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Keanu Reeves, the main Taoist of the modern film industry and the only person in Hollywood who absolutely everyone likes, looks like he knows something. But what exactly?


This guy is constantly working - 83 films in 57 years. He plays professional killers, losers, romantics, messiahs and enemies of humanity, but always remains Keanu.


As a child, Keanu Reeves loved to ride the subway. He got into the car and just drove to the end. He was left to his own devices and was being treated by the same children. After school, they played street hockey late into the night in Yorkville, Toronto's bohemian neighborhood. They also had chestnut fights. The ground was strewn with thorny green fruits. Children opened them, took out hard cores and threw them out at each other.


But sometimes after dinner, Keanu spent time alone on the subway. There were only two subway lines in Toronto, and one lived just at their intersection. One could go down the U-shaped branch or east to Kennedy Station. It was also possible to drive all the way up first, and then down - the trip for a child cost only a quarter, and he could ride at least all day.


Then Keanu went for a walk in the unexplored part of the city: he looked at people, houses, shops. It was a familiar and at the same time alien world, a similar folk area, but as if from a dream. He was interested in exploring it. He wasn't afraid of anything.


Now, if Keanu finds himself in a new city (this often happens with him), he orients himself faster than you. He just looks around like Detective Elmore Leonard's character just got off the bus. Apotom easily finds the main street, a good cafe or a billiard room, even in the most seedy area. Such a person is not afraid to get lost in an unfamiliar city.


“He knows how to listen. People. Animals.” says Sandra Bullock


Bemorepanda colleted today some funny memes.


1.You’re breathtaking


2.Annual meetings


3.Hanks and reeves


When Keanu was 24, Ron Howard cast him in the movie Parents as a restless gouge who loves racing cars and meets a sassy girl played by Martha Plimpton. The younger brother of the heroine Plimpton was played by Leaf Phoenix (later he would take the name Joaquin), the actress met with her older Phoenix - River. So River and Keanu met.


River was then living in Gainesville, Florida, a couple of hours drive from Universal Studios in Orlando, where Parents were filmed. River came to see the girl, the younger brother, so he also spent time on the set all the time. Plimpton and Keanu liked each other from the very beginning. The girl introduced him to River, and the three older guys, and sometimes Lif, who was then only thirteen, began to hang out together.


On the screen, Keanu and Plimpton seem like a very believable young couple, quarreling, newly in love. Such a game is rarely achieved by successful casting alone.


“We just liked each other,” says Plimpton, explaining why Tod and Julie became one of the most memorable teen couples of the late 1980s. - We were friends. We had great time together. We went to Disney World. Off-road adventures stuck. Cape Keanu danced along with Michael Jackson's Off the Wall in our trailer. We liked each other."


When Bill and Ted's Bizarre Adventure came out, Keanu, Plimpton, and River watched it in the movies together. One day they went on a motorcycle trip (I think to Key West, but no one remembers exactly) - they were going to a performance by the indie band The Feelies. After the concert, we went to a bar, and Plimpton ordered herself a beer. She was 18 then. “We played pool, Keanu went to the toilet. Suddenly the light came on. I turned around and saw a cop. He says to me: "Show me your documents, please." Iyatakaya: "Your mother." Then Keanu appears from around the corner and says: “What have you done? Why did you take a sip from my glass?” He wanted to cover me."


4.I had to do it


5.So cool


6.The characters he played


Bullock met Keanu on the set of Speed ​​in 1994. They had mutual friends. They also had the same agent, so they often found themselves at the same Hollywood receptions, where they passed a couple of glasses. But they never met. In a romantic sense, never. Sandra always thought that romance would spoil their great friendship.


“But who knows,” she suddenly adds. - I think Keanu is one of those guys who are friends with their exes. And I don't think that there are those who can accuse him of something terrible. So, probably, we would have succeeded. I do not know. Each of us went our own way, we always gave each other their due, tried to see each other more often, work together. And the further, the more I admire him as a person. Would I be able to say that if he left me and I would be angry with him? Probably not".


One year after the release of Speed, Bullock and Keanu were hanging out together, chatting away from each other, and suddenly the conversation turned to champagne truffles. Bullock mentioned in passing that she hadn't tried any of them. "Seriously?" Keanu was surprised. A couple of days later, Bullock was sitting with a friend in the living room of her little house. Outside the window there was a roar of the engine - Keanu arrived on a motorcycle. Bullock opened the door. He stood on the threshold with a bouquet of flowers, champagne and truffles. "I thought you might want to try." He did not linger - he had a date.


“That's what I mean when I say he drives people crazy,” Bullock explains. - When I first met Yasnim, I tried not to shut up for a second to avoid embarrassment. And the more I talked, the less he said. I thought: “What is going on? He looks at me in confusion. Still silent. Have I offended him in some way?" And then a day or two later he sent a note or a small package, or said: "Yat thought about what you said." Do you know many such people?


If you listen to others talk about Keanu, you get the impression that he has an almost Confucian ability to understand people. Listen to them.


Is that his secret?


7.Check this out


8.Comes back




Terrible things happen in life. Inexplicable. Keanu saw people leaving: a father who wasn't there; an unborn child caught in the ruthless statistics of perinatal mortality; a girl who died in a car accident. And River's friend who died of a drug overdose. He was 23, and Keanu was 28.


“He’s so…” Keanu trails off and smiles, looking away. He lowers his head, embarrassed that he spoke in present tense.


“It’s weird to say it in the past tense,” Keanu explains, almost 30 years after River’s death. “I don't want to leave him in the past. Exceptional personality. Original, smart, talented, insanely creative. Thoughtful. Brave. Happy. He was gloomy, he was playful. It was so great talking to Snim. He inspired me. I miss Japan."


Bullock was a close friend of Samantha Mathis, River's girlfriend - in 1993, all three starred in Peter Bogdanovich's Thing Called Love. A year later, River died, the shooting of "Speed" began, and itam Bullock met Keanu.


“I saw Keanu grieving. You would know how he grieved for his girlfriend. He does not show feelings, but he failed to hide them. I thought, “God, this is the tip of the iceberg. How deep is his love and compassion for a friend!” It was attractive."


“It seems to me that we try to do our best for our loved ones,” says Keanu. – And it helps to better understand what a friend is going through.


“It seems to me that we try to do our best for our loved ones,” says Keanu. “And it helps to better understand what the other person is going through. And through understanding, through the ability to share experiences, you can find a way to help. Understand that you have something to offer to a person who is confused and does not know what to do and what to do. If you are asked for help, you can share your experience, talk. You don’t know what a person has gone through, but at least part of this path is familiar to you.


I want to believe that I didn't leave people at moments like this. But to be honest, I'm not very sure about that. I told him about it.


“We can always do more. It always is. There is no ceiling here, - he tilts his head and smiles: - And you can achieve everything. Everything will work out."






12.Is that him?






15.Mayor dog


16.My heart is stolen




18.Breathtaking results


19.He is a sweetheart


20.Love care and affection


21.Kick a robot dog


22.Jon Snow vs Jon Wick


23.The entire internet


24.Looking through reddit


25.Let the fame go


26.No chances


27.Random citizen




29.So hot






32.Excellent to each other


33.Nothing can top this


34.Quick break


35.Not all men


36.He should play




38.Human eye


39.You’re cool


40.Things that didn’t exist


41.Poor girl






44.Good quote






47.Yelling at your dog


48.Real life








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The name of April comes, from an etymological point of view, from the Latin verb "aperire" (to open) and means "the opening" of flowers and leaves that takes place in the second month of spring.


In another version, it is assumed that the name of April was based on the Greek name of the goddess Aphrodite, "Aphros" or the Etruscan, Apru, mainly since April was dedicated in ancient Rome to the goddess of beauty, whose festival (Festum Veneris et Fortunae Virilis) takes place on the first day of this month.


April was dedicated to Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty in ancient Rome. Many nations' folk tradition celebrates the warm days of April because they are favorable for the beginning of the new agricultural year.


Funniest April Memes 


In 2022, April is about war, sadness, and unstable situation in the world. That’s why we want to cheer you up with some memes.


1. Modern problems


2. True again


3. Smart facts


The flowers of April are the daisy and the blood of the mighty, which symbolize the tears of the Virgin Mary and the pleasure of supreme happiness, delicacy, parting, or gratitude for the pleasant time spent together.


The trees of April are walnut, maple and mountain ash, symbols of royalty and prophecy, balance, hope, practicality, success and abundance.


April's gemstones are diamond and sapphire, which symbolize innocence, love, peace, faithfulness, peace, and serenity.


Legend has it that whoever wore diamonds had charm and attracted the love of others. In ancient Greece, diamonds ensured invincibility, being worn on the shields of warriors. In the Middle Ages, the diamond became famous as a precious amulet that could detect poison seeping into drink or food. In the Western Middle Ages, diamonds were the adornment of men, symbolizing courage and masculinity.


In England, lovers used diamond rings to write romantic messages on glass. In India, members of various castes were allowed to wear diamonds of a certain color, and only kings allowed themselves to be adorned with diamonds of any color. Diamonds stimulated intuition and were considered the traditional gift for the sixtieth anniversary of marriage.


4. May flowers


5. Waiting for april


6. We had a deal


7. Alien invasion for april


In Roman antiquity, there was a custom that the months of the year were named in honor of the deities, April being dedicated to the goddess of beauty, Venus. The poet Ovid, in his work Castle, dedicated to the holidays, customs, and ceremonies of the past year, wrote: they are yours".


Also, each month of the year was characterized by a particular flower, April being recognized by the excellent Margaret, the symbol of simplicity, freshness, and purity, a genuine compliment to beauty.


An old legend tells us about a lovely princess named Margareta. The girl, with particular sensitivity and charm, was promised as a wife to the Emperor of Flowers from birth. Time passed, and the girl became more and more beautiful every day. At 16, Margaret falls in love with a very handsome and brave prince. The two plan to run away together to get married and get rid of their promise. The Emperor of Flowers, learning of their love, challenges the prince to a duel. The two fight with swords and clubs for three days and three nights, and finally, the prince is killed. Frightened and grieved, Margaret flees to the mountains, but the Emperor of Flowers, following in her footsteps, finds her. Seeing that she has no escape, Margaret prays, crying, that it is better to die than to marry the one who killed her lover. Her prayer is heard, and Margaret dies, and her tears become a string of pearls. Grieved and aware of his mistake, the Emperor of Flowers turns Margaret into a white flower, which has since remained the symbol of the power of destiny but also of love.


April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 30 days. The day has 13 hours, and the night has 11 hours. It begins on the same day of the week as July in all years and as January in leap years.


This year, on the last Sunday in April, Orthodox Christians and Greek Catholics celebrate Easter. The week before Easter is called Passion Week or Holy Week is marked by a series of religious services which commemorate the Passion and Crucifixion of the Savior. The week following Easter is called Illuminated Week. Passion Week and Holy Week are the most necessary and holy periods in the life of Christians.



8. April again


9. Sad joke


10. Better than March


11. Brotherhood


12. I’ve seen this before


13. Bingo


14.Disaster calendar


15. Dislike


16. Funny


17. Netflix adaptation


18. April Oscar


19. They want money


20. Nobody cares


21. Just like any other day


23. I need answers


24. Meanwhile 2022


25. The end


26. Finally


27. Chilling


28. Then I came to work


29. It was solid


30. Time to repeat


31. Coke tastes


32. Broken


33. Good morning


34. Happy New Year


35. Mainstream


36. LOL


37. Stop wasting time


38. New Year 2022


39. So funny 


40. God willing


41. Just a trailer


42. Positive cat


43. Panic


44. Come over here


45. New you


46. Where is my sauce


47. All scared?


48. Eastern Europe


49. Just kidding


50. Plans for this year



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The jury reached a verdict in the civil defamation cases between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. The jury decided to favor the star from "Pirates of the Caribbean." After a 14-hour deliberation, the jury found that Heard had defamed her ex-husband in a 2018 Washington Post article.

Funny Johnny Depp memes

Johnny Depp received $ 10 million in compensatory damages and $ 5 million in punitive damages.

Outside the courtroom, it's a holiday. The actor's fans shout his name while the jury reads the decision.

1. Telling the truth

2. Sexism

3. she Still loves me

After six weeks of hearings, both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard said the same thing to the jury in the courtroom: that they wanted their lives back.

Heard and Depp met in 2009 and was married in 2015-2016. The actor accuses his ex-wife of leaving him excrement on the marital bed and raping her with a liquor bottle.

Johnny Depp sued Heard after defaming him in an article in the Washington Post in which he said she was physically abused. The actor is seeking $ 50 million in damages.

Heard accused Depp of physical assault in that article, although his name did not appear anywhere.

Depp's lawyers claim that these accusations affected their client's reputation, who was removed from most of the ongoing Hollywood projects.

4. Expensive poop

5. He won

“The jury brought me back to life,” exulted Johnny Depp after the verdict, which awarded him fifteen million dollars in damages for comments made by Amber Heard in a Washington Post column in 2018. She s described as a “victim of domestic violence” bullied by society. The actress did not quote the actor at any time, but the events recounted left little doubt about the man she implicated.

Amber Heard, who was counter-attacking in the same trial in Fairfax, Virginia, only got two million dollars, also for defamation.

The jury's verdict is based on the word of several experts who, at the helm, affirmed during this ultra-publicized trial that Johnny Depp had suffered a shortfall of more than 22 million dollars by losing his role, in particular the sixth part of the adventures of Jack Sparrow following the statements of his ex-wife, with whom he was married from 2015 to 2017.

Can his career resume after this trial? “The damage is done, and from there could begin returning to certain normality, estimates AFP, a Hollywood producer who worked with Johnny Depp in the past. I don't think he will have huge studio deals with all that at stake."

The producer in question, who preferred to remain anonymous, continues: “If he throws bottles and takes drugs, that he is not on time, they are not going to accept delays which cost such an amount money from someone whose star is no longer in the firmament.” As witnesses assured during the trial, the star of the fallen star had already faded long before that due to "unprofessional behavior," mainly linked to his consumption of alcohol and narcotics.

According to this same producer, the major studios could, in particular, experience difficulties in ensuring expensive productions in which Johnny Depp would appear. "Now it's too risky to take a guy like this in billion-dollar franchises," he said.

6. Depp reality show


7. MeToo

The videos of Johnny Depp's fans on TikTok and those inspired by the trial with Amber Heard are just the tip of the very problematic iceberg.

On TikTok, every moment of the trial has been dissected and remixed since it began on April 11 and since it was televised and broadcast live on the YouTube channels of Sky News and Fox and the specialized Law & Crime Court TV.

Some of the videos on these channels have been viewed millions of times. "I had no idea what I was getting into," Ashley Kaye told VICE, another TikTok user who posts content about the lawsuit. "Every day, a new layer was exposed, like peeling an onion, and I couldn't believe how crazy it was."

The highly publicized split between Depp and Heard in 2016 has led to domestic violence allegations from the outset. Heard filed a temporary restraining order against Depp before the divorce was finalized. He later wrote an opinion in the Washington Post in 2018 describing himself as a "public figure representing domestic abuse," although Depp was not named. In the same year, an article in The Sun referred to Depp as a "wife beater." He unsuccessfully sued The Sun over slander but is now suing Heard for $ 50 million for the WaPo article, and Heard is also suing him for $ 100 million.

8. Bravest man

9. We’re not the same

10. Congrats, willy

The overwhelming majority of videos on TikTok - like many of the comments on the Livestream - are pro-Johnny Depp. Livestream footage was turned into TikTok in analysis clips, Depp fancams, and compilations of "funny moments" and "wild" remarks to Heard's lawyers. The hashtags #johnnydepp and #justiceforjohnnydepp have already garnered 11 billion and six billion views on TikTok, respectively; a video edited with Depp that "got tired of Amber's lawyers" was viewed 23 million times. Even the audio part with Heard's lawyer asking if Depp poured a "mega pint of wine" became popular on TikTok, with 4.8 million views of clips marked with #megapintofwine.

The noise created by TikTok around a celebrity trial may seem unprecedented. Still, as Dr. Jenna Drenten, a marketing professor at Quinlan School of Business, points out, this is not the first time such a trial has caught the public's attention. "In 1993, Americans were glued to televisions and watched a white Ford Bronco being chased by police on a Los Angeles highway," she said of the show surrounding OJ Simpson's trial.

OJ Simpson's trial was one of the first televised trials, and with it, "he changed the way fans interact with celebrity trials," says Green. According to her, the TikTok trend with fans "remixing" Johnny Depp's case is just "a branch of media sensationalism" that already exists in mainstream journalism. The difference is that media sensationalism is "now in the hands of fans."

It is important to note how the fan culture has evolved significantly and entered the mainstream. "Genres and practices that were once relatively limited to smaller fan communities have become extremely visible and commonplace," adds sociology professor Briony Hannell, pointing to "fan practices" such as fanfare compilations, initially designed by and in K-pop fandom, which is now used by fans of celebrities and public figures.

11. Captain Jack Sparrow

12. We believe him


13. What?

14. Heh

15. Hunters

16. 9gag

17. I got her

18. Sadistic Amber

19. Mega pint

20. Don’t feel like a winner

21. A day to remember

22. Same picture

23. Justice served

24. Captain Jack Sparrow


25. Yes, dad


26. 10 million

27. Lost

28. This far

29. Jar of money

30. Right?

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Watching memes helps relieve stress, scientists have now confirmed this by studying how funny pictures reduce pandemic anxiety. What kind of jokes affect us most positively and at the expense of what?

In 2021, the American Psychological Association studied how viewing memes helps to cope with stress: scientists traced the connection between watching jokes about COVID-19 and the ability to overcome fear about the coronavirus. Scientists explained the positive impact of memes by obtaining positive emotions in conjunction with the ease of processing information. Simply put, funny pictures with cats act like a kind of “joy pill” that is quickly absorbed by the brain.

The experiment involved 799 volunteers aged 18 to 88, among whom were 54.7% women, 44.4% men. 0.9% of participants did not indicate gender or identified themselves as non-binary persons.

The global collective experience of co-experiencing the pandemic has become unique in today's society. Perhaps, for the history of mankind as a whole, neither the famous medieval plague nor the Spanish flu epidemic were so large-scale. In addition, they did not have such massive information support as the coronavirus.

In this situation, memes have become the easiest way to reflect on what is happening: a flurry of jokes about the coronavirus was probably a form of collective emotional protection from the stress caused by the emergence of a new deadly disease. Such a reaction is quite logical, because overcoming stress is associated not only with the elimination of the stressor itself, but also with the perceived degree of readiness to face it. Humor also helps to devalue the problem somewhat and reduce the fear of it.

Here are some funny memes that we collected on 9gag.

1.Law degree

2.Sad story


9GAG is a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website that allows users to upload and share "user-generated content" or other content from external social media sites. The internet meme collection platform was launched on July 1, 2008, and its popularity has grown on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The site was created in 2009–2010 by a group of five Hong Kong residents: University of Hong Kong student Ray Chan, his brother Chris Chan, Derek Chan, Marco Fung and Brian Yu with the intention of creating an alternative online email platform where users could Easily share humorous photos or videos. In a 2012 interview, its CEO Ray Chan declined to explain the origin of the name "9GAG".

Building the company with a "just for fun" mentality, the co-founders of 9GAG started using 9GAG as a resume. 500 Startups accelerator program constructor. During the summer program, the 9GAG team worked on other startup ideas including StartupQuote and Songboard. Following the 500 Startups accelerator program, 9GAG participated in the Y Combinator incubator and its user base increased to 70 million unique visitors worldwide per month. The 9GAG co-founding team has discontinued all other projects and turned its focus exclusively to 9GAG. 500 Startups received shares for helping and mentoring.

In July 2012, 9GAG raised additional $2.8 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture capital, including Greycroft Partners. In August 2012, 9GAG received another US$2.8 million in funding from Silicon Valley venture capitalists including True Ventures and Greycroft Partners as well as individual investors such as Christopher Sacca, Kevin Rose and Naval Ravikant. This funding has helped grow the 9GAG engineering team in both Hong Kong and Silicon Valley. 9GAG is headquartered in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, with offices in Mountain View, California.

9GAG users and administrators may also re-post content (usually without the consent of the respective authors) from other websites (e.g. 4chan, Newgrounds, Reddit, SomethingAwful, FunnyJunk, YTMND, Instagram, etc.), replacing the original site's watermark with own. In 2011, 9GAG and 4chan disputed the authorship of internet memes published on both sites, with each company claiming the memes originated from their own site. As 9GAG co-founder Ray Chan stated, "9GAG doesn't create memes or rage comics, but helps spread them." In a 2015 article by Slate, writer Amanda Hess described 9GAG's reposting of Instagram content as part of an "online joke-stealing ecosystem".

4.Dad and the dog

5.As* hair

6.Career advice

No matter how, when and who, but for sure 9gag is a positive vibe with memes that increase our optimism.

The effect depends on the type of memes. The lowest level of stress from the coronavirus was found in those participants in the experiment who watched jokes directly about COVID-19. Such a result was not obvious in advance - scientists assumed that memes on abstract topics could act more strongly by switching attention. It is also worth noting that while the memes with animals and children were considered more cute and evoked more positive emotions, their anti-stress effect was less.

The authors of the study did not measure the duration of the therapeutic effect of memes, so you should not take them as a universal tool in the fight against anxiety. Also, do not forget that memes can be no less dangerous than bad news - for example, if they are spread by conspiracy theorists, basing jokes on pseudoscientific information.

The negative impact of an overabundance of information on the psyche is a well-known fact. And while reading news, especially related to the coronavirus, can be useful (you need to be aware of what is happening), due to how alarming such content can be, the WHO recommended consuming such information in a dosed manner.

Even at the beginning of the pandemic, a study was published in which the authors argued that widespread coverage of the topic of COVID-19 can increase the negative consequences of the epidemic in society. The scientists' conclusions were partly based on the history of coverage of past disasters. For example, in the three years after September 11, 2001, there was a spike in cardiovascular disease in people who actively followed the information about the attack and began to worry about their safety. Those who monitored information about the Ebola outbreak for several hours a day faced similar consequences.



9.U mad bro?

10.The SImpsons




14.Trash talk


16.Russia now

17.Another tip

18.Work from home

19.Funny memes

20.Bordering country

21.My family

22.My dog

23.Washing the dishes

24.When you get home

25.Help Putin

26.Leave my family

27.Stop it

28.Fear you

29.Immune system

30.What people want

31.Flight back

32.TV show

33.Sounds legit

34.Wishing to rain


36.Second day

37.And here we

38.Working mirror

39.IDK why

40.Design the cover

41.Fatherly love

42.Average Russians

43.Here it comes


45.American dream

46.Each year

47.Starting WW3

48.No one

49.Unsaved work

50.Invade everyone

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