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Here is collected a unique look at the life of long-lived people from all over the world. Everyone has their own recipe for happiness and longevity, but everyone deserves attention. These people have a lot to say and are worth listening to. Motivation for everyone who wants to live a long and happy life.


Here is their collective universal recipe for happiness and longevity:


Ruth, at the age of 92, began a weekly Pilates class. Has an excellent sense of taste.


1. Don't look at the calendar. Let every day be a holiday!


2. Buy only quality items, they will never go out of style.


3. I go outside every day. Even just to walk around the house. The secret of youth is in motion.


A 100-year-old doctor who is still practicing today. He shares a couple of tips from alternative medicine.


4. I think exercise is completely unnecessary. Their value is overrated.


5. Forget about taking vitamins. And it is not necessary to visit doctors often.


6. Fall in love, get married! Sex is also very helpful.


Long-lived advice about love, forgiveness and passion.


7. Even if you feel hate, keep it to yourself. Under no circumstances should you hurt others.


8. Keep believing in love.


9. No one can control you.


10. Feel free to cry.


11. Travel while you are young. Forget about money, experience is much more important than any money.



12. Don't compare. Otherwise you will never be happy. The grass is always greener on the other side.


13. If you feel uncomfortable dating someone, then you should not start a relationship with this person.


14. Do something nice for yourself every day.


15. Don't be stingy.


16. Farewell.


17. Find your passion and live it.


18. In most cases, problems will resolve themselves.


19. Everything is in your hands, make the right choice - do not choose only parents.


20. Get a pet. Sometimes you feel terribly lonely, and pets remind us that we are all living beings.


21. I will not advise you to profess or not to profess this or that religion. Just find what you believe in and live by it.


22. Learn to adapt.


23. Take your time to mourn the loss.


For 100-year-old Adrine Lee, the secret to longevity lies in four simple tips.


24. Keep going forward and never give up.


25. Walk more.


26. I drink tap water.


27. You should not die, even if you really want to.


Lucille Lewis reflects on the path to happiness.


28. Life is joy. Here everything depends on the person. Be satisfied. You don't have to be "happy" all the time, just be content.


29. Love people. Find something in the person to love. In the end, we are all human.


And for others, the key is in education:


30. Get a good education. This is something no one can take away from you.


Advice from Dorothy Custer, 100 years old.

31. Think positively.


32. Exercise every morning. I have a machine, something between a rowing machine and a bicycle. I do 100-200 exercises every morning, I don't leave the bedroom without it.


Some hundred-year-old elders are more active than twenty-year-old couch potatoes. One such long-livers, an avid skier, shares her wisdom with the following generations:


33. Be active. I do everything my own way, like skiing, even though I'm a hundred years old. Few people do this, although they have the strength to do so. I try to eat right, exercise, get plenty of fresh air and sun.


34. Think positively and everything will be fine. When you think negatively, you are poisoning your body. Just smile, they say, laughter is the best medicine.


Tips from the inhabitants of Sardinia, the Italian island, which is known for its large number of centenarians. They share advice about health and medicine.


35. For many years I did not take any medication. I don't think they're all that helpful, and many doctors use you as guinea pigs.


36. Don't die too soon.


The councils of centenarians have something in common - a passion for movement.


37. Keep going forward no matter what.


38. You can pay attention to local problems. But there are so many interesting things in the world!


39. May there always be many people in your house. Different people: young, old, white, black, from all over the world. People have always inspired me.


40. Move forward.


Many centenarians believe in the power of exercise.


41. I lived to this age largely due to the fact that I like to walk and not fall apart in a car seat.


42. I tried everything I learned about: I did ballet and tai chi, yoga. I walked six kilometers a day. So I stayed flexible and also wrote a book.


And others - to life in the style of rock and roll.


43. I spent my health on whiskey and cigarettes. 15 cigarettes a day and a sip of whiskey is the secret to my longevity, my doctor said that I would not last long without it. I'm still alive and can lift my elbows - and it's wonderful!


The 100-year-old doctor has a lot of invaluable advice for young people.


44. We all remember that in childhood we had so much fun that we often forgot to eat and sleep. I think adults should do the same. Do not exhaust yourself with strict rules about dinner and sleep.


45. For breakfast I drink coffee, a glass of milk and orange juice with a tablespoon of olive oil. Olive oil is good for arteries and skin. For lunch, milk and cookies, or nothing if I'm very busy. I never feel hungry because I focus on my work. For dinner, vegetables, some fish with rice and twice a week - 100 grams of lean meat.


46. ​​You should not retire, but if you really want to - not earlier than 65 years old.


47. If the doctor advises you on some tests or surgery, ask him if he would like his wife or child to go through this procedure. Contrary to popular belief, doctors cannot cure everyone. So why multiply the pain with unnecessary operations? I believe that animals and music therapy can do more than doctors realize.



48. If you want to stay healthy, use stairs and carry your own clothes. I take two steps to keep my muscles toned.


49. I am inspired by Robert Browning's poem "Abbot Vogler". My father read it to me. The poet urged us to create great art, not pathetic scribbles. The poem says that we should try to draw such a huge circle that it is impossible to close while we are alive. All that we see is an arc, the goal is beyond our vision, but it is there.


50. Pain is a mysterious thing. And the best way to forget it is to have fun.


51. Do not worry too much about the accumulation of material things. Remember: when the time comes, you will not be able to take anything with you to the other side.


52. Science in itself does not help or heal people.


53. Find your role model and try to achieve more.


54. Living long is wonderful. The first sixty years are easy to work for the benefit of the family and to achieve their goals. And then you have to make an effort to be useful to society. I have been a volunteer since I was 65, and I am still able to work 18 hours a day, seven days a week, enjoying every minute of it.


Some long-livers pay more attention to relationships.



55. I have advice for ladies. Don't marry someone older than you. Marry those who are younger!


What else? Just live!


56. I try not to worry, but just live.


57. I try to trust myself and believe in myself to deal with problems as they come.


Sometimes old people are advised to lead a simple life.


58. I don't eat much. But I try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Less meat and at least twice a week - salmon or sardines.


59. I had a mortgage for less than seven years. I paid everything at once, and I live by this principle until now. That's the whole secret of longevity.


60. Do what you enjoy.


Or is longevity a matter of luck?


61. You must have good genetics.


62. You should be lucky ... all a hundred years.


63. Try not to eat healthy food. I eat whatever I want! The secret to longevity is ice cream.


64. Leave while you are still on horseback.


65. It is extremely important to take care of the mind. I'm taking two courses... and I've studied everything from anti-Semitism to current events.


Modern Fountain of Youth? This is humor.



66. Humor is a life force, a good way to endure the hardships of life.


67. When you laugh at yourself, you prevent others from laughing at you.


68. I think people should be inquisitive. They should be interested in the world that lies beyond their troubles and sufferings. They should be excited about everything new, meeting new people or watching a new play - and just love life.


69. No matter what you do, you can collect album covers of your favorite band. But if you do it with all passion, then you are alive.


70. Age is not a disease.


Advice from baseball fans on how to protect yourself.


71. Try not to get hurt.


The grandson of a 101-year-old grandmother created a post on a well-known resource in which he invited users to ask her any questions. Here's what came out of it:



72. Be honest. I rarely lied. If you are honest with people, it will come back to you and people will be honest with you. Lying is too hard work, no need to overwork yourself.


73. Open your soul and the world will seem less strange.


74. Listen to other people. And you will learn something new. Sit back, because you'll learn a lot more if you listen to others instead of telling how much you know yourself.


75. Love what you do. If you find a job you love, you won't have to work a day in your life.


76. Try to find time every day to take a nap.


77. You have only one family, so stick to it. Whatever the problems - financial or psychological, anyway - hold on to your family. Some days will seem worse to you than others, but it should be so: the night is darkest just before dawn.


78. I try to notice those little things that make our life more beautiful. At times like these, time slows down.


Other long-livers say the following:



79. Do something interesting every day, otherwise you will die.


80. Learning new things will make you happy and keep you sane.


81. Sleep well, try not to worry and enjoy pleasant dreams.


82. I have a lot of activities. I play bingo, do needlework and meditation, go to senior fitness and do yoga. In addition, I do not miss the time of discounts, I run into stores three times a week.


83. Be nice. I have lived such a long life, because I am surrounded by people who love me.


84. I drink whiskey every day and feel great!


85. Be perfect.


Mary Cooper, who is 101 years old, invited a journalist to drive around the city in her car during an interview. She says:



86. I have never drank, smoked or used drugs. And I didn’t let anything upset me—especially traffic.


87. I don't like stress. I can't stand swearing. If someone starts to wind up, I immediately leave. I like to be around positive people, they cheer me up.


What else? In the end, a lot of advice converges on one thing - live life to the fullest.


88. Do not interfere in other people's affairs and do not eat junk food.


89. Laughter helps keep you healthy. If you see the funny in everything, you will live longer. Show me sadness, don't get discouraged. When you laugh, you cannot be angry or sad or feel jealous.


90. Look inside yourself and find tools for yourself. Everyone has them, and they help us live. I have the power of words and imagination. Printer, computer and camera help me fight injustice. If I am given an opportunity to help a person in need, I use that opportunity.


91. May you have a good appetite, many friends and little free time.



92. Need a good wife, double whiskey for the night and a calm disposition.


93. Never run away from responsibility. If you are not responsible for anything, find something that will make you turn inside out. This will help you retain your ability to think, your interest in life, and stay alive longer. I stay vigilant because I'm working. Virtue needs no reward.


94. It is very important to keep an inquisitive mind.


95. Be an attentive, active and cultured person. Don't dance to someone else's tune.


96. Don't smoke, don't drink, and don't give up.


97. Live one day and catch the wave.


98. You can wish for happiness, but I created all the best in difficult times. I also eat prunes every day.


99. Do what you must. Don't think, just do.


100. Calm down and enjoy life, what to be, that cannot be avoided. And if you have a slight cold, drink Baileys before going to bed - the next morning everything will be all right.



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