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Halloween is considered to be the most terrifying and at the same time one of the most popular holidays in the world.


Halloween is celebrated every year on October 31st, on the eve of All Saints' Day. The traditions of its celebration were laid by the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland.


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "Halloween" was first mentioned in the 16th century as a Scottish abbreviation for the English phrase All-Hallows-Even. On October 31, it is customary to dress up as scary characters, decorate the house and buy sweets.


The main symbol of the holiday is considered to be Jack's Lamp - a pumpkin, on which, as a rule, an ominously grinning face is carved. A lighted candle is placed inside the vegetable. For the first time "Jack's lamps" appeared in the UK, but initially they used rutabagas or turnips for their manufacture. It was believed that such a fruit, left on All Saints Day near the house, would drive away evil spirits from him. As the Halloween tradition spread to the United States, pumpkins were used to make lamps because they were more readily available and cheaper.


Today, instead of the classic version - pumpkins with an evil "face", others are popular among fans of the holiday. So, users of social networks on the eve of the holiday demonstrated pumpkins with glowing frightening phrases: "Subsistence minimum", "Gasoline prices", etc.


It is a truly beloved holiday. As long as man's fantasies have no limits, everyone interprets his costume in his own way, that's why we finally get very funny costumes.


Bemorepanda has collected the funniest costumes, and some of them can also serve as a source of inspiration for 2020.


1.No filter needed


2.Remember the movie?


3.KFC production


4.Trump is moving out


5.Cartoon movies inspiration


6.Run Forest, run!


7.Monster Corportion


8.Mommy belly on Halloween


9.Salsa Picante




11.That's a funny kid of the Royal Family


12.Twister me


13.The super heroes


14.Pasta and sauce


15.That's a great combo


16.Washing Machine


17.The claw




19.Ginger bread


20.The killer


21.Online shopping goes wrong


22.That's a funny costume


23.Rapunzel and her daddy


24.Monster baby




26.Ice baby


27.The cuttest gift ever


28.Jelly Belly


29.Assault and Battery


30.Pregnancy Halloween


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#DoNotTouchMyClothes is the hashtag that accompanies photos posted by Afghan women. After staging protests in Afghanistan's largest cities, the protest against Taliban rules has now moved to social media.

Afghan women around the world post on social media images in which they wear colorful folk costumes, using the hashtag #DoNotTouchMyClothes - "don't touch my clothes".

The protest is a response to a demonstration orchestrated by the Taliban at the University of Kabul, in which about 300 women appear dressed from head to toe in black, with their faces and hands covered.

They waved the Taliban flag and said they supported Taliban militants, who announced that women would not be allowed to hold government positions and that schools and universities would be segregated by gender.

Bahar Jalali, an Afghan historian and gender specialist, posted the first photo using the hashtag #DoNotTouchMyClothes, which then inspired many Afghan women around the world to do the same.

Peymana Assad, the first person of Afghan origin to hold a public post in the UK, posted a photo of her wearing colorful traditional clothes. "It simply came to our notice then. My traditional dress, "Assad wrote on Twitter.

Singer Ariana Delawari, who managed to flee Afghanistan shortly after the Taliban took control of the capital, posted a picture of women in her family wearing traditional costumes.

Our culture is not dark, it is not black or white - it is full of color, beauty, art and crafts and identity, "Lima researcher Lima Halima Ahmad, founder of the Paywand Afghan Association, which focuses on issues, told the BBC. facing women in Afghanistan.

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The super fun Halloween holiday is fast approaching and we have already started thinking about what to wear. We don't want to buy too expensive costumes, and we suspect you don't want to either, so we tried to find some super cute and quite affordable options. We share with you our favorite costumes and we want you to have fun on this occasion, and win the prize for the best couple costume at the party you go to.

1.Ninja couple

2.Jasmine and Aladin

3.Morning routine

4.Funny monsters

5.Cooking together



8.Simple but cute costumes

9.Cool costume fora funny couple

10.Fall thematic costumes

11.FBI partners

12.Lady and Tramp

13.So funny

14.The dead


16.Ken and Barbie

17.Toy Story

18.Super heroes

19.Sexy option

20.Game of Thrones

21.Winnie Pooh

22.The Simpsons



25.Shrak and Fiona

26.Remember this cartoon?

27.Walking dead

28.Monster night

29.Fraon and Cleopatra

30.Stylish couple


32.Captain America

33.NASA and the star


35.The plastic surgeon

36.Bunny basket

37.That's scary

38.Beautiful costumes


40.That's what the cat did to him

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There is little time until the Halloween party, and if you haven't decided what costume you will wear this year, we come up with the most inspired proposals.

Although, on Halloween, there are trends that are becoming more and more fashionable, there are classic costumes that are always successful: clowns, witches, zombies, vampires, demons, skeletons, werewolves, ghosts, pumpkins…

You may prefer to opt for classic Halloween costumes, or maybe you are a creative person looking for something much more special.

Here we have collected the funniest Halloween costumes, maybe you will find an idea for you.

1.One night stand

2.Periods be like

3.Twister costume

4.With and without filter

5.Sushi time

6.Caesar and Cleopatra

7.Macaroni and cheese


9.Starbucks kids

10.Grinch came to the party

11.Lost dog

12.Nemo characters

13.Elf on the Shelf

14.Rub me

15.Fiona arrived

16.Ice family

17.Whiskey and Marlboro

18.Will work for candy

19.Quarantine costume

20.Missing Hawaii

21.Yin and Yang

22.What costume is this?

23.KFC role

24.Mario mom

25.Funny and easy costume

26.When you have children is easy to invent a costume

27.Inside Out on Halloween

28.Sims censored

29.What about this queen?

30.Blow me


32.That's for couples

33.Unicorn party

34.Mermaid family

35.Blow here


37.Lego pair

38.Granny baby

39.This is scary

40.Mister Crabs

41.Baby creeper

42.Daddy mermaid

43.Art costume

44.What about this?

45.Office ghost

46.Double rainbow

47. Always windy

48.Salsa Picante

49.Starbucks family

50.The little boss

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Jon Matson, is a 39-year-old postman from West Boldon, United Kingdom. Being a dad-of-two and an all-around comedian guy, decided to spread some fun during the delivery process and to cheer up people during quarantine.

Jon changed his typical uniform for flamboyant costumes, making his deliveries the most anticipated event of the day for everyone on his route. In this way he is motivating people to start their routine mornings in an hilarious way, alleviating the stress of people, but also of him, because he is working during difficult and dangerous times.

“So while this virus grips the world I still have to go to work and deliver post, today I done it in style and made a few people smile. That was the ultimate goal.” wrote Jon Matson on his page.

Jon is a postman for just over 4 years. He was a bus driver before this, but the love being out in the fresh air and meeting people, made him work as a postman.

For Jon, a normal day as a postman before the coronavirus outbreak, started with arriving at his delivery office in the morning and sorting mail into order,  followed by loading the van. But after the virus outbreak the situation changed drastically. Jon can’t go to the office to sort the mail, so his partner is doing this by himself, and is delivering then the van to Jon.

It is unusual to work in loneliness for Jon, while he can’t cheer up himself with jokes and funny stories of his partner at work. That was the moment he decided to make happy others, when seeing him arrive. The lockdown affected people joy and happiness, made them feel lonely and untypical.

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