razwog / Reddit

23. “Get in the habit of doing hip and chest stretches if you have a sedentary job. This is especially true for people suffering from constant lower back pain due to the fact that they slouch at the table. —

24. “If you ever fall overboard into the sea and happen to be seen, don't try to swim to safety. The more you try to swim, the less likely you are to survive. Just try to stay afloat and conserve energy (and body heat) while the rescue team does what is required of them. Unless you're in very cold waters, it's best to always stay afloat without trying to swim anywhere. This advice is based on my own 12 years experience sailing merchant ships.” RoamerRealm / Reddit

25. "Don't discuss politics at work." — kaushrah / Reddit

26. “If you can’t line a baking sheet with baking paper, first wrinkle it up and then unfold it. It will be easier to put it down." — Rade/Reddit

27. “If you have a cold pizza, put it in a pan with a little oil and cover with foil, this is ideal for reheating the pizza.” — TTVBlitz_f4kegod / Reddit

28. “When you cook, clean up as you go! It has made a huge difference in my experience in the kitchen!” — d_frost / Reddit

29. “No matter how good a person you are, at some point you will become a bad person for someone. You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't. Just be a good person and make friends with people you have something to respect and look up to." — cheesypoofs_1776 / Reddit

30. “In a lot of tough situations — like asking someone out on a date or standing up for yourself — you only need to muster up the courage for just a few seconds to get it over with.” — Zuverally / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

31. “Don't use an alarm when you wake up in the morning, just set your phone to vibrate. You won't feel so overwhelmed when you wake up. In any case, this has worked for me for many years. — 90smovies / Reddit

32. “If you have a complaint about poor service or something like that, you will get much more if you are polite to the manager, and not aggressive. I just had this happen at the hotel we were staying at. I politely explained the issues with the room and asked for a discount and they cut me off half the room rate which was about $70!” JLAbraham / Reddit

33. “If honey has hardened, it does not mean that it has gone bad. It just crystallized and can become liquid again with a little heat." — cbreeze2121 / Reddit

34. “If you are outside in extreme heat and you feel weak or as if you are about to pass out, take cold water or pieces of ice and rub your forearms. You will feel the effect immediately: the dizziness will disappear and your core temperature will stabilize.” — EnderOfHope/Reddit

35. “If you can't open a jar or container, place the lid under hot water for 30 seconds. Dry it to ensure a tight grip, then open it. There has never been a time when it didn't work." — zanoske00 / Reddit

36. “Brush your teeth more thoroughly before bed after you have finished eating and drinking.

Morning brushing is also important, but more for fresh breath, and brushing in the evening will prevent bacterial growth and damage to teeth and gums.” — graycat3700 / Reddit

37. “Whenever you have an appointment at a certain time, try to leave early. It's better to be there 15 minutes early than to keep yourself waiting. People respect punctuality." – androidis4lyf / Reddit

38. "Life is not a rehearsal." — Raspburyberet / Reddit

39. “Find a hobby and get involved in it, it can lead to new friends. How to search? Try something new and don't be afraid to look inept. Believe me, you will find many more people who are ready to help you than those who will laugh at you. — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

40. "When you're studying, use mind maps, color coding, and reread your notes before bed the night before the test." — licina181 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

41. “If you want to park your car but don’t know where to do it and want to avoid theft, park your car near banks or ATMs.” — Sulochanap / Reddit

42. “In order not to forget where you put something, say out loud: “I put a screwdriver next to the microwave” or something like that. Then you'll remember where to get it." —

43. “Good manners and common courtesy will always work in your favor and will become the norm with a little practice. Just say 'hello', 'please' and 'thank you' with a genuine smile." —

44. “If you bring something to someone’s house that you don’t want to forget, put your keys with it (if you can trust the people who are there, of course). Also, get a Tile or similar Bluetooth device so you never lose your keys or phone again." — Torrence Mightingale / Reddit

45. “Change the oil in your car regularly. Do it in a timely manner. This will help her last longer." — centaur_unicorn23 / Reddit

46. “In a pinch, the seat belt in your car can be used as a bottle opener.” ForceSensitiveKitten/Reddit

47. “If you have acne on your back, after you wash the conditioner out of your hair, fix it on your head. The last thing you should do in the shower is wash your body. This will remove any leftover conditioner or shampoo that may have been left on it. Otherwise, they may cause skin irritation." — Mimosa Madness / Reddit

48. “WD40 removes almost any adhesive residue. This will help if you can't remove the sticker, or if a white streak is left after peeling it off. — EImoMan / Reddit

49. “Drink some water and have a snack. Seriously, it's shocking how few adults know about how blood sugar affects mood." — dracarys_dude / Reddit

50. “When you are in a group of people and they start laughing, watch who is looking at each other. People look at the people they feel closest to when they laugh." — LexiPietenpol / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

51. “The easiest way to remove blood stains is to use a bar of laundry soap and wash by hand. Works better than laundry detergent." — Rie Marxelinne / Reddit

52. “Rinse the rice before you cook it! It may seem obvious to some, but rinsing really improves its palatability noticeably.” — izzadorr / Reddit

53. “Never talk to the police in case of any serious legal problems. Always ask a lawyer. It's amazing how many people don't actually know this." — Danilo24k / Reddit

54. “Take a shower or bath before shaving, especially if you have coarse hair. Moisturize your skin after, this will save you from the appearance of pimples, rashes or skin irritation. — RiotousTotalus / Reddit

55. "Set aside money, even if it's a few dollars a month." — zzzojka / Reddit

56. “Spend 10 minutes of your morning time meditating. It will improve your mood, reduce your stress levels and help you start your day right. I have been meditating for almost 12 years now and every day I feel better than the last.” — we_must_wake_up / Reddit

57. “If you're hosting a house party where you plan on having a decent drink, start cleaning while you're high. Believe me, waking up with a hangover in a clean house is much more pleasant than in chaos and among mountains of dirty dishes. sunshinejack23 / Reddit

58. “To keep your glasses from fogging up when you are wearing a mask, apply dishwashing detergent to them and wipe with a soft towel. There will be no more fog." — ArchieLube/Reddit

59. “If you are caught in a strong current, swim diagonally or parallel to the shore. If you swim perpendicular to the shore, the current will carry you even further away from it, and you will simply become exhausted. Knowing this could save your life." — Voina040806 / Reddit

68 people shared their tricks that make life easier

60. "If you're having a party, open the bottom of the bag of chips and pour it into a bowl, and then all the whole chips will be on top, and all the crumbs will be at the bottom of the bowl." — starfish921/reddit

61. “When you cook in the oven (roast, in a pan), you can add hard-skinned garlic cloves (but remove as much of the dry skin as possible). This will fry the garlic inside the shell to a creamy consistency and make it taste delicious.” — gregmc/reddit

62. “If you accidentally close your browser tab, press Ctrl + Shift + T to bring it back. If you've closed multiple tabs, just keep pressing those keys on your keyboard." — Avalon44 / Reddit

63. "If you need shredded cheese and don't have a grater, you can use a potato peeler." — Noximilien05 / Reddit

64. “The best way to be healthy is to get enough sleep. Do not go on a strict diet, but learn how to properly distribute portions and make sure that you have a variety of foods. And don't forget to be active. — DinosAteSherbert / Reddit

65. “If you put Oreo cookies in the fridge, they will taste much better than at room temperature.” — Batz_R_Nocturnal / Reddit

66. “For people with short nails (mostly men): press down on the closed end of the soda can lid to lift up the other side so it’s very easy to open.” —

67. “When setting up a smart TV with Netflix / Kinopoisk, Okko, etc., you can usually connect a USB keyboard and enter the password faster without using the remote control.” —

68. “When writing an essay, Wikipedia is not considered reliable. But using internet encyclopedia sources and footnotes in the article is 100% reliable, and even anti-cheat software can't track it down." —

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Who among us would refuse practical advice that is sometimes so necessary? Probably only the one who knows everything in the world and does not need hints, but there are probably only a few such people. Therefore, we want to share with you culinary life hacks that will surely come in handy if you decide to conjure in the kitchen.


Recommendations for rolling stuffed pita bread that you can fry and get yummy



If you have a man-shaped cookie cutter, then you also have a deer cookie cutter. Amazing, isn't it? Take a look at the photos below to understand how it works.



Use an apple slicer to cook chips



You can make grilled cheese in a waffle iron



Two frozen pizzas and one baking sheet? Not a problem!



Store grapes in the freezer to use as ice cubes in your wine. And when you're done drinking, you can eat wine grapes.



Just look at this!



When you've finished with a can of mustard, don't throw it away, but make a delicious salad dressing with just 4 ingredients: leftover mustard, apple bite, butter and jam (or berry mixture)


Cooking method:

  1. In a mustard jar, add 15 ml of jam (preferably from sour berries).
  2. Fill the jar 25% with apple cider vinegar.
  3. And 75% vegetable oil.
  4. Close the jar with a lid and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.
  5. Enjoy the delicious dressing that can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks!


If you really feel like making a homemade hot dog but don't have buns, baked potatoes can be a great alternative.



Empty ketchup bottles make great batter dispensers



Grind some white rice in the grinder to remove odors.



If you want your French toast to have a delicious golden crust, add a little brown sugar to the egg before dipping the bread in this mixture.



In the event that you like grilled fish, but you do not want to suffer, cleaning the grill, just make a lemon "pillow" by placing the fish on it



The case when the lid is too small for the pan



Use a spoon to secure the strainer



If you prefer to cook rice in bags, then this life hack will tell you how to let the water drain.



Use parchment paper to keep the meat from sliding out when you beat it



Cooking meatballs? Lubricate your hands liberally with oil. The meat will not stick to your hands, and you will get a smooth, uniform meatball texture



If you need to cook perfectly shaped scrambled eggs, then use onion rings


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Life is an exciting game that has been going on since our birth. As the game should, it also has its own loopholes and hacks that make our existence easier. So why not use them and make your life more comfortable?


Top Life Hacks


A life hack is a concept that refers to some trick or useful advice that helps to solve a problem in the simplest and fastest way.



1. If you think someone is lying about their age, ask them what year they were born. You will immediately understand if a person is telling a lie, because he will have to spend time on mathematical calculations.


2. Are you one of those people who often loses his phone while away from home? Before you start getting ready to go, just charge your mobile phone. 10 extra minutes and you can use your phone a little longer than usual.


3. Can't solve the problem? Take a nap for 15 minutes, if possible. There will be much more chances for its successful solution.


4. If you love movies, read the worst review first and then the best one. This will help you decide whether to go to the cinema or watch this movie online.


5. Try to keep your desktop clean and tidy - it makes your job a lot easier than you think.


6. If you often drop your phone, this tip is for you. When your phone takes off again, try to lightly touch it with your foot - your foot will absorb most of the kinetic energy of the phone, and its landing will be much softer.



7. Buy quality clothes and shoes, even if you don't have much money. They will last a long time and save you from having to replace them soon.


8. Before going to bed, drink diluted hot milk. You will sleep like a baby.


9. Don't wash your jeans unless they are dirty. So they will serve you much longer.


10. To brew tea or coffee, pour water from a height of several centimeters. There will be more oxygen in the drink, which will improve its taste.


11. Whenever extra money appears on your card, transfer it to a savings account. This step will reduce the likelihood that you will be tempted to buy unnecessary things.


12. Submerge your sock in water and then put your bottle in it is a great way to keep your drinking water cool.


13. If you don't have time to iron wrinkled clothes, try spraying them with water and waiting for them to dry. This method is suitable for warm and dry rooms.



14. If an oncoming car has blinded you with high beams, try closing one eye. When the car passes by, change the eye. Continue until vision is restored.


15. Adhesive tape protects your feet from calluses and blisters much better than special patches.


16. Running leggings will keep you warm much better than thermal underwear. In addition, they are suitable for almost all items of your wardrobe.


17. If it seems to you that someone is following you, make four consecutive turns to the right - so you can check your suspicions.


18. To stop the bleeding at home, you can use sugar or powdered sugar - bacteria die in a high sugar environment.


19. If you accidentally send a message to the wrong person, quickly activate airplane mode. SMS will not be sent, and you can delete it.


20. If you are in a bad mood, smile for a minute and you will notice the effect. Such a trick activates the chemical process of producing hormones of happiness in the brain.



 21. If your plane has Wi-Fi, you can find out where you are flying by simply typing the flight number into the Google search box.


22. If you are suffering from abdominal pain, roll over on your left side and start massaging your stomach, making circular movements in a clockwise direction.


23. Want to download YouTube videos? Just add "ss" between "www." and "youtube" in the address bar.


24. To stop crying while cutting onions, just chew gum!


25. Another way to improve mood is music. Just turn on your favorite playlist.


26. If a friend asked you to call from your iPhone, activate Siri from the lock screen. A person will be able to make a call without accessing your data.


27. To gain the confidence of the interlocutor, speak softly and clearly, and also maintain eye contact with him.



28. Drink 2 glasses of water before every meal or tea to reduce the chance of overeating.


29. If you want a clearer picture on your phone, hold your breath and then press the button to take the picture.


30. If you asked a question, but received only part of the answer, be silent. Most people will get confused and continue talking without even realizing it.


31. To save money, buy winter clothes in summer and summer clothes in winter.


32. When you finish writing some text, copy it, paste it into Google Translate and listen. This is the easiest way to find errors.


33. To skip ads on YouTube, click on the end of the video and then play it again.


34. If you find your food is starting to burn, add an ice cube to cool the pan. The water will quickly evaporate and the food will stop burning.



35. Sprinkle lemon juice on cut fruit to prevent browning.


36. When locking your door before a long trip, do something unusual to make sure the door is locked.


37. Pay attention to the position of your body in the morning - this is your most comfortable sleeping position. This knowledge will help you fall asleep faster.


38. If you are bad at remembering names, repeat the person's name several times during the greeting.


39. Don't want to cry in public? Just press your tongue against your palate.


40. Turn on airplane mode to charge your phone faster.


41. If you are going to buy online, check the product for bad reviews first.


42. To fall asleep, it is enough not to move for 15 minutes.


43. When you're not using your phone, keep your screen brightness to a minimum. This will increase battery life.



44. Holding hands with someone you love will relieve physical pain, relieve stress, and relieve fear.


45. If you're going to show someone a photo on your phone, but don't want them to see other photos, zoom in a bit. When they swipe across the screen, they just move the photo and don't move on to the next one.


46. ​​Never call people before 9 am or after 9 pm. It's just impolite. The exception is friends or relatives.


47. Remember: there is only one life, so do what makes you happy and be with the one who makes you smile.


48. If others respect you, then you respect them. If you are not respected, do not be like them - do not let other people's actions affect your personality. Because you are only you and not someone else.


49. The best way to appreciate any person is to imagine your life without him.


50. And finally: always keep your word!

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