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The family is the one who offers you support when you face the obstacles of life. It's the one that helps you get up when you're pulled down by the rest of the world. The family should teach you what love, understanding and respect mean; in her bosom you find out what the true values โ€‹โ€‹of life are. Families are the "core" of society - we are born into families, and the most important years of our development are spent in our homes.

No love is so deep, no joy is as full as that which can exist in the family. Families can help us have the best in life.

The term "family" comes from the Latin - "famulus" (servant), which represents the set of slaves and servants who lived under the same roof, and then the whole house: on the one hand the master, on the other hand the wife, children and servants โ€. By extension of meaning, the family came to include paternal relatives and maternal relatives, thus becoming a community of all blood relatives, which ensures the evolution and continuity of social life. Most people recognize the importance of family when they feel alone and need moral support. From an emotional point of view, the family environment is meant to bring stability and harmony.

In our family, we love, serve, preach, and learn from each other. We share our joys and sorrows. Family relationships can bring us hard trials, but they also bring us great happiness. Happiness in the family is often possible, even when the pain does not bypass us. Like everything that has value, in order to have a good relationship within the family, you have to make efforts, but it is worth it, because families are meant to exist forever and bring us joy.

The illustrator Pascal Campion, depicts the depth of a family through his illustrations. Bemorepanda has collected some of these pictures to give you the state of relaxation and warm atmosphere in these pictures.

1.Chilling home


3.Morning routine

4.Ready for work



7.Chilling home

8.After bath


10.Bed breakfast

11.Cats and bath

12.Waiting for Santa

13.Life clock

14.Summer vibe

15.Evening walk

16.Time to read

17.Sun vibe

18.Evening walk

19.Dance time

20.After work

21.Evening ocean

22.Weekend vibes

23.Home alone

24.Walking together

25.Rain kiss

26.Being together

27.Golden hour

28.Before nap


30.Chilling together

31.Winter mood

32.Dad and daughter

33.Bad mood

34.Young mommy

35.Relaxing together

36.Nature beauty

37.Riding bikes

38.Warm hugs

39.After work

40.Watching TV

41.Good night

42.Play time

43.First date


45.Cat and girl

46.Separately alone

47.Autumn vibes


49.Good morning

50.Green vibes

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