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Keyboard Shortcut: 30 Excel Tricks (To Make Your Life Easier)

1 week ago

Using Excel is both difficult (when the user doesn't know how to use the program correctly) and makes life a lot easier when spreadsheet programs are used correctly.


We figure out how to speed up work in the office program on a PC


At a minimum, for faster and, let's not be afraid, correct work in Excel, you need to learn specific keyboard shortcuts. Knowing these combinations will help to speed up the work in this office program significantly. Let's take a look at 30 varieties. 



1. How to highlight and copy information?

Ctrl + A: select all.

Ctrl + C: copy.


2. How to quickly cut and paste information?

Ctrl + X: cut.

Ctrl+V: Paste.


3. How to make text bold or italic?

Ctrl + 2: bold.

Ctrl + 3: italicize.

Pressing again cancels the command.


4. How do I underline or strikethrough text?

Ctrl + 4: Underline

Ctrl + 5: Strikethrough

Pressing again cancels the command.


5. How to open the "Format Cells" dialog box in one click?

Ctrl + 1: Open the Format Cells dialog box.


6. How to find and replace text?

Ctrl+F: find.

Ctrl + H: find and replace.


7. How to quickly switch between work tabs?

Ctrl + PgUp: Switch between sheet tabs from left to right.

Ctrl + PgDn: Switch between sheet tabs from right to left.


8. How to insert and remove outer borders to/from selected cells?

Ctrl + Shift + & : Paste outer borders to selected cells.

Ctrl + Shift + _: Remove outer borders from selected cells.


9. How to hide marked rows and columns?

Ctrl + 9: Hide selected lines.

Ctrl + 0: Hide selected columns.


10. How to display hidden rows and/or columns?

Ctrl + Shift + (: show hidden lines in selection.

Ctrl+Shift+): Show hidden columns.



11. How to insert the current date and/or time?

Ctrl + Shift + ; : Insert the current date.

Ctrl + Shift + : : Paste the current time.


12. How to add/remove cells?

CTRL + SHIFT + plus sign (+) : Display the Add Cells dialog box to insert blank cells. If a row or column is selected, then, accordingly, the row or column is added immediately, bypassing the dialog box.

CTRL + minus sign (-) : Display the Delete Cells dialog box to delete selected cells. If a row or column is selected, then, accordingly, the row or column is deleted immediately, bypassing the dialog box.

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13. How to copy the formula of the top cell to the current cell or formula bar?

Ctrl + ' : Copy the formula of the top cell to the current cell or formula bar.


14. How can I redo or undo a previous action?

Ctrl + Y: Redo the previous action.

Ctrl + Z: Undo previous action.


15. How to open and close a document?

Ctrl + N : creates a new empty workbook (sheet).

Ctrl + W : closes the window of the selected book (sheet).


16. How can I save and print to the current location and existing format?

Ctrl + S : Save the working file with the current filename in the current location and in the existing format.

Ctrl + P : Displays the Print tab.


17. How to open an existing workbook?

Ctrl + O 



18. How do I open the Save As dialog box?




19. How to repeat the last command or action and close windows in Excel?

Ctrl+F4: close the window of the selected book.

F4 alone: ​​repeat the last command or action if possible. For example, if the last thing you typed into a cell is "ABC", you can press F4 in another cell and repeat the process.


20. How do I go to the Help or Search field?

ALT+Q : To go to the Help or Search field.


21. How do I open the File, Home or Insert tab menu?

Alt+F : Open the File tab menu.

Alt+H : Open the Home tab and format text and numbers, or use the search tool.

Alt+N : Open the Insert tabs and insert PivotTables, Charts, Add-Ins, Sparklines, Pictures, Shapes, Headings, or Text Boxes.


22. How do I expand or collapse the formula bar?

Ctrl+Shift+U : Expand or collapse the formula bar.


23. How do I navigate to the Formula, Data, and Review tabs?

Alt+M : Switch to the Formula tab.

Alt+A : Go to the Data tab.

Alt+R : Open the Review tab.


24. How to switch to the "View" tab?

Alt+W : Switch to the View tab.


25. How to add a feature?

Shift+F3 : Display the Insert Function dialog box.


26. How to quickly calculate the sum in Excel.

You can start typing the sum formula, you can use the sum icon on the ribbon, or you can just press ALT+=.



27. How to highlight a column or row in Excel.

Everyone knows the keyboard shortcut for selecting the entire sheet in Excel "Ctrl + A", this combination works in many other applications, but in Excel you can select only a column or only a row.


28. How to hide a column or row in MS Excel.

It is unlikely that it will be a big secret to be able to hide a column using the context menu, but if you use the combination "Ctrl + 0" it will turn out faster, and "Ctrl + 9" hides a row from the Excel sheet.


29. How to delete a row or column in MS Excel.

If you need to not only hide, but delete a row or column, using the “Ctrl + -” combination will do it as quickly as possible.


30. How to add the current date/time to a cell.

Unlike the previous ones, a rather specific hot combination. But the fastest way to insert the current date into a cell is "Ctrl +;", and if you add the Shift key to this combination, then the current time is inserted - "Ctrl + Shift +;".



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Nowadays, people have become more conscious about cooking. Now in the first place is not the nutritional value, but the taste and aroma of the dish. Of course, this added more hassle! But progress does not stand still, and people come up with more and more ideas on how to simplify the cooking process.


Working life hacks in the kitchen that will improve the taste of dishes


In the kitchen, we sometimes encounter things that cause us certain difficulties. For example, you need breadcrumbs, but as luck would have it, they ran out. Or you want the chicken to be crispy, but it turns out soft. What to do? In such cases, the food hacks subreddit comes to the rescue, where culinary tricks that users share are collected. Thanks to these tricks, you will not only cope with the problem that has arisen, but also learn how to cook in such a way that everyone will just gasp after tasting your treat.


1. When baking cookies, try using vanilla pudding mix instead of half the added sugar

It will keep the cookies soft for a few days longer and help the cookies look like a biscuit.


2. When making macaroni and cheese, add some mustard

The taste will be barely noticeable, but at the same time it will add a delicious aroma and a new flavor to the dish. You can use French mustard or mustard powder.


3. The secret to deliciously cooked frozen food is in the deep fryer.

Fry, for example, frozen potatoes until crispy, and you will be satisfied with the result.


4. To get as much juice from a lemon as possible, you need to heat it in the microwave for literally 20 seconds.

Then you can squeeze it much easier and get lemon juice.


5. Instead of sautéing mushrooms in vegetable oil or butter, try sautéing them in a dry frying pan.

Thus, the moisture from the mushrooms comes out faster, and they become brown.


6. Give stale bread a second wind

Rinse it under water, and then bake it at 150 ° C in the oven for 10 minutes. The oven will steam the bread, this will give it softness.


7. If you decide to cook something from puff pastry, then freeze the auxiliary ingredients: grated butter, flour and even a mixer bowl

This will give you the best results.


8. To save time when preparing dishes for which you need to boil the sauce, prepare the sauce in advance in large quantities, pour into portions and freeze it


9. Instead of regular sugar, use cane sugar - it has a richer and nuttier flavor that will make your baked goods better.


10. When making an omelet, quiche, or even frittata, add a dash of mayonnaise to beaten eggs to make them lighter and fluffier.


11. Original popcorn recipe: Take instant noodle spices, mix them with melted butter and add to popcorn

The taste will be better than in the cinema!


12. Make an interesting vegetable topping

Brown the butter in a pan, add breadcrumbs and nutmeg to it. And then add the resulting mixture to fried broccoli, sweet potatoes or Brussels sprouts.


13. Try adding some mayonnaise to the biscuit dough, it will make the taste softer

Mayonnaise is mostly eggs and butter, so don't be surprised by this suggestion.


14. When making fried cheese toast, brush the bread with salad dressing

Most people make this with mayonnaise, but the dressing works best - just drizzle it over the toast.


15. If you decide to cook a dish that should end up with a crispy crust in a slow cooker, then cover the lid with a paper towel

This will rid the food of excess moisture and eliminate condensation.


16. Use instant puree if you feel your soup or sauce is too thin.

Thanks to this trick, you can save the dish, even if you realize the mistake too late.


17. When breading meat products, use mayonnaise instead of eggs


18. You can fry eggs in a deep fryer without water!

Set the temperature to 130 ° C, put the eggs in a bowl and boil them. Boil 10 minutes for soft-boiled eggs, 15 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.


19. Foods like spaghetti, potatoes, or quinoa taste better when boiled in broth.


20. If you want to make a crispy crust for an open pie, then I advise you to use crushed shortbread cookies mixed with butter


21. For the softest, creamiest mashed potatoes, use egg instead of cream and butter

In warm mashed potatoes, the egg will cook and be safe to eat.


22. Instead of adding salt to your pasta, add a cube of chicken broth to it.

This way you make the taste more interesting with just one ingredient.


23. Want to make the best Caesar salad ever?

Then use fish sauce instead of anchovy sauce as it has a more subdued flavor but still provides the right level of salt.


24. Adding extra egg yolk makes pastries more fluffy and has the effect of preserving softness for several days.


25. To make homemade whipped cream, you only need a glass jar and the heaviest cream

Pour a small amount of cream into a jar, close the lid and shake-shake-shake! Seconds 20.


26. When in doubt about the correct spices for meat, then use seasoning for tacos

It is the perfect accompaniment to chicken, pork and any other type of meat!


27. Add some vanilla extract and cinnamon to pancake or waffle batter

This will give the taste a sweeter and richer hue.


28. When baking something like carrot cake or zucchini bread, replace half of the added butter with unsweetened applesauce.

It keeps the bread very moist and does not change its taste.


29. To add flavor to savory dishes like fried rice, mushrooms, or salmon, add oil mixed with soy sauce.


30. Add a little orange juice to the dough for baking - sourness will add brightness, make the taste more spicy

Suitable, for example, for pumpkin bread, banana bread or cranberry muffins.


31. For better frying potatoes, before cooking, dip them in ice water and dry them with a paper towel.


32. Do you cry while cutting onions? Solution found! Lubricate the cutting board with lemon or lime juice to help neutralize the fumes that come from slicing


33. To keep macaroni and cheese soft and creamy even after it has cooled, add cream cheese to the regular one!


34. You will be surprised to know that you only need one ingredient to make delicious homemade ice cream.

Freeze the bananas, and then grind them in a blender so that there are no lumps left. If possible, add cinnamon, chocolate chips.


35. When frying bacon, add some water - water reduces splattering of fat and makes the bacon crispy


36. If spices are important to you when cooking, then fry them in a pan before use - this way they will become more fragrant


37. Green onions (or other greens) will look more interesting on the table if cut with scissors with a decorative edge.


38. You can easily make sorbet from canned fruit.

Take a jar of fruit in light syrup, such as peaches or pineapples. Freeze it overnight, in the morning transfer the entire contents of the jar to a blender and beat. — Maxxters


39. Turn cake mix into homemade cake

To do this, you need to replace a few simple ingredients. Use real butter instead of margarine, milk instead of water, and add one extra egg. — jenipherocious


40. Add garlic to leftover bacon fat, let it steep, and then use it in cooking

It's especially delicious with hasselback potatoes. — MooseGoneApe


41. Use disposable chopsticks to keep your bag of chips closed when you run out of storage clips.


42. Make Crispy Fried Chicken with Baking Powder

To do this, rub the chicken skin with a mixture of baking soda, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper and leave in the refrigerator overnight before frying. — gkaukola


43. Cook the Perfect Poached Eggs in Plastic Wrap

Break each individual egg into a plastic bag, tie up the bags and boil the eggs in boiling water right in the plastic bags. — Jesse Szewczyk


44. Use a cookie/ice cream scoop to portion and freeze tomato paste

You will have perfect portions when you need it. — AnUnrulyLlama


45. If you are filling cupcakes, donuts or other baked goods, use a medical syringe without a needle.

It's more precise, neater and easier than using pastry bags." — Thea_From_Juilliard


46. ​​Place an ice cube on the leftover food you're reheating in the microwave to add moisture while reheating.

The ice won't melt, but it will steam your food. This is especially useful for rice. — NeverSeenAMoose


47. Grill the cheese in a waffle iron. The holes make it perfect for dipping into tomato soup— gooberdawg


48. If you run out of breadcrumbs, just toast and grate a slice of bread— gooberdawg


49. Use an apple corer to make fried potatoes

It will not only turn out beautiful, but also become very crispy. — craftyholic


50. Make quesadillas in the toaster by folding cheese into tortillas and placing them in the toaster - octoberalways



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If something sounds stupid and even looks stupid but works, will you still consider it stupid? What is known is that in the world of life hacks, even the strangest ideas can be of some value. All it takes is a little creativity and determination. After all, genius and madness are often two sides of the same coin.


Non-standard advice from Internet users


Below you will find a list of the most bizarre life hacks that surprisingly work. Reddit users' life hacks.


App Store: A Life Hacks


1. Life hack for any relationship

“One day, my wife and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. Suddenly, I heard that a text message had arrived on my phone. I went to the kitchen to check the news: it was from my wife, who asked me to grab a bag of chips along the way. – located


2. How to get a roommate to clean up

“I signed up on Tinder as a hottie, swiped to the right on my neighbor’s account, and told him that I was going to visit him - he immediately cleaned up.” – austinlockedup


3. How to solve any problems

“How is the deer population controlled? They let the wolves into the area. All problems should be solved similarly. Too many harmful emissions? Launch the wolves into the factories. Do you not like the actions of politicians? Wolves again. Do you want to lose weight? The wolves come to the rescue again. – LeBearGirdle


4. How to get a free wedding gift

"Honeymoon Tip: Send an invitation to every billionaire whose address you can find - your chances of one of them sending you a gift without really thinking who you are is 50/50" - behind your back



5. If it looks stupid but still works, it's not stupid.

“Last week, I taped two carpets together because I didn’t have enough money for a custom cowhide rug.” – cindaysaur


6. “Every time he goes to the local bar, dad takes the remote control to change the TV channels. I'm embarrassed and impressed at the same time." – BandoLou



7. 100% working hack

“Today is Valentine’s Day, and you are tormented by loneliness? Turn off the lights and watch a horror movie. After a while, you will no longer feel like you are alone. – Jeffjjsjz


8. Professional advice on unethical living

“If you can’t remember a word, just say: “I forgot how it will be in Russian.” Then everyone will think you're bilingual and not dumb." – TheAndrewNadeau



9. “If you get your shirt dirty, you can circle the stain with a marker and give it a name. In an instant, it will turn into a group of islands.”– joecool32


10. Guide to crying

“Professional advice: never cry on holidays and weekends. Cry on a working day - get paid for your depression! Don't let capitalism take over." – lawyerman_ktk


11. Customize your online workout by simply turning it off

“One day, I signed up for an online workout that was too hard. And when the instructor said, "Stand in a plank position and touch your knee to the opposite elbow," I decided to improve the exercise by turning off the computer and making a batch of pancakes." – morgan_murphy


12. In case of a shark attack

“If a shark bites you, bite it back. You might die, but the shark will think, "Lol, what was that?" –DrakeGatsby



13. And again: "if it works, it's not stupid." – person the third


14. How to hack life

“New idea for tinder: upload all the photos upside down - the girls flip the phone to look at them, realize that you are scary, swipe left (which is right), and you have a match!” - human_dis4ster


15. Fitness advice

“Train smarter, not harder! Most gym goers lift heavy weights. But in fact, smaller dumbbells are much easier!” – ronnui_


16. How to be "productive."

“Always work on two projects at the same time. When you put off project A, you will work on project B. And vice versa: if you get tired of B, you will return to A. You will exactly double your productivity just by procrastinating.” – Watsky


17. Just an intelligent hack

“I saved a lot of money on Christmas gifts by deciding to discuss politics on social media.” – marklutchman



18. How to avoid talking

"Start every conversation with, 'My battery will run out soon.'


19. “I realized that, in principle, you don’t need to assemble a bedside table.” – ImWadeYo



20. “My brother wanted to measure the height of the trees in his backyard. And that's how he did it." – Shwnwllms



21. The main thing that works

"Earthquake Detection Device." -Potter_Pegasus



22. Button up

“Don't embarrass a man by telling him about an open fly in public. Be a man: go up to him and slowly fasten the lock for him. – doublewides


23. Test hairstyles on children

I could not decide on a bang for a long time, so I made it to my daughter - it looked terrible. Think I dodged a bullet." – mom-jeans-please



24. “If you can’t afford cup holders, get flooring samples from your nearest construction site. They are free, come in a variety of colors and finishes.” – Jaunt-



25. Another pro tip

"If you can't remember her name in the morning, take her to Starbucks." – StagnantSoldier0947



26. “I started painting the stairs, so I had to protect it from the dog. The decision was not long in coming."

– broadhead



27. When the landlord says, “No dogs!” – Belazur



28. “It doesn't matter how it looks. It must work!" -mrbik225


29. "Manual: how to have fun as a parent." – i-like-to-be-wooshed



30. While we live in 2022, this person lives in 3021.



31. Finally, a handy "life hack."

“Do you want me to stop writing to you? Send an SMS to the interlocutor: “SERVICE ERROR 305: SMS WAS NOT SENT. FEE FOR SUBSEQUENT REPORTS WILL BE DECENT FROM YOUR ACCOUNT." –UltraThiccBoi69



32. The 5-second rule

“If an animal is chasing you, lie down on the ground and freeze for 5 seconds. This five-second rule will protect you from being eaten." – life_lamp


33. Vaccinate your computer!

"Download mild viruses to your computer to help it develop immunity (it's a joke)." – soap86882


34. “A flood is a great opportunity to turn your home into an aquarium.”



35. “When it’s sunny outside, I don’t want to work at home. But the light is so bright that I can't see the screen. Putting the laptop in a box will block the morning, and the screen will become bright again. And the computer will not overheat.

– benlouislebu



36. How to stay thin

“Sometimes I buy two chips, eat them, and put one empty pack into another. So no one knows how much I ate.” – knightsglow



37. "When everything is thought out." – worx777



38. Heading "crazy hands."


39. An effective way to get drunk during quarantine.

“Don’t eat all day and get carried away with two beers. This is what I call financial literacy." – Benny Willard.


40. Independent fact-checkers have shown that this is the whole truth.

"There isn't a law that says you can't pretend your friend is your former employer." – JackWilliamRtF



41. “My 12-year-old son has upgraded his bike by gluing carpet onto the pedals so he can comfortably ride barefoot.”

– Benny Willard



42. In case you're worried about winning lottery tickets

“Chris, I gave you two $25 tickets for Christmas. I decided to check them out ahead of time (just in case). The winnings amounted to $ 2 - I apply. Merry Christmas! Nicole." – udunn0jb



43. You have power!

“When you feel powerless, remember that just one of your pubic hairs can shut down an entire restaurant.” – cuttymcwrists



44. “The man in front of me on the train uses Twix as a pillow.” – star_man_u


45. Steal Big

My advice to anyone doing an unpaid internship: Steal! Including large equipment. Take the printer and roll it straight into the elevator." – Seangentille.



46. ​​Shopping hack

"Why buy plastic bags when I can buy a cart?" – derekedwardsgb



47. “If your key breaks in half, just stick it in a potato-like my friend did this morning.” – gape



48. "Cool your butt on a hot day just by pressing it against a cold door."

– _ThatSynGirl_


49. Real Philosopher

“We are so stupid that we cook food for a whole 40 minutes at 180 degrees when we can do simple calculations and cook a dish in just a minute at 7760 ° C.” – venusianbaby



50. “By cutting tennis balls in half, you can save space and store as many as five balls in one jar.” – fantafano


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We do not doubt that you, our dear reader, have a curious mind and love to learn something new. And in this case, what could be better than the facts, of which there are an incredible amount! There are so many that it is impossible to know them, even if you have seven spans in the forehead.


Facts - and nothing but facts


Just for such interested people, we at Bemorepanda have prepared a portion of facts that are hard to believe but which, nevertheless, are accurate. And no matter what area you are more interested in, something is interesting for everyone.


Want to see what we have found for you in the corners of the Internet? Then let's get started. Just a warning: we picked up only bare facts, so if you are overcome by doubt in their integrity, you can find confirmation of them yourself, as well as get more detailed information. Our task is to give you a fishing rod)))



1. Apple didn't make the first iPhone.


2. Ravens can hold a grudge.


3. Marie Curie is the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences.


4. Cows kill more Americans every year than sharks.


5. Dogs smell cancer.


6. Some planets produce diamond rain.


7. Undercover Detroit cops in the drug business once got into a fight with another group of undercover cops.


8. One person once survived two atomic bombings.


9. A 70-year-old woman once ran seven marathons in seven days on all seven continents.


10. Bees can detect bombs.


11. Potato chips cause more weight gain than any other food.



12. Goosebumps are for protection from predators.


13. A dentist invented cotton candy.


14. The first person convicted of speeding drove eight miles per hour (13 km/h).


15. Chewing gum increases concentration.


16. “New car smell” is the smell of dozens of chemicals.


17. A patent for a fire hydrant was lost during a fire.


18. Space smells like grilled steak.


19. Your liver can recover in three weeks.


20. In Germany, people help toads cross the road.


21. The unicorn is the national animal of Scotland.



22. Sea lions can dance to the beat.


23. Dolphins were trained to use in wars.


24. Baby blue whales grow 200 pounds (90.7 kg) daily.


25. There are moonquakes on the moon!


26. Kids ask 300 questions a day!


27. Hair and nails grow faster during pregnancy.


28. The "M" in M&Ms means "Mars" and "Murry."


29. Rollercoaster rides can help get rid of kidney stones.


30. Agatha Christie has sold over 2 billion books.


31. Water makes sounds depending on whether it is hot or cold!


32. Humans are just one of about 8.7 million species on Earth.



33. Whenever you shuffle a deck of cards, you get a combination that never existed.


34. In Nebraska, there is a city with a population of one person!


35. Dinosaurs lived on all continents.


36. Bee hummingbirds are so tiny they are mistaken for insects.


37. The person who wrote Dracula has never been to Transylvania.


38. The cast of Friends still makes about $20 million a year.


39. Newborns don't cry.


40. Pineapple acts as a natural meat tenderizer.


41. You lose up to 30 percent of your taste buds while flying.



42. The legend of the Loch Ness monster is almost 1500 years old.


43. In a restaurant in New York, grandmothers work as chefs.


44. The longest book title is 4558 words!


45. Some people have an extra bone in their knees.


46. ​​Tornadoes can cause "fish rain."


47. Shrews are the only mammals besides humans that deliberately seek out spicy food.


48. A tree frog can hold urine for up to eight months.


49. The English word with the most definitions is "set."


50. The famous "Typhoid Mary" infected more than 50 people while cooking for them.


51. Saudi Arabia imports camels from Australia.



52. There is graffiti that is 1000 years old!


53. Bill Gates donated nearly half of his fortune.


54. America accidentally dropped an atomic bomb on South Carolina in 1958.


55. Large forks will make you eat less.


56. Guys do more housework than husbands.


57. The human body glows.


58. Chinese police use squads of geese.


59. Heads on Easter Island have bodies.


60. It is impossible to hum with your nose held in.



61. Apple pits are poisonous!


62. The Slinky toy was invented by accident.


63. Your nose works one nostril at a time!


64. Many bones in the foot don't harden until you're an adult.


65. Bees sometimes sting other bees.


66. There is a textbook written by an author with artificial intelligence.


67. Some sea snakes can breathe through their skin.


68. Children's medicines once contained morphine.


69. Our European ancestors were cannibals.


70. Cheetahs don't roar.



71. The hottest spot on the planet is Libya.


72. One day, Pharaoh ordered his slaves smeared with honey to drive away insects.


73. Playing the accordion was once compulsory for teachers in North Korea.


74. Sharks can live for five centuries.


75. There is a fish with legs.


76. Peanuts are not nuts!


77. The first computer was invented in the 1940s.


78. Nutmeg can be deadly poisonous.


79. You can always "see" your nose.


80. The longest wedding veil was as long as 63.5 football fields.



81. Koalas have fingerprints.


82. Pigs are constitutionally protected in Florida.


83. There is a device that creates energy from snowfall.


84. Newborns do not have kneecaps.


85. Blue Ivy Carter is the youngest person to appear on the Billboard chart.


86. More human twins are being born now than ever before.


87. France has a dozen time zones.



88. Bananas cannot reproduce.


89. A chef's hat has 100 folds.


90. Many languages ​​have common roots.


91. Sharks existed before trees.


92. Ants have a built-in FitBit.



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Cats are one of the best pets. They are the most affectionate, playful animals, giving their owners many positive emotions. But there are some not-so-pleasant things that we humans have to put up with - shedding, the smell of cat litter, the desire to scratch everything. This is something that cats cannot avoid, such of their nature.


Things to know for those with a cat or a cat in the house


But we can minimize these "side effects" by learning to understand our pets' needs, properly care for them, and control their behavior. To do this, Bemorepanda has prepared a list of tips that can be useful for both those who already have cats and those who are just planning to get them. After all, the weather in your home will depend on how satisfied the cat's needs are. Reddit users shared some cool stuff.



1. Talk to your cat. This helps establish rapport, and your pet will respond to more tones of your voice.


2. Hang an inexpensive bird feeder outside the window and ensure you have a chair or table near the window so the cats can sit and watch the birds. It will entertain them every day! — soaringrooster


3. Every pet owner should consider pet insurance. Even if you think you have enough money to cover the cost of a veterinarian, pet insurance can save you a lot of money if your pet gets sick or injured. — ItsJess


4. If you find that your cat tends to sit on your book or keyboard or in front of your monitor when you try to use it, place an open box large enough for your cat on the table. If there's one thing cats love more than sitting on a keyboard, it's sitting in boxes.


You can also put a spare keyboard next to the one you use. — Valerie G


5. You can build your cat tent with some essential items you already have at home. Using wire hangers, make a tent-like frame with two hangers crisscrossing each other at the top, and place an old t-shirt on top of the frame. —


An old T-shirt or towel is a good idea, especially if they smell like you. If it has been washed, rub it on your head and face. My husband and I scratch our heads and look at the old towels we put on our pets' new beds to get them to sleep. Trust me; they love anything that smells like mom and dad. — Kathryn Baylis


6. Cats love houseplants but hate citrus fruits. Put a few orange peels in or around the pot to scare away a mischievous cat. This will help prevent your cat from eating your plants and digging in the ground.



7. Use a rubber glove to remove cat hair from the sofa.


8. If the kitten hates being placed in the carrier and breaks out, turn the carrier so that the door faces the ceiling. Roll the kitten into a ball and put it in the carrier first. — thatbtchshay


One guy came to me, and his hands were mutilated. I told him in the future to throw a beach towel over the cat, roll it up into a ball, quickly stuff it into the carrier and slam the door. You'll be on your way to the door when she gets out from under the towel. — Valerie G.


9. Stop cat food spills with rubber shoe mats.


10. ice cubes with a few treats are a great toy that will keep your cat feeling nice and cool on hot summer days. —


11. Sterilize them. To ensure that all cats have a safe and happy home, one of the critical goals of cat welfare is to promote spaying to keep the cat population under control.


12. If your cat lets you touch her paws, it means she loves and trusts you.


13. Do not feed cats milk or tuna. Oil (or water) from a can of tuna, sprinkled with dry food, is very beneficial for cats in moderation. – keeps


14. To end the laser chase game, give your cat a treat to give her a sense of accomplishment and show her that she did a good job. —


15. When you move to a new location, unpack the tray first. Then "unpack" the kitten and put it next to the litter box, so it knows where it is... Cats use the litter box as a "home base" and start exploring from there. — ruforealz


And don't forget to lock them in the bathroom before all the boxes get into the house, so they don't jump out the door. — Valerie G.


16. It is recommended to play with your cat for 15-20 minutes before going to bed so that she can release all her excess energy. This bedtime game will calm your cat and help her sleep better through the night.


And if they only get wet food once a day, give it to them at dinner time, so they don't wake you up at 4 am to eat. — Valerie G



17. Teach your cat to come when called; it's convenient and can save her life. If she runs outside, you can call her back home.


18. Touch his ears, paws, and stomach often, so the animal gets used to the areas you touch with your hands. — MemerDreamerMan


19. From an early age, touch your cat's paws and toes frequently. If they get used to having their toes trimmed, it will be much easier for them to clip their nails later. —


20. A great way to keep your house cat active, especially in a small house, is to install shelves or towers so they can climb.


21. Store-bought toys are fun for us humans, but most cats are happy to scatter things like bottle caps, pipe cleaners, and old playing cards.


22. Store dry cat food in a plastic flake container. If you leave cat food in an open bag, you risk spoiling it.


23. Give your cat running water. Some cats love running water, and a filter helps keep the water fresh. —


24. Take care of your sofa. By installing bait scratching posts, you can give cats a place to stick their claws without damaging your belongings. —


25. If your cat is crazy about catnip, consider growing your own. Catnip is relatively easy to grow in pots and will give you endless fun. Keep the banks out of the kitten's reach until you're ready.


26. If you're short on space, make a tiny hammock for your cat.


27. Clean their collars thoroughly. They are full of dirt and bacteria, so make sure they are fresh and clean. —



28. Don't let your cat play with your hands. By allowing your cat to play wrestling with your hands, you teach her that biting and scratching are acceptable behavior.


29. Build a patio so your kitties can taste outdoor life.


30. Get a cat tracker. Look for one that's lightweight, small enough to attach, and either makes noise or has an app that does so when you're near it.


31. Place blankets and pillows near windows. If your cat likes to watch the world from the window, let her do it in comfort. You can also make it easier for yourself to get a perfect sleep by placing blankets and pillows on tall stands, such as tall bookshelves.


32. When the cat is sick and needs medicine, crush the tablets into a powder, mix them with a bit of water into a paste and apply them to the cat's mouth with a brush. -Current-Try-3301


It is better to ask if medicines are available in liquid form. I have had cats all my life as pets. It's much easier to squeeze a dropper of tincture - usually meat-flavored to make it taste better - into their mouth than to get them to swallow a hard pill that tastes like a pill. Also, cats are not like dogs. You can't hide a drug in their food. They will leave you a licked bowl with a new tablet at the bottom. — Kathryn Baylis


33. Add green tea to the tray to reduce odor.


34. Make your cats less aggressive towards each other. Share their resources. Reduce competition between cats by placing several of the same bowls, beds, and litter boxes in different parts of the house.


35. Never give a cat a treat unless she works hard for it. Training your cat has essential benefits. You stimulate her body and mind, which helps her stay healthy.



36. Place pine cones in plant pots because your cat is uncomfortable with stepping on them and won't climb inside.


37. Make a window sill so the cat can see what's going on outside. —


38. Harsh cleaning chemicals can harm cats, so try using homemade solutions when you need to clean up cat urine. Vinegar is excellent at killing bacteria, so use it. —


39. Cover exposed cords with split tubes to prevent cats from chewing through them.


40. Spend a few extra minutes in the morning or evening combing your cat, and you'll have less hair all over your furniture!


41. Use cat toothpaste that contains an enzyme that cleans their teeth and breath. Especially since it looks like a soft treat!


PLEASE take care of your cat's and dog's teeth as much as possible. Every animal tolerates or can be trained to accept this to some degree. Still, dental care can be costly (I am a dental hygienist who also had a dog with the dental disease - our dog had an annual checkup and cleaning with extractions, and it usually costs around $1,000). My husband had a cat as a child that died of a periodontal infection. Our new dog has been taught to expect and enjoy brushing his teeth every night after he goes outside for the last time. I started by putting some pet toothpaste on my finger and letting her lick it off. Then I moved my bare finger in her mouth and around her teeth as she licked off the toothpaste. Then I introduced her to the pet toothbrush, letting her lick off the toothpaste and get used to it. — ItsJess


42. Try to keep a balance of wet and dry food. This can be especially helpful for cats who need more water but like to eat dry food rather than canned food. —


43. Rubber brushes are an excellent tool for removing stubborn hair from carpets and floors.



44. Serve cat food on a shallow plate to prevent overeating.


Yes, kneading is perfect. They take longer to eat and are much less likely to vomit. — Valerie G


45. If you need to bathe your cat, do it in the sink, not the tub. —


46. ​​Make food shelves, so your cat's food is out of the dog's reach.


47. If you need to take either to the vet, leave the carrier a few days in advance. It will become less intimidating if it turns into a familiar piece of home furnishings for a while. —


48. Put tin foil in places you don't want your cat to climb. Most cats hate the rustle of foil. —


49. Don't bathe your cat. Due to their rough tongues, they are usually able to keep their fur clean without any help from humans. —


50. If your cat has hairball problems, use cat grass to provide fiber. —


51. Flushable cat litter is great. It is made from biodegradable materials, does not harden when mixed with water, and is considered safe to flush toilets. —


52. Get your cat used to brushing. Use a small, soft-bristled brush or fine-toothed comb and hold the kitten gently with the brush or comb. Let him sniff, but don't let him attack; you don't want him to think that fighting grooming tools are acceptable. Gently brush or brush your kitten a few times and then let him go. —


It also helps them get used to the flea comb, which is effective at trapping fleas between the teeth when you comb them; plus, cats love grooming (comb their fur but don't press too hard because it hurts them). Please ensure you're near a sink to sink them in or have a bowl of rubbing alcohol you can put in while brushing. If you find yourself combing out more than a couple of fleas, it's time for a flea treatment. — Kathryn Baylis



53. Apply double-sided tape to surfaces you don't want your cat to jump on. The cat will soon learn to avoid these places, as she thinks there might be something sticky on them.


54. Use natural wood as a stylish cat scratching and climbing post.


55. Draw a circle around your pet's food bowl with chalk to keep ants away.


56. Cats are more attached to places than to people. If you move, don't be surprised if your cat leaves to find his way home. Prevent this by preparing a feline paradise in your new home: plenty of apparently affordable food and water, toys, litter, and interesting feline places to explore.


57. Use an old triangular bag of chips, toss it once, and then the cat will play alone for a while. — dannieupton


58. Do not use your hand or wiggle fingers to play. They will associate it with prey and will want to bite and attack. — Alarming-Two61


59. Wean the cat to walk on the table. Pay attention to which side the cat usually jumps on the table. Place a large tray there, so it peeks over the edge of the countertop. Now, if the cat tries to climb on the table, it will fall.


60. If you have a computer connected to an extension cable, purchase a cable box. Cats like to lie in warm places; extension cords are friendly, they will eventually step on the switch, and all your work will go down the drain.




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It is known that fashion is fickle; it changes every year, and sometimes more often. But some things are relevant even decades later. Today it is trendy to form several wardrobes for a man at once: bare and capsule. And if the first name is known to many representatives of the more vigorous sex, the second one will seem only remotely familiar because it came into use not so long ago. Next, we will take a closer look at the types of wardrobes for men, learn the basic rules for choosing things and the subtleties of their combination, and also consider common mistakes and good examples.

Types of wardrobe

To understand once and for all the differences between the types of wardrobes, it is worth considering them separately.

Basic wardrobe

This is usually a set of things for everyday life that can come in handy anytime and anywhere. They are versatile and comfortable. With their help, you can create simple and uncomplicated bows that are perfect for work and for going out with friends to the movies. However, every man has an essential wardrobe, even if he does not call it that. These are concise and comfortable things familiar to everyone.

The essential wardrobe has no boundaries; it can be endless, depending on how much a man loves new things and follows fashion trends.

Capsule clothing set

The word "capsule" is relatively new, trendy, and often used by fashion designers. It means something innovative, modern, and somewhat complex. A capsule wardrobe can be:

  • minimal - is one essential capsule that reflects the main activity of a man;
  • optimal - additional mini-sets according to situations are added to the minimum set;
  • maximum - such a wardrobe will surely suit men for all occasions because it will have everything; it can be considered universal.

The capsule includes those things that can be easily combined with basic things.

Capsule sets can be very different: for business trips and vacations. Also relevant are seasonal capsules for one or another time of the year. Many brands produce winter and summer capsules.

The main rule is a minimum of things but a maximum of excellent combinations between them.

What should be included?

It would seem that it would not be difficult to assemble a men's wardrobe, but there are some nuances here. Consider what should be in the essential and capsule wardrobe and how to compose them properly. To get a great wardrobe, you must decide in advance what situations a man will be in for a certain period.

To surely understand the essence of a capsule set with basic things in it, suppose a situation where a man goes on an important trip for several days; he takes with him: a suit, a white shirt, and comfortable things for the trip (for example, a tracksuit), as well as stuff for going to a recreational facility. As a result, it turns out that it is the capsule set with a minimum but necessary set of positions that will be folded into the suitcase.

Make a set of things.

The number of things will depend on how much this or that sphere of life will take time. If a man is an athlete who rarely goes out to restaurants and dates, then we can safely say that his capsule sportswear will prevail over formal suits and tuxedos.

The capsule must contain basic things that can best be combined with the so-called accents. It is essential to understand that there are always more critical things in a tablet because combining them is much easier than diluting them with the help of some eye-catching stuff. For example, essential men's pants can be successfully diversified with an original tiger print shirt.

It is permissible to cross things in the intended bows. The same sweater or jumper is appropriate for wearing to work and for lunch with friends.

Consider the best example of a versatile wardrobe, things that can be perfectly combined:

  • dark and light jeans;
  • comfortable men's jumper;
  • several plain t-shirts;
  • dark and light shirts, as well as a checkered model;
  • classic dark suit
  • cardigan, sweatshirt.

As for the choice of shoes can be classic shoes for a suit and boots for everyday wear. The set, of course, changes depending on the season. Warm clothes are added to it: jackets, coats and various accessories.

Basic rules for choosing things

Realizing that the modern wardrobe of a busy man is a capsule in combination with basic things, let's consider the basic rules for their selection for a long time.

All things in the finished capsule should be perfectly combined. This is especially true of style and color schemes.

The styles and cut of things should be chosen based on the characteristics of your figure, and also, of course, taking into account personal preferences.

When choosing a color palette and prints for various things, we recommend considering color schemes, where you can select items for everyday life and going out.

It is optimal to have more shirts in the capsule wardrobe than pants. It is believed that interlocutors often notice that a person is on top and not below.

It is advantageous for the capsule to select diverse elements, for example, shirts with different sleeves and collars with original buttons. With the help of various things, the likelihood of creating unique and dissimilar images will increase.

To create a fashionable set of clothes, buying things from only one or several brands is unnecessary. Many luxury shirts look great with mass-market pants. The main thing is that the resulting set is comfortable. That is why we recommend not ordering any clothing items online but trying them on if possible.

How to combine?

The right and skillful combination of things begin with the correct selection and purchase. Today, most often, the man immediately has the whole capsule wardrobe, in which there are all the basic things. Consider fantastic ideas for combining things.

To correctly compose the capsule, we recommend trying on things from the essential wardrobe immediately with accent ones and see if the resulting image looks good or if something should be replaced.

For a dark suit for work, you should immediately pick up at least three ties that can be changed during the week. The same applies to shirts; they should be from 3 to 6. You will get great new looks for work if you skillfully change shirts and ties for the same suit during the week.

Gray, beige, and any dark trousers can be successfully combined with shirts or blazers in the wardrobe. If you need to create an image for going out with friends, the pants can be worn under a trendy T-shirt or sweater.

Do not be afraid to expand the base of your style by adding new and original things to your wardrobe. So, a plaid suit can be combined with many shirts; it can be a great alternative to black classics.

As for outerwear, a light windbreaker should be present in the capsule for summer, a leather jacket in your favorite color for autumn, and a comfortable down jacket or insulated jacket for winter. Outerwear most often goes well with the essential wardrobe.

Common Mistakes

You should be aware of some typical mistakes in creating a wardrobe before compiling it.

Regardless of what wardrobe is created, it would help if you did not buy uncomfortable things and those that do not fit with anything in it. Most likely, they will gather dust in the closet.

Overly fashionable and provocative clothing attributes should be avoided. They are tough to combine with other things in the wardrobe.

A man's wardrobe at 35 should not be the same as at 25, although some things may be similar. Sometimes wearing a bomber jacket for 40-year-old men under bright ripped jeans is inappropriate. Do not forget about the sense of style, creating concise images.

Generally, typical mistakes can be easily avoided by all the recommendations.

Good Examples

Checked or men especsignificantlyn wear striped shirts under jeans or trousers, and it is worth saying that such bows look very good. Under an orange or red checkered shirt, you should choose light-colored jeans, for example, blue ones.

Shoes are an essential part of a man's wardrobe. The most winning options are those that are selected, taking into account seasonality. In winter, high boots or low shoes with fur on thickened soles look best on men. Classic black shoes are an excellent solution for a strict classic suit.

Any light footwear will be suitable for warm summer days.

Under a classic black suit, white shirts are not always worn; instead, they wear blue and even dark ones. To bring something new to the dull total black look, we recommend paying attention to the colored shiny satin ties; they look especially good with formal suits.

As for the accents in the men's wardrobe, in addition to capsule items, they are placed with the help of accessories. In autumn, it can be eye-catching leather gloves; in summer - large watches, and under a variety of costumes - original branded belts with unusual buckles.

Consider a successful example of a capsule:

  • gray suit;
  • beige and black pants;
  • white shirt and long sleeve plaid shirt;
  • sneakers and shoes;
  • dark T-shirt with short sleeves;
  • tie.

And another brighter option for men who are always on the move:

  • white and red t-shirts;
  • burgundy plaid shirt with short sleeves;
  • blue jacket;
  • light jeans;
  • knitted sweater or jumper;
  • light classic pants;
  • several pairs of shoes of different colors.

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