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If in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, books began to be accessible to a much wider audience than in the past, today we can find them for free on the Internet, in various formats (pdf, epub, etc. ), but also in audio format. This new "coat" that the book wore, with the help of technology, is not yet a popular one, known and accessible to everyone, but over time, we hope that audiobooks will become as well known as printed books.


This Halloween, Bemorepanda recommends some audiobooks that you can find on Amazon, to spend a perfect evening with your family. Our list also includes audio books for children of all ages. We also took care to prepare a surprising offer for you, so you can download a free book from Amazon by accessing this link.



Halloween: The Official Movie Novelization

1.Halloween: The Official Movie Novelization

by John Passarella, Emily Sutton-Smith, et al.


Laurie Strode endured a battle with Michael Myers, a masked person who killed her friends and threatened the town of Haddonfield, Illinois, on Halloween night. Myers was later caught and sent to Smith's Grove State Hospital. 

After forty years Myers is back again on Halloween. This time, everything will be different, but also terrible.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




2.Hallowe’en Party

by Agatha Christie, Hugh Fraser, et al.


When a little girl is found dead, drowned, after bragging that she saw a murder, the famous novelist Ariadne Oliver calls her old friend Hercule Poirot to find the killer. Who and why would have had a reason to kill an innocent child? Maybe the story Joyce told wasn't, after all, one of her usual lies meant to impress others? Poirot will have to use all his ingenuity to unravel the mystery of a suspicious death and disappearance, but especially to prevent other crimes.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




The Halloween Tree

3.The Halloween Tree

by Ray Bradbury, Kirby Heyborne, et al.


On Halloween night, eight trick-or-treaters meet at the haunted house by the edge of town, ready for adventure. But when something took their friend Pip away, only one man, the sinister Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud, can help the boys find him.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter

4.Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter

by Miranda Richardson, Francesca Simon, et al.


Four spooky stories, brilliant and inventive for the Halloween atmosphere. This audiobook includes the following stories: 'Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats', 'Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter', 'Horrid Henry's Raid' and 'Horrid Henry's Car Journey.'

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween and Other Seasons

5.Halloween and Other Seasons

by Al Sarrantonio, William Dufris, et al.


 In Halloween and Other Seasons there is a story of a Summer sleepover that turns to be a nightmare, and a camp that is about the most terrifying Halloween ever.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween: 10 Scary Short Stories for Kids

6.Halloween: 10 Scary Short Stories for Kids

by Arnie Lightning and Fred Wolinsky


Listen to 10 bone-chilling Halloween stories that will keep the perfect Halloween atmosphere.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Taking Shape: Developing Halloween from Script to Scream

7.Taking Shape: Developing Halloween from Script to Scream

by Dustin McNeill, Travis Mullins, et al.


A comprehensive story that includes all the scenes and exclusive details. 

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Stories for Kids: Scary Halloween Short Stories, Activities, Jokes, and More!: Haunted Halloween Fun, Book 1

8.Halloween Stories for Kids: Scary Halloween Short Stories, Activities, Jokes, and More!: Haunted Halloween Fun, Book 1

by Arnie Lightning and Fred Wolinsky


Five scary stories for a party with your kids! Including spooky Halloween jokes.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween: Scary Short Stories: Scary Halloween Stories for Kids + Halloween Jokes: Halloween Ghost Stories for Kids

9.Halloween: Scary Short Stories: Scary Halloween Stories for Kids + Halloween Jokes: Halloween Ghost Stories for Kids

by Arnie Lightning and Fred Wolinsky


A perfect option for a Halloween evening with your family and kids. This scary stories are combined with spooky jokes and a fun atmosphere.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Hallowe'en Party (Dramatised)

10.Hallowe'en Party (Dramatised)

by Agatha Christie, John Moffatt, et al.


Writer Ariadne Oliver has been invited to Woodleigh Common, where a Halloween party is being organized for a group of teenagers from the village. One of the guests is a young woman well known for the stories about crimes and intrigues she tells. When the girl is found drowned, Ariadne wonders what truths the last story told by the girl was hiding. Which of the party guests wanted to silence her?

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Fun Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids and Family - Halloween Edition: 300 Trick or Treat Jokes and 300 Spooky Riddles a...

11.Fun Halloween Jokes and Riddles for Kids and Family - Halloween Edition: 300 Trick or Treat Jokes and 300 Spooky Riddles and Trick Questions That Kids and Family Will Enjoy - Ages 5-7 7-9 9-12

by Riddleland and Dr. Michelle Carabache


Getting ready with your family and kids for Halloween! This book is suitable for kids starting the age of 5. It includes jokes, spooky riddles and trick questions. 

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Forever Charmed: The Halloween LaVeau Series, Book 1

12.Forever Charmed: The Halloween LaVeau Series, Book 1

by Rose Pressey and Saskia Maarleveld


Halloween Laveau is descended from a long line of witches. Yes, her name is Halloween. The cosmic universe is performing some kind of sick joke on her. She’s the ultimate witch cliché, concluded with a black cat and spooky house. Thank heavens she’s missing warts and flying broom.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Jokes: Hilarious Halloween Jokes for Kids

13.Halloween Jokes: Hilarious Halloween Jokes for Kids

by Uncle Amon, Ryan Sitzberger, et al.


This audio book is full of funny jokes and a cool atmosphere for a family Halloween.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Stories of Magic and Mischief

14.Stories of Magic and Mischief

by Enid Blyton, Joshua Higgot, et al.


A selection of 30 magical short stories by Britain's most beloved children's author - perfect for sharing at Halloween! 

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Ghosts, Goblins, Murder, & Madness: Twenty Tales of Halloween

15.Ghosts, Goblins, Murder, & Madness: Twenty Tales of Halloween

by Rebecca Rowland - editor, Kyle Walton, et al.


Twenty tales for a perfect Halloween evening.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.






by Stephen King, Lindsay Crouse, et al.


The plot of the audio book is based on the relationship between the two heroes of the book - the popular writer Paul Sheldon and the psychopathic fan of Annie Wilkes. Paul is seriously injured in a car accident. Annie's former nurse takes him to her home, where the writer receives doses of pain relievers and treatment. Gradually, the hero realizes that he is a prisoner, forced to indulge the whims of his jailer.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




17.The Try Not to Laugh Challenge: Joke Book for Kids and Family: Halloween - Trick or Treat Edition: A Fun and Interactive Joke Book for Boys and Girls

by Riddleland and Dr. Michelle Carabache


A good book full of funny jokes for your kids and family!

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Kids: Haunted Halloween Fun, Volume 4

18.Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Kids: Haunted Halloween Fun, Volume 4

by Arnie Lightning and Fred Wolinsky


Spooky 4 stories for a Halloween party in 2020.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Fiend

19.Halloween Fiend

by C.V. Hunt and Ferdie Luthy


A town haunted every night by a creature the townsfolk refer to as Halloween. Once the sun sets each day, Halloween emerges to collect its treats: a small, live offering from each household. 

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Cottage on Gooseberry Bay: Halloween Moon

20.Cottage on Gooseberry Bay: Halloween Moon

by Kathi Daley and Angel Clark


Ainsley Holloway had come to Gooseberry Bay to find answers about her past. She’d come to find an explanation for the dreams that haunted her after the death of the cop who’d both rescued and raised her. And she’d come to identify the family she couldn’t remember but knew in her heart she’d once belonged to.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Stories: Scary Stories for Kids, Halloween Jokes, Activities, and More: Haunted Halloween, Book 5

21.Halloween Stories: Scary Stories for Kids, Halloween Jokes, Activities, and More: Haunted Halloween, Book 5

by Arnie Lightning, Rod Johnson, et al.


Audio book with spooky and scary short stories for kids, that will make the Halloween party enchanting for them.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Flirting with Fangs: Halloween

22.Flirting with Fangs: Halloween

by Peg Pierson, Kevin Chambers, et al.


Torin Kane, vampire hero, is miserable. Chapter after chapter he's fighting demons in pursuit of his archenemy, the treacherous vampire queen, Lillianna.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween: Scary Halloween Stories for Kids: Halloween Series, Book 3

23.Halloween: Scary Halloween Stories for Kids: Halloween Series, Book 3

by Arnie Lightning, Scarlet Billow, et al.


The best scary stories for your kids on Halloween evening!

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Bedtime Stories for Kids: Meditation Stories for Kids, Children and Toddlers: Help Your Children Fall Asleep and Learn Min...

24.Bedtime Stories for Kids: Meditation Stories for Kids, Children and Toddlers: Help Your Children Fall Asleep and Learn Mindfulness with Halloween and Christmas Stories

by Anna Lopez, Laura Weiss, et al.


Bedtime stories for your kids on a Halloween evening, this one is perfect for everyone!

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Kids: Halloween Short Stories for Kids, Volume 1

25.Halloween Stories: Spooky Short Stories for Kids: Halloween Short Stories for Kids, Volume 1

by Uncle Amon and Robert Lee Wilson


Spooky short stories that will be perfect for your child on Halloween evening.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Bedtime Stories for Kids: 25 Meditation Stories for Kids, Children, and Toddlers: Help Your Children Fall Asleep and Learn...

26.Bedtime Stories for Kids: 25 Meditation Stories for Kids, Children, and Toddlers: Help Your Children Fall Asleep and Learn Mindfulness. Christmas Edition with Happy Halloween Stories

by Anna Lopez, Laura Weiss, et al.


25 meditation stories for your kids that will help them fall asleep, including on a Halloween night.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Stories: Scary Stories for Kids, Halloween Jokes, Activities, and More: Haunted Halloween, Book 6

27.Halloween Stories: Scary Stories for Kids, Halloween Jokes, Activities, and More: Haunted Halloween, Book 6

by Arnie Lightning, Scarlet Billow, et al.


This is a audio book full of scary stories for kids, including Halloween jokes and activities.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Hijinks Anniversary Edition: Zoe Donovan Mystery, Book 1

28.Halloween Hijinks Anniversary Edition: Zoe Donovan Mystery, Book 1

by Kathi Daley and Angel Clark


A backdrop of zombies on the run and Halloween festivities, animal control officer Zoe Donovan is faced with losing something she loves in order to save someone she loves when she finds a dead body in the basement of a haunted house just two days before Halloween. 

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Halloween Stories for Children + Halloween Jokes

29.Halloween Stories for Children + Halloween Jokes

by Arnie Lightning and Robert Lee Wilson


Halloween Jokes and stories for children on Halloween, perfect for a family evening.

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.




Her Halloween Treat

30.Her Halloween Treat

by Tiffany Reisz, Tatiana Sokolov, et al.


It was a devastating dirty trick - Joey Silvia just found out her boyfriend of two years is married. What. A. Dick. Joey knows her best chance to get over one guy is to get under another. Of course, heading home to her family's remote cabin in Oregon poses some challenges in the "available men" department - until she discovers this cabin comes with its own hot handyman! 

Listen to this book for free for 30 days.


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Those who have read the books and watched the Harry Potter movies and are fascinated by the magical theme will surely want to learn something new about everything related to the Harry Potter. Moreover, some things still remain a mystery to fans of this franchise.


Facts about the Potterian, from the author to the characters


We at Bemorepanda have collected facts that may be of interest to you, if you are one of them. After all, what could be more exciting than learning the secrets and moments associated with your favorite characters. So if this is your topic, then you definitely won’t waste your time by looking at our selection of facts.



1. No one could portray Severus Snape the way Alan Rickman did. He was able to portray the image of this lost man with the help of some of his techniques. To make the role more realistic, author J.K. Rowling gave Rickman spoilers that no one else knew about. This prepared him to portray Snape as best he could.


2. While Harry Potter was played by babies or Daniel Radcliffe, Voldemort was played by several different actors. While we know Ralph Fiennes played Voldemort, he has also been portrayed by Richard Bremmer, Christian Coulson, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (Ralph Fiennes' nephew), and Frank Dillane.


3. Gloucester Cathedral was used as a backdrop for filming Hogwarts School outside. This was filmed in Gloucestershire, England, where Moaning Myrtle's lamentations were also caught on camera. However, the Great Hall at Hogwarts was modeled after the Great Hall of Christ Church in Oxford, England.


4. In Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe and his character Harry Potter go through a lot and are in great pain throughout the film. The make-up department had to work hard to give the character the necessary look. Over 100 pairs of glasses were replaced and makeup artists had to scar Harry's face 2,000 times.


5. On November 16, 2001, the first Harry Potter film was released. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone opened in 3,762 theaters in the United States and earned $90 million in its opening weekend. With a total of £16 million in its opening weekend, it also broke records in the UK.



6. In the Harry Potter universe, colors have a deeper meaning. Because red is associated with kindness, Gryffindor's robes are red and the Weasley family's hair is red. When Harry's parents passed away, he noticed a flash of green that is usually associated with sad events.


7. All episodes of platform 9 3/4 were filmed at King's Cross station in London, in particular on platforms 4 and 5. The pictures outside were taken in the meantime at St Pancras station. The bridge that Harry and Hagrid crossed was at York railway station.


8. Ron and Hermione are destined for each other. Not only in the friendship that exists between them, but also in the Patronuses they can call upon. While Hermione can summon an otter, Ron can summon a Jack Russell Terrier. Bonus Animal Fact: Jack Russell Terriers are known for chasing otters.


9. We are all afraid of something. This is what protects us from the dangers of the world. In Harry Potter, fears can sometimes take on a physical form thanks to boggarts. Voldemort, the series' villain, also has one. Since his greatest fear is death, his boggart is his corpse. Even the most evil people fear the inevitable.



10. The most iconic feature of the Harry Potter series and the Harry Potter character is the lightning bolt on his forehead. There is a lot of meaning to this mysterious lightning bolt scar.


11. While the Harry Potter books have captured the hearts of fans around the world, the films have not been so lucky to win the minds of Hollywood critics. Although the Harry Potter films have been nominated for twelve Oscars, they have not won a single one. Most of these nominations were in the Art Direction, Original Soundtrack and other categories.


12. After a heated argument with JK Rowling's ex-boyfriend, the idea of Quidditch came up. She claimed that other than the thought that "deep down I wished he'd been hit by a Bludger", she couldn't remember the connection between the fight and the game.


13. Just like the real world we live in is bound by the rules of science and law, the world of Harry Potter and wizardry is also bound by its own set of special rules. To create the best possible setting, J.K. Rowling spent 5 years creating and honing the rules/laws in Harry Potter to make sure the story makes sense even in a fantasy setting.


14. The entrance to the Leaky Cauldron was filmed at Leadenhall Market in London. The market, which opened in the late 19th century, served as a prime example of the Victorian market. As a result, it became an ideal location for filming Diagon Alley's exterior sequences.



15. The London City Market served as the backdrop for some scenes from The Leaky Cauldron. He was portrayed in the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. But at Leavesden Film Studios, some of the images were created using computers.


16. For the filming of the Harry Potter films, filmmakers used different locations in England. Some of them only once or twice, while others were used for filming much more often. Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire served as a filming location for the corridors of Hogwarts. In addition to the corridors, Snape's Potions lesson was also filmed there.


17. A careful eye might notice that the scars in the Harry Potter books and the movies are different. In the books, it's roughly in the middle of the forehead, but in the movies, it's more off-center.


18. The Harry Potter series has 7 books, all written by JK Rowling. With so much information, it's hard to imagine how the author managed to fit so much of it into just 7 books.


19. It's easy to see that one of the movie's most iconic characters, Albus Dumbledore, is played by two different actors. The first version of Dumbledore was played by Richard Harris, but unfortunately he passed away in 2002. He was replaced in this role by another actor, Michael Gambon.


20. "Avada Kedavra" may seem funny now, because all the fans of the series throw it around, but this curse brings its victim the most terrible side effect - instant death. Only one person could survive this - the main character Harry Potter.



21. Spell "Expecto Patronum" - one of the most advanced spells. With it, the caster can summon a guardian spirit that will protect him from many dark creatures. This spell is unique to each person.


22. The Hogwarts infirmary was filmed at Oxford's Bodleian School of Divinity. This area, often referred to as the hospital wing, was run by Madame Poppy Pomfrey, the school's head nurse. The petrified victims of the basilisk also received help here.


23. The Hogwarts Express crosses the real Glenfinnan Viaduct in Scotland. Students traveling by train to and from Hogwarts cross this bridge throughout the Harry Potter films. The Glenfinnan Monument and the waters of Loch Shiel can be seen from the bridge due to its location on the West Highlands line in Glenfinnan, Inverness.


24. Livraria Lello, the real-life bookstore in Porto, Portugal where J.K. Rowling spent several years, is said to be the inspiration for her work.


25. Hermione from books and films is completely different. In the books, Hermione had protruding teeth. During the filming of films, the directors really tried to use special prostheses for this, but after Emma Watson could not speak normally, it was decided to abandon them.


26. Although "Avada Kedavra" sounds intimidating in itself, its true meaning comes from a certain phrase in Aramaic culture. The phrase "bhadda kedhabhra" sounds like gibberish at first, but when you translate it as "disappear like that word," you see how related the incantation and phrase are.



27. Moaning Myrtle was played by Shirley Henderson, who at the time was 35 years old. She was the oldest actress to play a student.


28. The idea to write a book about a boy who didn't know he was a wizard came to JK Rowling in the 1990s while on a train ride. After five years of planning, the Harry Potter books were born, and the rest is history.


29. If you're a fan of the books, you may have noticed that one character is missing from the movies - a poltergeist named Peeves. This poltergeist has been around since 993 and has given Hogwarts caretaker Argus Filch a huge headache.


30. Alnwick Castle in Northumberland served as the backdrop for the Hogwarts interior scenes. He also appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. It was also where Harry learned how to use a broomstick.


31. Clachaig Ravine served as a filming location for Hagrid's cabin and its surroundings. Glencoe, Argyll, Scotland is known for its stunning scenery; however, the hut no longer exists there.


32. When you create an iconic character, you probably put a part of yourself into it. JK Rowling and Harry Potter have one thing that both of them have in common - their birthday. Both J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter were born on July 31st. So if you're celebrating the birth of Harry Potter, know that J.K. Rowling is celebrating it too.



33. Literary works are good because you can change the appearance and names of the characters, and no one will blink an eye. In Harry Potter, not every name we know is the first name that popped into JK Rowling's head. Try to guess the real names of the characters: Hermione Puckle, Draco Spinks, Neville Puff and Lily Moon.


34. Although in the movies, wands are strong and difficult to break, they are actually quite fragile. It's just a stick with extra material attached to it, that's all. They are also quite fun to use, not only for magic spells and curses, but also for games. Radcliffe alone broke about 60 sticks due to the fact that he played drums with them.


35. You can always leave your family's mark on the artwork you create. In the Harry Potter books, J.K. Rowling included not only a couple of details from her life, but also a little about other members of her family. For example, the characters Ernie and Stanley, the conductor and driver of the Knight Bus, are named after J.K. Rowling's grandparents.


36. It's easy to refuse the help of any other person, but when we talk about Michael Jackson, only JK Rowling could refuse his help so openly. Harry Potter fan Michael Jackson suggested creating a Harry Potter musical, but J.K. Rowling did not support the idea. It would be interesting to see what kind of music will be in this fantasy musical.


37. Even in a fantasy world, love can sometimes blossom into something more beautiful. Harry Potter was able to find his true love in Ginevra Molly Weasley. Harry married his best friend Ron's sister in the 2000s, with whom they had three children, naming them after the most important people in their lives.



38. Hagrid wouldn't be a standout character in a movie if it wasn't for the superb performance of the actor behind him. Robbie Coltrane, the actor who played Hagrid, was able to show the nature and essence of the character in front of the camera. This Scottish actor has played roles in all 8 adaptations of the works of J. K. Rowling.


39. While Robin Williams was able to win the hearts of the American audience, unfortunately he was unable to do so with the British. When he auditioned for the role of Hagrid, Williams didn't get the role, for obvious reasons - J.K. Rowling had a strict rule to cast only British or Irish actors for the lead roles.


40. Justin Finch-Fletchl, a young wizard and Hogwarts student, encountered so many snakes in his school days that it would not be strange if he developed a phobia of snakes. Not only did he have to fight several snakes during his training, he also encountered a basilisk, a giant snake. So ophidiophobia is quite understandable.


41. JK Rowling was a writer before Harry Potter. Her first "novel" was a story about a rabbit called "Rabbit" written when she was about 6 years old. This is a story about diamonds and the people who own them.


42. The real name of the author is JK Rowling. While this explains the J part and Rowling, what does the K stand for? The letter K stands for her paternal grandmother Kathleen and was added to create more mystique around the author.


43. Not every sequel can evoke that initial "Wow!" that the first films were capable of. The same goes for the third part of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This film is the highest grossing part of the Harry Potter series. While the film itself is beautiful and unique, the other adaptations are considered much better.


44. In Edinburgh, the Elephant House tea and coffee house is called the "birthplace of Harry Potter." In the 1990s, J.K. Rowling began writing down her ideas there. At the time, she frequented a cafe on one of Edinburgh's main avenues to keep warm, as she still found it difficult to make ends meet.



45. There is a "wall" in the Elephant House that belongs to Rowling. It contains photographs of the author of the Harry Potter books, as well as her thoughts and quotes. Other coffee shops in the city also claim to have hosted Rowling, but only Elephant House has such conclusive evidence.


46. When you imagine the world of Harry Potter, England immediately comes to mind. England is home to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Harry did live in England, but JK Rowling actually drew inspiration from Edinburgh, Scotland where she lived for a while.


47. It is easy for an author to draw inspiration from the saddest period of his life. As for JK Rowling, she remembered the feeling of depression, despondency and used it to create Dementors. Described as cold and empty, Dementors are the epitome of the most destructive thing that can happen to a human being.


48. Nothing says more about reality than the fact that the elements in the books are based on real life things. In the magical world, plants have names based on real ones. According to Rowling, they are taken from Nicholas Culpeper's Complete Herbs, a work by an English botanist and herbalist published in the 17th century.


49. Sometimes the role you are auditioning for is just not for you. Tom Felton could have been a good actor, but the only role that suited him was that of Draco Malfoy. He originally auditioned for the roles of Harry and Ron. One can be glad that even after the failure of these tests, he was offered the role of Draco Malfoy.


50. Voldemort is probably etched into the minds of many fans as a man without a nose, but he wasn't always like that. Voldemort, or Tom Marvolo Riddle, was once a normal person, with a nose and everything. But his journey through the magical world soon turned his attention to the darker arts.



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Reading is still the most fashionable hobby in our digital age, and a girl who reads is of interest.


Reading is an activity that can brighten up your leisure time, add color to your life, and also help in solving some issues.


If you do not like to read, try to choose the literature closest to your soul.


What are some must-read books for every woman?


We bring to your attention a list of 10 books that will not leave indifferent any woman in the world.


10. "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen

Quote: “Young ladies love to break their hearts from time to time, almost the same as getting married. This gives food for thought and somehow distinguishes them among their friends.


Why read: to understand why to get married.


What the book is about: Since 1813, when this novel was first published, the army of it admirers has only grown. An unexpected love story and English humor are two components of success. The main character Elizabeth Bennet is an atypical girl for 19th century England. She does not strongly believe in true love, therefore she treats with irony her mother's attempts to marry her and her four sisters successfully.


Elizabeth wittily comments on the mores of the English society of that time. Her system collapses when she meets Mr. Darcy, going from hate to quivering love. By the way, it is to this novel that there is a reference in the movie Bridget Jones's Diary. If you haven't read it yet, it's time to enjoy English romance and classic style.


9. The Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir

Quote: “A woman is not born, she is made. Neither biology, the psyche, nor the economy can predetermine the appearance that the human female takes in society.


Why read: to remind yourself of the value of your rights and freedoms.


What the book is about: This work of the Frenchwoman Simone de Beauvoir, full of philosophical reflections, opened the second wave of feminism. In the book, which was first published in 1949, the author conducts a large-scale study of the place of women in this world. Against the background of historical events, the evolution of culture, economy, and the formation of stereotypes of society is shown.


Simone is trying to find the answer to the main question: "Why have women always been perceived as second-class people?" The book contains many interesting comparisons and conclusions - it is such literature that allows us to evaluate the steps and positive changes about women that the world has overcome in a short period


8. Light breathing and other stories, Ivan Bunin

Quote: “But the main thing, you know what? - Easy breath! But I have it, - you listen to how I sigh, - is it true, is there?


Why read: to plunge into the atmosphere of love, frivolity, and real drama.


What the book is about: Bunin's short, bewitching stories are always full of love and charm. Each time, these are quivering, like real feelings, stories from which it is impossible to break away. You involuntarily wonder how a man managed to convey the essence of a love relationship so accurately and vividly - from first sight to a broken heart.


In the center of the tragic story “Easy Breathing” is the high school student Olya Meshcherskaya, her first intimacy, an officer in love, and a shot at the station. A sad story about what consequences a frivolous attitude to other people's feelings and one's own life can entail.


7. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

Quote: "She always gave herself good advice, though she rarely followed it."


Why read: to understand the illogicality of our world through the prism of a fairy-tale kingdom.


What the book is about: a story familiar to most about a girl, Alice, who drank a magical drink and, having decreased in size, ended up in a fairy-tale kingdom with unusual characters. There, many unexpected discoveries await her, which become "more and more wonderful."


But do not take this work solely as a children's fairy tale. The book is much deeper than it seems at first glance, and it's time to reread it. You will be surprised to discover new facets and subtle humor of the author. It is best to refer to the original to get the most out of the play on words.


6. The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood

Quote: “We thought we had such serious problems. How were we to know that we were happy?


Why read: To reimagine the world we live in.


What the book is about: This dystopia is set in a future where women have no rights, no voice, no bank accounts, no jobs, no girlfriends, no jogging or picnics, and no reading. The only function they have left is the role of servants. Absolute fantasy, right? But for some reason, while reading, somewhere in the depths of my soul everything grows cold at the thought that something like this could happen someday. That is why the book will not leave anyone indifferent.


5. The Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank

Quote: “As long as I can see this,” I thought, “cloudless skies and sunlight, I dare not be sad.”


Why read: to always keep courage and not to lose the presence of mind.


What the book is about: This is documentary material from the diary of a 15-year-old Jewish girl, Anne Frank, who during World War II hid with her family in occupied Amsterdam. Surprisingly, going through difficult trials, hunger, constant fear of exposure, and death, Anna does not lose optimism.


Her diary over two years is full of ironic and witty reflections and notes about those who share her refuge with her. Against the backdrop of the horrors of a bloody war, she remains a teenager who dreams of love and seeks to know life. Anna never finished writing her diary - she and her family were sent to a concentration camp two months before the end of the war, where she died of typhus. Her father survived and published the book.


4. Theatre, Somerset Maugham

Quote: "Only a woman knows what another woman is capable of."


Why read: to learn how to get out of any situation with dignity.


What the book is about: British author Somerset Maugham's most famous novel is a must-read. It has everything - love, passion, intrigue, pain, betrayal, revenge, and disappointment. This is a subtle, ironic story about the brilliant theater actress Julia Lambert, who, amid a crisis in her family, starts an affair with a handsome young man.



The intrigue, which began to develop into feelings, as a result, gets an unexpected twist. Theater on stage mixed with theater in private life. This is a book about the unpredictable and contradictory female soul and the true acting vocation.


3. Zuleikha, Guzel Yakhina

Quote: "To reach the goal, a person needs only one thing - to go."


Why read: to feel the power of female determination and will.


What the book is about: The novel was published only four years ago and was the debut for Guzel, but it is already considered a classic. The action of the book begins in 1930 in a remote Tatar village. The husband of a peasant woman, Zuleikha, is killed, and she, along with hundreds of other settlers, is sent in a heating wagon along a hard labor route to Siberia.


We are shown the story of the survival of the exiles, who were abandoned in the remote taiga without food, shelter, and warm clothing. People of various nationalities, faiths, and destinies have to fight together for survival, against the harsh nature and the new government. The author was inspired to create the novel by the stories of her grandmother, who herself survived the exile. By the way, the shooting of the series of the same name with Chulpan Khamatova in the title role has recently ended.


2. The Color Purple, Alice Walker

Quote: "If you want to see at least something in the world, you need to take the peasant out of your eye."


Why read: to always hope for the best.


What the book is about: The novel is set in rural Georgia in the 1930s when black women were at the bottom of society. The book describes the 20-year-old story of an uneducated African girl, Seli, and her sister, Neti.


The author, without embellishment, speaks in his book about cruelty, sexual violence, mockery - all that many people try to keep silent about. A strong girl overcomes all trials, the unexpected ending of the book is very inspiring. This 1982 novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It was later adapted into a film of the same name and a musical.


1. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Quote: “It is better to live your destiny imperfectly than to live by imitating others, and achieve perfection in this matter.”


Why read: Just for inspiration.


What the book is about: in fact, this is the memoir of American Elizabeth Gilbert. She inspired women all over the world to do a very simple but important thing - self-love. After the divorce, the heroine of the novel goes on a year-long journey for peace of mind and a sense of happiness. She visits Italy, India, and Bali, where she gradually finds the harmony of body and soul - and eventually meets a new love.


Why do women love reading romance novels?


Writing a romance novel is not building a rocket. However, the task is not an easy one, as the audience is very, very unpredictable. Most women like to read books based on romantic relationships, and it can even be a thriller, but it must have a famously twisted love story.


Reading is a form of escapism, and romance novels fuel fantasies and desires. If you haven’t heard, then we’ll tell you - it’s hard for women in the modern world. Solving three thousand household tasks every day (shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning, etc.) is a tedious task, but reading a hilarious love story is the very outlet that is sometimes simply necessary. Women need something to read that will give their minds a break that can potentially turn them on and move them to action.


Books of romance novels also help to enjoy a happy moment. In life, not every story has a happy ending, but in romance novels, this is almost guaranteed.


It is worth adding that there are people who are very skeptical about such a pastime. But maybe they should read romance novels sometimes, too. Books in this format do not harm, they are quite affordable, and some are even available online. Nevertheless, books are a powerful force: they can spur us to action, help us become better. Romance novels are harmless, they do not harm relationships, and at the same time, they can bring a lot of joy to the reader. They can be funny and heartfelt. If you need to arrange an escape from everyday life, then romance novels can be the very means to carry out this quiet adventure.


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They say that the best sound in the world is a child's laughter, and many parents are sure to agree with this. Public figures, artists and many other famous personalities will once again remind you how special children are and that their opinions and feelings should be treated the same as the opinions and feelings of adults.


For inspiration: sayings about children and childhood


There are many quotes about children that constantly remind us of this. We have collected only a small part of the wise sayings about children and childhood.


Do you have a favorite quote about children that inspired your parenting style or helped you better understand child psychology? Please share with us in the comments below.



1. "Children see magic because they're looking for it." — Christopher Moore


2. “If you want your children to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein


3. "The best thing to spend on children is your time." — Louise Hart


4. "A child can ask a thousand questions that even the wisest person cannot answer." — Jacob Abbott2. “If you want your children to be smart, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be smarter, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein


5. “Teach your children not only to read. Also teach them to question what they read. Teach them to question everything." — George Carlin


6. "Anyone who does something to help a child is a hero to me." — Fred Rogers


7. "Make it a rule never to give a child a book that you yourself would not read." — George Bernard Shaw


8. “Teach your children that they are unique. That way they won't feel obligated to be like everyone else." — Cindy Cashman



9. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.” — Alan Alexander Milne


10. “If you are a parent, open your child's doors to unfamiliar directions so they can explore. Don't be afraid of the unknown, support it." — Rajneesh


11. "Adults are just retarded kids." — Dr. Seuss


12. “Children have never been good at listening to their elders, but they never stopped imitating them.” — James Baldwin


13. “Adults follow the path. Children are exploring. — Neil Gaiman


14. "Give kids toys that are powered by their imagination, not batteries." — H. Jackson Brown


15. “A child is not a vase to be filled, but a fire to be lit.” — Francois Rabelais


16. "Only children believe they can do anything." - Paulo Coelho


17. "Children are the only courageous philosophers." — Evgeny Zamyatin



18. “Listen to the wishes of your children. Encourage them and then empower them to make their own decisions.” — Denis Waitley


19. “The only love I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” — Karl Leijerfeld


20. "A man is a man, no matter how small he may be." — Dr. Seuss


21. “Children need to be taught how to think, not what to think.” — Margaret Meade


22. “Only where children gather is there a real chance to have fun.” — Minion McLaughlin


23. “Virtually everything that honest truths say in the world is done by children.” — Oliver Wendell Holmes


24. “The game is often spoken of as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.” — Fred Rogers


25. "Always kiss your kids goodnight, even if they're already asleep." — H. Jackson Brown


26. “Children are not coloring books. You can't fill them with your favorite colors." — Khaled Hosseini


27. "All little girls need to be told they're pretty, even if they're not." - Marilyn Monroe


28. “Kids deserve the right to think they can change the world.” — Lois Lowry



29. “Children are mirrors, they reflect back to us everything we say and do.” — Pam Leo


30. "Parents can only give good advice or direct them on the right path, but the final formation of a person's character is in their own hands." — Anne Frank


31. “Even if people are still very young, they should not be prevented from saying what they think.” — Anne Frank


32. "To every child - I dream of a world where you can laugh, dance, sing, learn, live in peace and be happy." — Malala Yousafzai


33. “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” — Peggy O'Mara


34. "The Creator in you is a child set free." — Vince Goumon


35. “What is a home without children? Quiet". — Henry Youngman


36. "The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of a child into old age." — Aldous Huxley


37. “Watch what you say and do because little eyes are watching you.” — Reba McIntyre


38. “Children make you want to start life over.” — Muhammad Ali



39. “If you can only give your child one gift, let it be enthusiasm.” — Bruce Barton


40. “Children's games can hardly be called games. Children are never more serious than when they are playing." — Michel de Montaigne


41. “Every year you are a child, you become a different person.” — Alice Munro


42. "There is no light brighter than a child's smile." — Ian Semple


43. “You can learn a lot from children. Like how much patience you have. — Franklin P. Jones


44. “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” — Oscar Wilde


45. “Don't worry about the kids never listening to you; worry that they are always watching you.” — Robert Fulgum


46. ​​“I continue to believe that if kids are given the right tools to succeed, they will surpass their wildest dreams!” — David Witter


47. "Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed." — Maria Montessori


48. “The real magic wand is the child’s own mind.” — Jose Ortega y Gasset



49. “Play gives children the opportunity to practice what they are learning.” — Mister Rogers


50. “Today our children are our reflection. Tomorrow they will be our shadows." — Marali McKee


51. "Children reinvent your world for you." — Susan Sarandon


52. “Kids need models, not critics.” — Joseph Joubert





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