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Hotjar vs Google Analytics: A comprehensive comparison

Nowadays, the market is loaded with tons of analytics tools that claim to provide maximum and accurate analytics. Therefore, often it becomes difficult for business owners, marketers, and analysts to choose the right one for their business.

Analytics is very important to track and measure as it can help businesses to know how their strategies are performing. They can know how far or how close they are to achieving their goals. Here, in this blog, we will give you a comprehensive analysis of the two most popular analytics tools, Hotjar vs Google Analytics.

We are sure that by the end of this blog, you will be able to choose the right analytics tool that suits your business needs.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics for website is a website analytics tool developed by Google that helps to collect and analyze website traffic data. You can evaluate the customers’ interactions with your website. It can help businesses know their top traffic sources and the success of their marketing & ad campaigns.

Google Analytics tools can help you track some of the most important metrics for a business. A Google Analytics report includes metrics like total sessions, unique users, average session duration, page views, bounce rate, etc.

Google Analytics Integration

Google web analytics features can help you to collect, analyze, monitor, visualize, and report data. You can add Google Analytics to your website by following the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Sign up for the Google Analytics account. You’ll get an Analytics Property ID.

  • Step 2: Next, open a new Google Sites and click on Settings.

  • Step 3: In Settings, go to Analytics. Enter the Analytics Property ID.(After 24 hours, Google Analytics will start showing your data)

  • Step 4: Open Google Analytics and you will start seeing your data.

How does Google Analytics work?

Google Analytics collects website visitors’ data through the use of page tags. A JavaScript tag is inserted in the backend code of each page. This tag runs in the browser of each website visitor, collects data, and sends it to Google’s data collection servers.

Google site analytics creates customizable reports from this data with metrics like the total number of visitors, average session durations, page views, bounce rates, etc. The page tag works like a web bug or beacon to collect user data. Since the system relies on cookies, it can’t gather the data of users who have not accepted or disabled them.

Google Analytics: Pros & Cons

Google Analytics features make it a good choice as an analytics tool. However, there are many benefits and drawbacks of using Google Analytics free that we have given below:

  • Google Analytics sign up is free. The tool is easy to integrate and user-friendly. Analyzing Google page insights is also easy for anyone.

  • Google Analytics website traffic reports are customizable. It captures a wide range of important metrics.

  • This platform has many other essential tools like data visualization, monitoring, predictive analysis, etc.

Google Analytics heatmap has some limitations that affect its data accuracy. We have mentioned some of its shortcomings below:

  • The data can’t be accurate as some users block Google Analytics cookies, add browser extensions, and filtering programs that enhance privacy.

  • Usually, the reports are generated from 500,000 random sessions to reduce the server load. Also, the margins of error are only given for the number of visitors in these reports. However, small segments of data may have very large margins of errors.

Google Analytics pricing

Google Analytics basic version is free and offers basic features of the product. For more advanced features you need to upgrade to the paid version. The paid version of Google Analytics costs $12,500 per month or $150,000 per year.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics doesn’t track all the user events automatically. You have to set events in the GA settings. It helps you know what’s happening on your website but not why it’s happening. It lacks qualitative analytics features.

Nonetheless, there are many Google Analytics alternatives that you can use for qualitative data analysis. We have mentioned some of the other analytics tools below:

  • WebMaxy Analyzer

  • Hotjar

  • Smartlook

  • Mixpanel

What is Hotjar used for?

Hotjar and Google Analytics are different in the context of the data they track. Hotjar analytics tell you about how the visitors interact with your website. You can know if your users are encountering any problems or issues in their website journey.

Hotjar analytics comes with various features that can help you gather and analyze qualitative website data. We have mentioned some of the major features of the hot jar below:

  • Session recordings: Hotjar tracking enables you to record your site visitors’ sessions. You can watch their website activity and know how they engage with your website.

  • Hotjar heatmap: This feature can help you track your users’ clicks, taps, and scrolls on your website. You can see which website elements and CTAs they are clicking.

  • Surveys: You can conduct surveys on your website to know your users’ opinions and viewpoints.

  • Feedback widget: From the Hotjar feedback widget installed on your page, you can get direct feedback from your site visitors.

Hotjar integration with Google Analytics can help you to gather both quantitative and qualitative website data. You can track your web metrics and analyze them with your user behavior data.

Hotjar Integration

In this section, we will tell you how you can install the Hotjar analytics tracking code on your website. The Hotjar Tracking code is a JavaScript snippet that you need to add to the backend of your website. Follow the steps given below to complete the Hotjar Integration successfully.

  • Step 1: Check if your website platform is compatible with Hotjar.

  • Step 2: Go to your Sites page in Hotjar. Click on the Install tracking code for the website you want to track.

  • Step 3: Copy the tracking code and paste the code into the backend of your website between the tag.

  • Step 4: Go back to your Sites page in Hotjar and verify the installation.

Hotjar Pricing

Hotjar Analytics offers a forever-free basic plan with limited features (up to 35 daily session recordings & unlimited heatmaps). Their paid plan Plus starts from $32/month and it includes 100 daily sessions, data segmentation, and events API. The Hotjar Business Plan costs $80/month.

Google Analytics vs Hotjar

Hotjar vs Google Analytics is a trending topic. But the truth is none of them can replace the other. You don’t need to pick and choose any one of them. However, you can use both of them together to conduct in-depth data analysis. Now, we will tell you the key differences between Hotjar vs Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a quantitative analytics tool whereas Hotjar is a qualitative analytics tool.

GA reports can provide you with information about who your users are and from where they are coming. You can track and measure web metrics like traffic source, location, devices used, page views, bounce rate, etc.

Hotjar analytics has features like session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and feedback widgets. From session recordings, you can see how your visitors behave with your website. With heatmaps, you can track their clicks and scrolls. Hotjar analytics can help you to understand your users’ behavioral patterns and trends.

By combining the quantitative data from GA and qualitative data from Hotjar analytics you can get detailed website information.

Google Analytics offers a free plan whereas Hotjar has a paid plan

Google Analytics free version offers a lot of features like real-time data, custom reporting options, advanced segmentation, flow visualization, conversion reporting, etc. Most businesses can use the free version for gathering qualitative data about their website.

Hotjar analytics isn’t completely free and offers very limited features in the free version. After the 15-day free trial is over you need to upgrade to the paid plan. Hotjar free version just includes 35 daily sessions, a website heatmap, and automatic data capture.

However, there is another user behavior analytics tool, WebMaxy Analyzer which offers more features than Hotjar at an affordable price. It includes session replays, heatmaps, surveys & polls, feedback widgets, funnel view, form analytics, push notifications, segmentation, and many advanced integrations.

The best Hotjar Alternative: WebMaxy Analyzer

WebMaxy Analyzer is an analytics tool that comes with maximum features than any other analytics tool. WebMaxy Analyzer can help you in getting answers to your various questions like:

  • What visitors are doing on your website?

  • Which elements of your website interest them the most?

  • How much in-depth do they go on your web pages?

  • What do they think about your brand?

  • How do they go through the different stages of the customer journey?

  • How do prospects interact with your website forms?

  • From which page do they exit your website?

Now, we will tell you about the different features of WebMaxy Analyzer and how you can utilize them.

Session Recordings

Session recordings can help you watch your website visitors’ sessions. You can know what exactly visitors are doing on your website. You can see where they take a pause and pay the most attention and at which point they leave your website. This way you’ll be able to see your website from the visitor’s perspective.


From click maps, you can know which website elements and CTAs people are tapping or clicking. You can identify any unclickable components that your website visitors might be clicking by mistake. This information can help you to improve your website UI & UX. The scroll maps can show you much people are scrolling down on your web pages. You can use this information to place your important content and CTAs accordingly.

Surveys & Polls

You can conduct surveys & polls to get direct and accurate customer insights. You can know from your customers what they need, want, and expect from your brand. You can analyze the survey data with graphical representations and share data-driven insights with your teams.

Feedback widget

By adding a feedback widget, you can give your visitors and customers the opportunity to share their opinions, viewpoints, and suggestions with you. You can customize the feedback widget in WebMaxy Analyzer as per your brand requirement.

Funnel View

You can create funnels and analyze your customer’s journey on your website. You can see the conversion and drop-off rate throughout the different steps. This way you can know from where the maximum prospects leave your website.

Form Analytics

You can analyze how your website forms are performing with WebMaxy Analyzer. You can see how the visitors interact with forms, which fields they fill in, and which they ignore. This information can help you to create better website forms.

User Insights

From the user insights feature, you can get complete information about your website visitors. You can get details like their last seen, session duration, geographical location, the device used, device type, browser, OS version, etc.

Push Notification

Notify your website visitors and persuade them to continue their customer journey. With WebMaxy Analyzer, you can send off-site notifications to your website visitors. This is the best way to get your lost visitors back to your business.

WebMaxy Analyzer can also be integrated with many other tools like Wix, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, Shopify, Magento, and so on.

WebMaxy Analyzer Pricing

WebMaxy Analyzer offers a forever-free basic plan with features like session recording, heatmaps, funnel view, form analytics, and surveys & polls. They offer three paid plans that come with advanced features.

  • Plus plan: $ 24/month.

  • Business plan: $60/month.

  • Scale plan: Contact their sales team.

Wrapping it up

Hotjar vs Google Analytics is quite a debate but both of them are among the best analytics tool. With Google Analytics you can track website metrics whereas with Hotjar analytics you can analyze your website visitors’ behavior. You can use both Google Analytics and Hotjar together to conduct in-depth data analysis.

However, there is a hotjar alternative, WebMaxy Analyzer that offers more features at an affordable price. You can use this user behavior analytics tool to know and understand your prospective customers better. It comes with features like session replay, heatmaps, surveys & feedback, funnel view, form analytics, push notifications, and many advanced integrations. To learn more about WebMaxy Analyzer, connect with our experts on call or email us at

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Hotjar vs google analytics FAQs

How is Hotjar different from Google Analytics?

Hotjar vs Google Analytics, Hotjar is a user behavior analytics tool whereas Google Analytics is a web analytics tool. With GA you can gather quantitative website data and with Hotjar you can collect qualitative data. Google Analytics can help you to track metrics like website traffic, page views, bounce & conversion rate, etc. Hotjar can help you to capture visitors’ data through session recordings, heatmaps, surveys, and feedback.

Can Hotjar replace Google Analytics?

No, Hotjar can’t replace Google Analytics. Hotjar can help you collect data related to your website visitors. You can know how they behave with your website. Their clicks and scroll patterns on your website. Whereas Google Analytics can provide you with information like website traffic, page views, drop-off, bounce, and conversion rate.

What is Hotjar good for?

Hotjar is good for tracking and analyzing your website visitors’ behavior patterns and trends. You can know how they view your website and how they navigate through it. It comes with features like user session recordings, heat maps, surveys, and feedback. You can use Hotjar to gather and analyze qualitative data.

What is the downside of Hotjar?

Hotjar can affect your website performance and slow it down by a few seconds. Also, the hotjar pricing is quite high compared to other behavior analytics tools. WebMaxy Analyzer is a good hotjar alternative that you can use to track and analyze customers’ behavior. It has features like session replay, click & scroll maps, funnel view, form analytics, surveys & polls, feedback, user insights, push notifications, and many advanced integrations.

Can you use Hotjar for free?

Yes, you can use Hotjar for free but in the basic version, you get limited features like 35 daily sessions, unlimited heatmaps, and automatic data capture. The paid plan Plus with more advanced features costs $32/month.

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CertPot Certification Exam

CertPot offers a comprehensive certification program to validate the skills and knowledge of individuals in the field of cybersecurity. The CertPot Certification Exam assesses an individual's understanding of various cybersecurity concepts, techniques, and best practices. Here is an overview of the CertPot Certification Exam:

Exam Format:

The CertPot Certification Exam is a multiple-choice exam consisting of 100 questions. Each question has four possible answers, and candidates must choose the most appropriate option. The exam is conducted online through a secure platform.

Exam Topics:

The CertPot Certification Exam covers a wide range of topics related to cybersecurity. Some of the key areas include:

1. Network Security: Understanding network vulnerabilities, implementing secure network architectures, securing wireless networks, and network monitoring.

2. Cryptography: Knowledge of cryptographic algorithms, encryption and decryption techniques, digital signatures, and key management.

3. Web Application Security: Techniques for identifying and mitigating web application vulnerabilities, secure coding practices, and web security frameworks.

4. Incident Response: Understanding the incident response process, incident detection and analysis, containment and eradication of threats, and post-incident activities.

5. Risk Management: Identifying and assessing cybersecurity risks, developing risk mitigation strategies, and implementing risk management frameworks.

6. Security Operations and Monitoring: Monitoring and analyzing security events, implementing security controls, security information and event management (SIEM), and security incident management.

7. Compliance and Regulations: Understanding industry standards and regulations relevant to cybersecurity, such as GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and ISO 27001.

Exam Preparation:

To prepare for the CertPot Certification Exam, candidates are encouraged to review the recommended study materials provided by CertPot. These materials may include textbooks, online courses, practice exams, and other resources.

Certification Benefits:

Attaining the CertPot Certification demonstrates your proficiency in cybersecurity and enhances your professional credibility. It can open up career opportunities in various domains, such as incident response, security analysis, cybersecurity auditing, and risk management.

Note: The above description serves as a general outline for the CertPot Certification Exam. The actual exam structure, topics, and format may vary and are subject to change based on CertPot's policies and updates. It is advisable to visit the CertPot website or contact their official representatives for the most accurate and up-to-date information about the certification and exam.

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Certification Dump


  Get Your Required Exam Dumps Now!               

Certification dumps are collections of questions and answers used to prepare for a certification exam. They are often provided by third-party companies that specialize in exam preparation. Certification dumps are a valuable resource for anyone looking to prepare for a certification exam, as they provide an in-depth overview of the topics and concepts covered on the exam. Additionally, they are often updated with new and relevant information to ensure that the material is as fresh and up-to-date as possible. Certification dumps can save time and money by providing a comprehensive and convenient way to prepare for a certification exam

Are you planning to take a certification exam but feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of information you need to study? Don't worry, certification dumps can be your ultimate time-saving solution! In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing certification dumps and how they can enhance your exam preparation.

What are certification dumps ?

Certification dumps are sets of exam questions and answers that are collected from previous test-takers. These dumps are meant to simulate the actual exam environment and assist candidates in understanding the pattern and format of the test. They cover all the topics and concepts that are essential for the examination, making it easier for you to identify the areas where you need to focus your studies.

Benefits of using certification dumps:

1. Time efficiency: The preparation process for certification exams can be time-consuming, as you need to go through numerous study materials and practice tests. Certification dumps provide you with a shortcut by condensing the relevant information into one convenient resource. You can quickly review and practice the exam questions, saving valuable time for other aspects of your preparation.

2. Real exam simulation: Using dumps helps you get familiar with the actual exam environment. By practicing with these dumps, you become accustomed to the exam structure, time limits, and question types. This simulation experience reduces test anxiety and

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