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European leaders were shocked after the last video conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who addressed them as if he had said goodbye to them, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said on Friday.

"It was a very emotional discussion. President Zelensky, who was in a bunker, appeared and said, "I don't know if I'll ever see you again, because I'm on Russia's list of targets," Kiril Petkov said in a statement with journalists on the eve of the extraordinary EU summit, which takes place on Friday.

"You are shaking, because this man, who is asking for help and support, may not be alive for the next 48 hours. It shook us all, because it's one thing to see victims as statistics on TV and it's another to look into the eyes of someone for whom survival is a matter of hours, "Petkov said.

He went on to say that no EU member state was really prepared for Russia's massive invasion of Ukraine.

"No European leader expected such a massive attack. Russian tanks were expected to enter the provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk, but no one expected such a massive attack, with so many casualties. One-third of the Ukrainian army has already been destroyed, "he said.

"Young people from both sides die because of a leader who sits at a long table and makes decisions"

"If it had been a partial invasion, we might have imposed easier measures. But in the current situation, there was no voice at the table calling for light measures ", Petkov detailed.

He says Russian troops sent to Ukraine did not know about the operation and thought it was an exercise.

"Young people from both sides are dying because of a leader who sits at a long table and makes decisions. These sanctions will not affect Putin, but we cannot stand idly by, "Petkov said.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on the Ukrainian military to turn its weapons against its own government. He reiterated false allegations that the Ukrainian authorities were "drug addicts" and "neo-Nazis".

"I once again addressed the soldiers of the Ukrainian army. Do not allow neo-Nazis to use your children, your wives, your elders as living shields. Take power in your hands. We will get along much better with you than with this bunch of drug addicts and neo-Nazis who took action in Kiev and took the entire Ukrainian people hostage, "Putin said in a speech after the Security Council meeting.

"I want to appreciate the action of the Russian soldiers and officers at the highest level. They act with great courage, professionalism and heroism, fulfilling their military duty, and defending our people and our homeland, "he added.

Putin used the theme of "denazification" of Ukraine to justify invading the country.

The Russian Federation is attacking Ukraine on several fronts. Heavy fighting is raging between the Russians and Ukrainian forces after Putin sent his army to attack from three directions. Several major cities were attacked with missiles, including Kiev, Kharkov, Mariupol and Odessa.

The president of the country, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced a general mobilization. "We are defending our country on our own this morning," Zelensky said in a statement on public television. The West has announced new harsh sanctions on Russia, condemning the attack on Ukraine. In Russia, thousands of people have been arrested after taking to the streets of major cities to protest the invasion of Ukraine.

Former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is ready to defend Kiev along with the military and civilians. Asked by CNN what his intentions are in the event of an attack, the former Ukrainian leader showed reporters his weapon, a Kalashnikov assault rifle.

He said he was ready to defend the city at any cost, even if he did not have the military equipment to fight.

"Putin is crazy to come here and kill us," Poroshenko added.

The former president said that many people come to enlist to defend the capital, even if the weapons they have are few.

"It's exciting and it's clear evidence that the people of Ukraine hate Putin," he said.

Asked how long they would last, Poroshenko replied: "Forever. Putin will never conquer Ukraine, no matter how many soldiers, missiles and nuclear weapons he has. We are a free people with a great European future. "

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A classic said that the person who chose to speak instead of throwing stones or fighting helped advance society. Sarcasm is for many a tool to avoid revealing their feelings. For others, it is a way of insulting some without realizing it.

If you are good at the art of sarcasm you can rest easy. Studies show that sarcastic people are smarter. Below are a few other things about scientifically proven sarcasm.

For starters, sarcasm means creativity. According to researchers, sarcastic people are inventive, and the sarcasm used at the right time can trigger innovative things. The even better news is that both people who use sarcasm and recipients are more creative after a conversation.

Also, sarcasm helps you criticize a person without looking combative. According to a study that looked at two expressions said to a smoker ("I see you don't care about your lungs!" And "I see you take care of your lungs!"). The results showed that sarcastic expressions are better received and considered rather than direct ones.

Regarding empathy, the volunteers said that the sarcastic statements seem more empathetic than those without subtext.

Other studies have shown that sarcasm can be misinterpreted, especially in electronic communication. According to a study, 60 students received a list of statements that needed to be communicated. Half were sarcastic and half serious. Moreover, these statements were sent by email or voice message to other people. Those who received the audio messages acknowledged the sarcasm (or lack thereof) in 73% of cases. By comparison, people who received sarcastic statements by email recognized the subtext in only 56% of cases.

Another revealing thing is that the people who sent the sarcastic messages thought that at least 78% of the recipients would realize it. On the other hand, the people who received the messages thought that they interpreted them correctly (sarcastically or seriously) in 90% of the cases, which did not prove to be true. Surprisingly, they had much less confidence in their ability to interpret voice messages.

In any case, sarcasm predominates in everyone's life, so Bemorepanda collected this funny top of sarcastic memes.

1.Marry someone

2.I love sarcasm

3.Remind me of a software

4.Laughting so hard

5.Was that sarcasm?

6.Enghlish people

7.Exams are coming

8.Angry and rude

9.Get anywhere

10.Ticks me off

11.You're serious

12.Wonder why

13.How to golf

14.A parent tells me


16.Not my problem

17.I just drunk

18.You're serious


20.Alwasy talk like this

21.Clap and stare

22.Round of applause

23.The only one

24.But when I do


26.Former child



29.These holes

30.Stupid motherfucker

31.Middle name

32.Will save me?

33.Called sarcasm

34.Don't understand


36.That's for short

37.Foreign language

38.Damn business

39.Show someone

40.Eat bacon


42.Racing to make that

43.Not now

44.Get you anywhere


46.Car washed

47.Inner me

48.Sarcasm strong

49.You good?


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It often happens that in a dispute or an unpleasant conversation with other people, we do not find what to say in response to them. Clever thoughts, as a rule, come later, when, in fact, there is no one to “be smart” with. We think with regret: why didn’t I think of this earlier?!


Phrases that can come in handy when you don’t know what to answer (and to cheer you up)


Well, as experience shows, often in awkward situations or responses to outright rudeness, humor (or even sarcasm) is what you need. However, as we noted above, the problem is that only some of us are born comedians, and we cannot always come up with a witty phrase at the right moment. But in this case, we at Bemorepanda have a solution: remember the words that can come in handy in such cases. With this small set, you will always be fully armed and able to stand up for yourself without offending anyone. Yes, and occasionally, you can easily cheer yourself and others up. Because not everyone will think of such a thing!



1. Silence is golden. Unless you have children, then it's suspicious.


2. Of course, I talk to myself. Sometimes I need an expert's opinion.


3. When they tell me: “You will regret it in the morning,” I sleep until noon because I can solve problems.


4. Life is a bowl of soup, and I am a fork.


5. If you can’t eat at night, then why is there a light bulb in the refrigerator?


6. If your name isn't Google, stop acting like you know everything.


7. It's okay if you don't like me. Only some have good taste.


8. If only fools surround you, then you are central.


9. It’s not enough to know your worth - you still need to be in demand


10. It may seem that I am doing nothing. But in my head, I'm swamped.



11. They say money doesn't bring happiness. Nevertheless, it is better to check everything yourself.


12. Smart thoughts constantly haunt me, but I'm faster.


13. Even the dullest room will be animated by the most ordinary children, beautifully placed in the corners.


14. Don't worry if plan A doesn't work; there are 32 more letters in the alphabet.


15. I would be offended, but I'm too busy mentally correcting your mistakes.


16. I am an example for others. Bad example.


17. I would like to thank my middle finger for always standing up for me when I needed it.


18. My bed and I are perfect for each other, but my alarm clock is trying to separate us.


19. A person's true nature is clearly revealed when the supermarket opens the second checkout.


20. Debauchery is sex in which you do not participate.



21. Those who criticize our generation seem to forget who raised it!


22. Stay focused on my life. It may be so interesting that you will be disappointed in yourself.


23. Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.


24. Medusa has been around as a species for 500 million years, surviving just fine without a brain. This gives hope to many.


25. It is not very smart to try to explain something in words in between blows to the face - it turns out indistinctly and often has to be repeated.


26. some people prove that complete brain failure does not always lead to physical death.


27. My bed is a magical place; I suddenly remember everything I had to do.


28. I don't care what people think of me. Mosquitoes find me attractive!


29. A bald spot is a clearing that trampled down my thoughts.


30. Go to bed early. Don't go to a party. Don't leave the house. My childhood punishments became my adult goals.



31. Whoever gets up early yawns all day.


32. If you don't see the bright side of life, polish off the dull side.


33. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted and then used against you.


34. I don't ignore the alarm; I wait to see who breaks first.


35. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, find the person to whom life gave vodka, and throw a party.


36. I agree with you, but we would both be wrong.


37. Beauty fades. Stupidity is forever.


38. I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.


39. I am in touch with my motivation. I saw her walking by this morning, waving and winking at me.


40. A clear conscience is usually a sign of a bad memory.



41. If you can't live without me, why haven't you died yet?


42. Confessions may be suitable for your soul, but they are hell for your reputation.


43. I used to think you were a thorn in my throat. Since then, my opinion of you has dropped significantly.


44. I refuse to answer this question on the grounds that I do not know the answer.


45. Every rule has an exception. This rule is no exception.


46. โ€‹โ€‹The way to a woman's refrigerator is through her heart.


47. Contraceptive appearance.


48. I'm not lying - I'm just good at composing.


49. The only man I will run after is the one who will shout, “Maa-aam, catch up with me!”


50. Disliked women. Didn't make it.



51. If you spit in the back, do not be upset .... So you are ahead!


52. Nothing limits your actions like the phrase "do whatever you want" ...


53. Only the military enlistment office can accept a man as he is.


54. You will be ashamed of me but not bored.


55. Sorry, I have to go. You bore me to death, and my instincts of self-preservation woke up.


56. Here, you send someone in the heat of the moment. And in your soul, you worry: did you reach ... did not reach?


57. There are too many open tabs in my brain.


58. Originally, laziness manifests itself in charming nuances. The window sill was painted at the house's entrance, along with an ashtray and cigarette butts.


59. I always want to lose weight, but he always finds me a "bastard"!


60. Of all my qualities, only the Rh factor is positive.




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