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Hosting a party can be extremely beautiful, but also very demanding, because every detail matters. However, after you have established the intention of the party, you have made the guest list and you have thought about how you will decorate the house, the biggest challenge will remain the realization of the snacks and their aesthetics. It is very difficult to cook so as to please everyone. No matter how many dishes you have, guests seem to pay the most attention to appetizer platters. Thus, in order not to fail, it is advisable to go for variety: a little of all.


Organizing a children's birthday party or just a plate prepared for your child at home, is an important event and every detail must be perfect. But you don't have to be a chef at a five-star restaurant to amaze your child and guests with a balanced meal that is fun at the same time. You can simply opt for your little one's favorite vegetables and combine them with interesting decorations.


The first time it is extremely important to know what are the culinary preferences of your guests or your child. There are a few ingredients you can choose without fail, but you need to keep a balance between them. If there are vegetarians on your list, you will definitely want to take this into account and prepare a plate of special appetizers for them.


Art party food ideas


1.Sushi turtle cake - Food art ideas


2.Fruits city - Food art ideas


3.Orange reindeer - Food art ideas


Aesthetics are extremely important when it comes to a food, especially at a party. People are mostly visual, plating becomes a criterion that makes the difference between a popular snack and a good one. The real appetizer trays are the ones that will be satisfying for both the stomach and the eyes. From this point of view you can choose appetizers with contrasting shapes and colors to attract the eyes of your guests.


Cold appetizers are the most common. They are suitable for absolutely any situation and have the role of preparing guests for the tasty dishes that will follow. The most popular cold appetizer ideas are those that combine elements from all five categories mentioned above.


4.Palm trees - Food art ideas


5.Minion corn - Food art ideas


6.Morning breakfast - Food art ideas


Generally, the first option when it comes to hot plates includes combinations of pork and chicken. Also, when you want to vary and add a different taste, you can opt for lamb, sheep or rabbit.


It is advisable to take into account the mixing of the five types of ingredients in their case as well. In this way you will ensure the appropriate combination of carbohydrates with proteins, you will also have fiber (preferably vegetable) and you will not miss the sauces either.


7.A great plate for kids - Food art ideas


8.Unusual sandwich - Food art ideas


9.Peanuts - Food art ideas


In fact, in the case of hot dishes, sauces can make a very big difference in taste and although the star is the same type of meat, through a sauce you can go from one culinary style to another, from one kitchen to another.


The decor of the platter proves to be really important, so always remember that a key element is the aesthetics of the platter served.


10.Who’s the fairest? - Food art ideas


11.Walle plate - Food art ideas


12.Frida fans - Food art ideas


13.Mike Wazowski - Food art ideas


14.Great idea for kids - Food art ideas


15.Strawberry city - Food art ideas


16.A cute taxi for a boy - Food art ideas


17.Morning pancake with fruits - Food art ideas


18.Pancake girl - Food art ideas


19.Spongebob - Food art ideas


20.Panda rice - Food art ideas


21.Bunny - Food art ideas


22.Autumn plate decoration - Food art ideas


23.Soup with rice - Food art ideas


24.Brave - Food art ideas


25.Apple crab - Food art ideas


26.Luca plate - Food art ideas


27.Winnie pooh - Food art ideas


28.Pepa Pig - Food art ideas


29.Cute squirrel - Food art ideas


30.Owl - Food art ideas



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Often, bathroom decor requires very little - for example, adding or changing a couple of details to make the interior play in a new way. We will talk about the most exciting and budget ideas for decorating a bathroom. Still, so that updates are not lost against the general background, the order must reign in the room before decorating.


How to make the decor in the bathroom?


 It is recommended to think about what kind of bathroom you want. After all, even in a small room, you can create something exciting and practical. In addition to buying everything you need, you can add some DIY details to your bathroom decor. This will bring originality to the room. Beforehand it is necessary to be defined with some criteria: Functionality. You should decide what must be in the bathroom and what can be discarded. Single style. How would you like the room to be? Security. This is especially important for those who have children in the house.


Original sink design 

The sink is an important detail. If you decide to install a non-standard model, this will affect the entire structure of the room. There are many models on store shelves. They differ in shape and can experiment with the material.


Mirrors and lighting

 Do not give up mirrors in the bathroom. This detail can transform the space and make it visually more spacious and lighter when used correctly. If two people often use the toilet, it is worth hanging some mirrors for convenience. The surface of this part is always the same. Therefore, it is worth experimenting with the shape and frame of the product. You can buy a ready-made mirror or decorate it with your own hands. Lighting should be given special attention. Light intensity is critical. Intense lighting creates an atmosphere of comfort in the room and emphasizes all the interior details. The shape and size of the light sources can be any. What matters is the decor in the bathroom and personal preferences. If you need subdued lighting, then you should use a dimmer. It allows you to adjust and adjust the intensity of the light, which contributes to changing the surrounding mood.


Niche holders and towel holders for walls 

Hooks are not very convenient for placing towels. It is better to replace them with an open rack. Alternatively, consider hanging baskets. You can make them yourself and store towels and other things. Many designers recommend using niches as a contrast, bright detail in the room. A wide range of models allows you to choose the right holders for spaces of any size.


Organizing bathroom decor is a tricky business

Practical recommendations from designers can help you cope: Think about how the pipes will be located. Determine in advance where the cranes will be. If the bathroom is small, you can build them into the wall. This will save space. Determine the location of each critical detail. The sink is opposite the door but not too close to the tub. The toilet must not come into contact with the sink. When placing a shower enclosure, make sure that the doors open. Organically looks at several types of lighting, included separately. Organize the brightest light next to the washbasin to illuminate the face and not hurt the eyes. The ventilation system is essential. The heated towel rail helps to reduce the level of humidity. The ventilation system is conveniently placed at the bottom of the door. If space is limited, place hanging furniture. This will help save space. The curtain should be replaced with a glass partition. Its functions are similar, but it looks more attractive. It's easier to take care of her. Some models use frosted glass.


Ideas for a small bathroom 

The interior of a small bathroom has some nuances that should be considered: Replacing the bathtub with a shower cabin is recommended. Instead of a standard toilet, install an installation. This will free up space for extra cabinets. Choose a finishing material in light colors. It is allowed that there is a small or rare pattern on the surface. Mirrors and mirror surfaces. It was noted that such nuance could visually expand the space. Intelligent lighting. The lighter the room, the more spacious it seems.


Small bathroom decor

Plumbing to not clutter up a small space with overall plumbing, it is worth considering the use of unique models presented on the table. Mini-sanitary ware and corner Description Toilet bowl Compact model with an installation module. More expensive but suitable for installation almost anywhere in the bathroom. Differs in the absence of visual support, as in the standard version. Washbasin Models are up to 50 cm extended. Available up to 35 cm. Suitable for hand washing only. More often, these are mounted models. Corner bath If a shower cabin is not correct, this bath model will save space. It is compact and allows you to free up space for additional parts.


We remove all unnecessary 

If there is not enough space, it is necessary to use the available area. Put your household items in the bathroom. The screen will help hide it from prying eyes. Use built-in wardrobes to match the walls.


Predicting the future look of the bathroom decor 

Before proceeding with the implementation of the scenery, it is worth developing a sketch of it and taking into account all possible problems. It is recommended to act in this order: Analyze the condition of all the bathroom structures. Decide which surfaces and items need to be updated or replaced. Determine what techniques and techniques are necessary for work—preparing everything you need.


Tiles as decor 

Tiles are placed according to the standard pattern in a checkerboard pattern of different tones. You can create colored accents on the wall. Small mosaics are inserted into large tiles, which greatly enlivens the design.


There are various modifications of tiles. Insert in a specific area with a pattern. Creates an accent spot. A thin border has the shape of an elongated rectangle and a convex surface. A set of drawings in the form of fragments, creating beautiful paintings. Freesize helps create a vertical panel. For space zoning, use narrow borders and panels to create colorful images.


Innovative ideas for decorating wall surfaces

 Refresh the bathroom's interior with plastic panels, mirror tiles, and artistic design methods. One of these can be called decoupage. Armed with glue, acrylic varnish, soft brushes, decoupage contour, and three-layer napkins, you can make it yourself. They should be chosen with a beautiful pattern, significant, and suitable for the interior. You just need to cut out the way and stick it on the tile's surface. In the end, everything is varnished.


Floor decor options

Tiles can be replaced entirely. Or remove part of it and place durable glass in this place. An LED strip or image complements you. You can simply place a bright rug in the bathroom. A new title should be chosen with a pattern that will create a beautiful way: bathroom decor - vintage from newspaper tubes (master class). Armed with improvised materials, you can create a vintage-style bath with your own hands. From the old stairs, you can make a rack, repainted in white. Glass jars should be decorated with pieces of fabric or vintage paper. This is not only an element of decor but also a container for storing toothbrushes. For the bathroom, a basket made of newspaper tubes is perfect.


Basket for the bathroom of newspaper tubes

To build a basket, you should stock up on tubes of newspaper, glue, a sponge and a brush for clothes, acrylic paint and varnish, a meeting, and a cardboard box. Weaving a basket costs a pigtail of two tubes. Towards the end, a third is introduced. First, the bottom is created by gluing several cartons together. Place the ends of the tubes inside. For weaving, use the sides of the box, attaching the pigtails with clothespins. Having reached the desired height, decorate the beveled side. Find the center of the product and the central tube located vertically. It remains in its original position, and the next one goes around. Twist and start weaving in the other direction. After reaching the required height, the third pigtail is introduced. It is attached to a vertical tube.


The work ends with weaving in three parts. The tubes are cut and smeared with glue. The basket is covered with a solution of water mixed with PVA in equal proportions. When everything is dry, acrylic paint is applied. Selection of accessories and fittings It is worth installing towel holders. In the form of a ring or rod, they are reliable but not very convenient to use. With a small space, it is worth choosing models on hinges. You can't do without shelves in the bathroom, especially if there is no other furniture—enough of one model of glass or metal. You can add a structure above the bath with numerous tiers. It is worth adding a little brightness with a curtain, preferably a vinyl one. She doesn't absorb water. There are beautiful special applications for the shower cabin. You can complement everything with a bright rug.


The color design of the bathroom 

For a small space, you should not use dark colors. It is recommended to introduce light shades. If the bath's dimensions are impressive, you can choose almost any color. All items must be in the same range and correspond to the same style. Your perception of the palette matters. It is essential to consider lighting. If there is not much of it, dark tones are excluded. Traditionally, white in the bathroom, blue, green, and other marine colors are popular.


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Decorated Christmas trees as a home attribute of Christmas appear in the first half of the 17th century in Germany and the Baltic states. The first decorations were quite simple and followed Christian symbolism: the star of Bethlehem served as the pommel, apples were hung on the branches as a symbol of fruits from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, candles were strengthened and lit as symbols of angelic purity. As the tradition developed as intended for children, decorations became more complicated, artificial decorations, sweets and nuts were hung on the tree.


According to one legend, the first glass Christmas tree decorations appeared in Saxony in the 16th century, that is, even earlier than the first documented installation of a Christmas tree. Another legend connects their appearance with the poor apple harvest in Germany in 1848. Then glass blowers in the town of Lauscha in Thuringia made glass "apples" instead of glass and sold them successfully, which marked the beginning of the regular production of decorations for the holiday. Then they began to blow them in Saxony.


It is difficult to judge how legendary this information is and how much it is connected with the rivalry of glass blowers from different regions. The fact remains that since the middle of the 19th century the glass-blowing production in Lauscha has remained one of the oldest glass Christmas tree decorations production facilities. In 1867, a large gas factory was opened there, whose artisans, using easily controlled gas burners with high-temperature flames, were already blowing out large thin-walled balls.


The tradition of decorating Christmas trees came to Britain with German immigrants in the early 19th century, and, as before in continental Europe, quickly spread to the islands. In the United States, the tradition of decorated Christmas trees was also introduced by German immigrants, and came into wide use in 1850. That year, the popular women's illustrated almanac, Godey’s Lady’s Book, printed The Royal Family at the Christmas Tree.


Today everyone decorates their houses and Christmas trees, that's why Bemorepanda collected all of them for you!


1.Beautiful room decor




2.This is BOOM



3.Living room decor



4.Lovely Christmas decor



5.Beautiful Christmas tree




6.Dogs and Christmas decor




7.Romantic Christmas decor




8.A great transformation



9.Ready for guests on Christmas




10.Ready for a Christmas movie



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How fast and without too much expense to create a cozy and beautiful interior in the house? Pinterest decor ideas that will help you for sure.


House improvement ideas


What distinguishes a hotel room from home? Expensive furniture, heavy curtains, or an abundance of art objects? Our house should be characterized by a love for details: excellent travel souvenirs, family photos, accessories, and textiles.


1. Reading corner


2. Hand Painted walls


3. Patio on budget


4. Kitchen upgrade


5. Black and white vibes


In all its manifestations, the fabric can bring warmth, comfort and make it alive in any interior. All interior designers know this because we admire their work so much.


If you are bored with the usual image of a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen, but there is no possibility to fix it now, do not be upset. It only takes a few breaths, a few hours - and the result will not last long.


To begin with it is necessary to define with the subjects and the color of an interior. To do this, just select a few photos that are close to your mood. Look at the details: curtains, upholstery, panels, lampshades, napkins and pillows - usually all these elements are permeated with a single leitmotif. They can be combined with a single color scale or a variety of prints (for example, all floral print textiles in a range of fruit-green). Decide what you like best. Don't be modest, make the most daring inner fantasies come true. Maybe they've always dreamed of a pop-art living room with bright red and yellow details and geometric prints. Or maybe you want a shebbie-chic bedroom: lights, almost white shades, plenty of flowers, lace and velor?


The main rule for creating any interior is the top line. If you are not very versed in colors, styles and fashion design trends, just select an image that you can "revive" at home.


6. Work corner


7. Arches


8. Garage door painting


9. Bathroom upgrade


10. Warm painted walls


11. Walls' color matter


12. Accent wall


Go to the fabric store. It is good to choose, of course, large shopping malls in this area, where the choice of manufacturers and prices are higher. But in principle, any more or less large fabric store will go down. Look at the assortment. If you are not sure, buy small flaps of 5-10 cm to accommodate everything weighs again.


The most common textiles for us in the interior, of course, are the curtains. Without them it is very difficult to imagine not just a bedroom, but even any kitchen. Whatever it is: light transparent curtains or heavy curtains, they not only enrich the interior, but really make the house.


The simplest and most effective way to transform the interior is to simply change the already boring monochrome curtains into a multi-layered textile composition. Do not be afraid to make several layers of cloth of different colors (but similar in scale) and ornament.


Carpets are still closely associated with something heavy. In fact, this decor will be available in any interior. It is impractical to cover the entire room with a monochromatic rug and it is boring. It is better to throw a pretty shiny rug in front of the couch and put a coffee table on it. If you feel embarrassed that the ribbon will slip, then glue it to the floor with duct tape. By the way, the carpet on the wall can also look interesting.


Renovate the bedroom and make it even more comfortable, you can build a simple tent-like structure. Place a ring on the ceiling, for which it will be possible to fix pieces of fabric. Depending on the type of interior you want, you can use light translucent materials, up to lace or heavy, checkered textures.


13. Mini bar


14. Cozy room


15. Renovated bath


The zoning can not only partitions complex furniture, but also with an ordinary cloth. Separate the work area from the living room, make curtains in the locker room, or replace heavy doors with curtains. There will be less of this space, but the fact that it will play with new colors is a fact.


This way of decorating the interior is not new, but the designers do not stop it again and again. Buy beautiful pillows or sew sleeves for them from the remnants of curtains and a new upholstery of the sofa. Put the pillows on the couch, put a wicker basket next to it and put 2-3 baskets in it. Sew ottomans, on which you can put your feet or you can sit your friends.


It will not be useless to decorate the kitchen. It looks very elegant when all the fabrics in the kitchen match the design. Tablecloths, curtains, briefcases, hot gloves, upholstery on chairs and even an apron lover.


It's very easy lifehack. Buy a few pieces of fabric, maybe you will have something from the decoration of curtains and pillows. Pull them on the frames or insert them into the cap of different diameters and hang them on the wall. It looks very elegant and beautiful.


Replace the lampshades on the luminaires. Simpler than simple. Remove old lampshades from table lamps, make patterns, and secure them. Voila! The new interior elements are ready.


Add details to the furniture. Very nice pockets or curtains on shelves and walls. In kindergarten they are simply irreplaceable. This not only hides the visual clutter on the shelves, but you can also organize a new space and add new storage space.


16. Reading patio


17. Corner shelf


18. Stairwell makeover


19. Kitchen before/after


20. Laundry room


21. Bathroom color change


22. Dinning room idea


23. Kitchen rennovation


24. Painted lamp


25. Before/after


26. Painted celling lamp


27. Green dining room


28. Bathroom walls


29. Details make difference


30. White master bedroom


31. Dog corner


32. Cozy rug


33. Bathroom remodel


34. Pink bathroom


35. Living room


36. Stairs renovation


37. Relax zone


38. White living room


39. White bedroom


40. Flowers in bathroom



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