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On April 1, we celebrate April Fool's Day - a fun and relaxed international holiday. However, with all the people's love and popularity, this day is not a day off in any country globally, and this is perhaps one of its central jokes.


April 1 is when you can turn your sense of humor to its fullest, show your sense of humor and not be afraid that you will not be understood, cursed, fired, or sent to compulsory treatment. Everyone excels to the best of their ability and understanding of the funny.


Most interesting facts about April’s Fool’s Day


The holiday of unbridled fun and pranks is celebrated in many countries on all continents; almost everywhere, it falls on the first days of April. Everyone crawls out of hibernation at the beginning of spring; the soul demands nonsense and jokes.


What else is April Fool's Day known for, how jokes are made in different countries, what pranks people fall for, what exciting and incredible things happened on April 1 in history, read in our article. And do not forget to cheer up and give gifts for the mainspring holidays to relatives and friends.



April's Fool's Day in different countries


1. In England, they joke about people until dinner. This can be seen even from the holiday's name - April Fool's Day. And "fool" in English just means a person who was played before noon. 


2. The most successful English hoax, which the townspeople fell for, occurred in 1698 and then repeated two centuries later. One of the capital's newspapers published an announcement that the famous sculptures of lions would be washed in the Tower of London.


3. Drawings on April 1 in France are associated with fish. A paper drawing of a fish is discreetly hung on a person's back and then teased with "April fish".


4. In Scotland, they love humor so much that Fool's Day was extended for two whole days. On April 1, since ancient times, simple-hearted people were played, sending a letter to acquaintances, in which it was said: "send the fool even further." And on the second day, the jokes are mainly related to the topic of the fifth point.


5. The first resonant American joke, dated back to 1878, was published in a New York newspaper. It was reported that the American inventor Thomas Edison came up with an apparatus that turns water into wine and earth into grain.


6. Humor Day marks the birth of a digital company with a logo in the form of a bitten apple. Yes, it's Apple! The desire to be ahead of competitors in the telephone directory led to creating the company's name. Then the apple theme continued in the name of Macintosh machines.



7. In Switzerland, on April 1, 1938, instant coffee was invented and presented to the public. However, skeptical coffee lovers decided that they were simply being fooled and did not trust the innovation. As a result, coffee mania unfolded around the world much later.


8. Hence the rumor: spring praise with your tongue, a good tale with ears. Isn't that why everyone's tongues itch in April? True, it is not vain: since April is here, do not trust anyone! On this day, everyone is not opposed to jokes; no one is immune to practical jokes. 


April's Fool's Day traditions


9. According to opinion polls, more than 70% of people will joke about one of their friends. 


10. Moreover, according to the same surveys, most of the tricks should be expected from students and, oddly enough, people doing business and having their own company. Still, you should not be afraid of grandmothers, although it can be the other way around because everyone jokes on April 1st. 


11. April 1 - this Day is not included in any calendars of significant dates and national holidays. Still, it can be attributed to international ones, since it is celebrated with equal success in Germany, England, France, Scandinavia, and even in the East. 


12. Everyone loves to make fun of someone, play a trick or play, but one day a year, absolutely everyone does this, from a child to an adult, from a student to a business person. But that's why this day falls on the first of April, no one can say for sure. 



April's Fool's Day History


13. There are several versions on this score; some attribute the origin of this holiday to Ancient Rome, wherein in mid-February (and not at all in early April), the Feast of the Fools was celebrated. 


14. Apuleius believed that the April Fool's deception was associated with a holiday in honour of Laughter in ancient Rome. 


15. Others argue that this holiday originated in ancient India, where March 31st was celebrated as the feast of jokes. 


16. There is also an assumption that only the Irish joked on the 1st of April in the ancient world, and even then in honor of the New Year. 


17. The Icelandic sagas say that the custom of cheating on April 1st was introduced in memory of Skandia, the daughter of Tiass. According to another version, the tradition of joking on April 1 is associated with the postponement of the new year. 


18. Until the second half of the 16th century, the European New Year began at the end of March. They prepared for this event, visited each other, gave gifts. The very meeting of the New Year took place on April 1. 



19. Later, by decree of the French king, the beginning of the year was officially celebrated on January 1, but many subjects continued to celebrate on April 1. To get rid of the old traditions, they became called "April Fools", it became fashionable to play and ridicule them. 


20. There is also a version according to which we owe this holiday to the Neopolitan king Monterey, who was presented with a fish in honour of the holiday on the occasion of the termination of the earthquake. A year later, the king demanded precisely the same. 


21. The same was not found, but the cook prepared another reminiscent of the right one. And although the king recognised the substitution, he was not angry but even amused. Since then, April Fools' pranks have become a custom. 


22. The origin of April Fool's Day is still unknown, as it has references in different countries and at other times. The traditions of joking and deceiving, sending people on false orders appeared everywhere and were associated with entirely different reasons.


23. According to one theory, the vernal equinox became April Fool's Day. Previously, it was customary to meet the equinox (March 19-21) with all sorts of fun, pranks and festivities - the spring meeting was met with tricks and joked about the capriciousness of the weather. And with the transition to another calendar, the holiday day has changed.


24. Another version also explains the holiday by changing the Julian calendar to the Gregorian one. Still, it ties the traditions of April Fool's Day to the New Year, which used to be celebrated at the end of March.



25. There is also an option that a funny reference in the "Canterbury Tales" of the writer Geoffrey Chaucer to March 32, implying April 1, is involved in his appearance. But most consider it just a printing error.


26. The people of many countries fell in love with April Fool's Day, and it began to gain its wide popularity in the 18th century while covering all sectors of society. 


27. On April Fools' Day, it was customary to play pranks and play pranks, assigning meaningless and even absurd tasks.


28. In modern times, April Fool's Day is popular among all ages and even reached the level of television, periodicals and radio. On this day, you can stumble upon comic articles and pranks, exquisite hoaxes at the media level.


29. At the same time, in the history of the holiday, there were real grandiose pranks from big companies: a BBC report about a beautiful pasta harvest in Italy, the transition to a decimal time measurement system, Taco Bell news about buying the Liberty Bell - an American symbol of independence from Great Britain - to reduce the national debt, a prank from Google about the alleged release of the Google Nose program, which transmits smells.


Events on April's Fool's Day


30. Back in 1778, April Fool's Day was already known in Ireland, where the New Orleans businessman Oliver Pollock comes from. According to numerous testimonies, he invented on April 1 the sign of the world currency - the dollar - $. 



31. April 1, 1924, was the day of gaining the "martyr's halo" for the last enslaver of Europe. On this day, 95 years ago, Adolf Hitler and his accomplices in the "beer putsch" were sentenced for a failed coup attempt. Of the five years in prison, Hitler served only nine months, but this term was enough for the failed artist to become a writer. 


32. After the verdict on April 1, 1924, the future Fuhrer of Nazi Germany wrote his book Mein Kampf in Landsberg prison. The text has been banned in Russia since 2002. Since 2010, the book has been recognised as extremist. Publicly joking with quotes from the book is fraught with criminal prosecution—even the first of April.


33. On April 1, 1918, half a century before the emergence of the German terrorist group of the same name, the British RAF, the Royal Air Force, was founded. A hundred years later, the combat readiness and serviceability of aircraft with the famous red-white-blue target on the wings and fuselages is provided by 33 thousand people.


34. On April 1, 1979, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed Iran an Islamic republic. For 40 years, this day has been celebrated as a national holiday, preceded by a national referendum.


35. But there is some good news as well. On April 1, 1938, instant coffee was presented in a big way in Switzerland. Coffee as a drink was invented much earlier, but it was on this day that it was introduced under the slogan "Brought to mind" and is suitable for extended storage.



36. On April 1, 1976, Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs created a company whose branding, 30 years later, would be a sign of respectability in the digital age.


37. On April 1, 1946, the USSR authorities formed the Arzamas-16 nuclear centre on the Nizhny Novgorod region and Mordovia border. Now a popular religious hotspot on the maps of Orthodox believers, Sarov became the country's leading nuclear weapons site in the Soviet past.


38. Historians often associate the first of April with important political events in the world process. For example, on this day in 1808, Emperor Alexander I proclaimed Finland's “perpetual” accession to Russia.


39. April 1, 2009, the leader of the world proletariat on the square named after him in St. Petersburg blew up the fifth point. The monument “Lenin on an armoured car” at the Finland Station in the early morning was “adorned” with a through-hole, through which, if desired, one could even see the Big House on the opposite bank of the Neva.


40. On April 1, 2019, the Central Election Commission of Ukraine recognized that, according to the results of the first round of the presidential elections, for the first time, a professional hohmach, professional cavalryman, showman Vladimir Zelensky is in the lead.


April's Fool's Day - Short Facts


41. April 1st has been celebrated since the 16th century.



42. On April 1, 1915, at the height of the First World War, the French dropped a bomb on a German camp. The bomb did not explode; it was written: “From April 1!”.


43. April 1 is celebrated by 30% of the world's population.


44. 10% of April Fools' Day pranks involve pets.


45. On April 1, traumatologists received two times more patients than other days.


46. 23% of April Fools' pranks involve pregnancy.


47. A good sense of humour is essential to 6 out of 10 US employers.


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Fools' Day has long-held origins, with historians considering the custom of pranks to be a mixture of local folk customs specific to each country with ancient legends and ceremonies to welcome the New Year and later spring.


April 1 - Fool's Day is a day of pranks or jokes. Sending friends or similar gags to an unnecessary meeting has been known in most European countries since the 16th century. It may not be officially declared a holiday, but it is undoubtedly a memorable day.


Here are some funny memes for the April Fools Day


1. Just one day


2. Being here


3. True again


April 1st is Trick Day. The custom, hundreds of years old, is an opportunity for people to surprise their friends more or less pleasantly.


The custom of fooling April 1 is a centuries-old one. Forerunners of April Fools' Day could be the Roman Hilaria festival, which took place on March 25, and the Medieval Feast of Fools, which took place on December 28, a still celebrated day in some countries. Spanish language, Mediafax reports.


On the other hand, the earliest reference to Fool's Day seems to be, according to The Museum of Hoaxes in San Diego, California, a fragment of a 1539 Flemish poem in which a man allegedly fooled his servant. A day of April 1st.


At the same time, another explanation is that hundreds of years ago, people celebrated the New Year on April 1st. The replacement of the old calendar with the new one created confusion. Initially, some people could not adapt to the change: they celebrated the New Year on April 1 instead of January 1, and for this reason, they were called "April Fools".


A Fool's Day tradition in France, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands — called "Poisson d'avril," "Pesce d'aprile!" to a person without realising it. This custom seems to date back to the 16th century.


The "Poisson d'avril" holiday is also celebrated in Canada, Portugal, and Spain. This holiday has spread to the Dutch and Flemish regions from French-speaking areas, under the name "aprilvis".


4. Trust nobody


5. Tomorrow


6. Born on this day


Fool's Day is marked in some areas for two days in the UK, with the fools being called a "noddy", while in Scotland, Fake Day is traditionally called "Hunt-the-Gowk Day". In the sense of a joke, nătărău), but having another meaning - that of the arrival of spring (April cuckoo).


In Poland, April 1st is when people make jokes and pranks, and "serious activities are to be avoided." Denmark, May 1 is known as "Maj-kat". Swedes usually celebrate April Fools 'Day" ("aprilsnar") while the less celebrated May Day Fools' Day.


In Spain, the holiday "Pescado de Abril" ("fish of April") was taken over the French chain, the Spaniards having their day of tricks, on December 28. On December 28, the Spaniards marked the "Dia de Los Santos Inocentes" (Massacre of the Innocents), the flight to Egypt and the rescue of the baby Jesus, considering that Mary and Joseph saved him with a "trick".


Some states in the southern United States celebrate The Week of Foolery, which begins seven days before Fool's Day.


It is expected that this year's April's Fool will come with pranks and screenplays in the press, which are more and more elaborate, but which also have a taste of credibility.


In recent years, Fool's Day has been an opportunity for the international press and websites to lower readers' foreheads worried about the economic crisis and the daily problems. Thus, social networks have tried to fool their users, announcing the introduction of new and unlikely services, while some sites have announced that they will close their operations.


At the same time, over the years, the international press has been making pranks since April 1, which readers have appreciated. These include Ikea's dog chair, "launched" on April 1, 2011, the BBC documentary Flying Penguins (April 1, 2008), and the left-handed burger launched by Burger King (April 1, 1998).


7. No news


8. Not good this year


9. Mood


The exact origins of April 1 are unknown, but assumptions and theories have taken various forms.


Fool's Day is associated with the late arrival of spring in early April. Nature plays tricks, "fooling" people with sudden changes in the weather. The custom dates back to Roman times. Laughing and joking, the Romans celebrated the spring equinox and the installation of spring.

Another hypothesis, accepted by the majority, states that the origin of April 1 is closely related to the change of the Julian calendar from the Gregorian one. In the old calendar, New Year's Day was celebrated on April 1 instead of January 1. After the change of the Gregorian calendar in 1582, during the reign of Charles IX, people initially had trouble getting used to the celebration of the new year on January 1. Until 1752, Britain refused to accept the new calendar. As time went on, greeting cards sent for the New Year on April 1 began to be considered pranks, often accompanied by funny gifts.


According to another speculative theory, Fool's Day is related to the Holi Holi Festival. This festival takes place in late March and annually reminds us of the victory over evil. During the festival holidays, the custom of lighting a large, purifying fire was maintained.


The Jews attributed a biblical origin to this day, linking it to Noah, who sent his dove to search the dry land after the waters receded from the ground on April 1.


Another variant is related to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who is said to have been sent from Anna to Caiaphas, then to Pilate, then from Pilate to Herod, and vice versa, after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. April. Where did the tricks start?


No matter where it comes from, April 1st is recognised as Fool's Day in most countries. Marked first in Europe, Fool's Day migrated across the ocean and then around the globe.


10. Pranks


11. April fools


12. Facebook


13. Silly goose


14. April is here


15. My life is a joke


16. Just a joke


17. Rent money


18. Pranked


19. Cruel pranks


20. Fooled


21. Why is the question


22. Own holiday


23. Fools day


24. Don’t believe anything


25. Not about jokes


26. I am gay


27. Just a prank


28. Joke


29. Good excuse


30. Posts on these days


31. All over the world


32. Gotcha


33. Cancelled


34. Every day


35. Reddit


36. Your face


37. Wait


38. Nobody believes me


39. Pregnant


40. Revenge


41. Not a joke


42. Same day


43. Trap


44. Still a joke


45. Good prank


46. Monumental prank


47. Fool


48. Plans


49. Here it comes


50. Not a fool



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This day is not highlighted in red in any calendar. But in many countries, it is considered festive. It is called April Fool's Day, but everywhere on April 1, they play each other. Haven't you figured out how to play a joke on a friend yet? Go under the cut!


On April 1, 1957, the British television company BBC showed a story about an unprecedented pasta harvest in Switzerland. Allegedly, local farmers have figured out how to deal with insects that have destroyed "pasta trees." Not all viewers understood the humor - the editors were flooded with letters asking them to tell how to grow pasta at home. The employees replied that “you need to make the pasta, put it in a jar of tomato sauce, drizzle with olive oil, and hope for a great harvest.”


We have prepared a selection of more simple but no less fun April Fools' jokes for you.


Toothpaste instead of cream

Take two cookies and combine them, but not with cream, but with toothpaste. It is desirable that the paste was without a pronounced mint flavour. Otherwise, a friend will suspect something was wrong, not having time to bite off a treat.


Candy with mustard

Fill a hollow chocolate candy with mustard or hot sauce. The main thing is to preserve the integrity of the packaging so that it looks like a store.


Mistake came out

Such a draw can be arranged in the office or some cafe. A small trapezoidal piece of tape and the men's room becomes a women's room. Don't forget to film the embarrassed ladies running away. ;)


Air Horn Under Chair

Glue the "quack" under the chair of a colleague after raising the height of the seat. 


Stationery in jelly

Treat colleagues to delicious jelly stuffed with their pens, pencils and other writing utensils.


Cotton candy

Another April Fool's treat is chocolate-covered cotton balls. They look appetising until they start chewing.


Rubber trap

Wrap a smartphone or other constantly needed thing of a friend with stationery rubber bands. The main thing is that there are a lot of them. So many. When he shoots them, you will hear many "flattering" things about yourself. :)


Eyes everywhere!

At night, while everyone is sleeping, glue your eyes on all the food in the fridge. Imagine: you get up, still sleepy, go to the refrigerator, and there ... :)


Under the water

Dip your friend's mascara or another waterproof item into an upside-down glass of water. (Take a glass with ice, put ink, turn it over. After a while, the glass will be half full ... or empty.) Be careful! The draw is fraught with tantrums.


A haircut

Buy an artificial strand to match the colour of your girlfriend's hair and imitate a haircut: "Oh, dear, it seems I cut off your curl ...". Carefully! The prank is fraught with a sexual boycott.


Sexy tattoo

Girlish revenge on the previous two jokes can be this: a tattoo sticker in the form of a butterfly or a heart on the neck or lower back. You need to apply it while the man is sleeping, and it is better from behind so that he does not immediately see and erase it. Let him justify himself to his colleagues at work. ;)


"Honey, take out the trash!"

Another girly prank. Girls put on a clean trash bag and hide. The main thing is the effect of surprise!


Mustard Flavored Toothpaste

Add a little mustard to the tube (it should be incomplete). Usually, people brush their teeth on the machine, not paying attention to what is squeezed out onto the brush.


Oil-based antiperspirant

Replace your creamy antiperspirant with butter. Those who fall for this trick will have to retake a shower. But that's why it's April 1st, right?


Sandwich with a surprise

When making a sandwich on April 1, removing the cellophane from the cheese is not necessary. So, maybe not tasty, but fun.



Make a PVA blot and place it on a friend's laptop. When he opens the computer's lid, it will take him a few seconds to realise that the disaster did not happen.


Parked - Packed

Wrap (generously) a friend, neighbour, or colleague's car in cling film. There will be no harm to the vehicle, and a lot of fun. At least for you. At least until they catch up.


Neon milk

Kids will love the prank, especially if they don't like to drink milk and you force them to (calcium and all). Add a little food colouring to the pack and watch your child's eyes widen.


Cup invasion

Place plastic cups filled with water throughout the corridor. This is an excellent test of ingenuity (how to get to the exit?), especially if a person is in a hurry.


Surprise Cake

If someone close to you has a birthday on April 1, he is unlucky to please him with a cake made by himself. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.


An unexpected guest If someone close to you has a birthday on April 1, he is not lucky, please him with a cake made by himself. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.


Unexpected guest

Attach a photo of his idol to a friend's peephole and ring the doorbell. Most importantly, come uninvited.



Plush toys can be very realistic and cute. Imagine the household's reaction when they see such a line to the toilet.


Non-spill shampoo

Seal the shampoo with cling film. A person who wants to wash will shake the bottle for a long time: it seems full, but nothing is pouring.



Great office prank. Bring some color (and hassle) to your co-workers' lives by pasting their workspaces with colorful stickers. But don't do it if your superiors don't have a sense of humor.


Letter substitution

If your buddy has a regular keypad, swap a couple of keys. Surely he will not immediately understand what the catch is.


You can also prank your friends by cooking strange but delicious April Fools' dishes. Find out how in our video review.


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