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Believe your mom.

3 years ago
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Having a pet is a big responsibility, the decision on which should be as balanced as possible. Some people are frivolous about this process, which leads to the fact that the pet ends up on the street or in a shelter where life is not at all sweet for him. Often, an abandoned cat or dog never finds a loving home, but positive stories with a happy ending also happen, which we want to tell you about today!


“The shelter said she was shy and didn't like spending a lot of time with people. This is what I see every day when I wake up "



“This is Winston, and I fell in love with him as soon as I saw him! Now he has a family "



“The animal rescue center said that no one wants to take this cat because he has a feline immunodeficiency. They also added that he loves people very much and desperately needs a home. I picked him up today and I think he's happy. "



"Adopted two little Siamese babies and named them Yin and Yang."



“I had to wait a week before adopting this boy. But it was worth it, as my kids smiled just like this happy baby. "



“Adopting a second cat was the best decision. They love each other!"



"This is how her first night in her new home passed."



"Better than adopting a black kitten is to adopt two black kittens."



"My brother's dog named Ricky before and after adoption"




“2 months ago I accepted this 7 year old cloud. I believe that he adopted me too "



"I went to the shelter and fell in love"



“Meet Sally. She is 12 weeks old and we just picked her up from the shelter. "



They clearly liked each other.





"I think I accidentally adopted a seal"



“We saved this guy. His name is Levy and he is our 43kg Alaskan Malamute! "



“I just accepted this toothy emptiness. Meet Mr. Claudius Maximus Depussi "



“I had a suspicion that my newly adopted kitten was liquid. Today it has been confirmed! "



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If you're sitting at home bored, why not use your downtime to expand your brain? Better yet, blow your mind. They say truth is stranger than fiction, and it never seems more accurate than when you read the facts. Did you know Abraham Lincoln was a champion wrestler and licensed bartender? How about the fact that bees flap their wings 230 times per second?


If you need even more proof of this, we have a day full of mind-blowing information. So, once you're done learning about these weird (but actual!) facts, check out our pages on exciting facts, scary facts, psychology facts, useless facts, fun facts, and well-known facts.


Regardless of whether you are young or already old, in this world, there were, are, and will be things and phenomena that you did not even suspect existed. Well, it's impossible to know everything.


Strange facts about animals

1. One species of jellyfish, Turritopsis dohrnii, is immortal. In response to physical damage or any other injury, they may return in the course of their development to the polyp.


2. Snails have been known to sleep for three years if the weather is not humid enough to meet their needs.


3. Bees flap their wings 230 times per second.


4. A panda cub is smaller than a mouse at birth and weighs only four ounces.


5. Horses and cows can sleep standing up, but they can only dream when they lie down.


6. Koala fingerprints are almost indistinguishable from humans" - so they can ruin crime scenes!


7. Think your stomach is growling? Ghost crabs growl, burrowing their teeth into their stomachs.


8. The narwhal tusk is an inside-out tooth.


9. Whales in the Caribbean have a different accent than other whales in the ocean.


10. Glow in the dark sharks is a thing! A wavy shark that lives 1,700 feet below the ocean's surface emits a fluorescent glow. Only other wavy sharks usually see it. Scientists have developed a way to detect this glow using filters.


Other strange but interesting facts

11. The stage before frostbite is known as frostbite.


12. People who suffer from boanthropy believe that they are cows and will try to live their lives like cows.


13. Every continent except Antarctica has at least one McDonald's.


14. A duel between three people is called a truel.


15. Baked beans don't bake. They are stewed.


16. Sunsets on Mars are blue.



17. If you start in Argentina, you could theoretically dig a hole into China.


18. MySpace still receives over eight million monthly visitors.


19. Now obsolete, hydromancy was divination that involved seeing cheese to predict the future.


20. There are more LEGO Minifigures on Earth than real people.


21. Spider web was used as a bandage in ancient times.


22. A quarter of all your bones are in your feet.


23. A cloud can weigh over a million pounds.


24. The average person will spend six months waiting for the red light to turn green.



25. President Lyndon B. Johnson had a water surf machine.


26. Dolphins may seem carefree, but they sleep with one eye open.


27. Alfred Hitchcock was an homophobe, meaning he was afraid of eggs. Here's what the godfather of the horror genre said about them during an interview in 1963: I'm so scared of eggs, even more than I'm afraid; they anger me. This white round thing with no holes, and there is a yellow thing inside without a spot when you break it. The blood is cheerful, red. But the egg yolk is yellow, disgusting. I've never tried.


28. There is a company that turns corpses into ocean reefs. The company is called Eternal Reefs.


29. The world's most enormous padlock weighs 916 pounds.


Strange historical facts

30. In 300 BC, The Maya worshiped turkeys as vessels of the gods.


31. At the Olympic Games, medals were given out in the arts and the humanities. One hundred fifty-one medals were awarded for architecture, literature, painting, etc.


32. What fork? This sharp utensil was once considered blasphemous because it was considered an artificial hand.


33. Cleopatra was not an Egyptian. Really! Historians traced the origin of the famous ruler to the Macedonian commander Alexander the Great Ptolemy. So while she was an Egyptian queen, she was Greek.


34. No fan? You would love Pope Gregory IV. In the 13th century, he declared war on cats because he considered them tools of Satan.


35. Ketchup did not become a popular condiment until the late 19th century. Before that, it was sold as a cure for indigestion.



36. Before becoming president, Abraham Lincoln was an elite wrestling champion. In 300 matches, he lost only one. Bonus fact: He was also a licensed bartender.


37. Speaking of former presidents who enjoyed their spirits, George Washington opened a whiskey distillery after his tenure.


38. Some of the most famous cowboys in history didn't wear cowboy hats in real life (as is often portrayed in movies). Instead, icons like Wyatt Earp and Billy, the Kid wore bowler hats.


39. A Great Dane named Giuliana peed on a firebomb during World War II, for which he received a Blue Cross medal!


Strange Facts about the human body

40. While their exact purpose is unknown, scientists suspect that yawning may help regulate body temperature.


41. Let's talk about making a splash! In your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two pools.


42. The human tongue - like a finger - has a unique imprint.


43. Nose knows. He can remember 50,000 different scents.


44. The eye's cornea is the only part of the body that does not have a blood supply. Instead, it obtains oxygen directly from the air.


45. When it took you to read this sentence, about 50,000 cells in your body have died and been replaced by new ones.



46. When you blush, the lining of your belly also turns red.


47. Teeth are the only part of the human body that cannot heal itself.


48. The surface area of ​​both lungs is about the same as that of a tennis court.


49. By the age of 60, most people have lost half of their taste buds.


50. People may get goosebumps.



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According to rumors circulating on the internet, Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant, could be replaced by Sam. It is difficult to find accurate information about the origin of images on social networks. But according to our research, they were published by mistake by the illustration studio Lightfarm.

According to an article published by mistake, Lightfarm allegedly signed a collaboration with Cheil - a communications agency belonging to Samsung. The article and associated images were removed immediately after publication, but an archive saved online can be viewed here at any time to see that the news is substantiated.

Sam is said to be a virtual female character with features reminiscent of a Pixar character. Many people expect Bixby to be replaced in the future, but rumors circulating online bring other surprises.

As you may have noticed, the new Korean assistant will have a female gender. This would mean that Samsung will reinforce stereotypes based on this aspect. Therefore, will the big company be able to get rid of the criticisms that will appear? Because there is a risk that such a feminized assistant will amplify sexism.

In April 2021, Apple removed the categorization of its Siri assistant's voices by gender. Now they are called "Voice 1" and "Voice 2" instead of "Male" and "Female". In addition, there is no default setting. When an iPhone is set up, you are now asked to choose one of the voices.

In short, Assistant Sam is a rumor that should be viewed with skepticism (at least until we learn more about him). It could be a simple proposal mistakenly published by the Brazilian studio.

1.Time to go

2.Going to sale

3.Sam be like


5.That's why

6.It be like


8.We need him



Out of window

11.Buy sony

Facebook reminded me that 9 years ago I posted this. Times when 9GAG had a link attached. Link still working


Aunt cass superiority

13.Here we go again

Ah shit here we go again

14.Who you are

The times, they are a changing

15.The reality

Reality is often disappointing

16.Write down

New feature in iPhone 13 pro max ultra


Aaaahh its ruined for me now iam gonna have nightmares of it

18.Who you are

Samsung waifu go brrrrrr

19.Sam is my girlfriend

I knew Sam kind of looked like my girlfriend. . . .

20.She is so cool

I did this (low res)

21.Virtual assistant

I'm not good with headlines.

22.Super stonks

Super stonks

23.Not her

We know where this is going

24.4 days?

How long has it been already? 4 days?

25.Bixby bye

We had such hope... Bixby can still suck my nuts.

26.We have a choice

We have big mama in May now be ready for new waifu in June

27.Samsung girl

Samsung Girl = Doomer Girl v4.0?

28.Where waifu?

Where waifu?

29.So hot

So hot right now!

30.Monke forever

Waifu's temporary, monke is forever

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