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There are many beliefs in our society that, upon closer examination, turn out to be prejudices. It is better not to eat animal milk, diabetics should not eat fruits, vegetarians will not last long without protein ... Let's figure out with the help of experts in the field of edible and inedible who is our enemy and who is our friend.

We have found and debunked several popular myths about proper nutrition.

At Bemorepanda, we liked the advice of the American writer, educator and health food activist Michael Pollan the best. It has only 7 words. Read with us.

Myth #1: Fresh fruits and vegetables are always healthier than canned, frozen, or dried ones.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

Despite the strong opinion that "fresh is better", studies have shown that frozen, canned and dried fruits and vegetables can be just as nutritious and healthy as fresh ones.

“They can also help save money and be an easy way to ensure that families have consistent fruits and vegetables,” says Sarah Bleach, former director of food security and health equity at the USDA and professor of public health policy at the Harvard T. X. Chan. "One word of caution: Some types of canned, frozen, and dried foods contain ingredients such as sugar, saturated fat, and sodium, so be sure to read product labels and look for foods that are low in these additives."

Myth #2: All fats are bad.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

When studies published in the late 1940s found a relationship between a high-fat diet and high blood cholesterol, experts decided that reducing the total amount of fat in the diet would reduce the risk of heart disease.

By the 1980s, doctors, health experts, the food industry, and the media were reporting that a low-fat diet could benefit everyone, although there was no conclusive evidence that it could prevent cardiovascular disease, overweight and obesity.

Dr. Vijaya Surampudi, assistant professor of medicine at UCLA's Center for Human Nutrition, says that as a result of the negative message about fat, many people - and food manufacturers - have begun to replace calories from fat with calories from refined carbohydrates (white flour and sugar).

Suffice it to recall the effect of low-calorie SnackWell cookies, when people began to overeat, confident that this is acceptable, since the food is dietary. “Instead of helping fellow citizens stay lean, this approach has led to an increase in overweight and obesity,” she explains.

In reality, Dr. Surampudi added, not all fats are bad. While some fats, including saturated and trans fats, can increase your risk of disease, healthy monounsaturated fats (found in olive and other vegetable oils, avocados, some nuts and seeds) and polyunsaturated fats (found in sunflower and other vegetable oils, walnuts) , fish and flaxseed) help reduce the risk.

"Good" fats are also important for providing energy, producing important hormones, maintaining cellular function, and absorbing certain nutrients.

If you see a product labeled "fat-free," don't automatically think it's healthy, says Dr. Surampudi. Instead, opt for foods with simple ingredients and no added sugar.

Myth #3: “Calories in, calories out” is the most important factor for long-term weight maintenance.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

It's true that if you take in more calories than you burn, you're more likely to gain weight. And if you're burning more calories than you're consuming, you should be losing weight—at least in the short term.

However, the study does not suggest that eating more food will lead to sustained weight gain, i.e. obesity or obesity.

"Rather, it's the types of foods we eat that may be long-term drivers of these conditions," said Dr. Dariusz Mozaffarian, professor of nutrition and medicine at Tufts University's Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

Over-processed foods—refined starch snacks, cereals, crackers, energy bars, baked goods, soda, and sweets—can be especially harmful to weight gain because they digest quickly and fill the blood with glucose, fructose, and amino acids, which are converted into fat by the liver. Instead, maintaining a healthy weight requires a shift from counting calories to prioritizing healthy eating in general—quality over quantity.

Myth #4: People with type 2 diabetes shouldn't eat fruit.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

This myth arose because fruit juices, which can raise blood sugar levels due to their high glucose and low fiber content, are confused with whole fruits.

However, it is not. Some studies show, for example, that those who consume one serving of whole fruits per day — especially blueberries, grapes, and apples — have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

According to other scientific sources, if you already have type 2 diabetes, then eating whole fruits can help you control your blood sugar levels.

It's time to dispel that myth, says Dr. Linda Shiue, GP and director of health nutrition and lifestyle at Kaiser Permanente San Francisco: Everyone, including type 2 diabetics, needs healthy nutrients found in fruit - fiber, vitamins , minerals and antioxidants.

Myth #5: Plant-based milk is healthier than animal-based milk.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

There is an opinion that vegetable milk, for example, from oats, almonds, rice, is more useful and nutritious than cow's.

“That's just not true,” says Kathleen Merrigan, a professor of sustainable food systems at Arizona State University and a former US assistant secretary of agriculture. “Consider protein: Generally, cow’s milk has about eight grams of protein per cup, while almond milk has one to two grams and oat milk has about two to three grams per cup.”

Plant-based drinks can vary in nutritional value, Dr. Merrigan said, but many contain more added ingredients, such as sodium and sugar, that will degrade health faster than cow's milk.

Myth #6: White potatoes are unhealthy.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

Potatoes are often frowned upon in the nutrition community due to their high glycemic index, which means they contain fast-digesting carbohydrates that raise blood sugar levels. However, potatoes may actually be good for your health, says Dafena Altema-Johnson, food community and public health program officer at the Johns Hopkins Center for a Better Future.

It is rich in vitamin C, potassium, fiber and other nutrients, especially when eaten with the skin. In addition, potatoes are inexpensive and available year-round in grocery stores, making this product more affordable. The most useful cooking methods are: frying, baking, boiling and air grilling.

Myth #7: Peanut foods should not be given to infants in their first years of life.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

For a long time, experts have been telling new parents that the best way to prevent food allergies in children is to not feed them allergenic foods like peanuts or eggs for the first few years of life. But now, according to allergy experts, it's best to introduce peanut products to your child's diet as early as possible.

If your child does not have severe eczema or an identified food allergy, you can start introducing peanut products (such as water-diluted peanut butter, peanut puffs, or peanut powder, but not whole peanuts) at about 4-6 months, when your child is ready for solid food. “Start with two teaspoons of smooth peanut butter mixed with water, breast milk, or formula two to three times a week,” advises Dr. Ruchi Gupta, professor of pediatrics and director of the Feinberg Northwestern School of Medicine Center for Food Allergy and Asthma Research. . - If your baby has severe eczema, first ask your pediatrician or allergist about whether you can start giving peanut products at about 4 months.

It is also important to feed your baby a variety of foods in the first year of life to prevent food allergies,” says Dr. Gupta.

Myth #8: Plant protein is incomplete.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

"Where do you get protein from?" is the #1 question vegans get asked,” says Christopher Gardner, a nutrition scientist and professor of medicine at Stanford University. The myth is that plants are completely lacking in certain amino acids, also known as the building blocks of proteins. But in fact, plant foods contain all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential, essential amino acids.”

“The only difference is that the ratio of these amino acids is not as ideal as in animal products. Therefore, to get an adequate portion of nutrients, you just need to eat a variety of plant foods throughout the day: beans, grains and nuts and consume enough protein in general. Most people in prosperous countries get everything they need: it's easier than many people think, ”says Dr. Gardner.

Myth #9: Eating soy-based foods can increase your risk of breast cancer.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

The high doses of plant estrogens in soy, called isoflavones, stimulate the growth of breast tumor cells (according to animal studies).

“In humans, this association has not been confirmed,” says Dr. Frank B. Hu, professor and chair of nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan. So far, scientific evidence does not point to a link between soy consumption and the risk of developing breast cancer in humans.

In contrast, consumption of soy-based foods and beverages—such as tofu, tempeh, edamame, miso, and soy milk—may even be protective, reduce the risk of development, and increase survival in this disease. Soy products are also a source of beneficial nutrients associated with a reduced risk of heart disease, including high-quality protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, adds Dr. Hu. “The results of the study are clear: feel free to include soy products in your diet.”

Myth #10: Basic nutritional guidelines change all the time—and by a lot.

10 myths about how you really need to eat right, and why science decides everything here

“That’s not true,” says Dr. Marion Nestle, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Nutrition, Nutritional Research, and Public Health at New York University. - In the 1950s, the first dietary recommendations for the prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc. contained advice to balance calories and minimize foods high in saturated fat, salt, and sugar. Modern dietary guidelines call for the same.”

Yes, science is developing, but the rules of healthy eating remain unchanged. Writer Michael Pollan summed it up in seven simple words: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. According to Dr. Nestle, this council worked 70 years ago and continues to work today. And it leaves plenty of room for eating the foods you love.

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Celebrities are the same people, only with money and more opportunities than ordinary citizens. But since nothing human is alien to them, then celebrities can do strange things from time to time. For example, resorting to strange, dangerous, harmful and simply ineffective diets.

Kim Kardashian's weight loss, Adele's diet, and why Joe Rogan only eats meat and fruit

We've rounded up 30 world-famous foreign celebrities who pride themselves on or openly promote their methods of losing weight or staying in shape by restricting or avoiding certain types of foods.

We strongly DO NOT recommend following their experience, but we will only give it as an example of how NOT to do it. After all, science, nutrition experts, and the scientific community do not in all cases stand up for the chosen tactics of losing weight or nutrition (although it would seem that rich and far from stupid people should have the best nutritionists in the world). Alas, money does not save from folly.

But the main difference between celebrities and ordinary people is that in case of undermined health, they will have the necessary amounts for subsequent treatment. Still, we should bypass such "experiments."

So here are some of the weirdest celebrity diets of all time.

1. The "sirtfoods" diet was made famous by Adele, but the singer said she had never tried it.

It was rumored that Adele lost weight with the help of the Sirtfood diet, which is based on the consumption of berries, herbs, and red wine.

The sirtfoods diet is claimed to help reduce inflammation, slow aging, and speed up weight loss while enjoying berries, herbs, dark chocolate, and red wine.

The meal plan was popularized in 2019 following rumors of an affair with pop star Adele.

However, in a recent interview with Vogue, she said she doesn't follow any particular diet.

What the science thinks: It's worth noting that the diet also includes a 1,000 to 1,500-calorie-per-day strict calorie reduction phase, which experts say is extremely dangerous for an adult.

2. Joe Rogan tried a trendy meat diet that eventually became a social movement.

After repeatedly telling guests on his podcast about the "carnivore" diet, Joe Rogan also tried mainly eating or only meat for an entire month.

Joe Rogan said he was on meat and fruit-only diet in early 2022.

The controversial podcast has previously hosted prominent meat-only advocates, including Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson.

What the science thinks: While research on a meat-only diet continues, the long-term health effects are unclear. Eating only meat may have health implications, as studies show that plant-based nutrients such as fiber and polyphenols protect against heart disease and cancer, and meat does not.

3. Kim Kardashian went on a strict carb-restricted diet to lose 7 kilos in 3 weeks for the Met Gala

Kim Kardashian reportedly dropped 7kg for the 2022 Met Gala, but experts say the result is not sustainable or healthy.

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to diet controversy, but her weight loss in 2022 for the Met Gala sparked concern from experts who said the "extreme" tactics could be unhealthy.

Kardashian said she lost 20 pounds in a few weeks by cutting sugar and carbs and eating "only the purest vegetables and protein."

What the science thinks: For healthy weight loss, nutrition experts recommend aiming for between 0.5 and 1 kilogram per week, ideally through small but essential changes in lifestyle and daily habits.

4. Heidi Montag went on a 'predator diet' by eating raw liver

'Two Hills' star Heidi Montag has noted that she occasionally snacks on raw bison heart, which she says is part of a meat-rich diet to boost fertility.

Heidi Montag said she started eating raw meat to improve her fertility, part of her interest in anthropology and "the way people should eat."

What science thinks: Let's say that raw meat is DANGEROUS; it can potentially be contaminated with bacteria and parasites that can lead to serious health problems! Potential pathogens in raw meat and organs include E. coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Ascaris, and Listeria.

5. Victoria Beckham said she had a "disciplined" diet with many healthy fats. David Beckham noted that she mainly eats fish and vegetables

Former Spice Girl member Victoria Beckham followed the same diet for over two decades, eating almost exclusively fish and vegetables.

Football star David Beckham said in early 2022 that while he is a gourmet, his wife "very rarely deviates" from her favorite dish of grilled fish and steamed vegetables.

Mono-diets, especially over a long period, are likely to hurt health. Food variety is an excellent way to get enough vitamins and minerals, so eating the same foods daily can lead to nutrient deficiencies and should be avoided.

What the Science Thinks: Try to include protein and foods like vegetables and fruits every time you eat a healthy, satisfying meal, recommends nutritionist Bridget Zeitlin. She says that eating these foods can be convenient and beneficial if you get enough nutrients.

6. Rebel Wilson reportedly used the "Meyer Method" to lose weight by eliminating sugar, dairy, and gluten by thoroughly chewing each bite 40 times.

Rumor has it that Rebel Wilson followed the Mayr Method, a diet plan popularized 100 years ago by an Austrian physician.

Actress Rebel Wilson overhauled her lifestyle in 2020, declaring it the "Year of Health."

As part of the changes, she reportedly followed a diet based on health theories developed by an Austrian physician 100 years ago.

The Mayr Method, named after Dr. Franz Xavier Mayr, is a complex set of habits that experts say is a mixture of good advice and pseudoscience.

For example, the diet emphasizes "mindful eating" or slowing down to enjoy food, which can be a great way to tune in to your appetite and avoid overeating. However, according to nutritionists, the diet's prescription to chew each bite at least 40 times is excessive.

What the Science Thinks: Likewise, the Mayr Method principles of cutting out caffeine, sugar, and dairy, not snacking between meals, or eating raw food after 4:00 pm are not based on science or proven to be a healthy habit.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger indulges in alcoholic protein shakes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2022 (left) and 1975 (right). The bodybuilding legend said that he continues to train almost every day and loves protein shakes with schnapps.

Seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger eats a primarily plant-based diet and is open about its health benefits, including lowering cholesterol and "feeling younger."

But the iconic bodybuilder also sometimes treats himself to a steak or an Austrian Wiener Schnitzel and, he says, a sip of alcohol in his protein shakes.

Schwarzenegger said he started adding booze to protein shakes hoping that the protein would be absorbed faster, but now he enjoys the extra flavor of tequila or schnapps, he told Insider.

What the science thinks: While alcohol won't necessarily stop your fitness progress, too much alcohol can make it harder for you to absorb protein for recovery and muscle building, multiple studies show.

And being overly drunk or hungover can make exercising, eating well, and practicing other healthy habits more complex over time.

8. Professional American football player Aaron Rodgers does a purge that includes a strict diet, warm ghee in the morning, and laxatives at night.

Green Bay Packers athlete Aaron Rogers said the 12-day cleansing with Ayurveda (a system of alternative medicine with historical roots in India) is helping his mind and body.

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers said he cut out sugar, sex, and alcohol and consumed warm oil and laxatives as part of an intensive 12-day cleanse.

The cleansing, called panchakarma, has its roots in Ayurveda, a traditional Indian healing practice, and is meant to heal the body and mind.

What the Science Thinks: According to experts, this practice has no evidence-based health benefits. Your body naturally completes any necessary detoxification through the liver and kidneys, and supplements that help cleanse the body often don't work or do more harm than good, leading to dehydration or digestive issues.

9. Venus Williams and Anne Hathaway went raw

Venus Williams is a vegan athlete who previously followed a raw diet to cope with the symptoms of an autoimmune disease.

Numerous celebrities have attempted a raw, plant-based diet on a raw vegan diet, including tennis star Venus Williams and actress Anne Hathaway.

Williams became a vegan in 2011 after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and said the raw food diet has helped with her symptoms.

What the science thinks: Scientists say that going vegan can bring health benefits, including for athletes, such as more energy and better recovery. However, vegans may have difficulty getting enough of some nutrients. Plant-based foods are low in calories, incredibly when raw, which can be a problem for athletes trying to make up for a calorie deficit.

10. Intermittent fasting is a famous celebrity diet by stars like Chris Hemsworth and David Harbour.

Thor actor Chris Hemsworth usually gains weight to play a superhero but has used intermittent fasting to lose weight quickly for other roles.

Intermittent fasting, or limiting food intake at specific times each day, has become a popular diet to speed up weight loss and reduce the risk of chronic disease.

Some celebrities have picked up this diet to help transform their bodies for specific roles.

What the science thinks: The evidence for intermittent fasting is mixed, despite its popularity. Yes, it can help people lose weight by reducing total calories, but a 2020 study found that intermittent fasting may not always promote weight loss and may be more likely to cause muscle loss.

11. In 2006, Beyoncé said she lost weight for her role in Dream Girl using the Master Cleanse diet, which limited juice fasting. Now she's pushing another extreme plan

Master Cleanse is a ten day course.

Master Cleanse is a 10-day juice cleanse that requires dieters to eat nothing and drink only a mixture of lemon, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper.

What Science Thinks: Restricting calories to just a lemon drink means you won't get all the nutrients you need. A lack of fiber, protein and healthy fats is also likely to cause a Master Cleanse dieter to feel sluggish and hungry throughout the diet.

"It can be dangerous for the average person to follow it without a team of nutritionists and trainers like Beyoncé," nutritionist Daniel O'Shaughnessy said.

12. Mariah Carey admitted that she only eats Norwegian salmon and capers daily.

Carey said she tries to eat as much protein as possible.

"It's tough," Carey told E! in an interview from 2016. “My diet—you would hate it. All you eat is Norwegian salmon and capers daily - that's it."

What the Science Thinks: While eating protein can help you feel full, eating only salmon means you won't be getting essential nutrients found in foods like vegetables, fruits, and grains. Carey's diet is not designed for the long term.

13. Chris Pratt stuck to a post called "Daniel's Diet."

Pratt spoke about the diet plan and encouraged fans to join the program.

According to Daniel's diet, people on it eat only fruits, vegetables, and unleavened bread for 21 consecutive days.

Like other restrictive diets, it is based on the idea that the body needs to cleanse itself of toxins.

What the science thinks: Diets that severely restrict calories or the types of foods you eat usually don't lead to long-term weight loss and may not provide you with all the nutrients you need, experts warn.

14. Actress Shailene Woodley regularly eats clay, allegedly for its detoxifying properties.

“Clay is one of the best things you can add to your body,” Shailene Woodley said on a beauty blog. The experts disagree.

One of the weirdest diets on the list is eating clay... as a supplement. It supposedly cleanses the body.

What Science Thinks: This is a bogus medical claim. Your kidneys and liver don't need help to process toxins.

Clay may contain trace amounts of some beneficial minerals, such as iron and calcium, but there are better ways to get them (for example, eating foods rich in these minerals, such as spinach, broccoli, kale, and nuts).

15. Marilyn Monroe ate a lot of raw eggs, steaks, and chocolate syrup ice cream.

The Monroe diet may increase the risk of salmonella poisoning.

In a 1952 interview, Monroe called her diet choices "absolutely bizarre," and she was right. Eating raw eggs beaten with milk can lead to salmonella poisoning, and skipping a meal before dinner of steak and five carrots can easily cause a dieter to lose essential nutrients.

What the Science Thinks: The late actress's diet appears to be an attempt at calorie restriction and a high-protein diet, but eating so little fiber and fresh foods can lead to nutritional deficiencies, heart problems, and feelings of lethargy.

16. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, of The Beach fame, ate cookies to lose weight.

According to the official Cookie Diet website, the unique cookie contains a "secret protein blend of amino acids," but it tastes like regular cookies.

To lose weight, Snooki followed a biscuit diet, which includes eating nine 90-calorie cookies daily in addition to a small meal at dinner.

This "eating plan" was developed by Dr. Sanford Segal in 1975 to help his patients consume fewer calories.

What the science thinks: Although the exact ingredients of the cookie are kept secret, the basic concept of eating the same food in almost every meal is unhealthy. Dieters will need one dinner a day to be rich in fresh vegetables, protein, and other essential nutrients, and even then, a person may not be meeting their daily nutrient requirements.

17. Many celebrities, including Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr and actresses Jessica Alba and Blake Lively, have been on a juice diet.

Proponents say the juice diet detoxifies the body and acts as a dietary "reset."

Juice cleansing has become synonymous with celebrity diet culture. These cleaners are designed to detoxify the body and act as a dietary "reset" even though they are not science-based weight loss methods.

What Science Thinks: Whether the cleanse involves cutting out food altogether or replacing individual meals with juice, the concept of a juice cleanse doesn't fit with human biology. The body has a built-in detox system that gets rid of toxins without expensive sugary water.

And yet, such a strict calorie restriction can certainly lead to weight loss, but at the expense of feeling constantly tired, hungry (and irritable), with the inability to diet for more than a week. Experts say that if you tried for longer, you would probably run into nutritional deficiencies.

18. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey only eats once a day and fasts all weekend.

Jack Dorsey said he loves intermittent fasting.

For one meal a day, Dorsey eats protein (fish, chicken, or steak), vegetables (arugula or spinach salad, asparagus, or Brussels sprouts), and mixed berry or dark chocolate dessert, all of which he eats after 6:30 p.m. and before 9:00 p.m. :00.

What the science thinks: The problems here are similar to any kind of intermittent fasting. Science does not very much approve of such experiments on the body.

19. Athlete and American football star Tom Brady does not eat eggplant and tomatoes, but drinks liters of water daily, which he claims prevents sunburn.

Brady doesn't eat certain foods because he believes they have negative effects on his body.

Brady even came up with a name for his unique diet - the TB12 diet - and wrote a book about it. As part of his 12-step plan to stay in top shape, Brady said he doesn't eat nightshades, a group of vegetables including eggplant and tomatoes, because they cause inflammation and raise the body's pH.

What the science thinks: Studies show that eating or abstaining from certain foods cannot change the body's pH enough to produce the results Brady suggested. In addition, vegetables such as eggplant and tomatoes are rich in fiber (eggplant) and vitamins A and C (tomatoes). Vitamins A and C are known to help reduce inflammation, unlike what the TB12 diet suggests.

Brady said he also drinks more than 5 liters of water daily to protect himself from sunburn, but there is no scientific evidence that drinking water prevents sunburn.

20. Tracey Anderson put celebrities on a baby food diet of up to 14 cans of baby food a day with a regular dinner meal, but no more than 1,400 calories in total.

Anderson recommends eating baby food at every meal except dinner to lose weight.

Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson endorsed this weight loss diet.

The rules are simple: baby food for every meal except dinner, which should be a low-calorie mix of lean meats and vegetables.

What the Science Thinks: If you try this diet (you shouldn't), you will probably spend most of your time with a tiny spoon and feel unbearably hungry.

21. Chanel fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld drank up to 10 Diet Coke daily and limited his calories in the name of fashion.

Lagerfeld consumed only 1,200 calories a day.

The story goes that one day Lagerfeld woke up and decided he didn't like his body anymore. He hired a doctor to help him lose 35 kilograms, and then, as a duo, wrote a book about it called The Karl Lagerfeld Diet.

Lagerfeld, who died at age 85, drank up to 10 Diet Coke daily and ate small meals to limit his calories. For breakfast, he ate toast, one egg, juice, yogurt, and what is said to be a can of Diet Coke. For dinner he had quail eggs, salmon and Brussels sprouts or veal with plums.

What the science thinks: So he limited the number of calories to 1200 per day, while men are recommended to eat from 2000 to 2500 calories per day.

In addition, drinking large amounts of Diet Coke without enough food can cause nervousness and other body problems. For example, it has been proven that drinking a drink can increase the risk of stroke or heart disease.

22. Steve Jobs followed a strict fruit diet, sometimes limiting himself to only apples and carrots.

Eating only fruits and some vegetables was part of Steve Jobs' eccentric behavior.

The Apple founder named the corporation after one of his favorite foods after visiting an orchard. But Jobs' passion for fruit goes further. He practiced a "fruit" diet, a stricter form of veganism limited mainly to fruits and some vegetables.

Jobs' biography states that his skin sometimes took on a "sunset orange tint" due to his odd diet, and his obsession with fasting and extreme dietary restrictions has been described as a full blown eating disorder.

Ashton Kutcher ended up in the hospital after a month of this diet, which he followed to prepare for the role of Jobs in the biopic.

What Science Thinks: Fresh fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy, balanced diet. But alone, they lack sufficient protein and fat, as well as essential nutrients such as vitamin B, calcium, and zinc. This amount of fructose can also put stress on the liver and heart.

23. Elizabeth Taylor wrote a diet book based on her own weight loss recipes, including a hamburger and peanut butter sandwich recipe.

Elizabeth Taylor had an eccentric list of recipes she created and ate for weight loss, including some really bizarre combinations.

The basis of the diet included peanut butter, tuna and grapefruit, as well as a Rock Hudson cocktail (Hershey's syrup, vodka and Kahlua liqueur).

What the Science Thinks:Needless to say, in a diet where alcohol is present, not everything is good and normal.

24. Madonna eats a macrobiotic diet (recognized as a pseudoscientific diet) consisting of soy, sea vegetables and fermented foods.

This plan is not only restrictive, but also makes it difficult to get enough essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins.

Macrobiotic foods, including whole grains, soy, sea vegetables, and fermented foods such as sauerkraut and miso, are Madonna's staple foods. She does not eat wheat, eggs, meat or dairy products.

What the Science Thinks: While fermented foods are well known in the medical community for their ability to cultivate gut flora, this plan is mostly full of flaws. Not only is this a severely restricted diet (and therefore nutrient-poor), but it also makes it difficult to get enough essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, and B vitamins.

25. TV presenter and actress Kelly Ripa uses an alkaline diet to optimize her PH levels. She prefers legumes and vegetables. Banned meat, grains, alcohol and caffeine

Trying to balance your body's pH level doesn't work and is reportedly an unnecessarily restrictive diet.

Kelly Ripa follows a diet plan designed to optimize pH balance with alkaline foods like fruits and vegetables, soy, legumes, and nuts. The diet plan eliminates meat, dairy, grains, eggs, meat, processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol.

What the Science Thinks: Diet is also unnecessarily restrictive of nutrients, and in order to follow it correctly, you should check your urine pH levels regularly. While there are some nutritional plan benefits, they tend to be based on common sense, such as eating more vegetables and less red meat and junk food. In addition, coffee (natural) has many benefits, so giving it up is not very healthy for most people.

26. Elvis Presley was one of the early proponents of the Sleeping Beauty Diet, which involves sleeping 10 or more hours a day to fight hunger.

Elvis Presley resorted to long sleep in his later years to lose weight, a trend now called the Sleeping Beauty Diet.

The king of rock and roll was known for his eccentric eating habits. In his later years, when he was battling obesity and related health problems, his doctor recommended that he use the extra sleep as a means to lose weight. There were even rumors that this unknown doctor with a bad reputation went so far as to use a medically induced coma to help Presley shed a few extra pounds.

What the science thinks: Studies show that getting enough sleep is important for a healthy metabolism, but overdoing it can have the opposite effect and lead to muscle loss.

27. Brooke Shields made the grapefruit diet famous. It includes 800 calories per day and lots of pink citrus fruits.

Brooke Shields' grapefruit diet involves a severe calorie deficit.

The grapefruit diet can help you lose weight, but only because of severe calorie restriction, not because of some magic fruit enzyme.

The diet plan limits calories to 800 per day, including eggs in the morning, grapefruit throughout the day, and a small piece of meat with vegetables for dinner.

What the Science Thinks: Such malnutrition can lead to loss of muscle mass, slow metabolism and, in severe cases, serious problems due to malnutrition. It can also be dangerous for people who are at risk for eating disorders.

28. Gwyneth Paltrow's health brand Goop wrote about numerous questionable dietary practices, including a goat's milk cleanse.

Gwyneth Paltrow created the infamous wellness brand Goop in the US.

In a 2017 Q&A on, a "naturopathic doctor" (a suspicious alternative medicine type who uses natural remedies to treat patients) named Linda Lancaster suggested that readers drink goat's milk and nothing else for eight days. in a row to get rid of any parasites that may be in the body.

What the science thinks: Not only is this advice lacking scientific evidence, but eating raw dairy products can also lead to foodborne illness and subsequent hospitalization.

29. Christina Aguilera follows the 7-Day Color Diet, which involves eating a different color of food every day of the week.

The same effect can be achieved if a person eats colorful, nutrient-rich foods every day of the week.

Dieters are advised to eat only one color group each day, consuming white, red, green, orange, purple, yellow and rainbow colored foods in a specific order. The thought is that this way of grouping foods ensures that dieters get all of their nutrients, because different colored foods offer different nutrients.

What Science Thinks: While limiting yourself to one color of food every day is not bad for your health (assuming you eat mostly unprocessed, fresh foods), the same effect can be achieved if a person eats colorful (not pale like tomatoes in winter), nutrient-dense meals every day of the week.

30. Katy Perry's M-Plan Diet Calls for Mushrooms to Replace One Meal a Day

Eating mushrooms like Katy Perry does may not help you lose weight in problem areas, but it can still be good for you.

Pop star Katy Perry reportedly turned to M-Plan, the so-called "mushroom diet", in 2013. She encourages replacing mushrooms with one meal each day.

No one knows who came up with this idea, and its benefits for weight loss have not even been proven.

What the science thinks: Mushrooms are healthy nonetheless, and replacing them with meat or pasta can help cut calories and add nutrients like zinc. They may even be good for your brain - some research suggests that eating mushrooms can help keep your mind sharp later in life.

And once again we repeat: everything that was said above is NOT an instruction for action, but a warning! Beware of strange diets, exercise better and eat mindfully, but that's it. Meat, fish, vegetables and fruits. Eat less fast food and soda with alcohol. Do not overeat, and everything will be fine with you, without harm to the body!

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Are you interested in the best pizzerias in New York? Indeed, New York is a city of pizza lovers. Each resident chooses their favorite place. In all pizzerias, you can order pizza in slices, but there are places where you can spend the whole evening. Read about the best pizzerias in New York below.


New York pizza has little in common with thin Italian pizza. In an authentic Pizza slice - sauce, cheese, and dough and portioned pieces of such a size that you can eat one crust. There are hundreds of pizzerias in the city, but only those that are popular among the city's residents deserve the title of a real New York one. Below you will find a list of places where you can taste “the same” pizza.


How many pizza places are in New York City?


According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there will be 78,092 pizza restaurants in 2020. Nearly 53 percent of these restaurants will be independent. According to industry reports, chain restaurants – those with ten or more locations – will have 36,213 locations in 2020.


What are the most iconic pizza places in New York City?

New York is not only full of expensive and fine restaurants but also small pizzerias on the corners of busy streets. The history of one of the most famous and oldest pizzerias in the city, which you have probably heard about more than once.


Pino "Joe" Pozzuoli immigrated to the US from Naples in the mid-1950s. When he moved to America, he first renamed himself, Joe, as Pino is the Italian form of the name Joseph. Joe began working in pizzerias throughout the Northeast, and by the 1960s, he was personally coaching the best pizza chefs in the area. In the early 1970s, he moved and opened Joe's Pizza at the intersection of Bleecker and Carmine Streets in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. He liked ​​setting up pizzerias in unique neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, which has a diverse population.


Joe and Pat’s Pizzeria

Another place in New York has ceased to please connoisseurs of good pizza for more than half a century. The restaurant's decor is made in the Mediterranean style and sets the visitors in a positive mood as if transferring them to the cozy towns of the Italian coast. The owners and employees of the pizzeria come from the same family and are always happy to keep up the conversation in English and Italian. A feature of Joe and Pat's is a pizza cooked in the shape of a heart. This underlines the chef's love for this dish. Like Grimaldi's, you won't be able to order a single bite at this restaurant. Going to Joe and Pat's, be prepared to beat the whole pizza or share it with a "brother in misfortune." In addition to delicious pizza, the restaurant's menu is rich in traditional salads and hot dishes, allowing guests to taste other delicacies of Italian cuisine.



According to the owners of this restaurant, the skill of cooking pizza on coals is a dying art. It is this skill that Grimaldi's chefs are proud of. The pizza here is distinguished by a light smoky flavor and the thinnest crust, which is impossible to achieve by baking the dough in a gas or electric oven. This high quality of the product is gained through coal from Pennsylvania, the highest quality on the planet. Each of the three New York restaurants burns about half a ton of coal every day, allowing heating of the ovens to 650 °C. The result is satisfied smiles on the face and excellent guest reviews. It's no surprise that queues for restaurants start to form long before they open!


Di Fara

According to the Zagat rating, for eight years now, Di Fara has been at the top of the list of the best pizzerias in New York. The restaurant owner comes from an Italian family of bakers and pizza makers and has even won the title of "rock star" among local fans. He makes his pizza for the restaurant's customers. And on those rare days when House DeMarco is away on business, the pizzeria is simply closed. All restaurant recipes are based on family traditions passed down from generation to generation and are kept in the strictest confidence. The ingredients are imported from Italy, which provides an indescribable authentic taste of the finished product.


When ordering a whole pizza at Di Fara, you will be given a choice between a round and square ($4 more expensive) shape. Remember also that there is no menu as such in the restaurant. All pizza is automatically served as plain (the combination of cheese and tomato sauce already described above). If you want something more interesting, you will have to choose the desired filling for a fee. Fans of the restaurant simply call the local pizza "di best"! Restaurant rules allow you to bring your wine or beer. This will enable you to have a pleasant and cheap time while waiting for a tasty piece!



This relatively new (by New York standards) pizzeria was opened in Manhattan by enthusiastic cousins ​​in 2008, followed two years later by second and third establishments in the Chelsea and Greenwich areas. The menu full of improvisation will surprise you with juicy broccoli and pecorino cheese sandwiches and the culinary intrigue of the restaurant - artichokes stuffed with cheese. This delicacy is also served with spinach on one of the restaurant's pizzas. Or maybe you prefer crab stuffing? How about pizza with meatballs and parmesan? In any case, be prepared for long lines, as the place is already trendy. This is perhaps the only minus of the restaurant.


If you do not want to waste time in line, come at 3 am or order home delivery. The restaurant is open and delivers 24 hours a day!



The history of the creation of this pizzeria has a romantic touch. Its owner and chef, Mark Yokano, volunteered to save his childhood favorite candy store from the rock of chain restaurants and decided to buy out the premises by opening an independent restaurant in it. Mark had to spend days and nights learning the art of making the most delicate dough in a traditional brick oven. However, his efforts paid off. Lucali instantly won the hearts of the area's residents and became famous for its great pizza throughout New York. The central place in the pizzeria's interior is occupied by the chef's desk, where this cherished dish is prepared in front of the visitors. The playful elements of the former candy store show through, giving the restaurant an air of freedom and spontaneity.


When you stop by Lucali for lunch or dinner, you can taste either the traditional pie or its sub-varieties wrapped in a cheburek (calzone). You will not find any other types of pizza or dishes here. In addition, all toppings are offered separately. But, as in Di Fara, you can bring your booze and spend the whole night in this homely restaurant.



The pizzeria is located in the hipster area of ​​Brooklyn - Bushwick. From the outside, the restaurant resembles an old garage. If you love thin crust pizza, then Robrta's is a gourmet paradise. Many ingredients are grown in a small garden right on the roof of the establishment. Pizza is not sold in slices, but in small individual portions. If you are in the eternal search for culinary delights, then you can safely go here.



Gennaro Lombardi opened the first pizzeria in the United States in 1905. Since then, the restaurant has changed its location, but the descendants of the family follow the traditions and cook pizza in an original way - in a coal oven. Lombardi's only sells whole pizzas, so it's worth going here for dinner with friends.



Giuseppina's owner and founder, Chris Iacono, proudly celebrates his apprenticeship at his brother's pizzeria, Lucali, for his craftsmanship. Chris Iacono's use of top tier ingredients, such as a cheese blend of low moisture mozzarella, homemade fresh mozzarella and imported Italian parmigiano reggiano cheese, as well as hand-cut pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, Italian olive oil and fresh basil, is evidence of commitment Giuseppin quality. The incomparable sauce comes from a secret family recipe handed down to the owner from his grandmother named Giuseppina.


NY Pizza Suprema

Very unexpected to find one of the best pizzerias in the city next to Pennsylvania Station. I learned about NY Pizza Suprema when I read about a guy who tried every pizzeria in Manhattan in two years. This place received very good reviews, and I had a desire to visit there urgently. The guy was right, it's really delicious here! Each pizza is excellently crispy, and the highlight of this place is the fragrant and slightly spicy tomato sauce. Try at least one slice of margherita pizza before you start ordering pepperoni.


John's Pizzeria of Bleecker Street

The interior of the pizzeria, also known as John's Pizza, is decorated with wood paneling and colorful paintings. Hipsters, artists, elderly Italians and many celebrities spend time here (at least I saw their photos on the camps). Here they canceled the sale of pizza in slices, so you can only order a whole one, such a portion will be enough for two or three people. All dishes are baked in a brick oven. This traditional method covers the edges of the pizza with a perfect, crispy, golden crust. John's Pizzeria prepares every dish in a traditional style. The pizza here is more refined than the American types. All ingredients used are exceptionally fresh. Hot sauces and premium cheese are used. The most popular dish is cheese pizza, for a change you can add toppings. You can also order a bottle of inexpensive wine.



Lombardi collaborator (and Neapolitan) Antonio Totonno Pero perfected the pizza recipe, and in 1924 he opened his place. Totonno's is still owned by the same family, although temporarily closed by Hurricane Sandy. It uses tomatoes imported from Italy, handmade mozzarella cheese, and dough made daily on the premises, but the crust is plump and thick rather than the usual thin plate (starting at $19.95). Totonno's should resume in the next couple of months. Cash only, no slices.


L&B Spumoni Gardens

The square pie at Spumoni is a classic Bensonhurst, one of the best Sicilian slices in town. Ludovico Barbati immigrated to the US in 1917 from Torella dei Lombardi, Italy. In 1939, he purchased property on 86th Street in Brooklyn to sell his spumoni (Italian ices); in the 1950s, his business expanded into a second building, which is now a pizzeria.


The pizza is still delicious: sweet tomato sauce covered in clear rectangles with a crispy toasted bottom, topped with melted mozzarella and a dash of parmesan. Slice $2.25, half tray $19, full tray $36. Credit cards, slices available.



Top 10 Pizza Places in America You Have To Visit


10. Big Lou's - San Antonio, TX

A Texas pun would be too easy, so we'll just say that Big Lou in San Antonio has some of the biggest pies. Not just a novelty, there are some pretty cool flavor combinations here, like bbq with pickles. But having a pizza that devours the table and produces slices over a foot long is everyone's dream, right?


9. Antico - Atlanta, Georgia

There are several impressive pizzerias in Atlanta. Antico in Atlanta is a small, casual pizzeria that serves super authentic Italian pizza. Cooked in a wood fired oven, the lovely chewy crust has those tender pieces of dough that give the crust a lot more flavor. There are a few variations on the menu, such as those filled with spiced meats or vegetables, but the Lasagna pizza, with bright slices of aged meat and ricotta cheese, is a real gem, unique to Antico. Topping substitutions are not particularly important here, and when you try a piece of any well-balanced pie, you will completely understand why.


8. Picco - Boston, Massachusetts

Picco in Boston takes two whole days to prepare the crust for the brick oven. The dough is fermented, which adds flavor. Flame-fried onions, shallots, garlic, sour cream, bacon and gruyère are an Alsatian pie that may be Picco's most popular. Every dish - from pizza to salads - is a beautiful work of art, combining color and artisanal ingredients. Even the ice cream is homemade.


7. Cloverleaf Pizza - Macomb, MI

Detroit-style pizza can be enjoyed at Macomb Michigan's Cloverleaf Pizza, which was inspired in the 1940s. Pies are more in the form of giant rectangles, as well as in places where sauce and cheese are sold. Topping your pepperoni pie is highly recommended.


6. Mulberry Street Pizzeria - Beverly Hills, CA

Perhaps one day you'll be traveling Beverly Hills - don't leave without grabbing a slice of thin-crust pepperoni from Mulberry Street Pizzeria. Quiet and surprisingly affordable, they make more New York-style variations and also have the best meatballs that customers regularly talk about. You might even see a celebrity or two munching on their favorite comfort food.


5. Ken's Artisan Pizza - Portland, OR

Portland Oregon has its fair share of eclectic eateries, so you bet they have a selection of pizza spots. Ken's Artisan Pizza combines authentic Italian wood-fired pizza with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The combinations are sometimes unexpected, but quite refreshing. Brooklyn has tomato sauce, mozzarella, Fra'Mani capicollo, marinated jalapenos, and that unexpected factor, some honey. Perfection. Don't miss Affogato for dessert - a local cup of coffee with brown sugar ice cream.


4. Slab - Portland, ME

Now on to another Portland on the east coast where you'll find Slab, a Sicilian-style restaurant with pizza and street food. The dough is hand-kneaded and grown in an "old world" style to reflect its true origins. Your typical slice comes with tomato sauce, mozzarella, provolone, and oregano, but you have choices for other toppings like savory provolone and sausage. Not a deep dish and not a thin crust, the classic slab-style pizza is perfect in the middle.


3. L&B - New York, New York

The L&B in Brooklyn, NY is refreshing on a classic if you want to shake things up a bit. The sauce comes on top of the cheese, fully blending the expected textures of the pizza while retaining phenomenal flavor.


2. Pequod's Pizza - Chicago, IL

Pequod's Pizza is for everyone who loves deep food and naturally in Chicago. Cheese, sauce, and caramelized crust fill the cast-iron platter that includes all of the "pan" pizzas, and you're likely to be stoked with a knife and fork. Deep dish pizza is amazingly delicious, and you'll taste some of the best at Pequod's. Starters and thin crust pizza are well received in this cozy place, but really deep dish pizza and pepperoni is the way to go.


1. Joe's Pizza - New York, New York

New York City is undeniably an amazing place to eat cheesecake, but to be honest, the choice of great places to do so is overwhelming. Joe's Pizza on Carmine Street has been around since the 1970s and is a community staple, so it's a good choice that's also easy on the wallet. Nothing beats the simplicity of a generous slice of New York-style cheese with just the right amount of sauce. Authentically cooked in a brick oven, the joint and pizza are no fuss and absolutely delicious.



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Nowadays, people have become more conscious about cooking. Now in the first place is not the nutritional value, but the taste and aroma of the dish. Of course, this added more hassle! But progress does not stand still, and people come up with more and more ideas on how to simplify the cooking process.


Working life hacks in the kitchen that will improve the taste of dishes


In the kitchen, we sometimes encounter things that cause us certain difficulties. For example, you need breadcrumbs, but as luck would have it, they ran out. Or you want the chicken to be crispy, but it turns out soft. What to do? In such cases, the food hacks subreddit comes to the rescue, where culinary tricks that users share are collected. Thanks to these tricks, you will not only cope with the problem that has arisen, but also learn how to cook in such a way that everyone will just gasp after tasting your treat.


1. When baking cookies, try using vanilla pudding mix instead of half the added sugar

It will keep the cookies soft for a few days longer and help the cookies look like a biscuit.


2. When making macaroni and cheese, add some mustard

The taste will be barely noticeable, but at the same time it will add a delicious aroma and a new flavor to the dish. You can use French mustard or mustard powder.


3. The secret to deliciously cooked frozen food is in the deep fryer.

Fry, for example, frozen potatoes until crispy, and you will be satisfied with the result.


4. To get as much juice from a lemon as possible, you need to heat it in the microwave for literally 20 seconds.

Then you can squeeze it much easier and get lemon juice.


5. Instead of sautéing mushrooms in vegetable oil or butter, try sautéing them in a dry frying pan.

Thus, the moisture from the mushrooms comes out faster, and they become brown.


6. Give stale bread a second wind

Rinse it under water, and then bake it at 150 ° C in the oven for 10 minutes. The oven will steam the bread, this will give it softness.


7. If you decide to cook something from puff pastry, then freeze the auxiliary ingredients: grated butter, flour and even a mixer bowl

This will give you the best results.


8. To save time when preparing dishes for which you need to boil the sauce, prepare the sauce in advance in large quantities, pour into portions and freeze it


9. Instead of regular sugar, use cane sugar - it has a richer and nuttier flavor that will make your baked goods better.


10. When making an omelet, quiche, or even frittata, add a dash of mayonnaise to beaten eggs to make them lighter and fluffier.


11. Original popcorn recipe: Take instant noodle spices, mix them with melted butter and add to popcorn

The taste will be better than in the cinema!


12. Make an interesting vegetable topping

Brown the butter in a pan, add breadcrumbs and nutmeg to it. And then add the resulting mixture to fried broccoli, sweet potatoes or Brussels sprouts.


13. Try adding some mayonnaise to the biscuit dough, it will make the taste softer

Mayonnaise is mostly eggs and butter, so don't be surprised by this suggestion.


14. When making fried cheese toast, brush the bread with salad dressing

Most people make this with mayonnaise, but the dressing works best - just drizzle it over the toast.


15. If you decide to cook a dish that should end up with a crispy crust in a slow cooker, then cover the lid with a paper towel

This will rid the food of excess moisture and eliminate condensation.


16. Use instant puree if you feel your soup or sauce is too thin.

Thanks to this trick, you can save the dish, even if you realize the mistake too late.


17. When breading meat products, use mayonnaise instead of eggs


18. You can fry eggs in a deep fryer without water!

Set the temperature to 130 ° C, put the eggs in a bowl and boil them. Boil 10 minutes for soft-boiled eggs, 15 minutes for hard-boiled eggs.


19. Foods like spaghetti, potatoes, or quinoa taste better when boiled in broth.


20. If you want to make a crispy crust for an open pie, then I advise you to use crushed shortbread cookies mixed with butter


21. For the softest, creamiest mashed potatoes, use egg instead of cream and butter

In warm mashed potatoes, the egg will cook and be safe to eat.


22. Instead of adding salt to your pasta, add a cube of chicken broth to it.

This way you make the taste more interesting with just one ingredient.


23. Want to make the best Caesar salad ever?

Then use fish sauce instead of anchovy sauce as it has a more subdued flavor but still provides the right level of salt.


24. Adding extra egg yolk makes pastries more fluffy and has the effect of preserving softness for several days.


25. To make homemade whipped cream, you only need a glass jar and the heaviest cream

Pour a small amount of cream into a jar, close the lid and shake-shake-shake! Seconds 20.


26. When in doubt about the correct spices for meat, then use seasoning for tacos

It is the perfect accompaniment to chicken, pork and any other type of meat!


27. Add some vanilla extract and cinnamon to pancake or waffle batter

This will give the taste a sweeter and richer hue.


28. When baking something like carrot cake or zucchini bread, replace half of the added butter with unsweetened applesauce.

It keeps the bread very moist and does not change its taste.


29. To add flavor to savory dishes like fried rice, mushrooms, or salmon, add oil mixed with soy sauce.


30. Add a little orange juice to the dough for baking - sourness will add brightness, make the taste more spicy

Suitable, for example, for pumpkin bread, banana bread or cranberry muffins.


31. For better frying potatoes, before cooking, dip them in ice water and dry them with a paper towel.


32. Do you cry while cutting onions? Solution found! Lubricate the cutting board with lemon or lime juice to help neutralize the fumes that come from slicing


33. To keep macaroni and cheese soft and creamy even after it has cooled, add cream cheese to the regular one!


34. You will be surprised to know that you only need one ingredient to make delicious homemade ice cream.

Freeze the bananas, and then grind them in a blender so that there are no lumps left. If possible, add cinnamon, chocolate chips.


35. When frying bacon, add some water - water reduces splattering of fat and makes the bacon crispy


36. If spices are important to you when cooking, then fry them in a pan before use - this way they will become more fragrant


37. Green onions (or other greens) will look more interesting on the table if cut with scissors with a decorative edge.


38. You can easily make sorbet from canned fruit.

Take a jar of fruit in light syrup, such as peaches or pineapples. Freeze it overnight, in the morning transfer the entire contents of the jar to a blender and beat. — Maxxters


39. Turn cake mix into homemade cake

To do this, you need to replace a few simple ingredients. Use real butter instead of margarine, milk instead of water, and add one extra egg. — jenipherocious


40. Add garlic to leftover bacon fat, let it steep, and then use it in cooking

It's especially delicious with hasselback potatoes. — MooseGoneApe


41. Use disposable chopsticks to keep your bag of chips closed when you run out of storage clips.


42. Make Crispy Fried Chicken with Baking Powder

To do this, rub the chicken skin with a mixture of baking soda, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper and leave in the refrigerator overnight before frying. — gkaukola


43. Cook the Perfect Poached Eggs in Plastic Wrap

Break each individual egg into a plastic bag, tie up the bags and boil the eggs in boiling water right in the plastic bags. — Jesse Szewczyk


44. Use a cookie/ice cream scoop to portion and freeze tomato paste

You will have perfect portions when you need it. — AnUnrulyLlama


45. If you are filling cupcakes, donuts or other baked goods, use a medical syringe without a needle.

It's more precise, neater and easier than using pastry bags." — Thea_From_Juilliard


46. ​​Place an ice cube on the leftover food you're reheating in the microwave to add moisture while reheating.

The ice won't melt, but it will steam your food. This is especially useful for rice. — NeverSeenAMoose


47. Grill the cheese in a waffle iron. The holes make it perfect for dipping into tomato soup— gooberdawg


48. If you run out of breadcrumbs, just toast and grate a slice of bread— gooberdawg


49. Use an apple corer to make fried potatoes

It will not only turn out beautiful, but also become very crispy. — craftyholic


50. Make quesadillas in the toaster by folding cheese into tortillas and placing them in the toaster - octoberalways



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There are things that annoy everyone about 100% of the time. This can be loud chewing, snoring, or nail biting. Yes, at this moment you want, like in a movie, to turn the table over and get away so that you just don't see it. So we tried and found for you pictures of annoying things that people have shared on the Internet. In general, we look.


"Of course, I love the crust, but not that much."



"How my sister cuts lemons ..."



"It pisses me off when people with carts block the aisle in the supermarket, stopping and chatting with each other."


"If you do this, especially if other people are sitting in front of you, then you are a complete idiot."


"This is what my mom's remote looks like"



"How my sister finished her donut"


"This is how my glass bowl was delivered to me."


"My window seat without a window"


“Thank you FedEx. Of course, why would anyone care about a TV box at all? "


“My husband eats apples with a spoon. That's all I wanted to say"



"I Can't See My Brothers Graduation"


"My girlfriend opens the cereal like a real Neanderthal."


"The manicurist tried to prove to me that it is the same color."


"Where did my mother-in-law leave my baby's uneaten banana?"


"My partner thought it was okay to put this back in the refrigerator."


"This is what the children left behind in the library"



“How my dad puts food in the refrigerator. This is a piece of steak ... "


"Someone left these used cotton swabs in the train window."


"I live with monsters"


“The sixth day of living with a roommate. I'm looking for a new home "

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