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Audio tapes, disk phones, carbonated water appliances, and ice cream. At a distance of 30 years, we look at the everyday painting of the '90s with nostalgia. Many of the objects that were part of everyday life at the time are now museum pieces. Bemorepanda has "started" the time machine and invites you on a journey into the past.


'90s funny memes


1. Who got this?


2. Time passes by


3. MTV


4. Complaining now


Yes, of course we love and appreciate the music of the 70's or 80's but with the music of the 90's it was love from the first audition! Rap, grunge, r & B… so many musical currents have been born. And as the music goes hand in hand with the clothing style… and fashion has known a great diversity. For example, the grunge look, popularized by Nirvana soloist Kurt Cobain, was born and soon became the letter of the law in fashion. Damaged jeans, thick and oversized sweaters, torn tights, military boots, leather jackets - these are just some of the elements of this style.


Friends, Beverly Hills, Sex and the City… are just some of the TV shows watched around the world… that have made and continue to make history, being extremely loved. The stylish characters from the respective series continue to make their mark on our clothing style even today. Fashionistas still copy the outfits of the characters from the series they grew up with. The mini skirt, the jeans with mom's cut, the short tops with a view of the abdomen - these are some of the pieces they adore.


There are many rumors that the 1990s were perhaps the most important decade for cinema. Some of the movies were so successful that they instantly became classics. We can't imagine pop culture today without a few titles like "Pretty Woman", "Titanic", "Pulp Fiction", "Silence of the Lambs", "Matrix". 30 years after the release of these titles, we continue to pay homage to these Hollywood idols by choosing outfits inspired by our favorite movies.


5. Screensaver


6. The sun


7. Stereo stuff


8. Funny filters


In the 1990's, the music world amazed me with the diversity of genres and artists. It is the period of "one day" hits, but also the one in which songs appeared that those of the next generations call "golden". For many, this period is associated with the name of Sting, Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston, for others - with Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys or Britney Spears, who were just starting their careers. There will be those who will say that it is the time of Nirvana, those from Aerosmith or Metallica. And they will all be right. What is certain is that many of the songs from that period will be heard by future generations.


Undoubtedly, there is a kind of stereotype through which we look at the 1990s, but everyone perceives this era in a slightly different way. For example, the '90s are associated with a childhood spent in the yard, Nintendo 64, Hubba Bubba chewing gum or a walkman.


If we think about the characteristic wardrobe elements, for the first time for sure, jeans come to mind, especially denim jackets, logos and faux fur clothes. We can't forget the NBA T-shirts, hats and blouses either.


Baby One More Time - probably each of us can hum that chorus. It was the video for this song that made Britney Spears a real star. Undoubtedly, the "Princess of the People" had a distinctive style not only in music but also in fashion. Remember the sweet pink look in the video? Don't forget the crop top, which the star adores.


9. Paper


10. Teal


11. Johnny Depp


12. Rich


Crop tops, or short blouses that do not cover the abdomen, are an incredibly hot trend. They come in a variety of styles: from strapless tops to blouses. How about a white crop top outfit with a big logo and white sneakers from Guess? You can give up skinny pants, with a camouflage print, opting for mom fit jeans, to accentuate the climate of the '90s.


What would the '90s be without the tracksuits and the three characteristic stripes? These are just some of the symbols of that era that have returned in full force. Until recently, considered by many to be the symbol of the essence of kitsch, today they appear on the catwalks of the fashion world, being part of the athleisure trend.


Sneakerheads have gone crazy over models from the '90s, as well as contemporary models, such as the adidas Falcon. Chunky sneakers (massive shoes in a sporty style), which is often part of the Ugly Shoes trend, are now living their second youth!


The 1990s also saw an explosion of neon hues, such as bright yellow, green, pink and purple. Undoubtedly, this trend is still popular. Neon shoes, jackets, leggings, crossover bags, hats and other accessories will allow you to stand out and shine.


13. Stars


14. Rolling TV


15. Summer mix


The end of the last century also had a darker side. Some young people, instead of Britney, Backstreet Boys or Spice Girls, listened to Nirvana and wore grunge outfits. The 1990s also meant Nirvana, and it was Kurt Cobain.


Checkered shirt, wide sweater, wide, cropped pants and black Converse One Star sneakers. The worn-out items, which seem to have been worn by older siblings and negligently abandoned, have revealed the gloomy relationship of music with reality.


For years, grunge style is still an inspiration. Although it moves away from the depressive aspect, it is often worn with plaid shirts, especially red and black. Martens-style rock shoes are also in vogue.


16. Childhood pleasure


17. Nokia fossil


18. Mother’s room


19. Music changes


20. Disney+


21. Awesome childhood


22. Sensitive generation


23. Shoutout


24. Out of the car


25. So excited


26. Old 


27. Dolphin vibes


28. Pizza Hut


29. Expecting you


30. Stress vibes


31. Pizza lovers


32. Unmatched


33. Best evenings


34. Magic Schoolbus


35. Jim Carrey


36. Classical literature


37. Forbidden fruit


38. So old


39. Jealous


40. Too close to TV




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Most NHL players oppose the new division into regional divisions, according to the official website of the League Players Association.

68.2% of the hockey players surveyed voted against the NHL retaining the current divisional system.

447 league players took part in the voting.

Recall that due to difficulties in crossing the Canadian-American border in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the composition of the NHL divisions was changed. The clubs played the regular season and the first two rounds of the playoffs with rivals in the division.

At the same time, the players do not mind holding small series between teams in the regular season.

442 players took part in the voting on this issue. 66.3% voted for keeping the series in the regular season.

It is noted that this allows for shorter flights and gives hockey players more time to rest.

1.Full team

2.Hockey rink

3.No time

4.Sorry Donald

5.Nothing personal

6.No photoshop

7.Still taller

8.Hey mom

9.Female dog

10.Cool Canada


12.Work day


14.Line change

15.As if


17.Pizza rolls

18.Shoulder injury

19.Great pic

20.Keep your eyes on it

21.I saved one

22.3 participation

23.Score a goal


25.I ate everyone

26.Oh, I don’t know

27.I got you now

28.Cool sports

29.Waiting for hockey



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Being a mother is a complex and wonderful experience. Mothers have precious moments that they would not give up for anything in the world. However, sometimes some feel that they are running out of power. Many compared life as a mother to an obstacle course. And it seems that as time goes on, the obstacles get bigger and bigger.


Funny Mom Life memes


In order to provide the best care for their children, mothers sacrifice their free time and much of their social life. "I'm constantly on duty," mothers often say. "We replaced the relaxing baths with quick showers and romantic dinners with food prepared in the microwave. I can no longer travel, see new places or do many other things. But the laundry is washed and packed! ”Another common phrase.


Most mothers, of course, also talk about the unique moments of joy they experience when they are raising their children.


1. Types of shower


2. Hard stuff


3. Diet industry


4. Good idea


5. Documenting


A major obstacle that complicates the lives of many mothers is that, in addition to paying for family responsibilities, she must go to work to support her family financially. Many of these mothers take a job not out of pleasure but out of necessity. They know that if they stay at home, their family, and especially their children, will suffer. However, their salaries - often lower than those of men who do similar work - matter a lot.


In São Paulo, Brazil, for example, 42% of the workforce is women. A Brazilian newspaper has called mothers who stay at home to raise an endangered species. In rural Africa, it is common to see a mother wearing a firewood tie on her head and a child on her back.


The labor market sometimes requires mothers to spend many hours at work, increasing the number of obstacles. And that's not all. At employment, the employer asked Maria, a young woman living in Greece, to sign a deed promising that she would not become pregnant for the next three years. Otherwise, he would have to pay compensation. Maria signed the deed, but after a year and a half, she became pregnant. Then the employer showed him the signed deed. Maria has gone to court to challenge the company's contract, and is now awaiting a ruling.


6. Relate


7. Relax


8. Mom Lifehack


In less extreme cases, employers force mothers to return to work as soon as possible after giving birth. Usually, when they return to work, they are not allowed to work part-time. Thus, there is no change in their status, given the responsibilities they now have towards a newborn. Due to financial problems, they cannot afford to agree too often. Some mothers are forced to send their children to nurseries where conditions leave much to be desired. It is also possible that they will not receive too much help from the state.


Another category is that of mothers who go to work not for financial reasons, but to feel fulfilled. Sandra, who has two children, has decided to return to work after the birth of each of them. She remembers that when she suddenly woke up alone at home with a child, "sometimes she would sit and look out the window, wondering what other people were doing." In addition, some mothers do their best to escape the stress of family life by going to work. The British Daily Telegraph reports: “Some parents are looking to spend hours in the relatively calm atmosphere at work. This creates a vicious circle, as they end up spending less and less time with their children, who become more and more apathetic, more aggressive and deviant. "


9. How about your kid


10. Cook meals


11. Hitting a wall


Efforts are needed to achieve a work-life balance. Echoing the feelings of many, a mother in the Netherlands said: “I am exhausted. Even in the morning I wake up tired. When I return from work, I feel finished. The children have already said, "Mommy is always tired," and that makes me feel guilty. I don't want to give up my job, but at the same time, I want to be the mother who is always with her children, who makes everything possible. But I am not the perfect mother, as I would like. "


This is one of the millions of working mothers who believe that repeated absences from home could be offset in part by "quality time" spent with their children, but who have found that this idea is not a good idea. Many mothers today say that because of stress at work and responsibilities at home, they have come to feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and rewarded for their efforts.


Also, mothers who stay at home to care for their children say that they have to face the attitude of a society that is accustomed to praising paid work, a society that looks at them with an air of superiority and underestimates them. In some cultures, housewives no longer belong to the category of people with an honorable social position, and are therefore forced to pursue a career, even if the family does not need additional income.


12. Artwork


13. Home alone


14. Simple facts


15. Parallel park


Another obstacle that mothers face is the following: After eight hours of strenuous work, a mother returns home not to rest, but to continue with the usual household chores. Whether they have a secular job or not, mothers are generally the ones who have to take care of the house and the children.


Deep-rooted traditions can also increase the number of obstacles. In Japan, the mother is expected to give her child the things that other children of the same age have. If other children take piano or painting lessons, a mother feels compelled to give her children the same things. Schools force parents to let their child take part in the same extracurricular activities as other children. Being different could lead to harassment from children, teachers, other parents, and relatives. The same is true in other countries.


Advertising and the spirit of consumer society can lead children to ask their parents to buy them certain products. In developed countries, mothers may feel that they need to satisfy their children's cravings because they see other mothers doing the same for their children. If I fail, I see this as a failure.


It is certain that being a mother can be very tiring. A study of 2,000 women in the United States, with children between the ages of 5 and 12, shows that being a mother is like having two and a half jobs. That they wake up, on average, at 6.23 and go to bed at 8.31 in the evening. And 14 hours of work is not easy to take.


16. Every single word


17. Art 


18. So possitive


19. Calling off work


20. Parking situation


21. Being pregnant


22. Just write


23. New life coach


24. Party next door


25. Raise a child


26. Paw Patrol


27. Vacations I need


28. How to adult


29. Watching your kid


30. Little face



31. Middle aged


32. Being productive


33. Metabolism


34. Kids getting older


35. Beachy waves


36. As a parent


37. New friend


38. Going to bed


39. Being an adult


40. Parenthood




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